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2. Identifying Resources

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

One of the first steps in developing a RESTful web service is designing the resource model. The resource model identifies and classifies all the resources the client uses to interact with the server. Of all the aspects of designing a RESTful web service, such as identification of resources, choice of media types and formats, and application of the uniform interface, resource identification is the most flexible part.

Because of the visible nature of HTTP (see Recipe1.1), you can use tools like Firebug (, Yahoo! YSlow (, or Resource Expert Droid ( to make reasonable assertions about whether the server is implementing HTTP correctly. But you cannot do the same with resources. There is no right or wrong resource model. All that matters is whether you can use HTTPs uniform interface reasonably correctly to implement your web service. This chapter goes through the following recipes to help identify resources for a number of common situations:

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Medium 9781855754157

1. Assessing clients with a serious physical illness or disability for psychodynamic therapy

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Gwen Evans

Psychodynamic therapy is based on psychoanalytic theory and practice. The central principle is that distress has been caused by events and modes of relating in early life of which we are no longer aware. From the earliest years of the practice of this model of therapy, its application has extended. One facet of this extension is working with people who have a serious illness or disability. Impairment of bodily function can happen at any time from uterine life on and may be temporary or permanent. Sometimes impairment is stable or can change. These states of being will have resonances with a patient’s internal world and past life experiences, though this will not be readily apparent to them. There can be little dispute that in Western culture the dominant model of disease is biologically based, which means that a patient’s emotional responses to it can sometimes be ignored or given only scant attention. Conversely, any attempt to apply psychological understanding alone “undermines the reality of the disease” (Sontag, 1983, p. 59). The notion of physical versus psychological does not give due regard to the lively forces at work in body and mind which impact and are interdependent the one with the other. It is the interrelating of body and mind that gives credibility to the need for psychological therapies to be made available to patients with a serious physical illness or disability, many of whom are distressed. I wish to briefly describe a developmental paradigm from which the effects of impaired bodily function on the mind can be understood.

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Medium 9780596515089

2. SEO Case Study:

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In this chapter, well show you how to put into action the optimization techniques that you learned in Chapter1 and the conversion techniques youll learn in Chapter5. To do so, we feature a case study that shows the benefits of natural search engine optimization (SEO).

Dr. Ken Cirka, DMD, contacted us in mid-2004 seeking to boost the number of patient leads he was getting from his website. The original website had a simple, graphically rich design using stock images (see Figure2-1).

Although it was visually appealing to humans, it was not appealing to search engines.

Through the lens of a Lynx viewer, the site looked like this:, circa June 2004

The site used keyword-rich image alt tags, but search engines give more weight to visible text such as headlines and body copy than they do to invisible text. In Dr. Cirkas original site, search engines could detect no body copy or headlines. They saw only alt and link text. The site was also opening up the business to spam; note that publishing a plain-text email address in your page will increase the amount of spam emails that you receive. It is best to use a contact form instead to avoid spam from spambots.

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Medium 9781449333522

4. At Scale

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Scale invites complexity. Complexity breeds confusion. Confusion, in turn, increases the likelihood of error. Even more mistakes are made under pressure resulting from deadlines, the time-critical nature of the business, or high external visibility. Timely response to production issues becomes more difficult at scale.

Some amount of complexity is unavoidable, so striving for simplicity, while a good thing in itself, is not the same as achieving it. Likewise, working under pressure is not something that will go away anytime soon. When is the right time to expand the team? Then again, the more people on the team, the harder it is to maintain consistency.

Increasing a systems manageability is a sure way to counter these factors. Rich instrumentation is a necessary yet not sufficient condition. If your system is expanding, this chapter might help you in planning an alerting configuration that scales along with it. If you have already reached the critical mass and monitoring is starting to become increasingly more complicated, this chapter will help you get back on track. It describes best practices for developing managed alerting configurations.

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Medium 9781934989128

Pleasure, Habit and Austerity

Slice ePub September 06, 2013

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