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Andros is a favorite destination for scuba diving.

If you've flown from Miami to the Caribbean, you probably flew over Andros. This giant island spans 2,300 square miles and is one of the largest tracts of unexplored land in the hemisphere.

Andros is easy to spot from the air because it splinters like a waterlogged chunk of wood floating in the sea. The island is home to many lakes and inlets. Snorkelers and scuba divers find some of the best activity in the area here, with the third-largest barrier island in the world just offshore. "Andros may be one of our best kept secrets," says the Director General of the Ministry of Tourism. "With its peaceful villages and spectacular, unspoiled scenery, it's the perfect destination for those who really want to get away from it all. Yet it's quick and easy to reach."

Andros is the home of the legendary Chickcharnies. These three-toed, red-eyed elves sport beards and feathers and supposedly live deep in the interior. The tale of these impish beasts has thrived on this island for generations, scaring young children and explaining away odd occurrences.

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The Attractions

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Crooked Island & Acklins Island

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The waters around Crooked & Acklins Islands are especially attractive to anglers & scuba divers.

Crooked and Acklins Islands almost look like one landmass, but are separated by the Crooked Island Passage. These islands were once the home of Loyalists who left America after the Revolution and came to settle on these islands perched on shallow waters.

Crooked Island was called "Isabella" by Columbus in honor of his queen. Today, this quiet place 240 miles from Nassau is home to only 700 residents. Visitors here find many beautiful beaches.

Acklins Island is separated from Crooked Island by a one-mile wide stretch of water. If you've got a bad case of the "been there, done that's," Acklins may be a good destination for you. It is a rare destination for anyone, although here you'll find good scuba diving, fishing and swimming.


Landrail Point

ph. 242/344-2507, fax 242/344-2507

Reservations: ph.  800/PLACE2B



No plane? No problem. You can also arrive here via a scheduled BahamasAir flight.

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Trip Insurance

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Upper East Tennessee

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Adventure Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains

Blair Howard

Mention the Great Smoky Mountains to most people and they immediately think of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. And so they should, for each year more than nine million people make it the most visited national park in the United States. But the park is not the be all and end all of the Smokies. In fact, its just a small part of the whole. 

The Smokies, for the purposes of this book, encompass an area that runs from the Virginia state line, straddling the Tennessee/North Carolina border, all the way down into northern Georgia. Along the way they embrace the great Nantahala, Pisgah, Cherokee and Chattahoochee national forests four vast outdoor tracts of wilderness. 

Although civilization came here in colonial times, the area is, for the most part, still a very primitive domain that hasnt kept pace with the outside world. Great pockets of unspoiled wilderness exist within the Smokies; some areas still dont have electricity, and there are places where the locals are downright suspicious of strangers. Many people here live out their lives much as their ancestors did almost 100 years ago. 

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