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Medium 9781449306649

Simple Notification Service

Jurg van Vliet O'Reilly Media ePub
Medium 9780596154615

Queue Users

Kevin Makice O'Reilly Media ePub

As described in Best of Twitter API, making sense of the bookmarking done in Twitter is somewhat difficult. There are no easy ways to get a list of the tweets you have published that others have flagged as favorites, for example. Building a new API from the data available in the Twitter API seems like a good way to fill this gap.

This script is the first of two backend automated tasks to maintain the data needed to drive this new second-generation API. It is invoked with a crontab pointing to the file uar_queue_users.php, which is located in the automated directory outside the web path. I scheduled my installation of this application to run every two minutes: because of caching in Twitter, querying more than once per minute is redundant, and I slowed down that pace a little to give my server a break and create a slightly larger window for the second script, Collect Favorites, to do its thing.

The public timeline API method this script uses only returns 20 new tweets at a time, but Twitters posting rate is considerably higher than 10 tweets per minute (in fact, as of January 2009 Tweet Rush estimated it at about 1.8 million tweets a day, or 1,250 per minute). There is no expectation that the script will be able to capture all tweets, so Ive settled for regular sampling.

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Medium 9781780420387

El eufórico éxtasis de los años locos

Alexandre Dupouy Parkstone International PDF
Medium 9781780421919

Les Muralistes mexicains

Gerry Souter Parkstone International PDF
Medium 9781847771377

Prayer to Saint Agatha

Evan Jones Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Prayer to Saint Agatha

We can affirm nothing with confidence concerning her history… As an attribute in art her breasts, which were cut off, are often shown on a dish… she was credited with the power of arresting the eruptions of

Mount Etna, so she is invoked against any outbreak of fire.

Butler’s Lives of the Saints

Holy virgin of the third century, martyr, refuter of married life, pure thinker and resister of lechers,

I wished to write sooner, while you were young and living among the countries of our civilization’s birth. I have every country in mind now and every childhood, and you are a thousand women whose breasts have been severed because of their beliefs.

I would say something of life without you.

The kind of men you knew are gone. Women are the same, though children may be too serious, and we’ve spent most of the last hundred years angry that our cries of ‘Come back to me,’ to God and whoever, go unanswered. No one falls asleep. Ships sail over the desert and squirrels eat from our hands. Taxis are yellow and films end badly. Some of us try to hold on to something, but there’s no money in it.

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