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Medium 9781616514082

Managing Time-Spending Time

Slice PDF January 11, 2001

21CLM_B1_ i-iv,001-052_AppMath_B1_ i-iv,001-052 11/5/10 8:48 AM Page 50

2. The table shows the number of hours Grant practices the flute each day.













a. Monday’s hours are what percent of the total number of hours? b. What is the mean number of hours he practices each day during this six-day period?

Answer: a._______________________

b. ________________________

3. Luce earns $75 an hour. She pays the plumber $62 an hour, even though she knows how to fix the plumbing. How much more is her hourly pay than the plumbers?

A $1.20

B $6.50

C $10

D $13

4. David visited the home improvements store 45 times in 1999 and

54 times in 2002. What is the percent of increase in the number of times that David visited the home improvements store from

1999 to 2002? To find percent of increase, divide the amount of change by the original amount. Write a math sentence to find the percent of increase.

Answer: Percent of increase = ( ____ – ____ ) ÷ ____ × 100, OR

Percent of increase = __________

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Medium 9781855756373

Chapter Three - Intergenerational Transmission of Massive Trauma: The Holocaust

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Adah Sachs

My baby was born ill and lacerated
And tiny as the palm of my hand.
And when he cried, grandpa told me to nurse him,
my little baby,
only his lips weren't sick.
My little baby was born ill and wounded:
I've always known, something
is sick
inside me, someone

—Anon., poem by a second-generation Holocaust survivor, 1985

Ruben, fifty-four, is a famous chef and a “wild character”. He is obese, a heavy smoker, and a reckless driver. Despite his high earnings, he is often in debt. He is twice divorced.

Gabriel, aged fifty-five, still lives with his parents. He is single, and has a very promiscuous lifestyle “on principle” (to use his own words).

Daphna, fifty-two, is an unusually beautiful woman. She is a consultant at a teaching hospital, specialising in HIV and AIDS. She is a single mum.

David, a bright man of fifty-five, is chronically unsuccessful at his work. He is single.

Lea and Josh, forty-eight, are married and have three children. They both suffer from depression, and largely depend on the help of their ageing parents to support their family.

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Medium 9781855752795

3. The person

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Talk rot by all means, but do it in your own way, and I’ll be ready to kiss you for it. For to talk nonsense in your own way is a damn sight better than talking sense in someone else’s; in the first case, you’re a man; in the second you’re nothing but a magpie.

Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment. (1978, p. 219)

We come now to a difficult question, but one that it is necessary to solve, at least provisionally. We have put emotional activity at the centre of our understanding, but who is the author of emotional activity?

The sense we get from the chapter on the jelly (Chapter 8) is that there is no integrated author of emotional action, that the intensifiers are hated and expelled in a reactive way, and that this is in tandem with an unintegrated state. But this very way of talking suggests that there is an alternative state where action proceeds from an integrated centre. What has been said about freedom implies a creative act issuing from a centre. Findings from psychoanalysis also suggest that health and sanity come from reintegrating split-off parts of the self, the implication being that wholeness of parts is a goal to be aimed at.

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Medium 9781449319243

20. Drawing with the 2D API

Source: Learning Java
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The classes youll use for drawing come from six packages: java.awt, java.awt.color, java.awt.font, java.awt.geom, java.awt.image, and java.awt.print. Collectively, these classes make up most of the 2D API and cover the drawing of shapes, text, and images. Figure20-1 shows a birds-eye view of these classes. Theres much more in the 2D API than we can cover in two chapters. For a full treatment, see Jonathan Knudsens Java 2D Graphics (OReilly).

An instance of java.awt.Graphics2D is called a graphics context. It represents a drawing surfacesuch as a components display area, a page on a printer, or an offscreen image buffer. A graphics context provides methods for drawing three kinds of graphics objects: shapes, text, and images. Graphics2D is called a graphics context because it also holds contextual information about the drawing area. This information includes the drawing areas clipping region, painting color, transfer mode, text font, and geometric transformation. If you consider the drawing area to be a painters canvas, you might think of a graphics context as an easel that holds a set of tools and marks off the work area.

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Medium 9780596101237

Introducing Windows Server 2003

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Chapter 1


Introducing Windows Server 2003

It all started with Windows NT, Microsoft’s first serious entry into the network server market. Versions 3.1 and 3.5 of Windows NT didn’t garner very much attention in a NetWare-dominated world because they were sluggish and refused to play well with others. Along came Windows NT 4.0, which used the new Windows 95 interface (revolutionary only to those who didn’t recognize Apple’s Macintosh OS user interface) to put a friendlier face on some simple yet fundamental architectural improvements. With Version 4.0, larger organizations saw that Microsoft was serious about entering the enterprise computing market, even if the product currently being offered was still limited in scalability and availability. For one, Microsoft made concessions to NetWare users, giving them an easy way to integrate with a new NT network. The company also included a revised security feature set, including finely grained permissions and domains, which signified Microsoft considered enterprise computing an important part of Windows.

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