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Medium 9781847770684

John of the Cross

Slice PDF April 24, 2015

John of the Cross

Emptiness, space. Darkness you could put walls round, set stars in, light from far off but never unthinkingly enter. To approach was to become the darkness, not even assisted by shadows.

And the senses, too, disarmed, discouraged, withdrawn by choice from pleasure. Finger not touching, crushing cool leaves. Lips closed against mouth or assuagement. Ears unentered by voices. Hands held out but empty. Even the darkness could not be possessed.

All indescribable then, but still the urge to depict, descry, point out, picture, prepare. The deep darkness had to be spoken of, touched beyond reach of stars, entered without indications.

Flame, then, firm – not the inward flame of passion, urgent, wanting appeasement, close to the senses and sighing through them: but a pure light pouring through windows, flooding the glass but leaving the glass unaltered.

More than this too. Not light limited by tapers, drawn to its strength by the darkness around it, not puffed out by wind or increased by careful breath.

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Medium 9788324607235

1. Wprowadzenie

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Zanim przystpimy do projektowania i kodowania naszych przykadw, musimy zrobi krok wstecz i zdefiniowa najwaniejsze terminy. Warto si zastanowi, jaki jest cel naszych rozwaa i czym ten cel si rni od tego, co robilimy do tej pory. Czytelnicy, ktrzy budowali ju jakie aplikacje internetowe, mog pomin kolejny rozdzia, poniewa prezentowany tam materia bdzie obejmowa wiedz podstawow. Z drugiej strony, czytelnicy zainteresowani oglnym kontekstem naszych rozwaa koniecznie powinni si zapozna take ze wspomnianym Rozdzia2.

Wikszo czytelnikw tej ksiki najprawdopodobniej doskonale zdaje sobie spraw z tego, czym jest aplikacja internetowa, co wcale nie oznacza, e prba precyzyjnego zdefiniowania tego terminu jest bezcelowa, poniewa etykieta aplikacji internetowej bardzo czsto jest przypisywana rnym rozwizaniom w sposb bdy. Aplikacja internetowa nie jest ani witryn internetow, ani aplikacj w rozumieniu typowego uytkownika systemu operacyjnego. Aplikacja internetowa plasuje si gdzie pomidzy tymi dwoma rozwizaniami i me pewne cechy zarwno witryny internetowej, jak i autonomicznej aplikacji.

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Medium 9781449331009

1. Getting Started

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

It all starts with a simple API that publishes someones status to Facebook, sends a Tweet, or updates a contact in Salesforce. As you start to integrate more and more of these external services with your applications, trying to identify the tasks that one might want to perform when youre surrounded by SOAP, REST, JSON, XML, GETs, PUTs, POSTs, and DELETEs, can be a real challenge.

Open APIs are all about endpoints. Most services follow the current trend of providing a RESTful endpoint, others use older RPC-based protocols such as SOAP or XML-RPC, some use newer real-time, push-focused endpoints like WebSockets or HTTP Streaming, others may offer a number of different endpoints to meet different requirements, and some just use what seems to be best for a specific job, which might mean not strictly following protocol rules. This is one of the biggest challenges with open APIs: inconsistency. Figure1-1 shows the estimated popularity of different styles of APIs.

Each API is different, with different data formats and authorization mechanisms. One APIs interpretation of REST may even differ from another. One reason for this is the nature of REST itself. The RESTful principles come from a paper published by Roy Fielding in 2000 and since then RESTful services have dominated SOAP-based services on the web year after year. Although REST services have many advantages over SOAP-based services, the original paper only included a set of constraints and provides no specification about how to define a RESTful API and handle things like URI schemes, authentication, error handling, and more.

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Medium 9781780490670

CHAPTER TWO: Adrift without a compass

Source: How Money Talks
Slice ePub May 23, 2014

I“ ‘d better begin nearer the beginning” Alice said. And began the story that went on for many sessions, because she found that she enjoyed telling it and she began to realise that she wanted to hear it herself.

I was born in my grandparents’ house in a small town further north. It was a mining village with streets of small terraced houses with back yards that are familiar now in films like Billy Elliot. My grandparents stayed in their house where Grandad also had his doctor’s surgery and, although my parents moved us to very different surroundings, I remember the smell of coal fires and the cracks in the footpaths in those depressing streets. Yet now I come to think of it the streets were not depressing to me then. I skipped over the cracks as Granny took me to the playground. I must have been about four when I first became aware of the joys of Granny’s playground. There was a huge slide which took all my courage to climb. There were boys there, urchins with torn short trousers and full, rich Geordie accents, or rather dialects. I spoke “posh” and wore skirts as little girls did. They threatened to push me off the top step just as I launched myself onto the terrifying shining path that would take me safely back to the ground. I loved it there. Maybe even the sense of danger was part of the attraction.

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Medium 9781617830297

When I grow Up...

Source: Zookeepers
Slice PDF May 13, 2014

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