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10. The 1845 County Ranging Companies

Stephen L. Moore University of North Texas Press PDF

Chapter 10

The 1845 County

Ranging Companies


Newly seated President Anson Jones quickly took steps to reimburse the senior ranger commander for the expenses he had incurred while keeping Mexican bandits and Comanches in check throughout 1844. Jones recommended after his December inauguration that the Ninth Congress should pass legislation to settle the various accounts that Captain Hays had made on behalf of his rangers.1

The Ninth Congress would ultimately prove to be the last in service for the Republic of Texas era. It would also be the last legislature to meet in the old river town capital of Washingtonon-the-Brazos. One of the more heavily contested resolutions which passed on December 20 was that of moving the capital back to Austin. The location of the Texas government continued to be a hotbed even after the so-called Archives War.

Nine members of the House of Representatives, led by former ranger leaders John "Rip" Ford and William Turner Sadler, argued that the location of Austin, "liable at any moment to hostile incursions from the Indian and Mexican foe, renders that point at all times an insecure repository for the Archives of the nation."

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Medium 9780971435223

The Power of Prayer

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF

Everything that works, works a certain way, and prayer works...........

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Medium 9781556500770

Windhoek & Tsumeb

Annya Strydom Hunter Publishing ePub




We decided we had more than enough of the cold wet weather in England. So one evening Tony, my husband, took out the map of the world. He spread it on the table, closed his eyes and stuck his finger on a spot on the map, saying "This is where we will go!" It turned out to be Africa, Zambia to be exact. So we began scanning all the newspapers for jobs in his field in Zambia. It wasn’t long before we found one in Lusaka. Tony applied and we were soon on our way to London to be interviewed. The job was with Ford Motor Company and they would be giving us an apartment in Lusaka.

It was decided Tony would leave first to arrange everything at that end and I would pack up what we wanted to take with us and sell the car and furniture, etc. Then in a month or so the boys and I would join him. We held a going-away party for all of our friends. When his departure day arrived the boys and I stayed with my in-laws and we took him to the airport. It was around six weeks before I managed to sell everything. Then I packed our boxes and they were picked up ready to ship out. My in-laws looked after the boys for me while I went shopping for new clothes for us all and then we were back to the airport once more and, after tearful goodbyes, we were off.

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Medium 9781574412840

3. Hanging On (1942-1943)

Michael Sparke University of North Texas Press PDF


Hanging On


New Jersey’s Meadowbrook was one of America’s more popular dance spots, so when the band was shunted out of there halfway through the engagement, Kenton knew the outlook was rough.

He would have to play pop songs and accept whatever bookings GAC offered. Actually, a lot of the “pops” that entered the book, like “Skylark,” “Serenade in Blue,” “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree,” and “I

Had the Craziest Dream” were considerably better than the second-rate schmaltz that Red Dorris had been featuring.

Stan’s first theatre date (a combination of vaudeville and featured movie) actually brought him back to NYC in March 1942, but to Brooklyn rather than Manhattan, and at the somewhat less than illustrious

Flatbush Theatre. Whatever, the audience sat and listened during the band spot, so in that respect it resembled a concert setting, and Kenton premiered a new work he had written in different tempos and symphonic style indicative of the direction Stan eventually wanted the band to take. Titled “Concerto to End All Concertos,” the strong melody was one of Kenton’s most enduring compositions, first recorded in 1946, and played regularly for a further decade. Stan explained, “I wrote ‘Concerto’ because I wanted people to hear a little of the trumpets and trombones, as well as the soloists. We used it as a showpiece, and made kind of a production out of it.”1

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Medium 9781591201182

7. Anemia

Mindell R.P.H. Ph.D., Earl Basic Health Publications ePub

In anemia, either the number of red blood cells or the amount of hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying protein) in the red blood cells is inadequate for an ample supply of oxygen to reach the body systems. Common causes of anemia are excessive bleeding, decreased red blood cell production, and increased red blood cell destruction. Symptoms vary, but may include fatigue, weakness, and lightheadedness. Supplementing with certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs can aid the bodys production of red blood cells.


•  Folic acid: 400800 mcg daily.

•  Iron (organic): 1015 mg of essential iron daily.

•  Vitamin B12: 1001,000 mcg daily.

•  Vitamin C: 5001,000 mg daily.


•  Chive: as directed on label.

•  Dong quai: as directed on label.

•  Quinoa: as directed on label.

•  Rose hip: as directed on label.

•  Watercress: as directed on label.


•  Burdock root and yellow dock interfere with iron absorption.

•  Excessive consumption of coffee and caffeinated soft drinks.

•  Too much iron (that is, two to five times more than the RDA).

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