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Edited by Peter B. Lane and Ronald E. Marcello University of North Texas Press PDF


Boxer Rebellion, 265

Bracewell, Arnold, 208

Braden, David, 47, 64; makes

General, 65; MOS, 66

Bradley, Omar, 121

Bremen, 28; Mission, 43

Brezhnev, Leonid, 211, 220

Briansk Front, 19,

British 29th Brigade, 139, 142

British WAAFs (Women’s

Auxiliary Air Force), 34 broad front, 15

Brodie, Bernard, 114,

Brown, Bobby, vi

Brown, George S., 122

Bryan, William Jennings, 260,


Buckheit, James, 74

Budapest, 23–24

Bullard, Robert, 273

Bundy, McGeorge,97n13, 184,


Burke, Arleigh, 121

Burma-Thailand Railroad, 80

Bush, George W., Governor, 82

Bush, George, President, 82

Byelorussian operation, 21-22

Byrnes, James F., 94; Japanese surrender, 98

Caucasus, 16

CCF Fourth Field Army, 139; 38th,

39th, 40th, and 42nd Armies,

139; counterattack, 140

CCF Third Field Army, 139; 20th,

26th, and 27th Armies, 139; counterattack, 140

Central Front, 19

Chalabi, Ahmed, 258, 258-259n6

Chattanooga, 30

Chengtu, China, 68

Chickamauga, 30

Chinese 63rd Army, 142

Chinese Communist forces, 136

Choppin’ Charlie Company, 151; dumping slops, 162

Chosin Reservoir, 125

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American Caesar, 133

American casualties, 263

American defense attaché, 212; responsibilities, 212–13, 218–

19; “Four Bs,” 215–18; Soviet aircraft, 218; assessment of

Red Army, 225–26

American productive capacity, 31

Amon Carter Foundation, vi

Anatahan Island, 72

Antonov AN-24, 218

Appleton, Roy, 47-50

Arab-Israeli conflict, 243

Arafat, Yasir, 235

Area Studies Program (U.S.

Army), 221

Army Group Don (German), 1920

Army Group North Ukraine

(German), 23

Army Group South (German), 10,

17, 19

Army Group South Ukraine and

Romania (German), 23

Aspin, Les, 123n15

Assassins, 232–34 assessment of LBJ’s leadership as war president, 187–89

Atom bomb, use of, 79; revisionist historians, 99

Atomic bomb, top-secret development. 96

Atta, Muhammad, 239–40

Ataturk, Mustafa Kemel, 234, 241

Atterbury, Edwin, 200n18,

204n21 attitudes toward military, 180–81

Aviation Cadet Program, 31

Axis Sally, 37


B-17, 33; losses, 38

B-29s, 62; (Super Fortress) specifications, characteristics,

66; North Korean operations,


B-47, 113

B-52, 113

Bader-Meinhoff Gang, 230

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Edited by Peter B. Lane and Ronald E. Marcello University of North Texas Press PDF


North Texas State College, 50

Northern Ireland, 243


Nagasaki, 48, 98

Naktong River, 135

Nanimo, British Columbia,

Vancouver Island, 51

National Liberation Front

(Vietcong), 193, 199n15

National Political Department

(North Vietnamese Army), 195

National Security Act of 1947,

105n1; unification, 131

National Security Council, 173

National War College, 110,

114–15, 192; Dougherty assessment, 118

NATO, 111

Navajo Code Talkers, 60

Nedderson, Gordon, 71-72

“New Guy Village,” 196n10

New Look defense strategy,


New York Times, 239–40

New Zealand, 50, 52; Wellington,


Nichols, Terry, 230

Nimitz Museum, 48, 82

Nimitz, Chester; strategy Central

Pacific, 88

Nixon, Richard, 199n16, 204

Nizam-al-Mulk, 233

Norden bombsight, 35, 42; bombing of Japan, 68

Normandy, 88

Norstad, Lauris, 122

North Korea, army (NKPA), 125,

129 ; invasion of South Korea,

129; Inchon, 136

North Korean Invasion,

Truman’s response, 134

North Texas Agricultural College,



O’Donnell, Emmett “Rosie,” 68

Oak Ridge, 96

Oder River, 23

Official Statistical Summary of the 8th, 9th, and 15th Air Forces

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Life in the Bloody 100th

Edited by Peter B. Lane and Ronald E. Marcello University of North Texas Press PDF



BLOODY 100th

Born in 1922 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, John Luckadoo enlisted in the Aviation Cadet Program of the U.S. Army Air

Forces in February 1942. Immediately after graduating as a multi-engine pilot in February 1943, he was assigned to the

100th Bomb Group (Heavy) flying B-17s. Luckadoo later flew overseas to England with his group to enter combat with the

8th Air Force.

Luckadoo’s fate was to serve as a member of an air group that became known as “The Bloody 100th.” Operating from an airfield near the English village of Thorpe Abbotts, the

100th flew a total of 306 combat missions between June

25, 1943, and April 20, 1945. During that time the 100th had lost 177 aircraft in combat and another 52 planes to operational accidents. The 100th was not the group with the highest losses in the 8th Air Force, but since its early losses often came in bunches, it soon acquired the reputation of a hard luck outfit along with the name “The Bloody 100th.”

It lost nine crews on the Regensburg-to-Africa shuttle in August 1943; seven over Bremen on October 8, 1943; twelve over Münster on October 10, 1943; fifteen over

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Combat in Korea: Reflections by a Once Young Soldier

Edited by Peter B. Lane and Ronald E. Marcello University of North Texas Press PDF





Col. Henry G. Gole’s initiation to combat came as a draftee during the Korean War, where he served in 1953 as a rifleman and BAR (Browning automatic rifle) man before being promoted to sergeant and squad leader.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University in 1957, he served a three-year stint as a high school history teacher and coach. In the meantime, he found time to earn a master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and

Diplomacy in 1958 and a master’s degree in education from

Hofstra in 1960.

Gole reentered the Army in May 1961 and remained until

1988. He continued his formal education while in the Army, earning a master’s degree in history from Stanford University in 1969. After completing infantry, airborne, and ranger training at Fort Benning in 1961, Gole served two Special Forces tours in Vietnam (1966–67 and 1970–71), the latter with

MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command Vietnam-Studies and Observations Group), an unconventional warfare task force engaged in highly secret operations throughout Southeast Asia. He had earlier completed a Special Forces tour in

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