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Medium 9780946439034


Slice ePub May 22, 2014

The attention that has recently been focused on intersexed patients in the literature has helped alert medical practitioners to this rare but delicate problem. The surgical, endocrinological, genetic, and other physical aspects have been dealt with skillfully and thoughtfully in other places (see, e.g., Jones and Scott1); I shall therefore restrict my discussion to certain problems of psychiatric management.

The term “intersexed patient,” as we know, includes a heterogeneous group of people with ambiguities of the external or internal genitalia and gonads, or conflict between the apparance of the external genitalia and secondary sex characteristics. When the genitalia appear normal, no doubt is placed in the parents’ minds, and the upbringing of the child will then follow the course to which it was destined, just as occurs with every child in every family. Sex definition is conferred at birth, and conformity within the limits permitted by each culture is impressed on the child. This proceeds subtly and without stirring much conscious awareness of the process so long as there is acquiescence to the parents’ wishes. However, if the child deviates from the norm in his behavior, the parents’ anxiety may be stirred. This, converted into anger, embarrassment, tense coercion, or the like, signals the child that to proceed further with that particular bit of behavior will threaten him with loss of parental esteem. Thus, this gyroscope, the parents’ attitudes toward their child’s gender identity, guides the child’s development.

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Medium 9780819871350

XVIII: On Asking God’s Assistance and Confidently Regaining Grace

Slice ePub May 27, 2014


On Asking God’s Assistance and Confidently Regaining Grace


My child, “The Lord is good, a stronghold in a day of trouble” (Nahum 1:7). Come to me whenever you need help. The greatest hindrance to receiving consolation is your apparent reluctance to pray. Before you ask me for anything earnestly, you try to find other consolations, delighting yourself in so many external things. When it happens that nothing helps you out, you remember that I am the One who saves those who trust in me. Other than me you will find no power, nor profitable advice, nor lasting remedy.

Now that you have survived the storm and recovered your spirit, try to grow strong again in the light of my tender mercy. I am here to lend a healing hand, to offer abundant, overflowing help beyond measure.

Is anything difficult to me? Shall I be like one who promises and does not perform? Where is your faith? Stand firm and persevere. Be patient and have courage; consolation will come to you in due time.

Wait patiently for me and I will come and cure you. It is temptation that bothers you and a useless fear that strikes you with terror. What do you get from worry about what may come in the future, except a multitude of sorrows? “Today’s trouble is enough for today” (Mt 6:34). It is vain and useless to feel grief or joy for future events that may never take place.

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Medium 9781780421209

La Renaissance

Slice PDF June 09, 2014

Medium 9781855759718

1. The self in Jung's works

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

This first chapter is lengthy and somewhat heavy going - not perhaps the one to start interesting a reader anxious to obtain a concise understanding of what Jung meant by the self. However, I consider it vital to go into his method, his use of observational data and his abstraction of them. As will be seen, his discovery of the self grew out of his opening-up of a new dimension of the psyche: an inner world of almost unlimited dimensions. It was from there that the self emerged.

At the time Jung was pioneering the field almost alone, but since then the self has come to occupy the interests of many others and especially psychoanalysts to whose publications I shall frequently refer. They differ from Jung’s radical understanding and so special attention needs to be given not only to Jung’s conceptions but also to the empirical foundations on which they rest.

Jung’s writings are extensive and it is easy to overlook important contributions on any particular topic. Therefore in the original version of this chapter, published in 1963, here much revised,* I attempted to avoid errors by using the indices in the Collected Works to sample and extract passages on the self. These were recorded on cards and then indexed alphabetically under subject headings. Thus the tendency to select quotations and distort summaries to suit the writer’s convenience, was, if not eradicated, at least kept in check. Furthermore, by using this sampling technique it was possible to decide what Jung said once and what he said repeatedly, to which statements he gave weight and which were intuitions thrown out in passing. The method was found to have another advantage; it became easier to notice when different formulations were the result of a major or a minor change in his views.

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Medium 9781742203010

Central Oregon & the Oregon Cascades

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Central Oregon & the Oregon Cascades

Love mountain tops? Well, that’s what Central Oregon and its Cascades are all about. You can practically skip your way from peak to snowy peak here, from Mt Hood, to Jefferson, to Bachelor, to Three Fingered Jack and the lovely Sisters volcanoes. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of awesome skiing and mountaineering, along with stellar hiking and camping. And it’s not just mountain-lovers who come here – world-class mountain biking, golfing, rafting, kayaking, fishing and rock climbing are also on offer. Did we mention there’s nearly 300 days of sunshine every year?

As much as the outdoors may beckon, the lively city of Bend provides plenty of good food and accommodations. Or head nearby to the sweet little town of Sisters for a more quaint and personal atmosphere. Add a must-stop visit to Mt Hood’s historic Timberline Lodge, or a getaway break in the region’s many peaceful lakeside resorts, and you’ll find that Central Oregon’s many attractions are hard to beat.

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