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Medium 9781855759107

6. The struggle of life and death wishes

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

No more bee greev’d at that which thou hast done
Roses have thorns, and silver fountaines mud,
Clouds and eclipses staine both Moone and Sunne,
And loathsome canker lives in sweetest bud.

Shakespeare, Sonnet 35

In fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Italian painting, there is a tradition according to which the Virgin receives the Annunciation in five different and successive modes—Disquiet, Reflection, Inquiry, Submission, and Merit (Baxandall, 1972). It was thought that she had to work her way through all of these reactions. If we look at some of these paintings, we see that the artist conceived her state of mind in many different ways, far overstepping the limits of this tradition.

Fra Filippo Lippi’s Annunciation (Figure 6) shows the Virgin’s submission; the angel bends towards her gently knowing the heavy import of what he has to say. In Fra Angelico’s fresco in San Marco (Figure 7), the Virgin’s body seems to submit; her hands are perhaps protecting her, but her face is full of an acceptance with yearning to understand what is being said. Contrast both of these with the earlier painting by Simone Martini (Figure 8), where the Virgin recoils aghast and the angel seems full of foreboding. In Piero della Francesca’s painting (Figure 9), the Virgin does not show such violent revulsion, but she looks disturbed and proud— as if she knows that her life will never be the same again. The Archangel Gabriel is solemn and restrained, and, above them, God the Father ordains how things shall be. Earlier yet, Duccio (Figure 10) shows Mary submitting, perhaps cowering and troubled, and the angel as determined and rather unsympathetic. With Tintoretto (Figure 11), we have a clear portrayal of the thunderbolt that burst into Mary’s life, knocking her off balance and interrupting her life. The movement of the dove, perhaps symbolizing in this picture the conception, has a direct and even aggressive quality. My point is that tradition gave a rather acceptable list of Mary’s feelings, but these painters had a more lively idea of what all this might have meant to her.

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Medium 9788324614356

17. Raportowanie na temat projektów

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Komunikacja jest tak istotnym aspektem zarzdzania projektem, e raporty tworzy si co chwil. Wraz z obrazami harmonogramu raporty s podstaw prezentacji informacji o projekcie innym osobom. S rwnie przydatne, gdy sam meneder projektu chce zobaczy, co si dzieje. Podczas planowania moe on dowiedzie si z raportu, w ktrych miejscach musi popracowa nad projektem, aby uzyska dane daty, koszty i obcienia prac. Na etapie realizacji projektu moe uy oglnych raportw, aby sprawdzi, czy projekt jest wykonywany zgodnie z planem. Jeeli tak nie jest, na podstawie bardziej szczegowych raportw moe wyszuka problematyczne punkty.

Dowiadczeni kierownicy projektw s proaktywni i tworz raporty, aby wyszuka zadania z polizgiem (czyli takie, w ktrych nie jest osigany zaoony postp) lub takie, ktre rozpoczynaj si albo kocz zbyt pno. Te zadania s ostrzeeniem, e termin zakoczenia projektu jest zagroony. Skorygowanie problemw odpowiednio wczenie moe przywrci projekt na waciwe tory bez podejmowania heroicznych wysikw koniecznych, gdy zblia si zakoczenie projektu.

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Medium 9781780490298

Chapter Two - Structuring the Process of CBT and Structuring Cbt Sessions

Slice ePub May 22, 2014


Structuring the process of CBT and structuring CBT sessions


In this chapter, the reader is introduced to the overall structure of CBT and the structure within sessions in CBT. The importance of agenda setting, reviewing homework, and setting homework will be discussed. The importance of detailed information gathering, identifying problems and goals, having session plans that fit with the phase of treatment, and the role of the therapist as an active and initiating agent in therapy are discussed.

Explanations of the CBT way of structuring sessions, difficulties with structuring sessions, challenging moments in ending sessions, and other difficulties are further topics for this chapter and illustrated by way of the case examples.

Structuring therapy

As part of my university studies, I attended a seminar on organisational behavioural management. From this seminar, I remember one direct quote: “No communication without structure”. As long as there is no structure in which communication can take place, most communication will be useless. It is my firm conviction that the same goes for therapy, especially cognitive behaviour therapy. A well-structured plan is the foundation for all good therapy. In conducting therapy, this means that the clinician needs to “hold” the line by structuring the therapy according to the evidence-based plan (sometimes against the preferences of clients who just want to chill out and not do the difficult work!).

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Medium 9781449329556

2. Getting Set Up to Use Titanium

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Because Titanium creates a native project for whatever platform you are targeting from JavaScript code, you need to have the native compilers installed for whichever platforms you want to run the app on. This chapter explains your options.

If you want to do iOS development, youll need to get a Mac. When I first got into mobile development, and wanted to get my feet wet while investing the least amount of money, I bought a Mac Mini. It worked very well for iPhone development.

Android development is more platform-agnostic, but youll want to get something with plenty of horsepower. Compiling for Android is more CPU intensive than compiling for iOS, so if a decent amount of your work will be for Android, think about getting something like a MacBook Pro. The current lineup of MacBook Pro laptops are a great combination of portability and power.

Depending on what kind of environment youll be working in, seriously consider a laptop. Nothing beats being able to pick up your development environment for a quick demo or a trip to the local Starbucks.

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Medium 9781855759046

1. Charles Rycroft: a memoir

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Anthony Storr

It is just about thirty years ago that Charles Rycroft and I became friends. For a while, he almost became part of our extended family: for he used to come and stay in our Welsh cottage during family holidays. I remember that, on the first occasion, he feared the cold of Snowdonia and came equipped with an electric blanket. One night this caught fire, which filled the room with smoke and was very alarming: but Charles adroitly threw the blackened remnant out of the window, so no great harm was done. It seemed out of character for Charles to have such a modern device as an electric blanket. Gadgets were not his scene. He regarded our dishwasher with the utmost suspicion, and I completely failed to persuade him that using a word processor was preferable to doing everything by hand.

It was on these holidays that I learned how good he was with children. He seemed to have a natural sympathy with the young, which he retained even into old age, so that one had no qualms about referring quite young patients to him, even when he was in his seventies. He was never in the least patronizing and so did not talk down to the young, who consequently felt at home with him.

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