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11. Common Storage Tasks

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Over the years, developers have built up a body of knowledge when it comes to interacting with data from storage systems. Developers know how to perform pagination, handle master-child relationships, conduct a full-text search, and perform several other tasks used in almost every website or service.

When switching to cloud storage services, it isnt immediately apparent how to do the same things. This chapter plugs that gap by walking you through the process of performing some common, day-to-day activities that you are probably extremely familiar with on a typical relational database management system (RDBMS).

Lets get something out of the way upfront. Windows Azure storage does not support full-text search out of the box. This section walks you through how you can build a trivial full-text search yourself to work around this limitation.

Imagine that youre implementing a search engine for your website. You could write some simple database queries to search your content. You might use the LIKE operator in SQL to do simple pattern matching against the search queries. However, youll soon find out that this breaks down even in simple searches.

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1. Introduction

Slice ePub December 11, 2014



Brand and talent

Your brand management and talent management approaches are two of the most powerful levers at your disposal in driving tangible, measurable improvement to the performance of your business.

Brand management helps ensure that people are aware of you, of what you can do for them and why they should consider and purchase from you. It gives you something clear to stand for and to steer by; it guides some of your biggest strategic decisions. Name something more important to a CEO than the reputation of his or her firm.

Talent management helps you make sure you get the right people aboard to help in the first place, and then create an environment where they can contribute more so that your organization can deliver on its promises. Name something more important to a CEO than the talent needed to deliver growth.

Chances are, they are both in the top five; for some, the top three, according to recent surveys by McKinsey, PWC and BCG. But the two are inextricably linked a fact that seems to be lost on many boards, CEOs and strategists today.

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Medium 9781576336168

"Q" Words: ASVAB Essential Vocabulary

Slice ePub June 26, 2014

Medium 9780596101589

6. Layers: The Heart of Elements

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

If you've been working mostly in the Quick Fix window so far, you've probably noticed that once you close your file, the changes you've made are permanent. You can undo actions while the file's still open, but once you close it, you're stuck with what you've done.

Well, in Elements, you can keep your changes and still revert to the original image if you use layers, a nifty system of transparent sheets that keep each element of your image on a separately editable sliver. Layers are one of the greatest image editing inventions ever. By putting each change you make on its own layer, you can constantly rearrange the composition of your image, or add and subtract changes whenever you want.

If you use layers, you can save your file and quit Elements, and then come back days or weeks later and still undo what you did or change things around some more. There's no statute of limitations for the changes you make when using layers.

Some people resist learning about layers because they fear they're too complicated. But they're actually very easy to use once you understand how they work. And once you get started with layers, you'll realize that using Elements without them is like driving a Ferrari in first gear. This chapter gives you the information you need to get comfortable working with layers.

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Medium 9780596510435

B. Dreamweaver CS3, Menu by Menu

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Dreamweaver CS3: The Missing Manual is quite complete; in its pages, you'll find descriptions of every major Dreamweaver function (and most minor ones). In the interests of completeness, however, here's a quick reference to every command in every menuand the answer to the occasional "What does that mean?" mystery.

The commands in the File menu control the open Dreamweaver document as a whole. They also include basic file functions like saving and quitting:

New. Opens the New Document window, which lets you select a new, blank document among many different types, from basic HTML pages to dynamic pages like ASP or PHP. This window also lets you access templates you've created for your site.

Open. Opens the standard Open File dialog box so you can choose an existing Dreamweaver document to open. You can set the Show pop-up menu to show only specific types of documentsonly HTML or style sheets, for example. The Preview button displays a thumbnail image of the document, if one's available.

Browse in Bridge. Bridge is Adobe's file manager program. It's like the Microsoft Explorer or Mac Finder. Bridge is a way to browse, find and open documents. It's part of Adobe's graphic heritage and works best with image filesin other words, Photoshop and Illustrator files, not Dreamweaver documents.

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