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Medium 9781576757628

4. What’s Fair? Sharing Life’s Bounty

Peter G. Brown Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Love your neighbor as yourself.

—Leviticus 19:18, Mark 12:31

IMAGINE A BUSY CITY emergency room, around rush hour, suddenly overwhelmed by the victims of a mass transit accident. People with partially severed limbs, severe head wounds, out-of-control bleeding, and so forth are being rushed into the hospital admitting area on gurneys, their wounds barely being staunched by paramedics and their cries of pain filling the air. Doctors and nurses stand at the ready and begin the procedure of triage, that is, separating patients according to the urgency of their conditions. But instead of rushing the head wounds or internal injury cases into the emergency room, they first allow an older woman with a slight nosebleed into the case room; once she’s dealt with, they lavish attention on a family whose daughter has a bad flu, followed by a man who may have broken his arm earlier in the day. It goes on like this until the outcry from the severely wounded is so disruptive that a few nurses, reluctantly, go over and began to treat some of the sufferers. Many are already dying.

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Medium 9781780490670

CHAPTER NINE: Spendthrift or miser?

Lesley Murdin Karnac Books ePub

The small-scale exchanges of the infant and young child lead the way towards the exchange economy in which the adult lives. This chapter will concentrate on the external effects of the child’s struggle for control of ingestion and excretion, showing how each person reveals an attitude to holding on or letting go, getting and spending and how that relates to his place in society and the presenting problem that he might bring to therapy. Aspects of the financial markets are an indicator of social attitudes to money as are more intimate relationships with partners and other family members. The mass media are interested in the divorce settlements of celebrities and hold discussions on the rights of spouses and civil partners. Each adult is a potential or actual partner in a relationship of some sort whether in a marriage or at work or within a family.

Ever since Freud published Civilisation and its discontents in 1930, citing guilt and the destructive instinct as the two main forces dominating our social relationships, writers thinkers have used psychoanalytic theory to clarify human and social behaviour. In relation to money and its impact on the individual, social structures are important in reinforcing the guilt that the individual will construct for himself. Freud began this work with a statement about value:

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Medium 9781591200666

4. Choosing an Exercise Plan

Lovitt M.A., Michelle Basic Health Publications ePub

Choosing an Exercise Plan

Now it is time to choose your fitness plan. This chapter helps you determine which plan is right for you. This choice will be based either on your predominant muscle fiber type, determined using the techniques explained in Chapter 3, or on your own personal fitness goals, regardless of your muscle fiber type. Either way, we help you focus on what you want to achieve and then pick the best workout to give you the greatest chance for success.


There are five exercise plans to choose from—the Fast-Twitch Plan, Slow-Twitch Plan, Combination Plan, Hard Body Plan, and the No-Twitch Plan. Deciding which one is right for you begins by looking at your results from the muscle fiber typing tests and your individual goals.

If you are not directed by a particular predetermined goal, the first step is to look at your results from the muscle fiber testing. The graphs and calculations you did during your test(s) should clearly tell you where you fall: fast-twitch, slow-twitch, or combination. The only tough decision might be if you are on a borderline area on the Sayers Power Curve or the Standing Broad Jump curves. If you happen to be on the line between combination and slow-twitch or combination and fast-twitch, we recommend that you move up one level. For example, if you are on the line between combination and fast-twitch, you should go with the Fast-Twitch Plan. If you are on the line between slow-twitch and combination, choose the Combination Plan. Otherwise, go to the plan that corresponds with the muscle fiber type indicated by your test results to exercise your body in the most personalized and efficient way.

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Medium 9780856350924

6 Epilogue

John Wilmot Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781449363505

4. HiJack

Mike Westerfield O'Reilly Media ePub

You will need an iPhone, iPod, or iPad running iOS 5 or later. You will also need a HiJack device from Seeed Studio and various common electronics parts like wires, resistors, and a potentiometer. See Table 4-1 for a complete parts list.

Newer iPhones and all iPads give out less power through the headphone port than the original devices HiJack was designed for. You may end up needing an external power supply. See Table 4-2 for the parts needed to build one kind of power supply.

HiJack (shown in Figure 4-1) is a hardware device that plugs right into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod headphone jack. It’s the only wired technology that can connect to iOS devices that isn’t controlled by Apple’s MFi program. This means it is also the only wired technology for which Apple will approve apps for the App Store without going through the MFi program.

Apple requires all devices that connect to the iPhone through the wired port at the bottom of the device or by classic Bluetooth to do so through the MFi program. This program requires the manufacturer to include a coded chip in each device. Apps that access the devices are universally rejected from the App Store unless they are preapproved by the MFi program, which almost always means the app was developed at the same time as the hardware and is the only app that works with the hardware. You can find out more about the MFi program at

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