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Medium 9781601323248

DT-Binarize: A Hybrid Binarization Method using Decision Tree for Protein Crystallization Images

Slice PDF December 15, 2014


Int'l Conf. IP, Comp. Vision, and Pattern Recognition | IPCV'14 |

DT-Binarize: A Hybrid Binarization Method using Decision Tree for Protein Crystallization Images



Dinç1 , Semih Dinç1 , Madhav Sigdel1 , Madhu S. Sigdel1 , Marc L. Pusey2 , Ramazan S. Aygün1

1 DataMedia Research Lab, Computer Science Department

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Huntsville, Alabama 35899

2 iXpressGenes Inc., 601 Genome Way, Huntsville AL, 35806

Email: {id0002, sd0016, ms0023, mss0025, aygunr} @uah.edu1 , marc.pusey@ixpressgenes.com2

Abstract— A single thresholding technique may not provide the best binarization for all images of datasets such as protein crystallization images. To overcome this limitation, multiple thresholding methods are used to binarize images.

Whenever multiple thresholding techniques are used, it is important to know which one provides the best result automatically. To solve this problem, in this study, we propose an alternative technique for image thresholding that employs a tree based structure to determine the best thresholding approach for a particular case. The leaf nodes of the tree indicate different global thresholding techniques, which have different abilities to binarize the image. We try to select the best approach by making decisions that are based on the characteristic features of the sample such as standard deviation.

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Medium 9781741792188

Eastern Tibet (Kham)ཁམས་

Slice ePub November 24, 2014

     Includes »







     Riwoche Tsuglhakhang




Kham is the face you never knew Tibet had: a land of raging rivers and deep gorges, alpine forests and rolling grasslands, outspoken monks and rebel cowboys. Compared with the rest of this largely barren land, it’s a world apart.

It’s still part of the Tibetan plateau, but Kham is where Tibet begins its descent towards the subtropical Sìchuān basin, and the landscapes here represent both extremes: one day you’ll drive over a breathtakingly high mountain pass, the next you’ll slide your way through rainforest on a mud-bath road. This is off-the-beaten-track adventure travel at its most exhilarating, and the chances are you’ll be the only foreigner in sight.

Kham gains much of its charm from its people. Khampas dressed in sheepskin cloaks and with braided hair cruise the region on motorbikes. It can sometimes feel like America’s Wild West, only with the cowboys and buffalos replaced by Khampas and yaks.

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Medium 9781576753156

Chapter Five: Property Tax Abatements and Your Local School

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

For our clients, education has been found to be the single most important service, greatly exceeding the value of all other services combined.… The single most important factor in site selection today is the quality of the available workforce … in fact, a qualified workforce may be the single most important determinant in the economic development success of any community.

—Robert Ady, longtime Fantus executive,
said to be the nation’s most experienced living site location consultant

Companies love to locate in areas with good schools; they just don’t like to pay for them. American families care a lot about their schools, too. They often move and accept higher housing costs to gain access to better schools. And they support bond issues for public schools at a greater rate than they do any other service except healthcare.2 The trouble is, families don’t get a 10-year holiday on their property tax for moving into their preferred school district, but companies often do.

When corporations seek to avoid paying their fair share for schools and other local services, the issue is bigger than who bears the burden. The corporate assumption that businesses are entitled to property tax abatements—or the related subsidy, tax increment financing (TIF)—is threatening our economic future by harming our schools.

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Medium 9780596002633

11. A Brief Look at Additional RDF Application Environments

Source: Practical RDF
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The previous chapters have provided a reasonably detailed look at several APIs created in some of the more popular programming languages today: Java, PHP, Python, and Perl. However, as popular as these languages are, they're not the only ones implementing APIs for processing RDF/XML. There are APIs created in LISP and C, Ruby, Tcl, even .NET-enabled APIs written in C#.

Additionally, some APIs are released as part of a larger frameworkAPIs connected with a repository or other higher-level functionality. Technically, these frameworks do provide language-based APIs. However, their size and complexity tend to make them a bit much for those looking only for a set of objects to create and/or read an RDF/XML document.

In this chapter, we'll take a lookbriefly, because we want to get into some uses of RDFat some of the odd-language APIs as well as the more complex frameworks. To start, we'll look at APIs written in that new kid on the block: C#.

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Medium 9781615424207

Fill Out PDF Forms

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

You live in a world of forms. Forms for filing taxes. Forms for ordering goods. Forms for applying for jobs. Forms for supplying medical information. Forms for ordering more forms.

Often, forms come to you as PDFs, whether downloaded from the Web or arriving as email attachments. And, if youre really Old School, you can print those forms out and then fill them in by hand.

But you dont have to be Old School: with PDFpen, filling out a PDF form is a piece of cake, no printing required. You can even add a digital scan of your signature directly to the PDF.

So whether you have an interactive PDF form that helps you fill itout onscreen, or a PDF containing a digital image of a classic printed form, PDFpen has the tools that you need to make quick work of it.

Since version 1.2 of the PDF standard back in the last century, PDFs have been able to include interactive form elements (see Table 1 ). Filling out such a form is so easy to do with PDFpen that its hardly worth mentioning (but, of course, I willIm here for you ).

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