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Medium 9788324615513

1. Zrozumieć Excela

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Pierwszy rozdzia ksiki zawiera wystarczajc ilo informacji przeznaczonych dla uytkownikw niemajcych zbyt duego dowiadczenia w pracy z Excelem 2007, by w krtkim czasie mogli oni zacz tworzy rozbudowane arkusze. Informacje tu zgromadzone mog rwnie posuy dowiadczonym uytkownikom, ktrzy nie mieli wystarczajco duo czasu, by szczegowo pozna moliwoci programu.

W tym rozdziale przedstawiono:

informacje o tym, co nowego w Excelu 2007,

interfejs Excela,

skoroszyty, obszar roboczy i pliki szablonw,

budow pliku Excela,


menu podrczne oraz minipasek narzdzi.

Po bardzo znaczcym przeskoku jakociowym midzy Excelem 95 i Excelem 97 kolejne wersje (Excel 2000, 2002 oraz 2003) wizay si ze stopniowymi usprawnieniami opartymi na tej samej podstawie. Na tym tle Excel 2007 jest kolejnym znaczcym krokiem w przd w porwnaniu z wersj 2003. Excel 2007 posiada zupenie nowy interfejs uytkownika (szerzej opisany w dalszej czci tego rozdziau), obsuguje znacznie wiksze arkusze, ma zupenie nowe mechanizmy formatowania i wiele innych zmian. W Tabela1-1 zebrane zostay najistotniejsze zmiany w programie Excel 2007.

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Medium 9781626562226

Introduction Pay It Forward The Purpose of This Book

Slice ePub July 04, 2014

The Purpose of This Book

We are products of our experiences. Two of mine have greatly influenced the views about governance expressed in this book. In both cases, I was there at the creation. The principals involved had high aspirations and a stewardship attitude toward governance. Results over more than two decades have been strong and positive.

My boss, Dean Gil Whitaker of the University of Michigan Business School, walked into my office in Ann Arbor with a guest. “Hi, I’m Paul Gordon,” he said with a deep voice and a big smile. “We have a little family business in Grand Rapids. I’m wondering if you could help us with governance and a few other things.”

Paul was a graduate of the school where I was a professor and associate dean. He was in his mid-sixties when we met. Paul had recently begun to think deeply about the long-term future of Gordon Food Service (GFS), the growing private company he headed with his brother, John. Gil thought I might be able to help Paul because I had just returned to the school after a six-year stint in the real world at Cummins, Inc., the diesel engine and power systems company in Columbus, Indiana.

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Medium 9781591201977

47. Safety Driven

Slice ePub January 13, 2014

Medium 9781780490946

CHAPTER FIVE: The revenge involved in diagnosing untreatability

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

“In the case of Reid, referred to the House of Lords, their Lordships took the view that whilst medical research and therapeutic innovation continues, it is difficult to say with confidence that any patient is truly untreatable or might not eventually benefit from care and treatment under medical supervision.”

—David Morgan re Reid v Secretary of State for Scotland (1999) 1 all ER 481, per Lord Hutton T 515

In this chapter it is postulated that all criminality involves revenge and that revenge by being intrinsically talionic (an eye for an eye) is dyadic in nature and the results often represent the antithesis of creativity. By extension, when considering the roots of those deemed untreatable, their propensity for acting-out scenarios tends, in consequence, to obliterate valuable reflection, not only in themselves but all around. Extensive experience suggests that neglect of essential history taking of each individual is the ubiquitous casualty of the obliteration of reflection. An individual’s history illuminates his particular pattern of revenge. A comparison will be considered between a male patient, with a high psychopathy rating, where anality features both in his index offence and in his object relations, and a female patient who poses problems in institutional care such that there is a highly infective charge of violent projective identification and concordant depression that mirrors her inner world. In different ways they have challenged a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings. Both have engendered powerful feelings, leading to the collapse, in those around them, of the capacity to reflect on that part of their unconscious processes that could understand what they are about, and formulate prescriptions for treatment. This chapter cements the progressive importance attributed to triangu-lation in thinking.

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Medium 9781591201991

10. The Anger Cure Program

Source: The Anger Cure
Slice ePub January 13, 2014

Peter was on disability from his job because of panic attacks, anger, and rage. He was a skilled artist and used this time to get commissions from corporations for the large paintings he liked to do. He smoked several packs of cigarettes, drank about 5 quarts of coffee each day, and was almost impossible to talk to. You never knew when he might flare up and launch an angry attack. Once he flew into a rage and had to be held back by three men.

We were all praying for his healing, and one night even he prayed for healing from cigarettes. He woke up the next morning with no desire to smoke at all. Then he gave up coffee after much insisting and cajoling from me. A few weeks later he started to eat breakfast. He was a completely changed man. No more angry shouting. No more flying into a rage. We were no longer afraid of him and what he might do if he got upset. He couldn’t get his doctors to believe that giving up coffee and cigarettes and eating breakfast had healed his anger, rage, and panic attacks, but we all knew it was the first step in his healing.

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