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Medium 9781449311056

7. Installing Nova

Ken Pepple O'Reilly Media ePub

With the basics and theory behind us, it is time to get hands-on with Nova and install the code on a server. In this chapter, we will walk through the installation and configuration of Nova on a single node with both the StackOps distro and Ubuntu packages. Youll get a feeling for the complexities of implementing your design choices in actual usage. While these installations will be only single nodes, they will contain the entire array of OpenStack software and features.

As we described back in StackOps, StackOps provides a distro for OpenStack with a bare metal installer. The bare metal installer automates most of the installation and configuration tasks, leaving very little command line or configuration file editing for the administrator. It will install an operating system, necessary software packages, and Nova configuration files for us.

Installing StackOps will overwrite any operating system on your server. It is not intended to overlay Nova onto already installed servers.

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Medium 9781742208732

Richmond, Kew & Hampton Court

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub


Richmond, Kew & Hampton Court


For more detail of this area see Neigbourhood Map »

Listening out for poltergeists along the galleries and vaults of majestic Hampton Court Palace before getting lost in the maze.

Plunging into the luxuriant green expanses, wooded thickets and tropical foliage of Kew Gardens.

Turning your back on urban London to discover a pristine pocket of wilderness at the London Wetland Centre.

Sinking a pint of beer at the historic riverside White Cross pub while trying to avoid being cut off by the high tide.

Exploring London’s wild side, roaming at will around the verdant environs of Richmond Park.

If anywhere in London could be described as a village, Richmond – with its delightful green, riverside vistas and handsome architecture – is it. But the entire southwest from Putney to Twickenham is a refreshing alternative to central London’s urban density. When the weather is fine, few London diversions can top time spent upriver by the Thames – whether exploring the major sights, walking along the riverbank or poking your head into a historic waterside pub. And if you really warm to the charms of London’s green southwest, you’ll also find a few lovely hotels to look after you.

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Medium 9781783101641

Hageville 11th December 14

Franz Marc Parkstone International ePub
Medium 9781588438690

Deep Creek Lake

Norman Renouf Hunter Publishing ePub

To the northwest - squeezed between the lake and the mountains, and next to the small town of McHenry - there is the Wisp Resort. This is truly a place for all seasons. In the winter, you'll enjoy an extensive network of 23 slopes and trails, totaling 14 miles over 80 acres of ski-friendly terrain. The maximum elevation is 3,080 feet, with a 610-foot vertical drop. The Wisp's slopes, rated 20% beginner, 50% intermediate and 30% advanced, are serviced by two triple chairlifts, three double chairlifts and a poma lift. These get you back to the top quickly, so you can spend your time skiing - not waiting in line. Night skiing and snowboarding are also offered, as are rentals of the very best equipment. If you need lessons, they have that covered, too; the Wisp Ski School, operated by Austrian instructors, is PSIA-certified. And don't be concerned about a lack of snow; Wisp uses a 100% airless snow-making system that can cover 90% of the slopes in four days.

During the warmer seasons enjoy the resort's 7,122-yard, 18-hole championship golf course, one of the top 10 in Maryland. Before teeing-off, you can practice on the driving range and putting green. Mountain bikes are on hand to facilitate your enjoyment of this beautiful location; just make sure you avoid the groundhogs and steer clear of the resident bears. (That's one kind of hug you can do without!) As a new feature, in-line skates are now available for rent. And you can take advantage of the Olympic-sized indoor pool any time of year.

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Medium 9780596154509

Defining Functions

Mitchell L Model O'Reilly Media ePub

New functions are defined with function definition statements. A definition is a compound statement, meaning it comprises more than one line of code. We will see other kinds of compound statements later, especially in Chapter4. The first line of each compound statement ends with a colon. Subsequent lines are indented relative to the first.

The standard practice is to indent by four spaces, and you should adhere to that rule. Also, do not use tab characters since they confuse Pythons indentation computations.

statement: Function Definition

Definition statements have the general form:

where body is one or more statements, each indented relative to the line with the def. The parameter-list is a (possibly empty) list of names. If there is more than one parameter in the list, they are separated by commas.

When one function calls another, Python records the call from the first function and passes control to the second. If that one calls a third, its call would be recorded and control passed to the third. The record of a call includes the location of the function call in the callers code so that when a function regains control it can continue executing the code following the function call. Figure2-3 illustrates how function calling works, with the curved arrows representing the call records.

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