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Medium 9781449372347

18. Address Book

Matt Neuburg O'Reilly Media ePub

The user’s address book, which the user sees through the Contacts app, is effectively a database that can be accessed directly through the Address Book framework. You’ll need to @import AddressBook. This is, unfortunately, a C API, which means that you’re going to be doing a lot of manual memory management.

A user interface for interacting with the address book is also provided, through Objective-C classes, by the Address Book UI framework. You’ll need to @import AddressBookUI.

The address book is an ABAddressBookRef obtained by calling ABAddressBookCreateWithOptions. There are in fact no options to pass, so the first parameter is always nil. The important thing is the second parameter, a pointer to a CFErrorRef; if the result is nil, the CFErrorRef describes the error. The reason there can be an error is that the user can deny your app access to the address book:

If access has neither been denied nor granted, however, the result will not be nil, and there will be no CFErrorRef. This can be a disaster, because you are now working with an ABAddressBookRef that is non-nil but is nevertheless invalid and useless, and whatever further actions you perform involving the address book will fail. To prevent this, you should call ABAddressBookGetAuthorizationStatus to learn the current status. If it is kABAuthorizationStatusNotDetermined, you should request authorization from the user before attempting to use the address book.

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Medium 9780819871350

XXVIII: We Must Manifest Our Necessities to Christ and Ask His Grace

Thomas Kempis Mary Lea Hill Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub


We Must Manifest Our Necessities to Christ and Ask His Grace


Sweet and loving Lord, whom I now desire to receive devoutly, you know my weakness and the troubles I am enduring, how many evils and vices I am immersed in, and how often I am oppressed, tempted, troubled, and stained by sin. To you I come to be cured; I implore your consolation and help. I confide in you because you know all things. Everything in me is known to you, and you alone can perfectly console and help me. You know the good I stand most in need of and how poor I am in virtues.

Behold, I stand before you, poor and naked, asking your grace and imploring your mercy. Feed your hungry beggar, heat my coldness with the fire of your love, enlighten my blindness with the splendor of your presence. Turn all earthly things into bitterness for me, all burdensome and contrary things into patient forbearance, and all created things into things of little importance that will someday end.

Uplift my heart to you in heaven, and do not permit me to wander aimlessly over the earth. From now on and forever, may you alone be sweet to me; because you alone are my food and my drink, my love and my joy, my sweetness and my every good.

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Medium 9780596101336

7. Hard-Core Voice

Theodore Wallingford O'Reilly Media ePub

If you've been involved in Linux VoIP hacking for very long (hey, you made it to Chapter 7, so you've been around a while), you're probably already quite familiar with Asterisk, the open source PBX (and the predominant open source VoIP platform). Aside from Asterisk, tons of open source voice networking projects are out there, including OpenH323, GnuGK, sipX, SIP Express Router, OhPhone, SaRP, and GnoPhone. Try Googling some of these. You'll find there's enough open source VoIP stuff to keep you busy for a while.

New VoIP projects arrive weekly at, so this chapter represents only a partial smattering of what's out there. There's no question that the open source world is a voice hacker's paradise, a realm of mission critical, high-stakes, real-time applications with very little tolerance for underperformance, and SourceForge is crawling with new ways to take advantage of real-time, converged networks for mission-critical voice apps.

Being a voice hacker is sort of like being a network marine. You've got to train hard to spot issues that don't show up in other, less loss-sensitive kinds of networking. You've got to be "first to fight" when problems occur on a voice network, because voice users will pick up on network slowdowns and outages before plain-old data users. It takes thick skin and quick thinking to join the ranks of the voice hacker.

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Medium 9780253010766

6 Summer 1911: Concerts in Pavlovsk and Odessa

Galina Kopytova Indiana University Press ePub

THE HEIFETZES SPENT THEIR SUMMER vacation at a dacha in Antakalnis, one of the twenty-six suburbs of Vilnius and a popular area during the summer. A local guidebook from the period described it as follows: “Heading along the bank of the Viliya to the Church of St. Peter and Paul, one can stop in the suburb of Antokol which stretches along the Viliya for almost three versts. Scattered hills to the right of the church are covered with beautiful green pine forests. Not far from there is the Sapezhinsky Garden and Palace . . .”1 The Heifetz family stayed at 9 Petropavlovsk Lane, in a house belonging to a man named Pyotr Guryanov.

The Heifetzes were joined by their young cousin Anyuta Sharfstein-Koch during their summer retreat. Some eight decades later in a phone conversation, Sharfstein-Kochremembered fondly her time with the Heifetz siblings in the hills outside Vilnius. Elza showed her the chickens laying eggs and Pauline took her up to Jascha’s room in the house: “He was busy at the table with all these dead butterflies. . . . I said to him, ‘Where did you get all those butterflies?’ And he said he’ll show me. And he went out and he was running with the net after the butterflies. Can you visualize it? Running after butterflies with a net!” Butterfly catching became a widespread and fashionable hobby during the beginning of the century, and one could often find children and adults alike running through the countryside with nets chasing the colorful insects.

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Medium 9781550226980

Reefer Madness

Dr. Joe Schwarcz ECW Press ePub

What’s the worst movie ever made? Let me put in a plug for the 1936 flick Reefer Madness. Disguised as a movie with a plot, this was actually a propaganda film intended to highlight the evils of marijuana smoking. “Women Cry for It, Men Die for It,” screamed the promotional posters. Moviegoers would witness “drug-crazed abandon and the soul-destroying effects of killer marijuana.” The movie delivers some of the worst acting you’ll ever see, along with exaggerated allegations about the effects of smoking marijuana. The thin plot focuses on a pair of upstanding teenagers who fall into the clutches of a dastardly gang bent on converting them into marijuana addicts. It takes only one joint to get the kids hooked, and after that, it’s a straight descent into hell. Along the way, there’s illicit sex, hallucinations, murder, suicide, and ghastly dialogue. If marijuana makes people talk like that, it is a dangerous substance indeed.

The 1930s featured some of the strongest anti-drug rhetoric in history. Government pamphlets warned teenagers about friendly strangers who might put the killer drug marijuana in their coffee, and described how insanity and death lurked in this “narcotic.” You could “grow enough marijuana in a window box to drive the whole population of the United States, stark, staring, raving mad,” declared an article in the widely circulated Hearst newspapers. The writer went on to ask the rhetorical question, “heroin, cocaine, morphine, marijuana, opium—what does it matter which it is? One horror is no worse than another.” It didn’t seem to matter that there was absolutely no evidence to back up these preposterous claims. Marijuana was a perfect scapegoat to explain increasing crime rates. The Federal Bureau of Narcotics claimed that marijuana caused crimes of violence and led to insanity and heroin addiction.

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