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Attracting Perfect Customers

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Most businesses spend far too much of their time and energy struggling to get new customers or hang on to existing ones-even customers who are ultimately more trouble than they're worth. Attracting Perfect Customers invites readers to move beyond the notions that "business is war" and winning market share means "beating" the other guy. The authors outline a simple strategic process for making businesses so highly attractive that perfect customers and clients are naturally drawn right to them.
Sound too good to be true? Hall and Brogniez have successfully shown clients how to do it for years, and now they share their secrets. They prove that it is no longer productive or profitable to conduct business using the war-like marketing techniques of targeting customers and outmaneuvering the competition. In fact, these techniques seem antiquated and labor-intensive when compared to the Strategic Attraction Planning process, which requires just five minutes each day and enables any business to easily attract customers that are a perfect fit for their organization-the kind of customers it is a pleasure to serve.
Attracting Perfect Customers takes you step by step through the entire strategic attraction process. The authors reveal the six success standards of strategic synchronicity and share simple, fun, and easy-to-follow exercises that can be applied to any organization. They walk you through the process of creating your own personalized Strategic Attraction Plan and provide 21 supportive tips for making any company more attractive to its perfect customers.
Attracting Perfect Customerswill take you to a place where there is an abundance of perfect customers and clients with whom you can build strong, satisfying, profitable, and lasting relationships.

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1. Be on Purpose with Your Mission


    Work is evolving from

  supporting only our survival 

                 to nourishing and

  encouraging our livelihood.

                          Martin Rutte

A FEW years ago, while working at a job that she did not enjoy, Stacey came across the following affirmation: “Do what you love to do and the universe rushes in to support you.” She realized as she read the statement that she did not feel supported by the universe in her job. Rather than being easily swept along to her goals, she felt as if she were constantly walking into a windstorm. Each day seemed harder than the day before. Although she originally thought the company’s mission and values were aligned with her own, it became apparent that she had been fooling herself. In giving the organization what it needed, she was increasingly surpressing her own needs. Yet she was attached to the job because she wanted the salary, prestige, and connections that came with it.

As a community service, she would periodically conduct free workshops to teach marketing and communications principles to business owners. She truly loved facilitating the workshops, and the people who attended let her know how much they enjoyed her teaching methods. She felt completely alive when she was leading those workshops. Her personal mission—assisting organizations to operate in the best interests of the community—had found a voice. When she read that affirmation, the realization that these workshops were her business mission, her unique service to the world, hit her like a thunderbolt!


2. You Have the Power to Attract Whatever You Desire


Manifesting—the business

          of doing nothing more

        than bringing into form

      a new aspect of yourself.

                        Wayne W. Dyer

IF YOU can envision it, you can manifest it. It’s that simple.

Recent studies in the area of quantum physics have resulted in a growing understanding and acceptance of the concept of “mind over matter,” that we can control the outcome of events by concentrating on changing our current thought patterns and envisioning the outcome that we prefer. Numerous consultants, behavior therapists, and authors have expounded on the practice and process of manifestation. Two such proponents are Wayne Dyer and Eileen Caddy.

In his book Manifest Your Destiny, Dyer shares his experience that “the process of creation begins first with a desire. Your desires, cultivated as seeds of potential on the path of spiritual awareness, can blossom in the form of freedom to have these desires in peace and harmony with your world. Giving yourself permission to explore this path is allowing yourself the freedom to use your mind to create the precise material world that matches your inner world.”7Dyer is reminding us that what we sow with our thoughts, we reap in the physical world.


3. Like Attracts Like: Whom Do You Like?


Pay any price to stay

        in the presence of

    extraordinary people.

                 Mike Murdock
       The Leadership Secrets
                              of Jesus

VINCE LOMBARDI once said, “Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.” That is, like attracts like—confidence attracts confident customers. The power of attraction lies in this principle of reciprocity. When we value ourselves and our business, potential customers are also able to see the value.

For your business to be its most attractive to others, start believing in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you will attract more people who also believe in you. These are the ones who are happy with your hours of operation, who find that you charge a fair price in exchange for full value, who bring others to your Web site. In short, when you feel good about you, then you will attract customers who appreciate you. Imagine your business consisting of only these types of customers. Imagine how easy it would be to serve them, no matter how their numbers might multiply. They would all be happy with your hours, your prices, and your policies and procedures, and their suggestions for improvement would only make your job easier.


4. Choose Collaboration, Not Competition


           Great partnerships are

    characterized by generosity—

              an abundance mentality

            and a giving attitude that

                willingly, even eagerly,

                  go beyond the basic


        Chip R. Bell and Heather Shea
                                    Dance Lessons

THE BASIC assumptions upon which traditional marketing approaches are built are ready for updating. For example, if we asked whether businesses actually have to compete for customers, the answer would certainly be “Of course, they do!” But there is an alternative perspective, an approach that can create a dramatic shift, not just in the way business is done but in how we treat our customers and each other.

This is the perspective of collaboration, which carries the implication that each of us is unique, that no two people are exactly alike. If no two people are exactly the same, then it stands to reason that no two businesses are exactly alike. It is simply not possible for two businesses to serve the same client’s needs equally. One will be a better fit than another; the best fit produces a perfect client or customer working with the perfect provider.


5. Your Customers and Employees Want You to Succeed


               Imagine a seller/buyer

          relationship in which there is

        immediate trust and belief that

           the best solution will emerge

  because they are working together

                    to discover a solution.

                          Sharon Drew Morgen
                                   Selling with Integrity

DO YOU ever feel like you are running down a football field toward your goal and everyone—your customers, your employees, even your family— is playing for the other team? Do the people around you seem to be doing their best to block you and tackle you to keep you from getting into the end zone?

That is exactly how every day looked to Stacey before she began practicing the principles of Strategic Synchronicity. The faster she ran, the harder she fell.

She was telling a friend about her frustration with the latest tackle when the friend asked, “Stacey, what if you just think this person is playing for the opposite team? What if the truth is that he is really your teammate and he is trying to stop you from going the wrong direction down the field? ”


6. Create an Atmosphere of Accomplishment


Simplicity, order, harmony,

 beauty, and joy—all the other

   principles that can transform

 your life will not blossom and

        flourish without gratitude.

               Sarah Ban Breathnach
                          Simple Abundance

THE SIXTH standard of Strategic Synchronicity reminds us of the secret to keeping our powers of attraction fully alive. Throughout the ages and in every spiritual belief system, the universal law of gratitude has been reinforced as the key to attracting abundance and prosperity. Our own experiences have proven that the more we express our gratitude, the more powerful is our ability to attract and make manifest what we desire.

When your personal and business missions are aligned and you are envisioning what you desire, attracting what is perfect for you to attract, referring to others what is more perfect for them than for you, and receiving the support of your customers, only one action remains to be taken, and that is to say “thank you.”

Most of us were taught as children that saying “please” and “thank you”was a sign of having good manners. These words are much more than that. They help us keep our focus on what we desire. One helps us to make a request; the other acknowledges that our request has been answered.


7. What is Your Vision of Your most Perfect Customers?


By asking for the impossible

     we obtain the best possible.

                          Italian proverb

HOW WOULD you know if you attracted a perfect customer? As we have explored previously, the way to recognize a perfect customer is to first design a prototype of what your perfect customers would look like: how they would behave, what qualities and talents they would possess, what products and services they would purchase from you, what amount of money they would pay you, and how often they would need or purchase your products or services or visit your Web site.

Notice the “perfect client” qualities identified in the following passage shared by Michael O’Neal of People-Centered Training as he examines the difference between two clients for whom he performed the same services:

I recently completed delivering a training program for a client that is a large consulting organization. I did well at this training, but I wasn’t comfortable with the “energy,” the stress/adrenaline level, and the “fun” level of the company. It just didn’t “click.” I decided that they are a good customer, but not a perfect one. Shortly after that experience, I began delivering a four-week training program for another consulting company. As soon as I started, things were sailing so smoothly, the “clicks” and synchronicities just kept coming. They truly saw and highly valued my passion for what I do and gave me the positive feedback and support that are also important to me, and my best skills and “goldenness” were most important and valued by them! Our values are totally in sync, our life balance goals are in sync, and our focus on having fun while working hard are totally in sync . . . and I’ve found that these synchronicities make a huge difference in making a perfect customer for me!22


8. What Makes Your Perfect Customers Tick?


Life is either a daring adventure

       or nothing. To keep our faces

    toward change and behave like

       free spirits in the presence of

        fate is strength undefeatable.

                                 Helen Keller

THIS IS the most important chapter in this book. This chapter will guide you and your business through a paradigm shift that may seem so subtle, you will hardly know that anything has changed. Yet your relationships with your customers will be profoundly different once you have undertaken this exercise.

In the previous chapter, you reviewed all the information you have collected through the years about the qualities that define a perfect customer for you and your business. Almost every item that you wrote on your list has probably been running through your mind on a daily basis. The last exercise was designed to get these ideas on paper to free up your mind for more creative thinking. Now you have the creative space in which to design your relationships with your customers based on something much more solid and fundamental than business alone.


9. What Do Your Perfect Customers Expect You to Deliver?


What would you attempt

              to do if you knew

             you could not fail?

                   Robert Schuller

NOW THAT you have a clearer picture of what a perfect customer or client is for you, it’s time to turn your attention to what qualities and attributes make you a perfect vendor for your perfect customers. A relationship is a two-way street. If we expect our perfect customers to deliver all that we want, we must be prepared to deliver what they want, too.

How do you know what your customer expects of you? The answer is simple. As with every other part of your Strategic Attraction Plan, you get to say what you want them to expect of you.

Does this sound impossible? Think of it as an affirmation and a reminder that each of us, through our business, is fulfilling our own unique mission. You are the only one who can create your business in the way that you do. This is just as true for the owner and board members of the business as it is for each of its employees.

To be your most attractive to perfect customers, you must be completely fulfilled through your work. The way to be completely fulfilled is to decide what you want to personally deliver and how you want to provide it to your customers, how you want to utilize your unique strengths, and how you want to express and act on your intentions and desires through your business and your position.


10. Where Do You Have Room for Improvement?


Always aim for achievement,

         and forget about success.

                              Helen Hayes

WHAT DO you have to improve to attract more perfect customers? The answer is simple: only those items that your perfect customers expect you to deliver. A more difficult question is, What are you currently working to improve that your perfect customers do not expect or want you to improve?

This is the most enjoyable stage of the Strategic Attraction Planning Process because it gives you the opportunity to both acknowledge your strengths and to identify where you can “turn up the power” in order to be even more attractive to a larger number of more perfect customers. This stage also prevents you from going in the wrong direction.

Often, one of us will come up with what appear to be visionary and creative ideas for improving our company. In the moment, they seem to be the key to achieving monumental growth. Daily, we compare these ideas with the list of what we choose to have our perfect customers expect us to deliver. Sometimes our ideas are completely in sync with our plan. Most of the time, however, these ideas would waste our time, money, and energy if we acted upon them.


11. Multiplicity: When One Plan is Not Enough


A good garden may

       have some weeds.

             Thomas Fuller

JUST AS a garden is more attractive when it is filled with a variety of plants and flowers, colors and hues, so too is your business when it is filled with a variety of perfect customers and other stakeholders, such as employees, vendors, partners, and associates.

When we are working to achieve truly big and great goals, such as attracting more perfect customers and clients, we are most likely not working on these goals by ourselves. We are working with partners or employees or investors or other stakeholders who are involved in helping us to achieve these goals. It is essential that these folks also be perfect for you in order for you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible with a minimum of distraction. Doug Upchurch, CEO of Insights-Austin, a global organizational change management corporation, reports,

I created two new Strategic Attraction Plans—one to attract my “perfect consulting associates” and the other to attract my “perfect clients.” Within three days, we had our first meeting with a large international company with headquarters located here in Austin, Texas to introduce our Team Assessment System. Within 90 minutes, they committed to enroll two of their employees in our Team Assessment System accreditation program as the first step in training all of their U.S. employees in this System. They are also considering rolling out the training throughout their global operations. I left the meeting very excited and almost dumbfounded that it had all happened so quickly. I have experienced many quick sales since adopting the Strategic Attraction Planning Process, but this one took the cake.30


Tip 1: You are more Attractive When You Focus on the Horizon


The place where the sun

     isn’t shining now will be

   illuminated in a few hours.

          Sophia Bedford-Pierce
                           The Key to Life

WE ARE much more attractive when we lift our heads and set our eyes squarely on the horizon. That is where our vision lies, although it may take some time for our eyes to adjust and bring that vision clearly into focus. Most of the time, we are focused on what is two feet in front of us— the next phone call to make, the next crisis to handle, the next proposal to complete, the next meeting to attend.

How often during the day do we focus on the horizon? How often do we stop and share the beauty and glory of our private vista with someone else—an employee, a coworker, a client, a friend? Usually, we think that if we can just get “caught up”with the work on our desk, we will have time to think about the future. And there is always more work.

Today, view your Strategic Attraction Plan as a picture of the horizon, as the sun rising on your vision. This is why it so important to look at your plan every morning. It is your personal sunrise.


Tip 2: You are more Attractive When You Let Your Perfect Customers Know They are Perfect


It takes a lot of courage

       to show your dreams

              to someone else.

                  Erma Bombeck

TODAY’S TIP reminds us of the synchronistic principle that marketing is simply building relationships. The most effective way to build stronger relationships with your most perfect customers is to share with them the Strategic Attraction Plans for which they are the inspiration.

When you share your plans with your perfect customers, you are actually offering those customers a unique opportunity to provide their feedback and support. And that in turn engenders their loyalty.

“If you’re serious about fostering loyalty,” says Frederick Reich-held, author of The Loyalty Effect,“you find out how to deliver far better value to your most important accounts. The only strategy for sustained growth is high retention.”36

In fact, a study by Bain & Company, a Boston-based consulting firm, confirmed that the average Fortune 500 company could instantly double its revenue-growth rate with a 5 percent increase in customer retention. A small to midsize company could double its profits in ten years simply by increasing its customer retention rate by 5 percent.37


Tip 3: You are more Attractive When You Understand That Customers are Seeking You


     Learn to pause . . .

      or nothing worthwhile

       will catch up to you.

                      Doug King

TODAY WE have an opportunity to experiment with the vision that our business is actually a lighthouse with the sole responsibility of shining its light in the midst of a dark and stormy night, directing boats at sea to a safe harbor. In other words, we are encouraging you to remember that your customers are looking for you, and they are counting on you to make it easy to find your business in the places where they are looking.

Stop for a moment now and consider how often you’ve said to yourself and others that you are “looking for” the perfect client, the perfect employees, or the perfect investor. The minute that you created your Strategic Attraction Plan, that statement was no longer true. What is true is that you are in the process of attracting your perfect clients, customers, employees, investors, and vendors.

It’s so much harder to look for people. First, you do not know where to start looking. Second, you’re not sure you’ll know them when you find them. Third, you’re not sure if they will let you do what you want to do for them when you find them.


Tip 4: You are more Attractive When You Make Irresistible Improvements


When you’re through changing,

                            you’re through.

                                Bruce Barton

YOU ARE now on your fourth day as a Synchronicity Strategist. You are ready to move the process along at a faster rate by making irresistible improvements.

You and your business become more irresistible and attractive each time you attract another perfect customer. In order to make room for more of these, you have to release all of your less-than-desirable customers.

We are not asking you to “fire” your less-than-perfect customers. The truth is that without these customers paying the bills, you probably would not have a business at all. However, you must stop complaining about these clients. Instead, recognize that they have the ability to perform a perfect service for your business if you let them.

Problem customers are actually your best tools for strengthening your synchronicity muscles to attract a larger number of more perfect clients. How can that be? These less-than-desirable customers are in our lives and our businesses to show us where we have been settling for less than we deserve. And they have a lot to teach us.


Tip 5: You are more Attractive When You Listen to Your Little Inner Voice


Intuition can help you find the

        information you need, both

    about yourself as well as your

     market, to make a difference

      and profit by being yourself.

                                   Laura Day
               Practical Intuition for Success

STACEY TELLS the story of driving past the office of one of her clients, a customer service manager of a bank, and hearing a little voice in her ear telling her to stop and say hello to her customer. Although she didn’t have an appointment, she listened to the voice and dropped in unannounced. Her client was happy to see her since she was just finishing a meeting with one of her perfect customers. The synchronicity of the timing of Stacey’s unplanned visit did not escape her as her client introduced her to the customer and praised Stacey’s workshop. The client was so enthusiastic and complimentary that the customer registered for the next workshop.

This is what it’s like to attract perfect customers easily and effortlessly. Can you remember the last time that you had such an experience?


Tip 6: You are more Attractive When You Expect Breakthroughs to Look Like Breakdowns


For every failure, there’s an

     alternative course of action.

           You just have to find it.

             When you come to a

        roadblock, take a detour.

                          Mary Kay Ash

IF YOU have been looking at your Strategic Attraction Plan each of the last five days, then you are seeing changes in your business starting to occur—some good, some appearing to be not so good.

Remember that your plan is always working for you, even if you do not look at it every day. With that in mind, you can expect shifts in your business to occur on a regular basis. While, at first, these shifts may not always appear as pleasant surprises, they are always working to create a bigger space into which more perfect customers can be attracted.

Today’s tip is a reminder that you are more attractive when you welcome breakdowns as the first step toward experiencing breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs often look like breakdowns at the start. When you are on the brink of expanding your capacity to accomplish even greater successes, it is reasonable to expect that you may not have all the tools or the support or the information that you require when you begin.


Tip 7: You are more Attractive When You Shift the Situation


    We meet ourselves time

        and again in a thousand

  disguises on the paths of life.

                             Carl Jung

MOST OF us spend much of our time figuring out how to make others act the way we want them to: How can I make my sales team close more deals? How can I make that customer sign the agreement by the end of the week? How can I get my boss off my back?

Let’s experiment today with an alternative approach. Instead of working hard at changing other people, let’s try shifting the situation. Shifting the situation requires us to accept the concept that other people are simply a reflection of ourselves. In other words, when we encounter someone whose behavior is either positive or offensive to us, the situation provides us an opportunity to look into our own lives to see where we are exhibiting the same behavior.

If other people are simply a reflection of us, then it stands to reason that we can change their behavior by shifting our relationship to the situation. Use this tip to assist in identifying the areas of your life and business where a shift is required so you can be even more attractive to your perfect customers and employees.


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