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Medium 9781576753606

10. Life Aligning Question Two: The Focus Question

James Steffen Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

ELEANOR SAID, I understand from Coach that both of you also feel frustrated because you never get it all done. Youre looking for better professional-personal life balance, and you want a method to bridge the gap between what you really want and your here-and-now actions. Is that right?

Thats right, said Carol. When we got married, we dreamed about spending a lot of time together. Now that we have two kids, of course, we need to spend time with them. There is always too much to do and we never get it all done. Eleanor, Im especially interested in hearing a womans point of view since you are the primary caregiver for your two children and have a career as the CEO of your own business.

Answering the purpose question—even in writing— was not an immediate solution for me. To go straight from my written life purpose to doing my next most important action seems like an impossible jump. I feel I need something in between. Plus, I get a lot of little to-dos each day. How do I fit those in when Im supposed to be focusing on my life purpose?

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Medium 9781933952406

23. Data Quality

Christian Mehrwald Rocky Nook-IPS ePub

There is the danger with all processing steps in extraction and staging that erroneous data will be supplied to SAP BW or that it will be prepared erroneously in BW. This applies to master data as well as to transactional data.

To make sure erroneous data doesn’t make its way to the user, BW offers numerous options within the staging process to avoid or recognize different errors, both content and technical errors.

The basis (or rather the result) of each form of quality assurance is a status management view that displays the quality status of a request. Depending on the status, requests that depend on the start of subsequent processes in standard operations can be evaluated or requests for the data analysis can be released.

Each extraction and data transfer process is equipped with its own overall status, which describes the processing status as well as the status of the respective request in the target structure. The differentiation of request status and the data target status as it was used up to release 3.x is no longer required for staging in BW 7 since the data target and request have a 1:1 relation.166

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Medium 9780596006877

9. Fun Bots

Paul Mutton O'Reilly Media ePub

IRCcan be dull without a little silliness thrown in for good measure. Not all bots have to serve a serious, clearly defined purpose, and this chapter aims to prove that.

Adventure gamers may find the DiceBot useful, as it can be used to simulate dice rolls, allowing the results to be seen by everybody in the channel. This reduces the chance of cheating on Internet-wide games, and bored users can even push their luck with the Russian roulette subgame built into the bot. While they are playing their games, they can use the egg timer bot to help them cook the perfect egg and remind them when to take it off the boil.

A great way of learning (OK, wasting time) on IRC is to join a channel with a trivia bot. These bots ask questions and award points to the first person to guess the correct answer. This chapter shows you how to make your own basic trivia bot, leaving plenty of room for extra features if you want to add them. If any of the questions are of a mathematical nature, you could even use the MathBot described in this chapter to help you out. Just dont rely on an artificial intelligence bot to make too much sense if you ask it for help, as the one described in this chapter is hardly likely to beat the Turing Test.

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Medium 9780861966820

Post Snowman

Beardmore, Marie John Libbey Publishing ePub


With the success of The Snowman, Channel 4 clamoured for a sequel, and John and Raymond were adamant that was not going to happen, as Raymond said, “he melted!”. John’s view hasn’t changed since then: “You can’t repeat The Snowman and do it better and if you try, you will fall flat on your face.” Though he did give an answer to Channel 4’s demands for a sequel to The Snowman, namely The Bear.

The success of The Snowman had taken everyone by surprise, John especially. The big change for him as a consequence was after years of producing for other people suddenly he owned the rights, or at least a good share of them. “It’s made me richer and able to relax because there’s always a steady income”, he admits. On a more general level, he had proved that the half hour special could be commercially successful, and that producers didn’t always need to make series. They could indeed make a one off piece.

There were other Snowman spin-offs for John. Suddenly, after the rave reviews and general acknowledgement within the industry, everyone wanted him to produce their shows, but John had waited so long to make his own films, he wasn’t about to change tack now; the BBC/EBU Animals of Farthing Wood was just one of many job offers he turned down.

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Medium 9781588438188

Setting Priorities

Norton, Clark Hunter Publishing ePub

While Alaska cruises have many similarities, there are also considerable differences - in cost, itineraries, length, ship size and type, and cruise line "personality," among other factors. This section will help you decide which cruise is right for you. 

Tip: While travel agents can be very helpful in deciding this question, don't take their word as gospel. Some agents favor certain cruise lines, either because they make greater profit when selling those lines or simply because they suit their own personal taste. For instance, a travel agent who wouldn't dream of taking an expedition-style cruise might try to steer you in the direction of taking a mainstream line even if that's not what you want. Similarly, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends can be a big help - but don't take them as gospel either, especially if your friends' traveling style or budgets are different from yours. 

The most important thing is for you to establish your own priorities, and work from there. Here are some key considerations: 

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