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“The Widow’s Revenge: The Genesis and Development of a Tale in Bell County”

Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt University of North Texas Press PDF



OF A TALE IN BELL COUNTY by Kenneth W. Davis

In a good year in Bell County, roasting ears are ready by June 19.

Bulls don’t know that June ’Teenth has festive connotations. They do know that fresh roasting ears are good, along with a bit of a salad from the tender leaves on corn stalks. The Widow Malvern’s bull had only a good meal on his mind when he jumped out of his pasture and went to a nearby corn patch to eat his fill of forbidden fruit on June 19, 1943. This bull planned to have a feast and then return to his small harem of Herefords, over whose welfare he presided with a majesty befitting his English ancestry. But like the fox who ate the grapes, he found jumping back over the fence impossible because of the extra weight several hours of doing violence to a corn patch added to his rotund frame. If he made any other attempts to return to his wives and family dear, he soon gave up and sauntered out of the corn field to disappear for months in the pastures by the Salado Creek.

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Measurement and



Each measurement can be written or expressed as a dimension. Dimensional measurements are the foundation of every industry whether manufacturing or service, business and commerce. Dimensional measurements are needed not only in the field of design of the machine parts or products, but the measurements play a very significant role in the success of a building design, and assembling work. Different types of measuring tools and gauges

(also called gages) are used for the measurement and inspection for determining the accuracy of parts or products manufactured. Measuring instruments with digital readout devices allow to take direct reading of the values. In these instruments, the scale is replaced by a read-out device, which digitally displays the value of the quantity measured.

Metrology is one of the branch of engineering which deals with the measurement and measuring tools. Some measurements may be computed others may be taken directly. Actual measurement may be made with direct reading measuring rules and others measuring instruments. Dimensional measurement is needed because of the following reasons:

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13 - Patriarchy in Songs and Poetry by Zarma Women

Edited by Thomas A Hale and Aissata G Indiana University Press ePub

Aissata Niandou

Those unfamiliar with women's songs from the Sahel may be surprised at first by the subversive nature of the lyrics, as evidenced in songs recorded by many other researchers. Zarma society is not an exception to that trend, with women functioning within their own subculture. In their songs, as well as in other forms, they raise their voices against what they see as the unfair constraints of patriarchy that dominate Zarma society. But their songs raise a basic question: can they, in their verbal art, divest themselves of the patriarchal values that permeate not only their society, but also their own language and the deeper values that it conveys?

In this study, I will examine examples from a corpus of twenty-five poem-songs sung by Zarma women that are, on the surface, quite subversive of patriarchal values. But a close study of the poem-songs will offer evidence for a more nuanced view of the subversion conveyed by these poem-songs, and may suggest the need for new analyses of women's songs from other peoples in the Sahel.

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11. A Brigade, Another Massacre, and Second Cabin Creek

Robert W. Lull University of North Texas Press ePub

Chapter Eleven

A Brigade, Another Massacre, and Second Cabin Creek

Shortly after Williams’ assignment as brigade commander, Union forces in Arkansas underwent a reorganization. Regiments shuffled to various brigades and locations as dictated by the military threat. Williams’ headquarters moved to Fort Smith, on the border of Indian Territory. He was responsible for all aspects of the lives of 2,735 men and 10 cannon. Most of the soldiers in Williams’ new brigade were black Americans. They comprised four regiments that were the core elements of the command. His brigade included:

First Kansas Colored Infantry Regiment

Second Kansas Colored Infantry Regiment

Eleventh US Colored Infantry Regiment

Fifty-Fourth US Colored Infantry Regiment

First Arkansas Battery

Third Kansas Battery1

By mid-September, Williams’ brigade headquarters, and three regiments relocated west of Fort Smith on the road to Fort Gibson, Indian Territory. Along with their garrison equipage, they included brigade medical staff and hospital supplies. The duration of their detachment was indefinite.2

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CHAPTER 5: Five Basic Keys

Marshak, Robert J. Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Clearly, organizational change can be thwarted by the fears, untested assumptions, unconscious reactions, and under-the-table dealings of its members. Yet change can be facilitated by unleashing hidden creativity, removing unspoken blocks, altering mindsets, and giving voice to “unspeakable” visions of greatness. To prepare for dealing with hidden dynamics, this chapter presents five keys for engaging covert processes. I have found these basic building blocks to be essential. If I neglect to follow them carefully, I am much less effective. The five basic keys are:

First and foremost, in all work with covert processes, is to establish enough psychological safety to allow hidden dynamics to be revealed. 70It’s worth noting that early meanings of the word covert included “sheltered” and “protected.” In those meanings of the word, covert processes exist to protect against the risks associated with putting something on-the-table that is considered to be inappropriate, illegitimate, or unacceptable. Perfect safety is too high a standard, but “safe enough” for people to put things on-the-table and openly engage them is the prime directive of covert processes work.

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