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Medium 9781601323248

Traffic Control by Digital Imaging Cameras

Slice PDF December 15, 2014

Int'l Conf. IP, Comp. Vision, and Pattern Recognition | IPCV'14 |


Traffic Control by Digital Imaging Cameras

Rowa’a Jamal, Karmel Manaa, Maram Rabee’a, Loay Khalaf

Electrical Engineering Department, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan

Abstract— Traffic Control is considered one of the fastest developing technologies in the world. One such method is control by traffic cameras. The first cameras installed for traffic monitoring were developed in the 1960s. This development led to the growth of multi-purpose traffic cameras in several countries across the world. The scope of this report is concentrated on producing a traffic control camera, which can be installed at crossroads with traffic lights. Algorithms for speed detection, and license plate recognition, are described and their performance is evaluated.

Keywords— Image processing, traffic camera, plate’s recognition, traffic.

1 Introduction

they have advantages over film cameras in speed monitoring.

However, film-based systems may provide superior image quality in the variety of lighting conditions encountered on roads. New film-based systems are still being used, but digital ones are providing greater proficiency, lower maintenance and are now more popular.

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Medium 9781449390471

6. The Power of Playlists

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

A playlist is a group of songs you gather from your iTunes library that you think go well together. You can include pretty much any set of tunes arranged in any order. For example, if youre having a party, you can make playlists out of the current Top 40 downloads or the dance music in your iTunes library. If youre in a 1960s Brit-girl pop mood, you can whip together the hits of Dusty Springfield, Lulu, and Petula Clark. Some people may question your taste if you, say, mix tracks from La Bohme with Queens A Night at the Opera, but heyits your playlist.

Creating playlists has become something of an art form since the iPod arrived in 2001. You can find books filled with sample playlists. Academics around the world write papers about group dynamics and cultural identity after studying how people create playlistsand which ones they choose to share with others. You can publish your own playlists in the iTunes Store (see Publish Your Own Playlists (iMixes)) so others can bear witness to your mixing prowess. Some nightclubs even invite people to hook up their iPods so they can share their playlists with the dance-floor audience.

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Medium 9781855750944

2. Working systemically

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Working systemically

This chapter deals with the methodological, operational (i.e. indications, diagnosis, goals, duration), ethical, and philosophical issues of individual systemic therapy.


In the early 1970s, at our Centre (Selvini Palazzoli et al., 1978a), the original Milan team used to draw a clear distinction between family therapy and individual therapy, and chose to do family therapy with all clients referred. There were only a very few exceptions. For example, if during family therapy some family members did not want to continue therapy, the team would eventually decide to go on working with one individual, who usually happened to be the person who had made the request for therapy or, sometimes, the identified patient. Nonetheless, the meetings with the one client alone were still defined as family therapy sessions, in order to avoid transferring the label of “patient” from the family to the individual.

At that time, the indications for individual therapy as such came down to only two. The first was when the client did not want to come with his family and put this condition as the sine qua non for initiating therapy. The second was when the client could not bring his family members or spouse, either because they refused to participate or because they were unable to for organizational, logistic, or financial reasons. Nonetheless, this was an uncommon situation, since our Centre was known as a private institution that specialized in family and couple therapy, and therefore the clients were referred and motivated by other professional to come as a family or as a couple. The clinical context was different for our trainees; at their workplace, they often had to make compromises, especially if they worked for public health agencies in which psychotherapy was traditionally done with individual clients rather than families.

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Medium 9781601322548

Improved Strategy for TZSearch Algorithm

Slice PDF November 10, 2014


Int'l Conf. IP, Comp. Vision, and Pattern Recognition | IPCV'13 |

Improved Strategy for TZSearch Algorithm

Shan Wang*1, Siqi Sun1, Wenfeng Shen1, Weimin Xu1 and Yanheng Zheng1

School of Computer Engineering and Science, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China


Abstract - TZSearch algorithm is a fast search algorithm

proposed in the extended standard of H.264/AVC [3].

which is adopted in multiview video coding. In this paper,

JMVC [4,5], the corresponding test model, exploits the

improved methods for TZSearch algorithm are proposed.

temporal and spatial information of images to implement

The octagon-based search pattern is used to replace the

motion estimation in encoding multiview video. To

8-point diamond search pattern (or 8-point square search

reduce the bitrate while maintaining the PSNR of

pattern) in the initial search step of TZSearch algorithm.

multiview video, motion estimation occupies a large

In addition, a threshold is set up to terminate the initial

amount of time consuming while encoding multiview

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Medium 9781588433688

Eastern Panamá Province

Slice ePub May 25, 2014

2nd Edition

Patricia Katzman

Hunter Publishing, Inc.

 Hunter Publishing, Inc.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the written permission of the publisher.

This guide focuses on recreational activities. As all such activities contain elements of risk, the publisher, author, affiliated individuals and companies disclaim any responsibility for any injury, harm, or illness that may occur to anyone through, or by use of, the information in this book. Every effort was made to insure the accuracy of information in this book, but the publisher and author do not assume, and hereby disclaim, any liability or any loss or damage caused by errors, omissions, misleading information or potential travel problems caused by this guide, even if such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident or any other cause.

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