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Medium 9781883217129

Chapter 42 A Tale of Two Pianists

Music, SHER Sher Music ePub

A Tale of Two Pianists

Pete and Roger lived next door to each other. Jazz was constantly in the air at Pete’s household. His parents played instruments and encouraged Pete’s interest in music, starting him with piano lessons at age five. He learned to play jazz by imitating what he heard on recordings and quickly developed his ear to a very high level. He studied theory but it seemed dry to him because he was already able to assimilate the sounds that he heard—the sounds that the theory described.

Pete could play like Jelly Roll, Tatum, Monk, Powell, Evans, Garner, Peterson and others. He was a walking compendium of jazz piano history. If there was a problem, it was that he sounded generic. Eventually a kind of internal logic kicked in, and Pete began to create sounds that, while derived from the musicians he’d heard, didn’t sound specifically like any of them. He seemed to have found his own voice.

Roger, on the other hand, heard only pop and rock at home, and neither of his parents played an instrument. Roger hung out with his friends and gave little thought to his future. Eventually he went to college and majored in communications. He was a bright kid but lacked passion for his chosen major.

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Medium 9781857548679

Tuning Your Cello

Linda Chase Carcanet PDF
Medium 9781885635150

The Gallery’s

Zach Savich Center for Literary Publishing ePub

for David Bartone

A ladder built into the exterior of a truck,
all anything does is confide, every morning

beginning now, decency its own kind
of constitution, each step onto a balcony or

from a café with little outdoor seating,
not counting the city. “What year

is that from,” the mother says. “First century
AD,” says her son. “But that’s a hundred


for Jeff Downey

We proceed by pattern and anomaly, had
no money but lived above a bakery

and a florist, just-aged flowers free
in a trough. I liked how you called the street

I always take “the secret way,” two fingers
held to a passing dog.

for Hilary Plum

We go to the cinema merely
for the light, view of alleys

from a balcony, to be in
the world and it is mythic:

zinnia market in the churchyard,
onions in mesh, daylit moon

a watermark on foreign currency.


I sang: Tell me of the heart which exists
in which to continue is not
to confine


Then dreamed I sang so loudly, I woke
myself singing

The cygnets’ feet were lost in snow

The cygnets were lovely because footless

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Medium 9781936111343

Manifesto Principle 6: Crack the Feedback Code

Matt Murdoch Treion Muller FranklinCovey Publishing ePub

We’ve tolerated and nurtured the webinar as it is for years. We’ve made some real advances and done some very cool things. But we still have a long way to go. We don’t believe that webinars can continue to evolve incrementally, like some single-celled amoeba waiting another million years to get closer to the edge of the ooze and start growing some legs. And so we’re declaring war on bad webinars, and we want you to join us. We want you to join us in committing to KEEP doing the things that work and STOP doing the things that don’t work, that never worked…THAT NEVER WILL WORK.

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Medium 9780596157036

9. The Network's Green Factor

Sarah Sorensen O'Reilly Media ePub

It's not easy being green.

Being green often comes with complications. No one is nave enough to think that all this connectivity doesn't have an impact. It most certainly does; in fact, Gartner estimated the impact of the information and communications technology (ICT) sector at 2% of the world's CO2 emissions,[103] while others place it at 3%. To put it in perspective, over the past couple of years, ICT, of which the network is a key component, has overtaken the emissions generated via the airline industry. That means there are more emissions from the ICT sector than all the airlines and jet fuel and vapor trails in the sky! That represents plenty of opportunity for improvement and a call to action for the industry to clean up inefficiencies and reduce consumption (a challenge that will be covered in subsequent chapters). But the underlying question still remains: is the network sustainable? Can the network help save the world and simultaneously save itself? As Kermit the Frog would vouch, it's never easy.

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