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Medium 9781847776273

The Reckoning

C. H. Sisson Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

The Reckoning

My life dates from the day of my father’s death

When I lay weeping and it was not for him.

Now I am to continue the degenerescence

Until I enter his dream.

There is nothing a drink cannot settle at forty

Or money at fifty, the cure of all is death.

But all lovers can remember a moment

When they were not alone.

From a Train

Two on a railway bank

They do not need their own thoughts

Their organs hanging on the verge.

The hanging gardens of Babylon

Flower in vast space between their legs

They crouch with great knees side by side.

Hands laced across the shoulders O

The light electrical touch of reason

O need they give each other names?

Go home at last to parents’ eyes

The spirit unscaling as you go

Unlace those arms and be alone.

What you will not believe as you lie down

And call on God for the fornication you did not dare

Is that by chastity you have begun your age.

This loneliness will become your natural condition

When everything has been added and taken away

You will be left with a small grit which is yourself.

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Medium 9781576759707

1 Fire for Better or Worse

Larry Dressler Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

It was a familiar feeling—tightness in my chest and the back of my neck. This told me it was time to breathe, trust, let go of attachment to outcome, listen deeply to what was going on, and test things that might or might not go well.

—Gibran Rivera
Senior Associate,
Interaction Institute for Social Change

GROUP FIRE IS THE STATE IN WHICH a situation feels uncomfortable, emotionally heated, intense, and perhaps quite personal. Fire is as pervasive in human interactions as it is in nature—and just as necessary. In this chapter we will learn to recognize different forms of group fire, appreciating both the productive or destructive qualities of high-heat meetings. We’ll also examine the ways in which our habits of thinking, emotional hot buttons, and egos make us vulnerable to unwise thoughts and actions when we are standing in the heat of human interaction.

We see fire in the halls of government and in the hallways of our elementary schools. It shows up when the leaders of our churches, synagogues, and mosques gather. We feel the fire at town council meetings and industry conferences. When historic adversaries, diverse ethnic groups, and world leaders come together, we expect and usually get fire. When industry leaders, elected officials, scholars, social activists, and citizens come together to deliberate pressing issues like hunger, climate change, and national security, we witness the fire.

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Medium 9780596100520

18. 802.11 on the Macintosh

Matthew Gast O'Reilly Media ePub

Apple Computer has been a key player in establishing the market for 802.11 equipment. Most companies in the 802.11 market saw their contributions in terms of standards committee activity and technology development. Apple contributed by distilling complex technology into an easy-to-use form factor and applying its mass- marketing expertise.

In 1999, 802.11 was a promising technology that had demonstrated its value in a few narrow markets. 802.11 interfaces cost around $300, and access points were around $1,000. Apple saw the promise in the technology and moved aggressively, releasing $300 access points and $99 interfaces. With a new competitor suddenly pricing the gear at a third of the prevailing price, other vendors were forced to drop prices dramatically, and the market took off. Prices have been dropping ever since.

Apples cards are branded with the name AirPort. AirPort refers to the first-generation 802.11b network interfaces, while AirPort Extreme is used to refer to newer 802.11g-based hardware. (Due to a focus on small offices and home offices, Apple does not sell 802.11a hardware.) This chapter discusses only the AirPort Extreme hardware, although the differences in configuration and management are vanishingly small. In addition to easy configuration of the wireless interface, the Apple 802.1X supplicant is the easiest to configure. The 802.1X supplicant was included for the first time in OS X 10.3, better known to most of the world by its code name of Panther.

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Medium 9781855755123

11. The aesthetics of cross-cultural therapeutic interaction

Nora Ahlberg Karnac Books ePub

Challenging the Neutrality of the Therapist's role

In order to gain a better understanding of the dialectical interaction of inner and outer life worlds surrounding cross-cultural therapies, I will now compare certain cultural concepts prevalent in the iranian context with some of the emerging (western-style) therapeutic working alliances and, by extension, the transference reactions of these therapies. Killingmo's (1984) exposition of the principles of dynamic psychotherapy will be used as a benchmark for clarifying the process involved. In a paper on the relationship between theory and technique in psychodynamic therapy, he draws some important demarcation lines, while at the same time criticising the widespread eclecticism in therapeutic interventions “for confusing the principles of validation”. This is because, in his view, such a situation invites dubious practice without the necessary measures of control embedded in an articulated theory.

Although the structure and content of therapy may vary, enabling the patient to re-connect with the good objects of the past is considered to be the most important feature of psychodynamic therapy with those who have survived torture or other forms of organised social violence1. Because perverted forms of interpersonal relationships have explicitly caused their symptoms, recovery suggests some form of correcting affiliation. In this sense, according to psychotherapeutic thinking, there has to be a similarity between the pathology formation and the curative process. What is more, real life is not thought to possess, in itself, the power to erase such horrendous imprints of the past, which insidiously spill over into and contaminate the present. The undoing of such malignant experiences within the confines of psy-chodynamic therapy therefore presupposes the role of a neutral therapist who refuses to be exposed in order to remain ‘a blank screen’ for the reconstruction of the misrepresentations of the past. The patient will come to regard the therapist as some significant figure in their past, and transfer onto the therapist feelings and reactions, which undoubtedly applied to that particular prototype.

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Medium 9781576336670

"V" Words: SAT Essential Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub

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