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Medium 9780253016416

Appendix 7. General Discography

Geoffrey Burgess Indiana University Press ePub

The following list includes recordings of historic importance and representative recordings featuring von Huene’s work, as well as recordings referred to in the text. It would be impossible to construct an exhaustive discography of recordings of von Huene instruments. Often instrument makers are not acknowledged in the accompanying notes, so the number of recordings is potentially far greater. In addition to mentioning particularly noteworthy or influential out-of-print recordings, this discography is restricted to representative releases that are currently available. Arrangement is alphabetical by the name of principal artist or ensemble, and chronological within the works of each artist. Recordings featuring von Huene as a performer are marked §; those featuring von Huene instruments are marked *.

Abreu, Aldo.

* Telemann, G. P. Twelve Fantasias and other works. Aldo Abreu performing on eighteenth-century recorders from the von Huene Collection. Bressan Records 0901, 2009.

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Medium 9781449333768

5. Functional Frontend Development

Daniel Mohl O'Reilly Media ePub

The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.

For as long as I can remember, Ive been playing the guitar. I grew up traveling around on weekends playing in my parents musical group. This instilled within me a love for the combination of science (i.e., music theory, etc.) and art.

You can hear some of my original music here.

When I first started working with programming languages, the experience brought out similar feelings. While computer programming has many aspects that fit into the science category, the creation of simple, elegant, and beautiful code is certainly an art.

Throughout this book, Ive shown you a variety of ways to use F# to create web, mobile, and cloud solutions. Throughout this journey, the F# aspects of the solutions were generally focused on the server side. The examples have increasingly added more and more functional concepts into the mix and the implementation of these concepts has made the solutions more elegant and beautiful. It would be nice to take these concepts and make them available for development of frontend code.

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Medium 9780596006204

18. Database Access with SQL

David Flanagan O'Reilly Media ePub

This chapter shows how you can communicate with a database server using the JDBC API of the java.sql package. JDBC is an API that allows a Java program to communicate with a database server using Structured Query Language (SQL) commands. Note that JDBC is a SQL API, not an embedded SQL mechanism for Java.

The java.sql package provides a fairly straightforward mechanism for sending SQL queries to a database and for receiving query results. Thus, assuming that you already have experience working with databases and SQL, this chapter should be relatively easy to understand. On the other hand, if you have not worked with databases before, you'll need to learn basic SQL syntax and some general database programming concepts before you can really take advantage of the examples in this chapter and JDBC in general. I'll try to explain some of the basic concepts as I go along, so that you can get a sense of what is possible with JDBC, but full coverage of database programming is beyond the scope of this chapter. Java Enterprise in a Nutshell contains a more thorough introduction to JDBC, a SQL reference, and an API quick-reference for the java.sql package.

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Medium 9781626562356

Call to Action

Cheryl Bachelder Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Leaders are made by other leaders, and are made better by other leaders, and go on to make yet more leaders.


WHEN YOU THINK OF LEAVING the leadership spotlight, do you get an anxious feeling in your stomach? Do you worry that you might miss out on fame or fortune? Do you fear you might become one of those “nice guys who finish last”?

As a leader, the most ambitious thing you will ever attempt is removing yourself from the spotlight.

It’s harder than bungee jumping.

It takes all the bravery you can muster.

It knocks you onto your knees on a regular basis.

Dare-to-Serve Leadership is an extreme sport. It demands courage—and, in return, offers humility.

The Dare-to-Serve Leader has the courage to take the people to a daring destination and the humility to serve them well on the journey. The dynamic tension between daring and serving creates the conditions for superior results.

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Medium 9780596528362

15. Evaluating Project Performance

Bonnie Biafore O'Reilly Media ePub

Small issues can blow up into project wildfires if you dont douse them early. A delay here, a cost overrun there, and suddenly the finish date, cost, and project objectives are at risk. Regular project performance reviews are a must if you want your daily jolt limited to your double espresso. Comparing progress to baseline schedule and cost can give you early warning of trouble brewing.

Schedule, budget, and other project objectives are interdependent, so where you start your evaluation depends on whats most important. If project budget is crucial, you can start by evaluating costs. But in most cases, starting with the schedule makes sense, because delays can affect the finish date and the price tag.

This chapter starts by showing you how to evaluate schedule performance, whether you want a quick peek at overall progress or a heads-up about tasks in trouble. You learn how to use Project views, reports, and filters to see high-level and task-by-task progress, as well as potential problems. Youll learn ways to find overallocated resources and tasks that are exceeding their work budgets. Likewise, youll learn about reports and filters for comparing project costs to the baseline cost or a budget. And no chapter on project performance would be complete without a section on earned value analysis. Youll learn how earned value and its related measures help you evaluate performance. Then, youll learn how to use them in Project.

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