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Medium 9781855757851

8. Manifestations of the death instinct in the consulting room

Karnac Books ePub

Michael Feldman

In his paper on “The “Uncanny”, Freud wrote,

… It is possible to recognize the dominance in the unconscious mind of a “compulsion to repeat” proceeding from the instinctual impulses and probably inherent in the very nature of the instincts-a compulsion powerful enough to overrule the pleasure principle, leading to certain aspects of the mind their daemonic character. [Freud, 1919h, p. 238; emphasis added]

In Beyond the Pleasure Principle (1920g), Freud continued this exploration of the forces that drive and maintain certain striking patterns of behaviour, where the more obvious aims of the relief of tension or “unpleasure” and the achievement of “pleasure” do not seem to apply. Freud, the astute clinician, struggled to account for the fact that “The compulsion to repeat … recalls from the past experiences which include no possibility of pleasure, and which can never, even long ago, have brought satisfaction even to instinctual impulses which have since been repressed” (p. 20). He linked such observations with dreams in traumatic neuroses and the impulse that leads children to play certain repetitive games. He raised the question of whether the child's repetition of the unpleasant experience of play carried “a yield of pleasure of another sort but none the less a direct one“ (italics added) (p. 16).

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Medium 9781601323279

Firewall Policy Query Language for Behavior Analysis

Kevin Daimi, Hamid R. Arabnia, Samiha Ayed, Michael R. Grimaila, Hanen Idoudi, George Markowsky, and Ashu M. G. Solo CSREA Press PDF

Int'l Conf. Security and Management | SAM'14 |


Firewall Policy Query Language for Behavior Analysis

Patrick G. Clark∗§ and Arvin Agah∗ of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 6045 USA

§ Cooresponding Author: Email:

∗ Department

Abstract—Firewalls are one of the most important devices used in network security today. Their primary goal is to provide protections between parties that only wish to communicate over an explicit set of channels, expressed through protocols. These channels are implemented and described in a

firewall using a set of rules, collectively referred to as a firewall policy. However, understanding the policy that a particular

firewall is enforcing has become increasingly difficult. Many industry forces are converging that cause managing these devices to be much more complex than the premise of rules suggest.

Recently work has been done modeling a firewall policy in a concise and efficient data structure referred to as a Firewall

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Medium 9780253010247

Chapter 21

Jesse Lee Kercheval Indiana University Press ePub

The police made it clear they expected me to leave Paris at the soonest possible opportunity. I would be sent a bill for the damages to the church. They would have liked me out on the very next flight, but I’d had enough of last-minute flying and I wasn’t ready to leave, not until I’d buried my brother. So they released me into Nance Olmstead’s custody, warning her to keep me in the strictest charge. I was to stay out of churches, and also, they said, under no circumstances was I allowed to ascend the Eiffel Tower. I could see that last bit got her worried.

I wanted her to go back to the Hôtel Batignolles, to trust me to meet her there later, but she took the police warning seriously. So she went with me to the Hôpital St-Louis. We entered through the door I’d seen the orderly use with Ilya, but once inside there was no desk guarded by nurses, no signs pointing this way to Emergency, just a long white hall punctuated at intervals by empty wooden benches and by tall doors, most closed. “French hospitals are always like this,” Nance said. Clearly, it was not her first time in one. I remembered what she’d told me back at the Hôtel Batignolles about flying to France to rescue students. “To us, St-Louis looks like an octopus that’s all arms and no head. The French don’t need registration desks manned by clerks whose job it is to collect insurance information. They don’t have to worry about getting stiffed for the bill.” she went on. “But there’s always someone around who knows what you need to know. Shall I ask?” I nodded, thinking better a reassuring matron in soft pastels than someone clearly a lot less stable, possibly crazy.

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Medium 9781457185946

8. Troubleshooting

Mike Barela Maker Media, Inc ePub

Running into problems and solving them is a defining part of the Maker experience. This chapter will help you resolve many common issues you may face when working with the Trinket.

Most issues fall into the following categories:

Cable issues

Connectivity issues

Arduino IDE issues

Common library problems

Error messages

Usage issues

Manufacturer support

Half of Trinket issues are ultimately traced to a bad USB cable or a power issue.

Very often, to get an older USB Mini-B cable, you’ll scrounge in your box of old cables to find something that works. This may not get you the reliable cable you expected. Problems you may encounter include:

Many USB Mini-B cables only have power wires and no signal wires (they were designed for charging devices only).

The cable connections are broken or intermittent, due to flexing (often at one end).

The wire gauge of the cable is insufficient (especially common with smaller or more inexpensive cables).

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Medium 9781449343507

10. Designing Windows Store Apps with Xaml: Taking your apps to the next level

Jennifer Greene O'Reilly Media ePub

Youre ready for a whole new world of app development.

Using WinForms to build Windows Desktop apps is a great way to learn important C# concepts, but theres so much more you can do with your programs. In this chapter, youll use XAML to design your Windows Store apps, youll learn how to build pages to fit any device, integrate your data into your pages with data binding, and use Visual Studio to cut through the mystery of XAML pages by exploring the objects created by your XAML code.

Too bad Brians old-fashioned, old-style desktop app looks so outdated! Hes sick of poking at tiny checkboxes in the desktop. Brian wants his excuse generator to be an app. Can we give him one?

Do this!

Want to get these ideas into your brain fast? Then do these things before starting this chapter!

Behind the Scenes

Windows Store apps are more complex than WinForms programs. Thats why WinForms are a really effective teaching tool, but not nearly as effective for building killer apps. Its useful to take a step back and think about how youre learning, because that will help you learn more effectively. Lets do that now.

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