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Medium 9780596514525

The Excel 2007 Interface

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Excel's interface stayed more or less constant from Excel 97 to Excel 2003. During that time, the program's developers added some new features and moved items around in the menu and toolbar system, but the basic structure remained the same. All that changed in Office 2007.

Excel 2007, Word 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 all use the new Microsoft Office Fluent interface design, commonly referred to as the Ribbon (Figure1-1).

Figure1-1.The Home tab of the new Excel 2007 user interface Ribbon.

Figure1-1 shows one tab from the new Ribbon user interface, which replaces the menu bars and toolbars (collectively known as command bars) found in Excel 2003. The Ribbon contains most, but not all, of the commands available in Excel 2007. The Microsoft Office user experience team created the new Ribbon interface in an effort to make it easier to discover the full range of built-in capabilities in Excel 2007. The Office product teams constantly receive requests for features that were already built into the programs, so they designed the new interface and applied it to the three most popular Office programs.

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Medium 9781605094441

3: Check Your Stereotypes at the Door

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

I read in the paper, I watched on the show
They said that it happened a long time ago
The years had gone by, I just didn’t know

Working for freedom now

The songs that we sang still ring in my ears
The hope and the glory, the pain and the fears
I just can’t believe it’s been forty-five years

Working for freedom now

Those who have fallen and given their last
Have passed on to us what remains of their task
To fight for the future and pray for the past

Working for freedom now

The song of their laughter, the sound of their feet
The voice of their pain that cries out in our sleep
Will be judged in the end by the faith that we keep

Working for freedom now

The wind in the winter is bitter and chill
The cries of the hunted are heard on the hill
I just can’t believe there’s such suffering still

Working for freedom now

The wind blows the summer from fields far away
We stand in the dust in the heat of the day
Our hearts stopped so still that there’s nothing to say

Working for freedom now

Been a long time, but I keep on trying
For I know where I am bound
Been a hard road, but I don’t mind dying
I have seen freedom

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Medium 9780596516215

17. Remote Data Communication

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Remote data communication occurs at runtime. It does not reside strictly in the client, but requires network connections to send and receive data between the client and the server. Flex applications support a variety of remote data communication techniques built on standards. There are three basic categories of Flex application remote data communication:

This category consists of several overlapping techniques. Utilizing the Flex framework HTTPService component or the Flash Player API URLLoader class, you can send and load uncompressed data such as text blocks, URL encoded data, and XML packets. You can also send and receive SOAP packets using the Flex framework WebService component. And you can use a technology called Remoting to send and receive AMF packets, which use a binary protocol that is similar to SOAP (but is considerably smaller). Each technique achieves the similar goal of sending requests and receiving responses using HTTP or HTTPS. See for a comparison of various methods for loading data at runtime over HTTP.

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Medium 9781855753631

6. relating to fathers, siblings, and other people

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

For most babies, a psychologically secure base from which to start exploring the world usually extends from their mother to their father and to other family members such as siblings and grandparents.

Babies quickly become aware of their father and differentiate him from their mother through distinguishing his physical characteristics. They can differentiate their father’s voice from the mother’s soon after birth and very quickly respond in a preferential way to his voice compared with that of other adults. Fathers usually quickly become important to their babies, who try to draw them in by gesture and vocalization. When the father of a 2-month-old girl went back to work, his daughter cried continuously, missing him.

Babies’ attachment relationships with their father cannot be predicted by the type of relationship with their mother but reflects the qualities that the father brings to the relationship. Fathers relate differently to their babies from the way their mothers do and differently again to a son or a daughter.

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Medium 9781449381684

4. Selections: Choosing What to Edit

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Life is all about making choices, and the time you spend in Photoshop is no exception. Perhaps the biggest decision you'll make is which part of an image to editafter all, your edits don't have to affect the whole thing. Using a variety of Photoshop tools, you can tell the program exactly which portion of the image you want to tinker with, right down to the pixel, if you so desire. This process is called making a selection.

As you'll learn in this chapter, Photoshop has a bunch of tools that you can use to create selections based on shape, color, and other attributes. You can also draw selections by hand, although that requires a bit of mouse prowess. True selection wisdom lies in learning which selection tool to start with, how to use the tools together, and how to fine-tune your selections quickly and efficiently. The following pages will help you with all that and then some.

What's so great about selections, anyway? Lots. After you make a selection, you can do all kinds of neat things with it, like:

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