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Medium 9780762786404

Lou’s Food Bar

Ruth Tobias Lyons Press PDF

Lou’s Food Bar

1851 West 38th Avenue

Denver, CO 80211

(303) 458-0336

Chefs/Owners: Frank Bonanno and Mike Peshek

Frank Bonanno is not only one of Denver’s most beloved and prolific chef-restaurateurs, he’s also quite the wordsmith. While I could describe his Sunnyside homage to

Americana in my own words—low-key, down-home, and neighborly, yet smart and snappy, too—I’d just as soon quote him at delightful length:

“When you travel through Europe, some of the best restaurants are just off the highways and alongside rail stations. They’re nondescript, age-worn venues—no tablecloths or elaborate decor—where you might find the owner serving wine made from grapes grown on the hillside out back or hand-rolled pastas on a menu that covers an unexpectedly wide geographic range. Before the fast-food revolution of the 1950s, it was that way in America as well. We had a culture of old roadside diners—the kinds of places where pies rest in a countertop display case, the specialties include everything from smothered burritos to meat loaf to gyros, and breakfast is served all day. I love those diners in Europe, and I love them here— they’re a testament to cultural diversity and to the foods in which we find solace.

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Medium 9781576753774

Chapter 4: The Trust of Capability: Competence Trust

Reina, Dennis S. Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

“Why doesn’t she just let me do my job!” Joyce said in utter frustration. “It seems like every day, the boss is looking over my shoulder, telling me how to do my job. Why did she hire me in the first place, if she isn’t going to use my expertise? Doesn’t she have anything better to do? I feel so discounted.”

Have you ever felt micromanaged or underutilized because you were not able to use your talents to do your job in the way you know it needs to be done? Your education and years of experience are not valued, but are in fact devalued.

“I can’t believe you promoted Hugh to the team leader position,” Mark said in exasperation to his boss. “He doesn’t know the job, accepts credit for work he didn’t perform, and works half as hard as any other member of the team. I’m really shocked that you promoted someone like that!”

Have you ever felt frustrated because the competence (or lack thereof) of another was inappropriately rewarded, when they were unworthy of the credit or promotion they were given and particularly when other teammates were more capable and deserving?

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Medium 9780596514471

Chapter 10: OSes, Text Editors, and Word Processors

Ken Lunde O'Reilly Media PDF

Chapter 10

OSes, Text Editors, and Word Processors

Here we cover basic or minimal functionality, specifically the use of OSes, text editors, and word processors. These environments and applications completely satisfy the basic requirements for some users, even without regard to the CJKV implications that are discussed throughout this book. One could even argue that today’s mobile devices, including some cell phones, satisfy the needs for some users, because they provide all the features and functionality that they desire, such as the ability to send and receive email, to browse the Web, to keep contact information, and for recording text notes.

In this chapter, we discuss software that companies and individuals have developed, which, when properly integrated and configured, provides the ability to create, format, display, print, send, or receive CJKV text by electronic means. Figure 10-1 illustrates how these various text-processing tools interact with each other.



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Medium 9781855758025

Chapter Twenty One: “I've been told you're an Expert in Anxiety Management”

John Marzillier Karnac Books ePub


“I've been told you're an expert in anxiety management”

The pretty young girl sitting in the armchair opposite me radiates bonhomie and good health. To say this is unusual in a prospective psychotherapy patient is a massive understatement. Most clients are intensely nervous when they first arrive and many show the signs of distress and tension that brought them here. But Cordelia looks calm and poised. She is in the bloom of youth. The phrase jumps into my mind. Maybe it is the floral dress she is wearing—large red flowers on a bright canary yellow background—that made me think of blooming. Or that she seems very young, even younger than her 23 years. And she is strikingly beautiful, her lush black hair framing a perfectly formed oval face with a soft, creamy complexion that most women would die for. Her dark brown eyes, so dark they are almost black, sparkle as they search mine out. In her look there is a mixture of curiosity and something else. Playfulness is the nearest I can get to it.

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Medium 9780596002800

13. Extending NetBeans


There any number of reasons to develop extensions to NetBeans. Perhaps you are a developer, working on a project that has some unique needs (such as deployment to a particular application server or use of a code analysis tool), and you use NetBeans and would like to have support for that tool integrated into your development environment. Or you could have a development tool that you would like to integrate with NetBeans and sell as an extension. Or you could simply be embarking on a project to create a large desktop application, and you can save several person-years by using the NetBeans core without its development-tool-specific functionality to handle the menus, windowing, file access, configuration, and browsing aspects of your application.

This half of the book is about writing modules to plug into NetBeans to extend its functionality. So it is of particular interest to people developing or using tools for software development, people developing desktop applications in Java, or anyone who simply uses the NetBeans IDE and would like to change the way something works. We assume you have some familiarity with NetBeans as a development tool and its user interface components and with the Java language.

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