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5. Your Customers and Employees Want You to Succeed

Hall, Stacey Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

               Imagine a seller/buyer

          relationship in which there is

        immediate trust and belief that

           the best solution will emerge

  because they are working together

                    to discover a solution.

                          Sharon Drew Morgen
                                   Selling with Integrity

DO YOU ever feel like you are running down a football field toward your goal and everyone—your customers, your employees, even your family— is playing for the other team? Do the people around you seem to be doing their best to block you and tackle you to keep you from getting into the end zone?

That is exactly how every day looked to Stacey before she began practicing the principles of Strategic Synchronicity. The faster she ran, the harder she fell.

She was telling a friend about her frustration with the latest tackle when the friend asked, “Stacey, what if you just think this person is playing for the opposite team? What if the truth is that he is really your teammate and he is trying to stop you from going the wrong direction down the field? ”

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2 Picking Markets: Feed Your Customers and They’ll Feed You

Cohan, Peter S. Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

WHAT IS A MARKET? Why does it matter which one you pick? A market is the place where hungry customers and suppliers set the terms at which they’ll sate their mutual hunger. How participants think about markets depends on their place in the entrepreneurial ecosystem; after all, different participants have different hungers. For example:

Start-up product users often hunger for a solution to a problem that no vendors provide. And if that unsolved problem is important enough to those potential customers, then there is an opportunity for the start-up to deliver the solution. However, many potential customers are reluctant to do business with a start-up because they are concerned about the costs they could incur if the start-up goes out of business. Hence, those customers will only try it if it’s free. The hope is that, over time, customers will become more confident in the start-up’s ability to deliver value consistently, and then be willing to pay.

Start-up CEOs look at markets in different ways, depending on the source of their hunger. For example, if they’re trying to solve a problem that bothers them personally, then they look at markets not in an abstract way but as a chance to satisfy one customer at a time. Alternatively, if they hunger for wealth, then they may look at markets based on the sales potential for their venture—the bigger, the better. To that end, such start-up CEOs might rank markets based on four factors: size, growth, margins, and odds of their company gaining a meaningful share. Entrepreneurs look at markets in both ways—some are more willing to talk about their interest in wealth creation than others.

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Chapter 3 Play to Your Strengths and Control What You Can

Goodrich, Laura Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Success with the Seeing Red Cars mind-set all begins with knowing yourself. If you know what you’re passionate about and what really interests you, and you know your strengths, they are yours; they are your intellectual property. You can take them anywhere. What trips people up is the challenge of maintaining intentional focus on their passions, interests, and strengths. If you don’t call them out, recognize them, and act on them with intention, your natural tendency to slip back into thinking about what you fear and are trying to avoid will reign. Remember, you get more of whatever you focus on.

Start with the knowledge of your passions, interests, and strengths, and then pay close, constant attention to what you can control, along with what you want and are working toward. Create for yourself mental pictures of your desired outcomes and the feelings associated with achieving those wants, and choose red objects or items to remind you of those desired outcomes. In other words, keep Seeing Red Cars. At those times when your positive outcomes mind-set is challenged, picture your Red Cars memory joggers in your mind and snap back into awareness and action. You can do it. It works.

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Chapter 2 – MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL: Can You Prove Your Project’s Status?

Pratt, David Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

A senior business analyst was called to the office of the deputy director of a large state agency. The deputy director, who was relatively new at his job, oversaw a major management effort: a large, complex project to redesign the organization’s internal business processes. As the new guy in the agency, the deputy director lacked a frame of reference regarding project sponsorship. He intended to rectify this situation as he wrestled with the challenging project.

The project manager for the effort had consistently been reporting positive status regarding the project’s scope, schedule, and cost. Despite the favorable reports, the project sponsor felt uncomfortable with the information the project manager provided.

The deputy director explained his situation to the business analyst. Familiar with the project, the business analyst had his own doubts about the project’s status, but he kept his concerns to himself. He commiserated with the deputy director, noting that without additional detail, he doubted he could provide much help.

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20. Are You Living Your Ideal Professional and Personal Life?

Steffen, James Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

RAY HAD really outdone himself with the last funday for purpose: a surprise ski weekend in Vermont. Tammy and Jamie had skied until the lifts closed, while Ray and Carol quit early on Saturday to review their life and work purposes. With his son and daughters help, Ray had pulled the trip off as a total surprise. Carol, a fierce competitor, had promised to top it this quarter.

Since this was June and the one-year anniversary of their beginning the Aligned Thinking journey—a journey that had turned into a pilgrimage to fulfill their lifes purpose— Ray suspected something big was coming. It was the planners privilege to assign the surprised any reasonable task in preparation. A month ago, Carol had asked Ray to take this Thursday through Monday off. Last night, she had handed him a sealed envelope that read, Do not open till you are on the train going to work.

As the train rumbled through the tunnel, Ray opened the note. It read:

     Dear Ray:

     Are you living your ideal professional and

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