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Medium 9780874252446

Activity 22: Make Up Your Mind

Ian Nicholls HRD Press PDF

50 Activities for Developing Supervisory Skills


1. Photocopy Handout 22.1 for each participant.

2. Read the Trainer Guidance notes before conducting this activity.


1. Draw the decision-making fan (see Figure 22.1 on page 204) on the flipchart.

2. Explain what it represents.

3. Ask the participants for examples of decisions that fit into different levels on the fan.

4. If none are forthcoming, ask where these decisions would fit:

Buying a car

Buying a stereo

Buying a suit

Choosing a book to read

Deciding on what to wear

Deciding what to eat/drink, and so on

5. Ask the participants to identify the steps in the process that they would go through to make one of these decisions. This task can be carried out as a full-group discussion or form subgroups to work out the process. Allow about 15 minutes to complete the task and then ask a spokesperson from each team to read aloud the process that their group used.

6. Write the answers on the flipchart.

7. Merge steps from the different groups’ answers to arrive at a solution that approximates the steps shown on Handout 22.1.

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Medium 9781491905777

2. Getting Up and Running with Impala

John Russell O'Reilly Media ePub

Depending on your level of expertise with Apache Hadoop, and how much Hadoop infrastructure you already have, you can follow different paths to try out Impala.

Some examples in this book use syntax, functions, and other features that were introduced in Impala 1.4, which is available both on Cloudera’s CDH 5.1 and CDH 4 Hadoop distributions.

No matter how you get started with Impala, you can join the open source project discussion through the newer discussion forum or the original mailing list. See the full list of community resources on the dedicated Impala website.

Whichever way you install Impala, at the end of the process you start some Impala-related daemons (impalad, catalogd, and statestored) on every data node in the cluster. The Cloudera Manager installation path bundles these daemons together as an Impala service that you can start and stop as a single unit.

The most convenient and flexible way to access Impala, and the one this book focuses on, is through the interactive impala-shell interpreter. In a development environment, before enabling all the industrial-grade security features, all you need to know is the hostname of any of the servers in the cluster where Impala is running. Impala’s query engine is fully decentralized; you can connect to any data node, issue queries, and the work is automatically distributed across the cluster.

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Medium 9781626562943


Tim Tobin Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Leadership is a gift—a gift that requires you to set a direction; motivate, inspire, and develop others; and deliver results that matter. It is also a journey. It is about your experiences and the influence you have on others. Leadership is certainly about the work that gets done, but it is much more about how the work gets done and the relationships along the way.

A great story can motivate and inspire others. It can impart a message. Think about how your leadership story imparts a message, inspires, or motivates. Remember, your leadership story lives in the hearts and minds of others, and you are constantly onstage as a leader. Sometimes you can rehearse or plan ahead. Other times, improvisation is needed. Those around you will have expectations, assumptions, interpretations, and perceptions that impact your story. For you to be at your best, others’ perceptions of you must be aligned with your story.

Consider that your leadership story has all the elements of a good story: plot, characters, conflict, theme, and setting. These are each instruments by which you can understand where you are aligned and where there is work to do on your story. No matter where you are in your journey, there is something to be gained by using the story as a framework to consider your past, present, and future. Understanding your leadership story provides a solid foundation for who you are, what you believe in, and what you value as a leader. It is a reminder of the important characters in your story, how you handle conflict, and what it takes for you to be at your best.

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Medium 9781847770684

In Itself

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781449316907

5. Analyzing Open Data for Fun (and Profit?), Part 3

Developers from DevZone O'Reilly Media ePub

This is the third and final installment in a series of articles that takes a look at using open source technology to analyze the World Development Indicators data set from the World Banks data catalog. In this final article, were going to change gears a bit and look at one possible way we might monetize our analysis efforts thus far by leveraging the PayPal X payment platform. Just in case you missed the first two articles in the series, click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

PayPal X, the latest branding of the PayPal ecommerce platform, introduces several new payment APIs to make your life as a developer wishing to collect payments through your site or application easier and more robust. The traditional payment gateways, such as Express Checkout and Web Payments, still exist; however, those products were mainly used in your typical (read boring) web checkout routines. With the new Adaptive Payments API you have finer-grained control over how the payments are sent and received. You could split payments among multiple recipients, offer preapproved payments, and process payments on any number of platforms! Another great new feature offered by the Adaptive Payments API is Embedded Payments, which allows you to embed PayPal payments directly in your application without redirecting away from your site. The possibilities are endless, and in this article were going to take a look at Embedded Payments and how we can use it to turn our already built analysis application into a revenue generating machine.

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