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Medium 9780596005689

8. Data Modeling

Robert, Jr Simmons O'Reilly Media ePub

A data model is a set of objects designed to hold data concerning a particular business concept or application. A data model object is a component of a data model. A data model object differs from a regular object that holds data in that it must represent a particular business concept.

For example, the class Point from the java.awt package is an object that contains data but is not a data model object. Although it has a role in the system, it doesn't represent any particular business concept. On the other hand, a class such as Customer is a data model object.

This distinction is important because business data is sacred. Regardless of what you do in a software system, you should avoid corrupting a data model at all costs. It is the life blood of a business. Since data model objects are so important to the survivability of a business, you have to spend more time on them than you would on other objects. Your data model objects need to be more solid and bug-free than every other part of the code. This necessarily means that you will have to employ checking and error-detection procedures that you would normally not concern yourself with.

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Medium 9781933952680

CHAPTER 14 Photographic Techniques and Artistic Integrity

Bruce Barnbaum Rocky Nook-IPS ePub

Photographic Techniques and Artistic Integrity

BECAUSE THE CAMERA, DARKROOM, OR COMPUTER can be used to achieve such remarkable transformations of the scene that was in front of the camera, a real philosophical question is raised: When do you step over the line from legitimacy to illegitimacy in the use of photographic manipulation? How far can you go before you’ve gone too far?

Up to now, the question has been raised in this book only as it applies to the extent of darkroom and computer manipulations that become apparent, such as too much burning, dodging, flashing, bleaching, sharpening, cloning, etc. But are there legal, moral, ethical, or philosophical boundaries limiting the degree or extent of manipulation?

Surely there are. An obvious example would be the manipulation of photographs for blackmail or nefarious political ends. Time magazine once published an article showing how simple it would be to produce a realistic print of a fictional meeting between the U.S. Secretary of State and a terrorist leader. Such a photograph could be accompanied by a story about the alleged meeting and secret deals made with known enemies. In a similar way, it would be equally simple (and equally immoral) to produce a photograph of a political candidate engaging in sex with a call girl when no such encounter ever occurred, and to distribute the phony image just before an election. These would surely be gross abuses of the photographic process. Short of such obvious examples of intentional fraud and deception, there is a gray area of possibilities that warrants some serious discussion.

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Medium 9780819816047

Chapter 3 Craft Projects

Sarah A. Reinhard Pauline Books and Media ePub

A disclaimer: I’m not crafty, though I do more of it than I think, thanks in large part to my children. I do not regularly make things as gifts for people, at least, not if I can afford to buy them the gift I’d really like to get them.

But you know what? My kids love to make things, and my husband loves to be on the receiving end of their creations. These projects are the sorts of things I do with my family or the things I’d like to do with my family. If crafts are something you love, or you’re brave about repurposing, you’ll find some great links on this book’s website.

Prep: Medium, 1–2 hours

Duration: High, more than 2 hours

Cost: Varies, High

One look at the title of this project is enough to send me running for the hills. Why, then, do I suggest that you attempt it? First, because my kids are always asking to look at the scrapbooks I spent so much time making before they were born. They don’t ever get bored looking at the younger versions of the people in their lives.

Second, I suggest it because, well, it’s fun (once I get over my initial terror at the scope such a project could encompass). Though young children and sharp objects aren’t usually a recipe for fun, there are many ways to keep things safe while treasuring the memories—those you’re recalling and those you’re making at a time planned for family fun.

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Medium 9781855750517

1919 Letters 349–367

Karl Abraham Karnac Books ePub




Berlin-Grünewald, Schleinitzstrasse 6
20 January 1919

Dear Professor,

First my congratulations on the good news you have had of your son Martin! Eitingon told me about it yesterday. We are deeply happy for all of you that this great worry has been lifted from you.

In your letter you notified me of the 4th volume of the Kleine Schriften. I waited to write so as to be able to confirm that the book had arrived, but it did not come until yesterday. I cannot but admire the sheer quantity that you have achieved in such times. I have begun at once to read the so far unpublished analysis,1 in the meantime thank you for the enjoyable hours you gave me yesterday evening, and I shall come back to it in the next letter.

Meanwhile I heard from Rank that the foundation of the Verlag has taken place. I heard a few more details from Reik this very day. You must excuse the fact that I have not yet got into touch with Hitschmann, nor have I sent in my Budapest paper.2 It is not usually my way to be careless about these things. I have not been well recently because of the stubborn bronchial and nasal catarrh that I brought back from East Prussia. I have now been treated for a week by Fliess, with very good results. Until a few days ago I had bad nights and was glad when I had finished my practice. I had to use the free time for resting. But I have now done the greater part of the paper and hope to complete it in two days. I should be grateful, dear Herr Professor, if you would inform Rank of it; I shall be writing to him in detail as soon as I am no longer so tired in the evenings.

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Medium 9781626562356

One Whom will we serve?

Cheryl Bachelder Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first.


I AM AN ETERNAL OPTIMIST, a certified member of the positive-thinking club.

When we were growing up, my mother woke my siblings and me by playing loud music on the stereo and saying “Good morning! It’s a beautiful day. Rise and shine.” There was no opportunity for negativity. It was going to be a good day.

I continued this tradition with my children. The mantra of their childhood was, “Your attitude is your altitude.” They still grimace when I say it, but the message is etched in their minds. Decide how you will approach this day—and that will determine your day.

The same is true in leadership—your attitude is your altitude.

When I joined Popeyes, the place needed an attitude adjustment. The problem? The people we were responsible for leading were viewed as “a pain in the neck.”

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