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EQ #50 The Power of Pictures

Adele Lynn HRD Press, Inc. PDF

50 Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence

The leader who can articulate his or her vision of “team and team spirit” to his or her team is at a strong advantage over his or her peer who cannot.

Therefore, this exercise is aimed at assisting leaders by creating a visual image of the concept of “team.”

Again, by using visual images, the leader develops a strong sense or picture of what he or she values most related to the concept of team and team spirit.

This exercise asks leaders to find images in magazines or discarded posters or books that speak to their philosophy of how people should work together.

The leader will create a visual roadmap that will take into consideration the values and significance of working together to get things done. This visual roadmap is an extension of the leader’s philosophy about leading people to be their best.

An extension of this exercise can be used with the leader’s team. Several variations of this exercise can help the leader and the team articulate their vision for working together.

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Activity 29 Increasing Concentration

Roy Bailey HRD Press PDF

50 Activities for Managing Stress

• By increasing concentration, some of these interrupting

demands can be avoided. You will probably know some managers who seem to be able to concentrate more when they deal with one issue at a time and put other thoughts out of their mind that interrupt or are irrelevant. You too can develop this focused concentration.

2. Distribute Handout 29.1 and have participants use the Concentration Schedule to identify those areas where they wish to increase their concentration. Then tell participants the following:

• Now fully concentrate on the task as it is now. The purpose is

to focus your attention on each issue. Think of attention like a beam of light being directed to each issue that you look at.

This will increase your focus on business situations and also help to relax you.

3. Distribute Handout 29.2 and have participants practice by using the Improving Concentration Protocol and concentrating on visualizing as much as hearing and seeing the particular business/personal situation they have identified.

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View Your GPS Tracklogs in Google Maps

Rich Gibson O'Reilly Media PDF


View Your GPS Tracklogs in Google Maps

The program returns the combination of driving directions from each point to the next, as well as a simplified list of lat/long points. new route segment 37.61830, -122.38632 to 38.57320, -109.55060

San Francisco Airport to Slick Rock Capitol

----------------------------------------------------------------Head west

0.5| mi (734 meters) for 1 min

----------------------------------------------------------------Take the

I-380 W ramp to

San Francisco (I-280)/San Bruno

0.1| mi (197 meters) for 12 secs

You might want to specify multiple locations, including a detour to visit friends, or you might want to trick the routing algorithm into using a route that it considers sub-optimal. Here’s a real life example of tricking a routing algorithm: my dad and step-mom had just gotten a Prius with a navigation system—they had had it less than two weeks. My dad, while quite bright, is not particularly technical. One day they were driving and playing with the navigation system. My dad said, “Don’t set it to go to our destination until you get to this turn—it will take us a bad way from here.”

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C. The Windows-to-Mac Dictionary

David Pogue O'Reilly Media ePub

To find out the version number of the program youre using, dont look in the Help menu. Instead, look in the application menu next to the menuthe one that bears the name of the program youre in. Thats where you find the About command for Macintosh programs.

The special features that let you operate the computer even with impaired vision, hearing, or motor control are called Accessibility in Mountain Lion. Theyre in System Preferences (see Chapter9).

The Mac never displays Web pages directly on the desktopand knowing Apple, thats probably a point of pride. But Dashboard (Chapter4) keeps Internet data only a keystroke away.

The Mac requires no program for installing the driver for a new external gadget. The drivers for most printers, mice, keyboards, cameras, camcorders, and other accessories are preinstalled. If you plug something into the Mac and find that it doesnt work immediately, just install the driver from the included CD (or the manufacturers Web site).

Heres another one you just dont need on the Macintosh. Installing a program onto the Mac is described in Chapter5. Removing a program simply involves dragging its icon to the Trash. (For a clean sweep, inspect your HomeLibraryPreferences and LibraryApplication Support folders to see if any preference files got left behind.)

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10 Mesofossil Plant Remains from the Barremian of Hautrage (Mons Basin, Belgium), with Taphonomy, Paleoecology, and Paleoenvironment Insights

Pascal Godefroit Indiana University Press ePub

Bernard Gomez*, Thomas Gillot, Véronique Daviero-Gomez, Clément Coiffard, Paul Spagna, and Johan Yans

Seven beds bearing mesofossil plant remains have been sampled from the late Early to early Late Barremian Hautrage Clays Formation in the Danube-Bouchon quarry at Hautrage (Mons Basin, Belgium). They include various fertile and sterile parts of ferns (Weichselia reticulata (Stokes et Webb) Fontaine, Phlebopteris dunkeri Schenk, Gleichenites nordenskioeldii (Heer) Seward), Cheirolepidiaceae (Alvinia Kvaček, Frenelopsis (Schenk) Watson), Miroviaceae (Arctopitys Bose et Manum), Taxodiaceae (Sphenolepis Schenk), other conifers (Brachyphyllum Brongniart and Pagiophyllum Heer), and Ginkgoales (Pseudotorellia Florin). Although the plant assemblages vary from one bed to another, the taxa remain globally unchanged, suggesting repeated vegetation changes that may be related to lateral divagations of stream channels in a continental freshwater floodplain. Integration of taphonomic and sedimentological data suggest that fires may have played a role in the production, transport, and preservation of the mesofossil plant remains that may mostly represent the local vegetation.

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2. Building a Better Web Page

David Sawyer McFarland O'Reilly Media ePub

Chapter3 introduced the basics of Cascading Style Sheets. In other chapters, you learned how to use CSS to style links, navigation bars, text, and tables. You can go a long way in web design with just those techniques (and many people do). However, to really become a web design expert, you should become familiar with a handful of advanced CSS concepts. Fortunately, Dreamweaver includes tools to help you with these concepts so you can work more efficiently and avoid those head-scratching Why the heck does my design look like that?! moments. In addition, Dreamweaver CS6 includes a few approaches for adding the shiny, new CSS3 properties and a fun tool for adding basic CSS animations. (Even if youre not ready for some of the advanced CSS concepts discussed in this chapter, dont skip the section on CSS Transitions [CSS Transitions] because theyre fun and easy to create.)

This chapter will help you on your journey from CSS novice to master. But keep in mind that its the rare mortal who understands everything about CSS from reading a single chapter. If you really want to know the ins and outs of CSS, check out CSS: The Missing Manual.

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PART TWO Discussions of the Twelve ‘Letters of Plato

Ficino Ficino Shepheard Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd ePub
Medium 9781593576738

Yale University Yale School of Management

David Petersam JIST Publishing ePub

401 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

Phone: 615.322.6469, 800.288.6936
E-mail: admissions@owen.vanderbilt.edu
Web site: www.owen.vanderbilt.edu

Dean: Jim Bradford
Associate Dean, Healthcare MBA Program: Jon Lehman

“In the past few years, we have augmented an already stellar faculty and launched important new programs, building an academic infrastructure that will serve the school for years to come.” —Dean Bradford

Quick Facts


Full-time MBA

Health Care MBA

Executive MBA


Total enrollment: 382

Class of 2010: 176

Length of program: 22 months

Campus: Nashville, TN

Program commences in August

Pre-term orientation attendance required


Requirements: Professional experience not required but highly recommended (average work experience is five years); a four-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent; GMAT score; application; essays; recommendations; GRE not accepted

Letters of recommendation: 2

Interview: By invitation only

Number of applicants: 986

Admittance rate: 36%

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1 Meaningful Votes

Daniel McCool Indiana University Press ePub

The debate over minority voting rights began in earnest the night of April 11, 1865. General Robert E. Lee had surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia two days earlier, and the end of the Civil War was in sight. Washington, D. C., was in a state of exultation, and a boisterous crowd of citizens gathered below a window of the White House, demanding that the president say a few words. Lincoln came to the window and, reading by candlelight, explained his vision for a postwar nation. Among his ideas was a proposal to give some blacks, especially those who had fought in the war, the right to vote. Among the listeners in the crowd was John Wilkes Booth. He muttered to his friend, “That means nigger citizenship. That’s the last speech he’ll ever make.”1

In the aftermath of the Civil War and Lincoln’s assassination, the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution were adopted. The Fifteenth Amendment, which became part of the Constitution in 1870, reads, “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.” The debate over the Fifteenth Amendment was contentious; southern states argued that it interfered with states rights. But after the amendment was adopted, the New York Times editorialized that the amendment would “put an end to further agitation of the subject.”2

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Angel N. Sciortino O'Reilly Media ePub

Copyright 2006 OReilly Media, Inc.

Beijing Cambridge Farnham Kln Sebastopol Tokyo

10 November 2006


This shortcut teaches you how to use Mongrel, the new high-performance web application container for Rails. It starts with basic setup and installation, but goes well beyond the basics, showing you how to set up Mongrel clusters, how to use Mongrel behind Apache and other web servers, and more. Mongrel has given Rails developers a first-rate server. If youve suffered through Rails apps deployed on Apache or Lighttpd with FCGI, suffer no more! Start using Mongrel, and say good-bye to FCGI and all its problems.

Mongrel is a web application container for Ruby on Rails. It is as simple to use as WEBrick for development, and robust enough to be used in a production environment. Mongrel includes a fast HTTP library that it uses instead of FastCGI or SCGI, which ends up making your Rails applications faster. It is framework agnostic and currently supports the Ruby On Rails, Og+Nitro, and Camping frameworks. This book focuses on using Mongrel with Ruby on Rails.

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Kevin Goodan Center for Literary Publishing ePub

Once, through my town, there were rivers.

Thin trees rippled along the spillways.

Morning pierced our breath. Two doves

On the rail bobbing their heads. I am,

My ghost, alone. I stand where there is

No water, thinking water. The laws of nature

Determine all the grief one eye can hold.

Thistles were his winding sheet, my father.

Did he go smooth and gentle? You bum,

What cruder diction than loss?

Though the great pine shove

Taproots down and call the black dirt

Home, though rivers still run,

Though sickly, though this town is not my town,

I wander. Our saws are sharp and never idle long

And through the day we feed the fires

And transform the field-jumble into lines.

Far faces bleared by fire, who are you

That the bright mares of language stride forth

Their flames? I am never more than this.

A green mind in a green world,

And yet the kingdoms that come to my ear.

I look out and know my place.

I, because of love.

In this, there is no recourse.

In this I am humble.

If seeds be language, let them gather.

Let them take these words.

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12. Flash Accessories

NK Guy Rocky Nook-IPS ePub

Camera shops and the Internet are filled with countless flash accessories vying for customer attention. Some are indispensable; others could be charitably described as possessing limited value. This section describes some of the more interesting light-modifying add-ons for small portable flash units.

The majority of these accessories are designed to do one basic thing: enlarge the surface of the light-producing area relative to the subject. This softens and tames the harsh light of a flash, as detailed in the chapter on basic technique. Some of the other accessories restrict the light or alter its color.

One point to keep in mind is that flash compensation should not need adjusting when using a diffuser in any automatic flash-metering mode that works through the lens. The camera will adjust automatically for the stop or two that the diffuser costs, up to the limits of the flash units light output. Of course, when using manual flash metering mode, it will be necessary to factor in the reduced light output manually through testing.

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8. Services and Business Logic

Ken Williamson O'Reilly Media ePub

Not all AngularJS services connect to REST services. Services can also contain business logic that is used by multiple controllers. As I mentioned before, if the business logic can be moved to a REST service, that is where it should be defined. Defining business logic in REST services assures that the same logic will be readily available to all client-side applications.

Often, however, it is not possible to move all business logic to REST services. Often that same business logic is needed across multiple controllers. That is where AngularJS non-REST services come in handy once again. In this chapter we will look at several examples of where AngularJS non-REST services are useful.

Take, for example, a situation where a user needs to authenticate across multiple REST services. One way to do that is by using Basic Authentication, where the user’s username and password are passed to a service as a token in the HTTPS header during a service call. The token is in the form of “username:password” and encoded with base64.

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7. Design and Programming

Andrew Stellman O'Reilly Media ePub

There's a famous quote attributed to Kent Beck, a widely respected software engineer who's responsible for many advances in the field: "I'm not a great programmer; I'm just a good programmer with great habits." This chapter is about introducing some of those great habits. A good programmer who adopts these habits will build better software.

Programmers spend their time designing and building software, and all of their project work revolves around the source code. But many programming teams find that they lose control of their own code. Sometimes they lose track of the changes that they make; new additions might occasionally disappear, and old bugs routinely pop up. They might lose control of the design of the code, finding that no matter how much care they put into designing the software well, they still end up with messy code that's difficult to maintain. Some programmers have never known any other way, and don't realize that these problems can be eased. A project manager can improve the code by helping the team adopt good programming practices.

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Grande-Terre & Basse-Terre

Lynne Sullivan Hunter Publishing ePub

Often referred to as the flat half, Grande-Terre is actually a separate island quite distinct from its western mate, Basse-Terre. The Rivire-Sale separates Grande from Basse, and east of this narrow strip of water, the beach-fringed terrain is almost level.

Pointe--Pitre is the principal city and commercial hub of Guadeloupe, and the natural reference point for all other locations on the island. It sits snugly in the niche between Grande and Basse in the watery Petit Cul-de-Sac Marin just south of Rivire-Sale. Cruise ships dock at its harbor, and the international airport is two miles from the city limits. Of all the picturesque cities on the island, it is the most like a modern port town on the French Riviera.

From Pointe--Pitre, Grande-Terre sprawls east more than 218 square miles like a ragged, palm-lined triangle. An excellent system of national highways (Routes Nacionals) connect the bustling central port with tranquil colonial villages, tropical countryside and shady beaches.

Most of Grande-Terre's resorts are located along the southern coast between Gosier and Saint-Franois. The eastern tip, Pointe des Chteaux, is a national park marked by a wooden cross sitting high on a hill above the rugged shore known as land's end. From here, the island curves north where the rough Atlantic beats against limestone cliffs and shockingly beautiful beaches a surfer's paradise.

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