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Medium 9781574413205

The Angelina Cat and Coon Hunting Association: A Sort of Memoir

Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt University of North Texas Press PDF



8:14 AM

Page 59



In 1966, I had just reached my 23rd birthday. Contrary to the expectations of a good many of my high school teachers, I had completed an M.A. degree and had been gainfully employed as a psychologist at a state residential mental health facility in deep East

Texas. Life was good. The future beckoned. The time had come for me to begin to assume my rightful place in the adult world.

Some of the more promising young men were finding their places in that world by joining the Jaycees, while others were joining the local Masonic or Elks Lodge.

Some of my friends from college were continuing their foray into the political world we had begun on campus in the Young

Democrats by becoming actively involved in the County Democratic Party (in those days nobody openly affiliated with the

County Republican Party). As an ex-athlete (defined as one who valiantly attempted successful participation in high school, and even briefly, collegiate athletics), I briefly considered devoting time to recreational league softball and basketball, but was reminded by friends that the only thing worse than being an almost never used substitute in high school was continuing that level of non-participation in places where I had to pay to not play.

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Medium 9780874256093


Bruce Tulgan HRD Press, Inc. PDF



amounts and different types of feedback, and these factors are likely to vary over time. In order to “tune in” to each person’s unique frequency, think about each person you are managing and determine what kind of feedback he or she needs—how much, when, and in what form. Then try to provide the kind of feedback that works best for that person.


The feedback you provide must be correct, balanced, and appropriate. Stop and check your facts before giving feedback. Overall, try to strike a good balance between praise and criticism. Most important, always choose your words carefully. You may even want to rehearse the feedback.


Feedback is not specific enough unless it points to concrete action steps. Every instance of feedback is also an opportunity to delegate—to assign concrete goals with specific deadlines and clear guidelines and parameters

(see Guideline 1 above).


Always give feedback in a timely manner. The sooner the feedback follows the performance in question, the more impact the feedback will have. Giving immediate

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Medium 9781902375014

4.9 Evaluation of subcontractors

Low Sui Pheng Chartridge Books Oxford ePub


Legal implications for the construction industry

4.1 Introduction

Traditionally, a client’s expectations with regard to quality in construction works are ensured and upheld by building contracts. With the recent emergence of ISO 9000 quality management systems, however, the definition and assurance of quality have taken on a new dimension. Many contractors have since applied quality management systems in their organisations without understanding its intricate relationship with the building contract used. This chapter examines the likely conflicts and compatibility between Standard Forms of Building Contract and quality management systems. An understanding of the possible legal obligations that may arise from adopting a quality management system contractually will help contractors and clients protect their interests when defects arise. In addition, many contractors are in the process of establishing their quality management systems to increase their competitive and bidding edge.

This trend has raised questions as to the application of quality systems to Standard Forms of Building Contracts in the construction industry. There is a tendency for both the Quality Manager and Construction Manager to consider quality systems and their associated legal obligations separately from building contracts. This may be acceptable when the quality system is still in its infancy stage. As the quality system matures, however, there would be unavoidable interaction between quality systems and contractual/legal obligations at different levels, especially when there is evidence of reliance by the purchaser on certification such as ISO 9000.

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Medium 9781449394912

7. Advanced OpenSocial and OpenSocial Next

Jonathan LeBlanc Yahoo Press ePub

There comes a time in every developers career when he realizes that embedding a data source directly into the application markup makes for an application that is not only hard to maintain and debug, but is also not scalable in the long run. Separating out a data sourcesuch as a JSON or XML object obtained from a third-party resourcefrom the page markup, or visual layout, is key to building applications that are modular, easy to maintain, and highly scalable.

The first part of this process involves the data retrieval methods that make the raw information available to your application, which is where well begin our discussion of data pipelining. Data pipelining allows developers to pull in a data source from some third-party resource and make it available within the gadget code base. The reasoning behind such an implementation is twofold:

It provides developers with an easy and scalable method for accessing a raw data source, without them having to embed a mechanism to make and handle the request.

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Medium 9780596007614

5. Dates and Times

D. Ryan Stephens O'Reilly Media ePub

Dates and times are surprisingly vast and complex topics. As a reflection of this fact, the C++ standard library does not provide a proper date type. C++ inherits the structs and functions for date and time manipulation from C, along with a couple of date/time input and output functions that take into account localization. You can find relief, however, in the Boost date_time Library by Jeff Garland, which is possibly the most comprehensive and extensible date and time library for C++ available. I will be using it in several of the recipes. There is an expectation among the C++ community that future date/time extensions to the standard library will be based on the Boost date_time library.

The Boost date_time library includes two separate systems for manipulating dates and times: one for manipulating times and one for manipulating dates using a Gregorian calendar. The recipes will cover both systems.

For more information on dates and times, specifically reading and writing them, please see Chapter 13.

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