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Medium 9781605095226

Three The Destruction of Stereotypes

Devora Zack Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Dare to be yourself.

—Andre Gide

Whaddaya Know? Quiz

True or False:

1. Introverts are shy.

2. Extroverts are outgoing.

3. Introverts can be “fixed” by learning extroverted traits.


1. False
2. False
3. False

Labels such as shy and outgoing have no direct correlation with introversion and extroversion. There are outgoing introverts (right here!) and extroverts who identify with shyness. High-functioning introverts, centroverts, and extroverts all have a bulky toolbox of behaviors at their disposal … and nobody is being “fixed.”

If you’re in a hurry, peruse this handy chart provided for your exclusive use:

Everybody else, let’s take a field trip to …

Unbeknownst to the general public, two divergent cultures live among us. Although not distinguishable by gender, age, race, ethnicity, physical abilities, or height, they are entirely different species. These two civilizations have some variations within their societies, yet retain distinct customs and rituals.

Those from Introville can be identified by a propensity to vanish alone and make their finest decisions while staring aimlessly out a window. They are capable of achieving depths of concentration that could cause them to miss earthquakes right at the epicenter.

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Medium 9781883217419

Chapter One – Melody & Embellishment

Music, SHER Sher Music ePub

“Learn how to play a melody before you do all them fancy embellishments.” Joe “King” Oliver to Louis Armstrong

Joe Oliver’s advice distinguishes between two different types of improvisation; melodic and embellishment. His intuitively founded concept is based upon a fundamental scientific principle about how the ear works, particularly when a musician “plays by ear.” (King Oliver was, it should be noted, an “ear player.”) This being: complexity is based upon a foundation of simplicity. If one can’t hear and execute simple musical ideas then one hasn’t yet established in the ear the foundation required upon which to execute more complex ideas. In his study of the relationship between mental processes and the playing of music (The Art of Piano Playing: A Scientific Approach, Summy-Birchard), George Kochevitsky presented convincing evidence that virtually all music is played “by ear.”

Douglas Hofstadter, in his Pulitzer Prize winning book: “Godel, Escher, Bach,” (Vintage Books) suggests that the ear hears in a linear (horizontal) fashion, from line to line, idea to idea, as opposed to a “stacked” (linear) fashion. As an example, he sites the experience of listening to a Bach four-part fugue. The listener can’t perceive all the parts at once, on the same level. The ear can hear a fugue in either one of two ways: As soon as the ear selects a particular line of the fugue, the others recede into the background. When trying to hear the sum of the four parts at the same time, the ear can only perceive the total as an aural “color.”

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Medium 9781934989104

~ The Rich and the Poor

J Krishnamurti Krishnamurti Foundation America ePub

It was hot and humid and the noise of the very large town filled the air. The breeze from the sea was warm, and there was the smell of tar and petrol. With the setting of the sun, red in the distant waters, it was still unyieldingly hot. The large group that filled the room presently left, and we went out into the street.

The parrots, like bright green flashes of light, were coming home to roost. Early in the morning they flew to the north, where there were orchards, green fields and open country, and in the evening they came back to pass the night in the trees of the city. Their flight was never smooth but always reckless, noisy and brilliant. They never flew straight like other birds, but were forever veering off to the left or the right, or suddenly dropping into a tree. They were the most restless birds in flight, but how beautiful they were with their red beaks and a golden green that was the very glory of light. The vultures, heavy and ugly, circled and settled down for the night on the palm trees.

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Medium 9781576336342

Save Our Planet: GED Earth Science

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781847770974

89 Molecule escapes just in time

Gallas, John Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

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