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Medium 9781855753747

CHAPTER FIVE: An approach to marital therapy

Eva Seligman Karnac Books ePub

Marriage can make possible an interaction of two personalities at greater depth and intimacy than is possible in any other relationship except in early childhood. For this reason it has great potential for psychological and biological growth and for creative achievement, and for the opposite. It offers an opportunity for self-realization through relationship with another that can come from no other kind of personal involvement except, perhaps, from vocation in its fullest sense.

Within the family, of which the marital relationship is the core, the past is recapitulated.

Mr Baker’s marriage

Mr Baker’s marriage had been unhappy almost from the start, and he had sought help, over the years, from almost every agency and clinic in his area. At the time of the referral he had been married for nine and a half years and had two children, the first conceived before marriage. He complained of his wife’s behaviour with other men and of his own headaches and insomnia. His wife complained of her husband’s jealousy and suspicion, and of his violence towards her. She had been refusing intercourse for some months and was daily threatening to leave.

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Medium 9781855756410

52. Kên / Keeping Still, Mountain

Peggy Jones Karnac Books ePub

above Kên / Keeping Still, Mountain

below Kên / Keeping Still, Mountain

above Chên / The Arousing, Thunder

below Kan / The Abysmal, Water

Kên is one of the eight hexagrams formed by doubling a primary trigram, in this case Kên, Keeping Still, Mountain. When trigrams are doubled, we recognize a two-fold emphasis, the lower trigram representing a more physical or materialistic focus and the upper trigram representing a more thoughtful or spiritual focus. Of course, these are simply two expressions of a single idea, but it can help at times to have the idea illustrated in different modes. Keeping still physically means quietening the body, slowing down, perhaps actually stopping, becoming like a mountain, broad-based, rooted, solid. Keeping still mentally or spiritually means quietening the mind, slowing the endless streams of thought that assail us continuously with fears about the past or the future, imaginings that prevent us from experiencing the stillness at the heart of the present moment.

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Medium 9781615424474

Numbers Quick Start

Sharon Zardetto TidBITS Publishing, Inc. ePub

Beginning at the beginning is not always what a reader needs. Here are some areas that you might want to check out first.

Note: Numbers Tutorial also shows how Numbers features work together, something I can’t do in the main chapters, because each necessarily explores only one topic.

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Medium 9781565924796

5. OpenPGP and S/MIME

David Wood O'Reilly Media ePub

In this chapter:

An Extremely Brief Introduction to Security Concepts

An Overview of OpenPGPand S/MIME

Combining Security and MIME

The OpenPGP Format

The S/MIME Format

As the Internet grows to reach a mass audience, it is put to new uses. Electronic mail has emerged as a fundamental enabling technology for personal messaging. Important among these new uses are personal data interchange (PDI) and electronic commerce. Email may be used to communicate and authenticate one's desires (ecommerce) or rapidly exchange formatted directory information (PDI). This chapter looks at options for securing email so that it may better support electronic commerce. The next chapter will discuss the first of these endeavors likely to become standard: the vCard PDI format.

Several of these emerging standards are being addressed and assisted by the Internet Mail Consortium (IMC), an industry body that promotes email-related standards and the broader uses of email for new activities. IMC members include the usual messaging crew: IBM, Microsoft, Netscape, Sun, Nokia, Qualcomm, and many others.

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Medium 9781491914311

1. Getting Started with KnockoutJS

Jamie Munro O'Reilly Media ePub

KnockoutJS is an open source JavaScript library. It was built to allow you to create dynamic and rich web applications. It is built with the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern. Knockout makes it really simple to implement a complex user interface that responds to user interactions.

I like Knockout because it is one of the most lightweight JavaScript libraries available today. It also doesn’t try to be an all-in-one framework. It serves a single purpose: data binding your ViewModel to your user interface.

Implementing Knockout involves three distinct things: a view that contains HTML and CSS elements that get data-bound to it, a ViewModel that contains the data to bind to the view, and telling Knockout to perform the data binding to the view with the ViewModel.

The examples in this chapter demonstrate how to create an HTML page with a basic ViewModel. After we review the basic data binding syntax, we will explore the various types of ViewModels that work with the view.

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