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Chapter 23: “Hurled Into Eternity”

Paul Lee Johnson University of North Texas Press PDF


“Hurled Into Eternity”

The corpses of the McLaurys and Billy Clanton were taken by wagon to a cabin in the back of John Dunbar’s livery stable on Fifth Street between

Fremont and Safford. There, Dr. Henry Matthews, the county coroner, had an opportunity to examine the bodies before they were washed, dressed and prepared for burial by the undertaker. According to Dr. Matthews, “they died from the effects of pistol and gun-shot wounds.” Billy Clanton had two wounds: “one two inches from the left nipple, penetrating the lungs; the other was beneath the twelfth rib, above and beneath, six inches to the right of the navel …” He did not investigate to find out what direction they took or from what direction they had come. On Frank McLaury, he found “one wound, penetrating the cranium, beneath the right ear; another penetrating the abdomen, one inch to the left of the navel.” He judged the shot to the head to be instantly fatal, and the one to the abdomen a “straight shot.” On

Tom McLaury’s body, he found “twelve buck shot wounds on the right side of the body, near together, under the arms, between the third and fifth ribs; my opinion was they were buckshot wounds; laid the palm of my hand on them; it would cover the whole of them, about four inches in space, the wound penetrated straight into the body.” 1

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43. Hormone Health: Human Growth Hormone

Klatz M.D. D.O., Ronald Basic Health Publications ePub

Starting at age twenty or so, the body’s level of human growth hormone (HGH) begins to decline, so that by the time we are age sixty-five, many of us have little or no HGH. The decline of HGH is accompanied by many of the miseries we associate with aging, from saggy skin to a potbelly, to a lack of vitality.

You can increase your HGH level naturally, through exercise. HGH seems to be released in response to particularly intense and strenuous activity. Weight lifting or resistance exercise, two or three times a week, is particularly effective. Include strenuous lifting (loads you can lift only six times), as well as lower body workouts (such as leg lifts, for at least half your workout time). Of course, check with your doctor before undertaking any strenuous exercise.

Numerous clinical studies have shown that HGH can help men and women gain lean body mass, lose fat mass, and improve markers of heart health. A number of additional studies have found that restoring HGH levels to that of a more youthful state can help people with quality of life, maintain their independence, and reduce the number of visits to the doctor or hospital.

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The Self and its Activity

Jidda Krishnamurti Krishnamurti Foundation America ePub

All human problems arise from this extraordinarily complex, living centre which is the me, and a man who would uncover its subtle ways has to be negatively aware, choicelessly observant.

London, 6th Public Talk, June 17, 1962 The Collected Works, Vol. XIII, p. 202

I wonder what most of us are seeking. And when we do nd what we seek, is it totally satisfactory, or is there always the shadow of frustration in that which we have sought out? And is it possible to learn from everything, from our sorrows and joys, so that our minds are made fresh and are capable of learning innitely more?

Most of us listen to be told what to do or to conform to a new pattern, or we listen merely to gather further information. If we are here with any such attitude, then the process of listening will have very little signicance in what we are trying to do in these talks. And I am afraid most of us are only concerned with that: we want to be told, we are listening in order to be taught, and a mind that merely wants to be told is obviously incapable of learning.

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Showtime on Rome’s Piazzas

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

From the baroque splendour of Piazza Navona to the clamour of Campo de’ Fiori and the majesty of St Peter’s Square, Rome’s showcase piazzas encapsulate much of the city’s beauty, history and drama.

In the heart of the historic centre, Piazza Navona is the picture-perfect Roman square. Graceful baroque palazzi (mansions), flamboyant fountains, packed pavement cafes and costumed street artists set the scene for the daily invasion of camera-toting tourists.

The awe-inspiring approach to St Peter’s Basilica, this monumental piazza is a masterpiece of 17th-century urban design. The work of Bernini, it’s centred on a towering Egyptian obelisk and flanked by two grasping colonnaded arms.

Neoclassical Piazza del Popolo is a vast, sweeping spectacle. In centuries past, executions were held here; nowadays crowds gather for political rallies, outdoor concerts or just to hang out.

The centrepiece of the Campidoglio (Capitoline Hill), this Michelangelo-designed piazza is thought by many to be the city’s most beautiful. Surrounded on three sides by palazzi, it’s home to the Capitoline Museums.

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CHAPTER 11: Key #3: Let Teams Replace the Hierarchy

Blanchard, Ken Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

As we are now in this final stage of the journey to empowerment, we want to make full use of the power of replacing the hierarchy with self-directed teams to achieve full empowerment. During the first two stages of the change process, the teams have gone through a period of Orientation where they were trying to determine what it would mean to be part of an empowered team. They have also gone through a period of Dissatisfaction where team members wondered if they would not be better off working as individuals in this new empowerment culture. Entering this final stage of changing to empowerment, the teams are coming to Integration, where they have resolved the issues that have held them back from becoming an empowered team. They are gelling as a team capable of extremely high levels of performance. Indeed, they are reaching the stage of Production, where they can take on many of the roles that management 236 performs in a traditional hierarchy. The questions that remain revolve around these final steps to self-directed status and concern refining and reinforcing what the teams are capable of doing. Let us explore some of the questions that are typical of this stage of the process and that relate to the teams.

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Your Prosperity Assessment

Willis, Ethan Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub


We’re asking for a very specific reason. In this book, we make this promise: if you follow the practices we will describe, your level of prosperity will grow.

The Prosperity Assessment is a quick, insightful, multi-faceted evaluation, which is divided into three categories: money, happiness, and sustainability. It’s easy and even fun to do online, and there’s no charge to take it as many times as you want. The assessment should take about ten minutes. For each question, click the ranking that best describes your current situation. You will be asked to identify your perceived levels of prosperity in the three categories and compare them to your actual levels of prosperity. The assessment doesn’t stop there however.

In an extended phase of the assessment, you can invite your friends, co-workers, or family to take the assessment and answer the questions based on how they view your levels of prosperity. We’ve found that this type of “360-degree feedback” component helps identify areas that you overlooked, undervalued, or overvalued when you initially took the assessment on your own. We promise the results will be revealing.

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Chapter 3: Stretching Her Wings

Sarah Byrn Rickman University of North Texas Press PDF


Stretching Her Wings

omance was one thing, but Nancy Harkness wasn’t ready to settle down. Just twenty, she was too busy establishing her name in the world of aviation. For now, her job with Bob entailed demonstrating and selling airplanes like the

Beechcraft models on a commission basis, plus being a general airport Girl Friday. In those Depression days, sales were few and far between.

By early 1935, changes were in the air.

Nancy had made good on her desire to meet Eugene Vidal,

Director of the Bureau of Air Commerce. In December 1934, he was the guest of honor at the Boston Aero Club dinner held at the Hotel Lenox. A photograph taken at the dinner, of Nancy and Vidal with Aero Club member and pilot, Mrs. Teddy Kenyon, appeared in the Boston Herald on December 15, 1934.

On February 2, 1935, Vidal wrote to Nancy at Inter City. After some opening chitchat, “talking with Amelia and G. P.” (Amelia

Earhart and her husband George Palmer Putnam) about Nancy possibly working with them on a project, Vidal concluded his letter with the following: “As to a government job, you’d better

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10 Tourist experiences and Information Technology

Benckendorff, P.J. CAB International PDF

chapter 10

Tourist Experiences and

Information Technology

Learning Objectives

After studying this chapter you should be able to:

explain the role that IT plays in attract­ ing visitors to attractions and events; analyze the different roles of IT in the staging of memorable attraction and event experiences; understand how IT can disrupt or mod­ erate some visitor experiences; and apply various IT solutions to the manage­ ment of visitors in attraction and event settings.


Attractions play a critical role in the tourism system because they are the raison d’être for travel. They provide the on-site experiences and activities needed to satisfy visitor motives.

The attractions sector is one of the most diverse and fragmented parts of the tourism industry.

Attractions are usually categorized into natural and cultural attractions (Benckendorff, 2006).


Natural attractions include permanent flora and fauna, terrestrial and marine parks and reserves, landscapes, geological features and temporary events such as volcanic eruptions, astronomical events, wildlife migrations, even coral spawning. Cultural attractions include built attractions such as theme parks, art galler­ ies, museums, historic buildings, architectural wonders, zoos, aquaria, sports and entertain­ ment facilities, shopping malls and tourist pre­ cincts. Events such as sports games, festivals, concerts, performances, conferences and meet­ ings are also important cultural attractions.

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5 The Revolt of the Lash

Zachary R. Morgan Indiana University Press ePub

The torturer took up a stiff, medium weight hemp cord, pierced with small steel needles. In order to make it swell, he soaked it in salt water, until just the tips of the needles protruded from the cord. The ship’s crew was ordered on deck to view the shackled prisoner. The comandante, after a moment of silence, read a proclamation of the sailor’s crime. The shackles were removed from his wrists and he was suspended – stripped from the waist up – from the iron structure that secured the ships ballast. Then . . . the master of the tragic ceremony began to apply the blows. The blood ran. The beaten man moaned, pleading, as the torturer continued, enthusiastically, with his inhumane task. The drummers played with fervor, drowning out the man’s screams. Many officers averted their faces; each [officer] was properly uniformed, gloved and armed with a sword. The enlisted men dispersed, repulsed and profoundly indignant.

EURICO FOGO, petty officer second class, served 1898–1910

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21. A Good Time in Our Lives

Bob Hammel Indiana University Press ePub


A Good Time in Our Lives

Oh, my. I think this is a good time in our life to be able to do some of the things that we’re doing. We love these preservation projects and feel they’re doing good. Our actual lifestyle hasn’t changed much. We’re still in the house that we bought for $36,750 and moved into in 1967. We’re right in town, where we always wanted to stay.

—Gayle Cook

A thriving company, its eventual ownership transfer to son Carl assured; at last a garage on their comfortable, longtime home; the historic hotels they rescued and resurrected now resort palaces in pastoral environs; away-from-it-all weekends at Cedar Farm, long stretches of summers (or whatever time they wish) on their Star 7 boat—life is pretty close to idyllic for Bill and Gayle Cook these days.

Idyllic, not idle.

Once a week—Mondays, when it’s closed—Gayle goes to the Monroe County Historical Museum in work clothes and works alongside others—outside, trimming bushes and the like, or inside, tackling clean-up projects or preparing collections or exhibits for display in the museum. Twice a year—at a February auction of donated objects (which usually brings in about $5,000) and a late-spring super garage sale ($16,000 net in 2007)—she is involved in set-up, the daylong sale, and eventual clean-up. “There wouldn’t be a museum without her,” another key museum volunteer, Mary Lee Deckard, said. Without her and Bill—the Cooks’ checkbook also is involved. Annually facing a financing problem that the two sales and solicited contributions and membership fees struggled to meet, the museum—like the COPS organization—got a surprise sustaining boost a couple of years ago: a $3 million endowment, with about 5 percent in interest available for use every year while keeping the endowment intact. That’s a $150,000-a-year stabilizer in perpetuity.

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8 Miami Shopping

Appell, David Paul FrommerMedia ePub


Miami Shopping

M iami is one of the world’s premier shopping cities; more than 12 million visitors come every year and typically spend billions. People come from all over—especially from Latin America and Europe—in search of some products that are “all-American” (in other words, Levi’s, Nike, Timberland, and such).

So if you’re not into swimming, catching rays, and other outdoor activities; are looking for a break or rainy-day diversion; or are simply a retail-therapy enthusiast, you’ll be in good company in one of Miami’s many malls—and you are not likely to emerge empty-handed. In addition to the strip malls, Miami offers a choice of malls, from the upscale Village of Merrick Park and mammoth Aventura Mall to the hyper-ritzy Bal Harbour Shops and touristy yet scenic Bayside Marketplace (to name just a few).

Miami also offers more unique shopping spots, such as the up-and-coming area above downtown known as the Biscayne Corridor, where funky boutiques defy the Gap, and Little Havana, where you can buy hand-rolled cigars and guayaberas (loose-fitting cotton or gauzy shirts, traditionally for men but also now marketed to women).

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Talking of Hume

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

The Essential

It will never cease, this needing, never be over.

Should it be otherwise?

Age increases but passion stays. Either lover

Or friend brightens my eyes

And as in childhood move in amazement still.

Wonder never dies.

And should not surely. Let me never become

Listless, cynical or

Uncaring about sad news of a human event.

Let me not care for size,

Even a sense of proportion can mean a want

Of love. May I not be wise

If wisdom means often standing aside or aloof,

Letting the world go on.

I care, I need, I still feel passion in love,

I tilt my face to the sun.

I cannot care for millions. Nobody can,

But from childhood I’ve minded the grief simply of one.

May I end then as I began.

Talking of Hume

People were talking of Hume the philosopher

Also the man who many thought was a saint,

But I was listening to his theories where

The sensuous world was held in doubt. This meant

That the writing of poetry had no purpose. So

It seemed to me. In an illusory world

Art would double the unreality, do

Away with the need. Then I heard a bold

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Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

The wild and little‑understood Candomblé religion is deeply rooted in Bahian culture and connects countless Afro‑Brazilians to a long line of West African ancestry.

Candomblé is the most orthodox of the religions brought from Africa by the Nago, Yoruba and Jeje peoples. Candomblé is an African word denoting a dance in honor of the gods. Afro‑Brazilian rituals are directed by a pai de santo or mãe de santo (literally ‘saint’s mother or father’ – the Candomblé priests) and practiced in a casa de santo or terreiro (house of worship). The ceremonies are conducted in the Yoruba language.

The religion centers around orixás (deities). Like the gods in Greek mythology, each orixá has a unique personality and history. Candomblé followers believe that every person has a particular deity watching over them – from birth until death. A person’s orixá can be identified when a pai or mãe de santo makes successive throws with a handful of búzios (shells), in a divination ritual known as Jogo dos Búzios (Casting of Shells). The position of the shells is used to interpret one’s luck, one’s future and one’s past relationship with the gods. Although orixás are divided into male and female types, there are some that can switch from one sex to the other, such as Logunedé, son of two male gods, Ogun and Oxoss.

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Hemsath, Dave Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Recognition is one of the most powerful and underutilized management tools. Everyone wants recognition. Everyone needs it. And recognition increases the likelihood that the action recognized will be repeated. So why don’t we lavish each other with this vital tonic?

We know that when efforts to recognize individuals are mixed with a of fun, they tend to take on a life of their own, creating a more memorable experience. And isn’t that the objective in recognizing someone?

It helps to remember that adults are just grown-up kids. We don’t grow out of our need for, acceptance, fun, and play. We fool ourselves into thinking that to be an adult means to be serious when all it really means is to have aged.

When we let loose the big kid in each of us, we unleash a source of power, energy, and enthusiasm that turns challenges into achievements. Reinforce these achievements zany, memorable acts of recognition and you have a winning combination—a workplace that motivates, empowers, and is downright.

Behavioralists know that if you want to reinforce a habit just recognize that habit. To extinguish a habit ignore or apply a consequence to the habit. Simply psychology. So if you want to improve attendance, reward good attendance.

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Robert Waska Karnac Books ePub




Low-frequency Kleinian
psychoanalysis: Establishing analytic
contact with a new case

From the first time I meet with a patient, I am searching for a window into their unconscious world of object and self-experience. Since my psychoanalytic perspective is based on the vital importance of phantasy, defence, and transference, my mind is constantly listening for any evidence of these essentials. In fact, I make a point of telling each patient very early in the first visit that I will need them to be on the lookout for any sign of deeper feelings about themselves, about me, or about our work together that they may usually ignore, downplay, or hide.

If I notice a foothold into some manifestation of transference, defence, or phantasy, I usually make some form of interpretation. Then, I wait for the reaction or response to my comment. Hopefully, these interpretations of transference, defence, and phantasy lead to a slow pattern of change and the experience of choice instead of psychic scarcity. If the patient is able and willing to interact to some degree in these ways, a therapeutic process of analytic contact (Waska, 2007) has been established. If this contact can be sustained over a period of time there is hope of learning, change, and integration, and mastery. This is my working definition of clinical psychoanalysis.

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