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Medium 9781605098753

Element 1: Significant Purpose

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Thats great, Ellie, Jim said the next morning when I told him what I had learned. The advent of the steam engine introduced a strong source of energy and power and created a transformation. Equating the power of vision with the power of the steam engine makes sense.

Now Ive got something to share with you, he continued. Remember when you pressed me to say what full steam ahead really means?

Yes. You said it means being fully powered, knowing where youre going, and moving ahead full force.

Thats right. I also said it means being so clear about your purpose, so committed to it, and so sure about your ability to accomplish it that you move ahead decisively despite any obstacles.

I remember, I said with a smile.

Well, I woke up with an aha. I realized that purpose is an important part of vision. Dad was passionate about our purpose, and he made sure that everyone in the agency understood and supported it. I think it was one of the secrets to Dads vision.

Tell me more, I invited.

By purpose, I mean understanding what we are here for, why we exist. Purpose means understanding what business we are really in so that we all can focus our efforts in support of that purpose.

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Medium 9781855759312

CHAPTER SEVEN: The alchemy of inversion:Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Mary Kelly’s “Menace”

Karnac Books ePub

Andrea Duncan

How general and applicable is Jung’s process of individuation? This question has been set in context by the revisions within post-Lacanian and feminist studies concerning women’s authentication of themselves as subjects. Theorists such as Julia Kristeva and Luce Irigaray have expressed women’s full subjecthood in terms similar to Jung’s concept of individuation, but they have focused upon the inadequate awareness of gender difference and experience within a dominant male culture. In Irigaray’s opinion—alongside other feminists—this includes the male-dominated psychoanalytic framework. As Suleiman has remarked:

Women, who for centuries had been the objects of male theorizing, male desires, male fears and male representations, had to discover and reappropriate themselves as subjects; the obvious place to begin was the silent place to which they had been assigned again and again, that dark continent which had ever provoked assault and puzzlement. [Suleiman, 1985, p. 7]

Within Jungian studies, Demaris Wehr has raised a similar question and has made a number of important points. She has referred to Chodorow’s concern that women can still suffer from “boundary confusion and a lack of sense of separateness from the world” (Wehr, 1988, p. 102). She has also argued that “[Jung] fails to account in his model for the constant toll that misogynist society takes on women’s egos” (ibid., p. 103). It is therefore problematic for Wehr whether women should or can undergo the “ego-annihilation” (ibid., pp. 101-102) inherent in Jung’s concept of individuation. Instead, Wehr has argued that:

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Medium 9781591200246

4. Eat Your Way to a Ripe Old Age

Lydon M.D., Christine Basic Health Publications ePub


uring my first year of medical school, I remember being very frustrated with the overwhelming amount of seemingly unrelated facts that I was expected to memorize. But as the semesters rolled by, I realized there was a thread of commonality to the endless supply of details. Basic principles introduced during biochemistry were later reinforced by subjects like physiology and pharmacology. The excruciating minutia of human anatomy and embryology finally gelled during surgical rotations. In the end, the study of medicine turned out to be not so much rote memorization as recognizing common patterns and applying these fundamentals to a wide array of systems.

What Im trying to say in my roundabout way is dont be intimidated by the number of discrete dietary categories that follow. Eating for a healthy heart is no more complex or time-consuming than eating to promote gut health, mental health, or bone health. As will soon become apparent, many aspects of these separate diet strategies overlap to a tremendous extent. By eating to strengthen any one particular system, it is virtually impossible not to beneficially affect all aspects of your health.

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Medium 9781855757882

CHAPTER THREE: An integrative coaching approach for family businesses

Karnac Books ePub

Helen Williams, Stephen Palmer, and Emma Wallace


The solution-focused, problem-solving approach provides tangible, goal-focused models for effective coaching within family businesses. Models such as PRACTICE (Palmer, 2002, 2007, 2008) offer a clear, practical structure for discussion and a sequential process for the coach and coachee to follow in order to achieve measurable outcomes. There may be times, however, when the coachee is confronted with psychological blocks or obstacles. In these instances an “intrinsically brief integrated approach” (Palmer, 1997a,b) may be appropriate, whereby Stress Mapping and cognitive–behavioural approaches, such as the ABCDEF model (Ellis, 1994; Ellis, Gordon, Neenan, &Palmer, 1997; Palmer, 2002), are effectively integrated into the solution-focused process in order to increase the likelihood of coaching success (Palmer, 1997a,b).

This chapter provides an overview of the PRACTICE model, Stress Mapping, and ABCDEF model in turn, followed by practical guidelines and an illustrative example to demonstrate how these models may be integrated effectively. A personal account from a coaching client further illustrates the potential power of cognitive behavioural coaching in the family business context.

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Medium 9781937538453

2 Playback Menu

Darrell Young Rocky Nook-IPS ePub

Bountiful Harvest – Marcel Carey (mcpianoca)

In chapter 1 you configured your camera for picture-taking your way. This chapter, and the next several chapters, will consider the camera’s menu systems. The D610 has seven menus, with literally hundreds of configuration options. We’ll examine each setting in each menu.

Remember, you will press the MENU button to enter the camera’s menu system. The Playback Menu, which we’ll consider in detail in this chapter, is first in the list of menus (figure 2.0).

Figure 2.0 – The Playback Menu

Since this menu controls how the Monitor displays images, you’ll need to learn how to use it well. You’ll be taking thousands of pictures and will view most of them on the Monitor.

By now you may have quite a few pictures on your memory card. The Playback Menu has everything you need to control image playback, copying, and printing. They are as follows:

Delete – Allows you to delete all or selected images from your camera’s memory card(s).

Playback folder – Allows you to set which image folders your camera will display, if you have multiple folders on the camera’s memory card(s).

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