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Medium 9780874259803

Written and Unwritten Rules

Jonamay Lambert HRD Press PDF


Written and Unwritten



The purpose of this activity is to help participants understand that organizations have rules reflecting their culture. These rules may be written or unwritten, formal or informal. The rules help to establish the culture. Ideally, a person will accept a position with an organization whose culture is consistent with the person’s values and priorities.


30 minutes


Flipchart and marker

Sample Lecture

Exercise 37.1 for each participant


(See Trainer’s Notes)

1. Present the accompanying Sample Lecture, and discuss the key points, such as what constitutes an organization and what governs it, and what are the written and unwritten rules.

2. Distribute Exercise 39.1. Ask participants to complete the exercise, allowing 10 minutes.


1. Ask participants to share their issues agenda with the group.

2. Discuss the priorities the participants place on their Issues.

Trainer’s Notes

In this activity, the Procedures are included in the Sample Lecture.

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Medium 9781617833410

Hometown Heroes

Tieck, Sarah ABDO PDF
Medium 9781605093307


Boyd, John Kirk Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Dag Hammarskjold, the second Secretary-General for the United Nations, was a strong advocate for institutions to make human rights fully realized for people in all countries

Once we have taken the first three steps, the last step of deciding together is primarily to implement what we have done. Our focus, thinking, and writing have created a draft document of such substance and authenticity that it is ready for implementation. Having followed Gandhi, while acknowledging differences we will also have found “what we have in common.”

It is important that we do not jump too quickly to try to decide together. This is not to say that we should not have a specific timetable, and 2048 provides one, but it should span many years so that there is sufficient time for the process of focusing, thinking, and writing together to grow and develop. It is important to go through a series of drafts. By being patient and thorough, when we act as an international community to decide together, we will have a substantial body of work about which we feel confident. Then we can meet in Rome to decide together.

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Medium 9781588436856

Perugia & Northern Umbria

, Samantha Lafferty Hunter Publishing ePub

Badly damaged in the last war, the small industrial town has always borne the brunt of territorial skirmishes, located as it is midway between Pisa, Florence and Lucca. Of the original architecture, there remain only the battlement tower of the 14th-century Chiesa di Santo Stefano, with Adam and Eve after the Original Sin by Jacopo Vignali, the so-called Archi di Castruccio (Arch of Castruccio), and the 16th-century Conservatorio di Santa Marta, which contains a Raising of Lazarus by Cigoli and a Virgin with the Souls in Purgatory by Antonio Franchi.

A pleasant ramble into the Chiecina Valley to Marti will bring you to the 14th-century brick Chiesa di Santa Maria Novella, decorated with 17th-century frescoes. Take the road to the right to arrive at Palaia. Inside its ring of old walls (entered via the gates, Civica and Fiorentina), the center of town is marked by the 11th-century Chiesa di Sant'Andrea with its Madonna and Child in painted terracotta by Andrea della Robbia.

Just out of town, you'll find the lovely isolated Pieve di San Martino, a Romanesque-Gothic construction that dates back to the 13th century. You can continue from here to Gello, where the 13th-century terracotta-brick Chiesa di San Lorenzo contains an interesting 15th-century fresco; to Villa Saletta, a small fortified village that grew up around the 17th-century Villa Ricardi, with an oratory that houses a 13th-century Virgin and Child; or go on to Forcoli, where the countryside is dotted with the large tabaccaie (tobacco-drying buildings).

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Medium 9781847770684


Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF


Those definite proportions, those strong shapes,

Are yet among the randomness of things.

The oxen plough on as the tourist sleeps

And in that sleep dreams the cypress is

A shadow-thrower, and the dark it keeps

Is the pure essence of all cypresses.

So in that stalwart upward-turning tree,

That looking-cool black candle with no flame,

We can behold the whole of Tuscany.

Turn to your window as the small hours sound

A spell of time, and under pale stars claim

A score of cypresses shading the ground.

Cyphers of a language we don’t need

To learn. It is no lost Etruscan now

Decoded. It’s by signs that these trees plead.

They are steadfast, true until you stare.

Then many shadows throng and form and bow

In cypress-surfeited and Tuscan air.

In Renaissance paintings only these

Cypresses stay stark, definite and climb

One by one, a company of trees

Giving bonus landscapes whose fore-view

Is the attraction. In and out of time

Cypress and shadow step away from you.

Outside Greece

Out of the city quickly. There it is –

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