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Medium 9781617835544

Gibbon Territory

Source: Gibbons
Slice PDF May 08, 2014

Medium 9781855752955

CHAPTER SIX: Psychiatry: antisocial personality disorder

Slice ePub May 25, 2014

“What follows, down to the last detail, is my precise memory of those events, for ever engraved on my mind through all my suffering. I shall describe what happened—between two zones of darkness … Here is the scene of the murder just as I experienced it. Suddenly I was up and in my dressing-gown at the foot of the bed in my flat at the Ecole normale … it was almost nine o’clock on Sunday the sixteenth … Helene, also in a dressing-gown, lay before me on her back. Her pelvis was resting on the edge of the bed, her legs dangled on the carpet. Kneeling beside her, leaning across her body, I was massaging her neck … I pressed my thumbs into the hollow at the top of her breastbone and then, still pressing, slowly moved them both, one to the left, the other to the right, up towards her ears where the flesh was hard. I continued massaging her in a V-shape. The muscles in my forearms began to feel very tired … Helene’s face was calm and motionless; her eyes were open and staring at the ceiling. Suddenly, I was terror-struck. Her eyes stared interminably, and I noticed the tip of her tongue was showing between her teeth and lips, strange and still. I had seen dead bodies before, of course, but never in my life looked into the face of someone who had been strangled. Yet I knew she had been strangled. But how? I stood up and screamed: ‘I’ve strangled Helene!’“

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Medium 9780596520762

Starting NFS Services

Slice PDF May 27, 2014


some cases, however, you’ll need an option or two. Here are a few useful options:


Specifies that the directory should be read-only. Unless you add the

-ro option, NFS clients are allowed to write to the exported directory, subject to standard Unix permissions of course.


By default, remote access from the root user is treated as though the remote userid is nobody. This prevents abuse by remote superusers, but can be annoying when you are doing useful work as root. Add the option -maproot=root to allow root to read and write files with full root privileges. This gives total control to anyone with root privileges on a remote machine, so try to avoid using this option if you can.


By default, NFS clients must mount the same directory that is exported.

For example, if the server exports /usr, the client cannot mount /usr/ local. To remove this restriction, use the -alldirs option.

Starting NFS Services

What follows are basic instructions for starting NFS without rebooting your system. Unless you are already using NFS for another reason, we do not recommend that you permanently enable NFS. Instead, start and stop it as necessary to reduce your exposure to potential security issues.

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Medium 9781782201656

Chapter Eight: Psycho-Somatic Illness and Communication

Slice ePub November 15, 2014

An intellectual hyper-function

In the preceding chapter, we analysed a particular aspect of the false self, that which Winnicott calls “the pathological formation of the split-off intellect”—pathological being the important word here. In fact, as we have seen, the infant very quickly transforms an imperfect environment to an adequate environment by his capacity of thought. According to Winnicott, it is a normal process “taking part in the maintenance and re-creation of that environment” (Winnicott, 1988). Let us not forget that the infant “creates the world at the same time as he encounters it”. By “pathological formation” Winnicott means an intellectual hyperfunctioning set in place by the self as protection against confusion and disorder. And what he calls “psyche” in the expression “psyche-soma” is the “imaginative elaboration of somatic parts, feelings and functions” (Winnicott, 1949b, p. 243) elaboration which is an activity that is directly dependent on the reliability of the environment and its ability to permit a continuity of being.

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Medium 9781449311605

Vendor Documentation

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

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