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Medium 9781605093727

Step 4: Reframe the Experience

Slice ePub May 15, 2014
<p><em>“You are in charge of your own attitude—whatever others do or circumstances you face. The only person you can control is yourself</em>.”</p><p>—Marian Wright Edelman<br>Founder and President of Children’s<br>Defense Fund</p><p>Step Four is a turning point in your healing. With compassion as your partner, you reframe the situation from pain to gain by seeing the bigger picture surrounding the event, focusing on your choices and opportunities, and identifying the lessons you can learn. The gifts that come from healing are within your reach.</p><p>Reframing your perspective on a breach of trust—whether you were hurt or hurt someone else—can help you to see the greater purpose of this experience in your life.</p><p>It is as if you are on an archeological dig, only this is an exploration within yourself. You’ll go deep inside to seek wisdom through genuine inquiry. Through reframing, you are able to transform your experience of loss, fear, or vulnerability to a rite of passage. You will be able to use the hurt and pain as stepping-stones to professional and personal growth and renewal. Whether the betrayal was intentional or unintentional, you learn to listen to and trust in your Higher Self. You develop an understanding and respect for relationships and your trustworthiness deepens, allowing you to have a greater and deeper influence on others and on your workplace.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/175105-rebuilding-trust-in-the-workplace-seven-steps-to-renew-confidence-commitment-and-energy">See more</a>

Medium 9781576752975

Chapter 2: The Flame of Community: Refinding Our Place

Slice ePub May 14, 2014
<p> New Elder<br> Ruth Shapiro </p><p>When Dave’s dad died,his mom,Ruth,who had lived in the same house in Pittsburgh for over 30 years,decided it was time to move. This isn’t an uncommon reaction; major life changes like the death of a spouse often impel us to make changes in our living situation. What was somewhat unusual about Ruth’s decision was that she didn’t consider heading off to Florida or Arizona or any of the other “elder ghettos”as she calls them. Instead,she thought about what makes a place “home”for her. It certainly wasn’t warm weather or an “active elder lifestyle.”Rather,what she deemed important was family and independence. Also, having had to take care of her aging mother by long distance, Ruth was determined not to put her own kids into that same situation. When her own mom was in the last years of her life,Ruth was constantly shuttling between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati,where her mother lived.“I just didn’t want to put you and your sister through that,”she tells Dave.“It was all so unnecessary. The problem is,you know,that people are afraid to admit the obvious—that they’re going to die—and so don’t make the necessary preparations. For me,the solution was easy; since neither you nor your sister has any intention of returning to your childhood home,then I would come to you. If Mohammed won’t come to the mountain and all that.”</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/128711-claiming-your-place-at-the-fire-living-the-second-half-of-your-life-on-purpose">See more</a>

Medium 9781857548785

The Barring Arm

Slice PDF February 23, 2015

Medium 9781574412284


Slice PDF May 18, 2014
<p>CHAPTER 12</p><p>The Gulf Coast</p><p>Minutemen</p><p>July 1841</p><p>West Texas Rangers Captured</p><p>Stephen Dincans and his two fellow rangers found themselves on a very lonely vigil in a remote area of Texas. Members of Captain John Price’s Victoria rangers had gone into service on January 3, 1841, just days ahead of Jack Hays’ San Antonio rangers. His small ranger unit had scouted continually between the Guadalupe and Rio Grande rivers. During April, Price had established his ranging area around a good watering hole west of the Nueces River.</p><p>Captain Price had asked that each of his rangers equip themselves with three good horses while out in service. Dincans had done so, but he had since been forced to leave one of his horses just west of the Nueces, about thirty miles above Corpus Christi.</p><p>With his two remaining horses, Dincans and fellow rangers John</p><p>Blackwell and Thomas Lane were ordered to remain in camp in late April as the company rode back east for more provisions.</p><p>During the time that they were gone, however, the four-month service period which Price’s rangers had been authorized by the</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/615213-savage-frontier-volume-iii-1840-1841">See more</a>

Medium 9781449319274

6. Adding Links

Slice ePub September 01, 2014
<p> Linking to Pages on the Web </p><p> Linking Within Your Own Site </p><p>Linking to a specific point in a page</p><p> Mail Links </p><p> Targeting a New Browser Window </p><p>If you’re creating a page for the Web, chances are you’ll want it to point to other web pages and resources, whether on your own site or someone else’s. Linking, after all, is what the Web is all about. In this chapter, we’ll look at the markup that makes links work—links to other sites, to your own site, and within a page. There is one element that makes linking possible: the <strong>anchor</strong> (<strong><code>a</code></strong>).</p><p> <strong> <code>&lt;a&gt;...&lt;/a&gt;</code> </strong> </p><p> Anchor element (hypertext link) </p><p>To make a selection of text a link, simply wrap it in opening and closing <strong><code>&lt;a&gt;...&lt;/a&gt;</code></strong> tags and use the <strong><code>href</code></strong> attribute to provide the URL of the target page. The content of the anchor element becomes the hypertext link. Here is an example that creates a link to the O’Reilly Media website:</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/407325-learning-web-design-a-beginner-s-guide-to-html-css-javascript-and-web-graphics">See more</a>

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