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Medium 9781781608197

Edgar Degas (1834-1917)

Victoria Charles Parkstone International ePub
Medium 9781857548679

Copley Pond

Linda Chase Carcanet PDF

Copley Pond

You don’t know the streets of my town and even if you unfold the map fully, it’s impossible to know where the hills are.

Northern Boulevard, heading east toward Strathmore, climbs steadily up from Munsey Park, then down again toward Searingtown Road.

The churches are built on the crest of the hill, one rising on each corner above Copley Pond.

His was the Lutheran, hers, Congregational.

Beyond the playing field at school,

(west from Munsey Park and then north into Plandome) his was the oak and hers, the sugar maple.

In the sky, he adopted Orion’s belt, she took to her heart the Milky Way.

He had Bill Haley, she had Nat King Cole.

These divisions worked well.

Neither felt short changed.

On Sunday nights, pale pink in summer, almost black in winter, he and she held the crest of the hill between them, their steeples pegging the sky in place as Sundays floated past like giant green balloons.

(The churches are marked with crosses on the map.)

One Sunday night in fierce winds of early spring they began to walk toward one another.

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Medium 9780596806286

7 securing wordpress Locking things down

Jeff Siarto O'Reilly Media ePub

Not everyone on the Internet is nice.

It’s a fact of modern life on the Internet: there are people who spend their time trying to break into, or hack, other people’s websites. Some do it just for the thrill, others to cause chaos, and some are simply after sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personal information. Now, you’ll learn how to make your WordPress site more secure, with unique usernames, strong passwords, and more. You’ll also kick off automatic backups of all your WordPress files so you can restore your site if it ever does get hacked, or goes down for other reasons.

Just as Thanks for Mutton was starting to pick up steam, all the posts and pages are gone—including the podcasts. Luckily, we still have the video files in our Media Gallery, but the WordPress posts all show page not found errors.


One of the easiest ways to secure your WordPress blog or site is to use strong passwords–specifically, passwords that can’t easily be guessed and that don’t show up in dictionaries. Think about other ways someone might try to break into your site and cause damage. Is creating a secure password the only thing you can do? What about servers, commenters, and spam?

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Medium 9781550223743


Robert Sietsema ECW Press PDF



a similar mix at Flamingo East (219 Second Avenue, 533-2860) on

Sunday nights, hosted by a raconteur in an ill-fitting double-breasted suit who tells dirty jokes, though the entertainment is strictly PG 13 as far as I'm concerned. There's also Grindhouse Alternative

Burlesque on Tuesdays at Tonic (107 Norfolk Street, 358-7501).

These acts are likely to migrate to other bars over the course of time, so check listings in Secret Periodicals for these and other burlesque events.



The art of cabaret — small-scale entertainment in an intimate room, often involving just a singer and piano player doing show tunes — is alive and well in New York. Prime venues include Don't

Tell Mama (343 West 46th Street, 757-0788) in the Theater District, and the even smaller Eighty Eight's (228 West loth Street, 9240088) down in the Village. Both have a cover charge of about $10 and a two-drink minimum, so an evening out will set you back

$20 or so. There are also big-ticket rooms around town that feature name talent, like the indomitable Cafe Carlyle (35 East 76th Street,

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Medium 9781574412666

IV. Sinbad and the Silver Tooth

Vince Bell University of North Texas Press PDF


Sinbad and the Silver Tooth


t was Friday night and the witching hour was at hand. Townes Van Zandt was going to play at the Old Quarter.

I put on my singer’s uniform of anything-other-than-cowboy boots, tight-fitting jeans, and a working-class white shirt under a sports coat of some righteous non-color. And, of course, I packed along my bronze-string “cannon” 28 like an outsized ID card.

Townes was originally from Houston, and I had known him from other clubs. He was now living in Nashville, which made him extra famous at home, and everyone was buzzing about his return for this gig. The last time he teed it up at the OQ, he had recorded a doubleset album of his immortals that turned up in everyone’s record collection sooner or later. All my songwriter friends would be there. Now that I was sufficiently suited up, I was going to be there, too. I admired this man for displaying character in his simple but elevating work. I intended to embody the same in mine.

The Old Quarter was packed. I arrived just as Dale, the tall, slender, and tanned fellow who resembled a good-looking Groucho

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