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Day Trips from Vancouver

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Day Trips from Vancouver

A fast floatplane hop or languid ferry trip away, British Columbia’s historic waterfront capital combines colonial charm, a brilliant museum and a pub-tastic craft-beer scene.

In the shadow of the mountains, this idyllic gable-roofed ski resort also becomes Canada’s favorite outdoor activity destination in summer.

Richmond’s modern-day Chinatown is home to North America’s best Asian shopping and dining scenes, from authentic stores and restaur­ants to cool summertime night markets. Steveston is a historic waterfront fishing village with great museums.

A scenic floatplane trip (or leisurely ferry voyage, if time allows) from Vancouver, Salt Spring is the main escape here, while the other islands – each with their own distinctive feel – are not far away.


Centered on the twin Inner Harbour landmarks of the Parliament Buildings and the Empress Hotel, downtown Victoria is compact and strollable. Stretching north from here, Government St is the main shopping promenade (especially for souvenirs) and leads to historic Bastion Sq, which is colonized by restaurants and a summer market. At downtown’s northern edge, Victoria’s small Chinatown is the oldest in Canada. Nearby is Market Sq, adjoined by the funky Lower Johnson (LoJo) shopping area. A few minutes southeast of the Inner Harbour lies Beacon Hill Park, Victoria’s clifftop waterfront gem. In summer, you can expect the city’s streets to be awash with visitors: hop a miniferry around the harbor or rent a bike (Victoria has more cycle routes than any other Canadian city) to escape the crowds.

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Grasmere & the Central Lake District

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     Grasmere Around

     Rydal Mount

     Rydal Hall

     The Langdale Valleys

     Skelwith Bridge

     Little Langdale


     Great Langdale

The broad bowl of Grasmere acts as a geographical junction between the east and west of the Lake District, sandwiched between the rumpled peaks of the Langdale Pikes and the gentle hummocks and open dales of the eastern fells. It’s a wonderfully scenic corner of the national park, ringed by craggy peaks and spotted with woodland, tarns and seemingly endless green fields.

The area is perhaps best known for its literary connections, largely thanks to William Wordsworth, who lived for most of his adult life near Grasmere. Wordsworth and his contemporaries spent countless hours wandering the surrounding hilltops, and the area is dotted with literary landmarks, as well as an excellent museum devoted to the Romantic movement. Grasmere is also the gateway to one of Lakeland’s great hiking heartlands, Great Langdale, where walkers set out on classic routes across the high tops of the Crinkle Crags and the Langdale Pikes.

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Korea’s cultural warehouse, Gyeongsangbuk-do (경상북도) is a region resplendent both in natural beauty and heritage sites, including many fascinating temples, ancient pagodas, rock-carved Buddhas and tombs. Gyeongju is often called ‘the museum without walls’ for its historical treasures, many of which are outdoors. The oddly symmetrical tumuli (burial mounds) in the centre of town are serene pyramids – stately reminders of the dead they still honour.

The region’s major city, Daegu, is a sprawling place with an excellent medicinal-herb market, a downtown drenched in neon and superb restaurants. Elsewhere, don’t miss Haein-sa; this must-see temple-library amid gorgeous mountain scenery contains the Tripitaka Koreana, 1000-year-old wooden tablets inscribed with sacred Buddhist texts and ingeniously preserved in a building so ahead of its time that modern science hasn’t improved it. Off the coast is the rugged island of Ulleungdo, with seemingly endless opportunities to enjoy spectacular coastal landscapes.

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Agra & the Taj Mahal

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Agra’s Taj Mahal rises from the dust-beaten earth of Uttar Pradesh as it does in dreams, but even the wildest imaginations leave travellers underprepared for that breath-stealing moment its gates are traversed and this magnificent world wonder comes into focus. Skipping it would be a bit like drinking chai without spoonfuls of sugar: absurd. Simply put, it's the most beautiful building in the world and it's almost impossible to see it without feeling awestruck.

But Agra, with its long and rich history, boasts plenty more besides. For 130 years this was the centre of India’s great Mughal empire, and its legacy lives on in beautiful artwork, mouth-watering cuisine and magnificent architecture. The Taj is one of three places here that have been awarded Unesco World Heritage status, with the immense Agra Fort and the eerie ruined city of Fatehpur Sikri making up a superb trio of top-draw sights.

ASep–Oct The best time to visit. Most of the monsoon rains are over and summer temperatures have cooled.

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1Getting a crash course in Venetian painting at Gallerie dell’Accademia, a former convent now positively blushing with masterpieces of glowing colours, censored subjects, prime-time drama and breathless elegance.

2Schmoozing with Picasso, Pollock, Giacometti and Kapoor at the former Grand Canal pad of an American heiress at Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

3Waltzing through baroque palace boudoirs filled with social graces and sharp wits at Ca’ Rezzonico.

4Comparing, contrasting and debating fearless contemporary art and boldly repurposed architecture at Punta della Dogana.

5Testing the curative powers of Longhena's mystical marbles and finding hidden Titian wonders inside Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute.

Sites in Dorsoduro are spread out: museums flank the Grand Canal on the east side, bars and upbeat eateries rustle around Campo Santa Margherita and Campo San Barnaba to the northwest. Start east with masterpieces at Gallerie dell’Accademia, then recover with canalside prosecco and panini at Cantinone Giá Schiavi. Revived, see how Pollock splatter-paintings and Calder mobiles make a splash at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

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