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Medium 9781855758087

Chapter Two: Neuroscientific additions

Glyn Hudson Allez Karnac Books ePub

Gordon awoke with a start to the sound of a loud, angry voice in another room. He felt cold, hungry, and alone. The darkness of the room swirled around him in strange frightening shapes. Where is she? He wailed out his loneliness in a long screeching cry. Will she return?

“Can’t you shut that fucking brat up?” the distant angry voice demands.

The door opens and light pours into the room, circling her head as mother comes bustling in, wearing floppy slippers and a loose dressing gown. She lifts Gordon out of the cot and holds him close. His wails lessen slightly, but he continues to cry.

“Come on, Gordy. Don’t do this to me, lovey. You know what he’s like when he’s had a few drinks.”

Jenny sat in a nearby chair and plonked Gordon on her lap, pushing a cold rubber bottle teat on top of his vibrating tongue. He looked up to her face, searching for her eyes. But her face was turned away from him, her cheeks pale, and her mouth drawn down. Gordon coughed out the cold liquid as it started to invade his airway. Jenny sat him up to pat his back. In her distraction she did not realize how hard the pats were, making Gordon cough and cry even more. She stood up and swung Gordon up on to her shoulder, pacing up and down while bouncing him on her hand. Gordon dribbled milk down her back, but quietened a little. He wants to feel connected. He wants to feel safe. But he does not feel safe like this. He could feel her agitation shaking through his body. He could taste her fear.

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Medium 9781607059912

Graphical Modern Medallion

Janice Zeller Ryan Stash Books ePub

Finished quilt size: 45½˝ × 53¾˝



By Christina Lane

For me, nothing feels more modern than simple geometric shapes surrounded by lots of white space. Graphical Modern Medallion allows you to have fun with precious fabrics and gives you lots of room for creative quilting.



Note: This quilt was constructed with asymmetrical borders and partial seam piecing so that the longer borders can be cut from width-of-fabric strips. As long as you have at least 42½˝ usable width of fabric, the borders will not have to be pieced or cut on the lengthwise grain.

Background: 3 yards*

Assorted prints: ¼ yard for striped side border* and ½ yard each of 2 contrasting prints for chevron border

Fat eighths: 12 different prints or solids for use in center medallion, quarter-circle border, triangle border, and faced-circles border (This is a great quilt to use larger scraps.)

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Medium 9781491949023

14. Introducing Polymer

Jarrod Overson O'Reilly Media ePub

Jarrod Overson

There are a number of caveats to the use of web components as they stand today, but there are lots of people from lots of companies doing their best to help get you started as quickly as possible. Polymer is one such project that has gained traction quickly and has proven itself to be invaluable in the web component revolution. Polymer is a BSD-licensed suite of libraries that enable you to be productive with web components immediately.

The expressed focus of Polymer is to “embrace HTML as much as possible by encouraging the use of custom elements wherever possible.”

To help speed the adoption of future web technology, Polymer’s authors have created shims for all related aspects of web components and tangential technologies. These shims are entirely usable outside of Polymer and are accepted as standard shims by companies like Mozilla and Microsoft, who use them with their own web component frameworks.

Considering that it is such a bleeding-edge technology, the Polymer group has done excellent work easing the transition to web component adoption. Polymer (outside of the Polymer elements) consists of two distinct layers of code. In this respect it is similar to jQuery, which is made up of jQuery itself and Sizzle. Sizzle is the independent selector engine that normalizes DOM selection for browsers that don’t support getQuerySelector and similar methods. Most people aren’t even aware of this abstraction because it’s largely invisible to the end user.

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Medium 9781847770103

The snow gets it

Richard Price Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9788324682928

1. Wstęp

Reese, Richard M. Helion ePub

Dobre opanowanie wskaźników i umiejętność ich efektywnego stosowania odróżniają zaawansowanego programistę od nowicjusza. Wskaźniki są ważnym elementem języka C, zapewniającym mu elastyczność. Umożliwiają obsługę dynamicznej alokacji pamięci. Ich zapis jest związany z zapisem tablic. Wskaźniki na funkcję dają ogromne możliwości kontroli wykonywania programu.

Wskaźniki od dawna są główną przeszkodą w nauce języka C. W założeniu wskaźnik jest zmienną przechowującą adres pamięci. Ten prosty element zaczyna wydawać się skomplikowany, gdy zaczynamy stosować operatory wskaźników lub gdy próbujemy zrozumieć ich skomplikowaną notację. Takie problemy nie muszą grozić każdemu. Jeżeli dobrze opanujesz proste podstawy wskaźników, wtedy ich zaawansowane zastosowania wcale nie są trudne do opanowania.

Kluczem do opanowania wskaźników jest zrozumienie tego, jak program napisany w języku C zarządza pamięcią — wskaźniki zawierają adresy komórek pamięci. Jeżeli nie zrozumiesz tego, jak zorganizowana jest pamięć, trudno będzie Ci pojąć, jak działają wskaźniki. W celu ułatwienia nauki książka zawiera rysunki ilustrujące organizację pamięci. Umieszczono je wszędzie tam, gdzie mogą okazać się pomocne w wyjaśnianiu działania wskaźników. Gdy już zrozumiesz organizację pamięci, zgłębianie zagadnień związanych ze wskaźnikami stanie się o wiele łatwiejsze.

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