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Slice PDF May 27, 2014


Chapter 15


Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) was developed from a need for mobile email access. Many workers read mail from a variety of locations (the office, home, hotel rooms, and so on) and want such flexible features as the ability to download headers first and then selectively download mail messages. The main mail delivery protocols before IMAP, for the Internet, was POP, which offers more rudimentary mail delivery-only functionality

With IMAP, traveling users can access their email from anywhere and download it or leave it on the server as desired. POP, on the other hand, does not work well when users access email from many different machines; users end up with their email distributed across many different email clients. IMAP provides users with the ability to remotely manage multiple email boxes, and store or search as well as archive old messages.

IMAP—An Introduction

IMAP, fully documented in RFC 3501, was designed to provide a robust, mobile mail delivery and access mechanism. For more detail on the protocol and how it functions on the network layer, or for additional information on the numerous specification options, please consult the RFC documentation.

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12. Network Scripting

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Over the 15 years since this book was first published, the Internet has virtually exploded onto the mainstream stage. It has rapidly grown from a simple communication device used primarily by academics and researchers into a medium that is now nearly as pervasive as the television and telephone. Social observers have likened the Internets cultural impact to that of the printing press, and technical observers have suggested that all new software development of interest occurs only on the Internet. Naturally, time will be the final arbiter for such claims, but there is little doubt that the Internet is a major force in society and one of the main application contexts for modern software systems.

The Internet also happens to be one of the primary application domains for the Python programming language. In the decade and a half since the first edition of this book was written, the Internets growth has strongly influenced Pythons tool set and roles. Given Python and a computer with a socket-based Internet connection today, we can write Python scripts to read and send email around the world, fetch web pages from remote sites, transfer files by FTP, program interactive websites, parse HTML and XML files, and much more, simply by using the Internet modules that ship with Python as standard tools.

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Medium 9781904658429

6: The Grail Quest: Spirituality and the Search for Absolutes

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

When they were all seated and the noise was hushed, their came a clap of thunder so loud and terrible that they thought the palace must fall. Suddenly the hall was lit by a sunbeam which shed radiance through the palace seven times brighter than had been before… When they had sat a long while thus, unable to speak and gazing at one another like dumb animals, the Holy Grail appeared, covered with a cloth of white samite; and yet no mortal hand was seen to bear it. It entered through the great door, and at once the palace was filled with fragrance as though all the spices of the earth had been spilled abroad.

— Queste del Saint Graal

As the great visionary writer Dion Fortune wrote, almost fifty years ago:

There are times in the history of races when the things of the inner life come to the surface and find expression, and from these rendings of the veil the light of the sanctuary pours fourth.’ (15)

Thus it was with the legends of the Grail. Too long ago now to identify with any degree of certainty, an idea found crystallisation in the form of a sacred vessel, which contained the potentiality of all wisdom and knowledge, and through them of understanding. In ancient Hellenic mystery teachings it was the Crater, the Cup in which the gods mixed the very stuff of creation. The Sufisnear the beginning of the 11th century,s saw it as the Cup of Jamshid, from which knowledge and divine inspiration were dispensed. Its image is found in India, in Japan, in the Russias, and among the Celtic peoples, where it is recognised as the life-bestowing Cauldron belonging to the Goddess Ceridwen or the God Bran.

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Medium 9781780491745

CHAPTER TEN: Nursing home

Source: Scum
Slice ePub May 25, 2014


Black swarthy eyes of a robed salt & pepper bearded pirate answered the knock on the heavy school door.

“Ah, bonjour, bonjour. Entrez.”

Pirate took his hand in both of his.

“Entrez, entrez. Je m’appelle Père Robine et je suis directeur de l’institut ici, au petit séminaire. Je suis enchanté de faire votre connaissance. Suivez moi.

Vous venez d’arriver?” 1


Père Robine led him down a wood-panelled corridor a book-lined study chair glass of water awful English apologising in French brought to his senses a reminder that his French was awful no it wasn’t yes it was look at what was happening. McMorine said he was good at French how come he couldn’t understand a word the bus driver the woman in the shop the old man said now the pirate? The French didn’t speak French they spoke rat-a-tat-tat machine gun French not French he would have to learn as well? Should he leave all a mistake before he could Père Robine leaned forward make a point needed to reply at least something concentrated on the soft barrage made out nothing for a moment wondered Père Robine was Spanish or Italian taken the wrong plane wave of anger McMorine put him in this position Père Robine stopped staring awaiting a response not knowing what to say came up with

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Medium 9781576337875

Between the World Wars: SAT World History

Slice ePub June 23, 2014

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