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Medium 9781780490403

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: “Poor Konrad”: the body and the soul seekers

Tom Keve Karnac Books ePub

Ferenc Eros

In a letter dated 27 April 1910, Sandor Ferenczi reacted with embarrassment to Freud’s suggestion to invite Abraham Brill to their planned common vacation in Sicily. Ferenczi was far from happy about this plan, which, as he wrote, “immediately aroused my slumbering brother complex” (Ferenczi, 1910, p. 167). He continues:

I can’t raise any objection to the invitation other than the unjustified infantile desire to be the first and only one with the ‘father’. I like Brill very much and [am] in complete agreement that you should invite him. But between the two suggested modalities I would still like to choose the one that states the three of us make only a part of the journey. That is not only a small concession to my complexes (which I usually handle as badly as Spitteler does his ‘poor Konrad’), but also has its logical foundation. There are questions (of both personal and scientific nature) which we can settle much more economically alone than in Brill’s presence; these should also get their due. (Ferenczi, 1910, p. 167)

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Medium 9780596102098

9. Basic Debugging

Jesse Liberty O'Reilly Media ePub

The debugger is your friend. There is simply no tool more powerful than a debugger for learning C# and for writing quality C# programs. Put simply, the debugger is a tool that helps you understand what is really going on when your program is running. It is the x-ray of software development, allowing you to see inside programs and diagnose potential problems.

Without a debugger, you are guessing; with a debugger, you are seeing. It is as simple as that. Whatever time you invest in learning to use your debugger is time well spent.

The debugger is also a powerful tool for understanding code written by others. By putting someone else’s code into the debugger and stepping through it, you can see exactly how the methods work and what data they manipulate.

This book assumes you are working with Visual Studio 2005 (in one form or another).

The Visual Studio debugger provides a number of windows for watching and interacting with your program while it executes. Getting comfortable with the debugger can make the difference between quickly finding bugs and struggling for hours or days.

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Medium 9780946439881

10. Work with suicidal adolescents at a walk-in centre in Brent

Karnac Books ePub

Rosalie Joffe

While this chapter explores further the issues surrounding the significance of the setting as a factor in supporting the therapist’s work and the patient’s sense of containment, it also brings one sharply in touch with the extremes of confusion and despair that can overtake young people as they struggle to find a way out of conflict and inner loneliness. Rosalie Joffe’s analysis of her work in this context provides many vital insights into the state of mind of these unhappy adolescents and helpful guidelines for those who hope to protect them while they are travelling on this dangerous road.


This chapter is based on my own work at the Brent Consultation Centre and the freely drawn-upon rich collective fund of knowledge of my colleagues there. I propose,

The setting in which I work is an old house in Brent, with four interview rooms, a waiting room, and a staff meeting room, on two floors. The administrative staff are located on the third floor.

The Walk-In Service is funded by the Education Department of the London Borough of Brent, who also fund psychotherapy for adolescents in the borough. There are research projects as well, which are, in the main, privately funded. Young people between the ages of 14 and 23 are encouraged to walk in or to telephone for an appointment. There is no waiting list. It has been our experience that almost all the adolescents who refer themselves in this way are too disturbed to be helped in short-term intervention. We see the client weekly or fortnightly four to ten times. It is understood by the client from the beginning that the aim of the interviews is to explore together and understand the problem and then to decide what help would be most beneficial. Should this help turn out to be psychotherapy, the adolescent knows that the therapist will be someone other than the interviewer—either a Brent Consultation colleague, if the client lives in the Borough of Brent, or, if not, someone in an outside agency.

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Medium 9781615424047

Devise a CrashPlan Strategy

Joe Kissell TidBITS Publishing, Inc. ePub

If you leave out an essential ingredient (say, baking soda) when making a cake, you cant just toss it in after the cake comes out ofthe oven. You have to start over from scratch. Its not the end ofthe world, but its wasted time and effort. The same thing applies to your backups. Of course you can change your mind after the factabout what data you back up, in which manner, and to which destinationsbut certain changes can be agonizing in that they require you to restart from the very beginning a backup that may take days or even weeks. I think wed all prefer to avoid that extra hassle. And if such a change should truly become necessary, we should at least understand clearly the benefits and consequences.

In this chapter, I help you make wise decisions from the start about where to back up your data, which data to select, how to encrypt it, and other factors that will make your ongoing backups that much smoother and more understandable.

The two most important decisions to make are what data to back up and where to store it. They go hand in hand, and you shouldnt decide firmly about either without considering the other. Since CrashPlans design emphasizes flexibility in choosing destinations and downplays the need to select which data to back up, well start with where you should store your data.

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Medium 9781608682065

Chapter 9. Prescription Drugs

MD Heather Tick New World Library ePub

Much of the scientific evidence that doctors rely upon to prescribe drugs is more like infomercials than scientific evidence.

— JOHN ABRAMSON, Overdosed America

Drugs that have been properly prescribed and properly taken are the fourth-leading cause of death in North America. This is alarming when you consider that most drugs don’t actually fix anything — they only relieve symptoms.1 Taking drugs can be a little like releasing a bull in a china shop. Doctors know the drug will do something to your system, but its effects on an individual can be quite unpredictable. This is especially the case with chronic pain medications. The processes by which pain develops in our system, and by which our system heals itself, are very complicated. If any one part of these processes changes, all processes and our whole system are affected. This can mean more pain and side effects. Oftentimes, chronic pain patients end up on a long list of drugs that all cause bad side effects on their own, cause worse side effects when combined, and leave the patient worse off in the long run. Regarding drugs, the best advice I can give is: “Proceed with caution.” Nature and time can be powerful healers, and I recommend, whenever possible, letting them work as they were intended to.

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