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Medium 9781847770684

Turning Inland

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

And re-create and celebrate this taut

Tension and power, like the turning-over wave

That spreads and streams along the shore. This is what

Passion exacts from tension, the rush of fraught

Tide, the turning-over wave, the proof

Of the moon’s power in which all touch is caught.

Turning Inland

Inlands are always like that.

Associated with jetties

And also with estuaries which,

Being neither land nor sea,

Are a slowness, an always becoming

And never being, possessing

No name, no lasting action.

Look out, we are moving inland

Sick for the deep blue sea

And slowly learning to be

Landlubbers, returning to where

We have to belong. Each year

Turning back from September shore

I, for a time, belong nowhere,

My heart is an estuary,

My mind a pure becoming

Loving the fact of the sea

Going back to the Thames Valley where

I’ve learnt thirty years to be.


I’ll keep this heartbreak, let it hurt and tear

My spirit, let it run

Through every day’s best moments and appear

A joy I learnt under a happier sun.

For love so total and so simple yet

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Medium 9780819870193

6: A New Beginning

Margaret Charles Kerry Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub


A New Beginning

The icy grip of winter melted into a perfect spring. Fernando sat studying in the monastery garden. Suddenly an urgent cry broke the silence. “Fernando! Fernando! There’s sad news! Come quickly!”

Fernando slapped his book shut and jumped to his feet. “What news, Brother”

“The Little Brothers of Francis who stayed here with us that night—” the monk before him struggled to catch his breath, “the ones who were on their way to Morocco—have been martyred! The Sultan himself ordered their execution.”

“Who told you this” demanded Fernando with tears in his eyes.

“Messengers from Don Giles, the king’s brother. They rode in this morning. They also said that the bones of the five martyrs are being sent to us and will arrive within the month. Imagine! The relics will rest here in our own monastery. They are a gift to Canon John from Don Giles.”

Fernando shook his head. “I can hardly believe what you’re saying.”

“It’s true, Fernando. Berard tried to preach in the market place and he and his companions were arrested and thrown into prison. They were later released and ordered to return to their own country. Instead, they began preaching again. The Sultan was furious. He had them tortured in an attempt to make them give up the Faith. When he was unsuccessful, he gave the order that all five should be beheaded.”

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Medium 9781855755161

4 The skin and the levels of symbolisation: from the Ego-skin to the thinking-Ego

Jorge Ulnik Karnac Books ePub

As was pointed out in Chapter 2, Didier Anzieu claims that there is a system of basic traces or representations, the reference of which is tactile, concrete experience. With symbolic development, these representations will be the backdrop against which ulterior operations of thought are inscribed. As these tactile traces are denied and separated, though still maintained, the central idea is that they subsist in parallel with the representations mounted on them, thus configuring different levels of symbolisation. In this way, taking the Ego-skin as a starting point, an Ego capable of thinking and of representing can be formed, an Ego called the thinking-Ego (Anzieu, 1995).

With the understanding that different levels of symbolisation exist, the discussion as to whether a physical disease is from a psychoanalytical viewpoint a phenomenon, a symbol or a symptom could be settled at least in part, because it could be claimed that the disease is a form of symbolisation on a different level to that used in spoken language. In contrast, when the somatic is automatically excluded from the symbolic field, we limit ourselves to saying that where a word, a thought, an affect or a conflict should appear, what does in fact appear is the somatic, and in this case, all things considered, our only theoretical contribution would be establishing a relationship between two things by proposing a simple substitution. Then the theoretical development hides that substitution, seeming to explain in economic terms or by means of formulas and mathemes the way in which the somatic inserts itself into a system, which can be either economic or signifying, and which has been established a priori. In some cases the conclusion is not so different from that of the ordinary observer who, on seeing someone under a lot of stress, says: “Some day or other he will burst”, confirming when he falls ill: “Well, what do you expect, bottling things up for so long? It had to come out one way or another.” Without underestimating folk psychology, we nevertheless get the impression that this kind of interpretation, which is purely economic, is the product of simplification.

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Medium 9781449372262

15. Networking, File Sharing & Screen Sharing

David Pogue Pogue Press ePub

Networks are awesome. Once youve got a home or office network, you can copy files from one machine to anothereven between Windows PCs and Macsjust as youd drag files between folders on your own Mac. You can send little messages to other peoples screens. Everyone on the network can consult the same database or calendar, or listen to the same iTunes music collection. You can play games over the network. You can share a single printer or cable modem among all the Macs in the office. You can connect to the network from wherever you are in the world, using the Internet as the worlds longest extension cord back to your office.

In OS X, you can even do screen sharing, which means that you, the wise computer whiz, can see whats on the screen of your pathetic, floundering relative or buddy elsewhere on the network. You can seize control of the other Macs mouse and keyboard. You can troubleshoot, fiddle with settings, and so on. Its the next best thing to being thereoften, a lot better than being there.

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Medium 9781741792812


Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

     Includes »



     Interior Woodlands





     Gudhjem Melsted

     Around Gudhjem Melsted

     Sandvig Allinge

     Hammershus Slot



The sunniest part of Denmark, Bornholm lies way out in the Baltic Sea, 200km east of Copenhagen. But it’s not just (relatively) sunny skies that draw the hordes each year. Mother Nature was in a particularly good mood when creating this Baltic beauty, bestowing on it arresting chalk cliffs, soothing forests, bleach-white beaches and a pure, ethereal light that painters do their best to capture.

Humankind added the beguiling details, from medieval fortress ruins and thatched fishing villages, to the iconic rundkirker (round churches) and contemporary Bornholms Kunstmuseum (arts museum). The island’s ceramic and glassware artisans are famed throughout Denmark, as are its historic smokehouses and ever-expanding league of food artisans. It’s no wonder that seven out of 10 visitors to Bornholm return.

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