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Medium 9781780421797

Le Pavillon roumain

Jean Lahor Parkstone International PDF
Medium 9780874252446

Activity 24: Meeting Roles

Ian Nicholls HRD Press PDF

50 Activities for Developing Supervisory Skills


• A copy of Exercises 24.1 through 24.4 for each participant

• Notepaper and pens or pencils for the participants

• Flipchart stand, paper, and marker pens


1. You may wish to complete Activities 34 and 45 with the participants before running this one.

2. Photocopy Exercises 24.1 through 24.4 for each participant.


1. Ask for problem statements from the participants and allow the group to choose one to work on in this activity.

2. Whoever calls out the problem chosen by the group adopts the role of the “problem owner” in the first meeting simulation.

3. Select a participant to take the role of the process leader whose job is to lead the meeting through the stages of the process.

4. Select an additional four or five participants to take part in the meeting simulation as contributors.

5. Ask the remaining participants of the group to observe and take notes on what they see happening during the meeting.

6. The objective of the meeting is to arrive at a solution for the problem owner.

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Medium 9781576751909

A Questionnaire

Patricia McLagan Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub
Medium 9781781608630

Erotic Bookshops: Between Anonymity and Audacity

Alexandre Dupouy Parkstone International ePub
Medium 9781617147470

Chapter 2: Having a Dream

Howell, Brian ABDO PDF

Derek’s father, Charles, was a shortstop during his playing days.

Derek decided to play shortstop because he wanted to be like his dad. Charles coached Derek for a few of his Little League years.

One day, when Derek was eight years old, he told his parents he was going to play for the Yankees. Throughout his childhood and his teenage years, he never gave up that goal.

Even when he played Little League baseball, Derek stood out. He had a strong arm. He also had great skills to make plays with his glove. Plus, Derek was a solid hitter and a fast runner.

With these skills, he became a star player in Little League.

Derek loved other sports too. He enjoyed playing basketball and soccer. When he was in high school, he was one of the best basketball players in Michigan. But baseball was his favorite sport.

From a young age, Derek believed in setting goals. And his goals were always high. When he was a freshman in high school, he set the goal of becoming USA Today’s high school player of the year. Three years later, he was honored by USA Today as the nation’s best player.

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