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Medium 9781780427676

La Peinture gothique en Italie

Source: L'Art gothique
Slice PDF May 28, 2014

On ne connaît rien de la vie de Hans Memling, de son vrai nom Jan Van Mimmelynghe. On admet simplement qu’il est d’origine allemande et qu’il est né à Seligenstadt, près d’Aschaffenbourg. Mais la seule information vérifiable demeure son installation à Bruges à partir de 1446, où il se partagea les honneurs d’être avec les Van Eyck, un des plus anciens peintres de l’école, dite, de Bruges. On peut dire de lui qu’il a affiné leur art, dans la mesure où il a développé un sens aigu pour la grâce et la mesure, en utilisant des couleurs d’une extrême beauté. Pour certains, il est considéré comme le peintre néerlandais le plus significatif, le seul à être capable d’exprimer au mieux les idéaux locaux. Une de ses

œuvres essentielles est l’Adoration des Mages, datée de 1470, un autre Triptyque du Jugement Dernier, réalisé vers 1467 et

1471 (voir p. 108) et le Mariage mystique de sainte Catherine, réalisé entre 1475 et 1479.

On doit à Dirk Bouts des travaux de composition très symétrique, peint avec des couleurs très lumineuses, comme par exemple son triptyque de La Cène, réalisé entre 1464 et

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Medium 9780596808495


Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Plan B: Using a guitar tuner a. Get a guitar tuner at a music store, or borrow one. b. Tighten the bass string until it starts to sound clear. c. Place the tuner on the cigar box and strum the bass. You should still be below A.


Can you guess which one? I’ll bet you can! Yes, it is “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” You can do it all on your guitar’s bottom string. All you have to do is play the notes that appear above the words notated below:


Do Sol

Sol La La Sol

Twin - kle twin - kle lit - tle star,

d. Tighten the bass string until you get an A. e. Repeat steps b through d for the middle string until you get an E. f. Repeat steps b through d for the top string until you get an A again. It will be an octave higher.

Now that the strings are tuned, you can use the tuner to set the frets:

Fa Fa Mi

Mi Re Re Do

How I won - der what you are.

La La Fa Fa Mi

Mi Re

Up a - bove the world, so high,

La La Fa Fa

Mi Mi Re

Like a dia - mond in the sky.

(And so on.)

g. Fret the third string to the first fret. h. Strum and look at the tuner. If it shows a tone lower than B, move the fret down the neck toward the cigar box. If it shows a tone higher than B, move it up the neck toward the tuners. i. Repeat steps g and h, moving down the frets, tuning to C#, D, E, F, and so on.

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Medium 9780892725854

Franklin Island Light

Slice ePub January 01, 2002

Franklin Island Light deserves lots of respect as the third-oldest workhorse light in Maine—but Franklin gets little love or admiration.

Franklin was built by order of President Thomas Jefferson, almost Two hundred years ago. Started in 1803, the light has been flashing across Muscongus Bay since it was finished in 1807. Only Portland Head Light (1791) and Seguin (1795) are older than Franklin. It is a testimony of how important the shipping trade that sailed through the general area of Monhegan, Friendship, Port Clyde, and Pemaquid was to our young nation.

The light at Monhegan was not built until 1824, and the light at Pemaquid was not started until 1827. Two other Maine lights, the nearby light at Whitehead (1804) and the light at West Quoddy Head, close to the border with Canada (1808), are of the same vintage as Franklin Light. And in 1855, when Franklin Pierce—the Bowdoin graduate—was president, Franklin Light was improved and rebuilt.

TWenty-seven of Maine’s lights were not built until after Franklin had been rebuilt. These facts indicate how busy coastal shipping was in this part of midcoast Maine, and how great a danger were the myriad ledges around Franklin. For these reasons, Franklin merits respect. Keepers manned this light for 160 years, until it was automated in 1967.

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Medium 9781565927063

Document Content Type

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

If this directive is set to ON, the password is checked to ensure it con­ tains an at sign (@) and a period (.); that is, that it looks at least vaguely like an email address.

MIME Type Checking Phase

The MIME typing phase occurs once access controls have been applied. It determines the content type and optionally the encoding and language of the resource. However, content generation handlers may change these attributes later.

Document Content Type

The content type of a document is used by browsers to decide how to display the document.



TypesConfig filename

Contexts: G

Default: conf/mime.types

Sets the filename of the MIME types configuration file, which provides default mappings from filename extension to content type that are used if the content type is not set by other means. Blank lines in the

file and lines starting with a hash sign (#) are ignored; other lines should contain a MIME type followed by zero or more extensions separated by whitespace. If the filename is not absolute, it is taken as relative to the server root directory.

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Medium 9781935249207

8 One Thing

Slice ePub September 06, 2014


One Thing

C urly: “One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that …”

Mitch: “That’s great, but what’s the one thing?”

Curly: “That’s what you’ve gotta figure out.”

—Jack Palance as Curly, and Billy Crystal as Mitch in City Slickers

JUNE 7, NOON. “Yohannon!” Byron waved as he carried the sack lunches through Civic Center Park. “My leadership team reminded me today how much we’ve stopped doing this year, but each of us has never been busier. What is that all about, Mr. Scientist?”

Yohannon laughed, then responded as Byron knew he would. “The work has always been complex, you just failed to give the small stuff the attention it deserved.”

Byron responded, careful not to give away too much enthusiasm, “Well, we have cut back on announcements over the intercom, we dismiss meetings early if we aren’t prepared or if we have achieved our objective, and teams are free not to do things they previously thought were obligations.”

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