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10 Sample Edits

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Optimizing an image is a complex process that often consists of multiple retouching steps followed by several further optimization processes. If your original image is correctly exposed, the initial aim of the optimization process is to remove blemishes and artifacts that you either didn’t see while shooting or couldn’t avoid capturing. Further optimization enables you to alter the image so it resembles the scene you remember as closely as possible. In other words, the data captured by the camera is manipulated to match the memory (or the fantasy) of the photographer.

This chapter details the complete optimization process for five selected sample images.

As discussed in section 9.1, you will need to consider which of these steps to perform using a Raw converter and which using Photoshop, regardless of whether you are shooting in Raw or JPEG format.

The original photo (figure 10-1) was captured in a railroad museum in southern Germany. The daylight entering through the skylights was weak, and the resulting contrast was high. We optimized the image as follows:

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Medium 9781591202066

20. Foot Problems

Slice ePub July 14, 2014


oot problems in diabetics usually happen when there is nerve damage in the feet and when blood flow is poor, according to the American Diabetes Association. About one in five diabetics who enter the hospital have foot problems. It is important that diabetics inspect their feet daily and ask for professional help if they get a foot injury. A health-care provider should check the feet of a diabetics at least once yearly.1

Diabetics are more likely to have a foot or leg amputation than others. Thats because they often have artery disease that reduces blood flow to the feet. Diabetics are also prone to nerve damage, which reduces sensation. These problems make it easy to get ulcers and infections that may lead to amputation. The biggest threat to a diabetics feet is smoking, since this affects the small blood vessels, causing decreased blood flow to the feet and making wounds heal more slowly. Amputation is often prevented by improving blood flow to feet and legs. There are two systems in the feet that seem to go wrong with diabetics: the circulatory system and the nervous system. Problems range from relatively minor ones, such as discomfort, to major ones, including the need for amputation of the leg.2 Here we discuss some of the more common foot problems encountered with diabetes.

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Medium 9781574412222

5 “Teaching Them to Be Law-abiding, Industrious andThrifty Citizens”

Source: Sea la Luz
Slice PDF May 18, 2014


Sea la Luz


Americans in Texas began after the Civil War. The earliest renewed efforts enjoyed the help of a Mexican convert, Alejo

Hernández. While in Mexico, Hernández had found a book,

Evenings with the Romanists, an anti-Catholic book apparently left in Mexico by one of the soldiers who invaded Mexico during the Mexican-American War. The book left a strong impression on Hernández, and he decided to travel to Brownsville to find a Bible. He attended a small church there and had a conversion experience. He returned to Mexico to share what had happened, but faced such persecution that he decided to return to the United States. In 1870 he joined the Methodist Church in

Corpus Christi and was licensed to preach, marking the beginning of a new era of MECS work among Mexican Americans.

Hernández preached in various communities and then returned to Mexico with the distinction of being the first licensed Mexican Methodist minister in the Southwest.

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Medium 9781449310370

Django and MongoDB

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Django is proabably the most widely-used Python web framework. It has an excellent community and many plugins and extension modules. The Django philosophy is the opposite of Pylons or Pyramid; it offers one well-integrated package including its own database and ORM layer, templating system, URL mapper, admin interface and so on.

There are a number of options for running Django with MongoDB. Since the Django ORM is such an integral part of Django, there is a project known as Django MongoDB Engine which attempts to provide a MongoDB backend for the Django ORM. However, this approach heavily abstracts the underlying query language and data model, along with many of the low-level details discussed in the course of the book. If you are already familiar with the Django ORM, enjoy using it, and are willing to use a fork of Django, Django MongoDB Engine is worth a look. You can find more information at the website

Our recommended approach for now is to use the PyMongo driver directly with Django. Be aware, however, that with this method, the Django components which depend on the Django ORM (admin interface, session store etc) will not work with MongoDB. There is another project called Mango which attempts to provide MongoDB-backed session and authentication support for Django. You can find Mango at

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Medium 9781617147586

Chapter 1: An Unlikely Friend

Slice PDF May 14, 2014



two jumps, he still had not passed it. Only one jump remained.

Owens’s first attempt had been a mistake. No one had told him that practice runs were illegal that day, and he unknowingly ran down the runway and through the sandpit. That was common practice in the United

States. But on this day, the officials called a foul.

Owens was shocked, but he maintained a calm presence on the outside. His nerves showed on the second jump. He hit the board squarely, but landed at only

23 feet 3 inches (7.1 m). Suddenly, the world record holder—the sure bet to win the Olympic gold medal— was in danger of being eliminated in the first round.

At this desperate moment, Owens received help from the most unlikely source, his closest competitor.

Long said in his broken English:

You know, you should be able to qualify with your eyes closed. Why do you not draw a line a few inches in back of the board and aim at making yourself take off from there? You’ll be sure not to foul, and you certainly ought to jump far enough to qualify. 1

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