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Medium 9781576750797


Janelle Barlow Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Years ago, Janelle was on an extended business trip that took her around the world, beginning in Hong Kong then continuing to Denmark before returning to the United States. Six hours before she was to return to the United States, she discovered her hotel room had been robbed. Cash, credit cards, passport, and all identification had been stolen. Believe it or not, this was the third robbery she had experienced on this trip—once in Hong Kong, where a pickpocket also got her cash, credit cards, passport, and airplane tickets, and twice in Denmark! In a panic, she called the U.S. Embassy very early in the morning. She was told to go to Copenhagen and talk with the embassy duty officer.

Based on how she looked and her accent, Janelle was given a letter indicating that she was a U.S. citizen, that her passport had been stolen, and that the airlines should allow her to return home. Getting through Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen was no problem. However, she had to transfer planes in Heathrow, London’s extremely security-conscious main airport. Janelle was pulled from every line she entered and interrogated by 134several very unhappy Brits before passing on to the next checkpoint. It took her two hours to move from one plane to the next.

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Medium 9780819859631

III: Pursuing God Alone

Mary Lea Hill Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub


Pursuing God Alone

Often a soul that sees it has progressed by means of some great penance wishes to have all people proceed the same way, and is shocked and displeased if they do not, as if they have done wrong. But perhaps that one is actually making more progress and is more virtuous than the one criticizing him, even without doing as much penance. Perfection does not consist in punishing the body or killing it, but in killing our perverse self-will. This is the way we should desire all to walk, submitting our will to the sweet will of God. Penance and bodily discipline is good, but they are not the rule for everyone, since all bodies are not alike. Often one has to give up the penance begun because something unforeseen happens. If we, then, built our spiritual foundation on penance, or encouraged others to do so, we may find we have nothing, and worse yet, find ourselves so imperfect that even consolation and virtue fail us. The reason for this is that when the thing we set our heart on and made so central disappears, we feel that God has disappeared and we fall victim to despondency, becoming sad and bitter; this in turn deprives us of the fervent, active prayer we used to experience. You see, then, what misfortune would befall you if you concentrate solely on penance. Ignorance, criticism, weariness, and a bitter spirit would result if all your effort was in providing God with a finished work, when he who is infinite Good only requires infinite desire of us. We should concentrate instead on killing and destroying our bad will so that we can place it before God as the loving, eager, infinite desire for his glory and the salvation of souls. We will find nourishment at the table of holy desire where there is nothing offensive, either from self or from another, but only joy and goodness. What a miserable woman I am! I regret that I never lived out the truth of this teaching; no, I did just the opposite and so I feel that I have often been irritable and judgmental toward my neighbor. By the love of Christ crucified, I hope to find healing for this and all my other infirmities so that today we together can set out on the way of truth, inspired to build a right foundation on holy intentions, not relying on mere appearances and impressions. This will help us avoid self-neglect and judgment of other’s faults, except out of compassion or as a general correction.

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Medium 9781855758087

Chapter Thirteen: Paraphilias and sexual offending

Glyn Hudson Allez Karnac Books ePub

Gordon sat on the side of the bench in the bare cell in the police station with his face buried in his hands. “How did I ever get to this?” he wondered to himself, and tears slowly seeped through his fingers. He had not seen Rachel or his son for nearly a year now. They had been moved into another house as soon as the authorities had realized Gordon knew where they were. He was also visited by the police at the time, and cautioned about further stalking or harassment behaviour. Ignoring this, at first he was frantic in his search for them. He searched all the places he thought Rachel might go to. He harassed all her friends, but they became angry and tight-lipped. He wandered the streets of the suburbs, and stood outside mother-and-toddler groups in the hope of stumbling across her, but he had no idea of where she might be. Then he began to realize that Rachel and Conner might have been sent to another city, and his hopes of finding them diminished.

Filled with the despair of abandonment, he turned back to his computer for comfort. As he was now unemployed, he would sleep until early afternoon, get up and sit at the computer to watch movies or view pornography through to the early hours of the next day. He had escalated his pornography viewing into any picture that might be outside of the norm: he laughed at pictures of people having sex with animals, was fascinated by all of the alternative methods of S&M, was aroused by swinging group sexual activity with women, particularly simultaneous vaginal and anal sex, salivated at sex with transsexuals, and was curious at the pictures of people having sex with children remembering his own experience as a child. Cigarette ash and butts piled up beside the keyboard, and the desk and floor were littered with empty beer cans and burger wrappers. He had run out of money while still searching for Rachel, and his job-seeker’s allowance did not cover the cost of his addictions. He had stopped paying his rent several months before, was now being hassled by his landlord for the arrears, and was being threatened with eviction.

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Medium 9781783100064

« L'Art dégénéré »

Franz Marc Parkstone International PDF
Medium 9781933820002


Nathan Shedroff Rosenfeld Media ePub

Create Take-Back Programs

River and Lake Economies

Industrial Estates

The ideal sustainability strategy is to close input (resources) and output (wastes) streams so that nothing is wasted and everything is recycled. This strategy also means that nothing harmful will exit to the environment via air, water, land, and so on. To accomplish this goal, coordination between multiple players (suppliers, manufacturers, sources, and sometimes retail locations and even customers) is usually required. However, developers and organizations can plan policy, such as take-back programs, and redesign processes and specifications for manufacturing and service in order to come near to this ideal.

One common approach for creating a more closed-loop system is to implement a product take-back program. Product take-back programs ensure that customers can take products and packaging back to the stores where they were purchased and that manufacturers will take these products back from retailers in order to recycle and reclaim whatever material they can. While this sounds easy, it requires a lot of coordination. Some materials, like packaging, can go straight into recycling programs, where and when they exist. But most products are complex enough that they require disassembly, and in some cases, special handling in order to retrieve as much useful material as possible. In addition, many components can be reused (such as ink cartridges and disposable cameras), but usually only by the original manufacturer. These products often need to find their way all the way back to where they were created originally or at least to an authorized repair, service, or recycling center.

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