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Medium 9781780490595

Chapter One - Introduction to the Phenomenon of Self-Destructiveness

Slice ePub May 22, 2014


Introduction to the phenomenon of self-destructiveness


That a species seeks to further its own existence is common sense. What is more complex is gaining a salient understanding of why humans, who are also motivated by self-preservation, engage in behaviours that threaten and extinguish their survival. Theorists and mental health professionals from numerous and often conflicting perspectives have given thought to this paradox, from the inception of psychology and into the present. While this has produced countless theories, Walters (1999) notes that little has been written providing an integrated and cohesive narrative of this antilogy.

Self-destruction refers to the act or process of destroying oneself physically or psychologically. Not surprisingly, self in its most ancient form means left to oneself and it refers both to the sense of I that I am as well as to the overall personality. Destruction in its essential meaning means a pulling down, to pull down, to destroy (Webster's, 1956) and metaphors associated with self-destruction are of depth, going down, or, more accurately, being taken down. In today's contemporary technological culture people are being taken down in a variety of ways such as smoking, injecting, drinking, and snorting toxic substances. While some turn to substances others cut, burn, hit, and even amputate parts of themselves. Like substance abuse and self-mutilation, suicide has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and abroad. On a larger scale people are beginning to see the self-destructiveness of taxing the earth's resources and polluting the planet. Along with this is the increasing technology available for military purposes. Laing said:

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Medium 9781449398576

A Brief Foray into Structured Content (a.k.a. XML)

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Whenever we talk about eXtensible Markup Language (XML), we are talking about some kind of "structured content." In case you haven't been exposed to these concepts, we take a brief look at them before we dive further into XML and InDesign.

The first concept is that of structure, sometimes called "hierarchy." This is the organization of pieces of information into a grouping that makes sense to humans. For example, if you are going to describe a course within a college course catalog, at minimum you would give the course name and a brief description. To relate this course to the larger picture of getting a degree, you would want to provide information about the major that the course is part of, tell the prospective student how many credit hours the course counts for, and provide information about the prerequisites, if there are any.

Looked at from the top down, a college offers programs of study consisting of courses in a sequence. Course credits have to add up to the required number for the degree program.

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Medium 9781591200314

6. Environmental Toxins: The Dangers and How to Avoid Them

Slice ePub January 10, 2014

While normally quite adaptable and resilient, our bodies are also perhaps the most delicately tuned “machine” on earth. Their intricate functioning is affected not only by lifestyle stresses and the foods we eat, but also, both positively and negatively, by numerous factors and substances in the environment.


One hundred years ago, life in the country was full of fresh air, clean water, and rich soil. The energy of the sun and the earth’s magnetic frequencies were naturally resonant. Now, however, due to innumerable factors, including overpopulation, deforestation, and personal and corporate pollution, this environment has slowly been degraded and contaminated. Today, a very serious problem is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). During the past ten years, as satellite-controlled cellular phones and television and computer satellite links permeate the air and our bodies with 60-cycle frequencies and other anticoherent energies, technology based EMFs have increased dramatically.

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Medium 9781742201399

Žižkov & Karlín

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Žižkov & Karlín

For more detail of this area, see Offline map

Pay a visit to one of Prague’s most prominent landmarks, the National Monument (Click here ), where you can learn about 20th-century Czech history, and visit the laboratory where communist president Klement Gottwald was enbalmed.

Ascend to the top of Žižkov’s other noteworthy landmark, the TV Tower (Click here ), for outstanding city views.

Enjoy the ultimate Žižkov experience – a crawl of its classic, crowded pubs, including U Vystřeleného oka (Click here ).

Rock up to a live gig at the Palác Akropolis (Click here ), a stalwart of Prague’s alternative music scene.

Descend into the earth at the unique Bunkr Parukářka (Click here ), a club located in a 1950s nuclear bunker.

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Medium 9781588430274

I-70 West:The Continental Divide & Ski Areas

Slice ePub May 25, 2014

Of all the Highways leading west from Denver to and over the Continental Divide, Interstate 70 is the busiest and scenically the most impressive. The steady climb from mile-high Denver to Idaho Springs (elevation: 7,524) to Georgetown (elevation: 8,512) to the Eisenhower Tunnel once required enormous efforts from road engineers and workmen. 

The roads are now smooth and efficient across the Divide to the Colorado ski resorts. Here's a vast landscape that once saw huge herds of buffaloes; Kiowa, Cheyenne, and Sioux Indians rode at breakneck pace across these mountains. There were the trappers and traders, the map-making surveyors and the artists, all facing the summer sun and the winter blizzards. Explorers like Pike, Fremont, and Long trekked across this high country; in 1855, an Englishman named Lord George Gore and his large retinue hunted antelope, deer and elk near what is now the Vail resort. Transportation across Loveland Pass and other heights posed tremendous barriers for migrants. 

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