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Medium 9780596518578

A. Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

TWO OF THE GOALS OF CAPACITY PLANNING ARE TO EMPLOY THE RESOURCES YOU HAVE ON HAND IN THE most efficient manner, and to predict future needs based on the patterns of current use. For those well-defined workloads, you can get pretty close to utilizing most of the hardware resources for each class of server you have, such as databases, web servers, and storage devices. Unfortunately, web application workloads are rarely (if ever) perfectly aligned with the available hardware resources.

In those circumstances, you end up with inefficiencies in your capacity. For example, if you know your database's specific ceiling (limit) is determined by its memory or disk usage, but meanwhile it uses very little CPU, then there's no reason to buy servers with two quad-core CPUs. That resource (and investment) will simply be wasted unless you direct the server to work on other CPU-intensive tasks. Even buying a single CPU may be overkill. But often, that's all that's available, so you end up with idle resources.

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Medium 9781574415476

37. At the Raft

Slice PDF May 18, 2014

272    Red River Reminiscences

37  At the Raft

The Relief arrived at the head of the raft, where there was a company of troops for Fort Towson who had been brought from New Orleans to the foot of the raft by the Houma.

The troops had gone around the raft by the portage road and were waiting for negotiations to be completed by the clerk of the Houma and Captain Crooks of the Hunter for transport to Fort Towson. The Houma had returned to

New Orleans, and the clerk was aboard the Harrisburg at the foot of the raft. Ross and Withenbury took the portage road to meet with the clerk in an effort to take the transport contract away from Crooks.


n my effort to follow the fugitive merchant from

Arkansas to the “Louisiana line,” I occupied so much space in my last chapter that I made but one leap from

Dooley’s Ferry to the Raft, without so much as to pause to take note of a single person or point of interest in the whole distance of more than a hundred and fifty miles. And now I will say that from this omission it must not be inferred that the river and country thus passed over hurriedly, was without the usual amount of interest; but the fact of our being on the “top of a big rise” and nothing to do but to run direct to our destination, must suffice as a reason for my silence.

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Medium 9780596008437

Three. The Scenic Tour of Process Theory

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In most software topics, the boundary between theory and practice in software is clearly drawn: theory is for academics who seldom descend from the ivory tower, and practice is for industry professionals who have long forgotten the concepts and application of theory. In concurrency, for example, most developers either know or have programmed semaphores, but few remember the conceptual underpinnings devised by Dijkstra.

But BPM belongs to a rarer category, in which theory informs practical design and theoretical jargon is part of the hype with customers. Somehow the abstruse terms "pi-calculus" and "Petri net"as impressive to the ear as database management's "relational calculus" or capacity planning's "Erlang formulae"have permeated the consciousness of the BPM community. Many BPM onlookers are familiar with and interested in pi and Petri, but have at best a vague understanding of them, and prefer an executive summary or beginner's treatment; the pedantic details are best left to graduate students.

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Medium 9788324614356

B. Uzyskiwanie pomocy

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Uytkowanie programu MS Project 2007 moe sta si okazj do pierwszego zetknicia si z koncepcjami zarzdzania projektami, takimi jak cieka krytyczna (Wywietlanie cieki krytycznej w programie MS Project 2007) i struktura podziau pracy (Podzia pracy). Dla takich osb program jest podwjnym wyzwaniem musz nauczy si, co robi polecenia i opcje programu, a take co mona z nimi zrobi. Uytkownikiem moe te by ekspert w zarzdzaniu projektami, ktry potrzebuje jedynie dowiedzie si, jak wykorzysta funkcje programu do osignicia swoich celw. Dla takich osb nauka korzystania z programu jest wiczeniem technicznym ktre menu trzeba najpierw rozwin, ktrych przyciskw nie naley klika i jak poradzi sobie z niedocigniciami i ograniczeniami programu.

Jednak najwikszym wyzwaniem moe by uzyskanie potrzebnych informacji z menu Pomoc. Powszechnie wiadomo, e pomoc online zawiera informacje oczywiste i system pomocy w programie MS Project 2007 nie jest tutaj wyjtkiem. Wczeniejsze wersje systemu pomocy (2000 i 2002) czyy tematy pomocy z celami zarzdzania projektami, ale niestety Microsoft usun t funkcj. Przewodnik po programie Project jest jedyn pozostaoci po poczeniu zada zwizanych z kierowaniem projektem z funkcjami programu MS Project. Wraz z upywem czasu system pomocy zosta ograniczony do opisw funkcji i poradnikw typu jak to zrobi, do czego wszyscy si ju przyzwyczaili.

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Medium 9781457167775

8. Physical Security

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

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