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Victoria Charles Parkstone International ePub


Pencil, 39,5 x 25,5 cm.

Private collection.



The culmination of this endeavour can probably best be seen in his Nude With Necklace (p.42), Reclining Nude (Le Grand Nu) (c.1919, p.50), and in Nude (1919, p.44). Modiglianis skill as a colourist and his precision of line are both evident, especially in Reclining Nude (Le Grand Nu).


The detailing of the breasts and pubic region is more restrained than in earlier nudes, inspiring a gentler but less fleeting erotic response. Standing Female Nude (c.1918/1919) has a floating grace and the detailing focuses on her face. The swinging line and full curves of her breasts are anatomically accurate, while Modiglianis mastery of line enabled him to use the fewest lines necessary to depict solidity.


By the end of his series of nudes he had mastered the depiction of the sensuality and attraction of the individual and had removed unnecessary idiosyncrasies to reveal only the abstract aspects of beauty. Having explored sexuality on a personal level he looked for the transcendent desire beyond the individual response, and was able to step back from the frenzied carnal intensity of his earlier works to create a less personal and so less evanescent eroticism.

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Helene Deutsch Karnac Books ePub

According to Helene Deutsch, breast-feeding was subject to all the insecurities and anxieties associated with a woman’s sense of femaleness. She even compared an analytically observed disturbance of lactation with premature ejaculation in a man.

At a time when sexual roles, at least in connection with the rearing of infants, were more sharply differentiated than they are apt to be in middle-class circles today, Helene Deutsch did not need to touch on how left-out the husband may come to feel. One ought not to forget how much early psychoanalytic thinking presupposed the ready availability of servants. Even as the abolition of some traditional sex differences becomes possible, the technology of periodic bottle-feeding can still threaten the mother with interferences in her flow of milk. Modern circumstances, with new demands on men, have made it possible for the husband to be left frustrated and jealous about the greater intimacy between mother and child.

The pain of physical separation from the child is extinguished when it is first put to the breast. The mother-child unit is re-established, and the process of incorporation, which in the sex act took place through the vagina, making use of the oral sucking mechanisms, and which was continued in pregnancy, now undergoes a repetition—with a reversal of roles between the two partners in the sucking act. The complete psychological analogy of both sucking situations, i.e., in coitus and in lactation, arises above all from the circumstance that in both the boundary between subject and object is wiped out, and also from the identity of the oral incorporation of the object in the act of sucking. Once more there is an equation between penis and nipple. As the penis took control of the vagina in coitus and created an erogenous centre in the act of doing so, so does the erect mammary gland now take control of the infant’s mouth. Just as the erogeneity of the whole body then flowed to the vagina, so does the whole disseminated libido of the newborn child flow to its mouth. The part of the seminal fluid is here played by the flow of milk. The identification established in infantile fantasy between maternal breast and paternal penis is now realized for the second time; in coitus the penis took over the role of the mammary gland, and in the act of lactation the mammary gland becomes the penis. In the situation of identification the boundary between the partners disappears—and in this mother-child relationship the mother once again wipes out the trauma of weaning.

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Gary McLean Berrett-Koehler Publishers PDF
Medium 9780596006327

14. Advanced Analytic SQL

Sanjay Mishra O'Reilly Media ePub

For years, SQL has been criticized for its inability to handle routine decision support queries. With a host of new analytic functions introduced in Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Database, and Oracle Database 10g, Oracle has taken giant strides toward eliminating this deficiency. In doing so, Oracle has further blurred the distinction between its multipurpose relational database server and other, special-purpose data warehouse and statistical analysis servers.

The types of queries issued by Decision Support Systems (DSS) differ from those issued against OLTP systems. Consider the following business queries:

Find the top 10 salespeople in each sales district last year.

Find all customers whose total orders last year exceeded 20% of the aggregate sales for their geographic region.

Identify the region that suffered the worst quarter-to-quarter sales decline last year.

Find the best and worst selling menu items by state for each quarter last year.

Queries such as these are staples of DSS, and are used by managers, analysts, marketing executives, etc., to spot trends, identify outliers, uncover business opportunities, and predict future business performance. DSS systems typically sit atop data warehouses, in which large quantities of scrubbed, aggregated data provide fertile grounds for researching and formulating business decisions.

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Schertle, Rick Maker Media, Inc PDF

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