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Medium 9780596558741

Closing Schematron Patterns

Vlist, Eric van der O'Reilly Media PDF

Le prix total ne correspond pas

Or, it relies on an XPath 2.0 for loop:

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Medium 9780596006648

4. Formatting Worksheets

Matthew MacDonald O'Reilly Media ePub

Creating a basic worksheet is only the first step toward mastering Excel. If you plan to print your worksheet, email it to colleagues, or show it off to friends, you need to think about whether your worksheet is formatted in a viewer-friendly way. A careful use of color, shading, borders, and fonts can make the difference between a messy glob of data and a worksheet that's easy to work with and understand.

But formatting isn't just about deciding, say, where and how to make your text bold. Excel also lets you control the way numerical values are formatted. In fact, there are really two fundamental aspects of formatting in any worksheet:

Cell appearance. Cell appearance includes cosmetic details like color, typeface, alignment, and borders. When most people think of formatting, they think of cell appearance first.

Cell values. Cell value formatting controls the way Excel displays numbers, dates, and times. For numbers, this includes details like whether to use scientific notation, the number of decimal places displayed, and the use of currency symbols, percent signs, and commas. With dates, cell value formatting determines what parts of the date are shown in the cell, and in what order.

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Medium 9781847776273

Fifteen Sonnets

C. H. Sisson Carcanet Press Ltd. ePub

The minutes have gone by, the hours, the days,

The years have counted themselves up, and now

That little piece of time, a life, is proud

To show itself complete: ‘fini’ it says.

Yet I who speak for it in so many ways

Cannot say this: the when, the where, the how

Must be determined first, and who knows

Less well than I what may be the delays?

To be on the outside and yet to speak

Is not a thing the mind of man can compass,

Yet inside I am inside something else

Than the completed life and cannot break

The circle of it to see it as it is

Even now, at the end even less.

No other language but that of the Creed

Will serve to say the things which must be said.

And what things are they? All things, I said:

Or did not all things come from the same seed

– The seed which is unsowable indeed?

When we name that, we say what we cannot know,

Much less express, the inexpressible, so

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Medium 9781857549621

Monsieur qui passe

Charlotte Mew Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Monsieur qui passe

(Quai Voltaire)

A purple blot against the dead white door

In my friend’s rooms, bathed in their vile pink light,

I had not noticed her before

She snatched my eyes and threw them back to me:

She did not speak till we came out into the night,

Paused at this bench beside the kiosk on the quay.

God knows precisely what she said –

I left to her the twisted skein,

Though here and there I caught a thread, –

Something, at first, about ‘the lamps along the Seine,

And Paris, with that witching card of Spring

Kept up her sleeve, – why you could see

The trick done on these freezing winter nights!

While half the kisses of the Quay –

Youth, hope, – the whole enchanted string

Of dreams hung on the Seine’s long line of lights.’

Then suddenly she stripped, the very skin

Came off her soul, – a mere girl clings

Longer to some last rag, however thin,

When she has shown you – well – all sorts of things:

‘If it were daylight-oh! one keeps one’s head –

But fourteen years! – No one has ever guessed –

The whole thing starts when one gets to bed –

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Medium 9781565923218

How PPP Works

Andrew Sun O'Reilly Media PDF

Chapter 3

In this chapter:

• PPP Frame Format

• PPP Connection


• Link Control Protocol

• Authentication in


• Network Control


• Internet Protocol

Control Protocol

• Compressed


• What PPP Doesn’t




How PPP Works

PPP is basically responsible for encapsulating and carrying network layer datagrams across two endpoints of a serial connection. PPP communication starts after a physical serial connection is up. However, before PPP can start carrying data, numerous negotiations take place between peers to configure, establish, and monitor the connection. PPP is a symmetric, peer-to-peer protocol. Each endpoint interacts with its peer in an identical manner. Strictly speaking, there is no “client” or “server.” However, these designations are still useful for distinguishing the endpoint that initiates, or answers, the telephone call. Once a physical serial connection is up, PPP doesn’t care who established it or how it got there.

In this chapter, I describe how PPP works. This includes how PPP formats data into frames prior to transmission. I also describe PPP overhead and transaction messages necessary for managing PPP communications. If you understand all this, you’ll have an easier time troubleshooting. Many problems are made evident by examining PPP traces that PPP software produces in log files. These traces are often cryptic, and interpreting them requires an understanding of PPP messages, how they are used, and what should be expected.

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