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Medium 9781491901885

3. Functions: The JavaScript Building Blocks

Slice ePub February 02, 2015

JavaScript functions provide a way to encapsulate a block of code in order to reuse the code several times. They are first-class objects in JavaScript, which means they can be treated as an object, as well as an expression or statement.

There are three basic ways to create a function:

You’re not sure where to place your function to ensure it’s accessible when needed.

If you’re using a declarative function, you can place the function anywhere in the code. However, if you’re using a function expression, you must do so before the function is used. The reasons are given in the discussion.

An important concept to remember when considering the different ways you can create a function is hoisting. In JavaScript, all variable declarations are moved, or hoisted to the top of their current scope. That’s declaration, though, not instantiation. The difference is critical. If you access a variable that’s not declared, you’ll get a reference error. However, if you access a variable before it’s declared, but it is declared within the scope at a later time, you’ll get an undefined:

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Medium 9781574411966

11. Belle Fourche to Fort Fetterman

Slice PDF May 18, 2014

Chapter 11

Belle Fourche to Fort Fetterman

December 21st. Another snow storm last night: two inches on a level.

General Crook summoned the Indians to a council, at which all the principal chiefs of the Sioux, Cheyennes, and Arapahoe bands made their appearance. After dwelling upon the fact that our lack of forage for the animals prevented our continuing in the

field much longer and the non-return of our messengers from Red

Cloud Agency deprived him of any clue as to the whereabouts of the retreating Cheyennes, so that there was no use trying to do any more scouting for the present, the Commanding General went on to say:

“I understand they have been turning in their (the Indians’) horses and guns at the Agency. I don’t know by what authority. It was not by my order, but I don’t know whether it was by orders from

Washington or not.

[“]You are very lucky in having been out here with us, because if you had been at the Agency, you would have had to turn in your ponies; now, you have plenty.

[“]I want some of you to go on ahead pretty fast, as I want to send a letter through before the rest get in. Most of you have friends or

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Medium 9781609940119

2: Take Stage

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

The art of communication
is the language of leadership.


Consider a dramatic scene in your favorite action-thriller movie. Let’s say a missile has just hit Times Square on Tuesday at noon. Or two cars have crashed head on, burst into flames, rolled over an embankment, and landed on a cruise ship of vacationers docked in port below. Or maybe two honeymooners have decided all’s fair in love and war and pulled knives on each other in the middle of the bank lobby while waiting for the cashier to open their safe deposit box.

Pick a scenario and stay with me here: Bystanders shriek. Some people scatter and duck for self-protection. Others gather and gawk at what’s happening. Soon a crowd forms. Onlookers begin to shout in all directions. Chaos reigns.

Then our hero or heroine makes a way through the masses to the center of the action and takes charge: “Get an ambulance. Call the cops. Secure the site. Establish communication with headquarters.” People fall in line. Chaos turns to order.

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Medium 9781615421367

Prevent Problems

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Although this book is mainly about solving problems, not preventing them, Im sure you dont want any issues youve fixed torecur. And a few preventive steps can make solving problems much, much easier if and when they do occur.

At the risk of sounding overly promotional, I would like to note thatsome of my other books (chiefly Take Control of Backing UpYour Mac and Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac ) offer agreatdeal of advice that will help with preventing problems, and Icertainly recommend those titles if you need additional help. In this chapter, though, I cover three particularly important preventive maintenance tasks from Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac .

Surge protectors are to a computer what airbags are to a passenger inacar. No matter how carefully you drive, another driver could cause a collisionand that airbag could save your life. Likewise, no matter how clean or reliable the power in your building normally is, a lightning strike or power surge could damage components or even wipe out your computer. Its unlikely, but it can and does happen.

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Medium 9781855756502

CHAPTER TWELVE: Unconscious communication in domestic life

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

In the next chapter we will look at who needs therapy and why. For the moment, let us examine the “ordinary couple”. They have their ups and down, but are basically managing their marital relations well, without giving the matter much thought. Life is far too busy. Yet, without being aware of it, a private language has grown between them, including a language without words. We all recognize the scenario of a couple attending a rather tedious party, but not wanting to be rude by leaving too early. They can signal one another across a crowded room with a mere lift of an eyebrow, the tongue run round the top teeth, a subtle, querying lift of one corner of the mouth. “Leave Now? Five Minutes? Half past the hour?” “Ready to go?” Instantly, the answer is returned in the same code.


This I call messaging. (May as well be up with the times.) It happens in all areas of joint living, down to the most intimate.

“I know when he wants to make love, but daren’t ask directly, for fear of rebuff. He chews my earlobe in a very particular way.”“Yeah. If she just smiles or pats my hand in reply, she’s not interested. But she’s got this shy little giggle that passes so swiftly you could easily miss it. This means ‘yes’.”

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