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Medium 9781457182921

3. Juno: A Solid Propellant Rocket

Mike Westerfield Maker Media, Inc ePub

The rocket we will build in this chapter is called Juno. See What’s in a Name? to learn a bit about where the name comes from. Juno is a workhorse, easy to build but very stable. It’s also capable of reaching altitudes of 1,300 feet—over a quarter of a mile!

There are a lot of rocket motors out there. Table 3-1 shows the recommended motors for flying Juno, along with the projected altitudes. The altitude attained can vary a bit depending on the altitude you fly from, how you finish the rocket, how much glue you use, and even small variations in the motors themselves, but this should give you some idea of what to expect when you fly the rocket. If you are going out to buy parts now, buy a package of A8-3 motors. That’s a great motor for the first flight.


60 ft


200 ft


520 ft


550 ft


1,280 ft

Names for rockets, both model rockets and big NASA rockets, range from serious to whimsical. The Apollo 11 lunar module that first landed on the Moon carried the classy moniker of Eagle, leading to those first words from the Moon: “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed!” Apollo 10’s lunar module had the fun name of Snoopy.

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Medium 9781607052708

Too Flat

Amy Walsh C&T Publishing ePub

by Janine Burke, 81″ × 95″

I love the architecture in Chicago. Whether it’s residential or commer-I cial, it appeals to my eye. I am frequently inspired by architecture for patterns, and this one is no exception. Playing on the phrase two-flat in reference to apartment-style living, Too Flat represents the many cozy homes throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.



The following yardage makes a queen-size quilt. Refer to the Too Flat chart (page 49) for alternate sizes and yardage requirements.

Assorted batiks: 43 strips 8″ × 42″ or 43 fat quarters

Binding: ¾ yard

Backing: 7¾ yards

Batting: 91″ × 105″

We have included cutting instructions for both 42″strips as well as fat quarters.


We encourage you to cut just 2 contrasting batiks to begin with so that you can construct a test block. This way you can verify the accuracy of your pieces and you can see how your fabrics are going together.

Each block is constructed of the following pieces:

1 rectangle 1½″ × 5½″ (Unit A)

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Medium 9781847770479


James K. Baxter Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

His hippie bells from room to room, my wife

Who makes pies out of buttered bread at the white range,

Even the grey cat blinking and curling its claws

In the armchair, are certain the bargain’s a right one –

Yet if the prisoner ceased one day to sweat and rage

In his cell of jumping nerves and layered muscle,

Dreaming of wild women and guerilla battles,

Bridges blown up, farewells in African hovels,

I would not be I, and the bargain useless,

For He would be cheated of the aroma of bitter blood

Spilt on the cross-tree, and I would have become

Simply the dead man hanging, the abdicated Jesus.

1968 1974


Stepping so early out of the womb of heaven

Down to a cluttered room with a Ravi Shankar

Record playing – and, I must add, your grandfather Sisyphus

(Myself ) smoking a hundred brown

Cigarettes – I acknowledge, my only and therefore favourite

Grandchild, you have betrayed me into

Uncalled-for tremors of joy in the rock of the heart

It is my business to shove uphill each day –

O what if it should split!

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Medium 9781491915592

2. Haskell

Michael Snoyman O'Reilly Media ePub

Haskell is a powerful, fast, type-safe, functional programming language. This book takes as an assumption that you are already familiar with most of the basics of Haskell. There are two wonderful books for learning Haskell, both of which are available for reading online:

Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! by Miran Lipovača (No Starch Press)

Real World Haskell by Bryan O’Sullivan, John Goerzen, and Donald Bruce Stewart (O’Reilly)

Additionally, there are a number of great articles on School of Haskell.

In order to use Yesod, you’re going to have to know at least the basics of Haskell. Additionally, Yesod uses some features of Haskell that aren’t covered in most introductory texts. While this book assumes the reader has a basic familiarity with Haskell, this chapter is intended to fill in the gaps.

If you are already fluent in Haskell, feel free to completely skip this chapter. Also, if you would prefer to start off by getting your feet wet with Yesod, you can always come back to this chapter later as a reference.

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Medium 9781847771254

Joris-Karl Huysmans


Joris-Karl Huysmans

The novels of Huysmans, however we may regard them as novels are, at all events, the sincere and complete expression of a very remarkable personality. From Marthe to Là-Bas every story, every volume, disengages the same atmosphere – the atmosphere of a

London November, when mere existence is a sufficient burden, and the little miseries of life loom up through the fog into a vague and formidable grotesqueness. Here, for once, is a pessimist whose philosophy is mere sensation – and sensation, after all, is the one certainty in a world which may be well or ill arranged, for ultimate purposes, but which is certainly, for each of us, what each of us feels it to be. To Huysmans the world appears to be a profoundly uncomfortable, unpleasant, ridiculous place, with a certain solace in various forms of art, and certain possibilities of at least temporary escape. Part of his work presents to us a picture of ordinary life as he conceives it, in its uniform trivial wretchedness; in another part he has made experiment in directions which have seemed to promise escape, relief; in yet other portions he has allowed himself the delight of his sole enthusiasm, the enthusiasm of art.

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