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CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The conceptual space of psychoanalysis

Veikko Tahka Karnac Books ePub

Simo Salonen

Psychoanalytic understanding takes place in a conceptual space that was created by Freud’s scientific vision. Instead of being exhausted by time, the creative potential of this space still generates lively discussion and informs psychoanalytical thought. In fact, it is striking to realize how often new psychoanalytic discoveries and contemporary theoretical formulations are traceable to Freud’s original insights, as if they had already been, implicitly, embedded in his scientific vision.

The metapsychological points of view form the classical dimensions of psychoanalysis. Within these dimensions the analytical material, often intricate and anxiety provoking, attains a position and meaning in the analyst’s mind as well as in psychoanalytic discourse, without the analyst necessarily being aware of it. I am not going to consider these dimensions in greater detail, but I will focus on the conceptual whole constituted by them. In defining this whole as the conceptual space of psychoanalysis, I am going to outline a frame, within which it is justified to speak of psychoanalytic understanding.

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Medium 9781588439178


Sharon Hamblin Hunter Publishing ePub
Medium 9781780429878

More than Thirty ThousandYears of History

Hsiu-Huei Wang Parkstone International PDF


hanks to archaeologists and the sites and artifacts they unearthed, it has been proven that the earliest inhabitants of Taiwan—a land at least fifteen million years old—can be traced back to thirty-seven thousand years ago. On Taiwan’s east coast, the Changbin Culture site in Taitung County silently tells of stone-age men using chipped stone tools to hunt, whereas the five main sites of the Peinan Culture present the social behaviors and lifestyle of agricultural settlements that engaged in farming, pottery production, and trade.

In its long prehistoric period, Taiwan had little contact with the inhabitants of other lands that existed beyond the seas and oceans surrounding the island, and seemed to exist in isolation. Humans, far outnumbered by mountains, trees, and animals, lived simple lives in lush forests and fields, accumulating life’s skills and wisdom as they faced nature’s tests, weathering frequent typhoons and earthquakes and the shifting of the four seasons.

During that time, Taiwan was home to indigenous peoples of the Austronesian language family who varied in their language, social organization, and material culture. Since the nineteenth century, ethnologists have held that Taiwan’s indigenous peoples, aided by ocean currents and seasonal winds, arrived during different periods and through different routes from places south of it, such as the Philippines and Indonesia. For more than a decade now, however, more and more anthropologists have come to believe that Taiwan was very likely the original homeland of the peoples in neighboring regions to its south.

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Medium 9781605090078


Mike Song Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

After the jet reached cruising altitude, Iris pulled a small bag of celery sticks from her computer case.

“Been craving veggies lately,” she said between munches. “So what are the five big meeting pain points you’ve been yammering about?”

“Why don’t you tell me?” I replied. “What bothers you most about meetings at Spex?”

Iris thought for a moment and said, “Sheer volume. We meet too much.”

“What else?”

“Our meetings always start and end late—we jokingly call that ‘Spex Time.’ We never stay on track, agendas are rare, and presentations run way too long.”

Her whiskers twitched as she paused to think. “Oh yes, and action items vaporize the moment people leave.”

“Does this happen in both live and virtual meetings?” I asked.

Iris rolled her eyes. “Don’t get me started on virtual meetings! Most of them are boring as mud. I swear that half of my team is doing email during our weekly sales managers’ teleconference—especially Alex.”

“Alex?” I asked.

“He’s one of our best regional sales managers. But he never says a word in meetings, and if I call on him, he always sounds startled. He’s probably surfing the web or downloading music.”

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Medium 9781576336434

Suffixes: O-Z: GED Word Roots

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub

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