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Financial capitalism is a system of irresponsibility and…is amoral. It is a system where the logic of the market excuses everything.…Either we re-found capitalism or we destroy it.


“We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals,” said Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1937. We know now that it is bad economics.


Wall Street’s relentless drive to have it all not only has had devastating economic, social, and environmental consequences but also has destroyed the integrity of money, created expectations that society has no means to fulfill, and sacrificed the health and happiness of nearly everyone. The full costs are beyond comprehension.

It is a curious thing that, unless we stuff it in a mattress, we expect whatever money we don’t immediately spend to grow in perpetuity without effort on our part. We do not expect the same of real wealth. Buildings must be maintained. Machinery must be replaced. Knowledge must be updated. The trust and caring of a community must be continuously renewed. Skills must practiced. Even wild spaces must be protected from predators, particularly human. All of these require a real investment of time and life energy. Effortless perpetual growth defies the physical law of conservation of energy. Only phantom wealth can grow effortlessly and perpetually.

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12 Sharing the Experience

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Dr. Jeffrey stood on the stage at the performing arts center, where he had just presented the results of his research on new models of aging to several hundred people. Near the front row, a camera captured his talk, which would be broadcast to a local television network and a wide Internet audience.

“To summarize,” Dr. Jeffrey said, “what I call refire is not simply to stop or start working, or take a class, or to finally lose that twenty pounds. It’s an ongoing process of approaching things with gusto, taking risks, and bringing enthusiasm and zest to every area of your life.”

The video screen behind him went dark and Dr. Jeffrey stepped to the edge of the stage.

“Now, for those of you who’ve heard the statistics from my research, watched my PowerPoint, and haven’t yet fallen asleep, I have a real treat for you. I’m going to bring out a couple who have lived all the things I’ve just talked about. We’re going to hear now from Larry and Janice Sparks, who are in the midst of their own refiring journey.”

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Afterword: Find Your Heroic Inspiration

Noah Blumenthal Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

In the past decade I have coached and taught thousands of people who were facing challenges. They suffered from critical bosses, missed promotions, loveless marriages, abuse from their customers, personal and health tragedies, or frustrations with their kids, their employees, or their companies.

Some clients had allowed minor issues to get under their skin; others had felt unable to recover from major disappointments. Whether they were dealing with everyday events or major life challenges, the stories they told themselves influenced their ability to curb their negativity, adopt a more positive frame of mind, and respond effectively to their challenges.

I had been helping people change their stories for years when my second daughter, at the age of six months, appeared to have a seizure. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her body stiffened, and she was unresponsive for about fifteen seconds. My wife and I took her to the hospital immediately, where she exhibited the same symptoms in front of five neurologists who had all squeezed into the room to see. They confirmed our fears. It looked like a seizure to them.

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This chapter will guide you in building a sense of meaningfulness in your team. As we discussed in chapters 2 and 3, it is the pull of a meaningful work purpose that initiates the rest of the self-management process. So ensuring a sense of meaningfulness is often a key place to begin leading for engagement.

The material in this chapter is organized around the five key building blocks of meaningfulness:

Each of these building blocks, when missing, will create an obstacle to meaningfulness. You can use this set of building blocks as a diagnostic tool to troubleshoot the sources of low meaningfulness in your team and then use the suggested actions to create those missing building blocks.

Some people get their kicks stompin’ on a dream….


It is very difficult for a work group to get energized around a meaningful purpose if the members don’t feel safe to talk about their passions. One of the greatest joys of group work is a shared excitement about what is possible. But one or two vocal cynics can be enough to stifle the excitement.

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6. Reframe Requests to Identify Strategic Opportunities

Dana Gaines Robinson Berrett-Koehler Publishers PDF



embedded within it. That is the approach we will explore in this chapter.

Reframing—What Is It?

The purpose of reframing is to view a problem or issue from a different point of view. You do this when you facilitate a discussion that focuses not on the client’s solution but rather on the results the client is seeking. Let us revisit one of the initial requests we used in Chapter 5 as an example.

“I have two teams who are in continual conflict.

I would like to offer some type of team building.”

Although this client has identified a team-building solution, the client is most likely seeking results that go beyond the team-building activity. Resolving team conflict is probably an ultimate goal, and there could be others. In a reframing discussion you focus not on the solution (team-building activity) but on the desired results (resolving team conflict). Through skillful questioning you help the client gain insight into the situation and to realize that moving ahead with a solution may be premature. Your questions often raise other issues that lead to an agreement to obtain additional information.

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