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Medium 9780596520595

6. Active Directory and DNS

Desmond, Brian O'Reilly Media ePub

One of the big advantages of Active Directory over its predecessor, Windows NT, is the reliance on the Domain Name System (DNS) as opposed to the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) for name resolution. DNS is the ubiquitous, standards-based naming service used on the Internet. WINS, on the other hand, never garnered industry support and has become a red-headed stepchild on many enterprise networks.

The good news is that with Active Directory, the dependencies on WINS have been eliminated, but the potentially bad news is that Active Directory has many dependencies on the DNS infrastructure. It is only potentially bad based on the flexibility of your DNS environment. Often, the groups that manage DNS and Active Directory within an organization are different, and getting the two teams to agree on implementation can be difficult due to political turf battles or technology clashes.

Although Active Directory doesnt need WINS or, more accurately, NetBIOS Name Resolution, many other Microsoft technologies, including Exchange 2000/2003, do need it. Implementing Active Directory doesnt necessarily guarantee that you wont be running WINS anymore.

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Medium 9780892726301

chapter fifteen SOME NEWCOMERS

Silliker, Bill Down East Books ePub

The typical eastern coyote is larger than its western cousin but every bit as clever and adaptable. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlifte identifies two small subcategories of coyotes in the state. One group has a genetic makeup more similar to that of western coyotes; the other exhibits more wolflike characteristics than do most eastern coyotes.

Talking to moose is a specialized skill. Imitating the vocalization of a cow during the rut requires time spent listening to the real thing and demands a bit of practice. The ability to duplicate it by mouth alone, without the benefit of a manufactured mouth call

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Medium 9788324612482

25. Opanowujemy Windows Media Center

William R. Stanek Helion ePub

Microsoft zaprezentowa Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) wraz z Windows XP. Firma postanowia pj za ciosem i dodaa funkcjonalno MCE do systemu Windows Vista. W Windows Vista dziki Windows Media Center otrzymujemy komputer, ktry mona postawi w salonie mona go podczy do domowych urzdze rozrywkowych i za jego pomoc atwo zarzdza multimediami, bez korzystania z klawiatury, myszy czy monitora. Obraz moemy uzyska, podczajc komputer bezporednio do telewizora, a do sterowania Windows Media Center moemy uy opcjonalnego pilota.

Windows Media Center umoliwia nam kontrolowanie ogldania telewizji, pozwalajc na nagrywanie programw oraz planowanie, ktre z nich chcemy oglda, dajc nam do dyspozycji atwe w uyciu okno terminarza, dziki czemu moemy przeglda program z wielodniowym wyprzedzeniem. Za pomoc programu Windows Media Center moemy rwnie odtwarza muzyk, oglda filmy, a nawet nagrywa dyski DVD, dziki czemu moemy podzieli si naszymi zasobami lub zarchiwizowa je w celu pniejszego uycia. W tym rozdziale zostan opisane rne funkcje programu Windows Media Center, podam rwnie szczegowe informacje na temat konfiguracji sprztu potrzebnego do wykorzystania Windows Media Center jako domowego centrum rozrywki.

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Medium 9781622500239

Standardized Tests

Saddleback Educational Publishing Saddleback Educational Publishing PDF



date ____________________________


A standardized test rates your scores against those of others who have taken the same test. Some tests measure achievement, or what you have learned. Other tests measure aptitude, or ability.

Most standardized tests ask multiple choice questions. You will record answers in pencil by filling in bubbles. The best way to prepare is to practice on similar materials. Some general tips, however, can help.

A. Fill in a bubble to complete each tip. The first one has been done for you.

1. When you begin a test, quickly scan all the


● questions.

❍ faces in the room. b. c. ❍ exits.

2. As you work, keep track of the

❍ temperature. a. b. ❍ time.

❍ activities outside c.

  the window.

4. When you come to a hard question,

❍ stop and turn in your a.

  answer sheet.

❍ don’t go on until you b.

  figure it out.

❍ don’t linger over it; go back c.

  to it when you’ve finished.

5. If you aren’t sure of the answer, it is best to

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Medium 9781576751923

18. Following Up

Janelle Barlow Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

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