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The Garden Route

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

High on the must-see list of most visitors is the Garden Route, named for the year-round greenery of its forests and lagoons along the coast. It stretches some 300km from Mossel Bay to just beyond Plettenberg Bay.

Mossel Bay Click here

Beyond the world’s largest gas-to-oil refinery you’ll find beaches, gnarly surfing spots and activities including shark-cage diving and coastal hikes.

George Click here

The largest town along the Garden Route boasts attractive old buildings, world-class golf courses and superb mountain drives.

Wilderness Click here

Living up to its name, Wilderness is blessed with gorgeous beaches, bird-rich estuaries and sheltered lagoons backed by densely forested hills.

Knysna Click here

Embracing an exquisitely beautiful lagoon and surrounded by ancient forests, Knysna is a place for hiking, sailing, mountain biking or sampling the home-grown oysters and local beer.

Plettenberg Bay Click here

The verdant mountains, white sand and crystal-blue waters make ‘Plett’ one of the country’s top tourist spots, loved by locals and foreign visitors alike.

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John Gallas Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781857549683

XIV Bouillon

Patrick McGuinness Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

XIV Bouillon

No train has stopped here since the 50s, but it remains in all the ways that count my stop. It still says Gare above the arch, the guichet’s glass has stayed unbroken, the tracks are gone but there’s a kind of stitching in the ground, parallel scars where grass shrinks back from growing. Then, kerbside vertigo: that two-foot drop from platform-edge into the next arrival, its endlessly suspended service, and a few (never so aptly named as here, now) railway sleepers, hold all I’ve ever known, in miniature, of the world’s speed and its solidity, a delirium of lost footing followed by the knowledge that there was nowhere further I could fall. This is still the quartier de la gare, where the rain comes down like credits on an old film, a roll-call of lost professions: slate-cutter, gamekeeper, sommelier, market-gardener, butcher’s boy, seamstress, blacksmith, breeder of rabbits and dole queue flâneur… the last being my grandfather, tempering each day to a fine point on the soft anvil of his idleness. Artisan du temps libre he called himself, artisan of the empty hours: filling his days of worklessness in the Café de la Gare, then hollowing out his nights in the Hôtel de la Gare; he never made his mark on anything and yet I see him everywhere.

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4. Allergies and Diet—You Are What You Eat

Berkowitz M.D., Jonathan Basic Health Publications ePub



Iam going to ask you to do something difficult. I am going to ask you to change how you eat, to embrace a healthy diet. I must warn you that a healthy diet requires commitment, a commitment that is especially difficult in a world filled with unhealthy temptations.

I also want you to be patient. Please don’t try to change your life overnight. Too often people walk out of my office determined to do the right thing and desperate to make the changes as fast as they can, and they end up failing. Remember, it took you a long time to get where you are, and it will take time for you to change. If you try to change overnight, you’ll only end up feeling miserable the next day, missing all those things you once enjoyed. This is why diets and New Year’s resolutions fail. Permanent change occurs gradually, allowing you time to adjust.

I would be very happy if you dedicated yourself to making and sticking to one healthy change every week. For instance, next week start to eat fish every Monday night. The next week, in addition to Monday night fish, start exercising every Wednesday morning. Then the next week, in addition to Monday fish and Wednesday exercise, start Saturday by breakfasting on a high-fiber cereal with fresh fruit. Get the idea? This way, you make the changes gradually so they become a part of your everyday life.

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Todd Moore O'Reilly Media ePub

Graphics are extremely important to any game, which is why I have created a whole chapter on how to create and use them in your game. If one of your goals is to have your game featured in iTunes (and it should be) then you need to make sure your game makes the iPhone or iPad look visually stunning. Apple features apps that make their hardware look great. Do you think Angry Birds would be one of the most popular games of all time if they didnt have cute birds and pigs? What if they decided to save time and money by using white rectangles? No, that obviously wouldnt have worked. When it comes to getting graphics for your game, you have a few options available to you:

Do it yourself: Create the graphics on your ownand this chapter is here to help! I usually always try to create my own graphics before trying anything else. If it is more complicated than my skill level, Ill pick one of the below options. The more you try to do your own graphics, the better you will get at it.

Buy it: You can purchase stock photos and illustrations from websites like or This option wont cost as much as paying someone to create the graphics from scratch and you may be able to find something close to what you need. Ive used this approach on numerous occasions and will typically do a few tweaks to make the artwork more unique. And by that I mean adjust the shape and colors where possible or combine it with other pieces of artwork. There are many times when you will find portions of different pieces of art that can be combined together. It isnt difficult to layer multiple pieces together to create the artwork you had in mind.

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