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Medium 9781622500239

Note Taking: Mapping

Slice PDF January 13, 2001
<p>name</p><p>_________________________________________</p><p>date ____________________________</p><p>NOTE TAKING: Mapping</p><p>Mapping is an effective way to identify main ideas, major points, and details. You know that an outline uses numbers and letters to organize notes. A map uses circles and lines to picture ideas and show how they relate to one another. A typical map could be organized like this:</p><p>MAJOR POINT</p><p>MAJOR POINT</p><p>MAJOR POINT</p><p>MAIN TOPIC</p><p>DETAIL</p><p>DETAIL</p><p>A. Read the following paragraph. In the space below, map your notes.</p><p>At the end of World War II, Americans went on a spending spree. They wanted to buy all the things that were scarce during the war years. They bought goods as fast as manufacturers could make them. Factories hired more workers and stepped up production. A new law, the G.I. Bill of Rights, gave war veterans money for education and job training. It helped them get loans.</p><p>The postwar economy boomed, and most Americans prospered.</p><p>B. Check your understanding of mapping. Study the notes that are mapped out below. Then, on the back of this sheet, use the information shown in the map to write a paragraph.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/434110-study-skills-2-ebook">See more</a>

Medium 9781576753453


Slice ePub May 15, 2014
<p> <b><i>T</i></b>homas Kuhn, the philosopher of science who wrote <i>The Structure of Scientific Revolutions,</i> showed that science develops through surprising transformations.<sup>1</sup> Kuhn says that science, rather than being a slow evolutionary process, moves in dramatic leaps from one basic paradigm to another. These quantum leaps in science are something like regime changes in politics: they are disruptive and radical. 68 </p><p> Kuhn says there are two ways to do science. In most periods, scientists play by the rules of normal science. They accept the reigning theoretical paradigm and try to solve the small puzzles yet to be resolved. But over time, inexplicable contradictions—Kuhn calls them “anomalies”—begin to accumulate. A few brave scientists question whether the reigning paradigm can explain the contradictions and embark on a heretical quest to topple it and construct a new paradigm. In the process, they move beyond normal science, a shift from defending and patching up the old order to creating a new one. A Newton or an Einstein eventually emerges and proposes a revolutionary theory. A growing number of radical scientists embrace it and work to establish it as a new regime.<sup>2</sup> </p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/128531-hidden-power-what-you-need-to-know-to-save-our-democracy">See more</a>

Medium 9780982259269

3 - Puzzle Stories

Slice ePub September 08, 2014
<p>For upper elementary and middle school language arts, math, science, and social studies</p><p>Design</p><p><i>Puzzle Stories</i> gets its name from the overall object of the game: to create a story based on the image on a puzzle. It is best played with upper elementary or middle school students, but can be modified for lower elementary or high school students as well. In addition to increasing vocabulary, this game can be used to practice writing skills and enhance creativity. It can be played using terms from any of the four main content areas (language arts, math, science, and social studies), but is probably the most easily adapted to language arts, social studies, and science classes. Students will need to have a working understanding of the terms and phrases used.</p><p>Materials</p><p>You will be splitting the class into small groups for this game and will need as many puzzles as you have groups. For example, if your class splits evenly into five groups, you will need five puzzles. The puzzles you select should be easy to put together. They should also depict a simple scene, such as a hummingbird sucking nectar or a sailboat on the sea. The idea is simply to give students a starting place and then let them apply vocabulary terms and phrases and make use of their creativity. You also need a chalkboard or whiteboard.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/282909-vocabulary-games-for-the-classroom-1">See more</a>

Medium 9780596008994


Slice ePub May 27, 2014
<p>sqlplus</p><p>Use <em>sqlplus</em> (SQL*Plus) to connect to an Oracle database and execute SQL statements.</p><p>Specifies the username, password, and the net service name (<em><code>connect</code></em>) for the Oracle instance to which to connect. If you don't specify this information, <em>sqlplus</em> prompts for a username and password (but not for a net service name).</p><p>Connects you to a local database using operating-system authentication.</p><p>Connects you in an administrative role so that you can perform database administration tasks (e.g., starting and stopping a database instance). You may need to enclose the login within quotes, such as <code>sqlplus</code> <em>"</em><code>sys/password as sysdba</code><em>"</em>.</p><p>Tells SQL*Plus to start without connecting to a database first.</p><p>Tells SQL*Plus to run in silent mode. No startup message is displayed, no command prompt is displayed, and no commands are echoed to the screen.</p><p>Causes SQL*Plus to display a short summary of this syntax.</p><p>Causes SQL*Plus to display version and copyright information.</p><p>Restricts what the user can do from SQL*Plus. The level must be one of the following:</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/362947-oracle-utilities-pocket-reference">See more</a>

Medium 9781574410723

7 Going to College

Slice PDF May 18, 2014
<p>7</p><p>Going to College</p><p>“This guy is sitting by somebody’s wife and somebody’s daughter in class!”</p><p>—Parnell McNamara,</p><p>Deputy United States Marshal</p><p>I</p><p>At the beginning of 1991, McDuff reported to his Temple parole officer that he was working in a warehouse in the Dallas area as a forklift operator. Six days later he asked to transfer his parole supervision to the Dallas</p><p>District. But less than two weeks after that he reported to his Temple parole officer that he was back in Temple living with J. A. and Addie.</p><p>Kenneth’s aging parents apparently had little energy for raising a fortyfive-year-old teenager; McDuff moved into the Jean Motel in Temple during much of March. Only six weeks earlier McDuff had discovered a way that he could have access to a private room, eat three meals a day in a cafeteria, receive money for subsistence—even during holidays—and receive an education. All he had to do was go to class. Kenneth Allen</p><p>McDuff was going to college.1</p><p>Project RIO (Re-Integration of Offenders) was an outgrowth of the</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/615154-bad-boy-from-rosebud">See more</a>

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