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Medium 9780596102296

Exam 70-298 Practice Questions

Slice PDF May 28, 2014

New EFS features in Windows XP Pro and Windows Server 2003

• File sharing

• Easy key backup

• Works with WebDAV

• Works with Offline Folders and Files

• Has stronger encryption

Important EFS points

• Here are some other important EFS points:

— EFS works with WebDAV.

— EFS works with Offline Folders and Files (XP Pro and later).

— XP Pro and later supports EFS file sharing.

— The Cipher.exe command-line utility can be used to review EFSprotected files and their related certificates.

— Remote servers holding EFS-protected files need their server account enabled with the “Trusted for Delegation” option.

— EFS is strong file encryption. A data or key recovery plan must be tested and implemented before allowing users to use EFS.

Exam 70-298 Practice Questions

This section will test you on the previous concepts and familiarize you with the

Exam 70-298 testlet formats. Four testlet scenarios will be covered, each with 10 or more questions to answer.

Testlet #1: Temptation Winery


Temptation Winery operates several Napa Valley vineyards and a wine and wine accessory global distribution operation. The company recently acquired 15 new wineries and 6 new warehouses throughout North America. Temptation winery recently hired a new CEO, Tricia Lovell, a hands-on technology leader, to take them to the next level.

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Medium 9781591201489


Slice ePub May 23, 2014

by Jeffrey Stout, Ph.D.

The young athlete in your family has a competition this morning. She starts the day with a breakfast of cereal and milk and washes it down with a glass of orange juice. Thats the last time she has anything to eat or drink until halftime, when she has some water or a sports drink. Afterward, the players celebrate the games completion (and possibly their victory) with a snack, such as potato chips and soda.

Well, the breakfast wasnt bad, but everything your young athlete did or didnt do in terms of in-game and postgame nutrition decreased her ability to play well, increased the likelihood of injuries, and greatly limited her ability to recover from the physical stresses of the game. Dont feel bad. Few parents think beyond breakfast when it comes to sports nutrition, and coaches, particularly at the youth level, are often too busy to worry about nutrition during the game.

The nutrition young athletes take in before, during, and after games or practices is critical to their performance. There are three factors you should consider when refueling a young athlete. Just think of the three Rs: Rehydrate, Replenish, Recover.

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Medium 9780596009502

2. Working with Text

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Of course, your Web site is going to look great, but what's it going to say? In spite of all the fancy multimedia whirligigs out therelike digital video, audio, and Flash animationstext is still the lifeblood of the Web. Just ask your favorite search engine.

While FrontPage looks a lot like a word processing program, you'll soon find that you're not in Microsoft Word anymore. Sure, your cursor is plainly visible in the document window, typing is a breeze, and you can center text and italicize just like you always have. But something very different is going on behind the scenes. Your options for organizing text on the Web are more limited than they are in programs designed to produce printed pages.

The first thing you need to understand is that the choices you make in FrontPage don't always appear intact once your pages get out on the Web. Your viewer's Web browser ultimately determines the appearance of your Web pages. For example, if a visitor to your Web site doesn't have a special font you included on your page, her browser will replace it with another font. Because the browser's in charge, you never quite know how your text will display.

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Medium 9781601323279

Session - Security Education

Slice PDF December 17, 2014

Medium 9781576753255

2. The Challenge: Transferring Learning to Behavior

Slice PDF May 14, 2014

Chapter 2

The Challenge: Transferring

Learning to Behavior

I (Jim) began working for First Indiana Bank in 1997 after several years as a management and career consultant. My boss is Marni McKinney,

Chairman of First Indiana Bank and CEO of First Indiana Corporation. When I first started, she told me, “Jim, when you plan and conduct training, please make sure that participants find it worthwhile and want to come back for more.”

In 1998 she asked me, “How do you think our training is going? I surely hope people are not only enjoying it, but are learning something!” And in 2000 she said, “You know, our people are spending a lot of time in training. I would really like to know if they are able to apply what they are learning.”

Two years ago (2002), she said, “As you know, we have great responsibility to our shareholders to meet our financial goals for 2003 and beyond. I need to be able to see how training is impacting the bottom line. I don’t want people spending a lot of time away from their jobs in activities that are not directly contributing to positive results.”

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