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Medium 9780596520281

8. Data Binding with Windows Forms and WPF Applications

Julia Lerman O'Reilly Media ePub

So far, youve seen how to interact directly with an EDM using snippets of code in a console application. Although there is much more to learn about the Entity Framework, at this point its time to see how you can use the Entity Framework as part of your applications.

In this chapter, you will explore basic data-binding scenarios in Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Youll see how the Entity Framework objects work with Visual Studios data-binding features in much the same way that DataTables and DataSets do, without having to explicitly set and retrieve the values of each control. The data bindings change notification mechanism works automatically with the Entity Frameworks change tracking, so editing data that was queried through the Entity Data Model does not require a lot of extra coding. In the examples here, youll bind directly to the results of Entity Framework queries as you learn the concepts. In Chapter20, after you have learned much more about the Entity Framework, I will address n-tier Windows Forms applications.

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Medium 9781936764600

Chapter 2. Bridging Traditional and Modern Literacy

Heidi Hayes Jacobs Solution Tree Press ePub

By Jeanne Tribuzzi and Michael L. Fisher

Teachers and school leaders face a meteor shower of choices every day, and the fast pace that defines the culture of 21st century schools leaves them little time for study and collaboration. Yet these school and community leaders, tasked with creating a vision for modernizing work beyond simply putting computers in classrooms, must collaborate and plan strategically in order to upgrade the way our students connect and communicate. At the same time, they must balance modernization with traditions worth keeping.

In reality, it takes an interconnected global village to tackle the challenges to schools’ current practices around new literacies. It is the goal of this chapter to share a variety of ideas and models that schools can use to meet those challenges. To that end, we will explore the various facets of the new literacy and introduce the modern literacy continuum. In a series of examples entitled “Continuum Coach,” we will examine the bridge from the traditional to the modern and explore traditional practices through modern lenses.

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Medium 9781934009352

Chapter 1 Engaging the Adolescent Learner

Jan Rozzelle Solution Tree Press ePub

Adolescents entering the adult world in the 21st century will read and write more than at any other time in human history. They will need advanced levels of literacy to perform their jobs, run their households, act as citizens, and conduct their personal lives.

Richard Vacca

Visualize 20 sixth-grade math students sitting in small groups eagerly awaiting instruction. As you look around the room, you see the beginning of a wall exhibit labeled “Our Community Wall.” Even though it is only the third week of school, the wall displays many samples of student-generated work. Featured on the wall are math literacy timelines, vocabulary words, foldables on the topic of “High Points and Low Points in Math,” biographical poems that describe student learning styles, pictures of class teams, and many other examples of student work. Classroom norms and expectations are posted on the Class Routine Chart and the Effort T-Chart. The teacher steps to the front of the room and spends 1 minute referring to the Class Routine Chart and the Effort T-Chart to remind students of expected behaviors for safety and success. The students stand, smile at each other, and say, “I am glad you are here.” As they sit down, the teacher says:

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Medium 9781855752016

Chapter 3. The Parents’ Representations Enacted

Daniel N. Stern Karnac Books ePub

IN THE LAST CHAPTER, I described the huge cast of representations (the networks of schemas-of-being-with) that can appear in the parents’ internal world. It remains to see how these networks work—how they influence the interaction. After all, the representation must have an impact on the interaction if it is to produce a symptom or problem with the baby or if the mother’s personal past is to influence the baby’s future for good or ill. Two questions are involved. First, how does one schema-of-being-with or one network of such schemas, among many possible, get activated into a state in which it can exert an influence? Second, in what way are activated schemas enacted in the interaction? That is, how are they translated into corresponding acts? We will address only the second question.

Our model insists that maternal representations can influence the observable maternal behavior with the baby; that is, they can be enacted. What would serve as evidence that an effective transformation from a mental model to concrete acts has occurred?

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Medium 9780596515898

10. Expanding Your Interface

McFarland, David Sawyer O'Reilly Media ePub

A Web page can feel like a long one-page brochure. Visitors are overwhelmed if there seems to be acres of text and pictures to scroll through, and they are unable to quickly get the information they need when they need it. Its up to you to provide your visitors tools to find what theyre after. Using JavaScript, you can streamline your Web page and make it simpler for visitors to deal withhiding content until its required, and providing easier access to information.

In this chapter, youll learn four common techniques to make your pages easier to read and use. Accordion panels and tabbed panels fit lots of information in a small space and let visitors click a tab to access content in smaller chunks. Tooltipspop-up windows with additional information about moused-over links, form fields, and other HTML elementsprovide supplemental information. Finally, sortable tables make data in your HTML tables more usablevisitors can sort the data right on the page by clicking a column header.

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