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Medium 9780596005535

Hack #39. Text Editing with Emacs on Your TiVo

Slice ePub May 29, 2014
<p><strong>Nothing says text editing like Emacs, the other default Unix editor</strong>.</p><p> Ask anybody in any Linux forum which editor is better, vi or Emacs, and you're bound to start a brawl. People love vi due to its simplicity, while Emacs people complain that using vi is too limiting. vi people complain that Emacs is bloated; Emacs people complain that vi is nonintuitive.</p><p>Let's fan the flames of this particularly geeky religious war by bringing TiVo users into the debate, shall we?</p><p> The version of Emacs for TiVo is actually called JASSPA's MicroEmacs, freely downloadable from The full version of Emacs with all its ELisp files is going to be a little too much for your TiVo. Think of MicroEmacs as a version of Emacs that is packaged to be small enough to fit on one floppy.</p><p> For the TiVo, Greg Sadaway compiled <code>nanoemacs</code>, the smallest MicroEmacs you can get for the TiVo, and made it available at;id=44. Grab yourself a copy, move it over to your TiVo [Hack #36], and drop it into the <em>/var/hack/bin</em> directory.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/362740-tivo-hacks-100-industrial-strength-tips-tools">See more</a>

Medium 9781847770936

Dreaming the Dead

Slice PDF February 23, 2015
<p>Dreaming the Dead</p><p>How hard to find your shape the further you move and by now so used to the running dunes of light. A form of resentment perhaps, at the tugging insistence, the cry that echoes through caves and conduits awaking the infant at the very beginning, gone but remembered, the need to remember outlining old matters, pulling a familiar finger or foot from what is invisible, the menstruum of possible or imagined or is. Not you as you were, but some aspect or snap of a repetitive heart, requiring your neck or your arm or your eyes</p><p>(so often your eyes, most demanding of all) the duct to the darkness of light, the light of the dark you knew at the time, not now, not now, not soon. How heavy the memory of flesh worn in the course of this duty, becoming this person you hardly know any more, how much more arduous than substance of dik-dik or duiker, the sweeping wet weight of blue whale. How you must long to be called instead to manifest light in the ululant slip of a quick desert snake, the vibration of bee, the green monkey-parabola, kaleidoscopes of tunes in sun-running waters, the sound from the mouth of a different, a laughing child.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/597029-arguing-with-malarchy">See more</a>

Medium 9781576752425

Chapter 3 Training and Learning in the Work Setting

Slice PDF May 14, 2014
<p>Training and Learning in the Work Setting</p><p>45</p><p>TABLE 3.2. Ways of Learning Information in the Work Setting</p><p>STRUCTURED</p><p>UNSTRUCTURED</p><p>Self-Directed</p><p>Discovery</p><p>Coaching</p><p>On-the-Job</p><p>Training</p><p>Employee learns by doing, with limited information intentionally placed in the work setting to guide learning.</p><p>Employee must</p><p>figure out each part of the work without any assistance.</p><p>False assumptions and errors are the result.</p><p>Employee learns by working alongside or nearby an experienced employee, who seldom knows exactly how or when to intervene as the work is performed.</p><p>Employee is trained by an experienced employee, whose experience as a trainer is likely to be limited and whose understanding of the work may also be questionable.</p><p>Training content, methods, and outcomes vary across employees trained.</p><p>Employee learns while doing, using the information engineered into the work setting to guide learning.</p><p>Employee can trust the system to help make the learning easier and reduce frustration.</p><p>Employee learns by doing alongside or nearby an experienced employee, who uses systematic knowledge of the work to know when and how to intervene. Coaching outcomes are relatively predictable.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/608627-structured-on-the-job-training-unleashing-employee-expertise-in-the-workplace">See more</a>

Medium 9781904658313

Four of Swords

Slice ePub May 23, 2014
<p>In the Four of Swords the central Rose is not pierced but rather enclosed and held by the four Swords. The Rose, as the central point,is intact but the swords still threaten it. The crossed Swords actually lock themselves together nullifying their own action. The Rose, as such, represents a haven from the strife of the Swords. The symbol formed by the swords and rose is the double cross, which implies, due to the presence of the rose, resurrection from the Cinders.</p><p>The alchemical association is the third stage of Cibation, which is a resuscitation, or resurrection as mentioned above. Although the clouds have lifted to the sides of the card, they still meet at the bottom. In the “Treatise on the Great Art” Dom Antoine-Joseph Pernety says:</p><p> <i>At all times bodies exhale a subtle vapour, this is manifested more clearly in summer. The warm air sublimates the waters into vapours and attracts them to itself. When, after a rain, the rays of the sun beam upon the earth, one sees it smoke and exhale itself in vapour. These vapours hover in the air in the form of fogs, when they do not rise far above the surface of the earth: But when they mount to the middle region, one sees them float, here and there, in the form of clouds …</i> </p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/220394-the-magical-tarot-of-the-golden-dawn">See more</a>

Medium 9780992279448

4. Typography

Slice ePub March 10, 2015
<p>Let’s face it: the core purpose of all web design is communication. Whether we’re talking about an online retail store, a web presence for a Fortune 500 company, or a profile for a social networking site, typography is a vital component of your message. For most people, typography is simply about arranging a familiar set of shapes to make words, sentences, and paragraphs. But, ironically, having the ability to set type with only a few mouse clicks or strokes on a keyboard has allowed us to forget about the creative and artistic possibilities of this medium.</p><p>There are numerous obstacles to the effective customization of typography for the Web—and I’ll address these in the coming pages—but the power of type should be motivation enough to push the proverbial envelope. Unconvinced? Pick up a magazine, turn on a television, or take a walk through a grocery store. You will undoubtedly see hundreds of creative and effective uses of type. It’s the substance of branding, the key to unspoken communication, and an essential piece of the web design pie.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/823391-the-principles-of-beautiful-web-design">See more</a>

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