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4. Coding for the Leanback UI

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

As weve discussed previously, TV resolution on Google TV will be either 1080p or 720p. Content is broadcast expecting the legacy display characteristics of tube TVs, such as overscan, which in a tube TV represents the left and right side of a display where the image cannot be accurately displayed. Subsequently, content is clipped with the expectation that the left and right sides will not be displayed to the viewer. In digital displays, content is clipped by presenting less than the full number of pixels on the left and right side. Subsequently, to maintain the correct aspect ratio, the vertical resolution is also clipped.

When Google TV users initially adjust the display using the setup wizard, theyre identifying the actual number of pixels visible on their TV display. For most TVs, this will be less than the displays ideal resolution and it also will vary based on models and brand.

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Exponents: Praxis I Algebra

Slice ePub July 07, 2014

Medium 9780755250448


Slice ePub September 06, 2013

Just one more thought on housings and that is their buoyancy underwater. Ideally for me, a housing with camera should be just about neutrally buoyant. A housing that is on the heavy side (negatively buoyant) will after a very short time become tiring to hold steady, while at the same time trying to maintain your own neutral buoyancy. The same applies if the housing is too light (positively buoyant) as it will continually try to pull your arms and you to the surface. After a few minutes even a slight pull can prove to be unnecessarily tiresome.

Most moulded metal housings are pretty well spot on with the intended camera inside. Generic type housings, especially the acrylic ones, that are able to house numerous camera types, will need careful adjustment. Small lead weights are either added or taken away from the housing to make it perfectly neutral.

The position of those weights is also crucial. If all the weight is either on the front or the back of the housing then your wrists and arms will have a tiring time trying to hold the camera on the horizontal. Make sure the weights are evenly distributed so that tilting the housing up or down is a one finger manoeuvre requiring very little effort.

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Medium 9781457173424

17. Tworzenie prostej prezentacji

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Chyba niewielu jest ludzi, ktrzy nigdy nie widzieli prezentacji przygotowanej za pomoc PowerPointa. Na caym wiecie zastpy uytkownikw tego programu tworz okoo trzydziestu milionw slajdw dziennie. Z tak statystyk PowerPoint jawi si jako zdecydowany lider wrd programw sucych do opracowywania prezentacji, pozostawiajc daleko w tyle konkurencj w postaci takich aplikacji, jak Corel Presentations i Apple Keynote. Sta si tak wszechobecny, e wpyn nawet na wzbogacenie jzyka angielskiego sowo powerpointless[12] jest uywane do okrelania prezentacji majcej wypunktowany tekst, grafik, animowane przejcia midzy slajdami, ale nieprzekazujcej adnych istotnych treci.

Czy moesz ulepszy program, ktry odnosi takie sukcesy? Chyba tylko przez gruntowne przeprojektowanie go. I tak wanie postpili informatycy Microsoftu PowerPoint 2007 rni si zdecydowanie od swego poprzedniego wcielenia, czyli PowerPointa 2003. Znikny menu, okna kreatorw i wikszo paskw narzdzi oraz paneli, na ktrych wyroso cae pokolenie uytkownikw tej aplikacji. Jak moesz zobaczy na Rysunek17-1, kady z tych elementw zosta zastpiony tzw. wstk. Ale wobec wszystkich wprowadzonych zmian jest to tylko wierzchoek gry lodowej.

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Medium 9781576754207

Chapter 5: Guiding Managers and HR Staff

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

This chapter covers the following topics:

After the First Interstate fire, we had to relocate all employees quickly to new work sites. As we HR leaders dealt with employees’ confusion, frustration, fear, and anger, we realized that we needed to take some direct and positive actions. We had to smooth the way for employees at all levels to learn how to deal with the situation directly, especially the trauma they were experiencing, so they could get back to work.

As we debriefed the events as a group, we realized we had to avoid getting caught up in what some people refer to as hindsight bias—how we thought we should have acted, once we knew what had actually happened with the fire, the recovery, and the restoration. After all, the fire required us to act quickly in a dynamic situation.81 Disasters by their very nature require you to dive into the unknown and take action. We had our priorities straight: ensuring that everyone was safe. And we fought rather than fled, which was the right thing to do.

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