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Medium 9781574412925

Chapter 4. Operation Putnam Wildcat

James T. Gillam University of North Texas Press PDF


Operation Putnam Wildcat

November 1, 1969, to January 18, 1970

In September 1969 when I heard of Ho Chi Minh’s death, I naively predicted that I would not go to Vietnam or, if I did go, I would be home for the holidays. Clearly, I had no understanding of the martyr effect on political movements or the barest appreciation of the strength of Vietnamese nationalism. So, I ended up in Vietnam and joined B Company, 1st Battalion of the 22nd

Infantry Regiment while it was shifted back and forth between

Operations Putnam Tiger and Putnam Panther.

When Operations Putnam Tiger and Panther ended, I had been in Vietnam for a month. It was an adjustment period during which I experienced most of the things common to infantry duty in Vietnam for the first time. I got mortared several times, and I learned to despise the random death of the explosions and the helplessness while waiting for the enemy to run out of shells.

I heard that I had lost friends with whom I trained in the States. I cleared away dead bodies after a firefight, and then I went on my first combat patrols. I survived the first of many combat assaults, and I also killed a man face to face for the first time. A few days after that, I planned and carried out an ambush that killed five more men. I was also shot for the first time.

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Level 2: High School_C-D: SAT Commonly Confused Words

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781934009529

Chapter 7: Formative Assessment Tools: Real Time and Real Fast

Kay Burke Solution Tree Press ePub

Many instructional strategies also serve as formative assessments. They provide immediate feedback to teachers so that they can adjust their instruction and quickly implement appropriate interventions to clarify misunderstandings before students score poorly on summative assessments and final evaluations.

Formative assessments provide specific standards-based feedback that leads to improved student achievement. By using a variety of assessment tools to monitor students’ progress toward meeting curriculum goals and state standards, teachers assess where students are and then make effective and immediate decisions about what to do next to help struggling learners and to challenge accelerated learners.

According to Hoover (2009, p. 24), the assessment of struggling learners used to focus on “attempting to identify potential ‘deficits’ within the learner while simultaneously assuming that lack of progress toward academic or social-emotional benchmarks or objectives was predominately due to something going on ‘within’ the learner.” Under this “deficit assessment model,” students could go on for “two or three years struggling in learning before concentrated attention was paid to their needs” (Hoover, 2009, p. 25). Today, however, under the response to intervention (RTI) model, there is “an emphasis on proper instruction first,” along with “frequent assessments or progress monitoring” (p. 25) to ensure timely interventions.

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Blues for Titania

R. F. Langley Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781780426709


Patrick Bade Parkstone International PDF

Entourée d’un tissu qui suit une ligne abrupte dans le dos, elle semble assise sur une chaise à dossier droit, portée par des personnages situés en dessous d’elle. C’est l’image du dernier grand espoir de l’humanité porté par ces autres femmes.

Lorsque Klimt mourut, il n’y eut pas moins de quatorze demandes en paternité pour des enfants “illégitimes”. Trois seulement furent confirmées légalement : deux pour les enfants de Marie Zimmerman et une pour celui de Maria Ucicky (Ce fils, prénommé Gustav en hommage à son père, devint réalisateur de films). On estime généralement que Klimt avait des relations sexuelles avec tous ses modèles. En tous cas, il se montrait d’une grande générosité envers elles. Qui sait si la représentation de ces grossesses n’a pas un lien direct avec le peintre lui-même ? Une réponse positive permettrait une autre interprétation du regard d’Herma dans l’Espoir I : un air de reproche, ou peut-être d’ironie.


Dans une pièce adjacente à son atelier, des jeunes femmes attendent constamment le bon vouloir du peintre. Cette disponibilité lui permet de les peindre quand il le désire. Franz

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