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Medium 9781883217129

Chapter 26 Probable Chord Functions

Music, SHER Sher Music ePub

Probable Chord Functions

Treat this whole chapter as a practice box. Don’t just read it—do it!

It’s one thing to carefully analyze a tune in the privacy of your own studio, then methodically improvise over it, play it in twelve keys, and memorize it. It’s quite another thing when someone places a new tune in front of you on the bandstand and you’re expected to respond immediately as if you’ve played the tune for years. You don’t have time to pull out a blank cosmic sheet or even a pencil, so you need to be able to grasp the essential structure of the tune as you play it. There is a way of doing this so that no one would guess that it’s your first time through the tune.

Here’s the approach in a nutshell: you view each chord through the lens of prior experience. Each chord type (major 7, minor 7, etc.) can serve several different functions, but those functions can be ordered according to a hierarchy of probabilities, from most probable to least probable. You begin by assuming that the chord is serving its most probable function, and you look for supporting evidence in the surrounding progression. If the evidence is lacking, you proceed to the second most probable function, and so on down the list until you’ve found a sensible explanation.

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Medium 9788324606344

9. Poszerz swoje zrozumienie Perla: Sposoby 84. – 101.

Conway, Damian Helion ePub

Kogo mona nazwa guru Perla? Czy osob, ktra programuje w Perlu od lat? Czy moe kogo, kto opublikowa ju w sieci CPAN kilkanacie moduw? Czy moe kogo, kto przygotowuje aty dla rdzenia Perla lub te wymieniony zosta w Przedmowie[39] do niniejszej ksiki?

By moe jednak do definicji guru lepiej pasuje kto, kto wie o czym, o czym wikszo ludzi nie ma pojcia. Prawdziwy guru to osoba, ktra potrafi wykorzysta t swoj unikaln wiedz w sposb najwaciwszy i najbardziej produktywny, rozwizujc zoony problem z niezwyk atwoci.

Czy chcecie zosta guru Perla? W tym rozdziale znajdziecie opisy rnych magicznych sztuczek, o ktrych istnieniu zapewne nawet nie marzylicie. Warto zapozna si z tymi sekretami, a nastpnie zastanowi si, w jakich sytuacjach mona zastosowa opisywane tu rozwizania. To wanie uczyni z Was guru Perla.

Dowiedz si, jak w pojedynczym skalarze przechowywa dwa razy wicej informacji

Niektre jzyki programowania s bardzo wraliwe na punkcie zawartoci zmiennych. Jeli dana zmienna jest acuchem, to nigdy nie moe zawiera nic innego ni acuch. Jeli zmienna jest liczb, zawsze zawiera bdzie tylko liczby w szczeglnoci liczby o cile okrelonym typie i rozmiarze.

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Medium 9780874254761

Chapter 5—Understanding Employment Laws and Regulations

Terry L. Fitzwater HRD Press PDF

5. Understanding Employment Laws and Regulations

How do you think you did with the answers? Let’s look at each definition and some of its sanctions, one at a time. We’ll examine the ones that most frequently affect the management process. Keep in mind that this is not meant to be an allencompassing review. Information on each of these regulations is available from government agencies listed in

Appendix II.


This legislation was passed in 1990 to protect the rights of the disabled. Generally, it affects all employers with 15 or more employees. The definition of disabled includes people with mental retardation, or developmental disability (e.g., cerebral palsy); those who have a speech or hearing impairment; or people who are HIV positive, paralyzed, wheelchair-dependent, or who have partial or total blindness.

Employers are required to (1) provide reasonable accommodation, (2) define the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform the job, (3) train those who work with people with disabilities in how to more a ptly assist and work with them,

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Medium 9780596007645

4. Namespaces

Elliotte Rusty Harold O'Reilly Media ePub

Namespaces have two purposes in XML:

To distinguish between elements and attributes from different vocabularies with different meanings that happen to share the same name

To group all the related elements and attributes from a single XML application together so that software can easily recognize them

The first purpose is easier to explain and grasp, but the second purpose is more important in practice.

Namespaces are implemented by attaching a prefix to each element and attribute. Each prefix is mapped to a URI by an xmlns:prefix attribute. Default URIs can also be provided for elements that don't have a prefix. Default namespaces are declared by xmlns attributes. Elements and attributes that are attached to the same URI are in the same namespace. Elements from many XML applications are identified by standard URIs.

In an XML 1.1 document, an Internationalized Resource Identifier (IRI) can be used instead of a URI. An IRI is just like a URI except it can contain non-ASCII characters such as and . In practice, parsers don't check that namespace names are legal URIs in XML 1.0, so the distinction is mostly academic.

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Medium 9781855757233

Chapter Nine: Looking for God in all the right places:Looking for God in all the right places: on developing an “adult” religious outlookon developing an “adult” religious outlook

Paul Marcus Karnac Books ePub

“If I want to fix my mind on what I mean by absolute or ethical value … one particular experience presents itself to me … I believe the best way of describing it is to say that when I have it I wonder at the existence of the world … It is the experience of seeing the world as a miracle”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

In a certain sense, we are all spiritual wanderers, that is, we are all on a journey of self-discovery in one form or another. For some, like Freud, such a journey leads to a mainly secular conclusion; for others, like Levinas, the voyage of self-discovery leads to a mainly religious outlook, though not necessarily one that is correlated with institutional religion or familiar notions of spirituality. That being said, the inner journey and its conclusion is usually not so straightforward, but has many swings and roundabouts. For example, although Freud was an atheist, he did acknowledge, especially as he got older, the positive value of monotheistic religion, Judaism in particular. According to Edmund-son, author of The Death of Sigmund Freud: The Legacy of His Last Days, Freud believed that

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