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Medium 9781609520809


Paula Young Lee Travelers' Tales ePub


Keaton always said, I dont believe in God, but Im afraid of him. Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Big Bird.

Verbal Kint, in The Usual Suspects, 1995

Parishioners believed he could heal them with his hands. As a kid, I knew my father was different, and it had nothing to do with the fact that he was a preacher. His legs were shriveled down to bone and he walked funny, sometimes with a cane. His face beamed. He forgot to eat. He liked Maine, because the rocky terrain reminded him of home. He and my mother came to the U.S. from Korea after the war. At first, there were four of us, and then there were five: my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, and me in the middle. My older brother and I fought mean and hard, locked in a death match from the day I was born. Oblivious to the slugfest, my baby sister sat back and let the adults admire her. She was the pretty one, and could never figure out why I was so furious all the time. She was born with grace. Predictably, her Korean name, Young-Mi, means flower. Mine is Young-Nan. It means egg.

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Medium 9781591200383

3. The Sweet Miracle of Xylitol Diet

Gare N.D., Fran Basic Health Publications ePub


ow good would an alternative sweetener be if you could not lose or at least control your weight while enjoying it? Not so good. Xylitol is better than goodits a sweet miracle.

When I first began using Xylitol in my practice, I decided to put some of my patients (those who had been having the most difficulty giving up sugar) on a diet that included a generous amount of Xylitol sweets. Ten patients began and finished the three-week diet. They used the recipes that begin on page 56 to make and enjoy decadently delicious Xylitol-sweetened desserts.

In addition, the dieters chewed Xylitol gum or mints between meals. This advice came from Dr. Peldyaks book, Xylitol: Sweeten Your Smile. He wrote, Xylitol is useful between meal treats to maintain a steady trickle of energy. Unabsorbed Xylitol acts like dietary fiber, helping to maintain healthy gut function. Partial bacterial fermentation here produces volatile short chain fatty acids, which are utilized along existing insulin-independent energy pathways.

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Medium 9780982219164

4. Find and Replace

Delwood, Robert XML Press ePub

It may seem odd to consider Find and Replace as an automation technique. Find has to be one of the most frequently used features in any application. It's among the first features users go to, and it would seem to need little explanation.

The dialog in its basic form has only two controls: A text box and a Find button. This apparent simplicity can be deceiving. By the end of this chapter you will see how useful and robust Find and Replace can be for document processing.

This chapter starts with an overview of Find and Replace, including procedures for improving its usefulness. It then introduces wildcards, which help you find patterns, and shows how wildcards can automate complex Find and Replace problems. The chapter concludes with an introduction to regular expressions, a vastly more powerful version of wildcards.

In its simplest form, Find and Replace is intuitive. CTRL-F displays the Find dialog (as does Home|Editing|Find). Enter some text and click the Find button to locate that text within the document. Replace is equally obvious. You specify the text to find and new text to replace it with.

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Medium 9780596517786

5. Memory

Matthew MacDonald O'Reilly Media ePub

It doesn't matter whether it's a first kiss or a final exam, all your experiences end up the same way. Once the moment has passed, life's most noteworthy moments get fused into your brain as memories. And while the memories may seem sharp and vivid at first, if you poke them twice you'll find that many are as soft as a half-baked bagel.

Few of us take the time to kick back and explore our memories. If you did, you'd probably find a smattering of vivid images submerged in a dense and endless fog. Think of the formative periods of your life. Whether it's the early days of a new job, the first few weeks of parenthood, or a month away from home, odds are you'll have a much easier time describing the general "feeling" of the time than producing a detailed day-by-day account. And what you do remember will be subtly yet thoroughly altered to match the assumptions, life outlook, and emotional state of the current you (which may not match the mindset of the person who had the original experience). In other words, memories aren't only fleetingthey're also alive, and they degrade, evolve, and adapt over the years you keep them.

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Medium 9780874252415

Giving Feedback

Jaqueline Stewart HRD Press, Inc. PDF


Giving Feedback

Description: This activity provides a framework for giving feedback after an interpersonal activity such as a role play.

Objective: By the end of this activity, participants will be able to give effective feedback to each other.

Group Size: Maximum of 8 participants.

Time: Approximately 15 minutes.

Materials Required: Flipchart and markers



During courses on interpersonal skills, the participants are often required to perform a role play in front of a camera or rehearse a skill in front of an observer or the group as a whole. When the time comes to give feedback to the person in the spotlight (the one who was playing the salesperson, the interviewer, the appraiser, the negotiator, etc.), it is all too easy for the group to start making personal comments such as “You were very good” or “I thought that was terrible.” These are not at all helpful. A brief analysis of what makes for good feedback is time well spent before it is needed.


Introduce the topic and ask how participants would feel if someone offered feedback that their role playing was “good” or

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