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Medium 9781847779793

The Women of Leh are such -

Sujata Bhatt Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

The Women of Leh are such for Jiirgen Dierking

The women of Leh are such that one night over there, some 3,600 metres high, not far from Tibet, where the Zanskar glitters all day, and at night, the stars, not to be outdone, seem to grow larger, let themselves sink down closer to the mountains - while the moon always disappears by midnight, cut off by the horizon , always on the other side of some huge rock - one night in that place I dreamt and I saw Gertrude Stein selling horseradishes and carrots. There was no mistaking those shoulders - but she fit in so well with her looking-straight-at-you eyes.

And yet, even the traditional

Ladakhi hat she wore could not disguise her face. She said jooley to my jooley with the others, all lined up along the main street she slapped the head of a hungry rowdily exploring dzo and I walked back, several times, back and forth, pretending I couldn't decide what to buy.

Then she turned aside to talk with the tomato seller, still keeping an eye on the dzo - it was hard to believe but there was no mistaking that poise.

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Medium 9780819883193

Chapter 2: The Silence of the Rose

Loi Leclerc Pauline Books and Media ePub

Chapter 2

The Silence of the Rose

Every region, every landscape has its color, which varies with the seasons: color of sea or forest, of orchards or meadows. In Brittany, in springtime, large clusters of gorse or broom blossom in banks and hedgerows. In the April sun the countryside blazes with patches of pure gold. Walking along footpaths plumed with blossom, you feel surrounded by a magical light that envelops and penetrates. You breathe it in. Even silence is the color of gold.

Then there are other days, slate-gray, wet days, with that fine, persistent drizzle called the crachin in Breton. Or others when howling gales rush in from the ocean, chasing heavy, low clouds over a silent, thoughtful land.

In the spring of 1856, “the weather was superb,” according to one who witnessed the very beginnings of the Little Sisters at La Tour:

Everything was beautiful in the valleys, on the hillsides, under the oaks and beeches of the avenues, by the pond, among those old gardens with the high arbors and tall yews repeating ancient legends, along the terraces planted with lime and pine trees, from where you overlooked the whole region. Everything, down to the ticktack of our mills, had a rural character. There were no roads other than the low tracks; in the hedged fields you lost your way, in the meadows you sank into mud.

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Medium 9781782201458

Chapter Twenty-One: Horses and other Animals: Some Background Obstacles to Female Creativity in Russia

Thomson-Salo, Frances Karnac Books ePub

Marina Arutyunyan

I am a horse, and I am a bull,
I am a woman, and I am a man

Russian folklore

Here I will explore how some aspects of Russian history and culture created or maintained a mix of contradictory attitudes and representations, which despite all conscious efforts at integration often result in representational splitting at societal and individual levels and for many women a masochistic character structure presents obstacles to their using their capacity for creativity freely. Using clinical vignettes from four women patients including dream material I hope to explore this. I will start with a brief sketch of the broader picture.

Some aspects of Russian history and culture in the twentieth century

The history of Russia is contained in overcoming its geography wrote the prominent Russian historian, Ivan Solonevitch (1991). The vast multiethnic empire embraced very different cultures, divided into European and Asian parts within an absolute monarchy and the supremacy of the Russian Orthodox church, a patriarchal state where Enlightenment ideals found their place, and the first free public schools, hospitals, and educational orphanages had been established as early as the eighteenth century. A country with one of the most progressive divorce and inheritance laws for wives and widows, and increasing chances for higher education for young women, with serfdom only abolished in the second half of the nineteenth century, it became no less confusing after the 1917 Great Russian Revolution and the gradual establishment of the despotic USSR communist regime. The decrees of the Revolutionary government in 1917, the 1918 constitution of Russian Federation and the 1924 constitution of the USSR gave everyone over eighteen years of age equal electoral rights, equal rights to work and leisure, to free education, freedom of religious choice, freedom of speech, and equality before the law. They guaranteed women equal rights with men in all spheres of civil life perhaps earlier than most of Europe. Quotas for female representation in all government and higher educational and other socially important structures were established to make equality possible. Paradoxical as this may seem, but logically indeed in a perverse “Orwellian” sense, one of the most democratic European constitutions was the 1936 Russian one, when Stalin's terror was already blossoming. It peaked in 1937: millions of people from the highest to the lowest rank were imprisoned, tortured, humiliated, starved to death or shot after a trial, which had been a mockery of justice.

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Medium 9781574412383

“Back in the Saddle Again: Riding the Chrome-moly Horse”

Kenneth L. Untiedt, editor University of North Texas Press PDF

220 Still Movin’ On, Any Way They Can have since ridden over 5,000 miles of Texas back roads and streets with thousands of others astride chrome-moly mounts. It was here that I first discovered that today’s cyclists are yesterday’s cowboys.

Hear me out before you protest.

As we near the end of this century in a society that now rewards conformity over individuality, individualists still find ways to retain their independence. At the turn of the century, many individualists found solitude in becoming cowboys. Others became explorers who set out on their horses to discover new territory.

Both found particular pleasure in sharing an intimacy with the land, its people, and the abundance of nature. Today’s fenced-in, paved-over environment inspires corporate farming and cattle raising. Ours is a place hostile to the horse and cowboy. I believe these same individualists have found the bicycle.

Now I’m going to give you some numbers. But I must warn you that the only accurate horseflesh numbers come from those compiled at the turn of the century. That’s when statisticians, and other authority types, considered the horse an agricultural commodity. Today horses are no longer considered an agricultural commodity. Horses are considered recreational. Therefore, no one keeps tabs on the overall number of horses or horseback riders.

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Medium 9780596527624

Share Files and Printers

David A. Karp O'Reilly Media PDF

Program Files

The Program Files and Common Files folders (shared by all users) are both defined in:


For Program Files, you’ll need to change both the ProgramFilesDir and ProgramFilesPath values; for Common Files, just change the

CommonFilesDir value.

When relocating system folders, keep in mind that there can be hundreds of references to them throughout the Registry, especially Program Files and Common Files. You’ll probably need to use a program like Registry Search and Replace (available at to easily get them all.

Share Files and Printers

There are so many things you can do with even a basic network; just a few of them are described in Chapter 7. But one of the best uses for the connection between the PCs in your office or home is to exchange data.

In Windows Vista, this is a two-step process. First, you share a folder on one

PC, and then someone on another PC reads or even modifies the files in that shared folder. Windows uses the user account system discussed throughout this chapter to protect your shared data from prying eyes, and the permission system to give you the power to determine exactly what others can and can’t do with your shared files.

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