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7. Using Variables and Parameters

Michael Fitzgerald O'Reilly Media ePub

XSLT offers several ways to bind a name to a value so that the value can be later referenced by name any number of times in a stylesheet. The variable element binds a name to an immutable value once its been evaluated, while the param element binds a name to a default value, but its a value you can change. You can define a default value with param and then pass a new value into the stylesheet or to a template. The with-param element allows you to apply or call a template from another template with a new value for one or more parameters, like a method or function call with arguments.

Variables in XSLT are limited in what they can do. They are not like variables in programming languages that you can reassign over and over again. Generally, you will define a variable once and then reference it as often as you want. You will also generally change the default value of a parameter just when you pass a value to a stylesheet or template. There are ways around this, but, by and large, that is how you use them. In this way, XSLT variables are more similar to constants in a programming language than to variables.

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Medium 9781574412376

Family photographs

William and Rosalie Schiff and Craig Hanley University of North Texas Press PDF
Medium 9781588436313

State Parks

Barbara Sinotte Hunter Publishing ePub

The size and terrain of New Mexico's lake parks vary from small, heavily wooded mountain lakes to vast warm-water reservoirs. The opportunity for water sports is endless - stream and lake fishing, jet boating and waterskiing, sailing and wind surfing, swimming and scuba diving.

The state's northern parks include some of the most beautiful scenery in the western United States. Set within high mountain ranges is a land of hidden lakes, quiet streams and rushing rivers. Cool green forests and meadows brimming with wildflowers call hikers, campers and photographers to behold an unheard of beauty.

Warm desert days draw snow-weary Northerners (snowbirds) to the desert parks each winter. The Chihuahuan Desert lowlands and mountains include some of the state's most unique geological formations and natural oddieites. A "city of rocks" aburptly rises out of the plains, lush springs seep from craggy canyon walls and cactus gardens bloom in vivid colors. Few wonders of the world compare in beauty.

Camping & Hiking

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Medium 9781933952505

7. Custom Setting Menu

Darrell Young Rocky Nook ePub

The D90 has 41 separate Custom Settings, a1 through f7. Theyre designed to allow personalized configuration of the camera. This will be the most extensive chapter in Mastering the Nikon D90 because we have so many settings to cover in detail.

Combining these custom menu settings with the Shooting Menu functions covered in the previous chapter helps make your D90 a very personal device, customized to your particular style of shooting. Few cameras have this level of complexity or power, and for most average users, the default settings will suffice. There is so much available for your own personal customization based on your needs, so lets explore these settings step-by-step.

Keep this book in your camera bag with you so that youll have a reference guide for future adjustments to the D90. Youll need it!

(Users Manual pages 171201) Lets start by looking at the Reset custom settings menu. Then well proceed through all 41 of the individual Custom Settings.

Be careful with this selection because it does what it sounds like. It resets the Custom Setting Menu back to the factory default settings. If youre interested, you can see what the default settings are by looking at a list in the Users Manual on pages 260 and 261. Here are the steps to reset the Custom Settings (see Figure7-1):

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Medium 9781780490052

5 - The Deprivation of Female Drug Addicts: A Case for Specialist Treatment

Karnac Books ePub

Angela Foster

Angela Foster's training was in social work and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Over her professional career she has worked with drug addiction as an individual and group therapist and Assistant Director of a residential treatment service, as a supervisor to other workers in the field, and as a consultant to substance misuse services. In this chapter she describes how each of these roles must be based on a profound understanding of the fundamental psychopathology of the addict, focusing particularly on the female addict. Central to her thinking is the concept of the female addict's perverse relationship to her own body, and pivotal to this understanding is the work of Estela Welldon. The account that Foster provides is of the female addict's use of drugs to simultaneously alleviate psychic pain and to destroy the body (and relationships). Splitting and projection of negative affect are everywhere, with the result that the addict alienates the sources of support that she most needs. The chapter describes how this is based on experiencing a fundamental failure of being mothered, which she attempts to repair in her successive attempts at mothering herself, yet which she is compelled to destroy. This dynamic is enacted with the maternal functioning of the therapist and with the institution: for either to survive, the thinking space of supervision is essential.

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