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34. [On Propositions and Syllogisms of Differing Order]

Peirce, Charles S. Indiana University Press PDF

Propositions and Syllogisms, 1881-82


By the order of a proposition I mean the number of times it contains the relative p or 'possessor of' (in the sense of an object possessing a quality). Propositions of even orders are either Extensive or Intensive. Those of odd orders have not this distinction.

Propositions of 1st Order.


1-52433 1-52433

1-52433 1-52433



1-52433 1-52433

1-52433 1-52433


Syllogisms of the 0-1 Order i.e. those having premises of the 0 and the 1st Order.

Suppose one of the premises is ft-< y or 1 —< fi j y. Then y may

be substituted for ($ in the other premise provided /3 occurs without a dash over it. If in the premise of the first order ft is connected by relative addition; that is if that premise is one of the following







there is no second conclusion. But when ft is connected by multiplication there is a second conclusion. Thus consider the premises

1 -< ft j- y and 1 -< A j- pft. We may write

l-c(A jpf3)(Ply)-

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21. Off with His Head

Jeffrey Burton University of North Texas Press PDF

+ 21 ∂


Twenty months and a few days spanned Tom Ketchum’s arrest and his dispatch into the hereafter. The interval allowed him ample time for reflection, but he never yielded to repentance. He regretted nothing, except for being caught and failing to kill Harrington or Kirchgrabber. He felt sour towards his fellow train robbers Bronco Bill and Elzy Lay because they were merely serving out prison terms—yet he would declare that he would rather be hanged than die of old age in a cell.1

Now and then, news would come through of his former associates; first, the arrest of Bud Upshaw, then the surrender and disappearance of Dave Atkins, and finally, near the end of the time left to him, the deaths of Will Carver and Red Weaver.

In Tom Green County, about the first item on the criminal calendar for 1901 was a motion of the district attorney to dismiss a charge against Jose Ma Perez and Tom

Ketchum.2 No prior reference to this case has been found, nor any clue as to its nature, but its removal from the docket of a Texas court could have done nothing to lighten Ketchum’s predicament in New Mexico.

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Chapter 2. John E. McBride and Conrad E. Mortimer,1877

Bob Alexander University of North Texas Press PDF


Chapter 2

Chapter 2

John E. McBride and Conrad E. Mortimer


Th e earthly life of Texas Ranger Sonny Smith had been snuff ed out near one end of Lucifer’s Line. For this narrative the geographical setting moves upstream to an arena just as wild and woolly, but much farther removed from the Texas seat of government. As the story unfolds in El Paso County it will not go unnoticed that this isolation from legislative hallways and the governor’s offi ce contributed to brouhaha of epic proportion in the writings of history, even for

Texas. Hard truths about the El Paso Salt War are readily retrievable and often misunderstood. Misinterpreting or manipulating or massaging facts is not a rare practice for agenda-driven scribes. Optimistically this try at recounting Ranger McBride’s and Mortimer’s journey along Lucifer’s Line will set fi rmly the pilings of historical transparency.

Ambitiously El Paso County—in the fi rst instance—had been one of four surveys lopping off land when Texas claimed a boundary stretching to headwaters of the Rio Grande in Colorado. Ultimately a compromise was reached ceding the two northernmost subdivisions and the boundary line readjusted so that El Paso County, as it does today, is bordered by the country of Mexico and the state of New

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27. Evaluating a Training Program at All Four Levels: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Kirkpatrick, Donald Berrett-Koehler Publishers PDF

Chapter 27

Evaluating a Training Program at All Four Levels

This case study from Cisco Systems illustrates how an organization can evaluate a program at all four levels.The study was done jointly by an internal training professional and an outside consultant. The first step was to identify the desired business results. From this basis, the training program was planned and implemented.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Peg Maddocks, Manager of Training for WorldWide Manufacturing

Cisco Systems, Inc., San Jose, California

Ingrid Gudenas, President

Effective Training Solutions, Fremont, California


Silicon Valley–based Cisco Systems, a worldwide leader in the highly competitive networking industry, is a rapidly growing company with a critical goal to keep costs down and profits high. Cisco manufactures computer networking equipment and had revenue of $6.8 billion in fiscal year 1997, with a 189 percent increase in new jobs from

1996–1998, bringing the total number of employees to about 11,000.

Cisco is recognized for its profitability and low operating expenses. A

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Mildred B. Sentell“ - Texas Weddings: Rattles on the Garter and ‘Barbwire’ in the Flowers”

Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt University of North Texas Press PDF



FLOWERS by Mildred B. Sentell

An important precursor to a Texas wedding is the engagement announcement. It is important to establish the family, family connections, grandparents and, in a town in which the family is well established and has been for generations, the occupations of the previous ancestors, as well as such issues as the pioneer experiences of the same and such information as would ensure the interest of readers who scan the hometown paper. Recently, in the Snyder

Daily News, the announcement of a regional couple’s engagement included the information that the future groom’s father had been a

World Champion Bull Rider and the mother of the bride-to-be had been a very good barrel racer. The announcement also told how the couple met and shared the information that the bride wasn’t eager to meet the intended, being a friend of the incumbent wife, but that when she did meet him, she was “smitten.” The wedding write-up was equally instructive, giving the detailed description of the bride’s wedding dress and the provenance of the groom’s

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2. Avocado Weevils of the Genus Heilipus

Pena, J.E., Editor CAB International PDF


Avocado Weevils of the

Genus Heilipus

Alvaro Castañeda-Vildózola,1 Armando Equihua-Martinez2 and Jorge E. Peña3


Facultad de Ciencias Agricolas, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de México,

Toluca, Estado de México, México; 2Instituto de Fitosanidad, Colegio de

Posgraduados, Montecillo, Texcoco, Estado de México, México; 3Tropical Research and Education Center, University of Florida/IFAS, Homestead, Florida 33031, USA

The genus Heilipus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), originally described by Germar in 1854, com­ prises 91 species distributed in the Americas,

39 for North and Central America (O’Brien and Wibmer, 1982) and 52 for South America

(Wibmer and O’Brien, 1986). Vanin and Gaiger

(2005) reported H. odoratus as a new South

American species, increasing the number of the original list to 92. The morphological charac­ ters that describe the genus Heilipus were

­proposed by Kuschel (1955) and are as follows: prementum glabrous, hind tibiae curved and formed in the inner corner unciniform strong mucro, premucron absent and mesosternal pro­ cess tuberculiform. It has been suggested that most of these species show their close relation­ ship with plants within the families Lauraceae and Annonaceae, and primitive angiosperms, however this association has been confirmed for only a few of them (Benchaya-Nunes, 2006;

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A Lonely Mother with the Blues

Eddie Stimpson, Jr. University of North Texas Press PDF
Medium 9781782201670

CHAPTER 3 Horses and Horsewomen

Karnac Books PDF


Horses and Horsewomen


Man has always been fascinated by the creatures around him. In the animistic and pantheistic religions all life is seen as a unity, although in the Hebraic creation only man is made in God's image. The domestication of animals for social reasons is very ancient, and there is archaeological evidence of pre-Neolithic,

Mesolithic peoples living with dogs (Zeuner, 1963). At present, more than 50 percent of families in the United States have pets.

There is an early psychoanalytic literature on the uses and intrapsychic meanings of animals, but then interest waned until recently when there has been an upsurge of medical, psychiatric, and psychoanalytic research on the impact of animals on humans.

In the psychoanalytic literature the two earliest descriptions of the treatment of children, Little Hans (Freud, 1909) and Little

Chanticleer (Ferenczi, 1913), both involve youngsters who used animals (horses and fowl) as objects to which they had displaced their sexual interests leading to subsequent phobic fears. In academic psychology, Watson and Raynor (1920) used Little Albert to show how conditioning could cause animal fears. In 1913

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33. Manage and Minimize Distractions

Dinnocenzo, Debra Berrett-Koehler Publishers PDF

Working Well with Your Family



Manage and Minimize


Some distractions are self-initiated; they’re caused by lack of focus

(Tip 4), low motivation (Tip 7), or bad work habits (Tip 19). As with some forest fires, prevention is the key—and only you can prevent these types of distractions from wrecking your day, destroying your productivity, and undermining your telecommuting success. The same results can occur if you don’t manage or minimize distractions caused by others (family, friends, visitors, pets, etc.).

Your family, in particular, has a unique ability to distract you from your work due to your presence and proximity. Negotiating agreements in advance (Tip 31) is a wise step, but managing distractions seems to be a challenge requiring on-going attention. Aside from the self-discipline you must have to avoid involvement in family or household matters during work hours, there are other strategies you can use to manage distractions:

• Establish specific rituals to begin your workday that clearly put you in a focused-on-work frame of mind.

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1 Introduction: Local Identity and Transnational Cults

Giacalone, F.; Griffin, K. CABI PDF



Introduction: Local Identity and Transnational Cults

Fiorella Giacalone1* and Kevin Griffin2

University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy; 2Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland

Religious Tourism, between

Local Identity and the International


Before it became a political entity, Europe had long been a place where the movement of pilgrims and merchants made the knowledge of different languages and cultures possible. This was especially true in the case of the fairs held to celebrate the festivals associated with holy sites.

Pilgrimage, in its traditional sense, and in historic references, is a journey, often long and complex, which is performed out of devotion – a spiritual quest for the fulfilment of a votive. It is a necessary sacrifice that is made in order to arrive at a ‘holy’ place. This perspective renders the process of secularization witnessed today even more interesting, as it has an effect on all religious phenomena, and thus also the sense of what it means to undertake a pilgrimage.

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5: Methodological Toolbox

Parvathi, P.; Grote, U.; Waibel, H. CABI PDF


Methodological Toolbox

Hermann Waibel and Priyanka Parvathi*

Institute of Development and Agricultural Economics, Leibniz University

Hannover, Germany

5.1 Introduction

Rigorous scientific studies on organic and Fair

Trade agriculture can be undertaken with standard economic methodologies such as adoption studies, impact assessment, cost–benefit analysis and environmental economic analysis. However, organic and Fair Trade agriculture is expected to have effects that cannot be fully captured by standard economic analysis that is focused on economic efficiency criteria. Organic products address the health and environmental concerns of consumers and therefore environmental sustainability and health economics should be

­incorporated in the analysis. Fair Trade incorporates a pro-poor social premium in the price of their products and so distributional aspects with regards to wealth and access to resources should be included in the study. Methods that go beyond neoclassic welfare analysis, like assessment of indicators for ecological and social sustainability, poverty reduction and long-term wealth effects, are necessary tools that complement

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Chapter Two

Jane Roberts Wood University of North Texas Press PDF
Medium 9781780491578

1 Narcissism

Rothstein, Arnold Karnac Books PDF



Three-quarters of a century after psychoanalytic theory adopted the term narcissism from Greek mythology, analysts still differ as to its meaning. The term has been used within several theoretical frameworks for a variety of purposes. As a concept, it has been elaborated from libidinal and ego-psychological perspectives. It has been employed both descriptively and to connote developmental phenomena. It has been considered as a defensive function, and it has been characterized both as normal and ubiquitous and as one or another form of pathology.

Much of this confusion can be seen to derive from the transitional nature of Freud's "war years" papers, in which he discussed structural development in terms inundated with metaphorical energic elaboration. The confusion between ego, self, and ego libido is still with us. In 1914, Freud defined narcissism as "the libidinal complement to the egoism of the instinct of self-preservation" (pp. 73-74).

Hartmann (1950b), attempting to distinguish between Freud's two meanings of ego, defined narcissism as the libidinal cathexis of the self-representation, but

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Duet Under Glass

Amy M. Clark University of North Texas Press PDF
Medium 9781574410358

Fort Stockton

B. W. Aston and Donathan Taylor University of North Texas Press PDF


Additional Forts

Environmental Education Center, archeological, historical and natural history profile of the Big Bend region. Departure point for the tours of the Big

Bend Ranch State Natural Area the third Saturday of each month. Tour fee includes meal in the natural area; reservations advisable. 915-424-3327. Open

8-5 daily. Admission.


Fort Stockton, constructed of adobe and named for Robert

Field Stockton, was established by the United States Army on March

23, 1859, at Comanche Springs, which was within the site of the present city of Fort Stockton, for the protection of the mail service, travelers, and freighters. Comanche Springs was a favorite stop on the Comanche Trail to Chihuahua, the Old San Antonio

Road, the Butterfield Overland Mail route, and the San AntonioChihuahua freight-wagon road. Captain Arthur T. Lee, commanding Company C, Eighth Infantry, abandoned the post in April 1861.

The post was reoccupied by Captain Charles L. Pyron, in command of Company B. Second Regiment, Texas Mounted Rifles, until it was abandoned by the Confederates after General Henry

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