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Medium 9781449363758

18. Security and Encryption

David Sklar O'Reilly Media ePub

Web application security is an important topic that attracts attention from both the developers who create web applications and the attackers who try to exploit them. As a PHP developer, your applications are sure to be the target of many attacks, and you need to be prepared.

A large number of web application vulnerabilities are due to a misplaced trust in data provided by third parties. Such data is known as input, and it should be considered tainted until proven otherwise. If you display tainted data to your users, you create cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. Avoiding Cross-Site Scripting explains how to avoid these by escaping your output. If you use tainted data in your SQL queries, you can create SQL injection vulnerabilities. Eliminating SQL Injection shows you how to eliminate these.

When using data provided by third parties, including the data provided by your users, it is important to first verify that it is valid. This process is known as filtering, and Ensuring Input Is Filtered shows you how to guarantee that all input is filtered.

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Medium 9780596005467


Jay Ts O'Reilly Media PDF

-O socket_options

Sets the TCP/IP socket options, using the same parameters as the socket options configuration option. Often used for performance tuning and testing.


Causes log files to be overwritten when opened (the opposite of -a). This option saves you from hunting for the right log entries if you are performing a series of tests and inspecting the log file each time.

-p port_number

Sets the UDP port number from which the server accepts requests. Currently, all Microsoft clients use only the default port, 137.

-s configuration_file

Specifies the location of the Samba configuration file.

Although the file defaults to /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf, you can override it here on the command line. Typically used for debugging.


Prints the current version of Samba.

winbindd winbindd [options]

The winbindd daemon is part of the winbind service and is used to allow Unix systems to obtain user and group information from a

Windows NT/2000 server. Winbind maps Windows relative IDs

(RIDs) to Unix UIDs and GIDs and allows accounts stored on the

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Medium 9781607321897

4. The Digital Graveyard

Neil L. Whitehead University Press of Colorado ePub

Online Social Networking Sites as Vehicles of Remembrance

Jenny Ryan

This is the use of memory: for liberation—not less of love but expanding of love beyond desire, and so liberation from the future as well as the past.


Only the Lonelyhearts of the world expect a personal reply from the movie, phonograph record, or radio program. Or to be more precise, we are all Lonelyhearts inasmuch [as] we “interact” with books, pets, infants, or distant correspondents.


In October 2007, my grandmother was diagnosed with the cancer that led to her eventual death the following spring.3 A devoted mother of fourteen children, she, along with her children, grappled with many difficult spiritual and medical decisions throughout her illness. One evening I witnessed firsthand the incredible unity and strength that comes about in the toughest of life’s challenges and the capacity for technology to extend the possibilities for collectively coping with them. Ten of my aunts and uncles took part in a conference call to discuss plans and options: my mother, a nurse, gave medical advice; my uncle Joe, manager of a medical supply company, arranged the delivery of a special bed; my aunt Mary, who works for an insurance company, discussed insurance options; my uncle Jack, a devout Christian, had been researching spiritual healing centers; and my grandmother interjected often with words of love, faith, and strength. Fueled by a desire to help, I realized that I could tap into my specific area of expertise, online social media. In a matter of hours, I set up a public wiki and encouraged my family members to write in the communal blog, to help in the creation of an extensive address book, and to arrange visits on a digital calendar. The wiki was quickly adopted by a substantial majority of my family, including the many out-of-town grandchildren. It became a source of ongoing updates about my grandmother’s condition, and the calendar proved particularly useful for organizing a continuous stream of visits and appointments. When she passed away, my family continued to regularly update the blog with tales of their daily struggles, fond memories of the past, inspirational quotes, and Biblical passages. They also posted photographs and videos. The site became a living memorial, a collective archive of personal remembrances, simultaneously shaping and shaped by their very inscription.

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Medium 9781855753082


Bruce Hauptmann Karnac Books ePub

George Lyward

George Lyward was as original and eccentric an educator– therapist as Winnicott a paediatrician–psychoanalyst. Turning down the headmastership of one of England’s most prestigious public schools, he ran, instead, a community for gifted misfits in a rambling old house set in large grounds in Kent countryside near Tenterden. Many of the boys were ill. Some of his unorthodox but effective methods are described in Mr Lyward’s Answer (Burn, 1953).

John Bowlby suggested I visit there, along with identifying other unconventional educational establishments. At that stage I did not know that he had himself been a teacher in a residential school, but in retrospect I acknowledge my debt to Bowlby who was responsible for ensuring that I did not overlook the immense importance of school life in the practice of child psychiatry. Both Bowlby and Winnicott, as well as Sutherland and Derek Miller, accepted and practised the extension of psychoanalytic thinking to include a critical analysis of society as playing a weighty role in the construction of influences on an individual and his family’s inner world. Lyward (1958), like Winnicott, would deliver himself of sage but cryptic comments and questions: “Consider the function of the full stop” might occupy a morning’s discussion; or “The answer to the management of delinquent behaviour lies in time and space”, reminiscent in its koanic qualities of Winnicott’s “We must remember the creativity of salivation” (Issroff, 1993).

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Medium 9781449388225

14. Graphics

Nahavandipoor, Vandad O'Reilly Media ePub

The iOS SDK allows programmers to work with Quartz Core, which is encapsulated in the Core Graphics framework. In this chapter, we will use the Core Graphics framework extensively, so please make sure you have this framework added to your Xcode project by following these steps:

Find the Frameworks item in your Xcode project hierarchy and right-click on it.

Choose AddExisting Frameworks.

Hold down the Command key and select the CoreGraphics.framework and QuartzCore.framework frameworks.

Click the Add button.

In this chapter, we will be using functions and methods available in the Core Graphics and Quartz Core frameworks. Quartz 2D is the engine in the Core Graphics framework that allows us to draw sophisticated shapes, paths, images, and so on.

Make sure you import both frameworks into your source files whenever needed, like so:

Almost all the recipes in this chapter make use of the drawRect: method of an instance of UIView. This method gets called whenever a view has to be drawn. The only parameter to this method is of type CGRect, which tells you the rectangular area where you are supposed to be doing your painting. Please refrain from painting anything that is off this rectangle, as this will decrease the performance of your application.

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