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Medium 9781576751107

chapter 4 Teamwork vs. Socialwork

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

Heres yet another level in which goals and needs get confused. Its a category of goals we call social-work. Socialwork is a perversion of the need to affiliate. In it, affiliation breaks free from the team objective—it is just affiliating for the fun of affiliating.

In the Stone Age, socialwork was when one caveman kept interrupting stalking the woolly mammoth to do the woolly mammoth dance. This drove the other cavemen nuts, because everyone knows you kill the mammoth first, then do your impression of it later, around the fire.

A hundred thousand years later, teams are still afflicted, at every turn, with outbreaks of the mammoth dance.

All too often, the problem isnt just one class clown who cant stick to the task—its a major contingent of fun-lovers who kill the work ethic dead. Two people with lampshades on their heads can kill any serious enterprise.

The stated purpose for a team is to gather people together and collaborate on jointly accomplishing agreed-upon team outcomes; i.e., get things done together. The purpose of socialwork, on the other hand, is to get your personal needs for affiliation met by being involved in a group.

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Medium 9781593577810

APPENDIX: Internet Career Resources

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

The Internet has changed job search forever. Information that used to take days or even weeks to find can now be accessed in just minutes. It truly is a revolution.

However, the pace of development and the number of new Internet sites that emerge every day make it impossible to provide a comprehensive list of all Web sites related to employment, careers, and job search. The following list includes some of our favorite sites, some of the largest sites, and some of the best sites.

This list is by no means comprehensive. We strongly suggest that you devote the time necessary to conduct your own independent Web-based research as applicable to your specific job search campaign and career path.

These sites provide outstanding information on keywords and acronyms.

You’ll find thousands of current professional employment opportunities on these sites.

These outstanding resources can be a great help when you are researching specific companies.

The expert guidance at these sites will help you sharpen and strengthen your interviewing skills.

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Medium 9781904658566

20. Midword: A Summing-up-so-far

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

If a work can have a foreword and an afterword, then it can also have a ‘midword.’ Volume One brought us halfway through the voids. With the preceding story’s hints at interweaving life and lived magic in mind, our journey through these aethyrs will start to accelerate from hereon out. Now that we have a sense of some of the core principles underlying this work, we have made a shift to looking at how our lives themselves unfold — that is, magic. These interconnections, nets of meaning, defenses, and longings propel us through lives that are mostly out of our control, regardless of the illusions of agency into which we may buy. Deliberate, intentional magic, as opposed to the unwitting worship of our quotidian ziggurats of images, is an audacious act, a Promethean act, and, for some, even a Luciferian act. We must defy the popular trances of ‘how things work’ in order to gain awareness of what has always been hiding in plain sight — actually in the very act of seeing itself. Nevertheless, this liberation is neither a permanent switch nor an isolated choice.

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Medium 9780795317217

Chapter 5. The Rule of Learning Circuitry

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Making the move online can be challenging. But with the right resources, tools, and rules, you will be the spark that ignites your virtual training. We have provided a few action plans from the book that will help you in the transition from live to virtual training.

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Medium 9781936765386

Chapter 1 Empowering Students to Learn Scientific Practices

Slice ePub September 11, 2014

Think for a few minutes about all of the good teachers you’ve encountered in your lifetime. What qualities led you to put them in your best-teacher category? Look for the possible reasons in table 1.1, and check each statement that describes your best teachers. (Visit for a reproducible version of this table.)

Table 1.1: Characteristics of Your Best Teachers

These are some of the strengths that the best teachers have. As you can see, they interact with students, plan and implement purposeful instruction that motivates students, and are patient supporters offering additional instruction on the side to ensure that every student learns. Do you have these strengths?

As elementary school teachers, we are often very good at providing excellent purposeful instruction when we are teaching our students how to read and write.

Like most of your elementary school colleagues, you probably love to teach English language arts, and because of this, you’re wonderful at sharing ideas through picturewalks, think-alouds, and guided reading groups. During these times, you teach your students to read fluently, dig deeply into a piece of literature to analyze the traits of a character, make predictions based on the clues the author gives, identify the language devices the author uses to persuade, and finally use critical thinking to evaluate, synthesize, and summarize as they compare characters and ideas across texts.

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