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Medium 9781740595377

Orkney Islands

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

     Includes »


     West Mainland

     Heart of Neolithic Orkney


     East Mainland to South Ronaldsay

     South Ronaldsay

     South Isles


     South Walls

     North Isles



     Walking in the Orkney Islands

There’s a magic to the Orkney Islands that you begin to feel as soon as the Scottish mainland slips astern. Only a few short miles of ocean separate Stromness from Scrabster, but the Pentland Firth is one of Europe’s most dangerous waterways, a graveyard of ships that adds an extra mystique to these islands shimmering in the sea mists.

An archipelago of mostly flat, green-topped islands stripped bare of trees by Atlantic gales and ringed with red sandstone cliffs, its heritage dates back to the Vikings – it’s recorded in the Orkneyinga Saga – whose influence is still strong today. Famed for its ancient standing stones and prehistoric villages, for sublime sandy beaches and spectacular coastal scenery, this is a region whose ports tell of lives shared with the blessings and rough moods of the sea, and a destination where seekers can find melancholy wrecks of warships and the salty clamour of remote seabird colonies.

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Medium 9780953710515

“Climbing the walls”: therapeutic intervention for post-partum disturbance

Karnac Books ePub

“I'm climbing the walls!” cries a new mother on my couch. “Feel I'm drowning-everything's closing in on me inside. I've reached rock-bottom ... don't know how to survive this. For a moment I seem to be climbing out, then fall back exhausted...”

If postnatal distress feels like a bottomless pit of despondency into which a new parent is cast, “climbing the walls” is both an expression of defeatist futility and a desperate attempt to rescue oneself from drowning in powerful residues. We see a mother tending her baby but internally she is being engulfed by what is “closing in” inside -unprocessed, acute moments with her own, fallible, early caregivers, now revitalised in the demanding arena of babycare. Perinatal psychotherapy offers a lifeline for the distressed expectant/new parent to cling to while making sense of the intense emotional experience. The baby's welfare is crucial as, even with help, it can take many months of painstaking effort, with occasional frightening slippages and sudden backslides, threats of flooding and “going under”, before, released from its grip, they climb up out of the dark psychic depth.

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Medium 9781847770912

Rainbow Ribbons 1980

Peter McDonald Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781908691651

Chapter 34 Client List

Mark Perl M-Y Books Ltd ePub

In the procurement of services or products, all of us must make reasoned calculations on the trustworthiness and effectiveness of other individuals. People often look for a common identity and tend to trust more immediately when a long-term reputation has been established.

To this end, I have gathered a list of clients at Kintish who have benefitted from our Business Networking Skills, Hosting Skills, and / or LinkedIn training since 2000. Without doubt, you will recognise some of the names, from your own sector, who have already enjoyed our services.

Please contact me via or via LinkedIn if you would like to discuss how I may similarly help your organisation.


Armstrong Watson

Bentley Jennison





Dodd & Co.


Ernst &Young

Forrester Boyd




Saffery Champness

Simpkins Edwards

Springfords LLP

Windsor Stebbing Marsh

Saint & Co.


Addleshaw Goddard


Barlow Robbins

Blake Lapthorn

Butcher & Barlow

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Medium 9781847770981


Peter McDonald Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

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