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Medium 9780987467485

2. Markup, HTML5 Style

Alexis Goldstein SitePoint ePub

Now that we’ve given you a bit of a history primer, along with some compelling reasons to learn HTML5 and start using it in your projects today, it’s time to introduce you to the sample site that we’ll be progressively building in this book.

After we briefly cover what we’ll be building, we’ll discuss some HTML5 syntax basics, along with some suggestions for best-practice coding. We’ll follow that with some important info on cross-browser compatibility, and the basics of page structure in HTML5. Lastly, we’ll introduce some specific HTML5 elements and see how they’ll fit into our layout.

So let’s get into it!

For the purpose of this book, we’ve put together a sample website project that we’ll be building from scratch. The website is already built—you can check it out now at It’s an old-time newspaper-style website called The HTML5 Herald. The home page of the site contains some media in the form of video, images, articles, and advertisements. There’s also another page comprising a registration form.

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Medium 9781933671628

A. Apple TV and Wi-Fi

Glenn Fleishman TidBITS Publishing, Inc. ePub

The Apple TV is a nifty device designed to act as a conduit to stream and sync content from computers on your network and present it on a home-entertainment system, most likely an HDTV set. The latest version can also access the Internet directly for watching YouTube videos, renting movies from the iTunes Store, and viewing pictures on Flickr and MobileMe.

The Apple TV was unveiled in early 2007 and shipped in March 2007; a major revision that upgraded all models was released in early 2008. The first release could store content on its internal drive as well as stream it from computers with iTunes running on the local network. The 2008 update added the capability to purchase and rent movies and TV shows directly from the iTunes Store via the Apple TV without using iTunes on a computer.

In this section, I cover how to set up your network for an Apple TV and how to configure an Apple TV to receive video and audio.

Cheap music: The AirPort Express is a great alternative to the Apple TV for transferring just audio over your network. You can connect to an Express N wirelessly or via Ethernet on an 802.11n network with no problems.

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Medium 9781617833489

Sports Page

Tieck, Sarah ABDO PDF
Medium 9781475819410

Perceptions, Attitudes, and the Identification of Dispositions for Teachers of English-Language Learners

Teacher Education and Practice Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub


ABSTRACT: Most of the literature on dispositions is focused on mainstream teachers and on diversity and not specifically on the dispositions of teachers of English-language learners. Researchers have stated that while dispositions are extremely important, they continue to be elusive and a neglected part of teacher education, especially for teachers of English-language learners. A review of existing definitions and disposition models are presented along with the results of a pilot study with ESL (English as a second language) and bilingual education preservice teachers. The study ranks the dispositions identified by the participants as well as the mode of instruction where the dispositions were observed. In beginning to create a model for identifying the dispositions needed by teachers of English-language learners, we introduce and recommend a set of catalysts for use as indicators for identifying these dispositions.

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Medium 9781934009482

Curriculum Leadership: Principle 3

Guskey Solution Tree Press ePub

Principle 3:
Ensure relevant and meaningful
mathematics in every lesson

Indicator 1:

Every teacher implements the local curriculum and uses instructional resources that are coherent and reflect state standards and national curriculum recommendations.

Indicator 2:

Every teacher implements a curriculum that is focused on
relevant and meaningful mathematics.

Indicator 3:

Every teacher implements the intended curriculum with
needed intervention and makes certain it is attained by
every student.


The mathematics education leader ensures the curriculum is coherent, focused on important, relevant mathematics, and well articulated across the grades.

—National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2000, p. 3

The mathematics leader must lead collaborative efforts to develop coherent, meaningful curriculum that encourage the teaching of higher levels of mathematics and advanced skills.

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