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Medium 9780819849342

Chapter 11

Source: Martyred
Slice ePub May 27, 2014


The New Year ushered in an anticipation and hope of better things. As was their tradition the Ryukyuans met the occasion with the ceremonial rite of drawing water from their sacred stream. And it was with this water, which had been blessed by the Dominicans, that their prison surroundings were cleansed.

Father Miguel told some stories about the saints to the prisoners that the guards had summoned to assist the clerics. He took advantage of the fact that from talking about the saints it was not such a risky leap to speak about Christ himself. Without the benefit of liturgical books, the breviary, or the Bible, the Dominicans culled from memory long passages from Scripture, and shared what they remembered about the saints, especially Saint Dominic and Saint Francis. As a result, some of the prisoners entertained the thought of conversion. Others asked for Baptism shortly before they died. Lorenzo, the Dominicans, and Lazaro began to wonder if their missionary calling did not lie right where they were in their Ryukyuan prison.

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Medium 9781847771643

Hey Las Vegas

Slice PDF February 24, 2015

Medium 9781457182921

9. Payloads

Slice ePub September 01, 2014

Flying the rockets we’ve seen so far is fun, but at some point you will want to step it up a notch and build rockets that carry something. It might be something whimsical, like some candy to pass out as “space candy” to the kids at a launch; it might be for a contest like the popular egg-lofting competitions; or it might even be an electronics payload to measure the altitude and acceleration of the rocket or the temperature and humidity in the atmosphere. Whatever it is you want to lift, you need a payload rocket.

Before we get too far into the planning stages, though, there is one rule about model rocket payloads that you need to be aware of. Model rockets are not allowed to carry live vertebrates as a payload. There is no scientific reason to pack a mouse into a model rocket. An egg is just as challenging technically, and the failures are entertaining instead of tragic. If it has a spine, it’s a spectator, not a payload. Insects are allowed; I can personally say that grasshoppers, crickets, and bees all fly quite well in model rockets. Better than eggs, in fact. I’ve never lost an insect, but I have scrambled a few eggs.

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Medium 9781574412710

Things Go Missing

Source: Irish Girl
Slice PDF May 18, 2014

Things Go Missing

Part I: Malfeasance

For a while, there, I was a burglar. I mean I walked uninvited

into people’s homes and took their things and kept them for myself—though usually not for very long. My locker would fill up and girls would notice, the way girls do, and if they saw something they liked I’d either give it to them or take some cash just for appearances—two bucks for a near-empty bottle of N°5, five for something really desirable like a red alligator clutch. If anybody asked, it was all stuff my mother was getting rid of. When business got too brisk, or I began to recognize too many things in the halls, I’d start ditching my haul before I got back to school, or else I’d take it home and stash it in my mother’s boxes in the attic, knowing that Dad, if he ever went up there, would not be able to tell the difference.

Say “burglar” and people think: Male, full-grown, night-time, black clothes, flashlight. They don’t think: Girl, ponytail, pancake chest, Gap jeans—ringing the bell in the middle of the day, asking, Is Betty-Lynn home—? No kid was ever named Betty-Lynn.

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Medium 9781933671192

F. Well before Thanksgiving

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Time before Thanksgiving

What to Do

23 weeks

If you didnt get started 23 weeks before, dont panic, but do these tasks if you have time:

If you are buying any ingredients or supplies online, order them now!

Determine how many people are coming.

Decide which recipes youll use, and if any need halving or doubling.

Make sure your lists of things to buy or borrow are organized and that you have a plan for when/how youll acquire them.

1 week

Obtain cooking and serving equipment and supplies.

Make sure you have enough tables, chairs, and tableware.

Buy nonperishable ingredients.

If you plan to use a frozen turkey, buy it now.

Begin cleaning dining room and kitchen if necessary

Obtain or make any decorations that you want to use.

Make sure your oven is clean.

Clear space in your refrigerator and freezer.

4 days

For a frozen turkey, put it in the refrigerator to thaw (1 day per 4 lb./2 kg).

3 days

Buy produce and dairy ingredients.

If you plan to use fresh bread for stuffing, dry it.

2 days

If you are preparing fresh turkey, bring it home and refrigerate.

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