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Cheat Sheet

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

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12. Municipal Affairs

Slice PDF May 17, 2014

12. Municipal affairs


Jefferson was incorporated on March 20, 1848, by the Texas Legislature. Free white citizens constituted the corporate body, and a mayor and five aldermen constituted the legal body, capable of suing and being sued and holding and conveying real and personal property. The aldermen were to be elected from five wards. The mayor and aldermen had the capacity to create ordinances, which were enforced by the mayor as justice of the peace and by a town constable (marshal).

The mayor and aldermen were to appoint a recorder and treasurer from among themselves and a constable from among the citizens of the town. Taxes required a two-thirds vote of the citizens, and citizens who paid taxes were exempt from county road duties. The scope allowed for the ordinances was typical of the period, with the exception of provisions concerning Jefferson’s status as a port:

  To maintain the cleanliness and salubrity of said town; to secure the safety and convenience of passing in the streets and squares, ways, lanes and other public streets and alleys; to fix the squaring and to prevent any encroachment or other undertaking on the said streets; to determine the completion and dimensions, the maintenance and repair of pavements in said streets, at the cost of the proprietors of houses, lands or neighboring lots; to fix the place or places of landing and anchoring

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PRINCIPLE FIVE: Value a Diversity of Fun Styles

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

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Chapter 2. Learning Fragments

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Making the move online can be challenging. But with the right resources, tools, and rules, you will be the spark that ignites your virtual training. We have provided a few action plans from the book that will help you in the transition from live to virtual training.

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6. Command-line Options and Typed Variables

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

You should have a healthy grasp of shell programming techniques now that you have gone through the previous chapters. What you have learned up to this point enables you to write many nontrivial, useful shell scripts and functions.

Still, you may have noticed some remaining gaps in the knowledge you need to write shell code that behaves like the UNIX commands you are used to. In particular, if you are an experienced UNIX user, it might have occurred to you that none of the example scripts shown so far have the ability to handle options (preceded by a dash (-)) on the command line. And if you program in a conventional language like C or Pascal, you will have noticed that the only type of data that we have seen in shell variables is character strings; we havent seen how to do arithmetic, for example.

These capabilities are certainly crucial to the shells ability to function as a useful UNIX programming language. In this chapter, we will show how the Korn shell supports these and related features.

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