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Paris Permenter Hunter Publishing ePub
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AdWords Reporting and Conversion Tracking

Harold Davis O'Reilly Media PDF


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AdWords Reporting and

Conversion Tracking

If you have only a handful of Campaigns and Ad Groups to keep track of, the Campaign Summary window (explained in Chapter 11) should work fine. But once you are tracking a dozen or more Campaigns, each containing multiple ads and many keywords, in order to retain your sanity—and do a good job of tracking your spending and performance with the multiple campaigns and ads—you’ll need to take advantage of the excellent AdWords reporting facility.

Conversion tracking means implementing a mechanism that tells you when visitors to your site perform a specified action. More specifically, if you are paying for advertising on a CPC basis, unless you are just interested in drawing eyeballs to your site, you’d probably like to know if this traffic brings you revenue.

Using AdWords conversion tracking, you can add code to your web pages that lets you determine if traffic generated by AdWords converts, to see if that traffic performs an action you want to have happen, such as making a purchase, leaving contact information, signing up for a subscription, or visiting a particular page.

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Hack #56. Using the Same Filesystem

Raffi Krikorian O'Reilly Media ePub

Rather than all this passing about of files back and forth between TiVo and your PC, mount an NFS share on your TiVo and access that networked partition as if it were local to your TiVo.

Rather than uploading MP3s [Hack #46] to your TiVo to play, or FTPing in to grab the latest version of that Now Playing List for incorporation into your web site [Hack #90], NFS-mount your PC's drive on your TiVo, and read and write files as if the drive were local to TiVo.

Just as we inserted a kernel module to give TiVo access to Closed Captioning [Hack #42], we can do the same to get network filesystem (NFS) support loaded into TiVo's OS. Download a copy of the kernel module ( and unzip it on your local PC. Upload the nfs-tivo25.o file contained therein to your TiVo and drop it into /var/hack/modules.

While these instructions should work about the same on Series 1 and 2 TiVos, at the time of this writing there is no NFS module for the Series 2.

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Medium 9781855754898

CHAPTER FIVE: The therapist's revenge: the law of talion as a motive for caring

Michael Jacobs Karnac Books ePub

It is almost customary for therapists who write to thank their patients or clients—and rightly so, since the most stimulating learning (which with adaptation is often transferable to other client work) comes from insights or ideas that emerge in the material that clients bring to therapy. This paper was one such, solely brought to life by the case example of Brenda (not, of course, the client's name, although the details are factual). Brenda provided another example that I was able to use in teaching and in a different book, although one that taught me to take greater care in disguising client material so that even the client herself could not recognize it. I will say no more, except to say I was very grateful to a co-therapist who handled that situation so well that Brenda and I emerged on good terms. It was my mistake, but I wonder whether there was a type of revenge in the incident. On my part, of course, for being in debt to her for the idea she planted and that bore fruit in what at the time seemed (and perhaps is) original.

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Medium 9781935249306

Appendix A: Facts and Opinions

Katie Rogers Marzano Research ePub

Appendix A Facts and Opinions

Organized by level of difficulty

This appendix can be used for:

I Think, I Like, I Believe

Fishing for Facts

Rapid Fire

The following tables contain lists of facts and opinions to use in elementary classrooms. Middle school teachers may also decide to consult these lists for review with sixth- or seventh-grade students. The statements presented in these lists are generally designed to require little to no background knowledge to distinguish them as facts or opinions.

The facts and opinions are organized by difficulty into three tables: easy, medium, and challenging. Each table contains a set of seventy facts and opinions to use with students. Groupings are based on the complexity of the vocabulary used and the amount of content knowledge a student needs to recognize facts. Use preassessments and your judgment as a teacher to determine which list to use with your students. To illustrate, consider the following fact from the challenging list: “The eight planets in the solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.” A first grader may or may not be familiar with the eight planets, but a fifth grader almost certainly will. Similarly, an easy fact, such as “One plus one equals two,” while appropriate for early elementary students, will not challenge students in upper elementary.

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