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Medium 9781601322470

Improving Educational Methods by Means of an Intelligent Virtual Agent

Hamid R. Arabnia, David de la Fuente Elena B. Kozerenko, Peter M. LaMonica Raymond A. Liuzzi, Todd Waskiewicz, George Jandieri, Ashu M. G. Solo, Ivan Nunes da Silva, Fernando G. Tinetti, and Fadi Thabtah CSREA Press PDF

Int'l Conf. Artificial Intelligence | ICAI'13 |


Improving Educational Methods by Means of an

Intelligent Virtual Agent


Celia G. Rospide1, Cristina Puente1, Jose A. Olivas2

Advanced Technical Faculty of Engineering – ICAI, Comillas Pontifical University,

Madrid, Spain


Information Technologies and Systems Dept, University of Castilla-La Mancha

Ciudad Real, Spain

Abstract –In this paper we explore the role that an educational chatbot could provide improving the learning process of a student. We present a virtual agent, as part of an e-Learning platform capable of guiding and answering questions related to a studied subject.

Keywords: Virtual agent, Flexible answer, e-Learning.



The arrival of a new educational model, added to the introduction of new technologies as part of the educational model, provide new ways of learning processes that makes the process more creative and flexible for the student.

In particular, the use of virtual agents as software to guide users and answer his questions is not new, and is widely applied through the Internet in pages to sell products, like

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Medium 9781550225778

125. What historic event in the annals of science took place on June 26, 2000?

Dr. Joe Schwarcz ECW Press ePub

The substance is nickel, and legislators enacted the law because nickel is an allergen. The word nickel comes from the German for devil, because the metal interfered with the smelting of copper; German miners in the 1700s called it Kupfernickel, or copper devil.

Nickel really may be the devil to some people because of its allergenicity. Researchers in Finland have recently reported that body piercing is likely responsible for a dramatic increase in nickel allergies. Nickel-allergy sufferers can remain sensitive to the metal for life, and they also have a greater risk of developing other allergies. Many sensitized people have trouble finding wristwatches, belt buckles, or eyeglass frames that they can wear. The researchers discovered that even jewelry that tested negative for nickel by a standard color test involving ammonia and dimethylglyoxime released nickel when exposed to artificial sweat. Jewelry intended for pierced tongues, cheeks, and genitals fared the worst: eleven out of the twelve pieces sampled exceeded safety standards.

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Medium 9780935161724

Province of Verona

Marissa Fabris Hunter Publishing ePub

The Alps to its north and the pre-Alps to its south didnt safeguard Feltre from being conquered and destroyed repeatedly over the years by barbarian invaders. After suffering great losses, the one-time Roman-controlled town finally moved its city center to a hilltop, the Colle delle Capre, in order to better fortify it.

But it was not only the Romans, Visigoths and Longobards that were interested in the town. After the League of Cambrai sacked it in the 16th century, the Venetian Republic came to its rescue and kept the peace for several hundred years.

Today the low-key university town contains richly frescoed medieval palazzi, a large number of which sit along Feltres main roads, Via Mezzaterra and Via Lorenzo Luzzo. The frescoes, though disappearing with the passage of time, relate mythological and religious tales.


Feltres Porta Oria


Archeological Zone (Duomo, tel. 0439-83879, March-Oct, Sat and Sun, 10 am-1 pm and 4-7 pm; free admission). Beneath Feltres cathedral are excavated ruins from the pre-Roman period, including a commercial and residential quarter of what was then the Roman center of Feltria.

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Medium 9780819806239


Susan Helen Wallace Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub

What is virtue?

Virtue is a power to do good or a habit of doing good. The main virtues are the theological (God-centered) virtues and the cardinal (hinge or key) virtues. Although these powers are free gifts of God, we must use them so that they truly become the habits of doing good that God meant them to be. (1803)

Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence or anything praiseworthy, think of these things. (Phil 4:8)

What are moral virtues?

The moral virtues are human virtues or dispositions, attitudes and habits of conducting oneself in an upright and orderly way. They are strengths of character developed by personal effort that enable a person to live with freedom and self-control. (1804)

You should make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, your virtue with knowledge, your knowledge with self-control, your self-control with steadfastness, your steadfastness with godliness, your godliness with mutual affection, and your mutual affection with love. (2 Pt 1:5–7)

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Medium 9781780491721

Chapter Ten: Evaluation

Katharine St John-Brooks Karnac Books ePub

One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results

Milton Friedman

What this chapter is about

Your internal coaches are doing a great job. Why would you not want to demonstrate that to them, to your sponsors, and to the rest of the business? This chapter looks at evaluation, finding a suitable way of measuring what you and they are achieving and how this adds value to the business. What are you going to measure? Who are you going to ask? How will you collect the information? Will it be quantitative or qualitative? You will ideally need some metrics but without some sense of the clients' experience, the data will be the poorer: success stories do bring a spreadsheet to life.

This chapter explores:

What is evaluation?

Let us distinguish at the outset between monitoring and evaluation. Most lead coaches monitor, in the sense of keeping track of how many live coaching relationships there are. If you have invested in coach management software, this sort of information will be available to you at the click of a mouse. This is about the activity. However, evaluation is about the outcomes: analysing the impact of those coaching relationships on the individual client and more widely on the team or business. There is a wide variety of practice at present, from virtually no evaluation at all to very sophisticated multi-stage evaluation processes, sometimes using external consultancy expertise.

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