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Medium 9781781609330

The English Pavilion

Source: Art Nouveau
Slice ePub May 26, 2014

Medium 9780596003128

VII. Obfuscated Perl

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In this part:







When I began TPJ, I knew that hosting an Obfuscated Perl contest was a must. Soon after launching the magazine, Felix Gallo volunteered to author the announcements and results, and his twisted eloquence hit the mark perfectly. The contests challenged the Perl community to generate programs so contorted that the judges (Felix and I) couldnt deduce how they worked. Some of the entries were surprisingly educational and useful, most were grotesquely humorous, and a few became the firstever publication of Perls most obscure nooks and crannies.

The notion of squeezing a program into the smallest space available isnt as frivolous as it might seem. Computational theorists sometimes measure the complexity of an algorithm by how concisely it can be expressed; the briefer the program, the simpler the algorithm. Brevity can have political implications as wellconsider the old furor over the legality of exporting the RSA cryptosystem, which has been implemented in successively tinier Perl programs, culminating in this two-line obfuscated masterpiece by Adam Back and others:

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Medium 9788324649945

3. Konstruowanie i używanie widoku tabeli

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Widok tabeli to po prostu przewijany widok podzielony na sekcje, a te skadaj si z rekordw (komrek). Kady rekord jest egzemplarzem klasy UITableViewCell. Przygotowujc podklasy klasy UITableViewCell, masz moliwo utworzenia wasnych rekordw widoku tabeli.

Uycie widoku tabeli to doskonay sposb przedstawienia uytkownikowi listy elementw. W komrkach widoku tabeli mona osadzi obrazy, tekst oraz inne obiekty masz moliwo dostosowania do wasnych potrzeb wysokoci, ksztatu, grupowania i wielu innych cech komrki.

Widok tabeli otrzymuje dane ze rda danych widoku tabeli. Gdy ponadto wykorzystasz obiekt delegata widoku tabeli, moesz by powiadamiany o rnych zdarzeniach dotyczcych widoku tabeli, moesz rwnie kontrolowa jego fizyczny wygld. rdo danych jest zdefiniowane w protokole UITableViewDataSource, natomiast delegat w protokole UITableViewDelegate.

Egzemplarz UITableView jest podklas klasy UIScrollView, jednak widok tabeli moe by przewijany jedynie w pionie. To bardziej funkcja ni ograniczenie. W tym rozdziale poznasz rne sposoby tworzenia widoku tabeli, zarzdzania nim i dostosowywania go do wasnych potrzeb.

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Medium 9781574415049

Club Icarus

Source: Club Icarus
Slice PDF May 17, 2014

Club Icarus

We’re no more than a few silver seconds in the air when that winged and cocky boy gets sucked into a turbine sparking off a fire that rips the starboard wing away from the fuselage, shucking passengers out and raining us over Northern California, dozens of us dropping towards the bay and you can imagine the screams,

I’m sure, the prayers cast up then down the twirling sky, and yet here’s my daughter laughing the whole way down, her yellow hair whipping around her first teeth smile, as she titters at the tilted wonder of what was happening, rolling airborne over and over, as we all drop like sacks of wet clay and for a second I want to snag her, to show her how frightened she should be, so I can hug her safe one last time, but the way she looks laughing I just can’t and so as the brick of the bay comes up to kiss my back I watch my little girl giggling, grinning floppy-cheeked into the wind and then, damn, if I don’t see, right before the world splits my sides, wings like blades butterfly from her back and lift her laughing back into the blue.

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Medium 9781588439291


Slice ePub May 25, 2014

To get here, you must ride the train or drive a 4x4 vehicle. The village is located at Km 225 (Mile 150) on the rail line and El Fuerte is at Km430 (Mile 200). It should be noted that the train station and the town have about 2,000 feet/ 650 meters of elevation between them. The village is in the Septentrion Gorge and close to the river flowing at the bottom of the valley. It is advisable to bring a bicycle if you would like to explore this area (second-class trains will carry bicycles).

The village's only hotel,tel.635-456-0750,, $$$, is the place to stay if you want to explore the area around El Fuerte.

Tmoris has electricity for a few hours in the evenings only, most people don't speak English and many still like the four-hoofed style transportation over the four-wheeled style. Fax and e-mail are also a long way in the future for most people living here. The phone number for the hotel above will connect you to the town operator. Ask for Oscar Alvarez and you will be put on hold for about three minutes while someone gets Oscar, who speaks English.

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