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Medium 9781449310509


Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Medium 9781449393236

3. Five Ways to Flag and Find Photos

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The more you get into digital photography, the more pictures youll probably store in iPhoto. And the more pictures you store in iPhoto, the more urgently youll need ways to find them againto pluck certain pictures out of this gigantic, seething haystack of digital files.

Fortunately, iPhoto is equally seething with search mechanisms. You can find pictures by the text associated with them (name, location, description, Event, and so on); by the date you took them; by the keywords youve tagged them with; or by the ratings youve given them. You can also use iPhotos flagging feature to find, and later round up, any arbitrary photos you like.

This chapter covers all five methods.

You can easily track down photos by tagging them with Faces and Places, too. Those features are covered in Chapter4.

Heres a simple, sweet iPhoto feature: You can flag, or mark, a photo.

So what does the flag mean? Anything you want it to mean; its open to a multitude of personal interpretations. The bottom line, though, is that youll find this marker extremely useful for temporary organizational tasks.

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Medium 9780596006259

7. Macro Hacks

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Medium 9781574411782

Chapter 7–Laughing and Crying

Slice PDF May 16, 2014



The days seemed to run together as the months slowly passed by. I felt as if my whole life consisted of flying and sleeping. I did not think much about home anymore. The world I was living in was so different from the one in which I had been raised, to the extent that I found it extremely hard to emotionally relate one to the other. I was enjoying the flying and was really working at sharpening my flying skills, and I could tell that they were improving. How could they not? During an average day we were flying close to eight hours of actual flight time. I also found myself really getting “gung ho.”

In war, situations occur that are life-threatening, yet when they are over, we laugh about them. I think this is a way of coming to terms with the reality of death and accepting that it had escaped us one more time. One of these situations happened to me one afternoon, in our company area. I had the day down (off) from flying, and with nothing exciting happening around our hootch, I decided to take a walk down to the Firebirds’ hootch and see what was up. Firebird was the call sign for our gunships. We had eight UH-1C model Huey gunships in our company. A couple of my friends, WO Hubert Collins and WO

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Medium 9781937538460

21 Photographing Reflective Objects

Slice ePub January 27, 2015

Photographing Reflective Objects

Setting up an improvised modeling light

How to photograph reflective surfaces

Using a collage to create a mood shot

Now that we have taken a look at the practical aspects of product photography, this section demonstrates how to produce a mood shot. Mood shots are often used in advertising and are usually less practical than conventional product shots; they communicate with less tangible information and more atmosphere. Watches and jewelry present a challenge because the reflections they produce are difficult to control. Most photographers who do this type of work use studio flash with modeling lights and high-end macro or tilt/shift lenses. This chapter shows you how to produce similar results with simpler equipment. A modeling light is an important component of the setup. It allows you to keep an eye on the reflections in the subject while you adjust your settings.

We placed the watch on a piece of black velvet and used black card to produce dark accents in the metal case. Then we mounted the camera on a tripod and used a 50mm lens with a polarizer filter mounted on a macro extension tube. Although it cannot combat reflections produced by metal, the filter helps reduce unwanted highlights in glass and other shiny surfaces.

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