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Medium 9781449311605


Slice ePub May 29, 2014

After registering your app (see Developer and Application Registration) with the API provider and obtaining an OAuth client ID and client secret, its time to start writing code! Lets go through each step of the flow and show how the protocol works. Well use PHP as the example programming language and the Google Tasks API along with Googles OAuth 2.0 authorization server.

Although well write the PHP code using the raw OAuth protocol, many API providers distribute client libraries for accessing their services. These libraries abstract away some of the details of implementing OAuth 2.0 and make it easier for developers. You can find information on Googles PHP library, which works with Google Tasks, Google+, and many other Google APIs, at

Since the OAuth flow involves directing your users to the website of the API provider to obtain authorization, its a best practice to let them know in advance what will happen. You can do this by displaying a message, along with a link (the Add tasks to your Google Tasks link in Figure2-2).

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Medium 9781936757114

Assessment of Metadata Processes

Slice ePub September 06, 2013

Medium 9781608680900

2. Process, Not Product

Slice ePub July 14, 2014

During the time I studied golf, I participated in a six-week group golf class. Each week, five of us, all adults, would meet at the driving range for an hour of instruction followed by an hour of practice on our own. At the beginning of the third session, I was sitting on a bench waiting for the class ahead of ours to finish. Next to me was one of my classmates, who had also gotten there early. I had learned, when we had introduced ourselves on the first day, that she was heavily involved in the corporate routine and wanted to learn golf both for relaxation and as a means to further her career. She explained that many times in the course of her job, golf outings were offered as a way to meet new business contacts and discuss company matters in a relaxed setting.

As we chatted about golf and our jobs, I asked her this question: “Well, did you practice what we learned last week?” “No,” she replied. “I had so much to do all week. I just want to wake up one morning and be able to play well.” I sensed frustration and mild depression in her voice. She seemed frustrated that golf was much harder than it looked and depressed about all the hard work that lay ahead of her if she had any hopes of reaching the level of ability that she felt would make the game more fun.

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Medium 9781847770622


Source: Enchantment
Slice PDF February 11, 2015



So out stepped this young man – half hedgehog and half human being. And the king stood and looked: he’d never seen a creature like this in all his days.

He said, ‘What type of being are you that could do all this? Have you anyone to help you?’

‘No’, said the hedgehurst, ‘I need help from no-one.’

‘You mean to tell me’, says the king, ‘that you built this place by yourself and you cut all these trees, built all these things and made this place like this?’

It was the most beautiful place the king had ever seen.

‘I have’, said the hedgehurst, ‘I’ve done all this myself. But anyway, getting back to you: what is it you want of me, for I am king of this and this is my kingdom.’

‘I want nothing from you’, says the king. ‘But I am amazed! Tell me, what are you?’

He said, ‘I am a hedgehurst.’

Duncan Williamson, Fireside Tales of the Traveller Children

I am Hedgehurst. I, snowslumbering, the loaf of my body ovened in a bole beneath a flame-leafed sycamore, uncurl from my coiled hole.

Whose is this scorned skin?

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Medium 9781617833540

Tour Book

Source: Kansas
Slice PDF May 13, 2014

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