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Ruins of the South Aegean

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The Romans, Carians, Ionian Greeks and Byzantines were just a few of the ancient civilisations that left their mark on this ruin-strewn stretch of coastline, where the very contours of the land have changed but weathered theatres and temples still stand.

On the marble paving stones of this great Roman provincial capital, you can tread in the footsteps of such historical notables as Alexander the Great and St Paul.

Refreshingly quiet after a visit to Ephesus, Priene was, like its busier neighbour to the north, a port city. Silted up by the Meander River, the Aegean coast receded west to its current location, stranding these ports inland and accelerating their decline

Miletus suffered the same fate as nearby Ephesus and Pirene. Its most impressive ruin is the 15,000-seat Great Theatre, while the Delphinium dedicated to Apollo marked the start of a sacred road to Didyma and its oracle.

With its towering columns, Didyma’s Temple of Apollo is one of Turkey’s most evocative classical ruins. It also helps to visualise the lost grandeur of Ephesus’ Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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Salzburg & Salzburgerland

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Salzburg & Salzburgerland

One of Austria’s smallest provinces, Salzburgerland is proof that size really doesn’t matter. Well, not when you have Mozart, Maria von Trapp and the 600-year legacy of the prince-archbishops behind you. This is the land that grabbed the world spotlight and shouted ‘Visit Austria!’ with Julie Andrews skipping joyously down the mountainsides. This is indeed the land of crisp apple strudel, dancing marionettes and high-on-a-hilltop castles. This is the Austria of your wildest childhood dreams.

Salzburg is every bit as grand as you imagine it: a baroque masterpiece, a classical-music legend and Austria’s spiritual heartland. But it is just the prelude to the region’s sensational natural beauty. Just outside the city, the landscape is etched with deep ravines, glinting ice caves, karst plateaux and mountains of myth – in short, the kind of alpine gorgeousness that no well-orchestrated symphony or yodelling nun could ever quite capture.

» Prices peak in family-friendly alpine resorts during winter, from December to early April. Salzburg twinkles at its Christmas markets. In January orchestras strike up at Mozartwoche, while hot-air balloons glide above Filzmoos’ summits.

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Centro & Praça Mauá

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1Pondering the future while browsing interactive exhibits in the beautifully designed Museu do Amanhã.

2Peering back through hundreds of years of Brazilian history at the Museu Histórico Nacional.

3Taking in first-rate art installations and rooftop views at the Museu de Arte do Rio.

4Going eye-to-eye with fish, sharks and rays in AquaRio.

5Watching a show inside the lavish Theatro Municipal.

Rio's downtown is a wild architectural medley of old and new, with striking baroque churches and narrow colonial streets juxtaposed against looming office towers and wide, traffic-filled boulevards. During the week it's all fuss and hurry as Rio's lawyers, secretaries and clerks jostle among the crowded streets. But despite the pace, it's well worth joining the fray; Centro has some of the city's best museums and its most intriguing historical sights, including avant-garde art galleries and 18th-century cathedrals.

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The West Coast

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Hemmed in by the wild Tasman Sea and the Southern Alps, the West Coast is like nowhere else in New Zealand.

The far extremities of the coast have a remote, end-of-the-road feel, from sleepy Karamea surrounded by farms butting up against Kahurangi National Park, to the southern end of State Hwy 6, gateway to NZ's World Heritage areas. In between is an alluring combination of wild coastline, rich wilderness, and history in spades.

Built on the wavering fortunes of gold, coal and timber, the stories of Coast settlers are hair-raising. A hardy and individual breed, they make up less than 1% of NZ’s population, scattered around almost 9% of its land area.

Travellers tend to tick off the ‘must see’ sights of Punakaiki, and Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, but sights such as Oparara Basin, Okarito Lagoon and the Coast's many lakes will amaze in equal measure.

ADecember through February is peak season, so book accommodation ahead during this period.

AThe shoulder months of October/November and March/April are increasingly busy, particularly around Punakaiki, Hokitika and the Glaciers.

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