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Slice PDF February 24, 2015

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Part III: Moving From Thinking to Doing

Slice ePub September 08, 2014

Part III

Moving From Thinking to Doing

Bringing more innovation to your school or classroom requires a shift from thinking to doing. Part III focuses on taking action—a hallmark of innovators. First, we’ll meet some educators who use their networks to help good ideas grow. In the last chapter, we’ll suggest action steps that may be appropriate now or in the near future. Why such an emphasis on action? Let’s trust the advice of legendary innovator Leonardo da Vinci: “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”

Chapter 9

Spreading Good Ideas

As we’ve heard throughout this book, innovators know how to take good ideas to scale. Their efforts may start small, but game-changing ideas need to engage a wide audience if they are going to take hold and make a lasting difference. In this chapter, we hear how educators use their professional networks to extend and improve upon effective strategies.

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Slice PDF May 12, 2015

Medium 9781780490724

CHAPTER FIVE: Gestalt therapy and the culture of narcissism

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

I was very impressed by Lasch’s book The Culture of Narcissism (1979) as a Jeremiad for our times. I wanted to introduce the ideas to a Gestalt audience. Part of the idea, which I believe psychotherapists need to consider, is that the things put in place to try to solve the problems of our society, including therapy, are part of the problem and participate in the same blind spots as the problems they are trying to solve.

Even when therapists speak of the need for “meaning” and “love”, they define love and meaning simply as the fulfillment of the patient’s emotional requirements. It hardly occurs to them – nor is there any reason why it should, given the nature of the therapeutic enterprise – to encourage the subject to subordinate his needs and interests to those of others, to someone or some cause or tradition outside himself. “Love” as self-sacrifice or self-abasement, “meaning” as submission to a higher loyalty – these sublimations strike the therapeutic sensibility as intolerably oppressive, offensive to common sense and injurious to personal health and well-being. To liberate humanity from such outmoded ideas of love and duty has become the mission of the post-Freudian therapies and particularly of their converts and popularizers, for whom mental health means the overthrow of inhibitions and the immediate gratification of every impulse. (Lasch, 1979, p. 13)

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Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Tools and modifications to help your printer work its very best.

Like cars and computers, 3D printers can be upgraded with all kinds of aftermarket goodies. We asked our testing team which ones they’d reach for first.

1. Heated print bed

A must for printing ABS, helpful for printing many other plastics.

2. Cooling fan

Machines that use PLA need a fan to cool the filament as it prints, greatly increasing print quality. Search Thingiverse for fan brackets and ducts to fit your printer.

3. Glass build plate

Plastic build plates warp, an embarrassingly common problem in consumer-grade 3D printers. Glass won’t.

4. High-temperature extruder

To print hotter-melting materials, try the single-piece, stainless steel Prusa nozzle, rated to 300°C.

5. OctoPrint host software

Print from anywhere on the planet and watch via webcam using this free web interface for (non-MakerBot) 3D printers. A special version runs on a Raspberry Pi.

6. Replicator 2 extruder upgrade

A far better filament tensioner, standard on newer MakerBots. Buy it or print your own.

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