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Medium 9781781607749

Divisionist Painting

Paul Signac Parkstone International PDF
Medium 9781855757288

14. The therapeutic alliance and the creation of a safe base for personal development

Dorothy Heard Karnac Books ePub

Undertaking psychotherapy gives therapists an intense awareness of the range and depth of human suffering and the infinite varieties of being badly hurt. The fact that there are well over a hundred named types of psychotherapy, and practitioners who identify themselves with each type, suggests that different forms of psychotherapy will continue to be required to meet the needs of all psychological sufferers and the necessity to specialise in particular types of psychotherapy will remain. However the expansion of the demand for therapy and economic considerations of how it can be provided have meant that many of the training programmes have broadened the range of psychotherapeutic skills and research to meet the growing demand. This recognition of the value and limits of each particular approach has meant that psychotherapists have steadily come to be more appreciative of each other’s contribution and less critical of each other’s limits. There also seems to be an increasing recognition of core elements or so-called non-specific factors (Frank 1971, 1979, Strupp 1979) in each therapy which need to be understood and practised if the skills of each special therapy are to be fully developed. We continue to hold the hypothesis that how therapists relate to and look after their clients is the issue that covers all these common factors, and that the key to understanding them lies in understanding the processes underlying caregiving and its development.

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Richard P. Kluft Karnac Books ePub

Ben drove north, weaving across interstate and local routes.

“May I ask what we're doing? How on earth do you plan to find him?”

“I don't know. But I have a few ideas about how he'll go about finding us.”

Eve chewed her lip, thoughtful and silent. Then she took a moment to fix her lipstick.

“Ben Jordan, you're completely full of shit!”


“Two can play your game. I've been tracking what you say and how you say it. You go for active solutions. He'll find us because you're trolling for him. You're a fisherman. You're going fishing.”

For a few moments Ben seemed to be stifling a cough. Then he burst out laughing. He pulled the bill of Eve's cap down over her eyes and shook her head affectionately, the way he would when a little leaguer came back to the dugout after hitting a home run.

“What have I done? What kind of monster have I created?”

Eve straightened her cap and stuck out her tongue in the dark.

“Payback is a bitch! Suffer!”

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Medium 9781622500314

Handling Stress

Joanne Suter Saddleback Educational Publishing PDF



date ____________________________

Handling Stress

According to the dictionary, stress is some kind of “strain, pressure, or tension.”

We all have stress in our lives. Although we tend to think of it in a negative way, stress is not necessarily bad. Some people perform well under stress. Olympic racers, for example, usually run their record times when going for the gold rather than in practice. Experts believe our attitudes toward stress—rather than the pressures themselves—make all the difference. The way we handle stress makes it either a friend or a foe. Do you see stress as a terrible problem or as a fact of life? The following dos and don’ts might help you deal with stress in a positive way.

• Don’t blame others for your problems.

Focus on solutions rather than looking for a place to lay guilt.

• Do avoid self-pity and the “poor-me” attitude.

• Relax and meditate. You’ll be surprised how you can let your feelings go.

• Try physical exercise to get rid of stress energy. Experts believe that exercise releases a body chemical called serotonin which gives you a feeling of well-being.

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Medium 9781781606032

The Bourgeois Schiele

Stephaine Angoh Parkstone International ePub

Schiele s beloved sister Gerti marries a fellow artist, Anton Peschka, whose young son often spends time with his uncle. Across from Schiele s atelier lived his landlords, the middle-class Harms family with their two young daughters.


Schiele, disguised as an Apache, allows them to see him at the window. Later he sends Wally with an invitation to the cinema and the assurance that she too would accompany them. The two sisters model for Schiele and, in their vanity, compete for the favors of the young artist.


Coldheartedly he informs Wally that he will marry Edith (p.49), the socially advantageous match for him, whereupon she joins the Red Cross as a nurse and goes to the front where she will succumb to scarlet fever in 1917.


In the allegorical painting Death and the Maiden Schiele himself comes to terms with his separation from Wally (p.50).


On June 17, 1915, five days after his twenty-fifth birthday, Schiele marries Edith Harms. Four days later, he is inducted into military service in Bohemia.

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