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Chapter 3: Keeping Your E36 Alive!

Greg Hudock Brooklands Books ePub
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4.8 Documentation and quality records

Low Sui Pheng Chartridge Books Oxford ePub


Legal implications for the construction industry

4.1 Introduction

Traditionally, a client’s expectations with regard to quality in construction works are ensured and upheld by building contracts. With the recent emergence of ISO 9000 quality management systems, however, the definition and assurance of quality have taken on a new dimension. Many contractors have since applied quality management systems in their organisations without understanding its intricate relationship with the building contract used. This chapter examines the likely conflicts and compatibility between Standard Forms of Building Contract and quality management systems. An understanding of the possible legal obligations that may arise from adopting a quality management system contractually will help contractors and clients protect their interests when defects arise. In addition, many contractors are in the process of establishing their quality management systems to increase their competitive and bidding edge.

This trend has raised questions as to the application of quality systems to Standard Forms of Building Contracts in the construction industry. There is a tendency for both the Quality Manager and Construction Manager to consider quality systems and their associated legal obligations separately from building contracts. This may be acceptable when the quality system is still in its infancy stage. As the quality system matures, however, there would be unavoidable interaction between quality systems and contractual/legal obligations at different levels, especially when there is evidence of reliance by the purchaser on certification such as ISO 9000.

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Appendix II • When Sam Met Scotty

Helene LaFaro-Fernandez University of North Texas Press PDF


Appendix II  •

When Sam Met Scotty

A Remembrance of Scott LaFaro by Barrie Kolstein

Scott LaFaro came into the Kolstein “shop family” in the early years of my life. I was about nine years of age when the wonderful George Duvivier brought Scotty to my father’s house/ shop in Merrick, New York. George had been involved in a project with Scott connected to Gunther Schuller. Scott had acquired his small Prescott bass through the efforts of his close friend and great bassist, Red Mitchell. Red had found both his Lowendahl bass, with the famous cutaway in the shoulder, and the ¾-sized

Prescott while in California. Red felt the Lowendahl was perfect for his own needs and the Prescott was ideal for what Scotty was looking for. He immediately contacted Scotty about the smaller

Prescott. Scotty consequently purchased the Prescott, bringing it back to New York.

Scott became aware that the problem with the Prescott was

that dimensionally the bass was ideal, but tonally it was not.While in collaboration with George Duvivier, this problem surfaced.

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Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

     Includes »

     Luxembourg City

     Moselle Valley

     Schengen Remerschen









     Château de Bourscheid





Which European nation, just 84km long, rates among the world’s three richest countries? Remarkably the answer is Luxembourg. That’s some achievement given its wholesale destruction during WWII, a sad history remembered in war museums across the country. The country’s economic miracle started with steel but is now based particularly on banking – Belgians joke that visitors only go there to get their money out. But don’t leave Luxembourg to the bankers and Eurocrats. The capital has a fairy-tale quality to its Unesco-listed historic core, dramatically perched on a once-impregnable cliff top. Beyond, you’ll rapidly find yourself in rolling part-forested hills where a string of beguiling villages each form attractive huddles beneath medieval castles. Then there’s all the fun of the fizz in Moselle wine country and some loveable walks to take in the pretty micro-gorges of Müllerthal. All in all, this little country has plenty of surprises.

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Medium 9781607320661

CHAPTER TEN: LOOKING UP The Physics of the Atmosphere

Dian Olson Belanger University Press of Colorado ePub

Geoff King and I, collaborating in attempting to correlate
ionospheric and geomagnetic activity with the aurora, produced
some very fine series of recordings which showed quite convincingly
their interdependence.

—Kenneth J. Salmon, 19581

The sun—source of the earth’s energy—and the little-known upper atmosphere were the focus of IGY investigations in the interwoven disciplines of ionospheric physics, geomagnetism (or terrestrial magnetism), cosmic rays, and the aurora. Solar disturbances are triggering forces in them all. Bursting solar flares and complex sunspots, which follow cycles that intensify every eleven years as the sun’s magnetic field reverses itself, cause magnetic storms that interfere with radio waves, set off auroral displays, and disturb the earth’s magnetic field—which, in turn, largely determines the paths of charged particles entering the atmosphere. Antarctica offered the clearest view on earth of phenomena created by these interactions, making it a prime location for pioneering studies. The founders who timed the IGY to coincide with an active sun got their money’s worth; that period was the most turbulent yet known.2

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