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The Ritz-Carlton Montréal is one of the city’s most splurge-worthy hotels.

Hotel Best Bets

Start the day in style with a light breakfast at the restaurant Bonaparte, complimentary for the Auberge’s guests.

Best Luxury Hotel

★★★ Ritz-Carlton Montréal $$$$ 1228 rue Sherbrooke ouest (p 132)

Best Romantic Hotel

★★ Auberge du Vieux-Port $$$ 97 rue de la Commune est (p 127)

Best Family Hotels

★★★ Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal $$ 414 rue St-Sulpice (p 131); ★★ Hôtel Bonaventure Montréal $$ 900 rue de la Gauchetiere ouest (p 129); ★★ Le Square Phillips Hôtel & Suites $$ 1193 Square Phillips (p 132)

Best Value Hotel

★ Hôtel Le Dauphin Montréal-Downtown $ 1025 rue de Bleury (p 130)

Best New Boutique Hotel

★★ Hôtel ÉPIK Montréal $$ 171 rue St-Paul ouest (p 129)

Best High Design Hotel

★★ Hôtel Gault $$ 449 rue Ste-Hélène (p 130)

Best Full-Service Boutique Hotel

★★ Hôtel Nelligan $$$ 106 rue St-Paul ouest (p 131)

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Musicians play at Montréal’s famed International Festival of Jazz.

Nightlife Best Bets

Best Bar in Old Fur Warehouse

★★ Bar Furco, 425 rue Mayor (p 110)

Best Downtown Wine Bar

★★ Pullman, 3424 av. du Parc (p 112)

Best Upscale Cocktails

★ Bar Henrietta, 115 av. Laurier ouest (p 110)

Best Mysterious Night Club

★ Velvet, 426 rue St-Gabriel (p 112)

Best Low-Key Jazz Venue

★ Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill, 1254 rue Mackay (p 114)

Best Bar for a Huge Group

★ Brasserie Harricana, 95 rue Jean-Talon ouest. (p 110)

Best Gay Night Out

★ Sky Club & Pub, 1474 rue Ste-Catherine est (p 113)

Best Fans During Habs Games

La Cage Brasserie Sportive, 1212 av. des Canadiens du Montréal (p 111)

Best Craft Beers

★★★ Dieu du Ciel, 29 av. Laurier ouest (p 111)

Best Late-Night Menu in Sexy Setting

★★★ Ferreira Café, 1446 rue Peel (p 99)

Best Hipster Bar

★★ Bílý Kůň, 354 av. Mont-Royal est (p 110)

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Festivals & Nightlife in Québec City

Though Québec City has fewer nighttime diversions than exuberant Montréal, it does offer more than enough to occupy visitors’ evenings. Apart from theatrical productions, which are usually in French, knowledge of the language is rarely needed to enjoy the entertainment.

If you want to stroll around and take in the nightlife options, you have three principal streets to choose from in Upper Town: rue St-Jean inside and outside the walls, Grande-Allée outside the walls (where a beery collegiate atmosphere can sometimes rule as the evening wears on), and avenue Cartier in the Montcalm neighborhood. In St-Roch, the hot spots are on or near rue St-Paul.

Happy hour is locally known as cinq-à-sept (meaning 5–7pm) and specials are often written on a chalkboard out front as “5 à 7.” Many venues offer specials that start earlier or go later; some start after 10pm and include discounted late-night food menus.

Festivals: Québec City Celebrates Every Season

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2 THE BEST SPECIAL-INTEREST TOURS: Historic Montreal, Cultural Montreal, Gastronomic Montreal, Romantic Montreal, Montreal's Parks, Montreal with Kids, & High Design

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Sightseeing ships and a view of the Montréal skyline.Historic MontréalFirst Nations vs. Europeans. French vs. British. Peace vs. war. Montréal history is thick with both tranquility and strife. The city wears its history proudly on its sleeve: In no other place in North America does the richness of 400 years of nation building continue to be as discussed, dissected, and celebrated as it is in Montréal and its sister city, Québec City, to the north. START: Métro: McGill.Catch a glimpse of Canadian history at Musée McCord.❶ ★★ Musée McCord. This museum is fresh at each visit and boasts two appealing permanent exhibitions: “Montréal: Points of View,” touching on the lives of first inhabitants and the spirit of the city today, and “Wearing Our Identity: The First People’s Collection,” which presents a respectful look at the relationship of the region’s First Nations to their clothing, which often is made of animal pelts. Temporary exhibitions are edgier and have included the first major retrospective of fashion photographer Horst (a frequent contributor to Vogue in the 20th century) and a collection of “queer baroque” ceramics works. The museum has a collection of online exhibits that give a taste of its playful voice. A strong museum shop features locally made bags and jewelry, aboriginal artwork, and children’s toys. Each exhibition is small, and won’t take most visitors more than 15 minutes each, but there usually are at least two temporary shows in addition to the permanent displays.  1 hr. See p 13, bullet ❶.

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Settling into Montréal

Montréal is the most eclectic of Canada’s cities: Impressively bilingual in French and English, the island metropolis hosts international events such as the summer jazz fest (Festival International de Jazz de Montréal), delights culinary crowds with innovative French-Canadian cuisine, and exudes a sophisticated Euro-heritage in revitalized historic neighborhoods. Montréal’s global population is a diverse microplanet of French, Scottish, Chinese, Haitian, Arabic, Eastern European, Italian, Portuguese, Filipino, and Greek immigrants. All this is wrapped up in a vibrant arts and culture scene and energized by an exuberant university community.

It’s easy to take in the city like a local. Hop on a public BIXI bike to pedal from neighborhood to neighborhood. Maybe you’ll wind your way up Mont Royal, the central landmark that gives Montréal its name, and then fly downhill to the Old Port for a visit along the canal. Cafes invite leisurely people watching, and restaurants in the postcard-pretty neighborhood of Vieux-Montréal offer authentic old-world ambience and stylish European flair. Evenings in Plateau Mont-Royal, Mile End, and Little Burgundy have a younger exuberance and a greater ratio of locals to visitors.

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