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Soups are good for the soul and so beneficial for a healthy gluten-free lifestyle. Our mouthwatering soups are filled with fresh vegetables, savory meats, and an array of bold herbs and spices to make them interesting and scrumptious. For a light, refreshing lunch on a warm summer day, chilled Guadalajara Gazpacho, with just a little spicy heat, is perfect.

For recipes that would ordinarily call for wheat flour, like our decadent Potato Leek Soup with Watercress, we’ve substituted gluten-free flours in just the right proportion. You would be shocked to find out how many of the canned soups on the market contain gluten.

Our delicious soups, which liberate you forever from canned mediocrity, are substantial, rich, and tasty. In fact, if we’re going to serve soup, it’s going to be the meal, not an appetizer. After you try these, we think you’ll agree it’s the only way to go.

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"Q" Words: COOP-HSPT Vocabulary

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7. The Elements of Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytical Objects

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The elements of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytical objects

In following the evolution of Bion's thought it has gradually become apparent that he has been pursuing a vision of refining and extending the model of the mind, as drawn up explicitly by Freud and modified implicitly by Melanie Klein, so that it might be used as an instrument for investigating disturbances of thought. Such a vision of course includes the possibility of using the psychoanalytical method, so akin to the clinical medical method, for examining pathology for the sake of forming hypotheses about healthy structure and function. Added to this, peculiarly Bionic, one might say, is the interest in formulating matters of the mind in a way that will allow for precision of communication and ‘mere manipulation’ by ‘arbitrary rules’ in what he calls variously ‘meditative review’ and the ‘psychoanalytic game’ (pp. 99 and 101). This duality of aim makes the present work dual in its essential nature, half scientific, i.e. towards the construction of a scientific deductive system, and half philosophic, i.e. investigating the system as a thing-in-itself. It seems unlikely that this joy in ‘mere manipulation’ would be a widespread phenomenon among practising analysts and it may not be amiss if its discussion is rather neglected here in our critique of the Grid, taking it as a method of exposition rather than an instrument meant for use. Our task in this chapter must be mainly to investigate the grid as the periodic table of psychoanalytical elements and then to trace its implications for the comprehension of what Bion calls the ‘molecules’ of psychoanalysis, psychoanalytical objects and interpretations. Having already constructed an apparatus, mythical and empty, namely alpha-function, which can operate on the sense impressions of emotional experiences to produce thoughts which can be used for thinking, Bion must now turn his attention to constructing an equally mythic and empty apparatus for manipulating these thoughts in a manner worthy of the name ‘thinking’ and capable of producing ‘truth’, the food of the mind. A daunting task!

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LXI On the Death of Vittoria Colonna

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LX (ii)

At times, pure love may justly be equated

With fervent hope; nor need it be deceived.

If by all human loves the heavens are grieved,

Then to what end was the whole world created?

If I indeed honour and love you, Lord,

And if I burn, it is a heavenly calm

That emanates from you and makes me warm;

Such peace is far removed from all discord.

True love is not a passion which can die,

Or which depends on beauty that must fade;

Nor is it subject to a changing face.

That love is true and holy which finds place

Within a modest heart, and which is made,

Far above earth, a pledge of love on high.

LXI On the Death of Vittoria Colonna

If my rough hammer makes a human form

And carves it in the hard, unyielding stone,

My hand is guided, does not move alone,

But follows where that other worker came.

Yet the first worker, God, remains above,

Whose very motion makes all loveliness.

To make a tool I need a tool, but his

Power is the first cause and makes all things move.

That stroke which in the forge is raised most high

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Decorating the Nursery

Burt, Dan Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

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