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Medium 9781449337933

A. Endgame

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

This is a book of models and hypotheses, not realities and truths.

The reality of games is bigger than a book or a mind. Games stretch causal threads through players minds and cultures, back to the history of their peoples and their species, and forward into all the lives they will affect and the future cultures that will judge them. A written model cant encapsulate this. I havent even tried. Rather, Ive attempted to create a guide to the craft that describes games in the most useful possible ways. But a guide is not the truth. It is a simple map to an astonishingly rich and diverse territory. No matter how much we learn, we shouldnt forget that the reality is much greater.

Games are mental models for pieces of life.

A game is not a chain of events like a story. Its a system. It crystallizes some part of the world into a set of mechanics and packages them up for us to play with. Instead of just showing us one thread of events the way a story does, it allows us to experience that piece of the world, again and again in a hundred variations. And that exploratory interaction teaches in ways that stories cannot.

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Medium 9781574414509

Chapter 2: McLaurys in Iowa

Slice PDF May 17, 2014


McLaurys in Iowa

As he prepared his family to move west, Robert H. McClaury tried persuading his neighbors to join him. The trip was expensive, and the complications of moving the household and the younger children took a great deal of planning. The McClaurys sent their oldest children ahead as a vanguard.

Twenty-one-year-old Ebenezer, eighteen-year-old Margaret and fourteen-yearold Edmund (“Eddie”) traveled to Iowa in 1854 and built a cabin on land at the western portion of Benton County.

Some Indians continued to hunt and trade as they roamed the sparsely settled countryside. One memorable day, Margaret was alone in the cabin while her brothers were out hunting for game. An Indian hunter walked into her home, uninvited. She was terrified—unsure whether or not he meant her harm—and watched in silence while he squatted by the fire, warming himself.

When he stood up and pulled his blanket around himself, he pointed to the sugar and the tea, then to the brace of turkeys slung over his shoulder. Margaret gladly made the exchange and the Indian silently went away.

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Medium 9781855756786

VII. 1910 The Leonardo Paper (Narcissism)

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

We have now reached 1910 and I want to spend this chapter on the Leonardo case. It is a paper I always used to dislike, although I have come to think better of it after re-reading it several times. I think that the reason I balked at it originally was that it is the beginning of a very bad tradition in psychoanalysis: Freud calls it a ‘psycho-pathography’, an investigation into the ‘psycho-pathology of great men’, and if one looks at it in that light it is a somewhat unpleasant thing. Although I believe most of the things he says about Leonardo are probably quite correct, and in a sense enlightening, I do not think it requires psycho-analytic insight to reach them. The aspect that is peculiarly psycho-analytic concerns the part about the bird putting its tail in the baby Leonardo’s mouth, the preoccupation with the flight of birds, his flying machines, the supposed hidden vulture in ‘The Virgin and Saint Anne’ and similar material. Yet the writing is not good and to my mind is not really even interesting. Therefore I want to put aside this pathography aspect of the paper, which is the only one of its sort that Freud wrote and, in many ways, is one he apologises for and dissociates himself from at the end. However, one must remember that it is an important paper historically; the beginning of that extremely bad tradition in psychoanalytic writing which consists in scrutinising the private lives of great men by supposedly psycho-analytic methods from outside the psycho-analytic setting of the transference. I think it is boring and has probably done quite a lot of harm in particular to the relationship of psycho-analysis to the arts, since it is mainly artists and writers (and to some extent politicians and historical figures) who have received such treatment.

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Medium 9781742200125

Darién Province

Slice ePub July 04, 2014

Darién Province

pop 47,000 / elev sea level to 3478m / area 8653 sq km

One of world’s richest biomes is the 5760-sq-km Parque Nacional Darién, where the primeval meets the present with scenery nearly unaltered from one million years ago. Even today in the Darién, the Emberá and Wounaan people maintain many of their traditional practices and retain generations-old knowledge of the rainforest. In a stroke of irony, the Darién has remained so pristine because of its volatile reputation.

But while the southern Darién is home to Panama’s most spectacular rainforests, the north is home to scenes of habitat destruction. Safety is a real concern here, yet the region’s issues are complex and require careful consideration. It is not for everyone, but with careful planning and the right destinations, the Darién offers spectacular opportunities for intrepid travelers yearning for something truly wild.

» Travelers to the Darien should always check on current security issues before going.

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Medium 9781847771636

Song of the stewards

Source: All Just
Slice PDF February 24, 2015

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