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Medium 9781588437181

Medieval Bastide Villages

Slice ePub May 25, 2014

Just like any other travel guide, this book is filled with all the basic information you need: where to stay, where to eat, how to get around, which sightseeing attractions are worth your time, and much more. The added element is information on adventures at each destination. No, this doesnt just mean bungee jumping and cliff diving. This isnt about training for the X Games. The adventures here are for anyone with that traveling spirit, anyone who believes journeys are about living life to its richest, whether that involves hiking, canoeing, skiing, walking or spotting wildlife.

The book is separated into French regions, which are further broken down by departments. The Spanish destinations are broken down by autonomous regions. Under each section, you will find details about remarkable cities and villages. Within each section, the Adventures pages are broken down by escapades such as On Foot, On Wheels, On Water, On Snow, In The Air and Eco-Travel.

For the listings, you will see telephone numbers. These numbers all include the national code (033 for France, 034 for Spain), which you should eliminate if you are calling from within that country. If you are calling from outside the country, dial 011, then the country code (033 or 034), then drop the next zero, and dial the remaining numbers.

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Medium 9781449394639

1. Composition

Slice ePub June 15, 2015

To many people the year 1440 signifies a major shift in global communication. It was during this time in Mainz, Germany, that a goldsmith by the name of Johannes Gutenberg invented one of the most important industrial machines of the modern period: the printing press.

The printing press’s use of movable type was inspired by earlier uses found in China and Japan as early as the 7th century. During this time, printers used a method of block printing, which involved a carved piece of wood used to print a specific piece of text.

Further advances took place in the 11th century. A Chinese alchemist, Bi Sheng, invented a process called movable type. His process consisted of having individual Chinese characters carved on blocks of clay and glue. These blocks were arranged on a preheated piece of iron plate where they were pressed on paper. Bi Sheng’s process was not without limitations, however. The process was slow and was not advantageous for large-scale printing, and it relied on clay blocks, which created problems with the adhesion of ink.

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Medium 9781449373719


Source: Ruby Cookbook
Slice ePub June 01, 2015

Hashes and arrays are the two basic “aggregate” data types supported by most modern programming lagnguages. The basic interface of a hash is similar to that of an array. The difference is that while an array stores items according to a numeric index, the index of a hash can be any object at all.

Arrays and strings have been built into programming languages for decades, but built-in hashes are a relatively recent development. Now that they’re around, it’s hard to live without them: they’re at least as useful as arrays.

You can create a hash by calling or by using one of the special syntaxes Hash[] or {}. With the Hash[] syntax, you pass in the initial elements as comma-separated object references. With the {} syntax, you pass in the initial contents as comma-separated key-value pairs:

In Ruby 2.1, a new syntax was introduced for declaring hashes that saves you a few characters:

Once the hash is created, you can do hash lookups and element assignments using the same syntax you would use to view and modify array elements:

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Medium 9781449303457


Slice ePub May 27, 2014

I will walk you through the process of submitting your application to the App Store. There have been numerous improvements to the iTunes Connect website since it was first introduced. The process has gotten a lot easier to submit an application, and now there are many automated checks that validate your submission immediately. The longest part of this entire process, outside of waiting for your application to get reviewed, is creating all the screenshots and coming up with a description of your application. Once that has been done, the actual submit process is very simple and wont take long. I will also discuss things you can do after your application has been approved that will help drive more downloads. Before we get to that, I will walk you through submitting your first application.

I want you to take a few compelling screenshots of your application. You could do this using the iPhone Simulator on the Mac, but I find the easiest method is to use the device itself. Screenshots can be taken on the device by holding down the screen lock button and pressing the home button at the same time. You will see the iPhone screen flash and a photo of whatever was on the screen will be dropped into your Camera Roll. I suggest taking a lot of different screenshots, making sure to show the unique parts of your game. The first screenshot is the most important; it should be a good action shot from the game. My first screenshot, shown in Figure7-1, is of a game in progress with an active score. You can then add other screenshots, such as the title screen, which would show all the different options of play for the air hockey game. Anything that looks good and will help the customer make a buy decision.

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Medium 9781622500291

Social Security

Slice PDF January 13, 2001



date ____________________________


A. Read the following paragraph about our country’s Social Security system.

Then use context clues from the passage and circle the meaning of each boldfaced word. Use a dictionary if you need more help.

Social Security is a government program that protects people against poverty due to old age, disability, or the death of the family’s breadwinner. It is compulsory for every wage earner to pay a portion of his or her earnings into the Social Security system. These contributors are then insured. When they retire or are unable to work, they can receive

Social Security benefits. Survivors of these workers will also receive aid from the Social Security system.


Social Security: a. a government program that gives people jobs b. a government insurance system in which payments are made to those retired or unable to work c. a privately owned insurance company that sells unemployment insurance

2. poverty: the condition of a. not having enough money to live on b. being very old c. being very wealthy

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