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An Insight with Impact

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

As the new week began, Debbie had a fresh take on the world. She even brought some flowers into the office and put them by the front desk where everyone could enjoy them. She had a new-hire interview scheduled for Tuesday. This time she asked Human Resources to give her two meetings with the candidate and to schedule ninety minutes for each session— not her usual thirty minutes. Following Jeff’s lead, Debbie prepared a short list of references for the candidate. She knew that some of the people might not give her an entirely positive reference, but she wanted to be up-front and honest.

On Tuesday Debbie met with the candidate, a woman a few years older than herself. At the end of their meeting Debbie said, “Thank you for your time today. If you’re still interested in the job, I want you to come back for another meeting. I know this is a major decision for both of us, so next time, I want you to interview me. Ask anything you like. Also, I’ve prepared a short list of personal and professional references for you. You may call them if you like, but you are under no obligation. I have to be honest with you, though. Some of these people may not have the most glowing things to say about my past leadership. But I am committed to becoming a great leader, and I see it as a journey. This team is going to do amazing things, and you may be one of the people to help us.”

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No Wasted Talents

Mark Miller Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Debbie walked into the meeting room the next day with apprehension obviously painted on her face.

“What’s wrong, Debbie?” Javier asked. “You look as though you have a million things on your mind.”

“It’s that apparent, huh?”

“I’d say so.”

“Let’s start by creating a little community,” Jo said.

“Great idea!” Debbie agreed.

Tom was the first to speak. “My new grandbaby said, ‘Da Da.’” He was giddy—this was his first grandchild. He also had new pictures to share—he passed around his phone so everyone could take a look.

Then, as a huge surprise to everyone, Steve spoke next.

“Things haven’t been good at home. This job is killing me, and I’m glad I’ve not been fired.”

The team was stunned. No one knew what to say. Debbie decided to cut short the formal sharing time and jump in to try to help Steve.

“Steve, thanks for your transparency.” Turning her comments to the team, Debbie continued. “I knew after our last meeting that in addition to a skills gap, we might also have a talent issue as well. Steve, I think we all know you are not happy in your new role. So, Steve and I had a conversation about his life, his experience, and his contribution to the team.”

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Harder Than It Looks

Mark Miller Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Blake made the call and signed the papers. He went to his boss at Dynastar and announced his decision. Then he told his teammates. He shared that he had stumbled on the opportunity of a lifetime and felt like he needed to give it a try. All these conversations went surprisingly well, and everyone was extremely encouraging.

On Monday morning, Blake drove to his new company. He arrived early—early enough to be the first one there. With a little convincing, a security guard finally let him in since Blake didn’t have keys yet.

While waiting for the day to officially begin, he sat at his desk and stared at his new laptop. Just as he realized he didn’t know the password, his thoughts were interrupted by a knock.

“Good morning, sir. I’m Suzy, your assistant.” She stopped and then added, “Or I hope I will be.” Her voice trailed off.

A middle-aged Asian woman, Suzy was wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt, handmade beaded necklace, and sweat pants; she finished off her ensemble with large glasses with bright red frames. She was clearly underdressed for the office by Blake’s standards. However, he chose not to say anything about her appearance on their first meeting.

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2. Empower the Power User

Mark Miller O'Reilly Media ePub

Many companies have a blanket No SharePoint Designer policy due to the risk the tool poses to the SharePoint environment. However, the real risk to the platform is not Designer, but a lack of development discipline. More than just opinion, this chapter introduces a model for empowering users that does not compromise the IT departments need for strict oversight. By combining basic configuration and project management theory with the features of OneNote, a SharePoint library, and a few content types, it is possible to provide users with the opportunity to build powerful solutions and preserve judicious control for IT.

The SharePoint Designer lockdown debate is a heated one to be sure. What is perhaps most interesting is that this topic rarely falls into that standard SharePoint response, It depends. There seem to be two distinct camps: those in favor, typically SharePoint professionals who understand the tool and praise its ability to add another layer of sophistication to business solutions, and those against, mostly in IT departments where great effort is made to lock down and prohibit its use.

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Mark Miller Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Rate each of the following statements using the following scale: 1 = Never; 2 = Rarely; 3 = Sometimes; 4 = Often; 5 = Always

Hunger for Wisdom

I see my personal development as one of my highest priorities.


My calendar reflects the high priority I place on the pursuit of wisdom.


I invest time on a regular basis with people who help me grow.


Self-evaluation and reflection play an active role in my pursuit of wisdom.


Expect the Best

When difficulties arise I remain optimistic.


My “expect the best” outlook impacts all areas of my life.


I consistently demonstrate an “expect the best” attitude.


I am able to grasp reality and maintain my optimism.


Accept Responsibility

I accept responsibility for my effort and outcomes.


I willingly accept responsibility for the work of those I lead.


When outcomes are not good, I look to my role in the situation first.


When outcomes are good, I am quick to give praise.


Respond with Courage

I am willing to make tough decisions.

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