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Medium 9781617147579

Chapter 4: Finding Love

Slice PDF May 13, 2014



the Kings encountered a sign that read, “No Blacks

Allowed.” 1

Larry’s father refused to enter. He turned his car around and drove home, much to the dismay of his son. Larry later realized that it took great conviction on his father’s part to not patronize a place that would not allow his fellow humans to enter. Larry began to question and form opinions about what was happening in American society. And he would eventually impart his wisdom to his new girlfriend.


Billie Jean could thank tennis friend Marcos Carriedo for setting her up with her future husband,

Larry King. Billie Jean had been departing a library elevator when

Carriedo stopped her in her tracks.

Carriedo was the top player on the school’s men’s tennis team.

He was also Billie Jean’s mixeddoubles partner. He informed her that there was a young man on the third floor of the library who would be a perfect match for her.

Carriedo added that the guy he wanted to introduce Billie Jean to did not drink or smoke, and he loved tennis.

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Medium 9780596101640

Hack #67. Control Random Thoughts

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The rambling nature of our inner thoughts is often perceived as creating an unpredictable random path. You can take advantage of this misperception to guess the thoughts of those around you by increasing the probability that they will focus on whatever you wish.

No stranger to creepy scenes, Edgar Allen Poe relates this one in Murders in the Rue Morgue:

Occupied with thought, neither of us had spoken a syllable for fifteen minutes at least. All at once, Dupin broke forth with these words: "He is a very little fellow, that's true, and would do better for the Theatre des Varietes." "There can be no doubt of that," I replied unwittingly... "Dupin," said I gravely, "this is beyond my comprehension. I do not hesitate to say I am amazed, and can scarcely credit my senses. How was it possible you should know (what) I was thinking of...?"

Have you ever been talking to someone, and your mind wanders off for a little while? Then, you bring up whatever it was that you were thinking about and, lo and behold, the other person was thinking about the exact same thing!

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Medium 9781593577384

Overview of the 2008–2018 Projections

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Job openings result from the relationship between the population, the labor force, and demand for goods and services. The population restricts the size of the labor force, which consists of working individuals and those looking for work. The size and productivity of the labor force limits the quantity of goods and services that can be produced. In addition, changes in the demand for goods and services influence which industries expand or contract. Industries respond by hiring the workers necessary to produce goods and provide services. However, improvements to technology and productivity, changes in which occupations perform certain tasks, and changes to the supply of workers all affect which occupations will be employed by those industries. Examining past and present changes to these relationships in order to project future shifts is the foundation of the Employment Projections Program. This article presents highlights of population, labor force, and occupational and industry employment projections for 2008–2018. For more information, see the additional information about the projections.

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Medium 9781449320171

Caller Info Attributes (C# 5.0)

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

Starting with C# 5.0, you can tag optional parameters with one of three caller info attributes, which instruct the compiler to feed information obtained from the callers source code into the parameters default value:

[CallerMemberName] applies the callers member name.

[CallerFilePath] applies the path to the callers source code file.

[CallerLineNumber] applies the line number in the callers source code file.

The Foo method in the following program demonstrates all three:

Assuming our program resides in c:\source\test\Program.cs, the output would be:

As with standard optional parameters, the substitution is done at the calling site. Hence, our Main method is syntactic sugar for this:

Caller info attributes are useful for writing logging functions, and for implementing change notification patterns. For instance, a method such as the following can be called from inside a propertys set accessorwithout having to specify the propertys name:

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Medium 9781449311605

Client Profiles, Access Tokens, and Authorization Flows

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

The first version of OAuth was designed primarily to handle API authorization for classic client-server web applications. The specification did not define how to handle authorization in mobile applications, desktop applications, JavaScript applications, browser extensions, or other situations. While each of these types of apps have been written using OAuth 1.0, the method of implementation is inconsistent and often suboptimal, as the protocol wasnt designed for these cases.

OAuth 2.0 was architected with this variety of use cases in mind.

OAuth 2.0 defines several important client profiles:

An OAuth client running on a web server. The web application is accessed by a resource owner (user) and the application makes the appropriate API calls using a server-side programming language. The user has no access to the OAuth client secret or any access tokens issued by the authorization server.

An OAuth client running in a users web browser, where the client has access to the application code and/or API requests. The application could be distributed as JavaScript included in a web page, as a browser extension, or using a plug-in technology such as Flash. The OAuth credentials are not trusted to be kept confidential from the resource owner, so some API providers wont issue client secrets for applications using this profile.

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