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Medium 9781855758308

5. Frankie: The Absent Father

Richard G. Erskine Karnac Books ePub

By far the most common occurrence in therapeutic regression work is that a client works through conflicts with one or both parents. We have seen Conrad dealing with his mother in Chapter 2, and Chris preparing for a confrontation and decommissioning a self-created Parent in Chapter 3. In the piece of work presented in this chapter, the client is also dealing with a parent, but it is an absent parent who is the focus of the work.

Frankie's father died when Frankie was an infant. His mother, herself highly dependent, was overbearing and abusive of Frankie, using him to deal with her own needs rather than providing him with clear limits and appropriate nurturance. Frankie grew into his teens as an obese, socially isolated adolescent. With no effective male models, he failed to develop an adequate gender identity and experienced himself as nonsexual. In his early twenties, he began intensive psychotherapy, and was able to resolve much of the conflict around his dealings with his mother. At 33, he looks 23: a now slim, quiet, adaptive young man who is beginning to experiment with both homosexual and heterosexual relationships. Father, however, has remained an important though shadowy influence throughout his life.

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Medium 9781609520786

4. A Gift

Peter Wortsman Travelers' Tales ePub

A LITTLE PACKAGE ARRIVED IN THIS MORNING’S MAIL that gave me a good deal of delight. It was sent by a corporate lawyer, plump and buttoned-down, very proper-looking in a three-piece suit, who’d approached me to chat over wine and nibbles following the fellows’ presentations at the Academy the other evening. We’d struck up a friendly conversation after discovering our shared fondness for marzipan and those two little cartoon rascals Max and Moritz. The package contained an English translation of the turn-of-the-century cartoonist Wilhelm Busch’s classic compilation of nasty nonsense, popularized in the U.S. as The Katzenjammer Kids, as well as a copy of the nineteenth-century educational children’s classic, Struwwelpeter, the latter translated into English as Slovenly Peter by none other than Mark Twain. Hard to fathom Huck Finn’s confabulator riding the raft of fantasy transplanted from the muddy Mississippi to the Havel and the Spree. Lawyers here apparently still read other things than statutes and legal briefs. Time is not always money in Berlin, sometimes it just ticks.

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Medium 9788324656028

Informacje o komputerze

Daniel J. Barrett Helion ePub


Podaje podstawowe informacje o systemie.


Podaje systemow nazw komputera.


To samo znaczenie co polecenie hostname -d.


To samo znaczenie co polecenie hostname -y.


To samo znaczenie co polecenie hostname -y.


To samo znaczenie co polecenie hostname -y.


Ustawia i wywietla informacje o interfejsie sieciowym.


Wywietla i ustala informacje o interfejsie sieciowym.

Kady komputer z Linuksem (popularnie nazywany hostem) posiada wasn nazw, sieciowy adres IP, a take inne waciwoci. Poniej opisane zostay polecenia umoliwiajce wywietlenie tych informacji.







uname [ opcje ]

Polecenie uname wypisuje fundamentalne informacje o komputerze:

Informacje te zawieraj nazw jdra (Linux), nazw komputera (, wersj jdra (2.4.18-27.8.0 #1 Fri Mar 14 06:45:49 EST 2003), nazw sprztow (i686), typ procesora (i686), platform sprztow (i386) i nazw systemu operacyjnego (GNU/Linux). Kada z tych informacji moe by wywietlona osobno, su do tego odpowiednie opcje.

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Medium 9780870819506

2. Early Water Use and Development

P. Andrew Jones University Press of Colorado ePub

Chapter 1 provided a summary of Colorado’s physical resources—the canvas on which the human drama of water law unfolds. From the earliest times, Colorado residents have depended on the region’s capricious streams to develop cultures, customs, and laws that facilitate humankind’s interaction with the environment and provide a vehicle for the distribution of Colorado’s scarce water resources. This chapter traces humankind’s interaction with Colorado’s water resources from 10,000 B.C. to the present. It examines the lives and cultures of the state’s earliest residents and how they interacted with their natural environment. It traces the broad historical outlines of early European settlement, statehood, and the development of water usage during these formative periods. Finally, it examines selected current situations that highlight the evolving nature of humankind’s interaction with Colorado’s landscape. It is a historical tour of the Colorado landscape, laying the foundation for specific lessons in water law in later chapters.

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Medium 9781576751831

8 Three Activities That Establish a Freedom-Based Workplace

Robert Lebow Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

After his phone call, Kip returned to the cabin. Pete was catching a cat nap, and Kip let him rest. He had some reading to do, so he welcomed the time alone. He had pretty much finished what he wanted to do when Pete began to stir.

“I bet you needed that nap,” said Kip with a grin.

“I sure did,” Pete said, as he stretched his arms and legs. The nap had allowed his brain to crystallize and clarify many of the concepts Kip had set forth during their time together. Refreshed from his rest, Pete felt ready once again to tackle their earlier discourse. “Kip, I like the idea of a freedom-based organization, but I still have my doubts about whether it could work in my circumstances. For the sake of argument, how do you take the first step?”

“OK, Pete, for the sake of argument let me see if I can flesh out the approach I would suggest you take. I’ll start by putting the approach in a perspective that creates long-term value, one that sustains organizational results and gets people to be accountable.”

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