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Medium 9780596526887

1.3. CASE Expressions

Jonathan Gennick O'Reilly Media ePub
Medium 9781615424238

Customize LaunchBar

Kirk McElhearn TidBITS Publishing, Inc. ePub

Part of what makes LaunchBar so powerful is that it offers you the ability to customize its index. Refining the index is part of what helps you get the most out of LaunchBar. In addition, LaunchBar has a number of preferences and settings that you can use to bend the application to your will.

In this chapter, I’ll first look at LaunchBar’s preferences. Then, I’ll help you Control the Index.

LaunchBar has a number of preferences that let you choose how you want the app to act, and which features you want available.

To access LaunchBar’s preferences, invoke the bar and then press Command-, (that’s Command-Comma). Alternatively, from the bar, click the gear wheel icon and choose Preferences. Now, click a button in the toolbar (Figure 43) to access that preference pane.

Figure 43: To open a LaunchBar preference pane, click its button in the toolbar. In a few cases, the name of the preference pane is longer than the shortened name that appears here. For example, the Shortcuts button opens the Keyboard Shortcuts pane.

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Medium 9781617833472

Sports Page

Tieck, Sarah ABDO PDF
Medium 9781847776273

The Hedgehog

C. H. Sisson Carcanet Press Ltd. ePub

The garden is mysterious at night

And scented! and scented! in the night of stars.

The hedgehog snuffles somewhere among leaves,

Just by the arch-way. So it is with time

– Mute night and then a voice that says nothing,

Busying itself, complaining and insisting:

When this has end, silence will come again.

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Medium 9781588436573


Arnold Greenberg Hunter Publishing ePub

Brazil, the largest country in South America, is the fifth-largest in the world. It covers half the land mass of the continent and touches every country except Ecuador and Chile. It can be divided into five regions South, Southeast, Central-West, North and Northeast. Each region comprises several states and has a distinct landscape, almost as if it were a separate country.

The southern region is comprised of the states of Paran, Santa Caterina and Rio Grande do Sul. Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul is the regions most important city, while the most visited is tiny Foz do Iguau, home to Iguau Falls, in Paran. The topography is basically flat with a lot of woods and fields. It is the coolest part of Brazil, with occasional snow. The south is very European in atmosphere and in the appearance of its residents, who are descendants of German and Swiss immigrants. Rio Grande do Sul is the home of the gauchos, the tough cattle farmers that make Brazil one of the worlds largest exporters of beef.

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