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Medium 9781617831621

CHAPTER 5 A Collapse and a Comeback

Marty Gitlin SportsZone PDF

coaching experience. But West

That was enough for West,

planned to have him in that

who quit after the season. New

position only through that sea-

general manager Chris Wallace

son. West wanted Barone to

and coach Marc Iavaroni—Bar-

adopt a faster pace on the floor.

one’s replacement—would be

West also believed that through

forced to deal with the unhappy

coaching, Barone would gain a

Gasol. The Grizzlies stumbled

better understanding of what

to start the next year and never

the team needed, which would


help him become a better per-

the team needed to get rid of

sonnel director.

Gasol’s high salary. He also



The Grizzlies played no

wanted to trade for players

better under Barone than they

whose contracts were running

did for Fratello. They never

out, which would free up money

won more than three games in

to spend on rebuilding the team.

a row for the rest of the season.

They finished with a miserable

22–60 record.

There was also another problem. A month after Fratello was fired, Gasol asked to be traded. He wanted to play for a team that had a chance to win a title. It had become apparent that the Grizzlies were not going to contend for quite some time.

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Medium 9780596003555

10. Putting It All Together

Dave Pawson O'Reilly Media ePub

A small, complete document uses much of the previously described functionality and illustrates the power of XSL-FO.

As source content, Im going to use an imaginary book outline. In terms of layout, the major elements are the front matter, which requires attention and is a one-off; the main chapters, which share layout but have one or two special treatment areas; and the rear matter, for which separate treatment is needed for an index.

The pagination needed is shown in Figures Figure 10-1 and Figure 10-2.

Figure10-1.Frontmatter layout

Figure10-2.Initial page layout

No page headers are needed for the first three pages, page numbers are needed only for the preface and table of contents, then we use a header (no footer), as shown, for the remainder of the chapters. Now we can specify these and define some of the attribute sets that will be used throughout.

So lets put an outline together. Im presuming a fairly complex stylesheet, so Ill partition it early. The main stylesheet will hold only the content templates and will import separate stylesheets for the page layout (layout master set), the primary element templates. Ill start with a trial for the layout master set.

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Medium 9781847772756

‘Whan the yallowin cornfield’s fair steirin’

Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

‘Whan the yallowin cornfield’s fair steirin’

Whan the yallowin cornfield’s fair steirin,

And the cuil wuid’s reeslin i the souch,

And the gairden’s cramasie fruit is beeryin

Itsel neth thon hinnie-sweet leafy neuk;

Whan wi the scentit dew hit’s skimmerin,

At gloamin-time or dawin-oor,

Frae unner a buss, the lilikin

Boos its wee heid: a frienly flouer;

Whan the cauldrife burn doun the glen is spielin

Slungin my thochts ti a dootsome dwam,

Slabberin ti me an unco Hielan

Tale, as it breenges frae lands o calm;

Than, my lang wanrest nae mair is deavin

My hert, the runkles on my brou

Are smuithed, and in the here-and-nou

I’m blythe, and I see God in Heiven.

translated by Tom Hubbard yallowin yellowing; steirin stirring; reeslin rustling; souch breeze; cramasie crimson; beeryin burying; neth beneath; thon that; hinnie-sweet honeysweet; neuk corner; skimmerin twinkling; dawin-oor dawn; buss bush; lilikin lily-of-the-valley; boos bows; cauldrife cold; spielin playing; slungin plunging; dootsome uncertain; dwam trance; slabberin babbling; unco uncanny; breenges rushes forward; wanrest anxiety; deavin troubling

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Medium 9781457182921

17. Multistage Rockets

Mike Westerfield Maker Media, Inc ePub

Staging is a common concept in rocketry. Using one powerful motor to launch a large rocket has mass penalties: the rocket tube must be thick enough (and therefore heavy enough) to withstand the thrust of the large motor. By stacking multiple rockets on top of each other in stages, you can pack more power into a thinner (and lighter) tube.

The concept of staging is very simple: a multistage rocket is launched using only the motor in the first stage. When the first motor burns out, the rocket drops the weight of the entire first stage—motor, fins, and tube—leaving a smaller rocket to continue the journey. The smaller rocket fires, taking advantage of the speed and altitude provided by the first stage to fly higher and faster than it could have flown on its own. You can do this more than one time. In model rocketry, two-stage rockets are common, but three-stage rockets are not unusual, and you can use even more stages.

This chapter shows how it’s done. You will build Romulus, a two-stage rocket that can fly to altitudes of 1,460 feet, even though it is a big, impressive rocket.

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Medium 9781847770523

The Apple Trees

Clive Wilmer Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

The Apple Trees for Lyubomir Nikolov, again

But the trees, Lyubomir, remember the trees!

Five or six of them, each a distinct variety

Of apple – yellow or red, russet or buff-green –

With a footbridge over the brook

And a path winding among them through high grass.

One I can still see.

In the mind’s eye, as then through the body’s too,

I feel the gravid pull

Of the fruit bunched red among green, red as the autumn sun,

Bending the boughs.

Well, now they are gone.

Churning up rights of way,

Bulldozers plough the earth for the new block.

New rights, of course, will succeed the old, but for what?

There is always something more important than trees.

What is anger, my friend, but a form of memory?

I will not let go.

To do so, I know (so they tell me), is good for the soul.

I cannot think of that. I prefer the pain of knowing the trees lost

To losing the trees.

At Great Coxwell

Great Coxwell tithe barn (William Morris said)

‘As noble as a great cathedral’ – and

On the same mighty scale.

Arriving there

One incandescent afternoon, we saw

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