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6. Was Charles Darwin a Christian?

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Chapter 6

Was Charles Darwin a Christian?

Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Much has been written about the religious views of Charles Darwin. What exactly did he believe, and when? Did he reject Christianity? Was he out to destroy Christianity, as some in the Church have come to believe?

While it is true that Darwins ideas have caused great harm to the Church and have led many people to openly question the authority of the Bible, what did the man himself actually believe? Did he ever become a Christian?


Charles Darwin was born in 1809. He was part of a well-to-do family in England.

His grandfather, Erasmus, was a prominent physician, poet, and somewhat of an activist. He could best be described as a progressive or free thinker. Dr. Erasmus had a naturalistic view of origins and even promoted basic evolutionary ideas. His religious stand was as a deist, and he rejected the idea that the Bible was supernaturally inspired.

Charles never met his grandfather, who died before Charles was born. He did, however, become familiar with his grandfathers beliefs and ideas through reading his writings.

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11. Have People Always Been Brilliant or Were They Originally Dumb Brutes?

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Chapter 11

Have People Always Been Brilliant or Were They Originally Dumb Brutes?

Don Landis1

Many Christians today have unanswered questions about the authority of the Bible due to their acceptance of an evolutionary time-line of history and, in particular, their view of mankind within that time-line. If the claims that mankind emerged from the slow process of evolution are true, then the Bible must be wrong, because the biblical record tells us that men were intelligent since the day of their creation (e.g., able to converse with God, able to work, and so on).

Yet our modern society believes we are just reaching the height of human intelligence and capabilities. If we accept this evolutionary view, what do we do with the biblical account? Is it completely unfounded and simply a myth? Or is the Bible true and verifiably so, thus making the evolutionary time-line errant?2

Most secular historians have not completely ignored the record of the Bible. However, they cite it as simply a source of information (e.g., a document of men, without God). In doing so, they undermine the authority of Scripture by not placing the Bible in its rightful place. Many Christians unwittingly accept this abuse of Gods Word and furthermore even promote it! When it is assumed that the Bible is only one of many records of early man and it is placed in a time-line alongside the other legends predating it, two key points are missed:

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5. How Could Noah Fit the Animals on the Ark and Care for Them?

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How Could Noah Fit the Animals on the Ark and Care for Them?

John Woodmorappe

According to Scripture, Noah’s ark was a safe haven for representatives of all the kinds of air-breathing land animals and birds that God created. While it is possible that God made miraculous provisions for the daily care of these animals, it is not necessary — or required by Scripture — to appeal to miracles. Exploring natural solutions for day-to-day operations does not discount God’s role: the biblical account hints at plenty of miracles as written, such as God bringing the animals to the ark (Genesis 6:20; 7:9, 15), closing the door of the ark (7:16), and causing the fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven to open on the same day (7:11). It turns out that a study of existing, low-tech animal care methods answers trivial objections to the ark. In fact, many solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems are rather straightforward.[1]

How Did Noah Fit All the Animals on the Ark?

To answer this question, we must first ask how many animals were actually on the ark. Critics have fantasized the presence of millions of animals overloading the ark. In actuality, the Bible makes it clear that the cargo was limited to land-breathing vertebrate animals — corresponding to modern birds, mammals, and reptiles, as well as their extinct counterparts.

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2. What's the Best "Proof" of Creation?

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35. Wasn't the Bible Written by Mere Men?

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Wasn’t the Bible Written by Mere Men?

Bodie Hodge

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:1617).

A Bigger Problem than You Might Think

It truly is a secular age. I had the opportunity to speak to a student-led club at a government school a couple of years ago. At the end of the lecture, I began answering questions the students had. Even though there was a very negative tone coming from many of the questioners, I remained courteous in each response.

Most of the questions were common ones and fairly easy to answer. The questions began with issues related to the creation-evolution debate, such as dinosaurs and radiometric dating. After those were answered, the questions became more impassioned and were directed toward God and the Bible, such as "Who created God?" and "Isn’t the Bible full of contradictions?" At the end, one statement came up that I didn’t get to respond to. The bell rang and out they ran. I really wish they had brought this up sooner so I could have responded to the claim that the Bible was written by mere men. We were getting closer to the heart of the issue.

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