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Medium 9781855755406

CHAPTER NINE: Countertransference with mentally handicapped patients

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

“If only Walter had been born a dog and not a human child, how easy it would be to end her sense of responsibility. A vet with a pill or an injection, administered while she protested love and kindness, could free her”

(Cook, 1978, p. 46)

At the time when I was conducting a workshop on the psychotherapy of mentally handicapped people at the A Tavistock we were all confronted one day with a very shocking piece of knowledge. It was a piece of knowledge that each of us possessed but it had not come to light until one particular session of the workshop. It was that we all treated mentally handicapped people with contempt and that we did not have this contempt towards “normal” people. I will explain the matter in more detail.

In the workshop we had decided in one term to try to differentiate our psychodynamic technique with the mentally handicapped from that used with “normal” people. Thus, we investigated our manner of interpretation, the nature of the transference in this category of client, and the anxiety attending on change. The question of countertransference also came under review. It was then that the discovery I have alluded to was made. On the level of consciousness we had sympathy towards mentally handicapped people, which had in part instigated the formation of the workshop. We had also come to realize the painful isolation that many mentally handicapped people live in. Therefore, on the level of consciousness, we were passionately devoted to our work with these people, had a self-righteous self-regard, and felt critical towards those colleagues of ours who would only consider people suitable for psychotherapy if they had a university level IQ. Our contempt then had been below the threshold of awareness. This is how the shocking story of our inner attitudes came about.

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Medium 9780596009144

Mac OSX Survival Guide

Slice PDF May 27, 2014



Mac OS X Survival Guide

If you’re one of the many switchers who’ve come over to Mac

OS X, or even if you’ve been using Mac OS X since the early public beta (back when Mac OS X was going through its infancy 10.0 and 10.1 phases), this chapter is for you. Here, you’ll quickly get up to speed on how to use Mac OS X, from learning about the Finder, to learning how to create folders

(including the new Smart and Burn folders), to discovering tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts to make your Mac life more enjoyable.

Your User Account

When you first install Mac OS X Tiger (or when you boot your new Mac for the first time), you have to create at least one user for the system. You’ll be asked to assign a name, short name, and password, as well as provide address information for the user. You’ll also set up some very basic preferences, such as the date and time zone, and configure basic network settings.

By default, the first user you set up on your Mac is known as an “administrative user,” which means that user can pretty much do whatever he wants with the system, including setting up or removing user accounts. As an admin user, you can create accounts for other users (such as your wife and kids) on your system, manage their settings, and also delete their accounts when necessary.

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Medium 9780596006280

Screen Output

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Medium 9781574410679

Jack Rabbit

Source: My Remembers
Slice PDF May 18, 2014

Jack Rabbit

There are diffrent kind of rabbit-cotton tail and swamp rabbit, which is a bit bigger than a cotton tail and live close to the water and wet swamp area, and are very tricky.

Every body knows about the tame white rabbit and the

Peter Cotton Tail. But there is the open range Jack Rabbit with the long, long ears and legs. There are two kind that I know. I remember what the men would say about the Jack Rabbit whin they would run the gray hounds. The distinction between the

Blue Side and the other Jack Rabbit is the blue side and the way they run once the Blue Side get up from his bed. They hop along on three leg as if they will tease the dogs. Once the dogs get close to it, it is like a car whin you mash the gas peddle, it get over drive. The Blue Side will drop that forth leg. And some one in the crowd would say, That a Blue Side and he is going to be Hell to catch. And it would.

The dog with the longest wind was the only one to catch it or run until the dog fallout or give up. Those who know ther dog and ther strength some time would not let them run. Some time the men, as long as the dog run, they would keep betting that the dog will catch the rabbit. Some time they would. Some time they would not. The dog give up but the rabbit do not. It just look back and smile, as if to say, Goodby, see you later alagater. You'll never get your chop on me.

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Medium 9781855206786

Chapter 10: Fuel System

Slice ePub September 06, 2013

The E30 range uses a variety of different fuel systems with three fuel injection systems, and a couple of carburettors too. Some of these are now getting rare and Bosch Motronic as used on all 1988 onwards cars is the most common.

All M10-engined 316 cars used a carburettor. The early cars in 1982 and early 1983 used the Pierburg 2B which was sort of okay but later cars used the dreaded Pierburg 2BE, the ultimate nightmare carburettor. BMW were forced by emissions regulations to use this carburettor when what they should have done is equip it with an injection system. A horribly complex device, it used various sensors, vacuum control units and was electronically controlled with a Bosch ECU. It really was a terrible thing and when it starts to malfunction, the only sensible course of action is to take it off, throw it away and fit a Weber replacement. Many of the repair parts are no longer available for the Pierburg and there is very little service information around. You would not be the first owner to spend £100 on parts, along with many hours of tearing your hair out, only to give up. If you can find one, you can go the second-hand route and try a different carburettor but there are not many good ones about. Even the 316s ending up in breaker's yards now seem to have had Weber carburettors fitted and, of course, these offer a good saving over new ones. As for buying new carburettor bits to try and make yours work, do not bother. The parts are very expensive and you have absolutely no guarantee that the damned thing will work. ECUs do not often fail but it is not unknown. Before assuming the carburettor is at fault, check all the ignition system, make sure the fuel pump is delivering enough fuel and check all the vacuum pipes and electrical connections you never know, you might be lucky. A carburettor and inlet manifold assembly from an old 2002 or E21 316 can be fitted but again, the age of these parts is against you. If ever there was a reasoned argument to buy a 318i, this is it!

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