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Medium 9786068360041

F. Mai rău de-atât nu se poate

Berkun, Scott SC Publica ePub

Toi am avut parte n via de ntmplri oribile pe care le povestim mai trziu prietenilor. Lucrurile rele se ntmpl, nu ai ce face. Viaa merge mai departe. i, pn la urm, incidentul nefericit devine caraghios, cel puin pentru prieteni. Genul acesta de poveti are mare succes pentru c i ajut pe ceilali, dar i pe protagonist, s fie mai mpcai cu lucrurile care nu merg bine n propria lor via.

Acesta este singurul motiv pentru care am alctuit lista urmtoare: ca toat lumea s se simt mai bine. Indiferent ce temeri ai avea, pun pariu c nu te-ai gndit niciodat la catastrofele care li s-au ntmplat acestor oameni. i sunt toi vorbitori profesioniti, cu experien. Este o onoare s fac aceast list i le mulumesc tuturor celor care au contribuit cu povetile lor.

Cea mai urt experien a mea a fost i una dintre primele. Mi s-a cerut s particip la o conferin a unor oficiali de marc ai Guvernului din Georgia (m refer la republic). Am ajuns noaptea trziu i m-au condus s dorm la o cas aparinnd Guvernului. oferul m-a trezit la 7 dimineaa, iar la 7.30 am plecat i am condus aproximativ o or pn la o cldire guvernamental. Cnd am sosit, erau acolo aproximativ 50 de nali funcionari de stat, printre care preedintele Curii Supreme de Justiie (i aproape toi membrii Curii), lideri politici din Parlament i vreo 20 de reprezentani ai Preediniei. M-au aezat n capul mesei. Nu aveam interpret. nti, a vorbit preedintele Curii dou propoziii de bun-venit n englez, adresate mie, i apoi cam 20 de minute n georgian, ctre restul participanilor. Apoi, s-a ntors ctre mine i a spus n englez: i acum, v rugm s ne vorbii o or, comparnd constituiile Germaniei, Franei i Statelor Unite, accentund ceea ce considerai important pentru Georgia.

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Medium 9781601323132

Session - Real-World Data Mining Applications, Challenges, and Perspectives

Robert Stahlbock, Gary M. Weiss, Mahmoud Abou-Nasr, Hamid R. Arabnia CSREA Press PDF
Medium 9781556500770


Annya Strydom Hunter Publishing ePub




We decided we had more than enough of the cold wet weather in England. So one evening Tony, my husband, took out the map of the world. He spread it on the table, closed his eyes and stuck his finger on a spot on the map, saying "This is where we will go!" It turned out to be Africa, Zambia to be exact. So we began scanning all the newspapers for jobs in his field in Zambia. It wasn’t long before we found one in Lusaka. Tony applied and we were soon on our way to London to be interviewed. The job was with Ford Motor Company and they would be giving us an apartment in Lusaka.

It was decided Tony would leave first to arrange everything at that end and I would pack up what we wanted to take with us and sell the car and furniture, etc. Then in a month or so the boys and I would join him. We held a going-away party for all of our friends. When his departure day arrived the boys and I stayed with my in-laws and we took him to the airport. It was around six weeks before I managed to sell everything. Then I packed our boxes and they were picked up ready to ship out. My in-laws looked after the boys for me while I went shopping for new clothes for us all and then we were back to the airport once more and, after tearful goodbyes, we were off.

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Medium 9780749459352

15 Procurement and supply

Rushton, Alan Kogan Page ePub


Procurement and supply


Procurement and supply is one of the key links in the supply chain and as such can have a significant influence on the overall success of the organization. Ensuring that there are sufficient supplies of raw materials at the right price, of the required quality, in the right place and at the right time is obviously crucial to any manufacturing plant. So important is this process that over the years many organizations have developed large departments to deal with the sheer weight of supplier transactions. Recently, however, many companies have been reducing the number of suppliers they deal with in order to reduce the cost of these transactions.

In addition to supplier reduction programmes, many companies have tried to move away from the traditional adversarial relationship with suppliers and towards a more partnership-based approach. This style of relationship recognizes that both parties need to make a profit to survive but that there may be areas where, through cooperation, real cost may be removed from the supply chain and competitive advantage gained by working together.

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Medium 9781855753952

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: On the conditions of understanding. Reflections from the patient’s point of view

Veikko Tahka Karnac Books ePub

Henrik Enckell


In the history of Western thought, the problem of understanding I has been most thoroughly investigated in the context of written texts. The logical starting point for the investigation seems to have been a pragmatic one; when one reads or has to apply a text one does not fully understand, one needs guidelines as to how to interpret it. The reflection on the conditions of understanding, called hermeneutics, has its roots in antiquity, but there are two periods in modern history during which this strand of philosophy has been especially prominent and vital. The first was initiated in the eighteenth century Romanticist tradition by Friedrich Schleiermacher, while the second was started by Martin Heidegger and brought forward during the second half of the twentieth century by authors such as Hans-Georg Gadamer, Jürgen Habermas, and Paul Ricoeur. Moving from its earlier concern with the interpretation of texts, hermeneutics during this last period became involved with more general aspects of understanding.

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