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Paul Cézanne (1839-1906)

Victoria Charles Parkstone International PDF
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5. Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Aging, and Mental Decline

Tweed, Vera Basic Health Publications ePub

In 2002, a group of rats in Northern California grabbed media attention around the world. These old rats got up and did the Macarena, was one of the most quoted statements about the animals, who were not in a circus but in a research laboratory.

The statement came from Bruce Ames, Ph.D., lead researcher in a series of studies that broke new ground in the subject of aging. Ames and his colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley and the Childrens Hospital Oakland Research Institute discovered that a combination of two nutritional supplementsacetyl-L-carnitine, a specific form of L-carnitine, and alpha-lipoic acidenabled old rats to function like their much younger peers.

Tory Hagan, Ph.D., who worked on the research with Ames, summed up their findings this way: We significantly reversed the decline in overall activity typical of aged rats to what you see in a middle-aged to young adult rat seven to 10 months of age. This is equivalent to making a 75 to 80-year-old person act middle-aged.

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Dr. B.C. Punmia ; Ashok Kr. Jain, Arun Kr. Jain Laxmi Publications PDF







There are various methods of making linear measurements and their relative merit depends upon the degree of precision required.

They can be mainly divided into three heads :

1. Direct measurements.

2. Measurements by optical means.

3. Electro-magnetic methods.

In the case of direct measurements, distances are actually measured on the ground with help of a chain or a tape or any other instrument. In the optical methods, observations are taken through a telescope and calculations are done for the distances, such as in tacheometry or triangulation. In the electro-magnetic methods, distances are measured with instruments that rely on propagation, reflection and subsequent reception of either radio waves, light waves or infrared waves.

For measurement of distances by optical means, refer chapter 22 on ‘Tacheometric Surveying’.

For measurement of distances by electro-magnetic methods, refer chapter 24 on ‘Electro-magnetic

Distance Measurement (EDM)’.


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8. A theory of internal object relations

Anne-Marie Sandler Karnac Books ePub


In the previous chapters a number of ideas relating to the development of object relationships were considered, with special reference to the role of feeling states in that development. It was pointed out that the term “object relationship” has a variety of meanings, and that there is a need to face the task of integrating the theory of object relationships into the intrapsychic psychology of psychoanalysis. The notion of an object relationship as the energic investment of an object was criticized, and it was emphasized that the relationship between two people frequently involved an interchange of very subtle and complicated cues. Each partner in the relationship can be regarded as having, at any one time, a particular role for the other, pressures being placed on the other in order to obtain a particular type of response.

This chapter gives an account of our attempt to come to terms with the concept of internal object relations and to find a place for it within acceptable psychoanalytic theory. We have put forward the view that the internal object can be regarded as a structure outside the realm of conscious or unconscious subjective experience, a structure built up during the individual’s development and strongly influenced by the child’s subjective perceptions and phantasies. The internal objects, in turn, influence perception, thought, phantasy, current object relations, transference, and many other aspects of experience and behaviour. In the work of analysis, the concepts of internal object and internal object relation act as useful organizing constructs for both analyst and patient.

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Chapter Eight Artistic Outputs in Business

Stan Davis Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

In business, some desired outcomes are more appropriately described as artistic than economic. The four we discuss all have a dual nature, embracing and blending seeming opposites. Beauty gets its power from being simultaneously stimulating and calming. Excitement is most compelling when we get safe thrills. Enjoyment comes, paradoxically, from finding freshness in a familiar context. And meaning is strongest when we manage to personalize what’s universal. In each case, the outcome’s duality enhances its power.

In this chapter we will look at outputs of artistic processes and how they enhance the value of economic goods and services. Seeing how their strength comes from the dualities underlying them, you will be in a better position to understand people’s deep desires and satisfy their emotional needs. Employing these artistic outputs, you will have powerful tools for business, work, and life.

Great works of art naturally fulfill our desires for beauty, excitement, enjoyment, and meaning. These same artistic outputs can enhance the value even of ordinary products and services as much as economic outputs can. Their contribution should not be minimized, ignored, or overlooked, even when the object evoking these qualities is commonplace or utilitarian.

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