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Medium 9781847770981

The Wait

Peter McDonald Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

The Wait

They would bury ashes or bodies in the evening, then say whatever was right to say, looking out into a bruised and sun-inflamed west to think of the dead, and take leave of them.

There would be noise from here and there – people, animals, carts, invisible cicadas – and the one road to town would darken. When everyone had gone back, and night came, the spirit would loiter unseen by its grave, alone and afraid to go far, anxious for dawn, and departure then from the earth.

Sappho fr. 58

Children, take your fill of the good things on offer from every well-dressed Muse, and each clear note of the singing line: my own flesh is showing its age; the head of hair that was dark is dark no more, and my heart makes heavy work of beating; knees can barely carry me that once would keep me dancing like the young deer quickly, where now I have to draw breath.

Nothing to be done: for there’s nobody who goes on living without getting older – just as, they say, Tithonus found out when, crazy about him, the goddess of dawn, with her rose-pale arms, took him off to the edge of the earth

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Medium 9780596809560

B. Instrument Sources

John M. Hughes O'Reilly Media ePub

This appendix contains a listing of test equipment and data acquisition instrument manufacturers and used equipment outlets. It is provided as a convenient reference for you to use when looking for equipment; it is not an endorsement of any of them.

Bear in mind that capabilities and cost will vary considerably, and the two arent always correlated. It pays to do some research before paying out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for a piece of hardware, only to discover that it doesnt quite do what you need it to do.

Another reason for this appendix is to help you locate technical documentation for older instruments. There are many older DMMs, controllers, switches, and data acquisition units available that are still perfectly functional, provided you have the user documentation to go with them. You may even have a few such items languishing on a shelf in your lab, or tucked away in a storage closet.

The following is a short list of instrument and test equipment manufacturers. The list of product types for each manufacturer is only representative, and in some cases its a small fraction of what they produce.

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Medium 9780874259193

ACTIVITY 4: Conventional vs. Collaborative Cultures

Peter R. Garber HRD Press PDF


Conventional vs. Collaborative Cultures


To illustrate the differences between a collaborative and a conventional work culture


A brief description of both a conventional work environment in which decisions are typically made from the top leadership of the organization and a collaborative work environment in which decisions are discussed with those most knowledgeable on the subject are presented for participants to review and discuss the differences.


40 minutes


Handout 4.1


1. Introduce the activity by pointing out that there are different work or organizational cultures that exist. It is not so much a matter of right or wrong concerning what culture is the most appropriate for a particular organization; rather, it is important to appreciate that there are a number of factors that create and support any particular organizational culture that are usually not easily or quickly changed.

2. Distribute a copy of Handout 4.1 to each participant or to small groups of participants

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Medium 9780596529857

4. Text

Joshua Noble Adobe Developer Library ePub

To work with text in a Flex application, use these components: mx.text.Text, mx.text.RichTextEditor, mx.text.Label, mx.text.TextArea, mx.text.TextInput, and flash.text.TextField. Each of these components performs different functions in the context of a Flex application. The TextInput, TextArea, and RichTextEditor controls all allow for user interaction and editing. The TextArea, RichTextEditor, and Text controls all handle display of multiline text. Finally, the flash.text.TextField class is a low-level class that gives you fine-grained control over the layout and manipulation of the text in the TextField but requires a UIComponent instance containing it to be used in a Flex application. In fact, each of the Flex controls in the mx.text package utilizes the flash.text.TextField, adding different functionality to this component.

Flex allows for the display of plain text and a subset of HTML, and the use of both text formatting and CSS styles to control the appearance of text. When using the subset of HTML that is supported by the Flash Player, images and other SWF files can be used to load content into the player. Text formatting, that is, controlling the font size and color, is done by setting properties on the mx.text components, through CSS, or for the flash.text.TextField component by using the flash.text.TextFormat object. Text can be selected by the user or set programmatically by using the setSelection method. The recipes in this chapter cover uses of all six of these components.

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Medium 9781847770684

The Pride of Life: A Roman Setting

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

The Pride of Life: A Roman Setting

Old men discourse upon wise topics here:

Children and women pass the shadows by,

Only the young are desperate. Their clear

And unambiguous gazes strike

Against each brushing hand or eye,

Their faces like

O something far away, maybe a cave

Where looks and actions always moved to hunt,

Where every gesture knew how to behave

And there was never space between

The easy having and the want.

I think the keen

Primitive stares that pierce this decorous street

Look to some far back mood and time to claim

A life beyond the urbane and effete

Where youth from coolest childhood came,

And look to look was like the hunter’s throw –

Perpetually new and long ago.

Men Fishing in the Arno

I do not know what they are catching,

I only know that they stand there, leaning

A little like lovers, eager but not demanding,

Waiting and hoping for a catch, money,

A meal tomorrow but today, still there, steady.

And the river also moves as calmly

From the waterfall slipping to a place

A mind could match its thought with.

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