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Medium 9781780421162

François Villon

Source: Chaussures
Slice PDF June 08, 2014

Medium 9780870819261

The Flat Earth Society

Slice ePub October 05, 2013
<p>W<small>HEN</small> A<small>MOS</small> C<small>UMMINGS LEFT</small> S<small>T</small>. L<small>OUIS</small>, he next traveled to Kansas City, Missouri. He probably was there on Sunday, May 25, 1873, perhaps only for a few hours while changing trains. There is little information about the city in his article “Over the Kansas Plains.”</p><p>Kansas City had been a relatively small city until 1869, when a railroad bridge was built across the Missouri River, tying the town to outside markets and awakening the populace to a new future. By 1873 Kansas City already was developing a meatpacking industry that eventually would be second only to Chicago’s. In 1870, Kansas City’s population was just over 32,000. Four years later Cummings gave the figure as 40,000.</p><p>T<small>HE</small> K<small>ANSAS</small> C<small>ITY</small> B<small>RIDGE IN 1869</small>. (F<small>RONTISPIECE IN</small> C<small>HANUTE AND</small> M<small>ORISON</small>, <em>T<small>HE</small> K<small>ANSAS</small> C<small>ITY</small> B<small>RIDGE</small></em>)</p><p>Leaving Kansas City aboard the Kansas Pacific Railroad, the Cummingses traversed the Great Plains on their way to Denver. Throughout his trip, Cummings’s journalistic modus operandi was to gather information by observing and talking with people, including, if he could find them, local newspaper editors. Although there were none of the latter on the train, Amos still found plenty to see and write about, both inside the railroad cars and out.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/362308-a-remarkable-curiosity">See more</a>

Medium 9781576754801


Slice ePub May 15, 2014
<p> <b>T</b>he most powerful tools to advance the well-being of our relationships, families, and communities are our love and the vision we develop of what is possible. We can create relationships of powerful mutual support. We can transform family life from complacent disconnection to purposeful enthusiasm that inspires change. We can develop communities to become a movement for cultural transformation and corporate accountability. </p><p> The prior chapters spoke to the philosophy of family activism, key definitions, guiding principles, and the commitments that comprise the <i>Familia</i> Approach. Before I present the actual tools involved in my approach to family activism, I want to introduce a vision of possibility by sharing the story of how family activism contributed to the transformation of my family. Not that we have become a model of the ultimate caring family, yet we were able to move from a state of dysfunction to become a true <i>familia</i>, taking good care of each other while contributing much love to our multiple communities. </p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/128595-family-activism-empowering-your-community-beginning-with-family-and-friends">See more</a>

Medium 9781576337769

Algebraic Fractions: SAT Math I Algebra

Slice ePub July 07, 2014

Medium 9781591202806


Slice ePub January 08, 2014
<p>AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound), a registered trademark of Amino Up Chemical Co. Ltd., is a mushroom-based functional food developed through joint research by Professor Toshihiko Okamoto in the Department of Pharmacology, Tokyo University, and Amino Up Chemical Co. Ltd. It was developed as a food product that could be used as a therapeutic aid for lifestyle-related diseases, including liver diseases and diabetes, in particular, and its creators had high expectations for its use in supporting immunity in cancer patients. The high expectations of the developers of this product have been fulfilled beyond their greatest hopes.</p><p>In Japan, health foods—also called <em>functional foods, dietary supplements,</em> and <em>supplements</em>—fall under the category of <em>foods</em> but these names do not reflect the beneficial nature of these products. AHCC can be said to have achieved the pharmacological and medical reliability of a pharmaceutical product, based on the profusion of research on its pharmacological action as well as the controlled clinical trials and informal studies carried out in cooperation with numerous doctors, clinics, hospitals, and universities. It could be called an <em>immunostimulating food,</em> which would be a unique category of functional food. It strengthens the immune system, and therefore bolsters the physiology of the whole body.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/613867-ahcc-the-medical-breakthrough-in-natural-immunotherapy">See more</a>

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