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12. The Event of Hospitality: On Being Inside/Outside the Kingdom of God

John D. Caputo Indiana University Press ePub

[Jesus] said to her [the Syrophoenician woman],
“Let the children be fed first, for it is not fair
to take the children’s food and throw it to the dogs.”
But she answered him,
“Sir, even the dogs under the table
eat the children’s crumbs.” (Mark 7:27–28)

Who gets into the kingdom of God? If it is made up of the people of God, are some people God’s and some people not? If it is a time of messianic peace and forgiveness, of rebirth and of making all things new, where do I apply? What are the admission requirements? Who decides who gets in and who is left out? Is there limited seating? Does it have borders, an inside and an outside, and are there border patrols? Do they have a problem there with illegal immigrants? Do I have to be Christian? Jewish? Islamic? Must I believe in God? Is there an official language that I must learn to speak?

When you look through the kingdom texts for guidance about the conditions of membership, the results are very surprising—which is, of course, not very surprising by now. Remember that in the kingdom God rules, not the world, which means that there the human, all too human rules of entrance requirements, etiquette, and human hospitality hold no sway. From a strictly human point of view, the whole place looks a little mad or anarchical, like all hell has broken loose—holy hell, of course.

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CHAPTER TWO: Which violence and whose violence? Questions arising in the psychotherapy of aggressive children

Paul Williams Karnac Books ePub

Anne Alvarez

Dr Maria O’Kane introduces Dr Anne Alvarez

Dr Alvarez hoped to come to Belfast today, but unfortunately she has been a victim of the ash, as other people have been, but she has very kindly agreed to do the presentation by audio link from her base in London. I’m sure she is well known to most of you. I think it is very important for those of us who work in adult psychiatry to understand the importance of the development of the child when we are trying to understand the adult, and I think you will agree that Anne Alvarez has helped us enormously in understanding very disturbed mental states and how they extend from childhood into adulthood. You will see from the description she has provided of herself that she is a consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist; she trained as a clinical psychologist in Canada and the USA before training as a child and adolescent psychotherapist in the UK. She is a consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist, and retired co-convener of the autism service, child and family department at the Tavistock Clinic in London. She is also the author of Live Company, a book I would recommend, Psychotherapy with Autistic Borderline Deprived and Abused Children, and has edited, with Susan Reid, Autism and Personality. A book in her honour was published in 2002, edited by Judith Edwards, and titled Being Alive: Building on the Work of Anne Alvarez. She was Visiting Professor at the San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute in November 2005.

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20 Receiving and dispatch

Rushton, Alan Kogan Page ePub


Receiving and dispatch


Both the receiving and the dispatch areas of a warehouse are critical to its successful operation. Receiving is important, as it forms the basis for all the subsequent activities of the warehouse. For example, goods need to be passed through receiving rapidly so that they quickly become available for picking customer orders, and this must be carried out with a high degree of accuracy to ensure that the correct goods are received and located in their assigned locations. The dispatch activity is critical, as it is the customer-facing aspect of the warehouse and therefore it must operate effectively to ensure that all goods are dispatched to the customers on time. Operational failures in either of these areas will quickly result in service-level failures, which may be damaging to the company and may be costly to rectify.

Receiving processes

The receipt of goods into a warehouse needs to be a carefully planned activity. In most large warehouses, incoming vehicle loads are booked in advance so that the appropriate resources can be allocated to the activity. On arrival, drivers report to the gatehouse, where staff check the vehicle documentation and direct the driver where to go, either directly to an unloading bay or to a parking area.

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"A" Words: SAT Advanced Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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Mavis Klein Karnac Books ePub

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