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5. Medicinal Wonder Foods

Sweere DC, Joseph J Basic Health Publications ePub

5. Medicinal Wonder Foods

his Golden Rule concerns your appreciation for foods that have medicinal properties. Most of the foods described in this chapter are available in the produce and natural foods section of most traditional grocery stores and farmers’ markets. Finding some of the less common items may require a trip to an organic food co-op or a health food store. Almost all traditional foods are considered safe for general consumption. However, if you have questions or concerns regarding whether a particular food, herb, oil, or botanical product is right for you, it is wise to consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional. He or she can, for example, answer your questions regarding recommended dosages and address your concerns about possible interactions with any medications you may be taking or any food sensitivities or allergies you may have.


No doubt, you have heard of wonder drugs that have been credited with significant breakthroughs in advancing health and saving lives. Certainly, some of these agents deserve our respect and recognition, particularly in emergency and crisis situations, and for thoughtful use in managing advanced, irreversible disease states. However, the wondrous healing properties of dozens and dozens of whole foods and whole-food derivatives, herbs, botanical plants, aromatic and essential oils are now being rediscovered.

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Marilee Haynes Pauline Books and Media ePub


Since it’s the first day back after Thanksgiving break, maybe I’ll get lucky. Here goes: 34 right, 4 left, 16 right. Listen for the click and lift. Nothing. It doesn’t open. Again. Sigh. Slump. I don’t think even Saint Jude can help with this lost cause. I straighten my shoulders, grab the handle of my backpack, and head off to class.

“I’m sorry. Excuse me, I’m really sorry,” I say as I smack my backpack into the shin of a girl going in the other direction. She rolls her eyes, does that thing girls do where they flip their hair over their shoulders, and then giggles with her friend.

Ever since I discovered my right arm is inch longer than my left, I’ve been trying to pull my backpack with my left arm. So far, it’s not working.

When I walk into G.A.S. class, Maya is already there.

“Hey, Maya,” I say.

She looks straight ahead and acts like she can’t hear me.

“How was your Thanksgiving?”

Still nothing.

“Did your mom make plátanos machos?”

Plátanos machos are Mexican fried bananas, and they’re the best things I’ve ever eaten—not that I’d tell my mom that. They’re crunchy and sweet and taste a little bit like orange. Mrs. Ling makes them for every holiday and always makes sure there are enough for me when I sneak over after my family leaves. I knew Maya wouldn’t have been happy to see me this year, so I didn’t go. If things weren’t weird and I had gone, I would’ve told her about my dad not picking me for his team. But things are weird so I didn’t.

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Medium 9780596004934

3. Formatting, Printing, and Table Hacks

Andrew Savikas O'Reilly Media ePub
Medium 9780596101015

4. Arrays

Trachtenberg, Adam O'Reilly Media ePub

Arrays are lists: lists of people, lists of sizes, lists of books. To store a group of related items in a variable, use an array. Like a list on a piece of paper, the elements in array have an order. Usually, each new item comes after the last entry in the array, but just as you can wedge a new entry between a pair of lines already in a paper list, you can do the same with arrays in PHP.

In many languages, there is only one type of array: this is called a numerical array (or just an array). In a numerical array, if you want to find an entry, you need to know its position within the array, known as an index. Positions are identified by numbers: they start at 0 and work upward one by one.

In some languages, there is also another type of array: an associative array, also known as a hash. In an associative array, indexes arent integers, but strings. So in a numerical array of U.S. presidents, Abraham Lincoln might have index 16; in the associative-array version, the index might be Honest. However, while numerical arrays have a strict ordering imposed by their keys, associative arrays frequently make no guarantees about the key ordering. Elements are added in a certain order, but theres no way to determine the order later.

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Medium 9780876111413

3. Revolution!

Roell, Craig H. Texas State Historical Assn Press ePub



We have either to fight for our homes or fly and leave them.


That the former province and department of Texas is, and of a right ought to be a free, sovereign and independent state.


We can not rationally anticipate any other result to our Quixotic expedition than total defeat.


THE EMERGENCE OF ANTONIO LÓPEZ DE SANTA ANNA as president of Mexico in 1834, and consequently his leadership in a movement to establish the authority of a supreme central government, was the ironic catalyst toward a rebellion in the northern provinces that would ultimately result in revolution and Texas independence. Citizens of Coahuila y Texas grew discontented with the Centralist policies of their new president and claimed an adherence to the Federalist Constitution of 1824, which limited the power of the central government. At the same time Santa Anna was determined to suppress any movements dedicated to maintaining federalism and opposing his presidency.9

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