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Medium 9781780423166

Pieter Boel (1622-1674)

Victoria Charles Parkstone International PDF
Medium 9781601322401

The Dynamic Business Web Template Design and Implementation

Hamid R. Arabnia, Azita Bahrami, Fernando G. Tinetti, Leonidas Deligiannidis, George Jandieri, and Ashu M. G. Solo CSREA Press PDF

Int'l Conf. e-Learning, e-Bus., EIS, and e-Gov. | EEE'13 |


The Dynamic Business Web Template Design and


Z. Wang1,2, D. Sparks1, and X. Zhang2

Department of Math/CS, Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, VA, USA


College of Information Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China


Abstract - The paper presents the design and implementation of the online Web template tool that allows people without any programming knowledge design and maintain the website contents. The project incorporates PHP code to create each page on the website and perform functions for the website,

CSS code to create the style sheet for the website, and MySQL database to hold information for different parts of the website.

The focus of this study is to create an easily navigated website that a small company can easily edit to incorporate their own information.

Keywords: Dynamic Business Web, Web template tool, database information system, online system, PHP/MySQL



In last decades, we have experienced the most profound changes in our daily life. It is so called the information age.

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Medium 9781574414653

Rangers and Mounties Defending the Cattleman’s Empire

Edited by Bruce A. Glasrud and Harold J. Weiss, Jr. University of North Texas Press PDF


Rangers and Mounties

Defending the

Cattleman’s Empire

Andrew R. Graybill


ith passage of the 1884 fence cutting legislation, state leaders in Austin had demonstrated their resolve to protect private property and to defend an industry of unquestioned economic value to the state. Officials charged the Texas Rangers with eradicating fence destruction, which became the primary mission of the force in the spring of 1884. This was not, however, the first time the Rangers had been considered for such a job. Two years before,

Adjutant General W. H. King had proposed to use the force—albeit in a relatively nonconfrontational way—to mediate range conflicts before they reached the boiling point.1 If such a plan was put into effect by King before the 1883 troubles, though, it did little good in bringing about tranquility between large and small ranchers on the cattleman’s frontier: Rangers were investigating fence cutting cases less than six months after the adjutant general had filed his report.

There are at least two reasons why King and Governor John Ireland enlisted the Rangers to suppress fence cutting. First, the police had already proven their usefulness to the cattle industry by driving Native Americans from the state and dispossessing South Texas

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Medium 9781593577728

Computer and Mathematical Occupations

Editors at JIST JIST Publishing ePub

(O*NET 15-2011.00)

Through their knowledge of statistics, finance, and business, actuaries assess the risk of events occurring and help create policies for businesses and clients that minimize the cost of that risk. For this reason, actuaries are essential to the insurance industry.

Actuaries analyze data to estimate the probability and likely cost to the company of an event such as death, sickness, injury, disability, or loss of property. Actuaries also address financial matters, such as how a company should invest resources to maximize return on investments or how an individual should invest in order to attain a certain retirement income level. Using their expertise in evaluating various types of risk, actuaries help design insurance policies, pension plans, and other financial strategies in a manner that will help ensure that the plans are maintained on a sound financial basis.

Most actuaries are employed in the insurance industry, specializing in either property and casualty insurance or life and health insurance. They use sophisticated modeling techniques to forecast the likelihood of certain events occurring and the impact these events will have on claims and potential losses for the company. For example, property and casualty actuaries calculate the expected number of claims resulting from automobile accidents, which varies depending on the insured person’s age, sex, driving history, type of car, and other factors. Actuaries ensure that the premium charged for such insurance will enable the company to cover potential claims and other expenses. This premium must be profitable yet competitive with other insurance companies.

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Medium 9781855755376


Bruce Fernie Karnac Books ePub

Activity encompasses all that you do, day and night: it can be washing yourself, vacuum cleaning your carpets, going to work and even resting and sleeping. Some activities are physical, such as walking or shopping, others might be considered to be more ‘cerebral’, like using a computer or talking on the phone.

You may find that you do a lot less activity now than before you acquired CFS/ME, or you may find that you do too much activity for how you are feeling. In order to manage your symptoms, it best to get as much balance in your activity as possible. Sometimes this will be impossible because there will unanticipated events and demands. However, the more balance you can get into your life, the better.

The first step in trying to obtain balance in your life is to figure out what you are doing day-to-day. As we have said before, memory in CFS/ME can be sketchy, so it is a good idea to keep an activity diary. In addition to being an aide memoire, this will give you a much clearer picture of what you are doing with your week.

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