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Medium 9781936763504


Toncheff, Mona Solution Tree Press ePub

You have high impact on the front lines as you snag children in the river of life.

—Tracy Kidder

Your work as a high school mathematics teacher is one of the most important, and at the same time, one of the most difficult jobs to do well in education. Since the release of our 2012 Solution Tree Press series Common Core Mathematics in a PLC at Work, our authors, reviewers, school leaders, and consultants from the Mathematics at Work team have had the opportunity to work with thousands of high school teachers and teacher teams from across the United States who are just like you: educators trying to urgently and consistently seek deeper and more meaningful solutions to a sustained effort for meeting the challenge of improved student learning. From California to Virginia, Utah to Florida, Oregon to New York, Wisconsin to Texas, and beyond, we have discovered a thirst for implementation of K–12 mathematics programs that will sustain student success over time. This focus on high school is a significant component of the K–12 effort toward improved student learning and preparation for college and career.

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Medium 9781574412635

17. Back to the Southwest

Edited and Annotated by Charles M. Robinson III University of North Texas Press PDF

Chapter 17

Back to the Southwest


pril 8th. The U.S. Railway Mail Agent invited me to enter his car and examine its workings. I was much interested. The

Railway Mail system has been methodized, almost to perfection since 1870 and has done wonders in expediting the transmission of letters and postal packages across the country.

We reached Cheyenne on time to catch the Denver Pacific train.

We pulled out in a severe gust, but this did not last long and did us no damage. The Denver Pacific runs along much more level line of country than that followed by the parallel line,—the Colorado Central. It is of the Denver Pacific that the story is told in R-R. circles that Jay Gould, having first quietly gobbled up the Kansas Pacific, the Colorado Central and the Union Pacific, thus cutting it off from all, except local, traffic, telegraphed to the Dutch share-holders in

Amsterdam to know whether or not they would sell. An affirmative reply was cabled and Gould started for Europe. He reached Amsterdam on time and met the shareholders as agreed upon. The price for which they were willing to sell was $1.350.000; “All right”, said

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Medium 9781449322854

1. Complete Blindness

Katie Cunningham O'Reilly Media ePub

Since the Internet is a visual medium, it should come as no surprise that most of the efforts of making a website accessible fall under visual accessibility. This group has a variety of alternate ways to access web pages; they might use a screen reader that reads the content of a page back to them. They might override the default styling on a website, allowing them to use colors that are higher contrast or fonts that are easier to read. They might change the scale of a website, increasing the font size until its legible.

The blind are particularly impacted by an inaccessible web. A page might be structured in a way thats nonsensical if a user is using a screen reader. They might miss out on vital information in a graph or image. They might have to sit through listening to the navigation with every page load.

The goal of this section is to create a website that is accessible to a screen reader. A user should not lose any content or function simply because of the tool they are using.

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Medium 9781615424221

Store an Extra Backup Offsite

Joe Kissell TidBITS Publishing, Inc. ePub

No matter how many backups you have or how often you update them, they do you no good if they disappear along with your computeras they likely will in the case of theft, fire, or any other serious disaster. I urge everyone to take the precautionary step of keeping a second copy of their backups safely away from their computerpreferably in another building altogether. You can do this with a second hard driveor, more easily and economically, with an Internet backup service.

If you purchase two or more hard drives, you can set each of them up the same way; then, back up to one drive for a week, switch to the other one, and take the first offsite. Repeat this rotation every week or so, and youll be safe in the knowledge that if you lose your first backup, a second one is still available thats no more than a week out of date.

Although you can use this process with just two drives, having three is more convenient (although, of course, more expensive). At any time, youll have one drive (A) in use, your next-most-recent one (B) onsite, and your oldest one (C) offsite. When you rotate the drives, you bring your oldest one (C) back onsite and make it active, while taking what has now become the oldest drive (B) offsiteand so on.

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Medium 9780253007278

7 Literature and Reality

Gerald Sorin Indiana University Press ePub

A prisoner of his own ambition and of his unwavering loyalty to Communist orthodoxy, Fast on June 7, 1950, became a prisoner of the state. The U.S. Supreme Court, on May 29 had dashed Fast’s last chance at reprieve by denying for a second time in two years a review of his appeal lost at lower levels. Fast and the other convicted members of the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee had known for many months that their chances were exceedingly slim, and this last attempt at a review by the highest court was little more than a formality on their part.1

But in the months preceding what Fast now saw as his inevitable imprisonment, he continued to speak, write, and correspond with supporters. In October 1949, in a letter to his Welsh friend, novelist Gwyn Thomas, Fast said he was convinced that the Truman government had “gone truly berserk,” and that “gibbering idiots” were running the nation. He went on in a bizarre non sequitur to say that the atom bomb “which the Russians so innocently exploded has shown up the utter insanity and bankruptcy” of Washington, “a city sick with terror and paralyzed with fear.” Fast, who hadn’t been in D.C. since October 1947, told Thomas that “there are spies, informers, and various kinds of touts at every street corner” of the capital. And although he had never been to Germany, Fast told Thomas that he agreed with a Czech associate who had recently remarked that “Berlin at its worst was not quite as bad” as Washington. Fascism, Fast concluded, has come to America as anti-Communism “in the name of democracy.”2

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