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Medium 9781574410624

23 • The Crippled Raccoon

Slice PDF May 16, 2014

112 • Through Animals' Eyes

As the weeks passed, the coon grew in size and strength.

He was able to pull his legs up under him and stand for several minutes at a time. He was becoming too wild and too big to continue living in the house. It was time for him to learn to live outside and learn how to be a "real" raccoon.

We placed him in a large outdoor enclosure with three other raccoons his same age. There were large tree limbs to climb and sturdy wooden boxes for sleeping. There was a deep, soft bed of hay and a small pool of water. The three raccoons soon became the best of friends. They spent their days sleeping and their nights climbing about in the tree branches.

As I watched them over the weeks, it was easy to see that our coon with the sweet tooth for TUMS® was progressing far beyond our most optimistic hopes. Though his back legs were not perfect in their skills of climbing and running, they were able to let the half-grown male keep up with his roommates. It seemed that the more space he had, the more he lived up to the challenge.

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Medium 9781593576738

Yale University Yale School of Management

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

401 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

Phone: 615.322.6469, 800.288.6936
Web site:

Dean: Jim Bradford
Associate Dean, Healthcare MBA Program: Jon Lehman

“In the past few years, we have augmented an already stellar faculty and launched important new programs, building an academic infrastructure that will serve the school for years to come.” —Dean Bradford

Quick Facts


Full-time MBA

Health Care MBA

Executive MBA


Total enrollment: 382

Class of 2010: 176

Length of program: 22 months

Campus: Nashville, TN

Program commences in August

Pre-term orientation attendance required


Requirements: Professional experience not required but highly recommended (average work experience is five years); a four-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent; GMAT score; application; essays; recommendations; GRE not accepted

Letters of recommendation: 2

Interview: By invitation only

Number of applicants: 986

Admittance rate: 36%

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Medium 9781742204123

Mumbai (Bombay)

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Mumbai (Bombay)

Mumbai is big. It’s full of dreamers and hard-labourers, starlets and gangsters, stray dogs and exotic birds, artists and servants and fisherfolk and crorepatis (millionaires) and lots and lots of other people. It has the most prolific film industry, some of Asia’s biggest slums (and the world’s most expensive home) and the largest tropical forest in an urban zone. It’s India’s financial powerhouse, fashion epicentre and a pulse point of religious tension. It’s evolved its own language, Bambaiyya Hindi, which is a mix of…everything.

But Mumbai does not have to be overwhelming: it just has its own rhythm, which takes a little while to hear. Just give yourself some time to appreciate the city’s lilting cadences, its harmonies of excess and restraint, and before you know it, Mumbai might just decide to take you in like you’re one of her own.

Dec–Jan The very best, least sticky weather.

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Medium 9788324648979

4. Lokalne magazynowanie danych

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

Przegldarka internetowa oferuje uytkownikom skryptw JavaScript znakomite rodowisko suce do budowania aplikacji uruchamianych w przegldarce. Gdy uywa si biblioteki ExtJS lub jQuery, moliwe jest utworzenie aplikacji, ktra w opinii wielu uytkownikw moe rywalizowa z tym, co oferuje tradycyjna aplikacja. Ponadto mona skorzysta z wyjtkowo prostej metody dystrybucji. Cho przegldarka wietnie wypada pod wzgldem komfortu obsugi interfejsu uytkownika, nie moe si ju jednak pochwali tym samym w odniesieniu do magazynowania danych.

Dawniej przegldarki nie potrafiy w aden sposb magazynowa danych. Praktycznie byy one jedynym w swoim rodzaju cienkim klientem. To, co pojawio si jako pierwsze, by to mechanizm obsugi informacji cookie protokou HTTP, ktry umoliwia powizanie porcji danych z kadym daniem HTTP. Jednake w przypadku informacji cookie pojawia si kilka problemw. Po pierwsze, kada taka informacja jest odsyana z kadym daniem. A zatem przegldarka wysya informacj cookie dla kadego pliku JavaScript, obrazu, dania Ajax itp. Bez adnego uzasadnionego powodu moe to spowodowa znaczne wykorzystanie przepustowoci poczenia. Po drugie, w specyfikacji informacji cookie tak j zdefiniowano, aby moga by wspuytkowana w wielu rnych domenach. Jeli do firmy naleay domeny i, informacja cookie moga zosta ustawiona dla obu jako widoczna. Problem polega na tym, e poza Stanami Zjednoczonymi powszechne staj si nazwy domen zoone z trzech czci. Na przykad moliwe byoby ustawienie informacji cookie dla wszystkich hostw w domenie W efekcie informacja cookie mogaby trafi do niemal kadego hosta w Izraelu. Ponadto nie jest moliwe wymaganie trzyczciowej nazwy domeny kadorazowo, gdy nazwa zawiera przyrostek kraju, poniewa niektre pastwa, takie jak Kanada, stosuj inn konwencj.

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Medium 9781847770837

stuck to his guns

Source: Raptors
Slice PDF April 24, 2015

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