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Medium 9781565924888

Chapter 33. The javax.swing.text.rtf Package

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Medium 9780819816320

XXXV Christ: Man in Love

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The part that the pain and privations of His body played in our redemption we know and meditate often: the poverty, the toil, the fasting, the crucifixion.

We think less often of the joy that should be ours through Christ’s body.

It was the Word that was made flesh. Not only did He take our sorrows to Himself, but He gave the delight, the happiness that He is, to our humanness.

No man ever enjoyed life as He did. He gathered up the color, sound, touch, meaning of everything about Him and united it all to the most exquisite sensitiveness, the most pure capacity for delight.

Most people know the sheer wonder that goes with falling in love, how not only does everything in heaven and earth become new, but the lover himself becomes new.

. . . Christ on earth was a Man in love.

His love gave life to all loves. He was Love itself. He infused life with all the grace of its outward and inward joyfulness, with all its poetry and song, with all gaiety and laughter and grace.

With His body He united Himself to the world.

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Cool Stunts

Source: Superbikes
Slice PDF May 13, 2014

Medium 9781556501685

Lago d'Iseo

Slice ePub July 17, 2014

This is Italy's largest lake, perenially popular, and a great place for watersports and family holidays. This is the one lake that seems both Alpine and Mediterranean. The northern reaches of the lake are quite mountainous, with rugged cliffs. The south, where the lake fans out into the Lombardian plain, is altogether softer, with more Mediterranean flora. Lake Garda was originally called Lake Benacus, a name of Celtic origin. In 268 AD, the Emperor Claudius confronted the Alamanni at the Battle of Lake Benacus. The Alamanni were routed, forced back into Germany, and did not threaten Roman territory for many years afterwards.

There are a number of beautiful lakeside towns, and lots of strolling or sitting in lakeside cafs to be done. The beautiful city of Verona is a short drive away. If you're traveling with kids, (or even without) Gardaland, Italy's largest theme park makes for a fun day out.


Garda was formed more than 10,000 years ago by a glacier, which, having thrust its way south into the Lombardy plain, receded, leaving the lake. More than 30 miles long, its maximum width is 10 miles, its circumference 100 miles. The maximum depth is 1,135 ft, though 488 ft of that is a moraine deposit (moraine is the name given to the rocks and soil deposited by a glacier). The lake extends over three provinces: Verona, to the southeast, Brescia to the southwest and Trento in the north.

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Chapter 12 Putting Plans and Teams in Action

Slice PDF January 22, 2015
Some parts of your preparedness program may be relatively quick and easy to put forward. For instance, instructions for building evacuation procedures can be communicated to and exercised by your workforce in a short time.
Still, overall, it will take a little more time to put your comprehensive and integrated plans and teams in place.

Like the members of a professional sports team, it takes a while to come up with a strategic game plan. Then the players must work together to understand how best to make use of individual and team strengths. This result takes planning, selecting the right team members with diverse skills and strengths, training the individuals and team, and then engaging in sufficient team practices until they develop a smooth, organized, and integrated flow. The process is the same, whether it’s a winning sports team or an effective crisis management organization. Putting your preparedness plan in action means executing a series of distinct steps.See more

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