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Chapter Two The Bedtime Waltz: Establishing a Bedtime Routine

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THE NEXT MORNING at SeaWorld, the staff and the three trainees gathered at poolside for a demonstration by Clint Jordan, the park curator and head trainer. He began with a warm greeting to the three newcomers. “The staff and I want you to know you are very welcome in our training program.” Cheers and whistles broke out from the group of trainers. “Each of you,” Clint went on, “has survived a rigorous interview and background-checking process to ensure that you are in the right place. I needn’t tell you that you are entering into a job that many people would love to have. In the entire world, only a handful get this opportunity. In fact, there are more astronauts than killer whale trainers.

“Let’s talk about safety,” said Clint. “There is an element of risk in working with these animals, especially with new people they don’t know. Killer whales are the top predators in the ocean. Adult whales can reach lengths of eighteen to twenty-three feet and weigh up to twelve thousand pounds. We have guidelines and emergency procedures in case someone were to jump or fall into the pool with the whales. In our shows we have safety guidelines for the public and for our training staff. It’s imperative that you follow instructions carefully as you get to know these animals.

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NINE Replace Boundaries with Vision and Values

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Now that your team has the information to drive results, your journey to becoming a successful Next Level Team needs to focus on shifting the boundaries of behavior so they come from within the team members. The intent is to incorporate boundaries into the belief systems of team members so they can exercise good judgment and make decisions that support and uphold the organization’s vision, mission, and values.

This is not to imply that direction and boundaries are not needed from the leadership. It is to suggest that the broad boundaries that guide team member behavior need to be moved as much as possible into the hearts and minds of the team members. Full Steam Ahead! Unleash the Power of Vision in Your Company and Your Life by Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner provides an excellent framework for organizing your vision, mission, and values.

The decisions that we make each day in our personal and professional lives are determined by those values and beliefs that we have acquired since birth, plus additional operating values that we have learned in our organizations. These values help us determine what we believe to be right or wrong, good or bad, and normal or not normal. These values are a key factor in any decision-making process. 102

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8 Dealing with Setbacks

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Larry and Janice had just loaded the last of the dinner plates into the dishwasher when the doorbell rang.

“That’s Phil and Kelly,” said Larry, “right on time for dessert and decaf.”

Their good friends had been missing in action from the last few meetings of the Last-Minute Gang. When Janice called to follow up, Kelly explained they would be out of commission for a while because Phil was having some medical problems. Kelly hadn’t been specific, and Janice hadn’t pried.

“Welcome!” Janice said as she opened the door. Her smile turned to a look of surprise when she saw Phil. The man who had been one of the most vigorous people they knew was leaning on a walker. Kelly stood beside him, holding his arm protectively.

“Oh, my goodness, Phil. Are you okay? Is there anything we need to do for you?”

“No,” said Phil with a laugh. “Just watch me gimp over to a chair, and as soon as I’m settled, everything will be fine.”

Janice saw them into the living room, where a beverage and fruit tray had been set up. “How about some decaf and a fruit plate?” asked Janice.

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Reason 1: Information Overload

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“You mentioned that the first reason we don’t do what we know is that we suffer from information overload,” said the author. “We simply have too much knowledge. How does spaced repetition affect that?”

“Good question,” Phil said. “Information overload leads to some real problems. It immobilizes us.”

“That’s painful to hear,” said the author. “I just experienced that very thing recently at a golf school. I’m a golf nut, so I decided to go to a three-day school to improve my game. But I got the opposite result—I got worse.”


“Yes. They taught me too much. When I got back home and tried to play, I was awful. I had paralysis by analysis. I was working on so many things at the same time I became immobilized.”

“I’ve heard about that,” said the entrepreneur. “It must have been discouraging.”

“Given what you know about information overload, what good is it to read one book after another or attend seminar after seminar?” asked the author.

“There’s nothing wrong with reading books and attending seminars,” Murray replied. “These are fundamental learning tools, and we need them. The problem comes when we expose ourselves to new knowledge all the time with no pause for integrating our new know-how and putting it into action. If we continue to expose ourselves this way, we become brain cluttered. This is why so many people are drowning in a sea of information.”

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6 The Home Stretch: The Fourth Quarter

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Ken: Because I had gained a couple of pounds over the summer, I decided I needed to do something in September to give myself a little extra boost on the nutrition and weight control part of my program. I kept hearing Ted Leitner, the radio play-by-play announcer for the San Diego Padres baseball team, talk about Medifast: “If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, Medifast will get you results.” So not too long after we returned from Skaneateles, I thought, Why not? Maybe it can get me over this weight plateau.

I called Dr. Rice to get his feedback. He checked out Medifast in his circles with positive results. The combination of healthy choice meals together with prepackaged meals and snacks seemed to make sense, and these foods were nutrition balanced. I went ahead and made an appointment at a nearby location. When I went in for my appointment, the woman who ran the office gave me an overview of the Medifast system and the best strategy for me. I was impressed, so I joined. It’s not cheap, but I thought it was worth it.

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