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Open year-round daily. Visitor center at 3029 Spirit Lake Hwy., Toutle; t 360-274-0962; www.parks.wa.gov/stewardship/mountsthelens; open May–mid-Sept daily 9am–5pm, rest of the year 4pm; closed major holidays. t 360-449-7800. www.fs.usda.gov/mountsthelens. $5.

One of the world’s most famous volcanoes, Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980 with the intensity of 500 atomic bombs, destroying its northern flank and blasting away more than 1,300ft of elevation. In 1982 the US Congress declared Mount St. Helens a National Volcanic Monument. Today the eviscerated mountain, surrounded by a 172sq-mi preserve, is a leading visitor attraction.

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Practical Information

When to Go

July is the best time to see flower-filled alpine meadows at Mt. Rainier, but any summer day through September offers the best opportunity for clear weather and great views at both Rainier and Mount St. Helens. Summertime frequently brings fog to the Washington coast, so the best times to visit are the shoulder seasons or winter-storm season.

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Dordogne Berry Limousin

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The Dordogne, with its hills, its mature and varied agricultural landscapes, its deciduous woodlands and its mellow stone buildings, is not unlike parts of southern England, albeit with a more genial climate and a general atmosphere of good living. Little touched by industrialisation or mass tourism, the regions of Berry and Limousin seem to represent the quintessence of rural France. Berry centres on Bourges which, with its great cathedral, was once the seat of the French court. The Limousin is the name of the old province around Limoges forming the northwestern extremity of the Massif Central.


1 Palace of wealthy financier, Jacques Coeur, at Bourges

2 Tranquil riverside village and Abbey: Brantôme

3 World famous prehistoric cave painting at Grotte de Lascaux

4 Pilgrimage site clinging to a cliff Rocamadour

3 Medieval bridge with towers at Cahors: Pont Valentré

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Forming a ring about the glittery metropolis of Seoul, Gyeonggi-do offers fantastic day-trips for anyone based in the city as well as plenty of reasons for an extended visit in this northwestern province. Gourmands will delight in the wealth of culinary treats, ranging from seafood caught in the West Islands to the famed Icheon rice to the east. Hikers can disappear for hours or days in the mountains exploring winding trails and verdant forest so thick that, at times, it’s hard to imagine the city just hours away. You can travel back in time by visiting the Korean Folk Village or the many fortresses and ruins that Gyeonggi-do holds.


1 Take in the sights, smells and tastes of local produce

2 Go back in time at Korean Folk Village

3 Spend a day soaring to great heights at Everland

4 Watch North Korea watch you on a DMZ tour

5 Spot a Red-crownded crane or other rare wildlife

Seat of Power

Gyeonggi-do’s central location to the Korean Peninsula, which includes both North and South Korea, has always been a place of historical significance. Yet it was not until power shifted from the southern provinces of North and South Gyeongsang that Gyeonggi-do assumed its current place of authority.

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Art and Culture


The Riviera enjoys an incredibly rich art and architectural heritage, dating from Antiquity right up to the present day. Whether you’re exploring the alleyways of picturesque perched villages or strolling along the coast, you’ll find every major architectural movement reflected in this region.


Provence and particularly the Riviera have enjoyed a high level of prosperity since Roman times. As later generations took the materials used by the Romans to construct their own new buildings, only a few fragments of this ancient civilisation have survived. Despite this fact, in the districts of Fayence, Fréjus and St-Raphaël, Roman canals are still being used to carry water to this day!

The Roman ruins at Cimiez are extensive and consist of one of the best preserved bath complexes in southern Europe. Fréjus still boasts an impressive restored arena and fascinating traces of a Roman harbour.

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Cartagena and the Caribbean Region

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Cartagena and the Caribbean Region

Along its 1,600km/995mi Caribbean coastline, Colombia possesses a lifetime of travel opportunities, from elegant colonial cities to pre-Columbian ruins nestled deep in rain forests. Rivers and plains bless these lands, adding an untamed, yet pastoral feel. Culturally diverse, the Colombian Caribbean is an inspiration for artists, writers, historians and musicians with its blend of indigenous, African, Spanish and other heritages. The indigenous communities of the area further offer venues for ethno-tourism, while the deserts, mountains and jungles, teeming with flora and fauna, provide innumerable options for ecotourism. This melange all contributes to making the Caribbean coastline a unique tourist destination, marked by sharp contrasts and variations. It is a perfect place to escape the contingencies of everyday life and get an education in the process.

Geo-Cultural Diversity

Most of the Caribbean region is made up of lowland wetlands and jungles.The geographical anomaly is the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains, which fill the region’s rivers with cooling runoff. The nation’s highest peaks, these mountains reach lofty altitudes of close to 6,000m/19,000ft.

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