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The West

 Cologne

 Aachen

 Ruhr Region

 Düsseldorf

 Sauerland

 Bonn

 Eifel

 Trier

 Moselle Valley

 Koblenz

 Rhine Valley

 Frankfurt am Main

 Wiesbaden

 Mainz

 Mannheim

 Heidelberg

 Pfalz

 Speyer

 Saar­brücken

The West

Germany’s western regions deliver a cornucopia of diverse and awe-inspiring sightseeing opportunities. Soak up cosmopolitan flair and stunning art and architecture in cities such as Düsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt or escape to historic villages in the hilly Sauerland or the gentle Eifel. Follow the mighty Rhine or the meandering Moselle rivers past a fairytale setting of medieval castles, steep vineyards and little towns that are veritable symphonies in half-timber. Walk in the footsteps of the Romans in Trier, check out Charlemagne’s legacy in Aachen and see for yourself the beauty of Heidelberg, which has inspired so many great poets and artists.

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Music and Dance

The many traditional performing arts all share the common base of shamanism, which, over time, has absorbed numerous influences. Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism have also shaped the arts in various ways, depending on where and for whom they were performed: in a slow, stately, precise manner in front of the court, or more freely and evoking the magical in front of ordinary people. Now, of course, these traditional forms have been pushed out of the mainstream by western styles of dance and music, as well as by K-pop, Korea’s own take on popular music.


Dance, theater, music, song: all of these traditional arts have their origins in shamanism, the Asian religion in which the shaman or mudang—a mixture of priest, sorcerer, magician and seer—serves as an intermediary between humans and spirits. So it is not surprising that the roots of these traditional performing arts lie in the kut (or gut) rituals that allow the shaman to enter the spirit world and intercede on the behalf of mortals.

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Literature, Cinema and Television

Literature and cinema are among the most important keys to understanding Korea today. Korean cinema has become particularly popular, winning a number of major awards overseas. Original and profound, yet sometimes wacky or disconcerting, many films draw a great deal of inspiration from the literature that questions the war between North and South, the years spent under dictatorship and the country’s rapid economic growth. Korean television series are less concerned with this critical dimension, but they have attracted record audiences in Asia since the early 2000s.

Mokpo Museum of Literature, Jeolla-do



For centuries Korean literature lacked its own alphabet and borrowed Chinese characters for its different writing systems—a classical system used by literary scholars for official documents, and a popular system for the vernacular. Only fragments of these texts remain, most having been lost as a result of censorship, rewriting and the ravages of war.

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Willamette Valley

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The Willamette’s loamy soil gives rise to a feast of foods that enrich the plates of the finest restaurants in Portland. The climate and soil are ideal for vineyards, and more than 500 wineries, mostly west of Interstate 5, draw visitors from around the world to wine-country tasting rooms. Charming small towns, bucolic countryside and farm stands provide additional reasons to stop and savor Oregon’s wine country.

A string of cities, including the state capital of Salem and the free-spirited town of Eugene, are situated along I-5, which runs north to south through the center of the valley. To the west, the forested Coast Range cradles the valley, and 30mi to the east, waterfalls plummet down mossy Cascade Range hillsides alongside wooded hiking trails whose vine maple trees turn crimson and orange in the fall.


The capital of Oregon is the state’s third-largest city (pop. 156,000). Salem traces its founding to 1840, when Jason Lee moved the headquarters of his Methodist mission to this mid-Willamette Valley location. Lee’s house and other early buildings still stand at the Willamette Heritage Center at the Millaa (1313 Mill St.; t 503-585-7012; www.willametteheritage.org; open year-round Mon–Sat 10am–5pm ;$6), a five-acre historical park that includes the 1889 Thomas Kay Woolen Mill. A millstream courses beneath the main mill building, and inside, massive looms operate with water-powered turbines. Four buildings, filled with period furnishings, were moved to this site, and are considered the oldest in the Northwest, dating to the 1840s.

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Performing Arts

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Lake Chelan aa

Hwy. 97, 103mi north of Ellensburg. t 509-682-3503. www.lakechelan.com.

This narrow, 50mi-long lake is a recreational haven at its southern end, anchored by the tiny town of Chelan. At its northern end, wilderness terminates at the deeply forested community of Stehekin, a backpackers’ launch pad into the rugged North Cascades National Forest. The Lady of the Lake passenger ferry and float planes carry travelers between the two points. In and near Chelan are pleasant beaches, including Lake Chelan State Park, with 6,000ft of shoreline. Slidewaters waterpark, in Chelan, offers another water-play option.

Dry Fallsa

On Rte. 17, 17mi north of Soap Lake. www.parks.wa.gov. Open summer daily 6:30am–dusk. Winter 8am–dusk.

Few places offer as raw and memorable a look at geological forces as Dry Falls. The “falls” are a bowl-shaped 400ft chasm, 3.5mi wide, carved into volcanic bedrock in the Columbia Basin desert. Thousands of years ago, catastrophic Ice Age floods surged through here as prehistoric Lake Missoula in Montana periodically broke though its ice dam and sent billions of gallons of water west to the Pacific, carving the Columbia Basin landscape.

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