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Medium 9780596513795

PHP and Smarty on Large-Scale Web Development

Bruno Pedro O'Reilly Media PDF

PHP and Smarty on Large-Scale Web Development

To achieve efficiency on your large-scale web projects, start by observing a set of principles. These principles are not meant to stop you from doing what you do best; the goal is for them to help you manage the way software is developed.

The following list describes the principles of large-scale web development:

Modular architecture

A system composed of several components that can be interchangeable and fit together.* On a modular architecture it's easier to divide the whole project into specific tasks.

Multidisciplinary teams

Teams where every member has a specific task assigned. Some teams can also be divided into specialized groups like developers, web designers, and software testers.

Version control solutions to maintain builds

Version control† helps you manage what team members are doing and when you should release a new version (or a build) of your software solution.

Not building from scratch

Always try to reutilize previously developed components into new solutions.

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Medium 9781576754153

CHAPTER 5: Five Basic Keys

Robert J. Marshak Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Clearly, organizational change can be thwarted by the fears, untested assumptions, unconscious reactions, and under-the-table dealings of its members. Yet change can be facilitated by unleashing hidden creativity, removing unspoken blocks, altering mindsets, and giving voice to “unspeakable” visions of greatness. To prepare for dealing with hidden dynamics, this chapter presents five keys for engaging covert processes. I have found these basic building blocks to be essential. If I neglect to follow them carefully, I am much less effective. The five basic keys are:

First and foremost, in all work with covert processes, is to establish enough psychological safety to allow hidden dynamics to be revealed. 70It’s worth noting that early meanings of the word covert included “sheltered” and “protected.” In those meanings of the word, covert processes exist to protect against the risks associated with putting something on-the-table that is considered to be inappropriate, illegitimate, or unacceptable. Perfect safety is too high a standard, but “safe enough” for people to put things on-the-table and openly engage them is the prime directive of covert processes work.

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Medium 9788324695010

4. Manipulacje na bitach

Williams, Elliot Helion ePub

W tym rozdziale wykorzystamy diody LED do zrobienia skanera przypominającego oczy Cylonów. W końcu każdy potrzebuje czegoś takiego. Te ciągle przemieszczające się światła (no, oprócz ich złych zamiarów) były tym, co nadawało Cylonom osobowość. Czy K.I.T.T. byłby choć w części tak użyteczny bez swoich czerwonych światełek? Nie sądzę. A teraz będziemy mogli zbudować ich odpowiednik.

Nie będę tu kłamał. Tworzenie oczu Cylonów pozwoli poznać podstawy fundamentalnych koncepcji programowania mikrokontrolerów: nauczysz się przełączania poszczególnych bitów w rejestrach sprzętowych. Choć nie brzmi to już tak interesująco, jednak mechanizmy poznane w tym rozdziale będą wykorzystywane w każdym mikrokontrolerze, jakim się od tej pory zajmiemy. Przełączanie bitów jest po prostu niezwykle istotne w urządzeniach osadzonych.

Jeżeli jeszcze mi nie wierzysz, pomyśl o tym, jak włączaliśmy diodę LED3. Używaliśmy instrukcji podobnej do tej:

I to działało, o ile rzeczywiście chcieliśmy, żeby pozostałe diody pozostały wyłączone. Co jednak zrobić, jeśli chcielibyśmy włączać i wyłączać konkretną diodę bez wpływania na stan pozostałych? Operacje logiczne na bitach (czyli „manipulowanie bitami”) pozwalają na zmodyfikowanie pojedynczego bitu w rejestrze, bez żadnego wpływu na pozostałe bity. Inwestycja w tę naukę zwróci się z nawiązką, ponieważ za pomocą zmian bitów w rejestrach konfiguruje się niemal każdy element układów AVR.

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Medium 9781591202271

2. You Hold the Keys to Your Health—Even If You Need Prescriptions

Cass M.D., Hyla Basic Health Publications ePub

Whether you fall into the category of “I know what I should be eating, I’m just not doing it,” or of “I like my regular American food just fine, thanks,” or simply of “I don’t know what I’m supposed to be eating—there’s too much conflicting information out there,” you’re not alone.

When the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) did a survey to see how many Americans were eating their fruit and vegetables, they found that most of us fall far short of the recommended five to seven servings a day. About 9,000 people recorded the foods they ate over a twenty-four hour span—and the results of those surveys showed that only 11 percent had eaten adequate servings of fruits and vegetables. Another large government survey, this one from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), found that only 23 percent of American adults meet current recommendations for exercise. (For more details on this survey, see

Obviously, we have room for improvement in both the way we eat and our commitment to exercise. In this chapter, I’ll give you some pointers on how to make these improvements in your own life—small improvements that can make a huge difference in your health.

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Medium 9780819875099

It’s Not All About Me

The Daughters Paul Pauline Books and Media ePub

Life doesn’t always revolve around us. That can be a hard lesson to learn. As children we grow up being the center of attention. The sound of a cry was like an alarm going off to our parents and they would run to the rescue. At least it was like that for me. As I grew into a young adult I had to learn it wasn’t always about me. High school was like a big slap in the face. I joined a youth ministry program and was soon asked to help out with the middle school youth group.

I learned that the first rule of ministry is serving someone other than yourself—that ministry wasn’t about me at all. I grew up thinking that I was the center of the world, but in helping with the middle school youth group I suddenly found out that I don’t even belong to myself. I had to learn that my life isn’t mine, it belongs to God. This was a big change in my life.

I love my ministry; it is a lot of work, but I love it. There is nothing better than witnessing someone else encounter God because you allowed yourself to be his instrument. For me there is no money or material possession in the universe that is better than that. At the end of the day, I understand and accept that I am not on this planet for myself; we are all here to serve and love one another as Jesus did.

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