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Medium 9781741794588

Rajshahi & Rangpur

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

     Includes »







     Sona Masjid (Gaud)




The rich soils of northwest Bangladesh once held court for powerful Buddhist kingdoms and neutered Hindu empires before falling easily to the embrace of Islam. And all three religions have left their mark in the tumbledown walls of the many ruins that litter this region.

Small villages, colourful markets and remote communities living on fast-eroding sand islands all add to the allure of a trip to this part of the country, but it’s the historical narrative that excites the most. Rajshahi and Rangpur contain some of Bangladesh’s finest rajbaris (Raj-era palaces), its most exquisitely decorated temples and its largest and most impressive Buddhist ruins. The idyllic rural backdrop to the rest of the country is found here too, but chances are it will be the decaying, moss-hewn ancient architecture that steals the attentions of your camera.

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Medium 9781491905012

6. Hosting

Slice ePub March 10, 2015

So you have a PHP application. Congratulations! However, it doesn’t do anyone any good unless your users can, you know, use it. You need to host your application on a server and make it accessible to its intended audience. Generally speaking, there are four ways to host PHP applications: shared servers, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and platforms as a service. Each has its unique benefits and is suitable for different types of applications and budgets.

There are also many web hosting companies, and it can be overwhelming if you are brand new to the web hosting landscape. Some hosting companies provide only shared servers. Other companies provide a mix of shared servers, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. This chapter will focus less on the companies themselves and more on hosting options.

A shared server is the most affordable hosting option and costs $1–10/month. You should avoid shared hosting plans. This is not a commentary on shared hosting companies’ quality of service or customer support. There are many good shared hosting companies. Simply put, shared hosting options are not developer-friendly.

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Medium 9788324614424

11. Obiekty inteligentne

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Tematyka lekcji:

otwieranie obrazw jako obiektw inteligentnych,

konwertowanie warstwy na obiekt inteligentny,

umieszczanie i edytowanie obiektw inteligentnych,

zmienianie zawartoci obiektu inteligentnego.

Obiekty inteligentne umoliwiaj przeksztacanie warstw zbudowanych z pikseli w niespotykany dotd sposb: wszelkie skalowania, transformacje i znieksztacenia mog by teraz realizowane bez naruszania danych oryginalnych. Co wicej, obiekty inteligentne s poczone z plikami rdowymi, co oznacza, e gdy plik rdowy zostanie zmodyfikowany, obiekt automatycznie dostosowuje si do tych zmian.

Obiekty inteligentne prawdopodobnie zmieni nasz sposb obchodzenia si z warstwami. Podczas tej lekcji nauczymy si przeksztaca w obiekty inteligentne zarwno otwierane obrazy, jak i istniejce ju warstwy. Bdzie rwnie okazja do umieszczania i edycji takich obiektw.

Przed rozpoczciem lekcji naley zadba o to, aby wszystkie narzdzia i palety Photoshopa prezentoway si tak, jak na zamieszczonych rysunkach. W tym celu naley przywrci ustawienia domylne programu odpowiednia procedura zostaa opisana w punkcie Przywracanie ustawie Photoshopa.

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Medium 9780596009786

WORKBOOK 3. Exercises for Chapter 5

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Chapter 5 of the EJB book walked you through all of the details for deploying, creating, and interacting with the EntityManager interface. This chapter uses the same Cabin entity bean introduced in Chapter 4 to illustrate the concepts and APIs discussed in Chapter 5. You will see examples of:

The merge( ), flush( ), and refresh( ) operations in action

An explanation of FlushModeType

The differences between a transaction-only and an extended persistence context

Using Java Persistence in a standalone Java application

Exercise 5.1 walks you through the first three bullets, and Exercise 5.2 shows you how to use persistence outside of the application server.

This exercise has four different clients to build and run against the JBoss application server:

This client demonstrates what happens when you use the EntityManager.merge( ) operation. It interacts with the TravelAgent EJB.

This client demonstrates the difference between a transaction-only and an extended persistence context. The TransactionPersistenceContext EJB injects and uses a transaction-scoped entity manager. The ExtendedPersistenceContext EJB injects and uses an extended entity manager.

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Medium 9780596159818

10. Testing a Random Number Generator

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

According to the classical definition of beauty, something is beautiful if it exhibits both complexity and unity. Professor Gene Veith explained this idea in an editorial by describing two kind of paintings:[51]

In painting a black canvas has unity, but it has no complexity. A canvas of random paint splatterings has complexity, but it has no unity.

Michelangelos painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling has rich detail along with order and balance. It exhibits complexity and unity. It is beautiful.

Some works of beauty are easy to appreciate because both the complexity and the unity are apparent. I would say the Sistine Chapel falls in this category. However, other works require more education to appreciate because it takes knowledge and skill to see either the complexity or the unity. Modern jazz may fall into this latter category. The complexity is obvious, but the unity may not be apparent to untrained ears. Tests for random number generators may be more like modern jazz than the Sistine Chapel; the complexity is easier to see than the unity. But with some introduction, the unity can be appreciated.

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