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Medium 9781601322425

Labeling for Vertices in Strict 2-Threshold Graphs

Hamid R. Arabnia, George A. Gravvanis, George Jandieri, Ashu M. G. Solo, Fernando G. Tinetti CSREA Press PDF

Int'l Conf. Foundations of Computer Science | FCS'13 |


Labeling for Vertices in Strict 2-Threshold Graphs

Wei-Da Hao

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Kingsville, TX 78363, U.S.A.

Abstract - In this paper, we show a labeling scheme for a class of graphs named Strict 2-Threshold that have threshold dimension 2. The labeling scheme characterizes the structural properties of neighborhood of each vertex. As a consequence,

ܱሺ݊ሻ variation of a known ܱሺ݉ሻ recognition algorithm by

Rossella Petreschi and Andrea Sterbini published in 1995 is presented, where n is the number of nodes, and m is the number of edges in the graph.

Keywords: strict 2-threshold, recognition, labeling scheme



We consider finite undirected graphs with no loops or multiple edges. Let ܩൌ ሺܸǡ ܧሻ be such a graph, where ܸ is the set of vertex of G with magnitude ȁܸȁ ൌ ݊ and ܧis the set of edges of G with magnitude�ȁܧȁ ൌ ݉. Strict 2-threshold

(S2T1) graphs are a subset of 2-threshold graphs. A graph

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Medium 9781782201465

Chapter Eight - The Ethereal M/other

Cundy, Linda Karnac Books ePub

Linda Cundy

“I'm inclined to think that we're all ghosts”

(Ibsen, 1964)


Computers, smartphones, and tablets are portals into parallel universes. We invest the devices themselves with significance, often taking their wizardry for granted, yet depending on them utterly. The meaning a patient ascribes to the device and its many functions is significant and may reflect something of his or her personal “aesthetic” (Bollas, 1987). How these relationships with technology play out in the therapy can provide insights into the inner world of the patient.


“Attachment disorder” is an extremely unusual diagnosis for an adult, yet an astute psychiatrist had recognised the features in Julie and recommended twice-weekly attachment-focused psychotherapy. Julie herself searched the Internet for suitable therapists, found my website, and made an initial approach via email requesting a meeting.

In her fifties, divorced, and with adult children, Julie worked in an office environment and was popular with her colleagues. However, she suffered from chronic depression that could not be treated with medication due to a physiological intolerance of antidepressants. When I first met her, she described a feeling of profound inner emptiness and a sense of not knowing who she was. Indeed, there seemed to be two Julies—one who drove to work each morning and chatted in a friendly if superficial way to people around her, and a different person who emerged from the depths when she was alone. This was an angry, frightened, and despairing woman who felt alienated from everybody, even her children, whom she dearly loved. In fact, this character seemed more like a child herself. It became clear that she longed to feel intimacy and connection, yet it took an act of will to be with people.

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Medium 9781574414714

“The Aurora Airship Crash of 1897”

Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt University of North Texas Press PDF


Sometimes, the draw of a legend is simply that we wish it were true. And sometimes that wishing muddies the water so thoroughly that it’s hard to separate fact from, well, from An Enticing


But even a tale as bizarre as the Aurora Airship Crash of 1897 needs nuggets of truth to keep it alive for more than a century. The more deeply that historians and researchers dig into the story, the more evidence they unearth, both for proving the story to be a hoax, and for confirming that something very odd did happen that night.

As the story goes, the night sky of April 17, 1897, in the tiny

Wise County, Texas, town of Aurora was filled with stars and the sound of crickets. While nearby Fort Worth had a booming population of almost 25,000 residents, the tiny town of Aurora had almost ceased to exist. The town’s peak population of somewhere between 1,000 and 3,000 residents had begun to dwindle to just a handful of families after an epidemic of spotted fever, unrealized plans of a railroad through town, a boll weevil infestation, and a major fire that destroyed several buildings. The post office was about to shut down, businesses had closed doors, and people had moved on. That spring night in the tiny, barely surviving community was quiet and dark.

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Medium 9781855754904

CHAPTER SIX: Working with adolescents

Violet Oaklander Karnac Books ePub

The adolescent is not some mysterious breed of human as many seem to think. She is going through a developmental process that is normal and necessary. We have all been in that very same place. I have worked with hundreds of teens and find that they are quite responsive to the kind of experiences I offer. I find them to be wise, insightful, funny, and eager to know themselves. Of course each is an individual with unique needs.

I have often named workshops regarding adolescents as “Working with the resistant adolescent.” This title draws the attention of therapists since the word “resistant” resonates with their image of this age group. In fact, most adolescents are by nature resistant. Some are more honest about their resistance than others. If they are compliant and appear to be totally cooperative in the beginning, they are probably presenting a false self. Actually, resistance is a good thing. It implies to me an honouring of the self. “Why should I trust this lady when I don’t know anything about her?” “Why should I open myself and show her my deepest feelings?” “Who is she, anyway?”

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Medium 9781937434007

1. Welcome to this book

Maddox, Sarah XML Press ePub

The aim of this book is to get everyone fired up and skilled up.

Fired up? Yes. About wikis, technical communication and chocolate. By the time you have read a few chapters and paged through the rest to see what is coming up, I hope that you will be as passionate about wikis as I have become over the last four years of working on one. Web-based documentation is the face of any company. Potential customers drop in unexpectedly via Google searches. Existing customers come looking for information. All of them gain an instant impression of the company, good or bad. Technical communication, both internal and external, is core to an organizations health and growth. This book shows how a wiki is the platform for developing and presenting that information.

If you are not already a technical writer, you will soon wish you were. And if you dont already have a technical writer at hand, you will go right out and get one. (In this book, the terms technical writer and technical communicator are used interchangeably unless otherwise stated.) Technical writers are skilled, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic people. The work they do is central to our understanding of the ever more technical world we inhabit.

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