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Medium 9781847770684

Sensation, from Rimbaud

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Like the dung of doves, strange dreams burn within

My mind. And at times, indeed, my heart overflows,

Like the sap of a tree which seeps out again and again.

My tears are thus, but I do not know why they arose.

After thirty or forty tankards, I rise to relieve

My great need. I have drunk too much, it is true.

Slowly, carefully, I pull myself to life.

Like a great god, I piss towards the new

Stars. The sky is higher than one can perceive.

Enormous flowers approve the act I do.

The Sly One, by Rimbaud

In the dark dining-room with its scent

Of polish and fruit, I was very heartily

Enjoying some Belgian food, and, to me, it meant

Pleasure, life given and accepted free.

As I ate, I listened to the gentle but imperious clock.

The door opened and a girl entered with the gust

Of wind. She certainly had not come in to mock

Or, indeed, to do her best to excite my lust.

Shaking, she passed her finger over her cheek –

Which was pink and white and quietly sleek;

Her mouth pouted, so much like that of a child.

She stood close to me, tidying away the dishes.

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Medium 9781449342753

9. Networking, JSON, XML, and Twitter

Vandad Nahavandipoor O'Reilly Media ePub

iOS apps, when connected to the Internet, become more lively. For example, imagine an app that brings high-quality wallpapers to its users. The user can pick from a big list of wallpapers and assign any of those images as his iOS background. Now consider an app that does the same thing, but adds to its list of wallpapers every day, week, or month. The user comes back to the app, and voil! Tons of new wallpapers are dynamically added to the app. That is the magic of web services and the Internet. This can easily be achieved with basic knowledge of networking, XML, JSON, and Twitter connectivity along with some creativity on the app developers part.

The iOS SDK allows us to connect to the Internet and retrieve and send data using the NSURLConnection class. JSON serialization and deserialization will all be done using the NSJSONSerialization class. XML parsing will be done using NSXMLParser, and the Twitter connectivity will be done using the Twitter framework.

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Medium 9781449319335

2. Getting Started

Edward Capriolo O'Reilly Media ePub

Lets install Hadoop and Hive on our personal workstation. This is a convenient way to learn and experiment with Hadoop. Then well discuss how to configure Hive for use on Hadoop clusters.

If you already use Amazon Web Services, the fastest path to setting up Hive for learning is to run a Hive-configured job flow on Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR). We discuss this option in Chapter21.

If you have access to a Hadoop cluster with Hive already installed, we encourage you to skim the first part of this chapter and pick up again at What Is Inside Hive?.

There are several ways you can install Hadoop and Hive. An easy way to install a complete Hadoop system, including Hive, is to download a preconfigured virtual machine (VM) that runs in VMWare[11] or VirtualBox[12]. For VMWare, either VMWare Player for Windows and Linux (free) or VMWare Fusion for Mac OS X (inexpensive) can be used. VirtualBox is free for all these platforms, and also Solaris.

The virtual machines use Linux as the operating system, which is currently the only recommended operating system for running Hadoop in production.[13]

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Medium 9781574412413

Chapter 18: Denouement of the WASP

Sarah Byrn Rickman University of North Texas Press PDF


Denouement of the WASP

ancy Love had known for some time that General Tunner was to be reassigned. He left Cincinnati to take command of the ATC’s Hump Operation in the China-Burma-India

Theater on August 1, 1944. Before he left, he wrote the following commendation for her: “I wish to express my appreciation for the loyal, devoted, and cooperative efforts which you have put forth in the interests of the Ferrying Division since 12

March 1942.”

Tunner emphasized that Love was responsible for the organization, supervision and operation of a unit for which there was no precedent in military annals, and which necessarily involved duties with which she was unfamiliar at the time. He noted that she devised policies and procedures that not only served the immediate present, but became a standard for similar organizations during succeeding years. He praised her work on his staff as Executive for WASP and her familiarity with the mission policies and operations of the Ferrying Division. He concluded with the following:

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Medium 9781550225778

70. The acidity of what bodily fluid is altered by food?

Dr. Joe Schwarcz ECW Press ePub

It all comes down to the fascinating little insect called dactylopius coccus.

When Hernn Cortz arrived in Mexico in 1518, he was intrigued by the beautifully colored Aztec fabrics he saw there. The source of the dye appeared to be seeds on the surface of certain cactus plants, but closer scrutiny revealed that they were not seeds at all. They were little bugs. Today, we know these insects as cochineal and the dye they yield as carmine. Montezuma, the Aztec king, was so fond of wearing robes made of carmine-dyed fabric that he imposed a tax upon his subjects to be paid in dried cochineal insects.

The pregnant female cochineal bug produces the brilliant red dye that became the first product ever exported from the New World to the Old. Soon, Europeans were dying their wool and silk with the insect extract. Maybe the most memorable use of cochineal was the bright scarlets for which the Gobelin tapestries of Paris became famous.

Producing the dye is not an easy business. The female insects, which feed on the red cactus berries and concentrate the dye in their bodies and in their larvae, are scraped off the cactus and dumped into hot water, where they instantly die. They are then dried in the sun and crushed into a powder, which is added to water or to a water-alcohol mixture. For fabrics, a mordant, such as alum, which binds the color to the material, is generally used. Carminic acid, the active coloring agent, is one of the safest existing dyes, and it is commonly used in foods and cosmetics. Candies, ice cream, beverages, yogurt, lipstick, and eye shadow can all be colored with cochineal.

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