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Medium 9780596008666

10. Video Adapters

Robert Bruce Thompson Maker Media, Inc ePub

In This Chapter

A video adapter, also called a graphics adapter, renders video data provided by the processor into a form that the monitor can display. Many motherboards provide an integrated video adapter. Most also provide a special video expansion slot that accepts a standalone video adapter card. A stand-alone video adapter is called a video card or graphics card. Upgrading video is fast, easy, and generally inexpensive. There are several good reasons to do so, including:

Your current video card or integrated video has failed.

You've installed a larger display and require higher-resolution video than the old adapter provides.

You need a digital video (DVI) connector to drive a flat-panel LCD display.

You want to record television programs or other video sources to your hard drive.

You want to watch DVD-Video discs or other fast-motion video sources without jerkiness.

Your current video adapter is too slow for or incompatible with the games you want to play.


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Medium 9781847770684


Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Trees trees and the blowing through them wind storm rain gale oak ash sycamore beech we cannot stand back and admire you long not like the Roman pines part of history erect in the Forum silent under the sun layer on layer – emperor, Pope, fascist, communist and the trees still standing in the churches you can munch God’s bread at any moment of the morning: outside the Vespas race through Constantine’s arch. want a drink? in the Via Veneto? very good, molto caro? the Cafe Greco or a Bloody Mary in the Via Condotti?

(oh stop showing off and talking like guide-books everyone’s been abroad now anyway) why on earth should we feel proud that we’ve been to Ravenna or Florence? it only needs money and perhaps a certain judgement.

Let’s go to Brighton or Blackpool instead

Let’s sleep in cold rooms with a single bed bed and breakfast – what’s wrong with that? only it’s likely to make you grow fat. pink rock, fruit machines, ‘what the butler saw’ we won’t go to Paris or Rome any more we’ll pick up the shells as the rain falls down or carry our boredom all round the town. and what’s the point of this? it’s only another affectation.

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Medium 9780596526740

8. Know Thy Code

Chromatic O'Reilly Media ePub

Hacks 70-83

Introspection isn't just a self-help exercise. It's a way of asking Perl what it thinks about your program.

Why does that matter? There are plenty of advanced techniques that, properly applied, will save you much time, effort, and trouble. That word "properly" is the sticky one thoughunless you know what's proper and what's not, you'll have difficulty mastering advanced Perl.

Despite all the rich nooks and crannies and hidden corners of the core, there are only a few techniques you absolutely must understand. Study well the hacks here and you'll absorb higher lore and unlock secrets that will help you customize Perl, the language, for your specific needs.

Tell compile time from runtime.

Dynamic languages are flexible, neither requiring you to know all of the code you're ever going to run in a program at compile time nor necessarily failing if it's not there at runtime. Perl can live with some ambiguity about seeing functions you haven't defined yet (if ever) and referring to variables that don't necessarily have any values yet.

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Medium 9780596103125

Chapter 5. Two-Way Audio-Video Communications

Sanders, William O'Reilly Media PDF


Two-Way Audio-Video


Face-to-Face Communication

The dream of face-to-face communication via something like a combined television/ telephone has been around for at least the last 50 years. However, the promise of such communication between individuals in remote locations has only been realized and widespread lately. With open socket technology and high-speed Internet, such face-toface audio/visual (A/V) communication over the Web is simple and becoming more common.

This chapter looks at the basic ingredients for creating a two-way A/V application using

FMS3—either FMIS3 or the Development FMS3. FMSS cannot be used for interactive applications. The applications in this chapter all use classes and objects briefly discussed in previous chapters, especially in Chapter 3, “Setting Your Camera and

Microphone,” which examined the Camera, Microphone, and Video object,s and the

NetStream class. You might want to review Chapter 3 before getting started so that you’re less likely to get lost in the discussion.

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Medium 9781855754560

CHAPTER FIFTEEN. Crusoe’s island

Leo Abse Karnac Books ePub

Timorous literary critics and hesitant social historians continue to fear engagement with Defoe’s challenging, and sometimes chilling, work Conjugal Lewdness; it lies neglected. But the island story of Robinson Crusoe has become overloaded with comment and interpretation. Ever since its first publication in 1719, it has commanded attention. During Defoe’s lifetime there were six reprintings and almost at once the novel was pirated, plagiarised, abridged and imitated in English, and translated into German, French and Dutch. It has been calculated that by the end of the following century there existed, including adaptations, translations and English editions, some seven hundred versions of the Crusoe story. The responses and resonances Crusoe has occasioned continue, never more than in the twentieth century and, as now, into the twenty-first. In a recent masterful essay, Doreen Roberts tells us: ‘The Crusoe story has the almost autonomous life, the resonance and versatility of a myth, and Crusoe, whether admired or deplored, is a culture-hero, ‘the English Ulysses’, as James Joyce called him.’1We have had Crusoe presented to us as light entertainment in play, film, panto, and even ‘Crusoe on ice’; and we have had, within the avalanche of literature on the true meaning of Crusoe, darker intimations; Crusoe the racist, Crusoe the imperialist, Crusoe the anti-feminist, Crusoe the devil, even Crusoe as God.2 None of us, as children or as adults, seem able to resist the lure of the island tale; sometimes it excites, sometimes thrills or repels us, but always prompting admiration of the creativity, resilience and stamina that we are witnessing. When Defoe, the stubby, scruffy, warty boatman, offers us a trip to this desolate island, despite his appearance and the arid destination, none of us seem capable of refusing his invitation. Desert islands are irresistible.

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