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Medium 9780596559649

Turning Up the Heat

Leipzig, Jeremy O'Reilly Media PDF

Oh snap! The dreaded “factor feature” in R strikes again. When a data frame column contains factors

[], its elements are represented using indices that refer to levels, distinct values within that column. The as.EventData method is expecting columns of type numeric, not factor.

Never transform from factors to numeric like this: as.numeric(myTable$factorColumn) #don't do this!

An extremely common mistake—this will merely return numeric indicies used to refer to the levels—you want the levels themselves (Figure 3).

> geoTable$X<-as.numeric(levels(geoTable$X))[geoTable$X] #do this

> geoTable$Y<-as.numeric(levels(geoTable$Y))[geoTable$Y]

> addressEvents<-as.EventData(geoTable,projection=NA)

> addPoints(addressEvents,col="red",cex=.5)

Turning Up the Heat

PBSmapping allows us to see which in polygons/tracts our foreclosures were plotted. Using this data we can represent the intensity of foreclosure events as a heatmap.

> addressPolys<-findPolys(addressEvents,myShapeFile)

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Medium 9780596804947

13. Media Manager

Ron Severdia O'Reilly Media ePub

Using media in your site makes it much more engaging than just plain text. With Joomla, you can add images, audio, video, or even Adobe Flash to your web pages with just a few clicks.

In this chapter, well cover how to upload media, add it to your articles, and delete media.

The Media Manager is a simple tool for not only managing your media files, but also incorporating them into the pages of your website. To open the Media Manager, go to SiteMedia Manager to open the default Thumbnail View.

Figure13-1.Media Manager Thumbnail View

The Media Manager displays images, folders, and other files inside the images directory. The folders on the left column are all subfolders within that directory and the plus symbol next to each expands the folder tree down further. Clicking on each of these folders displays their contents.

The Media Manager doesnt manage images or other files that are used in your template. Those should be stored in the template folder. See Chapter11 for more information on template media.

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Medium 9781855755918

CHAPTER THREE: Tributaries

Buckley, David Karnac Books ePub

Before I attempt, in the second part of this book, to lay down my own perspectives of theology and therapy, there is a subject that I want to address. It requires attention at this point because it considerably informs and shapes those perspectives. It is a subject which of itself indicates a fascinating complementarity but it belongs here because it is an example of how a third discipline complements the other two. It is, so to speak, a tributary; a powerful tributary which over time has flowed into other waters and made its contribution. This tributary is the discipline of Literary Criticism and although for many generations it has had a kindred stream in the world of biblical studies, within what is commonly referred to as Biblical Interpretation or Hermeneutics, it has a life and tradition of its own, beyond religion. Margaret Davies helpfully points out how this similarity-come-difference can present itself as confusion. She refers to early (late 19th century) attempts by biblical scholars who “[reached] behind the texts to their sources, and the events which gave rise to them. (This type of scholarship has often been referred to as “literary criticism”, but is more appropriately described as “source criticism”…)” (Davies, 1990, p. 402).

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Medium 9780874259193

ACTIVITY 2: Thinking Collaboratively

Peter Garber HRD Press, Inc. PDF


Thinking Collaboratively


To help participants better understand how collaborative thinking is different than individual thinking


Participants are asked to discuss a problem or issue collaboratively and then to discuss the collaborative thinking process as a group.


40 minutes


None required other than a private meeting room or area in which each group of participants can discuss the assignment presented by the facilitator


1. Introduce the concept that collaborative thinking can become the norm in a work environment that nurtures such a management system. People as well as organizations must learn to respect the collaborative knowledge that can exist if tapped and utilized.

Collaborative thinking and opinions must be recognized and given the credence and respect deserved. The old adage that “two heads are better than one” must be the cornerstone of any collaborative management operating system.

2. Break participants into teams (three to five participants ideally, depending on the size of the group participating in the exercise).

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Medium 9780253206909

5. Salvation and Suicide

David Chidester Indiana University Press ePub

Revolutionary suicide was imagined as a way of life and as a way of death within the worldview of the Peoples Temple. Appropriating the term from the Black Panther Minister of Defense Huey Newton, Jones came to understand revolutionary suicide as the single, ultimate focus of action that promised to resolve the tensions of classification and orientation that animated that worldview. Newton had suggested the term in his book, Revolutionary Suicide, as a liberating antidote to the pervasive disease of “reactionary suicide,” the hopeless, helpless submission of blacks in America to the forces of racism that had deprived them of human dignity and had driven many to drugs, alcohol, despair, and death. Revolutionary suicide was a radical attempt to maintain human dignity by fighting the forces of oppression even to death. In this strategy, Newton proposed, the revolutionary did not bare his throat to the oppressor, but nevertheless did recognize and accept, following the Revolutionary Catechism, that “the first lesson a revolutionary must learn is that he is a doomed man.”1 Revolutionary suicide embraced the certainty of death in the militant struggle for liberation against the overwhelming forces of oppression.

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