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Medium 9781855753747

CHAPTER TEN: “Experts in mothercraft”

Slice ePub May 24, 2014
<p>Mary Crotty’s “Communication to the Editors” in the final issue of <i>The British Journal of Psychiatric Social Work</i> has given me a welcome opportunity to make some further comments on the controversial topics she has raised.</p><p>She discusses the concept of the “good mother” and she also speaks of the function of the “expert in mothercraft”. This has led me to consider some of the many roles played by the numerous experts who commonly influence the life of mother and child. I suppose most of us would agree that a “good” mother needs to be sufficiently at one with herself to resist the temptation of moulding her child to some pattern unconsciously necessary to her. Hence a “good” mother will not be likely to stifle the child by applying to him preconceived axioms of upbringing and routine which are not appropriate to him. I agree, then, that this implies the opposite of a rigid set of universally applicable rules such as Mary Crotty deplores in some child-guidance work. On the contrary, the small, intense, but ever-widening world of mother and child should be individual and unique to them.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/245314-the-half-alive-ones-clinical-papers-on-analytical-psychology-in-a-changing-world">See more</a>

Medium 9781934009369

5 Demonstrating Reciprocal Accountability in a Professional Learning Community

Slice ePub September 10, 2014
<p>Imagine that as principal you have been successful in implementing each step on the PLC journey that we have identified thus far. You have established a guiding coalition and built shared knowledge with your staff on the current reality of your school. You have clarified the rationale for implementing the PLC process. Staff members have articulated the mission and vision of their school, have made collective commitments to align their behavior and practices with that vision, and have established SMART goals to monitor their progress on the PLC journey. You have helped to clarify the work that must serve as the very heart of their collaborative efforts and have created structures to support the PLC process. A solid foundation is in place. What could go wrong? A lot! Effective principals do more than hope teams will focus on the right work and succeed in the PLC process. They monitor the work, intervene when teams struggle, and coordinate the efforts of the guiding coalition to ensure teams are provided with the support they need to be successful in the process.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/243174-the-collaborative-teacher-working-together-as-a-professional-learning-community">See more</a>

Medium 9780987332141

4. Setting up to Go Live

Slice ePub March 02, 2015
<p>In the last chapter, we created a <code>Song</code> model and database table to store the songs in. We also created a web front end for creating, reading, editing, and deleting them.</p><p>In this chapter, we’ll look at the different settings that are available in Sinatra and learn how to configure an application. We’ll also address using sessions and discover how they can be employed to create a simple login system. Later, we’ll cover deploying our application live on the Internet using the Heroku service.</p><p>Any configuration options for a Sinatra application can be set in a <code>configure</code> block:</p><p>Code inside this block is run only once at startup. You can have as many <code>configure</code> blocks as you like in a Sinatra app and they can be placed at any point in the code, but the accepted convention is to use one block and place it near the start of a file.</p><p>An example of configuration being used in our application is with the database settings. Find the following line in song.rb:</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/823379-jump-start-sinatra">See more</a>

Medium 9781601322470

Session - Expert Systems for Intelligent Automation Purposes in Power Systems

Slice PDF December 10, 2014

Medium 9781855754942

Brainpower: Understanding Gifted Children

Slice ePub May 22, 2014
<p>Club enhances children's lives in many ways, perhaps mostly by encouraging them to be themselves, to develop their own particular gifts and skills, and valuing them for both. So I was surprised at the anxiety level in a staff support group as ten year old Tara was being discussed. </p><p>Tara was joining club the next day. “<i>She's gifted—a bit of a brain box,</i>“ said one worker with a nervous smile. Tara's teachers and parents were concerned that she was isolated from her peer group at school; she had no particular friend and the other children certainly regarded her as odd. The hope was that after school club would help her to socialise. Helping children to socialise is the essence of a playworker's work, so why were the staff anxious? </p><p>“<i>Well, can we meet her need</i>s?” commented one, provoking a torrent of worries to pour out. “<i>It's difficult to know how to plan for her,</i>“ summed up another. When I asked what would be different if they had known only that Tara needed help to socialise and not that she was gifted, everyone immediately relaxed, feeling that in such a case there would be no problem. </p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/225046-a-playworker-s-guide-to-understanding-children-s-behaviour-working-with-the-8-12-age-group">See more</a>

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