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Medium 9780596514860

9. Quadratic Equations: Getting out of line

Tracey Pilone O'Reilly Media ePub

Not everything in life is linear. But just because an equation doesn’t graph as a straight line, doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. In fact, some of the most important unknowns you’ll have to work with in life end up being non-linear. Sometimes you’ve got to deal with terms that have exponents greater than 1. In fact, some equations with squared terms graph as curves! How’s that work? Well, there’s only one way to find out...

HFU has a tradition of frat wars during pledge week.

The pledges have to nail the opposing fraternity’s president with water balloons. Jon’s a pledge and has to hit the president at least three times during pledge week, or he’s got no hope of getting into Theta Theta Pi.

And, guess who he’s asked for a little help... you!

Traditionally, the water balloons have been launched by hand, or maybe with a slingshot. Jon is out to make Theta Theta Pi history, though...

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Medium 9780253016744

3 Religion and Politics in Bahrain

Justin Gengler Indiana University Press ePub

IN BAHRAIN ONE may readily distinguish Sunni from Shi‘i from any number of details: speech and accent (the former pronounce the Arabic kaf as the English k, e.g., the latter as ch1); facial hair and dress (Salafis keep unkempt, often henna-dyed beards, while Shi‘a are less likely to wear the typical Gulf Arab head-dress); given (Husain versus Khalifa) and, if all else fails, family name. Yet among the most straightforward methods is to observe the unmistakable adornment of private property.2 Shi‘a houses, clustered together in tight formation, fly black or multicolored flags bearing the name of the Imam Husain and other religious figures, eulogizing, “O Husain! O Martyr!” Sunni houses, often with gated entrances and garden courtyards, fly the red and white national flag of Bahrain.

Vehicles driven by Shi‘a are decorated invariably with an embossed sticker decal bearing the words “God bless Muhammad and the House of Muhammad.”3 This line, with which they conclude each prayer and whose invocation of the family of the Prophet flies in direct defiance of Sunni practice, reiterates that they are indeed the Shi‘a: shī‘atu ‘alī, or “the partisans of ‘Ali” and the hereditary line of the Prophet against rival claimants to the Islamic caliphate.4 For their part, Sunnis don their vehicles with the familiar Muslim profession of faith and first pillar of Sunni Islam, the shahāda bearing witness that “There is no God but God, and Muhammad is God’s Messenger.”

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Medium 9780946439348

16. Sandor Ferenczi (1948)

Michael Balint Karnac Books ePub

THE early history of psycho-analysis is full of tragic events and tragic lives. Indeed, it was the heroic age of our movement. Perhaps the most tragic, the most moving history of all is that of Sandor Ferenczi.

This is a bold statement. Neither the many friends won by his radiant, lovable personality, nor the inexhaustible wealth of his ideas, nor the unchallengeable successes of his scientific career, seem enough to justify such an opinion. Although he was Freud’s junior by seventeen years, Ferenczi became, in an incredibly short time—a matter of only a few months—perhaps the closest friend of the master, and was for many years his inseparable companion on his jealously guarded holiday journeys. Among the quickly growing host of analysts, Ferenczi attained—as a matter of course—a special place of respect, and he was loved and admired by everyone all the world over. Except for Freud, perhaps no one contributed so many and such fundamentally new ideas to our science; Ferenczi’s contributions belong, to-day more than ever, to the classical works of psycho-analysis.

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Medium 9781607054412


Kim Schaefer C&T Publishing ePub

Quilted by Diane Minkley of Patched Works, Inc.

finished block size: 10″ × 10″ | finished wall quilt: 50½″ × 50½″

Black-and-white prints are paired with bright oranges to create this stunningly graphic quilt. Not a fan of orange? Substitute red, lime green, teal, blue, or purple—you choose—to achieve the same graphic results.

•  2 yards total assorted black-and-white prints for pieced blocks

•  1¼ yards total assorted oranges for pieced blocks

•  3¼ yards for backing and binding

•  55″ × 55″ batting

Cut from assorted black-and-white prints for pieced blocks:

•  100 rectangles 2½″ × 3½″

•  100 rectangles 2½″ × 5½″

Cut 25 squares 6½″ × 6½″ from assorted oranges for pieced blocks.


Piece the blocks as shown. Press. Make 25 blocks.

1. Arrange and sew together the blocks in 5 rows of 5 blocks each. Refer to Putting It All Together (below) as needed. Press.

2. Sew together the rows to form the quilt top. Press.

1. Layer the quilt top with batting and backing. Baste or pin.

2. Quilt as desired and bind.

Putting It All Together

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Medium 9781449396800


David Flanagan O'Reilly Media ePub

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