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Medium 9781576753415

6. Constructing a Performance Improvement Proposal

Slice PDF May 14, 2014
<p>6</p><p>Constructing a Performance</p><p>Improvement Proposal</p><p>Process of Constructing a Performance Improvement Proposal</p><p>Elements of a Performance Improvement Proposal</p><p>Process of Assessing Financial Benefits</p><p>Sample Performance Improvement Proposal</p><p>Conclusion</p><p>O</p><p>rganizational specialists in areas like product research, marketing, and sales maintain their vital contributions to the organization by developing plans of action to improve organizational performance, by gaining approval for their plans, and then by carrying out the plans.</p><p>Human resource development, quality improvement, reengineering, and performance technology specialists should act no differently. For this reason, an important outcome of a performance diagnosis is a formal performance improvement proposal. The proposal provides an overview of the performance gap, an analysis of the performance variables, intervention options and recommendations, and forecasted benefits. The purpose of this chapter is to help you gain organizational approval for your performance improvement intervention.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/128598-analysis-for-improving-performance-tools-for-diagnosing-organizations-and-documenting-workplace-expertise">See more</a>

Medium 9781576753712

4 Business networking for local value

Slice ePub May 15, 2014
<p> It’s likely that one reason you’ve chosen to become an entrepreneur is to be free and independent, but when you open a business, you’re actually joining a network of literally thousands of interdependent businesses. Not only are the partnerships we form within this network critical to our success and the longevity of our businesses, but they also present tremendous opportunities to grow local value. </p><p> The three basic categories of businesses that you can form partnerships with are businesses traditionally referred to as vendors or suppliers, businesses in your industry, and local businesses in your community. </p><p> If you run a grocery store, hardware store, or other retail establishment, you are dependent on the companies that supply you with the products you sell. If you are a manufacturer, you rely on suppliers, distributors, and retailers. Even if you own a software company, you require the support of companies that construct computers as well as those that market and package your product. </p><p> In some companies the relationships with vendors are perhaps less obvious, but no less important, and include insurance agents, HMOs, and janitorial services. When these relationships work, your business can focus its time and energy on upgrading existing products, creating new products, and improving customer service. When these relationships don’t work, doing business can be problematic. In extreme cases, poor vendor relationships can actually bring down a business. For example, a poor relationship with an insurance agent can mean not having an appropriate policy when dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane. </p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/128712-growing-local-value-how-to-build-business-partnerships-that-strengthen-your-community">See more</a>

Medium 9781855759237

Chapter Nine - Conclusion

Slice ePub May 26, 2014
<p> <i>CHAPTER NINE</i> </p><p>Conclusion</p><p>“What do we know ourselves, how do we remember, and what is it we find in the end?”</p><p>Sebald, 2001, p. 287</p><p>The central question I have been asking throughout this book is, why have siblings been relegated to a peripheral place in the psychoanalytic inner world? One answer to the question lies in the prominent position that psychoanalytic theory has placed upon Freud's Oedipus complex. As I pursued the question further, I became aware of the personal way in which siblings were thought about, by such theorists as Freud and Klein. This led me to suggest that the Freudian proposal, of the universality of the rivalrous nature of sibling relationships, should be tempered with the idea that psychoanalysis might be conceived of as the theorization of autobiography.</p><p>I ended the last chapter with the argument that if we believe that the primary emotion siblings have towards each other is one of murderous wishes, we are forced into thinking that any other emotions they might have towards each other are displaced or “second editions” (Colonna &amp; Newman, 1983). Mitchell's <i>Mad Men &amp; Medusa</i> (2000) re-addresses the powerful impact that siblings have upon emotional development, but I find her view is too restricting. I argued that her deeply held Freudian beliefs lead her back to the <i>essentialist</i> position, in which siblings are again reduced to hated rivals. I agree that the birth of a sibling can herald a catastrophic and murderous reaction, but it does not follow that the intrinsic nature of sibling relationships is predicated upon displacement. For instance, a second child comes into a very different world to a first child. In the examples of George Eliot, Melanie Klein, the war-orphaned children from Theresienstadt, and my work with some of my patients, they express loving feelings towards their siblings/peers, and these feelings play a significant part in the structure of the psyche.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/260126-the-importance-of-sibling-relationships-in-psychoanalysis">See more</a>

Medium 9781935543589

Appendix A Reproducibles

Slice ePub September 09, 2014
<p>APPENDIX A</p><p>REPRODUCIBLES</p><p>The following reproducibles will greatly assist you as you move toward enhancing your school’s overall science program. They will serve as guides and foundational elements to improve instruction, evaluate curricular materials, comprehensively assess the program, and analyze the impact of professional development initiatives.</p><p> <strong>Evaluating Science Curricular Materials</strong> </p><p>This tool is designed to assist school administrators to collect information from teachers, parents, and other interested stakeholders on possible new science curricular materials. For each of the following statements, please indicate (1) the extent to which you think the new resource meets each criterion—not at all, somewhat, or definitely—and (2) the level at which current curricular materials that the school already possesses meet each criterion—rarely, somewhat, or mostly—by circling one of the three numbers on the right-hand side. Resources that receive the highest scores should be considered for adoption.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/329653-what-principals-need-to-know-about-teaching-and-learning-science">See more</a>

Medium 9781591202455

15. Giving Sorrow Words

Slice ePub July 14, 2014
<p> <i>Give sorrow words. The grief that does not speak,<br>knits up the o’er wrought heart and bids it break.</i> </p><p>—W<small>ILLIAM</small> S<small>HAKESPEARE</small>(1564—1616)</p><p>I came to know Sara as a person as delicate as a recently freed butterfly—and about as ill-prepared to face harsh Nature.</p><p>After Sara was sent back to live with her mother, this once placid child was “impossible to manage.” She had frequent temper tantrums and her mother either threw cold water on her or beat her. Eager to get some rest, her mother occasionally sent Sara to visit her uncle, the husband of the deceased aunt. Although Sara was never certain, she thinks he sexually abused her.</p><p>During Sara’s preteen years, she developed eating difficulties. Her appetite became ravenous and almost impossible to control.</p><p>She said, “There must be something genetic in my craving for sweets. People on both sides of my family crave sweets. Once I saw one of my uncles eat a gallon of ice cream at one sitting.”</p><p>“Did you mean to say a pint or a quart of ice cream?” I asked Sara.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/732373-lifting-your-depression">See more</a>

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