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Medium 9781847777973

The gate has five bars

Mimi Khalvati Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781933952376

14. Waterfall

George Barr Rocky Nook-IPS ePub

Taking the grand landscape and stuffing it into a small print

Alternatives to the post card

Capturing the feeling

There is a problem with photographing famous and beautiful locations. How the heck do you do justice to the scene? Think of it this way: if the image represents the scene and if it is pretty clear that you’d rather have the scene (i.e., be there) than the image, then what purpose has the image served? Other than as a reminder of places visited, people met, or simply a “wish you were here” message, there probably isn’t a point to the image.

This problem of image vs. being there is especially true in landscape photography. Would you rather have the spectacular sunset that surrounds you as you stand on the mountain peak, or would you prefer the photograph of it? This can apply to other kinds of photographs too. Would a grandparent prefer to see their grandchild doing something cute, or choose the photograph of him or her? Would you rather attend the football game or look at the pictures of it?

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Medium 9781741799507

Bruges & Western Flanders

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub


     Includes »

     Bruges (Brugge)


     Ostend (Oostende)



     De Panne Adinkerke

     Ypres (Ieper)

     Ypres Salient



     Ghent (Gent)

Belgians love this region for its extensive, if heavily commercialised, sandy beaches. But for foreigners it’s the fabulous medieval city centres, belfries and begijnhoven that really appeal. Bruges and Ghent top the bill, but even lesser-known towns such as Oudenaarde and Veurne retain wonderfully picturesque town squares. Ypres and Diksmuide are charming, too, and all the more extraordinary for having been meticulously rebuilt following WWI. Scars and souvenirs of the Great War remain poignant attractions in the surrounding countryside, which also grows hops for some of Belgium’s trademark beers. This is not a place of spectacular scenery. But even in brooding blankets of fog or howling February gales, the canalsides have a certain mesmerising charm.

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Medium 9781449314538

21. sFlow

Gary A. Donahue O'Reilly Media ePub

sFlow is an open source sampling tool that provides constant traffic flow information on all enabled interfaces simultaneously. sFlow data is sent from the switch by a process called an agent in sFlow parlance. The sFlow data is sent to a collector that usually formats the data into cool-looking charts and graphs while recording and reporting trends for use in diagnostics, troubleshooting, and analysis. sFlow is defined in RFC 3176, and because its an open source tool, there are many agents and collectors out there, some of which are free, and some of which cost tens of thousands of dollars. If youre thinking that this all sounds like Ciscos NetFlow, youre right, but sFlow is open source, while NetFlow is Cisco proprietary.

The agent within the switch samples packets from the data flows, and then forwards the headers of those sampled packets to the collector at regular intervals. The sampling is just that, a sample packet from the data flows and not a copy of every packet. The number of packets sampled from the total packets seen is called the sample rate, which can be configured with the default being about 1 in every 65,000 packets. These packets are stored and then sent to the collector at a configurable interval called the polling interval. The default polling interval is two seconds.

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Medium 9781576753484

12. Developing an Effective Level 1 Reaction Form: Duke Energy Corporation

Donald Kirkpatrick Berrett-Koehler Publishers PDF

Chapter 12

Developing an Effective Level 1

Reaction Form

Reaction forms come in all sizes and shapes.And the information generated may or may not be used to improve training programs.This case study describes a thorough process of developing a form to evaluate the significant aspects of the program. Emphasis is on items that relate directly to job performance and desired results.

Duke Energy Corporation

W. Derrick Allman,

Plan, Manage, and Procure Training Services,

Duke Energy Corporation, Charlotte, North Carolina

Duke Energy is a world leader in the development, collection, distribution, and production of energy-related services.The company conducts business in the global marketplace through national and international offices, having two primary corporate locations: Charlotte, North Carolina, and Houston, Texas. The company employs

23,000 individuals worldwide.

Evaluation processes at Duke Energy Corporation have taken many turns through the years. As we enter the era of aggressive competition in the energy services market, we are increasing our interest in determining the value that learning and development contribute to the business. An essential element in the valuation of learning and

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