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Medium 9781742208732

The South Bank

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub


The South Bank


For more detail of this area see Neigbourhood Map »

Finding out what all the fuss is about by exploring the magnificent modern-art collection at the peerless Tate Modern.

Revolving in leisurely fashion above London’s panoramic cityscape in the iconic London Eye.

Stimulating your taste buds on a gastronomic tour of discovery at Borough Market.

Stopping by Skylon for riveting views of the Thames and the city.

Getting a Bard’s-eye view of Elizabethan theatrics as a groundling at the magnificent Shakespeare’s Globe.

Once neglected beyond its arts venues, the South Bank today has transformed into one of London’s must-see neighbourhoods. A roll call of riverside sights stretches along the Thames, commencing with the London Eye, running past the cultural enclave of the Southbank Centre and on to the Tate Modern, the Millennium Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe. It continues: waterside pubs, a cathedral, one of London’s most-visited food markets, London’s tallest building, a handful of fun diversions for kids and irrepressible kidults and the hippest neighbourhood in which to hang out, Bermondsey. A stunning panorama unfolds on the far side of the Thames, as head-swivelling architecture rises up on either bank.

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6. System Administration for Servers

PhD Chris Brown O'Reilly Media ePub

Although the popularity of Linux on the desktop is growing, it is as a server platform that Linux has its most firmly established market niche. The flexibility and openness of Linux, its relatively small hardware footprint, its good reputation for security, and its extensive support for a wide variety of network services make it a popular server platform. Of course, the fact that it's free helps, too!

This chapter discusses the "infrastructure" for a Linux server. It will examine the mechanics of service startup; the management of disk space through the use of partitions and logical volumes; the importance of logging, tools for monitoring system activity, load, and performance; and some network configuration and debugging issues. Chapter 7 continues the story by discussing key application-level services in detail.

In some sense, this chapter marks a transition into a more professional view of Linux. However, I hope that the enthusiastic desktop user will also find useful information here.

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Medium 9781847772077

The Beck

Rory Waterman Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781626562837

Appendix A: The Twenty-Eight Skills and Why They Matter

Milo Sindell Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Table 3 The Twenty-Eight Skills



Leading Self


Emotional Control





Executive Presence

Work/Life Balance

Leading Others



Conflict Resolution

Influencing Others


Partnering and Relationship Building

Teamwork and Collaboration

Verbal Communication

Leading the Organization


Creativity and Innovation


External Awareness

Inspirational Vision

Organizational Awareness

Service Motivation

Strategic Thinking

Leading Implementation


Coaching and Mentoring

Customer Focus



Monitoring Performance

Planning and Organizing


This category covers how you regulate the kind of person you want to be as a leader and a professional. When you know who you are and can control your emotions, you exude a quiet confidence that inspires others. These skills may appear more like natural talents or traits, but they can be learned. We have worked with thousands of leaders to help them build stronger skills in these areas, and you can do it, too!

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Medium 9781588437341


Vivien Lougheed Hunter Publishing ePub

Although archaeologists have found arrowheads and ceramics dating to 7000 BC, proof of occupation begins around 200 AD. The Maya called their village Can-Pech, which means Place of Tricks. The first Spaniard to arrive was Francisco Hernandez Cordova, who stopped to replenish his water supply. Afraid of attack by locals, he grabbed his water and left. However, a storm at sea forced him to take refuge about 25 miles (60 km) to the south at Champotn. His fears were well-founded; he was attacked and died a few days later.

After numerous attempts by Francisco de Montejo to settle here, his son, El Mozo, finally landed in December 1540. A battle ensued and the conquistadors won. A year later the town was renamed San Francisco de Campeche and was governed by El Mozo.

The earliest tourists here were the English and Dutch buccaneers, namely Sir Francis Drake, John Hawkins, Laurens de Graff, Jocobo Jackson, Jean Lafitte, William Parker and Henry Morgan. For protection, the Spanish built the first wall around the city in 1686. It is the biggest attraction today. The 10-foot-thick wall and its forts or balustrades took 18 years to complete. It extends for about 40 city blocks or 8,200 feet (2,560 m) and is octagonal in shape. Each bastion on the corners of the octagon holds important buildings. For example, San Pedro was a prison and San Carlos contains the city museum. There were four gates of entry and the Land Gate, built in 1732, was kept as a tourist attraction.

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