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Medium 9781615424054

Appendix A: Apple TV and Wi-Fi

Fleishman, Glenn TidBITS ePub

The nifty 2nd-generation Apple TV, released in 2010, acts as a conduit for streaming content from devices onyour network to an HDTV set. You can also use the Apple TV torentmovies and TV shows, stream Netflix movies, watch games from, and access other video sources over theInternet. The 3rd-generation Apple TV works in the same way, but adds support for 1080p HD video.

In this chapter, I cover how to set up your network for a 2nd- and 3rd- generation Apple TV, which makes it available for use on the network and as a mirroring destination from some Macs and a destination from iTunes generally on a Mac, as well as for AirPlay from iOS devices.

Cheap music: The AirPort Express is a great alternative to the Apple TV for transferring just audio over your network. You can connect to an Express wirelessly or via Ethernet on an 802.11n network with no problems.

The Apple TV has 802.11n built in and can use the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, just like any 802.11n-savvy Mac. It has just 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, not gigabit Ethernet, which after nearly five years and two product generations, remains peculiar for a device intended to receive a lotof data.

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Medium 9781591202721

5. Graded Aesthetic Enhancement

Simpson M.D., Graham Basic Health Publications ePub

Research indicates that the effects of chronic, low-grade invisible inflammation is at the basis of aging and age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and autoimmune disease—and even wrinkled, sagging skin.


WHILE MANY WOMEN SEEK SMOOTH, WRINKLE-FREE SKIN, men typically prefer a clean, fresh appearance that retains the ruggedness that adds character and masculinity to the male face. Therefore, the approach to aesthetic enhancement must be gender specific. Men may wish to eliminate the factors that make them look old, tired, or angry but preserve the features that define masculinity. Male-specific aesthetics may include use of Botox, fillers, and skin surface improvements with dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. Hair restoration and body contouring are additional aesthetic procedures frequently sought by men.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, comprising 15 percent of the total body weight. It consists of three distinct layers—the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous fat layer. The epidermis is the outermost layer of skin. It is a tenth of 1 millimeter thick (half of the thickness of a sheet of paper). The major purpose of the epidermis is to form the stratum corneum, a layer of dead cells that acts as a barrier between the body and the environment. Essentially, it helps prevent water loss and is resistant to chemical, physical, and bacterial insults.

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Medium 9781617147067


Sarah Tieck Big Buddy Books PDF
Medium 9780596519186

Users, Groups, Events, Networks, and Applications

Jesse Stay O'Reilly Media ePub


Renders the name of the specified user. With various attributes you can customize how that name is displayed.

The ID of the user whose name you would like to display. loggedinuser displays the name of the user viewing the profile, whereas profileowner can be used to display the name of the owner of the profile being viewed.

If true, displays just the first name of the user.

If true, links the name to the listed users profile.

If true, displays just the last name of the user.

If true, makes the name possessive (adds s to the name, turning Jesse into Jesses).

If true, and useyou is true, turns the pronoun you into yourself.

If true, and an actual Facebook ID other than profileowner or loggedinuser is used, the name will display the users network in parentheses to the right of the name (see the example for this tag).

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Medium 9781855754324

Being (Continuity of)

Jan Abram Karnac Books ePub

1   The centre of gravity

2   The true incommunicado self

3   Creative apperception

4   Being and the female element

5   What life is all about

T he continuity of being may be described as a state or feeling that comes about as a result of the infant's subjective experience of being merged with a good-enough mother. Winnicott also describes this sense of “being” as the “centre of gravity”, which has to occur in the very early weeks of the infant's state of absolute dependence and is only possible if the mother is in a state of primary maternal preoccupation.

Being belongs to the true self and the inherited potential. Being is linked with unintegration, which is the precursor of the ability to relax and enjoy. The ability to “be” derives from the experience of a holding environment at the very start. From the experience of “being” can develop the capacity to “live creatively” and “play”, which are aspects of integration and lead on to doing.

Winnicott places the experience of “being” with the female element—and he also states that, at the heart of being, culture is located.

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