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Medium 9780596559380

Considering SAN Technologies

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Although much more affordable per density, the Xserve RAID, like a SCSI drive, is faster, safer storage, and should be deployed in conjunction with applications that place a premium on performance and data integrity. This is particularly relevant in a multiple-server environment.

Be smart about your data. If performance is important, and if your data is very static and very well backed up—or if it’s just not important in the long term—RAID 0

(hardware or software) is a real option. In most circumstances, this will not be the case. Perhaps your system files, which are easily replaced, do not need to be protected by redundancy—but in cases where data is sensitive or where a lot of downtime is unacceptable, important data (such as user home directories or web server files) should be stored on an array that offers some kind of redundancy. When feasible, consider evaluating Apple’s hardware RAID card. What’s important here is to understand the capabilities of the storage platform and how those capabilities coincide with your data needs. Whatever your choice, more explicit configuration direction is available in Chapter 2. The information here is simply meant to aid you in the planning process.

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Medium 9781855752030

1. The Nature of Primitive Religion

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

If a stone falls and crushes a passer-by, it was an evil spirit that dislodged it: there is no chance about it. If a man is dragged out of his canoe by an alligator, it is because he was bewitched: there is no chance about it. If a warrior is killed or wounded by lance-thrust, it is because he was not in a state to parry the blow, a spell has been cast upon him: there is no chance about it.

(Bergson, 1935)

The primitive mind endows its world with agents. It makes a god or gods the cause of those events which affect man, which may exist in a living individual, or in the ghost of a dead one; they may exist in animals, plants, the sun, or the moon. The idea of spirits inhabiting the natural world of primitive man is familiar to most of us, but what I wish to emphasize is the source of such a belief, and how it contributes to the idea of primitive religion.

Animism can only occur when there is a concept of the individual as agent. The animistic world is a projection of the self as agent – the representational self – into the natural world or the imagined natural world.

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Medium 9781780420547

Regreso a Perugia en 1505

Source: Rafael
Slice PDF June 09, 2014

Medium 9781449316280

4. Becoming a Power Developer

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Work with FileMaker for a while, and it becomes clear that this friendly, rather unassuming software lets you achieve awesome feats. When others in your organization start seeing and using your databases, requests for new features, possibly whole new databases, will start coming your way. Thats when you start graduating from an advanced user of FileMaker Pro to a developer. A developer isnt simply a user who knows a lot about creating databases. Developers design and build database systems that other people use in the greater world. As a FileMaker developer, you need to do a range of things:

Construct tables and relationships that organize information while avoiding duplication and creating flexibility.

Wield layout tools to create a display thats intuitive, attractive, and easy to use.

Apply FileMakers lexicon of functions in the calculations that can literally touch every part of a complex database.

Write scripts that spare your users from repetitive work and let them work intuitively.

Provide access to the database by employing peer-to-peer database sharing, database hosting with FileMaker Server, and web publishing.

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Medium 9781617833649

Fast Facts

Source: Montana
Slice PDF May 14, 2014

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