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Medium 9781565926745

26. Using Java with PL/SQL

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

One of Oracle8is major new features is the ability to store and execute Java programs inside the database, giving Oracle developers another server-side development language (the first language, of course, is PL/SQL). These Java stored procedures (JSPs) open up a whole new realm of potential applications. For example, developers can use the Java networking classes to allow their database applications to communicate directly with network applications, such as a web server, on other computers.

Fortunately for us, Oracle has made PL/SQL and Java interoperable, allowing PL/SQL developers to call JSPs and Java developers to call PL/SQL stored procedures. This chapter tests your ability to define PL/SQL wrappers that allow you to call JSPs within PL/SQL.


Oracle8is Java Virtual Machine is called:







True or false?

Java performance stinks because you have to download an applet across the network.

You must know Java to take advantage of it in Oracle8i.

You can call Java-stored procedures from a variety of clients, including SQL, PL/SQL, Java applets, Pro*C, Visual Basic, and Oracle Forms.

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Medium 9781927068304

Der Schoener Mann

Slice ePub March 18, 2015


For much of my young life, Grandpa Karl Gliege was my best friend. One of my first memories is of being carried in his arms at nightfall as he sang Gute Nacht, gute Nacht, wieder ist ein Tag vollbracht: Good night, good night, again day takes its flight. I remember riding a train with him the ten miles from Laird to Carlton and back — steam locomotive ahead, coal car, a few boxcars, a single passenger car and caboose behind. I remember him sitting in the doorway of his workshop whittling in the afternoon sun, and calling me to him; how the thick nail of his index finger coaxed a quarter from the Geldbeutel that appeared from his overalls so I could get two Pepsis for us from the store, the leftover nickel buying me a Jersey Milk chocolate bar — always a Jersey Milk. I remember the buffalo hide hanging over the rafters of the car shed, left over from the days of covered sleighs. Grandpa had built seventy-eight sleighs in his workshop by the time he retired.

He died on the week I finished high school. I lay in bed that night and implored God to say hello to him from me.

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Medium 9781781609330

The Belgian Pavilion

Source: Art Nouveau
Slice ePub May 26, 2014

Medium 9780890515372

14. Can Creationists Be "Real" Scientists?

Slice ePub June 11, 2014

Medium 9780819875099

The Real World

Slice PDF August 31, 2014

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