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14. Syncing the iPhone

David Pogue O'Reilly Media ePub

When you get right down to it, the iPhone is pretty much the same idea as a Palm Pilot: It's a pocket-sized data bucket that lets you carry around the most useful subset of the information on your Mac or PC. In the iPhone's case, that's music, photos, movies, calendars, address book, email settings, ringtones, and Web bookmarks.

Transferring data between the iPhone and the computer is called synchronization. Syncing is sometimes a one-way street, and sometimes it's bidirectional, as you'll find out in a moment.

This chapter covers the ins and outsor, rather, the backs and forthsof iPhone syncing over a USB cable. (Syncing wirelessly, over the airwaves, is a treat reserved for MobileMe and Microsoft Exchange people, as described in Chapters Chapter15 and Chapter16.)

So how do you sync? You connect the iPhone to the computer. That's it. As long as the cable is plugged into your computer's USB port, iTunes opens automatically and the synchronization begins. iTunes controls all iPhone synchronization, acting as a software bridge between phone and computer.

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Medium 9781780420479

Fechas importantes: Década de 1830:

Nathalia Brodskaya Parkstone International PDF
Medium 9780749468156

2. Leadership: the greatest intangible asset of them all

Kevin Murray Kogan Page ePub



The greatest intangible asset of them all

In the new economy, value isnt where it used to be. Intangible assets are hidden gold, and leaders who concentrate on them will outperform their competitors. What, really, are they and how do you measure, monitor and manage these intangibles? Why do these soft assets require different, and better, communication skills?

How do you measure the value of employee emotions? Does it even matter how employees feel? Is the culture in your department or your organization collaborative and supportive? Are all the key relationships in and outside the company in good order? Do your customers value your support and services, and do they keep coming back to you? Can you count on the support of your local community if you want to expand your factory? Do people widely recognize and favour the name of your business and regard you as a force for good?

Strange questions, you might say, but increasingly crucial to leaders because of the powerful influence both positive and negative that the answers have on leadership effectiveness.

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Medium 9781576336793

"K" Words: Praxis I Essential Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781449339197

2. The Road to Resilience and Reliability

Jurg van Vliet O'Reilly Media ePub

If you build and/or operate an important application, it doesnt matter if it is large or small. The thing you care about is that it works. Under ideal circumstances, this is not very difficult. But those kinds of circumstances are a dream. In every environment there is failure. The question is how to deal with it.

This problem is not new. The traditional point of resolution used to be the IT department. Due to several factors, that is changing. Operations is more and more part of software, and building infrastructures is software engineering.

To introduce the book, well first discuss our strategy. If infrastructure is software, we can apply our software engineering principles.

One of the most important problems that software engineers have to solve is how to reuse work (code). Reusing code means you reduce the size of the code base, and as a consequence, there is less work in development and testing. Maintenance is also much more effective; multiple projects can benefit from improvements in one piece of code.

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