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Medium 9780596007973

7. Persistence and Databases

Martelli, Alex O'Reilly Media ePub

Credit: Aaron Watters, Software Consultant

There are three kinds of people in this world: those who can count and those who can't.

However, there are only two kinds of computer programs: toy programs and programs that interact with some kind of persistent databases. That is to say, most real computer programs must retrieve stored information and record information for future use. These days, this description applies to almost every computer game, which can typically save and restore the state of the game at any time. So when I refer to toy programs, I mean programs written as exercises, or for the fun of programming. Nearly all real programs (such as programs that people get paid to write) have some persistent database storage/retrieval component.

When I was a Fortran programmer in the 1980s, I noticed that although almost every program had to retrieve and store information, they almost always did it using home-grown methods. Furthermore, since the storage and retrieval parts of the program were the least interesting components from the programmer's point of view, these parts of the program were frequently implemented very sloppily and were hideous sources of intractable bugs. This repeated observation convinced me that the study and implementation of database systems sat at the core of programming pragmatics, and that the state of the art as I saw it then required much improvement.

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Medium 9781781606728

L’artiste international

Patrick Bade Parkstone International ePub

Pour la jeunesse du village en revanche, latelier de Schiele tait un havre de bien-tre. Gtersloh dcrit ainsi lambiance dcontracte : Eh bien, ils dormaient, ils se reposaient des racles parentales, ils se vautraient paresseusement, ce quils navaient pas le droit faire chez eux... ; et ceci jusquau 13 avril 1912, jour o se produit un incident catastrophique. Le pre dune fille de 13 ans, qui stait enfuie de la maison et avait trouv refuge chez Schiele, dposa plainte contre Schiele pour enlvement. Bien que la plainte ait ensuite t retire, Schiele fut nanmoins arrt pour outrage aux bonnes murs et pour la propagation de dessins indcents . Heinrich Benesch, le dfenseur de Schiele, fait preuve de beaucoup de navet lorsquil crit : ...Lincident est d linsouciance de Schiele. Des ribambelles de petits garons et de petites filles venaient dans la pice o travaillait Schiele pour sy amuser. Cest l quils ont vu le dessin dune jeune fille nue. Obsd par son art, Schiele oublie toute pudeur, soulve les jupes des enfants endormis, surprend deux filles qui senlacent. Ltalage de sa propre vie intime, de mme que celle des autres, se transforme en expression artistique, une sorte de profession de foi, de sa propre authenticit. Lintimit et lespace public deviennent interchangeables. Carl Reininghausen, collectionneur des uvres de Schiele et homme trs influent, lui procure un avocat Vienne, mais en mme temps, il lui fait savoir quil lui refusera dsormais le tutoiement familier . Schiele passe 24 jours en dtention prventive Sankt Plten. Il dclare : Entraver lartiste relve du crime. Cela quivaut tuer une vie en gestation . Le sjour en prison le confirme, lui, lartiste, dans son rle de marginal. Cette unique orange tait mon seul rayon de lumire . Plusieurs autoportraits reprsentant Schiele prisonnier tmoignent de cette priode. Dans le prtoire, le juge brlera crmonieusement un des dessins immoraux. Schiele ragit par ce commentaire : Je ne me sens pas chti, mais purifi.

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Medium 9780596527754

10. The Main Interfaces of the Java Collections Framework

Maurice Naftalin O'Reilly Media ePub

Figure 10-1 shows the main interfaces of the Java Collections Framework, together with one other—Iterable—which is outside the Framework but is an essential adjunct to it. Its purpose is as follows:

Iterable defines the contract that a class has to fulfill for its instances to be usable with the foreach statement.

And the Framework interfaces have the following purposes:

Collection contains the core functionality required of any collection other than a map. It has no direct concrete implementations; the concrete collection classes all implement one of its subinterfaces as well.

Set is a collection, without duplicates, in which order is not significant. SortedSet automatically sorts its elements and returns them in order. NavigableSet extends this, adding methods to find the closest matches to a target element.

Queue is a collection designed to accept elements at its tail for processing, yielding them up at its head in the order in which they are to be processed. Its subinterface Deque extends this by allowing elements to be added or removed at both head and tail. Queue and Deque have subinterfaces, BlockingQueue and BlockingDeque respectively, that support concurrent access and allow threads to be blocked, indefinitely or for a maximum time, until the requested operation can be carried out.

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Medium 9780874252187

Activity 27 Opposite Poles

Donna Berry HRD Press PDF

Activity 27

50 Activities for Coaching/Mentoring


Step 1: Introduce the activity.


Divide the class into groups of five to seven participants each. Instruct the groups to develop a list of the most significant benefits of delegating and the two biggest problems associated with delegating. Each is to be written on a

3 x 5 index card.

Step 2: Conduct the activity.


Groups are to volunteer the benefits they listed, one at a time. Write each on the flipchart. When all the benefits have been listed, instruct the groups to exchange the problems they listed with those of another group. Give them 10 minutes to brainstorm ways of overcoming or minimizing the problems.

Step 3: Facilitate discussion.


At the end of 10 minutes, have each group volunteer the two or three solutions they like the most. List these on the flipchart, along with the

“problem” they attacked.

Note: This activity is useful for introducing many topics, especially those that may be perceived as having disadvantages such as counseling, criticizing, etc.

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Medium 9781591200932

7. Coenzyme Q10

Challem, Jack Basic Health Publications ePub


There is a lot of good anti-aging news about coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). This coenzyme (also known as ubiquinone) is a potent antioxidant found in the mitochondria of our muscles and organs, particularly in the heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. This coenzyme is made or synthesized by the body. In addition, it can be obtained through food sources that include animal meats and seafood.

CoQ10 acts as an antioxidant that helps to reduce age-related damage caused by free radicals. Perhaps even more important, it helps the body produce cellular energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). CoQ10 manufactures cellular energy by shuttling protons and electronswhich contain energyin the mitochondria. Its energy-producing function is so important that this powerful coenzyme has been compared to the spark plug of a carour bodies need CoQ10 to ignite our system, to get it going. However, as is the case with many nutrients, the levels of CoQ10 in the body decrease as we age.

Because of its powerful double function as an antioxidant and major energy producer, CoQ10 has been the subject of several scientific studies on a wide range of conditions. These studies have shown CoQ10 to be quite promising in a number of health-related areas, including improved appearance.

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