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Medium 9781847770684


Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

c onsequently i rejoice


Lighting a Candle

I have placed candles. I have held the wick

Upright, have shielded match-flames, scalded my

Hands, smelt the burning, tried again, again to keep my eye,

My night-eye on the moon, have laid the quick

Spurt to the candle, watched the flame grow tall

And a soft glow climb quietly up the wall.

The blinds are pulled to, all that gold explores

The room. It touches back across my hands.

I fold them, feeling, seeing lines like scars,

Then look away and up. The candle sends

Curious distributions. When I close

My eyes, the glow moves inward, takes my breath

At all the hauntings which I start to lose

The black hours as I shut a Book of Hours for death.


Houses whose dirt and hurt we’ve kicked off gladly

Soon become perfect in the memory.

Guitars in next-door rooms, a record badly

Scratched or put on too high

Dwindle away and somewhere else we see

And miss that view, that always sunset sky.

This moving which had seemed not only vital

But also something to look forward to

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Medium 9780596559007

Simple Operators

Holmes, Lee O'Reilly Media PDF


Returns an object that contains a Person property.


Returns a list of Person nodes. Each person node exposes 'contactType',

Name, and Phone as properties.


Returns the first Person node.


Returns Personal as the contact type of the first Person node.


The XML datatype wraps the .NET XmlDocument and XmlElement classes.

Unlike most PowerShell .NET wrappers, this wrapper does not expose the properties from the underlying class, because they may conflict with the dynamic properties that PowerShell adds for node names.

To access properties of the underlying class, use the PsBase property—for example:


See the section named “Working with the .NET Framework” to learn more about using PowerShell to interact with the .NET Framework.

Simple Operators

Once you have defined your data, the next step is to work with it.

Arithmetic Operators

The arithmetic operators allow you to perform mathematical operations on your data.

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Medium 9781847770998

The Land That Is Not

John Gallas Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

I Saw a Tree…

I saw a tree, greater than the rest, and hung all round with cones I could not reach;

I saw a mighty church, its doors all wide, and all who came out there were pale and strong and ready for death;

I saw a smiling, painted woman throwing dice to try what hap she had and saw her lose.

There was a circle drawn about these things, a circle no one oversteps.

Walking, I Took My Way about the Solarsystems


I took my way about the solarsystems, until, until I found the first thread of my red gown.

I know myself by now.

In space somewhere my heart hangs, streaming sparks, thuddering in air, holding out to other worldless hearts.

The Land That Is Not

I long for the land that is not, because I am too tired to want all there is.

The moon, with silver runes, brings word to me of the land that is not.

A land where all our dreams are strangely given, a land where our fetters all fall, a land where we calm our bloody heads in moon-mist.

My life was hot folly.

But one thing I found, one thing I have won – is the way to the land that is not.

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Medium 9780253019561

19 Going Home

Malcolm L. Fleming Indiana University Press ePub

Billeted for a week in an old tobacco factory, we were processed by the old 3rd Repl Depot preparatory to going home. Same outfit, but with greatly changed tactics since the days they were supplying replacements for battle loss.

Final inspection is complete, and now with bulging bags we’re waiting by the numbers for trucks.

Marburg, Ger—13 Oct ’45

Handful of doughnuts and canteen cup of hot coffee—the invariable Red Cross handout, but a good sendoff before a rough two nights and a day on a boxcar.

Marburg, Ger—13 Oct ’45

Cattle-class accommodations, Marburg to Antwerp. Not actually the famed “40 (men) and 8 (horses)” of World War I, but no more comfortable for 24 men to ride and sleep in.

Antwerp, Bel.—15 Oct ’45

One of the seven theaters at this staging area running continuous showings all afternoon and evening. Nothing but a glorified quonset hut, but right appealing to the GIs because somebody’s bothered to name it the Roxy and run shows often enough to eliminate standing in long lines.

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Medium 9781591201298

Appendix D Sample Daily Menu and Recipes

Tuley, Marty Basic Health Publications ePub


Sample Daily Menu and Recipes



•3 egg whites plus one yolk cooked with fat-free and calorie-free cooking spray

•1 small bowl plain slow-cooking oatmeal

•1 large glass of water

•1 cup of coffee (with non-fat or low-fat milk)

•1 multivitamin/mineral

Mid-Morning Snack

•1 cup low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat yogurt

•1 large glass of water


•A large green salad with a few strips of grilled chicken

•“Tons” of vegetables and a tablespoon or two of low-calorie dressing

•1 slice whole-wheat bread

•1 large glass of water or unsweetened tea

Mid-Afternoon Snack

•¼ cup of almonds

•1 palm-sized serving of beef jerky

•1 large glass of water or unsweetened tea

Supper (as it’s known in the heartland)

•1 palm-sized serving of chicken, turkey, or fish

•2 large servings of green vegetables

Late-Night Snack

•2 palm-sized servings steamed Edamame (soybean in the pod).

This is a sample menu. You’ll have to tailor your eating to your specific tastes and needs. That doesn’t mean you should have a Twinkie for breakfast because you need a sugar fix and like the way it tastes! Try different healthy foods to find ones that you like. It really isn’t that hard to eat healthy, but it does come with some sacrifice. You have to retrain your taste buds and practice a little patience.

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