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Medium 9781449336516

6. Microcontrollers

Slice ePub August 16, 2014

Hello, microcontrollers! In this chapter, you’ll begin to explore your options for microcontrollers that can be embedded in clothing. I cover both how to build the circuits as well as how to create programs that bring the circuits to life.

Here are the parts you will be be using in this chapter (Figure 6-1):

You may want to also check out the following optional parts:

A microcontroller is basically a tiny computer. You can think of it as the brain of your project. You may be more familiar with computers that come in the form of a desktop or laptop device. Within the last few years, you’ve even become accustomed to smaller computers that take the form of smartphones and tablets. But what if a computer could live in your clothing or other things that you wear on your body?

While wearable computing has been an area of research for many years, it’s only just recently that it has entered the realm of consumer products. Microcontrollers have also become much more popular with hobbyists and makers due to their decrease in price and increasing availability and accessibility.

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Medium 9781855755215

CHAPTER TEN: Of young rulers and the terror at home

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Justine van Lawick


This chapter deals with another form of violence within families: that perpetrated by children against their parents. Increasingly, there is mention of children, teenagers, and adolescents who treat their parents with violence. This goes so much against all expectations regarding normal family life that many may find it hard to believe that it occurs on a regular basis. Society's acceptance of children hitting their parents is even less than that of parents who hit. Because the abuse of parents goes against the prevailing norms, parents are often deeply ashamed when it does happen and try to hide it in every possible way. Therefore, it is a group that hardly ever has been studied. A study in the USA (Harbin & Madden, 1979) into fifteen families wherein an adolescent between fourteen and twenty years old abused the parents, shows that these parents suffer from fear, depression, and a strong sense of guilt. They try to trivialize and to gloss over their children's behaviour, and desperately try to keep up the image of a harmonious family. This denial leads to the adolescents not being sanctioned for the abuse they have committed and to the parents not seeking help. In a study by Cornell and Gelles (1982), during a representative random test of American families with a teenager between ten and seventeen years old, 9% of the parents reported at least one violent act perpetrated by the teenager against them.

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Medium 9781574415537

Chapter 24 | The Last Act

Slice PDF May 18, 2014

Chapter 24

The Last Act


ineteen-hundred and forty-two found the nation consumed with the war effort and James Ferguson in a continuing state of failing health.

The Fergusons sold the Temple home in August 1941 for $3,200 even though they had paid $4,250 for the double lot in 1907. The cash infusion did little to alleviate the couple’s financial stress. Jim’s poor health forced

Ouida to assume the responsibility for oversight of the operations at the dairy and pig farm, a task for which she was admittedly ill-equipped. The financial situation was so daunting that she soon determined that the best course of action was to close the business and submit the remaining assets to auction. From his sickbed, Jim wrote a letter of thanks to his daughter for her efforts, which included a lengthy thesis on how she might take steps to raise heartier swine. This gesture, so indicative of his personality, proved that even from a sickbed, Jim Ferguson was not meant to be a bystander. He was unaware that Ouida had already sold the pigs out of financial necessity.1

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Medium 9781449392475

4. At Play

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Mention video games to most gainfully employed people and the dominant image that pops to mind is the 20-something dude, a Red Bull at his side, fingers furiously working that inscrutable controller thingie. Sure, Nintendo broadened the audience a bit with the Wii and its civilian-friendly just-wave-it wand, but video games are still primarily a hobby for couch creatures with time enough to master these admittedly marvelous creations. The iPad continues what the Wii began. Thanks to its stunning display and customized high-powered video engine, the iPads ready to host some jaw-dropping video effects. (Check out the freebie Epic Citadel if you havent gotten a proper glimpse yet.) It might not quite match what X-Boxers enjoy, but on a long car ride, thats a multi-hour teen-sitter youve got there. Coverage of those kinds of games is kept to a minimum, mainly because the typical (insert your Blockbuster Gaming Franchise here) fan needs no review. Madden NFL just came out on the iPad? Madden NFL is getting downloaded. What you will find in the pages that follow is help on two big fronts. First, categories overcrowded with choices. Brain benders like Sudoku seem to have attracted entrants from every computer science student looking to showcase her first app experiment. A guide to which ones are worth it awaits. Perhaps more interesting is a tour through those innovative games that mainly dont exist on the big consoles and which take advantage of the iPads touchscreen talents. Here we enter the wild precincts of the weird and wacky, as orbs and swords match up against pigs and ninjas. Game on.

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Medium 9781449307738

Deploying to a Network Share

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Ive worked at loads of companies where the services department/desk handles your deployments to development or production servers.

The process works like this: you zip your deployment materials, including all your assets (SWF, XML, etc.), copy the zip file over to a network share, and send an email to one of the system or network administrators, who then receives the email in a ticketing system and handles the deployment. So many tedious steps for something that should be so simple. Sound familiar?

With Ant, you can automate even this process.

Lets start with copying everything we want to a directory and cleaning out all the files we dont want. We already used the copy and mkdir tasks, but the fileset and exclude tasks are new ones.

fileset creates a set from any given directory; and with include or exclude, you can choose the files you want to select or not select. For example:

To summarize, we create directories if we dont have them yet, select files we want from a different directory, and filter out the files we dont want to use, so we have only the files we want to include in our zip.

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