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Medium 9780596514938

7. Rescue Windows

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Whenever I have to use the Windows Recovery CD, I cringe. It isn't because my Windows system needs to be rescued; I've come to expect that. What I dislike is the actual recovery CD itself, and I don't think I'm the only one who feels that way. While the Windows Recovery CD does an adequate job with a few tasks (that is, resetting an MBR, replacing a boot.ini file, or restoring default system files), expect to come up empty-handed and frustrated if you try to complete a task for which Microsoft hasn't explicitly created a tool. Here are just a few things the Windows Recovery CD should be able to do but can't:

Edit text files.

While Microsoft has shied further and further away from allowing you to configure anything with a text file, there are still plenty of reasons why you might need to, including fixes to the boot.ini files beyond the abilities of the Windows Recovery CD.

Copy to a floppy.

You can't edit a text file in the Recovery Console, so you may think, "I'll just copy the file to a floppy disk, edit it on another computer, and copy it back." However, the Recovery Console only allows you to copy from CD-ROMs or floppies and not to them.

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Medium 9781449340384

7. Multi-Device Analytics

Slice ePub September 01, 2014

In this new space of multi-device experiences, it’s more important than ever to track and analyze user data. This is our way of seeing how people use multiple devices—and glimpsing how we can design better experiences. This chapter discusses new analytics questions and needs that should be addressed so that we can glean the insights that will help us build future-friendly ecosystem experiences.

We all design products we believe people will need, love, and use, and we rely on different methods and information sources for our designs: market data analysis, UX research, best practices, industry standards, our own knowledge, pain points we identify, and our (informed) intuitive grasp of the product’s value. These are all important tools to get us going.

In order to build a sustainably engaging experience, make informed product decisions in the process, and assess our product’s success in a reliable way, we need data.

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Medium 9780596155797

9. Making Sense of AdSense

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Putting AdSense code on your web pages is only the beginning of making money with Google AdSense advertising. Once youve added AdSense for Content and the other AdSense products explained in Chapter8 to your pages, you need to know how well your AdSense revenue is doing in relationship to how well it could be doing. Monitoring your performance so you can make changes to make more money is a very important part of successfully working with AdSense.

This chapter explains the reporting and performance tracking tools available in the AdSense program and what you should be looking for in terms of performance.

When you log into AdSense from the AdSense home page at (after your account is up and running and you have ads on your site), the first thing youll see is the Reports Overview window, with the current days earnings displayed, as shown in Figure9-1.

Figure9-1.Youll see your page impressions, clicks, and other data related to todays earnings

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Medium 9780596008406

3. SNMPv3

Source: Essential SNMP
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Security has been the biggest weakness of SNMP since the beginning. Authentication in SNMP versions 1 and 2 amounts to nothing more than a password (community string) sent in clear text between a manager and agent. Any security-conscious network or system administrator knows that clear-text passwords provide no real security at all. It is trivial for someone to intercept the community string, and once he has it, he can use it to retrieve information from devices on your network, modify their configuration, and even shut them down.

The Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3 (SNMPv3) addresses the security problems that have plagued both SNMPv1 and SNMPv2. For all practical purposes, security is the only issue SNMPv3 addresses; there are no other changes to the protocol. There are no new operations; SNMPv3 supports all the operations defined by versions 1 and 2. There are several new textual conventions, but these are really just more precise ways of interpreting the datatypes that were defined in earlier versions.

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Medium 9781591203568

PERK #59: A Five-Week Vacation

Slice ePub January 09, 2014

Perk #59

A Five-Week Vacation

Chemo? Check. Mastectomy? Check. Radiation

What would you call this: five weeks away from cooking and cleaning; away from packing lunches and helping with homework; away from all of the humdrum duties of running a household. A vacation? Yeah, that’s how I chose to see it when I began my radiation therapy in late February. I was “zapped” every weekday for five weeks. Since the nearest hospital that offers this treatment was more than 200 miles away, I was forced to leave my small town and move to the city for the duration of my treatments. I wondered, Whatever shall I do with myself for the next five weeks without my loveable kiddies and furry critter? (I would still see them on the weekends.) Here’s what I was thinking:

• take up yoga

• go to the movies

• dine out at nice restaurants

• visit a spa

• hang out at my favorite bookstore

• shop for some new workout clothes

• walk in the park

• visit a museum

• go to the flea market

• take in a dinner theater

I figured that would take care of the first week at least.

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