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Medium 9781780491974

Mother's Day

Susan M. Fereday Karnac Books ePub

Sitting here on the same sofa in the living room, I feel the heavy atmosphere in the house. It's too quiet. Where is everyone? An elderly labrador wanders past and on into the kitchen. It feels odd just sitting here and doing nothing. Perhaps I've made a mistake. Maybe this job isn't for me, after all.

I can sense that I am being watched from behind and a cold tingle starts to creep up my spine. Turning a little, I take a look over my right shoulder and there she is. She has to be at least six foot tall. She's leaning against the kitchen door-frame and staring down at me. I smile and say “Hello”. There is no response. Now I'm really scared.

At that moment, Bill, the manager, called me into his office to give me some details of the six children who were currently living at the children's home. In theory, they had been placed at the unit on a short-term basis, but in reality they could be waiting for a decision on their future for anything up to eighteen months. Bill went on to explain that the staff team consisted of thirteen residential social workers, two senior social workers, two cooks, four domestic cleaners, three night waking staff, one secretary, a maintenance man, and a visiting psychologist who helped to assess the children's needs for ongoing care and protection. Some of the options for the children were: boarding school, an unpopular choice; secure accommodation, an even more unpopular choice; foster parents; or on some rare occasions, they were able to return to their own homes. Before I had a chance to fully absorb all this new information, Bill went through some of the reasons that the children had been taken into local authority care.

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Medium 9781491914397

9. Creating Global Filters

Jamie Munro O'Reilly Media ePub

Global filters enable you to apply a consistent behavior across all requests to your web application by registering a filter during the application startup. Filters can also be applied to specific actions or entire controllers by adding an attribute to the action or controller, respectively.

Five different types of filters can be created. At the start of each web request, any filter that is defined is executed in the following order—the exception to this rule is the Exception filter (no pun intended) because these filters are only called when an error occurs:

This chapter will provide a brief overview of all five types of filters and then will demonstrate how to create Action, Result, and Exception filters. Chapter 10 will demonstrate how to create Authentication and Authorization filters.

Authentication filters are new to MVC 5. Prior to that, authentication and authorization were accomplished together in the Authorization filters. MVC 5 has now separated these two concerns.

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Medium 9781936764419

Chapter 3: Structuring and Supporting Leadership Coaching

Marc Johnson Solution Tree Press ePub

The only real training for leadership is leadership.

—Anthony Jay

What is coaching? How do you coach? You can find a wide variety of answers to these questions. John Wooden says, “A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” A variety of online resources provide other views; take, for example, the online blog post “What Is Coaching? 10 Definitions,” which includes the following (as cited in karencwise, 2010):

1. “Unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” (Whitmore, 2003)

2. “A collaborative, solution-focused, results-oriented and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning, and personal growth of the coachee.” (Grant, 1999; basic definition also referred to by the Association for Coaching, 2005)

3. “A professional partnership between a qualified coach and an individual or team that support the achievement of extra-ordinary results, based on goals set by the individual or team.” (ICF, 2005)

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Medium 9781475811674

Turning Around Failing Schools: An Analysis

JOURNAL OF SCHOOL LEADERSHIP Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub


ABSTRACT: High-stakes testing and accountability implicate failing schools more frequently and more precisely than ever before. Consequently, efforts to turn around these schools have become paramount for educators, policy actors, and community members. Through a synthesis of research on failing schools, this article unpacks the constructs of school failure and turnaround. It also details causes of decline and crisis. Finally, it analyzes current educational strategies intended to turn failing schools into successful ones.

The concept of troubled schools is not new in American public education, but with the advent of and increase in high-stakes testing, the identification of failure and turnaround is become prominent in public education. Turnaround work in education is not without problems, however. Some of these issues are small or simply technical; others are considerably more serious, often throwing the field of educational turnaround work into question.

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Medium 9780856833656

Discussion of the First Letter, Written by Dion

Ficino Ficino Shepheard Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd ePub

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