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109. Have a Plan

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Before a natural disaster strikes, create your Emergency Plan. It should include the following features:

• Call for the Basics: Contact your State Emergency Management Office to find out:

  What kinds of natural disasters might happen in your area.

  What type of warning system(s) are in place.

  What your local evacuation route options are.

  What special help would be available for the elderly or disabled.

  Also, find out from your workplace, your partner’s work-place, and your children’s school or daycare, what their Emergency Plans are.

• Create your Plan:

  Meet with your family members to brief them on what you found. Collect their questions and be sure to incorporate the answers into your plan.

  Be familiar with (and make sure all adults in the home are familiar with) switches to turn off water, gas, and electricity that supply the house.

  Teach children how and when to call 911, police, and fire departments.

  Establish evacuation routes from your home and a meeting place a safe distance from your home. Practice your evacuation at least twice a year.

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Chapter 21. Emerging Environmental Hazards

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Humankind is at the most important crossroads between environmental influences and health that it has ever faced. History is replete with examples where health hazards demonstrating an association with an external, controllable exposure have been raised based on what seemed, at the time to be unconvincing and inadequate scientific study. Years later, such hazards become well-recognized triggers for disease, robbing thousands of people of their lives or compromising the quality of the lives of those exposed.

Asbestos and lung cancer; lead paint and stunted intellect and behavior in children; contaminated beef and mad cow disease; smoking and lung cancer and heart diseaseall of these associations received dubious skepticism and rejection initially, only to be proven true in the final analysis. This chapter is designed to give you a better understanding of many everyday exposures that can put the length and quality of our lives at risk.


The majority of us have an immune system that enables us to ward off many of the more common pathogens that are out to make us sick. Many of the microbes you encounter every day are relatively harmless. In fact, they are useful because they force your immune system to react, thereby keeping it healthy and robust. This reaction is called antigenic stimulation.

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106. Protective Pets

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55. Be Travel Wise, Not Travel Weary

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In the United States alone, in 2002, approximately 628 million trips were made by travelers on commercial airplanes. So, it’s not too difficult to imagine how easy it could be to become sick while in an airport or aboard an aircraft. To keep the skies friendly to your health, consider following these ten travel-savvy tips:

1. Wear loose clothing. If you feel bloated after disembarking from a plane, it’s because the low air pressure (8,000 feet, or 2,438 meters, inside the jet cabin) makes our bodies swell up.

2. Keep your fluids up. While in flight, drink 8 ounces (236 ml) of water during every hour. Cabin air is notoriously dry (0 to 2% humidity). Be sure to take the flight attendants up on their offers of bottled water during your flight. Avoid tap water on airplanes. It is treated with mild detergents, and no regulatory standards are in effect for commercial aircraft water tanks.

3. Sip smart. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages—which act as diuretics. Alcohol’s intoxication effect also is more pronounced when consumed in the rarefied atmosphere of air travel.

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93. Simple Tips to Manage Stress

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