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Medium 9781780426594

Le temps des honneurs et de la richesse

Eric Shanes Parkstone International PDF

avec des personnages évoluant dans une brume de neige carbonique et de fumée mêlées. C’était la convention de rigueur, et je décidai de faire le contraire. Je choisis de prendre Dalí [...] car il y avait dans sa façon de peindre une précision hallucinatoire exactement à l’opposé des évanescences et des fumées. » Toutes les idées de Dalí ne seront pas retenues lors du tournage. Le studio refuse ainsi de suspendre quinze pianos au plafond. Dalí renonce alors à la séquence et en refait une nouvelle ébauche. La scène du rêve se déroule entre autres dans une boîte de nuit aux tentures recouvertes d’yeux

énormes qu’un homme coupe en deux à l’aide d’une immense paire de ciseaux.

Pour Dalí, le cinéma reste une « forme secondaire ». Il était cependant toujours attiré par les possibilités techniques qu’il offrait. Quelques mois après sa collaboration réussie avec Hitchcock, Walt Disney engage l’artiste. Dalí a pour tâche d’élaborer une séquence de six minutes qui prendrait place dans un dessin animé intitulé Fantasia. En collaboration avec le dessinateur John Hench, il écrit le scénario, mais Disney stoppe le projet. En 1950, Dalí participe encore une fois à un film. Il crée la scène du rêve dans la comédie de Vincente Minelli, Le Père de la mariée. Ces multiples activités relèguent la peinture de plus en plus au second rang. L’aspiration de Dalí de se tourner vers le classicisme se réalise tout d’abord à l’écran, mais avec quelque retard. Depuis son arrivée aux États-Unis, Dalí désire enfanter son ébauche du monde qui se révèle être une naissance difficile. L’explosion de la première bombe atomique d’Hiroshima, le 6 août 1945, déclenche les contractions de l’accouchement : « L’explosion atomique du 6 août 1945 m’avait sismiquement ébranlé. Désormais, l’atome était mon sujet de réflexion préféré. Bien des paysages peints à cette époque expriment la grande peur que j’éprouvai

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Medium 9781607050155


Weeks Ringle C&T Publishing ePub

Regardless of your background in design, how well you draw, or whether you think of yourself as a creative type, you can learn to make good design decisions when making quilts. Although there are no formulas or recipes for good design, there are tools that can help you make better design decisions and get you unstuck when you can’t figure out how to fix a problem with the color or composition of your quilt. For each of the ten original patterns in this book, we have provided opportunities for you to make design decisions that will make each quilt your own.

This section of the book reviews the design principles that will help you make good design decisions, regardless of your design aesthetic. We will delve into color theory and concepts such as figure/ground later. For now, the most important aspect of design is having a vision or a source of inspiration. Sometimes that vision is what we refer to as “The Big Idea”—an idea, a memory, or a metaphor that serves as the inspiration for your quilt. In some instances, the vision is inspired by the feel or mood of a collection of fabrics. Sometimes the vision is highly intuitive and is difficult to articulate. Sometimes it is a person or place.

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Medium 9780596007690

6. Advanced Disk Shares

Gerald Carter O'Reilly Media ePub

So far, the configurations we’ve discussed have been rudimentary and useful primarily for testing an initial server installation. In this chapter, you will see exactly why so many network administrators have chosen Samba as their interoperable file serving solution. Adding features such as Virtual File System (VFS) plug-ins and support for Microsoft Distributed File Systems (MS-DFS) to Samba’s already flexible and powerful file serving capabilities builds a solid foundation that is able to compete with and outperform many commercial CIFS implementations. By the end of this chapter, you will be well-versed in navigating tasks such as bridging the differences between Unix filesystems and Windows clients, configuring group shares, and managing ACLs on file and directories.

In Chapter 4, we introduced three special section names: [global], [homes], and [printers]. These built-in section names have special meaning to Samba. There is a fourth special service that we have mentioned when listing shares using smbclient. This share, [IPC$], is provided by all CIFS servers, not just Samba, and is used for certain network operations such as listing file and printer shares. Other service names can have special meanings to clients. Consider this list of shares on a Windows Server 2003 host:

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Medium 9781588438188

Alaska Cruising Itineraries

Norton, Clark Hunter Publishing ePub

While it's true that most any Alaskan cruising itinerary will provide the opportunity to see glaciers, whales and interesting ports of call, it would be a mistake to think of all Alaskan itineraries as pretty much the same. When you take your cruise, are you looking to cover the "basics" - the most popular ports and scenic areas - or would you prefer to get off the beaten track a bit, perhaps in search of the "real" Alaska? Would you like to see as much of Alaska as possible, or concentrate on one small area and get to know it very well?  How much time, and money, do you have to spend? These are all factors that figure in consideration of which itinerary to pick. For many people, they may outweigh the factors of which cruise line or ship to take. 

While you might find an occasional Alaska cruise as short as four days or as long as 24 days, most itineraries are one week to 10 days in length. And almost all fall into one of the four categories below. The first two categories are the most common and are generally favored by big ships, while the second two tend to be favored by small ships, but you may find some crossover between the two. The good news is that settling on an Alaskan itinerary is somewhat easier than settling on, say, a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruising itinerary, where there are many more ports - as well as cultures, languages, and landscapes - to add to the mix. But you will have to make some basic choices. 

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Medium 9781449393502

Reading Your Stuff

Aaron Miller O'Reilly Media ePub

Reading Your Stuff

Some people read books by just reading them. Other people read books by reading, underlining, jotting down notes in the margins, skipping around, and all kinds of other habits. Amazon, to their credit, knew this about people. The Kindle represents their best effort at replacing books with a single device that accounts for their readers different habits.

The reality is that, with a Kindle, youll have to change certain habits. But, if reading for you is a lot more than just reading, most of your old habits, like underlining or note-taking, can survive in a new form with a Kindle.

Navigating What You Read

You might think that reading a book is mostly just about turning pages, and of course youre right. But, if your book has a table of contents, index, or endnotes you want to use, well, then youre turning to the right pages.

Reading books on your Kindle is mostly just a matter of turning pages, using the Next Page and Prev Page buttons. Had Amazon made it involve much more than this, theyd have missed the whole point of trying to replace books with an electronic reader.

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