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Medium 9781855750081

CHAPTER EIGHT: The negative therapeutic reaction

Slice ePub May 24, 2014

The clinical concept of the negative therapeutic reaction has been included in this book for a number of reasons. It is a concept of particular importance in the history of psychoanalysis, for it represents the clinical phenomenon chosen by Freud (1923b) to illustrate the workings of an ‘unconscious sense of guilt’ and to indicate the existence of what he conceived of as a special mental agency—the superego. Moreover, it is a concept widely used in clinical psychoanalysis, and significant papers have been written on the subject since Freud’s original formulation. Unlike such concepts as transference (chapters four and five) and acting out (chapter nine), it has not been extensively applied outside clinical psychoanalysis. This may be regarded as surprising in view of the fact that it would seem to be readily applicable without alteration to a wide variety of clinical situations.

The phenomenon of the negative therapeutic reaction in psychoanalytic treatment was first described and explained by Freud (1923b):

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Medium 9781847772626

Looting Roses

Slice PDF May 12, 2015

Looting Roses

It is a delicate thing to approach old women with a wagging finger in a foreign country – one in particular, woman that is – telling them not to steal roses.

She turns her face like a library shelf

(all dormant romance and discoloration) to take me in, in all my nerve to have ruined a good story.

The thorns in hand are suddenly staged.

But I am not the Queen of Hearts, outraged and fingering for wet paint; and it is not a good story, I berate, to have cut those rose heads off at the neck in however narrow daylight.

Now is not the time to remember the full minute of consciousness said to follow beheading. The frown line feels like full-force riot armour.

It is as appalling a story as the disenfranchised pigs attempting to overthrow the farm; looting the barn for muck and Apples.

It is grim as that entitlement and worse perhaps, since roses don’t arrive by way of conveyor belt, but by time, bruised knee, love-labour.

The left stems are like torn nails too: rough and threatening to rip apart the fleece of social order.

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Medium 9781935249573

Chapter 1: Common Language Assessment

Slice ePub September 07, 2014

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations.


Language forms the heart of instruction; thus, all Since language is also a distinguishing characteristic of English learners, educators must be sensitive to students’ language development. This opening chapter introduces common language embedded within instruction and, in doing so, affords teachers and school leaders opportunities to set realistic language expectations for students within grade-level, content-driven instruction. It helps explain how language impacts the performance of language learners from classroom to classroom, highlights the challenges English learners face every day in school, and offers a teacher-driven data source for decision making.

Organizing Principle: common language assessmemt enable teachers and school leaders to set and measure language expecations for language learners across classrooms.

Lead Question: How does common language assessment contribute to understanding the performance of English learners in school?

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Medium 9780976751649


Slice PDF January 04, 2014

Medium 9781780420387

Librerías eróticas: entre el anonimato y la audacia

Slice PDF June 09, 2014

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