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Medium 9781616511173

The Wise Buyer-REVIEW

Nan Bostick Saddleback Educational Publishing PDF

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The Wise Buyer

A. Answer the questions to show what you know about the material you studied in this unit.

1. Name one way to find good buys at expensive retail stores.

2. Describe the main difference between a retail department store and a discount chain store or warehouse.

3. When you shop can be as important as where you shop. Why?

4. Ads contain some useful facts as well as opinions. Give an example of a useful fact you might find in an ad.

Give an example of an opinion you might find in an ad.

B. Use words from the unit to complete the sentences.

1. By listing the advantages and disadvantages of different brands, you can c the brands and decide which is best for you.

2. Ads often


, or overstate, facts to get your attention.

3. If you sign a repair agreement, be sure you know what you’re

, or agreeing to pay for. a

4. Name two places where you might find good bargains on used items.____________________________________________________________

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Medium 9781617830204

Meeting a Prince

Sarah Tieck Big Buddy Books PDF
Medium 9781847778512

From Clarence Bridge, Newport

Gillian Clarke Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9780596559977

Monitor Your Mac’s Health

Joe Kissell TidBITS Publishing, Inc. ePub

No matter how diligently you perform the maintenance tasks in thisbook, you wont truly know how well (or how poorly) your Mac is running unless you make the effort to find out. The fact that no smoke is billowing from your SuperDrive is a good sign, of course, but its hardly definitive proof that all is well. In this chapter, I show you how to find out whats going on under the hood.

Numerous utilities (most of them free) can provide up-to-the-minute statistics about your Mac. In most cases, these programs run in the background all the time, but if you prefer, you can run them manually when you get curious about your Macs current state. I provide a list ofseveral such utilities just ahead (see Monitoring Utilities ). But first, you should understand what data you might want to monitor and why.

Mac OS X usually manages your computers RAM efficiently for the most part. Applications can dynamically adjust the amount of memory they use, and even if all your RAM is actively in use, a virtual memory system lets Mac OS X use a portion of your hard disk to extend your RAM, automatically swapping (or paging) data between the disk and the physical RAM as needed. Even so, if you have enough applications open at once, and if they require enough memory to perform their respective tasks, you can reach a point where data swapping occurs constantly. This slows everything way down, and it uses disk space.

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Medium 9781617833663

Nevada Up Close

Murray, Julie ABDO PDF

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