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7. Delivering Presentations

E. A. Vander Veer O'Reilly Media ePub

Setting Up a Slideshow

Slideshows for Multiple Audiences

Presenting Your Slideshow

Creating PowerPoint Shows

Emailing Your Presentation

Packaging Presentations for CD

Optimizing Presentations

In the old days, giving a powerpoint presentation almost always meant connecting your laptop to a computer projector. You'd stand in front of a live audience and use a remote control to click through each slide while you explained each of your points in detail. You can still give a "stand and deliver" presentation, but today you can also:

Package your presentation for delivery on CD. This option is ideal for interactive, audience-paced presentations like tutorials or continuously running kiosk presentations.

Email the presentation to your audience.

This chapter covers both of these presentation delivery options. It also shows you how to optimize your PowerPoint presentation file to make running it and passing it around easier.

You can also convert your presentation to a Web page, complete with clickable links that viewers can use to navigate your slideshow and even jump to other documents or Web sites. For more on these and other advanced features, see PowerPoint 2007: The Missing Manual (O'Reilly).

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Medium 9780982259245

Appendix A: Answers to Exercises

Robert J. Marzano Marzano Research ePub


Answers to Exercise 2.1

Using Effective Pacing

1.What is the relationship between pacing, working memory, and attention?

Whatever a student is paying attention to occupies his or her working memory. For information to stay in working memory, students must consciously focus on it. Additionally, there is always a battle between working and permanent memory—that is, what is occurring in class and what has occurred in the outside world. If pacing is slow in class, students can easily tire of the content being addressed. In such cases, they will turn their attention (fill working memory) to content from permanent memory that might have nothing to do with what is occurring in class.

2.What are some limitations of pacing strategies in terms of keeping students’ attention?

Effective pacing cannot hold students’ attention in and of itself. At best, it simply decreases the chances a student will become distracted. Effective pacing might be considered a necessary but insufficient condition to trigger and maintain students’ attention.

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Medium 9780596514471

Appendix M: Miscellaneous Character Sets

Ken Lunde O'Reilly Media PDF
Medium 9781906188108


Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

70 Oxford Poets 2013

Tomorrow, at the streetcar stop, they’ll tell the fathers to jump like rabbits.

And the whole world’s fathers obey and jump, jump hilariously, with jutting incisors.

Translated by Anselm Hollo


Where are you about to disappear, where are you now?

Behind what curtains are you pondering your half-sentences?

Where are your ferocity, your keen rhythm, your intoxicating laugh disappearing?

You ask for dead people’s telephone numbers, call them again and again, and they die again for you, multiple times, your sister who kicked you in the trundle bed, your brother, his slender hands when he taught you pat-a-cake.

You’re living in a ghost movie, wandering the strange white corridors of a ghost ship, looking for familiar faces, finding strange people engaged in incomprehensible tasks, working their devices, speaking a foreign language, laughing

– you don’t know at what. When you lie in your bed someone appears on the headboard, you look at the figure upside down, it looks like a giraffe, or is it again that beautiful silent woman who comes to look at you at nap time, her gaze is frigid, no one else has seen her, and neither would you like to see her, not yet.

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Medium 9780596157623

The Trouble with Webcams

David A. Karp O'Reilly Media ePub

Historically, buying a webcam has been an exercise in compromise. Webcams dont have the universal appeal of, say, printers, and as such, dont enjoy an abundance of high-quality choices nor the comfort of well-established industry standards.

For instance, most webcams are cheap and offer horrendous video quality. As a result, many are quickly discontinued, making it extremely difficult to find up-to-date drivers for older models. (A webcam designed for Windows XP isnt likely to work in Windows Vista or 7, and dont even get me started on the search for 64-bit drivers.)

If youre lucky enough to find a webcam that works with Windows 7/Vista, it probably wont do everything you need it to. Of course, the most hyped featureresolutionis the least important: a 5-megapixel webcam isnt necessarily any better than a 1.3-megapixel model. (How often will you be taking still photos with an eyeball-cam tethered to your laptop?) But the sexier features, like motorized face tracking (enabling video chat without having to sit perfectly still), autofocus, network streaming (for surveillance, baby monitoring, and web publishing), and high frame rate (for smooth, blur-free video) are often mutually exclusive, making compromise inevitable.

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