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15. New considerations on the concept of the aesthetic conflict

Meltzer, Donald Karnac Books ePub

Donald Meltzer

At a year’s distance from the publication of The Apprehension of Beauty [chapter 6, this volume], the author traces a historical reconstruction of the psychoanalytic journey from Freud to Bion via Melanie Klein—a route which reconsiders the relationship between psychoanalysis and art, as well as the important role of beauty in intimate relations, above all between mother and baby. Other concepts appear pertinently in Meltzer’s short essay: the theory of passions, the attack on links, infantile development as “learning from experience” which modifies significantly the attitude to childhood of those who bring up babies. The essay continues allowing the romantic poets to speak directly. The aesthetic conflict is found in the final phase of analysis, when aesthetic feelings arise together with live passions (links L, H, K) and “negative capability” (Keats) is also manifested, “which renders possible the toleration of doubt and uncertainty without irritable reaching after fact and reason”.

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Instead of an Elegy

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Clouds there was shine enough

For meeting and mating. Daffodils blew in the wind

And it was as if love

Were insisting on being vocal. Surely the mind

Of a maker turned the leaf

Of his book of life and set

Free creation again and love again.

This was a dream and yet

When I woke and saw the snow turning to rain

And the trees dripping wet,

I smelt the smack of Spring in the changing air,

Heard the blackbird’s triumphant call, and Persephone near.

Instead of an Elegy

What is this calm in which I walk? Does it

Issue from me or is it part of this

So welcome Spring that gathers round my feet?

There is a hesitancy in the trees

As if they needed several weeks to grow

Accustomed to the warmth. I am with these

And with the just-appearing snowdrop who

Looks round for space and throws timidity

Away. What is this peace in which I know

Nothing but tenderness to a dead friend,

No elegiac mood, no painful tears?

I am at a beginning, not an end,

And in this start, I dance with ardent Spring

And join the blackbirds. I learn how to sing,

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I. Big Sandstone Building in Memory of

Caki Wilkinson University of North Texas Press PDF
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Angle Sums: PSAT Geometry

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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"C" Words: GMAT Advanced Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub

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