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2. Selecting, Decorating, and Enhancing

Slice ePub March 02, 2015

Figure 2.1.  class and id attributes in the HTML page

Figure 2.2. Zebra striping implemented with jQuery

Figure 2.3. Inline styles viewed with Firebug

Figure 2.4. Adding classes to table rows

Figure 2.5. A button created and inserted with jQuery

Figure 2.6.  prependTo and appendTo in action

Figure 2.7. The modified DOM

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Medium 9781550225204

Cookware Chemistry

Slice ePub July 17, 2014

Like most chemists, I like to cook. After all, what is cooking but the appropriate mixing of chemicals? In the lab, we use flasks and beakers, but how do we equip our kitchens? At Tiffanys in New York City, you can procure a silver frying pan for thousands of dollars; specialty stores sell gleaming copper pots for a couple of hundred, while you can buy a thin aluminum pot most anywhere for a few bucks. Whats the difference?

In a trembling voice, the gourmet cook will describe how hot spots on the bottom of a pan can destroy a delicate sauce. But we can avoid such tragic outcomes by choosing cookware that allows for efficient heat conduction and precise heat control. Silver is an ideal material for this, but its very expensive. Copper conducts heat almost as well, but it can dissolve in food and cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Copper cookware lined with tin or stainless steel is the solution; however, this lining eventually wears off and has to be replaced. Cookware manufacturers also make aluminum or steel pans with a thin layer of copper on the bottom, but such a small amount of copper does not improve the pans heat conduction.

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Medium 9781449318833

2. Serving Simple Content

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Because serving content is a web servers reason for being, there are thousands of Node modules available to automate the various ways of doing so, or to wrap that entire set of functions up in a robust framework. Working with what Node includes natively, however, provides a beneficial illustration of how it works as a web server, and creating simple applications with its out-of-the-box utilities is fairly trivial.

The first thing well do in any web application we write in Node is to require a module allowing us to actually serve a website. Most common server tasks are part of the http or https modules. At minimum, any web application will need to import one of these (or another module which has one or the other as a dependency) using the require function. Nodes built-in dependency management is similar to CommonJS, and require masks the complexity of searching for the desired module and avoiding redundancy.

Once the http module is available, we can create a server and ask it to begin listening for requests. The createServer() function has only one parameter: the callback that will execute whenever a request is received. The listen() function that starts the server can take several arguments, but for a simple server we just need to provide the port and, optionally, the host IP:

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Medium 9781855751613

CHAPTER NINE. An advanced training in the supervision and teaching of psychotherapy

Slice ePub May 26, 2014

Kurt Gordan

The training of psychotherapists can never be better than the competence of its supervisors. In 1976, this realization influenced those of us working at the Erica Foundation to plan and put into action the first two-year systematic supervisor training programme for psychotherapists in Sweden. [The Erica Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden, is an independent institute providing at university level: (1) a professional training for child and adolescent psychotherapists; (2) a psychotherapy service for children and adolescents; and (3) research. Both the training programmes and the psychotherapy service are based on psycho-dynamic approaches. The institute is largely funded by central government and the county council.]

During the twenty years that have passed since then, this training has naturally changed and improved. However, the overall plans and content have, for the most part, proved to be practicable in reaching the goals that we set out to achieve. Our model for the training of supervisors and teachers of psychotherapy has also formed the basis for the majority of training courses for supervisors that have now been arranged elsewhere in Scandinavia. Considering the great interest that our training for supervisors has aroused outside Scandinavia, it is appropriate to describe here the essence of the Erica Foundation training for supervisors and teachers of psychotherapy.

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Medium 9781550223743


Slice PDF April 01, 2013

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