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Ski Country

Lindberg, Eric Insiders' Guide PDF

Ski Country


lthough Denver is located on the plains, it’s only about an hour away from some of the best skiing on the continent. Most ski areas are open from Thanksgiving to mid-­April, but in good snow years (and with the help of snowmaking), the season can stretch from mid-­October through June.

Colorado is home to 25 ski areas, ranging from down-­home to world-­famous, with seven major areas close enough to qualify as day trips from Denver. If downhill skiing isn’t your thing, expect to find lots of things that can be done without skis. Ride the chairlift to Winter Park’s Lodge at Sunspot, for example, just to have lunch and enjoy the view. Other options include ice-­skating, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, dogsledding, or riding in horse-­drawn sleighs. Cross-­country skiing and snowshoeing also are popular, with groomed tracks and trails available at most downhill areas. Most ski areas also offer adult and child lessons, child care, and specialized lessons.

The mountain fun doesn’t stop when the snow melts. Colorado’s ski areas are really year-­round resorts that offer as many things to do in summer as in winter. Mountain biking? How about an easy lift up with your bike on the gondola and a wild ride down.

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Medium 9781934989104

~ Identification

J Krishnamurti Krishnamurti Foundation America ePub

Why do you identify yourself with another, with a group, with a country? Why do you call yourself a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist, or why do you belong to one of the innumerable sects? Religiously and politically one identifies one self with this or with that group through tradition or habit, through impulse, prejudice, imitation and laziness. This identification puts an end to all creative under standing, and then one becomes a mere tool in the hands of the party boss, the priest or the favored leader.

The other day someone said that he was a "Krishnamurtiite," whereas so-and-so belonged to another group. As he was saying it, he was utterly unconscious of the implications of this identification. He was not by any means a foolish person; he was well read, cultured and all the rest of it. Nor was he sentimental or emotional over the matter; on the contrary, he was clear and definite.

Why had he become a "Krishnamurtiite"? He had followed others, belonged to many wearisome groups and organizations, and at last found himself identified with this particular person. From what he said, it appeared that the journey was over. He had taken a stand and that was the end of the matter; he had chosen, and nothing could shake him. He would now comfortably settle down and follow eagerly all that had been said and was going to be said.

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Medium 9781855759947

3 - Internalization

Jonathan Lear Karnac Books ePub





Psychoanalyst is a subjective category: the process of shaping oneself into a psychoanalyst is one that never comes to an end. One is constantly learning from one’s analysands, from other analysts, and from the interpretation and reinterpretation of what is going on with oneself and with others. This is not simply the exercise of the capacity (or set of capacities) to be a psychoanalyst—in the sense that once that capacity is established, all one need do is exercise it. Rather, the capacity itself is always being shaped, deepened, and extended. One might say that the processes of internalization by which one acquires the capacity to be a psychoanalyst never come to an end. Paradoxically, part of the internalization of the capacity to be a psychoanalyst is the recognition that this process of internalization must always be incomplete.

By contrast, consider learning to tie one’s shoes. Before one has acquired the capacity, it seems like the most marvelous, yet almost unapproachable, task. But once one acquires the capacity, the magic soon fades, and the activity becomes automatic. Clearly, the repeated tying of one’s shoes reinforces the capacity and keeps it alive. But there is no question of deepening or expanding the capacity. One has internalized the capacity—that’S Done—And Now One Can Tie one’s shoes.

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Fluids: Praxis Physics

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781574412444

1. Favorite Toys

Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe University of North Texas Press PDF

line of yellow beads up and down the thick, cherry-red wire mounted on a sturdy pine base. She sat next to him and began to narrate his play in the same quiet, deliberate way she had first talked with me on the phone. I had seen that kind of toy only a few times before. Even as an adult, I found moving the beads felt soothing and purposeful.

“Look, Sam, you’re making those yellow beads go up and down. You’re making them go up. Now you’re letting them fall down. That’s fun, Sam,” Nancy said.

She turned to me.

“Just describe what he’s doing. He’ll make the connections between the words you’re using and what they’re for. This toy is good for eye-hand coordination and visual tracking—the kind of motor skills he will need to learn to read.”

I began to wonder whether I was Sam’s problem. Of course,

Sam wasn’t talking because I wasn’t a chatty mother. My quiet love wasn’t enough. I should be walking up and down the aisles of the grocery store going on about red apples, and green peas, and orange oranges, I thought. That must be why he doesn’t know his colors. I didn’t coo. I didn’t baby talk. I didn’t refer to myself in the third person.

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