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5 Data to Strengthen Classroom Instruction

Edie Holcomb Solution Tree Press ePub

The use of data to guide schoolwide decision making and to deliver support for struggling students is complex, challenging, and critical—but not sufficient. As illustrated earlier in figure 1.1 (page 9), the principal’s influence extends to a wide range of staff groups and individual teachers. The most direct impact on student learning is in the classroom with the relationships teachers develop with students and the instructional skills they employ. This most intimate of instructional settings is sometimes perceived as the teacher’s personal territory, and the principal’s influence demands both human relations skills to build professional trust and pedagogical skills to recognize and develop excellent instruction.

The principal interacts with staff members in various settings and groups for many purposes. Strengthening classroom instruction requires aligning the use of data with the positional leadership roles of the principal, which include responsibilities for evaluation, supervision, and professional development.

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Rebecca Goss Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781855757608

10 Clinical example 3: brief case illustration of the predominantly “Bionian” mode of technique

James S. Grotstein Karnac Books ePub

A 24-year-old recently married woman, who had just emigrated from a Central European country, had begun psychoanalysis with me about four months prior to the episode I am about to report (this analysand has been mentioned previously in clinical vignettes). I assessed her to be high-functioning but suffering from, among other things, culture shock in her new country, with extreme homesickness. She entered analysis on a five-times-per-week basis. The analysis proceeded quite well, and she dreamed profusely.

Suddenly one day she entered my consulting room appearing strange—almost as if she were sleep-walking, or at least in a trance. She walked towards the couch, lay on it for a second or two, and then sat up and relocated herself in a chair facing me. Her demeanor was ominous, mysterious, eerie. While all this was in progress, I found myself becoming more and more uncomfortable, to the point that I became anxious, but I didn’t know about what. Then I found myself becoming terrified! In the meanwhile the analysand remained silent. Actually, she had been silent for about 20 minutes, which seemed like a lifetime to me at the time. I then began to feel that I was dying! I knew that I wasn’t, yet I really felt that I really was. When the feeling became almost unbearable, she suddenly and unexpectedly broke the silence and uttered: “You’re dead!”

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Medium 9781457173424

3. Formatowanie tekstu, akapitów i nagłówków

Grover, Chris Helion ePub

Formatowanie jest sztuk, dziki ktrej Twj dokument wyglda efektownie i atrakcyjnie. Poprawne formatowanie wyrnia poszczeglne partie Twojego tekstu i pomaga czytelnikowi zrozumie przekazywane treci. Formatowa mona w zasadzie kady element dokumentu, od pojedynczego znaku do caych akapitw. Zawarto dokumentu musi by czytelna i atwo wpadajca w oko. Nagwki powinny by zaznaczone wiksz, pogrubion czcionk i zachowywa stay format w caym dokumencie. Wane sowa musz wrcz rozbrzmiewa intensywnoci, a cytaty koniecznie musz odcina si na tle pozostaego tekstu.

Rozdzia ten porusza najpierw zagadnienia podstawowe: w jaki sposb formatowa pojedyncze znaki i sowa wybra krj czcionki, pogrubi j, ustali styl kursywa, podkreli czy zamieni na kapitaliki. Dowiesz si, jak ustawia wcicia akapitowe i interlinie oraz jak kontrolowa sposb amania sw w wierszu i wierszy. Wreszcie dowiesz si, jak kopiowa i ponownie korzysta z formatowania, uywajc do tego takich narzdzi jak malarz formatw czy ustawie stylw.

Word dokonuje formatowania na trzech poziomach, od maych zmian do szeroko zakrojonych. Formatowanie moe obj pojedyncze znaki, akapity i cae sekcje tekstu. Formatowanie znaku rozpoczyna si od wyboru kroju czcionki, jej rozmiaru, pogrubienia, pochylenia i tak dalej. Na poziomie akapitu ustala si wcicia, wypunktowanie i odstpy pomidzy wierszami. Dla kadej sekcji dokumentu (nawet jeeli jest tylko jedna) moesz ustali rozmiar papieru, orientacj strony i marginesy, zgodnie z radami, ktre pojawiy si w poprzednim rozdziale. Niektrym pomaga mylenie o poszczeglnych czciach dokumentu jak o lalkach rosyjskiej matrioszki znaki wchodz w skad akapitw, z ktrych zbudowane s sekcje, a te z kolei tworz cay dokument.

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Medium 9780749469252

2. What is a brand?

Kevin Keohane Kogan Page ePub


What is a brand?

A brand only exists in the minds of your consumers.


Setting the context

Your brand is your reputation. Its that simple.

What does someone think when they hear or see your name? Do they recognize it? Do they have a positive or negative reaction? Do they have a clear idea of who you are and what you stand for?

This chapter sets out a brief history of branding to help establish some context, and a review of prevailing brand development and management techniques you are likely to encounter. But more importantly, it lays the foundation for later exploring a more integrated approach to managing your brand in a way that is clear, simple, and reduces much of the complexity (and a lot of the cross-silo duplication and redundancy) that traditional branding methods generate.

A brief history of branding

Why did human beings begin the practice of branding in the first place?

To insure honesty, provide quality assurance, identify source or ownership, hold producers responsible, differentiate, as a form of identification and to create emotional bonding. Interestingly, people value brands for many of the same reasons today. Clearly, history provides some insight and perspective on modern day branding (Table 2.1).1

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