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Medium 9781565926219

Introduction to COM

Slice PDF May 29, 2014

Chapter 5


Introduction to COM

In this chapter, we provide an introduction to using the Microsoft Component

Object Model (COM) from Python. We will present enough introductory material so you can understand the key concepts and some simple examples that use

Python and COM.

COM is a technique for using or publishing objects, regardless of the language they were implemented in. Any COM-aware environment uses a COM object in a consistent and reliable way; you need to know nothing about how the object is implemented.

COM has grown from humble beginnings. Its lineage can be traced through the

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technology that first appeared in the

Microsoft Windows 3.x family. The first version of Visual Basic included a technology known as Visual Basic Extensions, or VBXs. Microsoft started merging these technologies into OLE2, which was soon renamed COM. Since then, the Microsoft marketing machine has begun to refer to the technology as ActiveX, although

COM remains the mnemonic of choice in the Windows development world.

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Medium 9781847771704

The Lake. To ---

Slice PDF November 12, 2014

Medium 9781847771148

Would It Were

Slice PDF February 05, 2015

Would It Were

Perhaps then the wax is not what I now think it to be…

Descartes, ‘Meditation 2’

Stuck with it. Descartes’ piece of wax that he could squeeze and fold between his fingers. I guess now that the first time I read that I must have liked it as a way to some philosophy that he, at least, could touch – and us? – so I might too, though ‘beeswax’ remains perplexing. Have I got it? Now, I mean?

That immediate feel so subject to the smell of flowers (he said), its history that could melt into ideas, to ask nothing back except that surely it’s unchanged. How would I know if it’s too hot to touch?

Think about it. Enough pain there, I know. So stuff the messages from that easy connection! Burn them up? Conceive a flame held close and applied, so wanting, imaginatively, and its energy plain hurtful if you aren’t careful. Possible, possible. Press what’s left. Into a sight for sore eyes (as they would be). As when

I said out loud in the car last week, driving alone, ‘And suddenly there were daffodils.’

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Medium 9780856355332

Bitter For Sweet

Slice PDF April 24, 2015

Medium 9781609520809

4. Bite Me

Slice ePub June 18, 2014

Chapter Four

Bite Me

Biologically speaking, if something bites you, it is more likely to be female.

biologist Desmond Morris

Johns father is shooting gray squirrels from the kitchen window, trying his best to scare me away. Now that John has started bringing me to Maine every weekend, the Big House isnt big enough for the both of us. It isnt personal. Its political. Ill always be a liberal, and its best if John realizes this sooner rather than later and moves along to a nice conservative girl who isnt so noisy when she eats. The three-month hunting season on squirrels lasts through the end of December, and theres no bag limit because theyre a pest species. Specifically, the little criminals have been nesting under the hood of his truck and stealing from the bird feeder. The gray squirrels are also bullying the red squirrels out of the neighborhood, even though grays and reds dont eat the same food or chase the same girls. The red squirrel is small and sleek, resembling a chipmunk without stripes. But he cant eat acorns. Instead, he mostly eats pine nuts. As a result, he tastes like pine tar, the stuff in turpentine.

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