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Slice ePub May 14, 2014

Liberty … means allowing people freely to say things you do not want to hear. GEOGRE ORWELL

I went to jail briefly for civil disobedience in support of a “janitors for justice” protest event in Boston in 2002. It was a different and more frightening experience than my other experiences with the prison system, which were during 1960s antiwar protests before the current regime. This time, all those committing civil disobedience were arrested, fingerprinted, booked, and eventually sent to individual cells. I noticed on the walls of the police station dozens of postings from Washington about terrorism. After we were booked and sent to cells, the police told us that our detention was indefinite, pending word from Washington regarding whether we were suspects for terrorism. They sent our fingerprints and records to Washington to determine whether any of us might be under surveillance by the CIA or FBI. Sitting isolated in a cell, unaware of how long I would be detained and feeling that I might be deprived of my right to talk to lawyers and get help, was quite different than contemplating the Patriot Act from my office. For anyone who doubts whether civil liberties and the Bill of Rights matter, I recommend an involuntary stay in a jail cell under the new conditions.173

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5 How to Draw Additional Questions From State and National Standards

Slice ePub September 24, 2014

Numerous lists of effective teacher characteristics have been adopted as standards to guide certification and licensure. These standards represent sets of performance expectations by teachers. As such, they would hardly be appropriate for direct use in the interviewing process. However, they may serve as the basis for areas of potential development for those who work in classrooms. In many cases, they have been used as the basis for evaluating performance of teachers in their jobs, and in some cases, standards have also been used as guides for teacher professional development activity. They may also be used as a way to determine the potential skills and abilities desired in job seekers. In this case, they can serve as frameworks to be used by administrators or others who need to gauge potential performance through the questioning process suggested in the preceding chapter.

The Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standards were developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) primarily to guide the development of future teachers. There are ten standards ranging from knowledge of subject matter to classroom management to the development of partnerships with colleagues, parents, and the community. Following are the standards as described by the CCSSO (2011), accompanied by examples of interview questions based on the standards.

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Medium 9781780421162

André Perugia

Source: Chaussures
Slice PDF June 08, 2014

Medium 9780596804824

3. Vertices and Touch Points

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Second star to the rightand straight on til morning.

The iPhone has several input devices, including the accelerometer, microphone, and touchscreen, but your application will probably make the most use of the touchscreen. Since the screen has multitouch capabilities, your application can obtain a list of several touch points at any time. In a way, your 3D application is a point processor: it consumes points from the touchscreen and produces points (for example, triangle vertices) for OpenGL. So, I thought Id use the same chapter to both introduce the touchscreen and cover some new ways of submitting vertices to OpenGL.

This chapter also covers some important best practices for vertex submission, such as the usage of vertex buffer objects. I would never argue with the great man who decreed that premature optimization is the root of all evil, but I want to hammer in good habits early on.

Toward the end of the chapter, youll learn how to generate some interesting geometry using parametric surfaces. This will form the basis for a fun demo app that youll gradually enhance over the course of the next several chapters.

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Medium 9780819816320

IV Paradox of Love

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In the fact of loving at all, there is for us, fallen creatures, an element of suffering. We realize the frailty of those we love, the million evil chances that threaten them. We are haunted by the fear of loss, of parting. By a strange paradox, falling in love brings us a new realization of our own nothingness, our helplessness to do, even to be, what we would for the beloved. Only the sacrament of matrimony in which in a mysterious way God re-creates two as one, in his own love, can overcome this nothingness. But we live in a world that is de-Christianized, divorced from love’s very self; so marriage, for most people, involves material hardship and self-denial if they would live in obedience to God.

The lover is like the craftsman: he has to give himself to years of discipline, of patient work and perseverance, in order to attain his skill. There must be countless new beginnings, the exacting process of habit-forming, with its repeated denials of self, until at last his mind and eye and hand work in harmony on the material that he knows, as he knows his own soul. Just so is the lot of the lover, who has life for his material, life that sin has twisted, so that it is like wood that is knotted and warped. Yet on this material he acquires the skill that makes the craftsman an artist and enables him to fashion his own life into a thing of sheer beauty, and not his own life only, but the lives of those dear to him. Inevitably, in the process, he will have enlarged and strengthened his heart and mind; his hand will have become sensitive and capable, his eyes will be the trained eyes that see the loveliness of the world, that others are blind to. His home will be the little house that is built upon a rock, which stands fast when the rains come and the winds blow and the houses built upon sand are swept away.

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