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Medium 9781934989128

Where There is Attention, Reality Is

J Krishnamurti Krishnamurti Foundation America ePub
Medium 9781936764280

Part I: Overview of Key Ideas and Details

Elaine K. McEwan-Adkins Solution Tree Press ePub


Overview of Key Ideas and Details

The Common Core State Standards demand, they do not request, that the building of knowledge through reading text plays a fundamental role in [all] disciplines.

COLEMAN (2011)

Part I presents a set of literacy strategies designed to help your students meet the standards found in the first section of the Common Core College and Career Anchor Standards for Reading titled Key Ideas and Details. It is one of four broad categories set forth in the CCR Anchor Standards for Reading to describe the critical skills of reading comprehension that independent and highly proficient readers use during the reading of complex informational literary and informational texts. This first section of the CCR Anchor Standards for Reading contains more strategies than the remaining three categories combined. The reason for this seeming imbalance is that each of the CCR Anchor Standards in Key Ideas and Details contains several foundational reading skills. This necessitates teasing out each of these more discrete skills before we reassemble and apply them in later more complex standards and strategies.

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Medium 9781615424481

Customize Mail

Joe Kissell TidBITS Publishing, Inc. ePub

Mail isn’t the fanciest or most powerful email client for the Mac, and many people have dismissed it as being too unsophisticated for email power users. I agree with that sentiment to a point—in its default configuration, Mail isn’t a fantastic email program. However, you can customize Mail in many ways, including by adding plug-ins that both dramatically increase its capabilities and modify standard behaviors to become much more useful. The result is that with a bit of effort, you can turn a so-so email client into a deluxe and highly optimized tool.

In this chapter, I acquaint you with some of the most important ways to customize Mail. I don’t list every single option, nor do I go into tremendous detail about each one, but I do want to make sure you’re aware of what so many Mail users aren’t—you don’t have to live with the stock version of Mail, and you can improve your enjoyment of the app a great deal with a bit of grooming.

The sidebar is the area on the left of Mail’s main window that contains all your mailboxes. Don’t see it? Choose View > Show Mailbox List. Prefer to keep it hidden? Choose View > Hide Mailbox List. (Apple seems to think Mail is easier to use when the sidebar is hidden, but at least for most people with multiple accounts or more than a few mailboxes, the sidebar is indispensable.)

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Medium 9781601322364

Performance Tradeoff Spectrum of Integer and Floating Point Applications Kernels on Various GPUs

Hamid R. Arabnia, Leonidas Deligiannidis, Ashu M. G. Solo, Fernando G. Tinetti CSREA Press PDF

Int'l Conf. Computer Design | CDES'13 |


Performance Tradeoff Spectrum of Integer and Floating Point

Applications Kernels on Various GPUs

M.G.B. Johnson, D. P. Playne and K.A. Hawick

Computer Science, Massey University, North Shore 102-904, Auckland, New Zealand email: {m.johnson, d.p.playne, k.a.hawick}

Tel: +64 9 414 0800 Fax: +64 9 441 8181

April 2013


Floating point precision and performance and the ratio of floating point units to integer processing elements on a graphics processing unit accelerator all continue to present complex tradeoffs for optimising core utilisation on modern devices. We investigate various hybrid CPU and GPU combinations using a range of different GPU models occupying different points in this tradeoff space. We analyse some performance data for a range of numerical simulation kernels and discuss their use as benchmark problems for characterising such devices.


MIPS vs FLOPS; computational performance; accelerator; benchmark; GPU.



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Medium 9781855754652

2. Ethnopsychiatry, visions of the world, and medical paradigms

Natale Losi Karnac Books ePub

In Italy and in other Western countries, ethnopsychiatry was defined in the past as that part of popular medicine1 concerned with interpreting and treating nervous and psychological disturbances and what was considered abnormal behaviour (Di Nola, 1981, p. 9). In ethnopsychiatry so defined, such disturbances were perceived and interpreted from the point of view of subjugated or marginal cultures, outside the nosological categories of erudite psychiatry and its diagnostic and therapeutic system.

In this approach, which was subsequently put aside and forgotten, the analyses of psychological malaise in subjugated classes took into account not only the ethnolinguistic dimension but the structural and social dimension, which meant speaking of an opposition between subjugated classes and ruling classes. With the arrival and progressive expansion of industrial and post-industrial society, and therefore the cultural hegemony of the paradigm of modernization, ethnopsychiatry has ceased to look within its own culture in transformation, choosing instead to orient itself towards geographically “other” cultures. In this way, it confines itself once and for all, almost as if within “our” society otherness had suddenly vanished, leaving a field that is modernized and homogenous.

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