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Medium 9781847772756

On the Death of a Poet

Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

On the Death of a Poet

He’s dead. Driven by his own honour

To death, ripped apart by lies and lead

And unquenched vengeance

And now he lowers his head.

He had a poet’s soul and it was

Pierced by a thousand thin blades

Of malice. He took the bullies on

Alone and headstrong. And was slain.

He’s dead. Stop your tears,

Your sobbed eulogies, beautiful tokens,

Excuses muttered under the breath –

Sentence is passed. The fates have spoken.

Wasn’t it you who plagued him so,

Who stood on the hand that plucked the lyre

And blew the embers of rumour aflame

And fed the fire?

Well have your fill of laughing now

He’s done for, he’s dusty flesh –

The latest torments proved too much

His wreath is rosemary and ash.

His death was cold-blooded enough:

The hireling had a steady hand

A pistol with unswerving aim

And nothing where a heart might stand.

The henchman came from overseas

Like so many of his sort

To do his dirty business here

To find favour for it, and reward.

He laughed loudly and with contempt

Cared nothing for our ways, our tongue

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Medium 9780596559564

Server Script for Tournament Form

J. Eisenberg O'Reilly Media ePub

Copyright © 2007 O’Reilly Media, Inc.

Beijing • Cambridge • Farnham • Köln • Sebastopol • Tokyo

January 2, 2007


The XForms technology gives you many advantages over ordinary XHTML forms. The XForms technology separates your form’s data and presentation and submits your data as XML.

XForms-aware applications can validate your data as you type it and can also submit your data to different servers and even store it in files.

This tutorial shows you how to use Mozilla to start working with XForms.

In the bad old days, HTML was written with content and presentation mixed together. Sites were hard to modify, and content could not be transferred easily from the Web for other uses. Then Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) came along, and people were able to separate the content from the presentation. They had to learn a lot of new things in order to use CSS, but in return they gained a way to build and maintain web sites more easily and to repurpose their content.

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Medium 9781855759930

CHAPTER THREE. Object relations theory and the conflict in Northern Ireland

Jim Campbell Karnac Books ePub


So far we have outlined what we believe are key aspects of social and political life in Northern Ireland (Chapter One) and suggested psychoanalytical theory that may help us to understand aspects of this society (Chapter Two). We wish to emphasize that object relations theory offers one, albeit important, way of viewing some of the problematic individual, group, and societal problems of Northern Ireland. It cannot explain all such phenomena, of course; grand theories are very hard given the complexity of the late modern world in which we live. The volume of literature which focuses on the Northern Irish conflict simply confirms this sense of heterogeneity (Whyte, 1991). We also wish to emphasize that it is wrong to assume that all aspects of our individual and social life in Northern Ireland is necessarily troubled; of course there are a range of diverse experiences, good and bad, which are not easily described and analysed. Yet we feel it is important, in the following chapters, to develop a discussion about ways in which object relations theory might be applied to those situations that seem particularly problematic. Many of the social meanings and stereotypes that contribute to negative human relations in the context of the Troubles can be viewed as pathological in that they are often constructed from perceptions driven by anxiety paranoid states, and collective failure to see “the good with the bad”. It may be that the pressure to maintain and reproduce dysfunctional and maladaptive patterns of object relationships in Northern Ireland is extremely forceful. The punitive superego, whether it is the external political object or the internal object, promises terror and persecution if it is not obeyed.

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Medium 9781550225204

Strong Poison

Dr. Joe Schwarcz ECW Press ePub

The reason that people die from arsenic is because they believe it to be poisonous. At least, thats what Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, claimed after she had been introduced to homeopathy, the popular practice that supposedly cures people with solutions that are so dilute they essentially contain nothing. Eddy surmised that since the adherents of homeopathy were cured with nothing, then disease must exist only in the imagination. One could achieve cures without physical intervention. She was not completely wrong about this: the mind is a powerful force. But she was certainly wrong about arsenic. Just a few years before Eddy uttered her confused remarks about arsenic toxicity, the English government had introduced the Food and Drug Adulteration Act of 1860, prompted by a tragic case that demonstrated that arsenic poisoning was not all in the mind. It was in the liver, the kidneys, the blood, and the skin. At the time, druggists would mix calcium sulfate (plaster of Paris) into peppermint lozenges as a whitening agent. One day, as an assistant was preparing a batch of the candies, he accidentally reached for the wrong powder. Arsenic oxide, which was sold as a rat poison, ended up in the lozenges, sickening over two hundred people and killing as many as thirty. This, of course, was not the first time arsenic had killed people. Members of the Borgia family, notorious Spanish aristocrats of the late Renaissance, dispatched their enemies with arsenic, and Madam Toffana of Sicily built herself a career as a poisoner in the seventeenth century. Her method was quite inventive. She rubbed arsenic into the joints of freshly slaughtered swine, removed the synovial fluid, and used it to make her Aqua Toffana. While she sold this potion as a remedy for excessive redness of the cheeks, her customers could also, if they so desired, use it to remove a spouse from the conjugal bed. Permanently. As many as six hundred people may have met their end in this fashion before the authorities brought Toffana to justice and sentenced her to public strangulation.

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Medium 9781847770974

7 the Urobat

Gallas, John Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

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