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Medium 9781933952390

Appendix C – Answers to Sample Questions

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Medium 9788324620555

2. Określanie wąskich gardeł: testy wydajności i profilowanie

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Na pewnym etapie programista stwierdzi, e potrzebuje, by baza danych MySQL dziaaa z wiksz wydajnoci. Jakie elementy mona usprawni? Okrelone zapytanie? Schemat bazy? Wykorzystywany sprzt komputerowy? Jedynym sposobem wskazania elementu, ktry naley usprawni, jest dokadne poznanie procesw wykonywanych przez system oraz przeprowadzenie testw wydajnoci systemu w rnych warunkach. To jest powd umieszczenia tego rozdziau na pocztku ksiki.

Najlepsz strategi jest wyszukanie najsilniejszego i najsabszego ogniwa w acuchu komponentw aplikacji. Jest to szczeglnie uyteczne, w sytuacji gdy nie wiadomo, jaki element uniemoliwia osignicie lepszej wydajnoci lub moe ogranicza t wydajno w przyszoci.

Testy wydajnoci i profilowanie to dwie podstawowe metody okrelania wskich garde. Wprawdzie s ze sob powizane, ale nie znaczy to, e s tosame. Celem testu wydajnoci jest pomiar wydajnoci systemu. Taki test moe pomc w okreleniu moliwoci systemu, pokaza zmiany, ktre maj znaczenie i go nie maj, a take wskaza wydajno aplikacji obsugujcej rne dane.

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Medium 9780596520861

Chapter 12: Customizing the XSi

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

My M e n u

These are listed in the order they appear in the menu system, starting with the first shooting menu. Select an item you want to add, and hit the Set button. The

XSi will ask you to verify that you want to add that item to the page:

After you’ve added an item, it will return you to the list so that you can select another. You can add up to six items to My Menu. Like the other menus, My Menu doesn’t scroll, so you can always see the entire contents of the menu. Note that after you’ve added six items, the My Menu settings option is still at the bottom.

This is to ensure you always have a way to edit and adjust the menu.

What should you put in the menu? Here’s what I usually include:

My particular My Menu choices.

I use auto exposure bracketing a lot, so I want that in there. I also want to be able to quickly format the card, and I like having flash exposure compensation when using the onboard flash. Because I do a lot of low-light landscape photography from a tripod, I like having mirror lockup easily accessible. Finally, though I shoot raw 99% of the time, for the few times when I want JPEG, it’s nice to have easy access to the Quality menu.

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Medium 9780819808028

Prayers for Exposition

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

Medium 9781855756496

X: Clinical Application of Bion's Concept ‘Transformations in Hallucinosis’

Slice ePub May 24, 2014

In every field, science or art, the vision of the genius requires a backup from workers in the field to give to die “imaginative conjecture” its practical realisation. In psycho-analysis this takes the form of discovering the clinical phenomena which correspond to the theoretical formulation derived from inspired reflection. Freud did much of this “field-work” himself, while Melanie Klein's strength lay in the discovery of phenomena for which precise theoretical formulations had to be achieved later. Bion is different from either, for on the basis of clinical practice a massive conceptual framework was gradually constructed, from Experiences in Groups to Attention and Interpretation, for which clinical reference was largely implicit rather than explicit. It is certainly from no preconceived plan that I find myself, in the last five years, giving lecture after lecture and writing paper after paper illustrating Bion's ideas with clinical material. Clearly his ideas are the current diamonds in the cutting head of my tool for exploring the unconscious with myself, my patients and supervisees. I confess without shame that the concept “transformations in hallucinosis” left me blank for years, while Bion's more specific ideas about the phenomenon of hallucination proper seemed immediately to link with my clinical experience. Only recently has its meaning dawned, no, burst upon me with a particular patient, lighting up an obscure area from many clinical experiences in the past.

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