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Medium 9780819871152

6: A Good Friend

Elizabeth Marie Dedomenic Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub


A Good Friend

I can’t believe it finally happened. I am now a priest of God! I am a priest, a priest! John could think of nothing else on his return trip to Ecully and to dear Father Balley. The memory of his ordination and first Mass filled every moment of every hour.

Bishop Simon had made a special trip for the occasion. John was the only candidate for ordination. The bishop smiled and said, “When it comes to ordaining a good priest, it’s no trouble at all!”

As John was reliving the events of the past few days, he almost didn’t notice that he had reached Father Balley’s parish. As usual, Father Balley met him at the door-step. He embraced the new priest and then said, “This time you must give me your blessing, Father Vianney! And then I have good news to give you. The Vicar General has decided that we should have another priest here at the parish to help me. He has appointed you to fill that position!”

“Father Balley, I do not deserve such an honor,” said Father Vianney in disbelief. He had never imagined he would be Father Balley’s new assistant. This was certainly good news! “I will do everything I can to serve the parish.”

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component is a string that represents action-oriented information such as requesting or submitting information to/from the model. The last URI component represents parameters that might be needed in order to process the request. An example of encoding a URI for database transactions might look something like

Example 1-16.

Example 1-16. Encoding database transactions in the URI$table

In this example, the first component is a single character used in a switch statement within the fixups method to determine what kind of action is being requested.

The second component describes a database table name (“catalogue”), and the last component is an arbitrary string that, when parsed, responds with an XML document-formatted table enumerating sku, product name, price, and stock.

Similar techniques include embedding primary-key indices, query parameters, etc.

Ruby uses this as a method for automating the coupling between the view and the model via a controller.

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Medium 9781934009055


Robert Eaker Solution Tree Press ePub

LEADERSHIP IS THE DYNAMIC that pulls together all the various elements of a professional learning community and maintains and supports them.

Getting Started

EDUCATORS WILL REMAIN THE MOST IMPORTANT resource in the battle to provide every child with a quality education, and thus leaders must commit to creating the conditions in which those educators can continue to grow and learn as professionals.

Learning by Doing

EMPOWERED TEACHERS AND STRONG PRINCIPALS are not mutually exclusive goals. Schools that operate as learning communities will have both.

PLC at Work

PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES are guided by a culture that is simultaneously loose and tight. Leaders empower individuals and teams and encourage personal autonomy (loose) within well-defined parameters and priorities that all are expected to honor (tight).

PLC at Work

THE CREATION OF A GUIDING COALITION or leadership team is a critical first step in the complex task of leading a school.

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Medium 9781780423166

Othon Friesz (1879-1949)

Victoria Charles Parkstone International PDF
Medium 9781857549973

Swami Anand

Sujata Bhatt Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

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