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Medium 9781574414660

Into the Atacama

Slice PDF May 18, 2014

Into the Atacama


he Chilean desert, which runs 4,300 kilometers from the southernmost point of Tierra del Fuego to its border with Peru, is the driest desert on earth. It encapsulates within its narrow girth between Andean ridges and the Pacific, a good deal of

Chile’s tumultuous history—its copper and nitrate economy, its history of colonial exploitation, and even a few stories of Nazi chases.

Laboring through it on the Pan American highway, or by its small and dusty back roads, one cannot help but feel the relentless wrestling of man and the elements, especially when one witnesses the now lifeless towns and settlements that had once grown around the mines like devoted encampments around divine, life-giving temples.

Valle de La Luna, the forlorn remains of a now defunct saline lake, glistens mysteriously at night, absorbing and reflecting the secret migrations of the night sky, and has long been a magnet for the continent’s hippies and mystics. One can easily imagine scenes of romance or life and death passion plays in that crumbling natural amphitheater created by salt and light.

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Medium 9781565926219

Python on Windows

Slice PDF May 29, 2014

Chapter 3a


Python on Windows

This chapter introduces using Python on Windows. Rather than describe how to use Python on Windows, we discuss the architecture and briefly cover some of the extension modules available.

When you install the Python binaries for Windows, you install a fully functional version of Python that runs under Windows. This version of Python is similar to what you would find on any installation of Python, regardless of the platform, and we begin by briefly discussing how to take full advantage of the standard Python on Windows.

Although this standard version of Python is fully functional, you don’t obtain much

Windows-specific functionality. To fill the gap, there is a standard set of extensions for Python known collectively as the Python for Windows extensions. These extensions provide access to many Windows-specific features, such as a GUI and

IDE environment, Microsoft’s COM, the raw Win32 API, Windows NT-specific features, and so forth. We assume you have already installed the Python for Windows extensions, so these extensions are covered in detail. As discussed in

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Medium 9780596001667

1. Router Security

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In Webster's dictionary the definition of hard is particularly relevant to the field of information security:

Not easily penetrated or separated into parts; not yielding to pressure.

By hardening a router, we make it difficult to penetrate and unyielding under the pressure of attacks. This chapter discusses why hardening network routers is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of Information Security. It will talk about what can go wrong when routers are left insecure and identify which routers are at the most risk from attack.

When asking about Information Security (InfoSec), most people immediately think about stolen credit cards, defaced web sites, and teenage hackers with names like B@D@pple. An InfoSec professional might extend the list to items like firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPN)s, penetration testing, and risk analysis. What is almost never listed is router securitynetwork security, yes, but never specifically router security. The distinction is important.

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Medium 9781591201977

50. When Every Drop Counts

Slice ePub January 13, 2014

Medium 9781626560871

4. Below Average

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

a twelve-by-twelve-inch sliding metal panel was situated at eye level in the only door of the small, poorly lit basement room where Excellence had been held in captivity for several months. Sitting quietly, she calmly turned toward the door as the panel began to slide open. Excellence stood up. As usual, she was taken aback by the face staring at her from the other side of the opening. There was an uncanny resemblance between Excellence and this figure. Over time, however, Excellence had begun to recognize that what had at first appeared to be subtle differences had become glaring differences. Unfortunately, she was sure that others might not be able to easily tell the difference between the two of them.

With a wry smile, the figure said, “Good morning, Excellence.”

“Good morning, Average,” Excellence replied in a pleasant tone that belied her situation.

Over the past months, Excellence had learned much about Average’s history from these visits. In an earlier life, Average had been a makeup artist. He began his career behind the scenes of a theater company, and over the years, he became an expert in his field. He had, in fact, become obsessed with Excellence in his art, but with economic changes in the industry, he found himself a victim of downsizing and was replaced by less experienced artists. Outraged, he changed his name to Average and committed the rest of his life to keeping Excellence out of any company he could.

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