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Medium 9781782201755


Slice ePub August 19, 2014

Ben couldn't reach Joe Morgan, but his roommate answered.

“Joe's out of town. He said he was visiting some girl.”

He promised to pass along Ben's message. To cover himself and the U, Ben followed up with a certified letter, offering Joe treatment by a senior psychiatrist, still covered by his insurance. He asked Joe to call to arrange an appointment.

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Medium 9781565925212


Slice PDF May 27, 2014


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Core JavaScript 1.0; JScript 1.0; ECMA v1

the superclass of all JavaScript objects

Constructor new Object();

This constructor creates an empty object to which you can add arbitrary properties.


All JavaScript objects, how ever they are created, have the following properties. constructor

A reference to the JavaScript function that was the constructor for the object. JS 1.1; JScript 2.0; ECMA v1.


All JavaScript objects, how ever they are created, have the following methods. hasOwnProperty(propname)

Returns true if the object has a non-inherited property with the specified name. Returns false if the object does not have

a property with the specified name, or if it inherits that property from its prototype object. JS 1.5; JScript 5.5; ECMA v3. isPrototypeOf(o)

Returns true if this object is the prototype of o. Returns false if o is not an object or if this object is not its prototype. JS 1.5;

JScript 5.5; ECMA v3. propertyIsEnumerable(propname)

Returns true if this object has a non-inherited enumerable property with the specified name, and returns false other-

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Medium 9780946439010

Cognitive Development

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

R.E. Money-Kyrle

Introduction: Three States in the Approach to Mental Illness

As perhaps often happens, I became preoccupied with a problem-in this case the problem of cognitive development-without knowing why it was of such interest to me. I subsequently discovered some of the reasons, and by way of introduction will outline what seems to me the most rational one.

Briefly then, and with a good deal of oversimplification, I think I became preoccupied with cognitive development as the result of reaching the third of three stages in my approach to mental illness-stages which very roughly reflect successive attitudes which were fairly common in the psychoanalytic movement as a whole.

In the first stage, 40 or 50 years ago, my dominant assumption would have been that mental illness is the result of sexual inhibitions. This may be profoundly true; but naively understood can lead to very superficial analysis. Moreover, in a subtle way, it can encourage a patient to adhere to the unconscious belief that, instead of giving up his Oedipus complex, he can realize it with the analyst’s help and so be master of the world.

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Medium 9781770905993

3: An Uneasy Time in Toronto

Source: Young Neil
Slice ePub December 11, 2014

ó 3 ó


THE LOWER FLOOR OF A duplex at 133 Rose Park Drive99 in the upper-middle-class Toronto neighbourhood of Moore Park was the Young family’s next home. This very desirable central residential area of the city was originally settled in the late 1880s, when it was subdivided by founder John Thomas Moore. Rose Park Drive originally served as the driveway for the mansion of Moore, who was also president of the Rose Society, a horticultural club. Number 133 is a solid red-brick two-storey detached home built in 1922. Originally owned by two maiden aunts, the house was designed as a duplex, with each of the sisters occupying one floor. When the sisters died, the house was sold to schoolteacher Ada Purvis, who rented out both floors and was the Young family’s landlady when they lived there.

The interior still retains its old-world charm. Wood wainscotting and polished hardwood floors, a large bright front bay window and a welcoming fireplace with built-in shelving on either side all contribute to the ambiance of the large front living room. A separate dining room, behind the living room, is attached to the kitchen in the back via a solid wood entry door. Wood wainscotting and a ceiling medallion complement this room. There are two bedrooms; the slightly larger master bedroom is located at the rear, while the second bedroom is next to it. Neil most likely shared the smaller second bedroom with Bob. The house is set well back from the street and the curb, and has spacious front and back gardens with many mature trees.

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Medium 9781615424436

Managing Data Usage in iOS 8

Slice ePub November 24, 2014

Internet connections without some kind of bandwidth cap are difficult to find. Fortunately, I know some tricks to manage your bandwidth usage in iOS 8. All these tricks will help you reduce your use of cellular data, but some can also help you stay under a general broadband Internet cap, too.

In Settings > Cellular, under Use Cellular Data For, iOS lists every app that has used cellular data, along with a tally of how much data it has used since you last tapped the Reset Statistics button at the bottom of the screen.

iOS gives you ultimate control over whether an app is allowed to transfer data over a cellular connection.

Tap Settings > Cellular, and under Use Cellular Data For, turn off the switch for any app that you don’t want using cellular data, perhaps because it chews data in the background (Skype, I’m looking at you). If you disable cellular data for an app, it won’t be able to use cellular data for any purpose.

When you buy an app, ebook, or music from Apple, it downloads to your device automatically. It can also automatically download to all your devices, so long as they are signed in with the same Apple ID. For example, if you bought this ebook from Apple’s iBooks Store on your iPad, it may have downloaded automatically to your iPhone. Although this feature is convenient, it can eat data quickly.

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