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1 Beginning and adapting

House, Simon; Ridgway, Roy Karnac Books ePub

“The universe resounds with the joyful cry I am.”

Alexander Scriabin, Poem of Ecstasy

The New Zealand gynaecologist, Professor A. M. Liley, pointed out that although in the temporal sense we spend a very short time in the womb, about 1% of our life, in terms of the division of cells, our physical development—apart from stature—is almost complete by the time we are born (Liley, 1977).

We begin life as a single cell; 45 generations of the doubling up of cells by growth division are needed to reach the thirty million million cells of an adult. Of the 45 divisions, 41 take place before birth. Yet even before this single cell there is “life before life”. The sperm’s life can be traced back months to its genesis in the testes, which were already formed in the father when in the grandmother’s womb. The beginnings of the ovum itself existed in the mother when she was still in the grandmother’s womb, where it is known to have been susceptible to the grandmother’s environment. Nor should we lose sight of the genetic trace unbroken down the generations:

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9 Protecting and regenerating our nutritional environment

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We are discovering how rich and unpolluted we need the soil, sea, and air around us to be, and how precise the supply of nutrients has to be, to generate and sustain healthy people. Soil-science, marine studies, and human nutrition discern the drastic effects on our basic physiology of our failure to respect soils, crops, and animals; oceans, rivers, and fish. Medical and nutritional studies reveal the effects of ill-advised farming and food processing and presentation.

If our environmental base is to sustain us, we have to sustain our environment.

The farmer has long recognized how the quality of feeding his sheep, cattle, and other livestock affects the new offspring. For countless generations he kept his best fields and feed for the run-up to the mating season. His forbears had observed the advantages of preconception nutrition in large samples of newborns. At last we are beginning to catch up in the human field. In trials, scientists have now monitored thousands of women bearing children, confirming the farmer’s reproductive wisdom, but, ironically, his best fields are no longer what they were. Soil minerals have on average dropped by half, over half a century. Soil minerals in North America have, indeed,

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3 Dream-images of womb and self-healing responses

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“… go to sleep!
You will wake, and remember, and understand.”

Robert Browning, Evelyn Hope

“The basic principle involved in most forms of complementary medicine is Team to listen to yourself. But by the time the balancing or self-regulating instinct has to speak to us through physical symptoms, this generally means other messages in a gentler language have failed to reach our consciousness.

How does it speak to us, this law of our own nature, if not by means of disease, accident and despair? Its main line of communication is the dream. Night after night it begs to pay attention to the images it sends; to honour our feelings no less than our thoughts; to befriend the world of the senses and heed the promptings of intuition; to be our many-faceted selves as fully as we can.”

Ean Begg, Myth and Today’s Consciousness (1984)

A woman dreams she is scraping away the sand that covers the entrance of a cave. As she is scraping it away, she says to her son, “You cannot come in.” Inside she finds a rolled-up parchment, yellow with age. She unrolls it and finds the writing is in a language she cannot understand. She asks David to read it. But at that moment the parchment suddenly becomes brittle, and then crumbles away. In the cave a horrible smell of fungus assails the woman.

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Epilogue II

House, Simon; Ridgway, Roy Karnac Books ePub

Simon H. House

“After our industrial civilization has broken and the civilization of touch has begun, war will cease, there will be no more wars.”

D. H. Lawrence, Future War

“The greatest single factor in the acquisition and maintenance of good health is perfectly constituted food.”

Robert McCarrison, Nutrition and Health (1953)

In his Epilogue, Roy has shown us how he has reviewed his life, reevaluated it, recognizing the impact on himself of life’s events, all the way back through his times in his mother’s arms, at birth, and in the womb, even to conception itself—almost as if this is an invitation to each of us.

All our work in this field has given me a new view of medicine. Not so long ago doctors regarded the child medically as a small adult, a paediatrician friend told me. The differences that have emerged are, of course, great. Doctors now will more likely learn much about the adult from childhood development. I am sure this trend will continue to trace back earlier and earlier in life, effectively reorienting medicine.

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12 Healing the original wound

House, Simon; Ridgway, Roy Karnac Books ePub

“‘People become so proficient at avoiding these things that they cease to realize they are doing it… . It becomes habitual’, maintained Dr David Bohm.

‘The wound remains’, agreed Krishnamurti.

‘We remember to forget, you see’, added Bohm.

‘We remember to forget’, affirmed a psychiatrist from New York City, Dr David Shainberg, ‘and then the process of therapy is to help the remembering and the recall—to remember you have forgotten, and then to understand the connections or why you forgot; then the thing can move in a more holistic way, rather than being fragmented.’“

Krishnamurti, The Wholeness of Life (1976)

“You are nothing but a set
Of obsolete responses.”

T. S. Eliot, The Cocktail Party

A common thread runs through ways of healing. It is the immediate sense of being loved. Simon House writes:

I was starting my first course teaching Re-evaluation Counselling. We were a group of sixteen people. I was just going to explain how it worked when one of our children ran in from the garden with (a grazed knee and) a pained look on his face. He quickly spotted his mother’s face. As their eyes met he burst into tears. I said, “That’s strange. The sight of his mother made him cry.” We soon agreed that once there was the safety and loving support of the mother, the tears of relief could come, the pain of hurt and shock could be felt and released as the hurt heals. [House, 1999]

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