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Oscar Lovell Triggs Parkstone International ePub




Philip Speakman Webb était architecte et fut l’un des plus importants membres du mouvement Arts & Crafts.


Né le 12 janvier 1831 à Oxford, son père était médecin et son grand-père, Thomas Webb, médailliste. Webb fut plutôt malheureux durant ses premières années d’études au lycée d’Aynho dans le Northamptonshire. En 1846, alors qu’il n’avait que quinze ans, son père mourut, laissant Webb libre de prendre ses propres décisions. Il se plaça donc comme apprenti auprès de John Billing, un architecte de Reading dans le Berkshire. Il alla ensuite à Wolverhampton où il fut assistant dans un cabinet d’architectes entrepreneurs. Après cela, Webb s’installa à Londres où il allait devenir l’assistant junior du bureau de l’éminent architecte victorien gothique, George Edmund Street. Ce dernier venait de quitter Oxford pour installer ses bureaux à Londres. C’est dans le bureau londonien de Street qu’il rencontra William Morris, qui effectua un stage de neuf mois en 1856. Ils allaient devenir amis pour la vie et associés.

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Ruth Hendrix

Larry A. Sneed University of North Texas Press PDF



"It was a terrible thing! I knew he'd been shot, but I didn't want to believe that Mr. Kennedy had been killed. But in my heart, I knew he had. .. "

Ruth Hendrix began working for Allyn and Bacon Publishers at the age of 18 in 1930. She witnessed the assassination standing on the north side cf

Elm Street west of the School Book Depository.


Our offices were on the third floor of the Texas School Book

Depository at 411 Elm Street as were those of MacMillan and many other companies. For many years prior to the assassination,

I was the head bookkeeper and eventually was the office manager.

Texas and California were states that furnished free textbooks which were selected by committees and adopted by the states. The

Texas School Book Depository handled our accounts both for the state adopted books and for books that were not state adopted.

The non-state adopted books were kept in the building at 411 Elm while the state adopted books were kept at a large building about two or three blocks beyond the railroad tracks at the end of

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10. Database Access

Trachtenberg, Adam O'Reilly Media ePub

Databases are central to many web applications. A database can hold almost any collection of information you may want to search and update, such as a user list, a product catalog, or recent headlines. One reason why PHP is such a great web programming language is its extensive database support. PHP can interact with (at last count) more than 20 different databases, some relational and some not. The relational databases it can talk to are Apache Derby, DB++, FrontBase, IBM Cloudscape, IBM DB2, Informix, Interbase, Ingres II, Microsoft SQL Server, mSQL, MySQL, MySQL MaxDB, Oracle, Ovrimos SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Sybase. The nonrelational databases it can talk to are dBase, filePro, HyperWave, Paradox, and the DBM family of flat-file databases. It also has ODBC support, so even if your favorite database isnt in the list, as long as it supports ODBC, you can use it with PHP.

DBM databases, discussed in Recipe10.1, are simple, robust, and efficient flat files but limit the structure of your data to key/value pairs. If your data can be organized as a mapping of keys to values, DBM databases are a great choice.

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Medium 9789077256091

2. Overcoming Personal Barriers

Leigh Bailey Nova Vista Publishing ePub

The contents of our unconscious are constantly being projected into our surroundings.


In Chapter1 we focused on self-awareness and argued that it is critical to your development as a leader. Lets expand on this idea now.

Every person has a unique set of talents, gifts, and blind spots, the result of innate personality and a lifetime of experiences. We believe that leaders who are really aware of their strengths and weaknesses and who base their actions on that awareness are ultimately more successful as leaders.

Few things are true of all of us, except this: we all are human. As humans, we carry a lifetime of experiences in our memories, dating back to early childhood. These include experiences with parents and care-givers, siblings, friends, schools, religious institutions, and countless other sources of influence. Experiences influence our beliefs, the way we respond to outside stimuli, and certainly, the way we relate to others.

Strangely enough, though, many leaders weve worked with have a hard time accepting that their life history affects their ability to lead others. Yet the person each of us is today is the sum of our genetic inheritance and life history. And its impossible to separate our private selves from our working selves.

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7. Additional Resources

Katie Cunningham O'Reilly Media ePub

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