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Medium 9780596101718

7. Operating System and Hardware Optimization

Schwartz, Baron O'Reilly Media ePub

Your MySQL server can perform only as well as its weakest link, and the operating system and hardware on which it runs are often limiting factors. The disk size, the available memory and CPU resources, the network, and the components that link them all limit the system's ultimate capacity.

In the earlier chapters, we concentrated on optimizing the MySQL server and your application. This kind of tuning is crucial, but you also need to consider your hardware and configure the operating system appropriately. For example, if your workload is I/O-bound, one approach is to design your application to minimize MySQL's I/O workload. However, it's often smarter to upgrade the I/O subsystem, install more memory, or reconfigure existing disks.

Hardware changes very rapidly, so we won't compare different products or mention particular components in this chapter. Instead, our goal is to give you a set of guidelines and approaches for solving hardware and operating system bottlenecks.

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Medium 9781741799811

San Francisco

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

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Get to know the world capital of weird from the inside out, from mural-lined alleyways named after poets to clothing-optional beaches on a former military base. But don’t be too quick to dismiss San Francisco’s wild ideas. Biotech, gay rights, personal computers, cable cars and organic fine dining were once considered outlandish too, before San Francisco introduced these underground ideas into the mainstream decades ago. San Francisco’s morning fog erases the boundaries between land and ocean, reality and infinite possibility.

Rules are never strictly followed here, but bliss is. Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz are entirely optional – San Franciscans mostly admire them from afar – leaving you free to pursue inspiration through Golden Gate Park, past flamboyantly painted Victorian homes and through Mission galleries. Just don’t be late for your sensational, sustainable dinner: in San Francisco, you can find happiness and eat it too.

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Medium 9781855751187

2. Psychology and Psycho-Analysis

Harry Guntrip Karnac Books ePub

THE development of psychology in general, and of psychoanalysis in particular, reveals an increasing degree of sociological orientation. Hartmann writes: ’Many schools of psychology have completely disregarded the individual’s social relationships. They speak of laws governing thought processes without taking into account the world to which thought refers: they speak of laws of affectivity, neglecting the objects of the emotions and the situations which provoked them. In other words, they do not take into account the concrete objects in relation to which the behaviour occurred, nor the roots of the behaviour in concrete life situations. This is due to their studying the individual as if he were completely isolated from the world of social phenomena. The phenomena of group psychology are, therefore, completely inaccessible to this type of psychological approach. Such a separation of the individual from the world in which he lives is completely artificial.’ (Psycho-analysis and Sociology, Lorand, 1948, pp. 326-7.)

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Medium 9781565923065

2. Basics of Program Writing

Steve Oualline O'Reilly Media ePub

The first and most important thing of all, at least for writers today, is to strip language clean, to lay it bare down to the bone.

Programs start as a set of instructions written by a human being. Before they can be used by the computer, they must undergo several transformations. In this chapter, well learn how to enter a program, transform it into something the machine can use, and run it. Detailed steps are provided for the most popular UNIX and DOS/Windows compilers.

C programs are written in a high-level language using letters, numbers, and the other symbols you find on a computer keyboard. Computers actually execute a very low-level language called machine code (a series of numbers). So, before a program level can be used, it must undergo several transformations.

Programs start out as an idea in a programmers head. He uses a text editor to write his thoughts into a file called a source file, containing source code. This file is transformed by the compiler into an object file. Next, a program called the linker takes the object file, combines it with predefined routines from a standard library, and produces an executable program (a set of machine-language instructions). In the following sections, well see how these various forms of the program work together to produce the final program.

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Medium 9781742208725

Venetian Artistry

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Venetians have been working in crystal and glass since the 10th century, though fire hazards prompted the move of the city’s furnaces to Murano in the 13th century. Trade secrets were so closely guarded that any glass-worker who left the city was considered guilty of treason. By the 15th century Murano glass-makers were setting standards that couldn’t be equalled anywhere in the world. They monopolised the manufacture of mirrors for centuries, and in the 17th century their skill at producing jewel-bright crystal led to a ban on the production of false gems out of glass. For a short course in Murano’s masterly skill, head to the Museo del Vetro (Click here ).

Today, along Murano’s Fondamenta dei Vetrai, centuries of tradition are upheld in Cesare Toffolo’s winged goblets and Davide Penso’s lampworked glass beads, while striking modern glass designs by Nason Moretti at ElleElle, Marina e Susanna Sent and Venini keep the tradition moving forward.

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