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Medium 9781591200611


Slice ePub May 23, 2014


The statistics are sobering. According to the American Cancer Society, men have about a one in two lifetime risk of developing cancer; women have about a one in three risk. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in North America next to heart disease. More than 1,500 Americans die each day from cancer.1 With statistics like these, it is no wonder health conscious consumers are seeking nontoxic, natural therapies that will assist their bodies in preventing as well as battling cancer. However, it is often difficult for consumers to separate fact from fiction, or real hope from hype, with the myriad of natural products available that claim cancer-fighting benefits.

In addition, an increasingly toxic environment has placed a great burden on the cellular defenses of our bodies. As a result, many are in need of extra nutritional support to maintain a healthy immune system. Without a healthy defense system, one opens the floodgates to disease and poor vitality. A large percentage of the general public—as well as concerned doctors like myself—is availing itself of the best of what nature has to offer in order to live life to its fullest. The sheer number of nutritional products that fill health food store shelves is often overwhelming. There is one product, however, I have come to view as standing above all others: MaitakeGold 404®.

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Medium 9781783103676

I. La Leçon d’une vie

Source: Claude Monet
Slice ePub March 06, 2015



C’est une opinion généralement acceptée que l’exemple des « hommes supérieurs » est le meilleur enseignement de la vie. Il est moins facile qu’on ne pourrait croire de donner une bonne définition de « l’homme supérieur ». On a imaginé des rubans pour cela, mais la marque n’est peut-être pas infaillible. Claude Monet avait un gros rire content quand on lui demandait pourquoi il n’était pas décoré.

Au vrai, les humains se classent eux-mêmes, bien ou mal, d’après leurs œuvres, et à chacun de tirer la leçon de la bonne ou de la mauvaise rencontre, selon l’occasion. Notre véritable enseignement des activités de l’homme se fait au hasard des circonstances. Il n’est pas de vie, petite ou grande, qui ne puisse être pour nous une leçon dans l’extrémité même de l’indulgence avec laquelle nous nous regardons vivre.

Pour nous aider dans nos jugements, les moralistes ont pris l’habitude de nous exposer, à titre d’exemple, la biographie des « hommes illustres ». Je n’en médirai pas, bien qu’il soit, dans notre vie courante, très peu de cas où nous ayons à nous inspirer de Thémistocle ou d’Épaminondas. Notre Plutarque n’y a pas regardé de si près, et ses grands hommes n’ont pas toujours donné le bon exemple. Si j’avais à écrire la vie de Plutarque lui-même, je lui reprocherais ses faiblesses pour Alcibiade, et son incroyable méconnaissance d’Aristote, et de Phidias, qui fut, d’abord, celle de ses contemporains.

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Medium 9780596522698

89. Build Systems to Be Zuhanden

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

After many years as an amateur, Keith Braithwaite was first paid to write software in 1996. After that first job, maintaining a compiler built with lex and yacc, he progressed first to modelling microwave propagation for GSM network planning, then seasonal variations in demand for air freight, in C++. A move to consultancy (and Java) introduced him to CORBA and then EJB, and then what was called at the time "e-commerce." He is currently a principal consultant with Zuhlke and manages its Centre of Agile Practice.

WE BUILD TOOLS. The systems that we make have no other reason to exist (nor we to get paid) than to help someone, usually someone else, do something.

Martin Heidegger, an influential German philosopher of the 20th century, explored the ways that people experience tools (and more generally "equipment") in their lives. People use tools to work toward a goal, and the tool is merely a means to an end.

During successful use, a tool is zuhanden ("ready-to-hand," having the property of "handiness"). The tool is experienced directly; it is used without consideration, without theorisation. We grasp the tool and use it to move toward our goal. In use, it vanishes! The tool becomes an extension of the user's body and is not experienced in its own right. One sign of a tool being zuhanden is that it becomes invisible, unfelt, insignificant.

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Medium 9781576337653

Minerals: Praxis Earth Science

Slice ePub June 25, 2014

Medium 9781847770684

Summer and Time

Slice PDF April 24, 2015

V Last Reflections

Now in this different perspective see

Another side of Italy.

Can you believe that history occurred

Within those squares, upon that sea

With you no witness there delightedly?

Turn to the books upon the shelf, the word

Of conquerors and kings who have not stirred

Merely to beckon your imagination.

See them in cold print now and watch their wars

Solemnly marching through the pages’ progress.

Nothing can meet these things except the mind

Since you have left the five senses behind,

Put Italy into its proper past

Where nothing is diminished or revised.

Now Venice is surrendered to the maps,

The Adriatic falling sheer away

Downward to Greece and Africa;

And pity that you cannot put your own

Character down so easily on known

Papers or histories. No calm full-stops

Mark us on maps, we are dependent on

Our own ideas or those of friends perhaps.

There is no sign of us where we have been.

Summer and Time

Now when the days descend

We do not let them lie

But ponder on the end,

How morning air drained dry

Of mist will but contend

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