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Medium 9781574414998

Chapter 21. Delbert “Tim” Timberlake, 1918

Bob Alexander University of North Texas Press PDF


Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Delbert “Tim” Timberlake


Wilson County, as has been noted, produced more than her fair share of Texas Rangers. Edgar Timberlake was one. Delbert “Tim”

Timberlake, Edgar’s younger brother, was another. Born on the twelfth day of September 1884 Tim Timberlake aspired to the life of a South Texas cowboy. And so he was. At age twenty-one, for whatever reason, he corrected course, setting his sights on a career in law enforcement. And so that was. Riding a $75 horse, the solidly built, fi ve-foot nine-inch, brown-eyed cowboy reined in at Floresville on

January 14, 1905. Th ere, as if by prearrangement, he took his oath of offi ce, becoming a private in Ranger Company A.1 Certainly Tim

Timberlake had known his try at drawing state wages would not end in rejection, his brother Edgar apparently having already greased the skids for Tim with Captain J. A. Brooks.

Before his month of enlistment was out, Ranger Tim Timberlake, in company of another Ranger, was busy scouting hither and yon throughout Webb County (Laredo), paying particular attention to any unruliness or criminality near the coal mines. Th e following month

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Medium 9780874252187

Activity 16 Construction

Donna Berry HRD Press PDF

Activity 16

50 Activities for Coaching/Mentoring


Step 1: Introduce the activity.


This activity is more effective if the purpose is not disclosed at the outset.

Simply inform the participants that they will divide into teams of five to six members and be given a construction project to complete within the sevenminute time limit. First, they are to select a team coach.

Step 2: Brief the coaches and distribute materials.


Take the coaches out of the room. Give each coach a black-and-white picture of an object that can be built from this particular set of building blocks or


Instruct them to lead their team in completing the task⎯building the object to the specification shown in the picture in the seven-minute time limit. They may share the name of the object only. They can give verbal instructions to the team, but they are not allowed to touch the building pieces or show the picture to the team.

Step 3: Brief the teams.


Explain that their task is to construct the project, according to specification, in the seven-minute time limit. (You may want to inject the competitive component at this point. Teams enjoy the pressure of working to “beat an opponent.” You may also choose to award prizes to the winners. This is completely optional. Either way, the purpose is not affected.)

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Medium 9781743218624

Local Life - A Saturday in Notting Hill

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

A Saturday in Notting Hill sees the neighbourhood at its busiest and best. Portobello Market is full of vibrant colour and the area is stuffed with excellent restaurants, pubs, shops and cinemas, making the entire day an event that embraces market browsing, the culinary, the grain and grape and, last but not least, a chance to catch a film in a classic picture-house setting.

t Notting Hill Gate station is on the Circle, District and Central Lines.

t Ladbroke Grove station on the Hammersmith & City and Circle Lines is also useful.

Conveniently located close to Notting Hill Gate tube station and on the way to Portobello Market, you can't miss Arancina ( GOOGLE MAP ;; 19 Pembridge Rd, W11; mains £2.80-24; h8am-11pm Mon-Sat, 9am-11pm Sun; tNotting Hill Gate) with its orange cut-out Fiat 500 in the window. It's a great spot for arancini (fried rice balls with fillings such as mozzarella and tomato) or a slice of freshly baked pizza.

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Medium 9781626562509

Chapter 13: Create Mutually Rewarding Conversations

Horn, Sam Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.


A client called to tell me she would be attending a high-powered meeting of CEOs at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner and wanted to know if I could help her prepare. Could I?!

Maria is a financial adviser who presents money management workshops for corporations. She told me, “Sam, I’m not going to know anyone there. Frankly, I’m a little intimidated by this group, and I want to make the most of it instead of ending up being a wallflower in a corner.”

I said, “Done. Get a copy of the January–February 2012 Harvard Business Review issue, which contains ‘The Economics of Well-Being.’ It’s got articles with metrics that show the bottom-line benefits of ‘soft skills.’19 They cite research showing that the happier people are with their finances and health, the higher their morale, performance, and productivity.”

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Medium 9780874216257

12 Women’s Life Cycles

Patricia Lyn Scott Utah State University Press ePub

Women’s Life Cycles

1850 to 1940

Jessie L. Embry

In the twentieth-first century, Utah women can see many examples that they can “have it all.” In public life, such examples include a woman governor, women who have served in the state and federal legislature, and women judges. Women are also successful business leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, and blue-collar workers. Professions that belong exclusively to women or men have apparently disappeared. As the chapters in this book have pointed out, there have always been outstanding women in many fields; but until recently, there was a pattern, or life script, that women were expected to follow and many Utah women accepted it. As historian Gerda Lerner explained, historically women’s development

was dependent on her relationship to others and was often determined by them; it moved in wavelike circuitous motion. ... For the girls such rises were ... closely connected to distinct stages in the biological life transitions from childhood to adolescence to marriage. ... [This resulted in] a shifting of domesticity from one household to another and the onset of her serious responsibilities: childbirth, childbearing and the nurture of the family. Finally came the crisis of widowhood and bereavement which could mean, depending on her economic circumstances, increasing freedom or autonomy or a difficult struggle for economic survival.1

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