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Medium 9781931332392

14. Crisis Management

Slice PDF August 02, 2014

This comprehensive how-to guide captures the distilled wisdom and experience of Jim Burtles, a founding fellow of the Business Continuity Institute; an internationally renowned figure in business continuity with over 30 years of experience and teaching across 22 countries; and a veteran of practical experience that includes recovery work with victims of events such as bombings, earthquakes, storms and fires, along with technical assistance/ support in more than 90 disasters, and advice/guidance for clients in over 200 emergency situations.

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Medium 9780596527938

Chapter 7. LuntBuild—A Web-Based Continuous Integration Server

Slice PDF May 27, 2014


LuntBuild—A Web-Based Continuous

Integration Server

7.1 An Introduction to LuntBuild

LuntBuild* is another open source Continuous Integration tool written in Java. It is quite easy to install and configure, and all server administration tasks are done via a simple but convenient web-based administration console. In fact, LuntBuild is designed to do more than just managing the continuous integration process: it also lets you store and manage generated artifacts, label and promote versions, and manage dependencies between builds. It supports a wide range of version control tools, and notifications can be diffused via email, instant message (IM), and even on a blog site. Indeed, it is one of the most feature-rich of the open source Continuous Integration tools.

LuntBuild is produced and maintained by a company called PMEase.† The source code is hosted on JavaForge. LuntBuild also has a commercial cousin, called QuickBuild, which is marketed by the same company. Quickbuild is a commercial open source product (the source code is provided at a cost), with some extra features such as enhanced user and group management, and functionality aimed at larger organizations managing a large number of projects.

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Medium 9781609949778

Social Impact Self-Assessment

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

To help you evaluate your progress on the social impact creation journey, we have created a Social Impact Self-Assessment companion product, which can be found at

The assessment allows you to think about impacts from the perspective of both the investors who contribute money and energy and the operating organizations that directly create the impact. If you’re taking the assessment as a way to better understand your investors or if you are an investor, the assessment will help you understand investment goals, priorities, resources, as well as how investors select causes and investment opportunities. If you’re taking the assessment to better understand organizations that are working directly to create social impact, the assessment will help you identify the desired impacts and processes for creating them, and will help you determine the preferred characteristics for a system that can measure impacts and help improve them.

You can work through the assessment on your own, either one time or at multiple points as you work toward creating greater impacts. You can ask a group of your organizational peers or board members to take the assessment, and then use your results to understand differences in perspectives and goals as well as to increase alignment within the group. If you’re an investor, you can share your assessment results with your investees, and if you’re an operator, you can share your results with investors. Making assessment part of your learning about impact will be useful for ensuring that you’re maximizing the value of both the resources invested and the impacts generated to make the greatest possible changes in the social issues that matter to you. Bulk-order discounts are also available for organizational programs.

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Medium 9781601323200

Session - Fuzzy Logic and Systems and Applications

Slice PDF December 15, 2014

Medium 9781601323170

An Interactive Multimedia Website for Teaching and Learning Engineering Design and Manufacturing

Slice PDF December 10, 2014


Int'l Conf. Frontiers in Education: CS and CE | FECS'14 |

An Interactive Multimedia Website for Teaching and

Learning Engineering Design and Manufacturing

Longhan Xie1,2 and Ruxu Du1

Institute of Precision Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China


School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, South China University of Technology, China


Abstract - This work was aimed at presenting an interactive learning multimedia website for the Engineering Design and

Manufacturing courses. This interactive website provides various tools facilitating both classroom teaching and selflearning. There are two kinds of materials in the website: the first kind follows the divide-and-conquer methodology and gives fundamental knowledge in small segments under a clear structure, and the second kind includes a number of practical engineering examples following a systematic line. The website contains rich multimedia material to assist students to master the materials step-by-step. Cases study showed that the arrangement and contents of the website can accelerate the learning of engineering design and manufacturing.

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