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Medium 9781855753518

5. Sexual and Actual

Slice ePub May 22, 2014
<p>5</p><p>DOMINIQUE SCARFONE</p><p>As I read and reread Daniel Widlöcher’s highly complex chapter, it occurred to me that, as Canguilhem wrote (before and after many others), nature itself is not carved up into scientific objects and phenomena; it is science that constitutes, carves out its object by the invention of a method. These preliminary words seem to me to be addressed not so much to Widlocher’s chapter as to those who hold the current principles he has chosen to debate on the important issue of infantile sexuality, in particular the theoreticians of attachment and primary object love. Yet my commentary holds true in part for Widlocher himself, in that he has stepped right into a debate that, as I shall try to show, has been undertaken on a false premise. I shall say from the outset that the false premise is the attempt to locate and explain infantile sexuality in terms of human ethology or sexual biology, as diough what is being dealt with are realities in the same equation or on the same level. This way of asking questions, it seems to me, creates confusion instead of shedding light on what is at stake. Infantile sexuality (I prefer to speak of the infantile aspect of the sexual) is not a separate object within the field of psychoanalysis. It is, as certain phrases of Widlocher himself tend to indicate, the very object resulting from the territory marked out by the Freudian method. If there is a debate, then, it is not about knowing whether this infantile aspect of the sexual is or is not different from attachment behaviors, or whether it emerges from primary love or coincides with it. Instead, the question is how to delimit the psychoanalytic field itself and what is to be understood by the infantile aspect of the sexual within this field as the object or phenomenon that Freud specified or, as Canguilhem put it, carved out.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/296786-infantile-sexuality-and-attachment">See more</a>

Medium 9781491947159

12. The Web

Slice ePub November 24, 2014
<p>The iPad’s Web browser is Safari, a version of the same one that comes on every iPhone and every Mac. It’s fast, simple to use, and very pretty indeed. In iOS 8, Safari gains a handful of slick new features (take a picture of your credit card, anyone?). Safari on the iPad is still not quite as good as surfing the Web on, you know, a laptop. But it’s getting closer.</p><p>Safari has most of the features of a desktop Web browser: bookmarks, autocomplete (for Web addresses, account names, passwords, and credit cards), scrolling shortcuts, cookies, a pop-up ad blocker, password memorization, and so on. (It’s missing niceties like streaming music, Java, Flash, and other plug-ins.)</p><p>You don’t have to wait for a Web page to load entirely. You can zoom in, scroll, and begin reading the text even when only part of the page has appeared.</p><p>Now, don’t be freaked out: The main screen elements disappear shortly after you start reading a page. That’s supposed to give you more screen space to do your surfing. To bring them back, tap the Web site name at the top of the screen. Or scroll to the top, scroll to the bottom, or just scroll up a little. At that point, here are the controls, as they appear from the top left:</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/789701-ipad-the-missing-manual">See more</a>

Medium 9788324613847

Ruby interaktywny (irb)

Slice ePub May 29, 2014
<p>Ruby interaktywny (inaczej <em>irb</em>) jest interaktywnym rodowiskiem programistycznym, ktre dostpne jest wraz z Ruby. Jego autorem jest Keiju Ishitsuka. eby uruchomi <em>irb</em>, naley w powoce lub wierszu polece wpisa <em>irb</em> i zacz wprowadza instrukcje oraz wyraenia w jzyku Ruby. By wyj z interaktywnego Ruby, naley wpisa <code>exit</code> lub <code>quit</code>. Poniej znajduj si przykady z <em>irb</em> obliczajce rne wyraenia:</p><p>Za pomoc <em>irb</em> mona rwnie wywoa pojedynczy program. Po wykonaniu programu <em>irb</em> koczy swe dziaanie:</p><p>Uycie:</p><p>Opcje:</p><p>Nie aduj pliku <em>~/.irbrc</em>.</p><p>Tryb <code>bc</code> (zaadowanie biblioteki <code>mathn</code>, by dostpne byy uamki oraz macierze).</p><p>Ustaw zmienn <code>$DEBUG</code> na <code>true</code> (to samo co <code>ruby -d</code>).</p><p>To samo co <code>ruby -r</code>.</p><p>Okrela katalog <code>$LOAD_PATH</code>.</p><p>Wykorzystuje metod <code>inspect</code> dla danych wyjciowych (warto domylna z wyjtkiem trybu <code>bc</code>).</p><p>Nie wykorzystuje metody <code>inspect</code> dla danych wyjciowych.</p><p>Wykorzystuje modu rozszerzenia <code>Readline</code>.</p><p>Nie wykorzystuje moduu rozszerzenia <code>Readline</code>.</p><p>Przecza tryb zachty w wierszu polece. Wbudowanymi trybami s: <em>default</em>, <em>simple</em>, <em>xmp</em> oraz <em>inf-ruby</em>.</p><p>Wykorzystuje tryb zachty <code>inf-ruby-mode</code> do pracy w edytorze Emacs. Wycza tryb <code>--readline</code>.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/364446-ruby-leksykon-kieszonkowy">See more</a>

Medium 9781780490168

CHAPTER THREE: The impact of childhood

Slice ePub May 26, 2014
<p>Childhood events can have a major influence on our lives. In some measure, all of us have unconscious drives and phobias, often originating in our earliest years and which constitute our inner world.</p><p>In many ways, Melanie Klein’s background provided her with valuable insight into the stresses of childhood. Born in 1882 in Vienna and living until 1960, she was the youngest of four children and felt unwanted from the outset. Her mother had breastfed her brother and two older sisters but handed Melanie over to a wet nurse. Her father, a surgeon, preferred her sister Emilie. Melanie recalled with some bitterness the time when she tried to climb onto his knee and he pushed her off, leaving her a victim of jealousy, helplessness, and envy. She set out to study medicine and psychiatry, initially in the hope of pleasing her father. But then he died, and she married a man introduced to her by her brother, whose intellect she had always respected. She realized she had made a mistake almost from the outset, but persevered. She had three children before the marriage broke up.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/289830-thinking-of-becoming-a-counsellor">See more</a>

Medium 9781935543657

Chapter 7: Certain Access: How Do We Get Every Child There?

Slice ePub September 11, 2014
<p>CHAPTER 7</p><p> <b>Certain Access: How Do We Get Every Child There?</b> </p><p><b>Certain access:</b> <i>A systematic process that guarantees every student will receive the time and support needed to learn at high levels. Thinking is guided by the question, How do we get every child there?</i></p><p>A school can have noble intentions, a collaborative culture, a clear and viable curriculum, effective instructional practices, targeted interventions, and timely assessment processes, but if it does not implement them <i>systematically,</i> then these best practices will be meaningless for students who struggle after core instruction. The purpose of RTI is to ensure that <i>every</i> child receives time and support to learn at high levels.</p><p>Certain access is how a school demonstrates its belief that all kids can learn—it is where the rubber hits the road! Collective responsibility creates the culture and structures of collaboration necessary to ensure that all students succeed. Concentrated instruction defines with laser-like focus what all students must learn, and convergent assessment guides instruction, evaluates teaching effectiveness, and identifies specifically which students are struggling and where they need help. Certain access is how we provide every child the time and support needed to achieve.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/260096-simplifying-response-to-intervention-four-essential-guiding-principles">See more</a>

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