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Medium 9781449340049

6. Content Management Systems

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In this chapter, well look at how you can use MongoDB as a data storage engine for a content management system (CMS). In particular, well examine two main areas of CMS development. Our first use case, Metadata and Asset Management, deals with how we can model our metadata (pages, blog posts, photos, videos) using MongoDB.

Our next use case, Storing Comments, explores several different approaches to storing user comments in a CMS, along with the trade-offs for each approach.

In any kind of a content management system, you need to decide on the basic objects that the CMS will be managing. For this section, weve chosen to model our CMS on the popular Drupal CMS. (Drupal does have a MongoDB plug-in, but weve chosen a simpler implementation for the purposes of illustration in this section.) Here, we explore how MongoDB can be used as a natural data model backend for such a CMS, focusing on the storage of the major types of content in a CMS.

To build this system, well use MongoDBs flexible schema to store all content nodes in a single collection nodes regardless of type. This guide provides prototype schemas and describes common operations for the following primary node types:

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Medium 9781855753198

2. Politics

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Be it a family, business, or international diplomacy that we are referring to, in any relationship both parties will be involved in a system of political relationships and relatedness. They are each connected by their own pool of internal knowledge of roles in other political systems. For example, one level of political system within which the parties may perceive themselves to be related is as a miniature element in a set of international relationships. For example, any relationship between an Englishman and an Irishman will very likely be affected by the baggage that each carries as a result of international relationships developed over previous centuries. In like manner, relationships between Americans and Chinese will probably be affected by different lifestyles and cultures. The political system at the international level will be shaped by history and by national cultures and politics, and these are bound to have some effect on individual or group relationships in which they are involved.

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Medium 9781449320232

Notifying the User Interface

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Suppose that you wanted to extend the application to show the user an alert whenever somebody mentions her on Twitter. The logic to check with Twitter for mentions would ideally remain in the shared layer so that it can be reused across all platforms. This means that the check needs to be platform-independent, but each platform still needs to be able to know when it occurs so that it can notify the user. This is a great example of a time when the observer pattern discussed in Chapter3 can come in handy. TwitterClient can expose an event that it publishes when a mention is detected, and each application can subscribe to the event and alert the user.

First, add a new class to the Chapter4 folder named MentionEventArgs, which will represent the data sent back to the application when the event is fired. It should include a Tweet object (the same type created in the first section) containing information about the mention (see Example4-13).

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Medium 9781601323217

Design and Development of a System for Data Capture in a Monitoring and Evaluation Environment

Slice PDF December 03, 2014


Int'l Conf. Internet Computing and Big Data | ICOMP'14 |



Patrick Otoo Bobbie*

Faculty of Informatics

Ghana Technology University College

Tesano – Accra, Ghana

Joshua Ronald Opoku Nsiah

Faculty of Informatics

Ghana Technology University College

Tesano – Accra, Ghana

*Also with Southern Polytechnic State Univ, Marietta, GA, USA

resource allocation decisions and helps identify how challenges should be addressed and successes replicated.


Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is an extremely complex, multidisciplinary and skill intensive endeavor. Governmentwide M&E is even more so because it requires detailed knowledge across and within sectors. New technologies are changing the nature of monitoring and evaluation in the world today. Information and communication technology

(ICT) tools such as computers, mobile phones and tablets, together with applications/software systems which allow users to upload data to storage facilities in real-time are being utilized. The use of mobile computing tools and the

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Medium 9781780490212


Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Jack Novick and Kerry Kelly Novick

We first met Anna Freud in 1965, when she was nearly seventy years old. At an age when most people are ready to retire, she was entering her most productive period, as a theoretician, clinician, researcher, and teacher. We knew her as students and then as staff and faculty members at the Hampstead Clinic, for twelve years.

Anna Freud’s clinical genius had at root the simple imperative to know how children think, feel, and see the world. This demands what has now come to be called “empathic attune-ment”, but Anna Freud did not see this as a special technical stance, requiring a different theory. Rather it was a central postulate of psychoanalysis with its assumption of the reality of intrapsychic life.

Every account of Anna Freud describes her awesome capacity for concise, clear, dynamic formulations of complex material in accessible language. All day, every day, at Hampstead she attended meetings in which clinical material was presented. Miss Freud was flexible in her analytic technique. Around the inflexible core of always being the child’s analyst, many things were comfortably possible. She emphasized that analysis is a relationship between two people which encompasses both transference and reality. It was Anna Freud who pioneered the extension of analysis beyond the group of adult neurotic patients, and it was she who continued to apply analytic ideas to many other areas, from law to paediatrics.

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