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Medium 9780596101220

6. Using Programming to Manipulate Data

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The ability to work with data and database functionality is greatly enhanced when programmed routines can be put to the task. Using VBA and other programming disciplines, developers can create sophisticated applications that reach beyond the capabilities of plain select and action queries.

This chapter offers a number of examples that show how code routines can be used to improve and enhance applications. Arrays are showcased, with discussions focusing on working with multiple dimensions and sorting. One recipe shows how to tap into Excel's extensive function library from Access, while others introduce simple and sophisticated methods of encrypting data and illustrate transaction processing. Working with charts, getting to the HTML source of web pages, and running Word mail merges directly from Access are also covered. There is even a recipe that illustrates how to build a user-friendly query construction form that lets users point and click their way through selecting criteria and running a query.

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Medium 9781933820101

Chapter 9 It’s Tracking Time!

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

It’s Tracking Time!

Lab Setup

Pilot Testing

Participants’ Awareness of Being Eye Tracked

Eye Camera Setup


Practice Tasks

Active Live Viewing

Logging Unusual Events

Instructions for Observers


The last six chapters focused on how to prepare an eye tracking study. By now, you should have your eye tracker, stimuli, and tasks ready. You should also know what measures you will collect and analyze, and have all participants recruited and scheduled. This chapter delves into topics closely related to the study execution and discusses activities associated with eye tracking data collection.

If your study takes place “in the wild,” and the goal is to capture people’s natural behavior there (for example, aircraft inspectors conducting maintenance checks at the airport), you will have little control over the environment. All you can do is make sure that you have an eye tracker that works best in your test environment. For lab-based studies, however, there are a few basic considerations you should keep in mind when getting the test setting ready for eye tracking sessions.

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Medium 9781857548334

Circling Over Medellín

Source: Pure Lizard
Slice PDF February 24, 2015

Medium 9781781608289

Othon Friesz (1879-1949)

Source: Still Life
Slice ePub June 09, 2014

Medium 9781449381813

27. Server-Side XML and XSLT

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

XML is everywhere. You find it in countless files on your computer, for everything from tracking information in your iTunes music library to providing the structure and options for Dreamweaver's menus. Webmasters use XML to broadcast news feeds and provide product, pricing, and availability information from sites like and eBay by using a technology known as web services. As you learned in Chapter13, Dreamweaver lets you use XML, too, and probably the best use of Dreamweaver's XML tool is to add news, blog posts, and other information broadcast from other websites to your own.

So what exactly is XML? XML, or Extensible Markup Language, is a tag-based language somewhat like HTML. You tag the various parts of a documentheadlines, text, names, dates, and so onin a clear, easy-to-understand way that different computers, operating systems, and programs can understand. Using this common data language, they can quickly and easily exchange information.

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