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Medium 9781906188078

The Centaur Within

Slice PDF April 24, 2015

Medium 9781847779854

'No coward soul is mine'

Slice PDF May 12, 2015

Winds take a pensive tone, and stars a tender fire,

And visions rise and change which kill me with desire 'Desire for nothing known in my maturer years

When joy grew mad with awe at count ing futu re tears;

When, if my spirit's sky was full of flashes warm,

I knew not whence they came, from sun or th under~torm;

'But first a hush of peace, a soundless calm descends;

The struggle of distress and fierce impatience ends;

Mute music soothes my breast - unuttered harmony

That I could never dream till earth was lost to me.

'Then dawns the Invisible, the Unseen its t ruth reveals;

My outward sense is gone, my inward essence fcels Its wings are almost free, its home., its harbour found;

Measuring the gulf it stoops and dares the final hound!

'Oh, dreadful is the check - intense t he agony

When the ear begins to hear and the eye begins to see;

When the pulse begins to throb, the brain to th ink again,

The sou! to fee! the flesh and the flesh [0 fee! the chain !

'Yet I would lose no sting, would wish no tortu re less;

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Medium 9781565924970

1.11. vim—vi Improved

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Execute command at startup. (POSIX version of the historic +command)

Start in read-only mode, setting the readonly option.

Enter batch (script) mode. This is only for ex and intended for running editing scripts (POSIX version of the historic argument).

Start in binary mode.

For the GUI version, stay in the foreground.

Start the GUI version of vim, if it has been compiled in.

Open N windows, if given; otherwise open one window per file.

Read the given viminfo file for initialization, instead of the default viminfo file.

Don't create a swap file: recovery won't be possible.

Treat filename as the quick fix file.

Read the given .vimrc file for initialization and skip all other normal initialization steps.

Read the given .gvimrc file for GUI initialization and skip all other normal GUI initialization steps.

Enter restricted mode (same as having a leading r in the name).



[N]sp[lit] [position] [file]

Split the current window in half

[N]new [position] [file]

Create a new window, editing an empty buffer

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Medium 9781565924024

4. Random Numbers

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Random numbers are important for cryptography. As we discussed in Chapter 2, computers are not very good at producing truly random data. Instead, they rely on a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG). A cryptographically strong PRNG, seeded with truly random values, is a PRNG that does a good job of spewing out unpredictable data. But if the PRNG is not cryptographically strong, or if the seed data is not random, the security of your application can be compromised.

In this chapter, Ill talk about a cryptographically strong PRNG that was introduced in JDK 1.1, The rest of the chapter discusses how to produce random seed data from keyboard events.

The JDK includes a class, java.util.Random, that implements a PRNG. Although its fine for light-duty use, it has the following shortcomings:

It uses an algorithm that produces a predictable sequence of numbers.

If you dont give Random a seed value, it uses the value of the system clock. This is a predictable seed. Lets say that you create a random number in order to create a cryptographic key. If an attacker knows when you created the random number, even approximately, he or she can guess at likely values of the random number seed. With a relatively small amount of guessing, the attacker can guess which random number seed youve used. From this, the attacker can generate the same supposedly random cryptographic key that you just generated. Now the attacker can impersonate you or read your secret messages.

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Medium 9781449320850

11. Using the Camera

Slice ePub August 20, 2014

In this chapter, we’re going to look at using the camera. While in previous chapters I’ve endeavored to make the examples applicable to both retail and LOB app use, basic use of the camera is more LOB than retail.

The issue with the camera in retail is that just taking a photo is actually very easy. All you need to use is the CameraCaptureUI, and it’ll return a file containing the photo. (You can also use this class to capture video, although we won’t be looking at that in detail in this chapter.)

In LOB applications, or more specifically in field service applications (i.e., people in the field undertake work for the organization), there are some basic use cases for the camera. You typically need to use the camera to capture work that needs to be done (e.g., inspectors visit an estate and proactively look for problems to solve like graffiti or trash), or to capture the state of something before and/or after work has been done (e.g., you take a photo of a broken sink before you fix it, and again after you fix it). A common related use case is to capture a photograph of the premises if the operative gets to the site but cannot gain access.

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