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Medium 9781565928435

1. Active Server Pages:An Introduction

Keyton Weissinger O'Reilly Media ePub

ASP is a technology that allows you to dynamically generate browser-neutral content using server-side scripting. The code for this scripting can be written in any of several languages and is embedded in special tags inside the otherwise-normal HTML code making up a page of content. This heterogeneous scripting/content page is interpreted by the web server only upon the client's request for the content.

To understand the evolution of ASP and its current capabilities, it helps to quickly review the history of web-based content and applications.

In the early days of the World Wide Web, all information served to the client's browser was static. In other words, the content for page A served to client 1 was exactly the same as the content for page A served to client 2. The web server did not dynamically generate any part of the site's contents but simply served requests for static HTML pages loaded from the web server's file system and sent to the requesting client. There was no interactivity between the user and the server. The browser requested information, and the server sent it.

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Medium 9781782200765

Chapter Sixteen - Looking at your Family

Alison Miller Karnac Books ePub

This is one of the most heart-breaking chapters of this book. Most survivors of ritual abuse whom I have known had families who were involved in that abuse, and, as a result, they had to sever connections with those families.

In addition, most survivors whom I have known came from incestuous families, and the parents who were not directly involved in the mind control or ritual abuse were often sexual perpetrators. Sibling incest appears to be common, and in some cases is even taught by the abusers. Besides their involvement with the mind-controlling or ritually abusive group, parents frequently take their children to child pornography studios, or rent them out as prostitutes.

The family, which is supposed to be the safe haven in which we are nurtured as we grow from a small, helpless infant into a mature adult, has been turned instead into a frightening place where safety is non-existent, and the lessons of compliance and secrecy are well learnt. Children become dissociative because it is the only way to survive in such a family. There is not only the deliberate splitting off of insiders which abuser groups engage in, there is usually much spontaneous splitting of the child's mind, because the trauma is just too much for one person to deal with.

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Medium 9781743219959

Golden Circle

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

The Golden Circle takes in three marquee attractions all within 100km of the capital: Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss. It's an artificial tourist circuit (no natural topography marks its extent), loved by thousands. You'll see a meeting point of the continental plates and site of the ancient parliament (Þingvellir), a spouting hot spring (Geysir) and a roaring waterfall (Gullfoss), all in one doable-in-a-day loop.

MGet an early start from Reykjavík and head straight to Þingvellir, planning at least an hour to wander the parliament site, the rift and falls. On your way there you can visit the Gljúfrasteinn Laxness Museum, the home of Nobel Prize–winning author Halldór Laxness.

RLunch on delicious wild-caught dishes in Laugarvatn at Lindin, in its formal restaurant or laid-back bistro. Or head to Efstidalur II for local-caught fish and farm burgers; don't miss the farm ice cream and cool barn cafe. It also has horse riding. For a swank spa experience, take a dip at Fontana. Then visit Geysir and Gullfoss. If time permits, squeeze in river rafting near Reykholt.

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Medium 9781574411522

20 Racism, Riots, and Gangs

Jorge Antonio Renaud University of North Texas Press PDF

Chapter twenty

racism, riots, and gangs


Time cover story in the early 1980’s declared the East Texas prison unit of Eastham “America’s Toughest Prison,” a distinction hotly disputed by other Texas prison units. The entire then-Texas Department of

Corrections rocked after Judge William Wayne Justice ordered the building tender system dismantled as a result of Ruiz v. Estelle. Without its inmate goons to keep order, TDC was exposed as almost criminally understaffed.

Coupled with the mass resignings and reassignments of many oldtime guards and wardens—who had flourished under Director W.J.

Estelle’s term—the lack of supervision left a power vacuum that was soon exploited by burgeoning prison gangs. Flexing their muscles, the various gangs waged war for the right to control the prison drug trade and jumped at the opportunity to settle old scores. The murder rates rocketed as the media fueled the killing frenzy by publicly lamenting the records for violent deaths that TDCJ convicts were daily rewriting.

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Medium 9780819870223

7. New Challenges

Jeanne Maria Grunwell Pauline Books and Media ePub


New Challenges

The large Seton house had to be cleaned and painted and wallpapered. It would be fun getting things ready for the rest of the family. Elizabeth had always wanted a large family. She wanted “to be able to teach the children about God and keep their little faces sparkling clean,” as she once wrote in her diary when she was young. Now, God had fulfilled her dreams. She accepted his gift with joy.

The older Seton children were sent to boarding school. But eighteen-year-old Rebecca remained home to help Elizabeth take care of the younger Seton girls, Harriet and Cecilia, as well as Elizabeth’s own children. Elizabeth had decided to teach the girls at home. She and Rebecca gave lessons everyday from ten until two.

At first, Elizabeth and Rebecca didn’t get along very well. Elizabeth thought her sister-in-law was silly and irresponsible. Rebecca thought Elizabeth was harsh and cold. But as they spent more time with each other, the two young women soon realized that they were both wrong. Elizabeth and Rebecca grew to love and respect each other very much. In time, Elizabeth even began to call Rebecca her “soul’s sister,” and her “dearest friend.” Rebecca never left Elizabeth’s side and tried to learn from her good example.

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