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8. The Third Attack on An Loc

Source: Hell in An Loc
Slice PDF May 18, 2014


The Third Attack on An Loc

In early May, intelligence reports confirmed that two regiments of the NVA 5th Division, the E6 and the 174th, had moved from their location south of Loc Ninh to the Doi Gio-Hill 169 area southeast of An Loc. This area was abandoned by the 1st Airborne

Brigade after the 6th Battalion was overrun by superior NVA forces on April 20. There were also reports that elements of the 9th Division were occupying new positions southwest of the city and the

141st and 165th Regiments of the 7th Division had moved from their blocking positions in the vicinity of Tau O on Route 13 to an area just three kilometers south of An Loc.

During the night of May 5, the enemy launched a probing attack on the 81st Commando Group positions. The fighting lasted until dawn. The enemy left many dead on the barbed wire on the defense perimeter. In the pocket of each dead body the commandos found a small piece of paper inscribed with the following words:

“At all costs, capture the 5th Division commander alive, raise the flag of victory.”1

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Twelve: Organization Development Scholar-Practitioners: Between Scholarship and Practice

Slice ePub May 15, 2014


WE BEGIN THIS CHAPTER by stipulating that academic-practitioner relationships and the ability of academics to communicate with practitioners matter deeply. We and many others hope very much that academics’ research findings can help to facilitate more effective management practice (e.g., Bartunek, 2003, 2007; Hambrick, 1994; Huff, 2000; McGregor, 1960; Rousseau, 2006; Rynes, Bartunek, & Daft, 2001; Schein, 1965, 2009a, 2009b; Van de Ven, 2002, 2007; Van de Ven & Johnson, 2006). We also hope that academics can learn from practitioners (Bartunek, 2007; Schein, 2009a, 2009b; Van de Ven, 2007).

Nevertheless, we realize that accomplishing such improved communication is not easy. As Pettigrew (2001, S61) stated, “If the duty of the intellectual in society is to make a difference, the management research community has a long way to go to realize its potential.” Regardless of its difficulty, attempting to have scholarly findings facilitate practice and practice facilitate scholarly learning is important. Bad management is tangibly damaging (Adler & Jermier, 2005; Ghoshal, 2005; Rousseau, 2006), and if academics do not speak, less rigorously developed—but much more effectively marketed—knowledge (cf. Ernst & Kieser, 2002) is going to be virtually the only source of management knowledge for practitioners.

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Medium 9780892725854

Franklin Island Light

Slice ePub January 01, 2002

Franklin Island Light deserves lots of respect as the third-oldest workhorse light in Maine—but Franklin gets little love or admiration.

Franklin was built by order of President Thomas Jefferson, almost Two hundred years ago. Started in 1803, the light has been flashing across Muscongus Bay since it was finished in 1807. Only Portland Head Light (1791) and Seguin (1795) are older than Franklin. It is a testimony of how important the shipping trade that sailed through the general area of Monhegan, Friendship, Port Clyde, and Pemaquid was to our young nation.

The light at Monhegan was not built until 1824, and the light at Pemaquid was not started until 1827. Two other Maine lights, the nearby light at Whitehead (1804) and the light at West Quoddy Head, close to the border with Canada (1808), are of the same vintage as Franklin Light. And in 1855, when Franklin Pierce—the Bowdoin graduate—was president, Franklin Light was improved and rebuilt.

TWenty-seven of Maine’s lights were not built until after Franklin had been rebuilt. These facts indicate how busy coastal shipping was in this part of midcoast Maine, and how great a danger were the myriad ledges around Franklin. For these reasons, Franklin merits respect. Keepers manned this light for 160 years, until it was automated in 1967.

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Displaying Slideshows

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Figure 2-8. Viewing a photo in full screen

You need iPhoto 4.0.3 and above if you want to synchronize photos using iPhoto.

To synchronize with iPhoto, in the iPod options window, select the Photos tab and check the “Synchronize photos from” option and select iPhoto (see Figure 2-9).

Note that if you have previously chosen to synchronize from a folder and now change to synchronize with iPhoto (or if you change from iPhoto to a folder), all the photos on your iPod photo will be deleted.

In the warning dialog that follows, click OK if you want to delete all your current photos in your iPod photo (see Figure 2-10).

You will now be able to choose to copy all photos and albums, or selectively copy the selected albums only (see Figure 2-11). Check the “Include full-resolution photos” option to copy the photos in their full-resolutions.

Displaying Slideshows

Once the photos are transferred to your iPod photo, you can view a slideshow of the photos by selecting the photo album that you want to view (see Figure 2-12).

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Medium 9781609948139


Slice ePub May 15, 2014

Progressive Sweatshop

The Bright Young Lad came up for his job interview in the fall of 1987. Charles M. Chuck Lacy was stuck in an unsatisfying job when a friend, Jeff Furman, told him that Ben & Jerrys needed managers. Chuck was twenty-nine, had an MBA from Cornell, and was newly married. He loved the Green Mountains, and he also liked what he saw at Waterbury. They had courage, he said. Also, they were hilarious.

Ben and Chico called Chuck the bright young lad and saved up jobs as they waited for him to arrive. Chuck spent his first day looking for the keys to the Cowmobile, a mobile ice cream stand, because it hadnt been started in a while. He asked Chico if he could see a copy of the budget, and Chico told him that they didnt really have a very good budget yet, and they definitely should, so why didnt Chuck write a better one? He was appointed director of safety on his second day, after a worker fell off a ladder and broke a bone. It was a baptism of fire, but also exciting, he said. Ben was intense and inspiring and also kind of mysterious. Chico had a magic touchpeople would do anything for him. And the company was just exploding.

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