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Medium 9781847770684

For Virginia Woolf

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF


What others would see as a foreshadowing of, or

Beginning of Cubism was for you a mathematical problem

Worked out in sketches and later in paint. Then, where

Does the joy, the always-escaping ecstasy enter, that

Shiver along the skin, that unique excitement never to be

Sought or even hoped for? Maybe the problems presented by

Stone and light never seemed like such to you. Maybe

The solution was found and appeared like that fitful achieving

All artists recognise but will not try to explain for they

Are always moving off, always discarding. So you –

The lesson learnt and accepted as an intuition – approached

Other scenes, faces, objects with a new advantage now, though,

Analyst as you were, you probably, being ahead of what you had

Attained, were only after more surfaces to break, more

Appearances to probe, the rainbow to you being

What a syllogism is to a philosopher, only more so, more so since

It leads on, is not sealed off, solves according to the artist nothing at all finally, at least for him, above all not for him.

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Medium 9780874252484

23 Even Leaders Need toListen and Paraphrase

Lois Hart HRD Press, Inc. PDF

Trainer’s Notes



Trainer’s Notes


Overview .............................................................................................

A. Introduce the topic: “The focus of this activity is on the key communication skill of listening.”

1 min.

B. Overview: “You will review and practice listening skills with a partner and then join in a group discussion on how to apply the skills to leadership.”



“The objectives of this lesson are to demonstrate attentive behaviors and to practice paraphrasing.”

1 min.


Attentive Listening Skills...................................................................

A. Distribute Handout 23.1. Review the information on the handout and discuss it briefly. Demonstrate the position of the body that shows a person is paying attention (leaning forward with eye contact).

15 min.

B. Practice listening:

1. Have participants form pairs and position their chairs so they can show they are paying attention.

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Medium 9781935542773

Chapter 8 Challenge Practices That Confound the Meaning of Grades

Thomas R. Guskey Solution Tree Press ePub


Challenge Practices That Confound the Meaning of Grades

Conversations with teachers about grading typically reveal a staggeringly diverse array of policies and practices. All teachers, of course, begin by describing the various sources of information on students’ academic performance that they gather and summarize. But as discussed in chapter 6, most teachers also include evidence on student behaviors or actions that may have little or no relation to what students learned. Grading policies that include these nonachievement factors muddle and confound the meaning of grades. Yet strong evidence shows they occur in every subject area and at every grade level (McMillan, 2001; McMillan, Myran, & Workman, 2002).

School leaders are generally reluctant to question teachers on the inclusion of nonachievement factors in academic grades. Most consider such policies to be a part of well-established grading traditions. In addition, many school leaders acknowledge that grades represent a powerful means of control for teachers and accept teachers’ explanations that “if it doesn’t count, students won’t think it’s important.” Questioning grading policies also can be seen as challenging teachers’ academic freedom.

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Medium 9780946439362

6. Psycho-Analysis and the Current Economic Crisis

John D. Sutherland Karnac Books ePub


THE centenary of Sigmund Freud comes at a time of perplexing economic uncertainty. We have the spectacle of apparently irrational and self-destructive economic impulses at work causing inflation. This state of affairs would surely have attracted Freud’s scientific attention. Despite government exhortation, wage spiralling continues. And despite the fact that each wage increase no longer means any very real consequent gain in standard of livings there is no immediate sign of abatement of wage pressure.

One of the very important factors causing self-control of our economic relations to elude us is the perpetual conflict between rival wage-earning groups and between economic classes. The outcome of this conflict is to restore an unrecognised and unspecified, but nevertheless very delicate, balance in the level of our money-incomes relative to each other. The potency of this rivalry between us, arising in one region after another because of repeated disturbances in the pattern of real money differentials between groups, has become a menace to our economic survival.

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Medium 9781449383138

8. Improving Forms

Laurent, Simon St. O'Reilly Media ePub

Now that you can safely get information between your users and your applications, its time to examine some ways to do it better. Here are a few more features to explore:

Supporting file uploads, a common website feature that steps outside of the simple form field to database column mapping

Designing form builders, which make it easier to create forms that look the way you think they should, not the way Rails does it by default

Once youve figured out these pieces, youll have a reasonably complete understanding of the options Rails offers for creating classic web applications. Ajax still lies ahead, but the basics are still useful for a wide variety of situations.

Since were building a collection of people, it might be nice to know what they look like. Adding file uploads to Rails applications requires making changes in several different places:

The form for creating and editing a person needs a file upload field.

The model representing person data needs to handle the file data.

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