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Medium 9780253016881

Deanne Stovers

Michael Martone Break Away Book Club Edition ePub

Deanne Stovers

Wayne is a good man. I’m lucky to get him. People keep telling me those things, as if I need reminding. He took care of his troubled sister from the time he was nineteen years old, tracking her more than once to the houses where she was shooting up and taking her back home. Wayne’s youth was sacrificed on the altar of that girl. I should be grateful that a man like that wants to marry me now, when the skin under my eyes is showing lines and the legs that used to look slim and good in shorts now just look like stalks. I am grateful. But shouldn’t a man have wanted a little more out of his life? Shouldn’t a man have taken some time off from his mess of a sister once in a while, going out to the quarry with a few guns and friends who’ve been drinking? He took care of her to the day she died, and after. He was the one to wash her body for the funeral. People talked.

This is exactly why I need to wear a white dress, even if white makes me look little and washed out. Mama said I could pass for a used cotton ball. She thinks I should have a pink wedding gown. She thinks I look good in pink, which is true, but she forgets that white means something. I’m not talking about how I’ve had other boyfriends. Everybody in town knows that. White means respect for the tradition, and I’m trying to get this right.

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Medium 9781847770998

My Longings

John Gallas Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9780596522926

6. Images

David Sawyer McFarland O'Reilly Media ePub

Nobody believes that a picture is worth a thousand words more than today's Web designers, as evidenced by the highly visual nature of the Internet. In fact, it's not difficult these days to stumble onto a home page composed almost entirely of graphics, as you can see in Figure6-1.

Even if you don't want to go that far, understanding how to use graphics effectively is invaluable. Whether you want to plop a simple photo onto your page, cover it with clickable "hotspots," or design an interactive set of buttons that light up when the cursor passes over them, Dreamweaver makes the job easy.

If you were writing out the HTML instructions for your Web page by hand, you'd insert an image into a Web page using the image tag: <img>. For example, the HTML snippet <img src="images/george.jpg"> tells a browser to display a graphic file named george.jpg, which you can find in the images folder. (An image tag's primary property is called the source [src] property; it indicates the URL or path to the graphics file.)

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Medium 9781855754935

4: Life in Israel 1988–2004: associations, thoughts and reflections on Social Dreaming

W Gordon Lawrence Karnac Books ePub

Verred Amitzi

For me, the magic of Social Dreaming Matrix is the same exciting and thrilling magic I found in Charlotte Beradt's collection of dreams from the Third Reich period (Beradt, 1968). The challenge is daring to look at dreams, finding something new, even forecasting the future from a present perspective.

There is a great fascination in the dialogue with and between dreams and associations. Reality is intensely coloured, hidden parts of the mosaic of life interconnect, understandings and insights emerge and enlighten us. We are dealing with a link between dream sleep and wakefulness, of cause and effect.

The possibility of deciphering contents and messages from the unconscious layer in dreams and transferring them to the conscious is both nourishing to our way of thinking and critical for our actions.

Yet forecasting, like prophecy, is always uncertain, as the famous proverb claims: “Since the Holy Temple was ruined, prophecy has been given to the fools”. And who wants to be a fool? Furthermore, we are all acquainted with the phenomenon of a “self-fulfilling prophecy”, as we are all “guilty” of projecting our emotions and beliefs on the world around us. We impose our expectations on our environment, and then interpret “reality” accordingly.

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Medium 9780596004811

A.3. Sybase Adaptive Server SQL Functions

Kevin Kline O'Reilly Media ePub

This section compares the functions provided by Sybase and SQL Server. Table A-3 provides a list of the functions supported by Sybase as well as how those functions differ on SQL Server. Only functions with differences between the two platforms have been listed.

TableA-3.Sybase Adaptive Server-supported functions

Sybase function

SQL Server function


To retrieve the application name on Sybase, use the following SQL statement:

select program_name

from master..sysprocesses

where spid = @@spid


Returns application name for current session; set by application.


BINARY_CHECKSUM({* | expression [,...]})

Returns binary checksum for list of expressions or row of a table.


CAST(expression AS datatype)

Converts a valid SQL Server expression to the specified datatype. On Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, use the CONVERT function instead.



Returns the number of characters in the expression. On SQL Server, the LEN function provides equivalent functionality.

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