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Medium 9780946439980


Source: Cogitations
Slice ePub August 19, 2014


A man may be disposed to envy, or to violence of emotion, or to regard truth or life highly, or to be intolerant of frustration. Whatever it is that causes him to be so disposed, I shall call his state of mind at the time he is so disposed, his ‘disposition’. The propositions I use as premises are all in this sense dispositions. But, as I write this, it is brought home to me how difficult it is to verbalize with accuracy without losing meaning, or to write meaningfully without losing accuracy.

‘A disposition.’ Does this mean something in the psyche? Are there such things as dispositions? At once a problem is, what does one mean by ‘thing’? He is disposed to be envious; he has an envious disposition; his disposition is to be envious. All these sentences mean something. It does not seem unreasonable to claim that there is such a thing as an envious disposition. Very well: then there are envious dispositions, truthful dispositions, narcissistic dispositions, violent dispositions, loving dispositions—to take instances from the premises I have chosen. Since I want to say that there are such things, that is to say, things in actuality, in reality, which are represented by the word, ‘disposition’, it is essential always to use the word in such a way that the reader will be correct in assuming that I mean what I meant on the previous occasion, that there is in reality something that is represented by the word, ‘disposition’.

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Medium 9781449319236

5. Main Building Blocks

Slice ePub September 22, 2014

In this chapter, you will learn Android’s capabilities by looking at the big features it offers. We’ll give you a high-level overview of what activities are, how intents work, when and how to use services, how to use broadcast receivers and content providers to make your app scale, and much more.

By “main building blocks,” we refer to the pieces of an application that Android offers you to put together into an Android app. When you start thinking about your application, it is good to take a top-down approach. For instance, most programmers design applications in terms of screens, features, and the interactions between them. You start with a conceptual drawing, something that you can represent in terms of “lines and circles.” This approach to application development helps you see the big picture—how the components fit together and how it all makes sense.

By the end of this chapter, you will understand the main Android components for building applications. You should conceptually know when you’d use what component. You will also see how these components relate to a real-world application.

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Medium 9781741794014

Kitayama Area & Greater Kyoto

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Ōhara | Kurama | Kibune | Southeast Kyoto | Fushimi | Uji | Southwest Kyoto | Takao Area | North Kyoto | Northeast Kyoto

For more detail of this area, see Offline map and Offline map

Ascending to the mountain temple of Kurama-dera (Click here ), one of the best half-day trips in Kyoto. If you have the energy, continue over the top of the mountain and down to the village of Kibune.

Entering the green wonderland of Saihō-ji ( Click here ).

Making a pilgrimage to the pinnacle of Japanese architecture, Katsura Rikyū Imperial Villa (Click here ).

Escaping to the quaint rural village of Ōhara (Click here ) to visit the Buddhist paradise of Sanzen-in and then walk the rural footpaths of the village.

Climbing to Jingo-ji (Click here ), a mountain temple where you can play ‘karmic frisbee.’

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Medium 9780596004927

25. Special Names

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

This chapter is about variables that have special meanings to Perl. Most of the punctuational names have reasonable mnemonics or analogs in one of the shells (or both). But if you want to use long variable names as synonyms, just say:

at the top of your program. This aliases all the short names to long names in the current package. Some of these variables even have medium names, generally borrowed from awk. Most people eventually settle on using the short names, at least for the more commonly used variables. Throughout this book, we consistently refer to the short names, but we also often mention the long names (in parentheses) so that you can look them up easily in this chapter.

The semantics of these variables can be quite magical. (To create your own magic, see Chapter14.) A few of these variables are read-only. If you try to assign values to them, an exception will be raised.

In what follows, well first provide a concise listing of the variables and functions for which Perl assigns a special meaning, grouped by type, so you can look up variables when youre not sure of the proper name. Then well explain all of the variables alphabetically under their proper name (or their least improper name).

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Medium 9781576337608

Progressive Era: Praxis US History

Slice ePub June 26, 2014

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