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4. The Anatomy of an Information Architecture

Peter Morville O'Reilly Media ePub

In the preceding chapters, we discussed information architecture from a conceptual perspective. This chapter presents a more concrete view of what information architecture actually is to help you recognize it when you see it. We also introduce the components of an architecture; these are important to understand because they make up the information architects palette. Well cover them in greater detail in Chapters 59.

Why is it important to be able to visualize information architecture? There are several answers. One is that the field is new, and many people dont believe that things exist until they can see them. Another is that the field is abstract, and many who might conceptually understand the basic premise of information architecture wont really get it until they see it and experience it. Finally, a well-designed information architecture is invisible to users (which, paradoxically, is quite an unfair reward for IA success).

IAs lack of tangible qualities forces all information architects to be salespeople to some degree. Because its highly probable that youll need to explain information architecture to several important people, including colleagues, managers, prospects, clients, and perhaps your significant other, its in your interest to be able to help them visualize what an information architecture actually is.

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Medium 9781937538347

The Mermaid Show: Florida Before the Sprawl

Peter Essick Rocky Nook-IPS ePub

Weeki Wachee is the name of a city in northern Florida most notable for the Weeki Wachee Springs and the world-famous mermaid show. It is hard not to smile while saying the name Weeki Wachee. As it turns out, the place is a lot of fun, too.

The Seminole Indians named the springs. Weeki Wachee means little spring or winding river. Each day the springs discharge 112 million gallons of freshwater through a limestone vent into a large pool. The current flowing out of the spring is so strong that it has been hard for divers to explore the cave system where the spring originates. However, during a drought in 2007, cave divers were able to map 6,700 feet of underground passages to a depth of over 400 feet, making Weeki Wachee the deepest underground spring in the U.S., although the bottom has yet to be reached.

Newton Perry, a former Navy SEALs trainer, started the mermaid show in 1947. According to the Weeki Wachee web site, “Newt scouted out pretty girls and trained them to swim with air hoses and smile at the same time. He taught them to drink Grapette, a non-carbonated beverage, eat bananas underwater and do aquatic ballets.” He put out a sign on U.S. Route 19 advertising the show. This was during a time when there weren’t too many cars, so when a car did drive by, the women all ran out in their bathing suits and tried to lure the driver into the 18-seat theater that was carved into the limestone six feet down and with windows so the audience could look right into the spring.

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Medium 9781588435835

The North

Tina Neylon Hunter Publishing ePub

The county town is a pleasant place to visit. Many years ago it was the stronghold of the O'Reillys whose castle, Clough Oughter, now in ruins, can be seen standing on an island in Lough Oughter, a mile outside town.

Its name, meaning hollow, suits the town as much as it does the county, as it is surrounded by hills.

Clough Oughter

Cavan has the distinction of being the only medieval town in Ireland founded by the Irish themselves, and its narrow streets still follow the same pattern that was set down seven centuries ago.

A local landlord family, the Farnhams, improved Cavan in the early 19th century, by building a new wide street that still bears the family name. This street was lined with comfortable townhouses and public buildings such as churches and the Courthouse, built in 1825. In the late 19th century, Cavan became an important rail junction between the midland and western lines and those of the Northern Railways.

Cavan Cathedral

Today it's a busy town. Attractions include Cavan Crystal, the second-oldest lead crystal factory (after Waterford) in Ireland, where visitors can watch the process of glass-blowing; and the Lifeforce Mill, where part of the visit is spent making a loaf of bread.

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Medium 9781591203193

6. Getting the Message Out

Newport M.D., Mary T. Basic Health Publications ePub


s soon as it became apparent that Steve had responded so profoundly to the use of coconut oil, it became my mission to get this information out to as many people as possible. My primary goal was to bring to the attention of high-profile individuals and groups the research related to ketones and how they can provide an alternative fuel for neurons in certain neurodegenerative diseases, as well as the need for funding for production of Dr. Veechs ketone ester. My secondary goal was to make them aware of the research related to medium-chain fatty acids, which are converted to ketones by the liver and can provide this alternative fuel, even if on a more limited basis, until the ketone ester is commercially available.

I believed that if I could get this information to the right person, and that person investigated and understood the scientific basis of how ketones work as an alternative fuel, this message would get out to the general public in a big way.

But who was the right person?


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Medium 9780253342119

8 Entry into Battle

J. Ted Hartman Indiana University Press ePub


Entry into Battle

While still in England, the 11th Armored Division was organized into three combat units, Combat Commands A, B, and R (Reserve). Each combat command was considered a complete fighting unit and contained the following organizations:

One tank battalion

One armored field artillery battalion

One armored infantry battalion

One armored engineer company

In addition, the division retained control of the following organizations to serve all three combat commands as needed:

Headquarters, 11th Armored Division

One armored medical battalion

One armored military police platoon

One armored signal company

One cavalry reconnaissance squadron mechanized

One ordnance maintenance battalion

This organizational structure provided an effective system for combat in which three separate objectives could be operational at the same time. The 41st Tank Battalion was assigned to Combat Command B. In each tank battalion there were three medium tank companies and one light tank company—Companies A, B, C, and D.

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