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Medium 9781909287020

1.3.Cell signalling

Slice ePub September 06, 2013

Medium 9781574411973


Slice PDF May 18, 2014


Kaplan, Robert, 255, 267–68

KATUSA (Korean Attached to the U.S. Army), 136; Gole captures, 153; descriptions,


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Kiska, Aleutian Islands, 50–52

Kissinger, Henry, 114

Kohn, Richard, vi

Konev, Ivan; Berlin operation,


Korea as limited war, 144

Korean Theater of Operations, geographical description, 132

Korean War, 128; minesweeping operations, 138, air interdictionon, 143; use of

airpower, assessment, 144; air losses, 145; naval power, assessment, 146, South Korean military readiness, 132

Koresh,David, 230

Kosovo, Battle of, 238–39

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Medium 9781783103423

II. Die Schulen und Bewegungen

Slice ePub March 06, 2015






Bereits 1921 hatte man im Museum für künstlerische Kultur mit Forschungsarbeiten begonnen. Malewitsch hielt die Vorträge Licht und Farbe und Ein neuer Beweis in der Kunst, Matjuschin den Vortrag Über den neuen Raum des Künstlers und Jermolajewa sprach über Das System des Kubismus. Es entstand die Idee, ein Forschungszentrum zur Bearbeitung neuer Probleme in der Kunst zu gründen. Am 9. Juni 1923 hielt der während der Belagerung Leningrads gestorbene Pawel Filonow auf einer in Petrograd abgehaltenen Museumskonferenz eine Rede, in der er im Namen einer „Gruppe linker Künstler“ den Vorschlag machte, das Museum in ein Forschungsinstitut für Kultur der modernen Kunst umzuwandeln.

Aber warum nahmen sich die Kunstschaffenden nun auch der Erforschung der Kunst an? Um eine Antwort auf diese Frage zu finden, müssen einige Momente verdeutlicht werden. Die traditionelle Kritik war gegenüber den von der neuen Kunst mitgebrachten Problemen macht und ratlos. Im Verlauf zweier Jahrzehnte hatte sie die Bewegung der russischen Avantgarde verspottet und so den Abstand zwischen Künstlern und Publikum vergrößert. Selbst die gebildetsten Kritiker, wie zum Beispiel der Maler Alexander Benois (1870 bis 1960), hemmten die Entwicklung der neuen künstlerischen Tendenzen.

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Medium 9781847771315


Slice PDF April 24, 2015


And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man and every man’s hand against him.

Genesis 16:12


My father fished three days a week,

A maid helped mother clean and mend,

My brother’s hands stayed soft and weak

And I was sent to the cold with men.

Swaddled in white coat chin to uppers

I trained from twelve to butcher meat

And dress it on enamelled platters,

Fat tucked like toes under bound feet;

Played Philoctetes to fowl bones,

Saw blue line crawl my ulnar vein,

Hied septic blood to wards alone

For antidote to purge the stain;

Made green meat red with dye and grinding,

Saw how back rooms broke men by fifty;

Stood behind a dumpster pissing

To save time when we were busy.

No angels graced that wilderness,

No wells, no Hagar, no augur

Sifting offal who foretold success

Beyond knife and block; no wonder

Drug for a child’s mind gone tough,

No acne salve to hide the blush

When the father of a puppy love

Sniffed at the sawdust in my cuff.

Roots cankered past disinfection

I gave my back to home and nation,

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Medium 9781605092652

4. Inescapable Uncertainty

Slice ePub May 14, 2014


TWO ESSENTIAL POINTS EMERGE from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of quantum physics: You can’t simultaneously know the position and direction of something (for example, in physics, a light particle); and attempt to find out one or the other influences of the very thing you are trying to figure out. Thus, there is a limit to what we can know precisely, and there is no unbiased point of view from which to know anything.

In The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World, Amit Goswami, Richard E. Reed, and Maggie Goswami express this point in an interesting manner by saying the following.

Chapter Overview

Idea from Physics
It is impossible to simultaneously know both the position and the speed of an electron. The process of measuring one exerts influences that make it impossible to accurately measure the other.

Idea Translated for Planning
There is no way to escape uncertainty in the business environment or marketplace. A good analysis can never be a complete analysis. Any “right” answer is “right” only in a limited context. Therefore, all analyses must be used in a learning-oriented mode. Questions about assumptions and context should be vigorously pursued to support more open learning.

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