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Medium 9781576753774

Chapter 2: The Trust of Character: Contractual Trust

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

“I’m really frustrated! Phil said he was going to get that report to me by 10 A . M ., and here it is 3 P . M . and I still don’t have it! It’s my neck on the chopping block if I don’t get that finished project to the boss by the end of the day!”

Have you ever been disappointed by people because they didn’t do what they said they would, didn’t do what they had promised?

“The boss wants it done yesterday!” Mary said in exasperation. “We’ve got to get this product to market in two weeks, yet there are major problems with it that will take longer to get ironed out.”

Have you ever been frustrated because a leader made an unreasonable request of you, and you were not given an opportunity to negotiate that expectation? Did you end up with no time to do the job right in the first place, having to sacrifice the quality of the project for the sake of expediency? Did the company have to spend five times as much energy and money fixing the mistakes because the project was rushed?

“Sam is always late!” the team leader said in frustration. “He knows our team meetings are at nine o’clock every Wednesday morning, yet he consistently keeps us waiting to get started. Who does he think he is, anyway? Does he think his time is more valuable than ours? That he’s more important than we are?”

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Medium 9781855754485

6 Bion’s metatheory

Slice ePub May 18, 2014

In discussing Bion’s metatheory, Paulo Sandler (2005) says that:

Bion displayed a distinct preference for developing observational theories [italics added] for the psychoanalyst’s use, rather than for creating new theories. . . . One of the few exceptions, which would remain unpublished during his lifetime, was a paper entitled “Metatheory”. It was an attempt to describe scientifically some elementary basics of psycho-analysis. One of its terms is “Breast”. Like “penis”, “splitting” and “violent emotions” it was devised as a “class of interpretations”. . . . The “interpretation breast” is made in conjunction with the “interpretation penis.” He treats the “name given to the word ‘breast’, as a hypothesis, following Hume’s view “that a hypothesis is the expression of a subjective sense that certain associations are constantly conjoined, and is not a representation corresponding to an actuality.” [ P. Sandler, 2005, p. 91]

Sandler has here grasped the essence of Bion’s enterprise in creating a psychoanalytic theory that was not only based on clinical observation but also included metaphysical concepts: literally, the metaphysical concept of the hypothesis of a breast or penis: in Plato’s terms archetypal Ideal Forms, essences, or in Kant’s terms, noumena or things-in-themselves—that is, not sensible to perception. Of importance also is Hume’s concept of the “constant conjunction”, finding a pattern in which two objects or thoughts become thought of as belonging together. This could apply to the name “breast” becoming affixed to the hypothesis “breast”, It is also applicable to the idea of “pattern”, being able clinically to discern a pattern in the patient’s free associations.

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Medium 9781588437129

For Families

Slice ePub May 25, 2014

Although both the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven have plenty of space for the kids to enjoy, Beijing's imperial attractions can be a bit boring for them and so it's best to intersperse these serious sights with some fun options. Other open spaces worth a visit include Ritan Park (north of Yong'anli subway), which has plenty of rocks for the kids to clamber over and trees to hide behind, or Ditan Park (north of Yonghegong subway), which has more formalized kiddies' attractions. Other kid-friendly sights in the city include:

n      The Aquarium (daily 9 am-5:30 pm; $100 adults, $50 children), located at the northern end of Beijing Zoo at 18B Gaoliangqiao Xijie, Haidian the zoo itself is best avoided unless you really, really want to see pandas.

n      The Planetarium (Wed-Fri 10 am-4 pm, Sat and Sun 9 am-4:30 pm), at 138 Xizhimen Wai Dajie, isn't far from the aquarium (above) and has recently undergone a major refit. Its displays are now state-of-the-art and include a space-shuttle simulator and a 4-D movie theater! Different attractions range in cost from $30 to $45. 

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Medium 9780987332189

4. Objects and Functions

Slice ePub February 25, 2015

In the previous chapter, we looked at arrays. Now we’re going to look at objects, which are similar to arrays in that they are containers for collections of data. Though there are similarities―arrays are actually a type of object―there are also some significant differences.

As with arrays, there are a couple of ways to create objects, and, just like arrays, one is preferred over the other. So even though you can do this:

it is much better to do this:

The latter is simpler, safer, and therefore preferable. If you remember from Chapter 3, Array() can be overwritten for malicious purposes. So can Object(), which is why it's safer to use the object literal notation {} as it's unable to be overwritten. The object literal represents a new, empty object.

Whereas in an array, values are simply added and accessed by index, objects use a key/value pair system. These two distinct ways of storing values make it fairly simple when choosing between arrays or objects for your data storage and retrieval needs. For example:

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Medium 9781576336823

Level 1: Grade School_L-O: Praxis I Commonly Confused Words

Slice ePub June 25, 2014

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