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Medium 9781855758889

Chapter Nine: The case for integration

Tim Dartington Karnac Books ePub

I know the joy of fishes in the river

Through my own joy, as I go walking along the same river.

Chuang Tzu

This account in the preceding chapters of the interaction of care systems has reached a depressing stage with the description of conflict and mutual lack of understanding. But as this is an account of fragmentation and integration as countervailing pressures in health care and as we now get to discuss integration, we have come to the crisis point, where we can look for signs that there could be a better outcome.

The various systems of hospital and community have tasks within an overall common objective of health care. Liaison and communication are ways of relating between systems. They also become urgent and necessary when there is any discordance between systems. We are talking here, though, of the integration of tasks so that what the family does fits with what the hospital does, and the social services area team, and so on. We have seen that care systems tend to be consecutive in their operation, and this reduces the overlap of accountability that goes with concurrent activity. The consequence, moreover, may be the development of whole areas where no one wants to be responsible. Integration involves the taking back by different care systems of those parts in themselves that have been fragmented and projected outwards as being the responsibility of others.

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Medium 9781593576691

Chapter 7: Marketing, Brand Management, Product Management, and Business Development Resumes

Louise Kursmark JIST Publishing ePub

Marketing is more of a big-picture profession than sales, so these resumes must show strategic contributions to the overall success of the company’s brands, products, or services. In some cases the individual evolved into a marketing role after an early career in sales. Therefore, although the sales achievements are important, they must not overshadow the marketing activities and accomplishments, which often are more subtle than a direct increase in sales revenue.


After taking time off to complete her MBA, Roxanne positioned herself to return to a marketing and product management role in the consumer packaged goods industry.


Resume contributed by Jan Melnik, MRW

The brief paragraph describing Atlas’s turnaround and growth prospects provides a powerful context for Brian’s contributions to that success story.


A downsizing initiative with a lucrative buyout gave Alecia the time and financial security to pursue a job search in her native New England. Her strong educational credentials are placed up front in a brief format.

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Medium 9781780490946

CHAPTER EIGHT: In defence of the realm … of emotion

Peter Aylward Karnac Books ePub


This chapter explores the defences and identification processes used by a man during the homicide of a woman (a close friend) and her two young children, which enabled him to protect himself from an awareness of his feelings in relation to original family members, whom they represented. The patient was seen both during an extended assessment and subsequently for treatment following a specific request from his Responsible Clinician (RC), given that his defences continued to challenge not only the treating team but also the holding institution. He placed powerful demands on all clinicians to collude with his defences to the point where at times he was experienced as if he was a member of staff and not a patient. This was understood to represent an acute level of denial (from psychic pain) with a manic defence that ultimately protected him from his own vulnerability and early experience.

In 2009, after spending twenty years in a high-secure hospital, he was geographically relocated to another high-secure hospital following a national reorganisation. His new treating team sought a psychodynamic assessment on the complex aetiology behind his homicidal offending and to explore any dynamic factors linking his history to his ward/ hospital behaviour and his index offence. The assessment had been prompted following a mental health tribunal who were seeking further explanations to his index offence. I met with him for seven assessment sessions, and also felt it to be vitally important to meet with his nearest relative, his sister, so that I could accurately triangulate the history provided by the patient with another family member.

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Medium 9781885635204


Kevin Goodan Center for Literary Publishing ePub

Once, through my town, there were rivers.

Thin trees rippled along the spillways.

Morning pierced our breath. Two doves

On the rail bobbing their heads. I am,

My ghost, alone. I stand where there is

No water, thinking water. The laws of nature

Determine all the grief one eye can hold.

Thistles were his winding sheet, my father.

Did he go smooth and gentle? You bum,

What cruder diction than loss?

Though the great pine shove

Taproots down and call the black dirt

Home, though rivers still run,

Though sickly, though this town is not my town,

I wander. Our saws are sharp and never idle long

And through the day we feed the fires

And transform the field-jumble into lines.

Far faces bleared by fire, who are you

That the bright mares of language stride forth

Their flames? I am never more than this.

A green mind in a green world,

And yet the kingdoms that come to my ear.

I look out and know my place.

I, because of love.

In this, there is no recourse.

In this I am humble.

If seeds be language, let them gather.

Let them take these words.

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Medium 9780596527570

A. C# Keywords

Joseph Albahari O'Reilly Media ePub

A class modifier that specifies a class cannot be instantiated and the full implementation will be provided by a subclass.

A method modifier that specifies a method is implicitly virtual and without an implementation.

An event accessor for customizing the subscription to an event.

Suffixes an extern directive.

A binary operator that casts the left operand to the type specified by the right operand and returns null rather than throwing an exception if the cast fails.

A query comprehension operator used in conjunction with orderby.

A variable with the same meaning as this, except that it accesses a base-class implementation of a member.

A logical datatype that can be true or false.

A jump statement that exits a loop or switch statement block.

A query comprehension operator used in conjunction with group.

A one-byte, unsigned integral data type.

A selection statement that defines a particular choice in a switch statement.

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