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Southern Mallorca

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Southern Mallorca

The fortresslike coastal geography between the Badia de Palma (Bay of Palma) and Colònia de Sant Jordi has preserved this area as one of the least developed of the island. Much of the coast is buffered by tall, nearly impenetrable cliffs splashed with the sapphire blue waters of the Mediterranean. They may not always be very accessible, but their untamed, raw beauty is hypnotising.

Beyond the cliffs are intimate coves and long beaches, true marvels of nature. Whether enclosed tightly by fjord-like cliffs, or silky sweeps of sand backed by pines and junipers, these are some of Mallorca’s best beaches. And best of all, the existence of parks and natural areas, and the proliferation of working farms and rural estates, has, for the most part, kept this part of the island free from the worst excesses of overdevelopment. In other words, this is how all of Mallorca’s coast once looked.

Mallorca’s southern beaches live for the summer, to the extent that you won’t find much going on if you arrive before Easter or after October. That’s not to say you can’t visit at other times: if you do you’re likely to have the place to yourself, including some eerily quiet resort towns with just a handful of restaurants, hotels and shops open. But summer is undoubtedly the best time and you’ll enjoy it most if you seek out southern Mallorca’s resort-free stretches of coastline.

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The Best of Melbourne

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With its palm-fringed promenades and long stretch of sand, St Kilda is made for wandering. It was once a playground full of dance halls, a funpark, theatres, sea baths and gardens. Despite a roller-coaster history of seediness and the more recent glitzy development, there are still remnants of the art deco mansions, and more than an air of the decadent heyday. This walk takes you through some of this seaside vibe.

Start St Kilda Pie; Tram 16, 96

Finish St Kilda Botanic Gardens; Tram 96

Length 3km; 2 hours

There's no better setting for coffee and cake than in the historic St Kilda Pier kiosk. You'll find plenty of cafes and restaurants along Acland Street, but we recommend bypassing them until you hit Barkly St where you can feast on seafood at Claypots ( MAP GOOGLE MAP ; %03-9534 1282; 213 Barkly St, St Kilda; mains $24-38; hnoon-3pm & 6pm-1am; j96).

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28 Expert’s Guide to Avoiding Theft and Scams

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Thieves prey on the unsuspecting – so get clued up to stay safe


Firstly, adopt an anti-scam mindset in everyday life so it’s second nature when travelling. For instance, don’t let your credit card out of sight in restaurants and be cautious revealing personal information. This means you don’t have to adjust your behaviour on the road.

Once travelling, one of the best ways to avoid being targeted is to blend in as much as possible: wear clothes worn in the region (that is, no shorts and Hawaiian shirts in Paris), don’t walk around with a camera on show and avoid opening maps – duck into a cafe to read them discretely, or buy a local street directory.

Learning a phrase in the local language such as ‘Saya tinggal di Bali’ – ‘I live in Bali’ (or the equivalent for whichever destination) has an amazing effect on dispelling nefarious types.

Have a hand/carry bag with interior pockets, so your wallet can’t easily be lifted, even if people manage to reach into your bag. Wearing your bag across your body also stops it being easy to swipe.

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Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park is the crown jewel of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. From the steaming geysers and sublime lakes of the south to the golden canyons and wildlife-rich valleys of the north, the park has several distinct regions, and it’s worth investing time to visit at least a couple to get a sense of the park’s complex diversity.

Yellowstone’s spectacular roadside sights are reward enough, but the park’s real joys lie off the tarmac, at the end of a backcountry hiking or fishing trail, so try to fit in at least a couple of our hikes. From golden lakeshore sunsets or dawn mists rising over a steaming geyser basin, Yellowstone’s beauty is both spectacular and subtle.

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Directory A–Z

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The country's wealth of hotels, homestays and hostels provides any traveller – whether backpackers or five-star aficionados – with plenty of choice. Hotels and B&Bs are the mainstay of accommodation in the country and, while most are fairly standard and highly functional, a few gems fly the boutique flag or are simply idiosyncratic.

Note that a good part of the country suffers from the 'Amsterdam effect': because transport is so efficient and the city is so popular, many visitors stay in the capital even if they're travelling further afield. Conversely, some savvy folk use easy-to-access charmers such as Haarlem or Delft as their base, visiting the capital as a day – or night – trip (trains on key lines run all night).

The following price ranges refer to a double room with bathroom in high season. Unless otherwise stated, breakfast is not included in the price.

less than €100

€€ €100–180

€€€ more than €180

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