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Rowan Williams Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
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Karnataka & Bengaluru

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Karnataka Bengaluru

Blessed with a diverse geography that takes the highlights from its encompassing states and mixes it in with its own charms, Karnataka is an intoxicating cocktail that is quintessential India. It’s a winning blend of palaces, beaches, banana groves, tiger reserves, ancient ruins and legendary hangouts.

At its nerve centre is the silicon-capital Bengaluru (Bangalore), overfed with the good life. Scattered around the epicurean city are rolling hills rife with spice and coffee plantations, the regal splendour of Mysore and jungles teeming with monkeys, tigers and Asia’s biggest population of elephants.

If that all sounds too mainstream, head to the counter-cultural enclave of tranquil Hampi with hammocks, psychedelic sunsets and boulder-strewn ruins. Or the blissful beaches of Gokarna, a beach haven minus the doof doof. Or better yet, leave the tourists behind entirely and take a journey to stunning Islamic ruins of northern Karnataka.

Jan The best season to watch tigers and elephants in Karnataka’s pristine national parks.

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Susan Helen Wallace Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub

“The blood transfusion is over, Teresina,” Gianna said softly as she stroked the woman’s hand. “How are you feeling?”

“A little better,” the twenty-seven-year-old patient answered feebly.

Gianna turned away in order to hide her own sorrow. Teresina was dying of nephritis, a progressive kidney disease. There was nothing more she could do other than keep her comfortable. Just then, a concerned-looking visitor slipped quietly into the hospital room. “I’m her brother,” he whispered to Gianna, “Pietro Molla.” The doctor nodded and smiled. “Thank you for coming,” she whispered back.

Teresina died a few days later. But Pietro never forgot the doctor who had attended her with unusual kindness and concern. Thinking back, he realized that he had actually met Gianna once before. It was at Dr. Ferdinando Beretta’s office where he had gone for an appointment. Noticing Pietro gazing at her, one of the waiting patients had remarked in a low voice, “Dr. Ferdinando is fortunate to have such a fine sister, such an approachable and caring young doctor.”

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Part II: The Evidence



I begin reviewing the evidence for two minds with the work of Roger Sperry and his colleagues into the effects of dividing the human brain by cutting the corpus callosum. As well as showing that patients who have undergone this operation show all the features of mind whichever half of the brain is being tested, this research also provides information about differences between the hemispheres that can be used to understand some of the behaviour of those of us with intact brains.

I suggest some answers to questions raised by split-brain research, before turning to evidence of two minds in the intact brain. I start with two experimental results that can best be explained by behaviour being initiated by the R-mind, unbeknown to the L-mind. I then examine two situations in which there is a clear division: in one case in memory and in the other in attention. Both can best be explained by the presence of two minds, with separate memories and separate consciousness.

I examine the relationship between consciousness and sleep, finding evidence of the L-mind at work during dreaming and the R-mind in control of sleepwalking. I set out the evidence for basic emotions, their role in the R-mind, and the subsequent involvement of the L-mind. I end this part by suggesting that the presence of two minds provides the best explanation for self-deception.

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Joshua Paul O'Reilly Media PDF

Chapter 4




Hacks 39–50

Editing can be one of the most exhilarating aspects of a digital video project.

It is also one of the most technically involved and, therefore, most error prone.



Digicam Movie Editing Made Easy

Hack #39

Almost all point-and-shoot digicams capture video footage in addition to still photos. But how do your turn those short snippets into your own personal movie?

If it comes down to a choice between bringing along a camcorder or a digital camera, I’m going to choose the camera. Even though I enjoy shooting video, I like still photos even more. Plus, digital cameras are smaller, and managing pictures is easier than dealing with hours of video.

But there are times when I also want to capture a few snippets of video. Certain special events—such as a speech at a wedding, a greeting from an old friend, or a child’s first steps—are communicated better with moving pictures and sound. Fortunately for us, most digital cameras have a respectable

Movie mode, and some even have great ones.

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