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2 The Best Special-Interest Tours: Amsterdam for Art Lovers, Architectural Amsterdam, Amsterdam with Kids, Amsterdam and the IJ, Alternative Amsterdam.

Sacha Heselstine FrommerMedia ePub
Includes these special interest tours: Amsterdam for Art Lovers, Architectural Amsterdam, Amsterdam with Kids, Amsterdam and the IJ, Alternative Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a feast for art lovers. With more than 20 Rembrandts, more than 200 Van Goghs, numerous Vermeers, and a plethora of Impressionist and post-Impressionist paintings scattered throughout the city, art lovers will be in heaven here.

This tour is for art lovers who would have already made a beeline to the top museums and are ready to dig deeper into all the art riches that Amsterdam has to offer.

Today, you’ll have a chance to see contemporary works by local, living artists; the Stedelijk Museum’s stylish off-shoot in the Jordaan; and the Schuttersgalerij, with its outsized canvases depicting well-to-do members of 17th-century Civic Guards companies. START: Cobra Modern Art Museum; tram 5 to Amstelveen Binnenhof or Metro line 51 to Amstelveen Centrum.An exhibit from the Cobra Museum.Cobra Modern Art Museum.

Art lovers will find this breathtakingly contemporary museum worth the trek to its off-the-beaten-path location. The most enjoyable way to get here is the 20-minute tram 5 ride from Amsterdam city center, giving you a chance to see leafy, suburban Amstelveen as you rattle through the streets. The museum is a light-filled brick-and-glass affair with plenty of white space for framing the artwork; it was designed by Dutch architect Wim Quist and opened in 1995.

The collection overflows with the post–World War II abstract expressionist art and ceramics of the short-lived CoBrA Group, named for the initials of the founding artists’ home cities: Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Karel Appel (1921–2006) and Constant (1920­–2005) were the Dutch proponents, both controversial painters, sculptors, and ceramicists whose work, like their fellow CoBrA artists, has a childlike quality, employing strong colors and abstract shapes, as seen in Constant’s oil painting Figure of the Night and Appel’s delightfully simple ceramics.  2 hr. Sandbergplein 1, Amstelveen.  020/547-5050. www.cobra-museum.nl. Admission 9.50€ adults; 6€ seniors, students, and kids 6–18. Daily 10am–5pm. Closed Jan 1, Apr 27, and Dec 25. Tram: 5 to Amstelveen Binnenhof. Metro: Line 51 to Amstelveen Centrum. See All Chapters
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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN 1861 “It was grand—it was awful.”

Elizabeth Wittenmyer Lewis University of North Texas Press PDF

It was grand—it was awful



“It was grand—it was awful.”

Clara Victoria Dargan

he stagecoach rolled into Marshall and turned up Burleson

Street, trailed by boys looking for excitement. The coach’s leather curtains pulled aside and two eager faces peered through the narrow opening, anxious for sight of the dear ones they had not seen in three years. Lucinda’s hands shook as she brushed the dust from her mistress’s heavy cape while the coachman urged his team up the hill to Wyalusing. At the first blast of the coach horn,

Uncle Ned came running to grab the halter of the lead team. Anna

Eliza ran down the steps, her two young ones stumbling and clinging to her skirt. Douschka, in her dear grandfather’s arms, brother

Philemon, so tall and grave, with his wife, Emma, and Lucy’s own sweet mother—all hurried to greet their beloved daughter and the faithful Lucinda.

All were there but brother Theodore, who promised to arrive soon from San Jacinto. Ned, Auntie Viney, Celah, Beatrice, Ernest, a grown-

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marlborough & nelson

So here you are on the South Island—the Mainland, so named for its large land mass—population 1,058,500. Because some 31⁄2 million people live on the smaller North Island, there will be times when you think you have the huge spaces of the South Island completely to yourself. Relax. Even those who of us have lived our entire lives here know the feeling. We call it “loving the wide open spaces.”

The long distances between settlements in the South Island means that flying is a popular travel option, but when it comes to leaving the North Island and traveling south, we recommend arriving by sea. Cook Strait is a narrow but stormy piece of water, and although bridges and tunnels have been considered, the difficulty of construction means crossings are by ferryboat. This is a benefit: Sailing through the calm, green, bush-lined waterways of the Marlborough Sounds is pure magic.

There are three main sounds: Kenepuru, Pelorous, and Queen Charlotte. The port town of Picton in Queen Charlotte Sound is the gateway to Blenheim and the province of Marlborough, and to the wider regions of Nelson, Tasman, and Golden Bay.

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Night at Passion Touch by Hari Kumar

Stephen Leather Monsoon Books Pte. Ltd. ePub

I open the door of my flat and step into my living room. It suddenly looks small and depressing. And lifeless. In this little slot in the sky, I am nothing more than a claustrophobic pigeon. Depression rules me within these four walls, which seem to be inching closer day by day like a sinister army, a tightening noose. My tiny apartment is known by the number 15–75, which fills me with a deep longing for homes that had names, religions, moods, ghosts, personalities, attitude … Here the walls creep in, the furniture grows, the air rots and silence splits my head slooowly. My block is a giant filing cabinet. Of people filed away to be forgotten.In the last few months after my estranged wife Nisha had got this job she would be travelling often, leaving me within these carnivorous walls to get hypnotised by the TV. Not that Nisha was great company; our home had become an art-house movie in the recent months, with monosyllables hanging in the air like the Sumatran haze. But she was a presence nevertheless. She was a scent, a grunt, a flash of colour, a shuffle of feet, a word, an incomplete line … We spoke through Post-it Notes on the fridge.

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CHAPTER FOUR: “I’m just being horrid”: D. W. Winnicott and the strains of psychoanalysis

Peter L. Rudnytsky Karnac Books ePub

“In their precise tracings-out and subtile causations, the strongest and fieriest emotions of life defy all analytical insight. We see the cloud, and feel its bolt; but meteorology only idly essays a critical scrutiny as to how that cloud became charged, and how this bolt so stuns”.

(Herman Melville, Pierre, or The Ambiguities, 1852)


If you are like me, you think of psychoanalysis as unfolding on two asymptotically converging planes. There is the plane of psychoanalysis as an essentially impersonal scientific theory, many of whose hypotheses have been confirmed over the past one hundred years, while others have not withstood the test of time and should be superseded in light of our better knowledge. And then there is the plane of psychoanalysis as an array of deeply personal artistic visions, in which the value of a given theorist’s work depends not on how accurately it represents an objectively existing reality, but, rather, on the imaginative power with which it allows us to apprehend the world in a new way. From this standpoint, it makes no more sense to say of Freud, Klein, Winnicott, or Lacan that the sensibility of one is any more or less “true” than that of the rest than it would to make such a statement of Michelangelo, Goya, Vermeer, or Cézanne, though each of us will inevitably feel a greater affinity with certain artists or psychoanalysts than with others.

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