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Medium 9780596528089

Keyboard Shortcuts

Preston Gralla O'Reilly Media PDF

Keyboard Shortcuts

This section lists many useful keyboard accelerators. The listings are organized both by keystroke (alphabetically within groups such as function key, Alt-key combination, and so forth) and by function or context (during startup, in the

Recycle Bin, for managing windows, and so forth). The first section lists the key and then the function. The second section lists the desired function and then the required key(s).

Note that in addition to the standard keyboard accelerators, you can define accelerators of your own. For example, you can define a Ctrl-Alt combination to invoke any shortcut, whether it’s on the Desktop, in the Start menu, or in any other folder. Right-click any Windows shortcut icon (even those right in your Start menu), select Properties, choose the

Shortcut tab, and in the Shortcut key field, type the key (not including Ctrl and Alt) to which the shortcut should be linked. For example, to assign Ctrl-Alt-Z to the current shortcut, simply type Z in the field. You can use any key except

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Medium 9788324691708

3. Potrzeba jest matką wynalazku

Chappell, David A Helion ePub

Magistrala ESB to nowa architektura integracji, która dobrze rozwija się w korporacjach na całym świecie. Dla wielu zwykłych obserwatorów, jako kategoria technologii, magistrala ESB wydaje się pochodzić znikąd. W rzeczywistości magistrala ESB nie pojawiła się jednak z dnia na dzień. Z upływem czasu opracowanie i rozwój magistrali ułatwiło wiele katalizatorów. Wyciągnięto wnioski przy okazji stosowania starszych rozwiązań technologicznych, które zasięgiem czasowym obejmują więcej niż dekadę wstecz.

W rozdziale zostaną omówione niektóre kluczowe pojęcia związane z magistralą ESB, w tym wiele wymagań, technologiczne czynniki napędowe, a także „siły” natury informatycznej, które doprowadziły do stworzenia czegoś takiego jak magistrala ESB. Zostanie obrazowo pokazane, że magistrala to nie tylko akademicki przykład. Stworzyła ją potrzeba poparta realnymi wymaganiami wynikającymi ze złożonych problemów z integracją, których nie można było rozwiązać przy użyciu żadnej z wcześniej istniejących technologii integracji. Omówienie zostanie podsumowane analizą wdrożenia magistrali ESB w przypadku producenta udostępniającego swoim zdalnym dystrybutorom funkcje zarządzania magazynem i optymalizacji łańcucha dostaw w postaci usług współużytkowanych za pośrednictwem magistrali ESB.

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Medium 9781449337100

1. Introduction

Erik Siegel O'Reilly Media ePub

As it turns out, this is quite a difficult question to answer. The problem lies in the wide audience that eXist serves. eXist is many things to many people, and thus there is no single succinct answer.

eXist is an open source piece of software written in Java that is freely available in both source code and binary form. eXist has always been made available under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL), version 2.1. While eXist makes use of many other open source libraries itself, all of these are compatible with the LGPL, and eXist eschews the GPL license in favor of freedom of choice for its users.

eXist was conceived as a native XML database. As a database, its unit of atomicity is the document, so we could very easily brand it a NoSQL document database. However, to do so would be to do an injustice to the software, and worse, to all of those who have contributed to making eXist much more than just a NoSQL database over the years.

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Medium 9780596003562

A. The Mac OS X Filesystem

Brian Jepson O'Reilly Media ePub

If you do an ls -a / on your Mac OS X box, you will see some familiar things, such as /etc and /var, but you will also notice some unfamiliar things, such as /TheVolumeSettingsFolder, /Library, and /Documents. The Mac OS X filesystem contains traces of Unix, NeXTSTEP, and the Mac OS 9. This chapter describes the contents of important directories. The tables in this chapter list directory entries (directories are denoted with a trailing slash) and provide a description of each file or directory.

Table A-1 describes the files and directories you may find in your root directory. The remaining tables in this chapter describe significant subdirectories.

TableA-1.Mac OS Xs root directory

File or directory



This file contains Finder settings, such as icon location and window size. The file will appear in any directory that youve viewed with the Finder.


This directory contains files that have been dragged to the Trash. On a boot volume, such files are stored in ~/.Trash. On a non-boot volume, these files are in /.Trashes/ uid /.

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Medium 9781609946449

Chapter 2 Adaptive Energy

Steven Snyder Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Okonkwo’s fear … was not external
but lay deep within himself

—Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

Even though Anne Mulcahy was unprepared for her role as president/COO of Xerox, at least she was able to draw from a long history of career success. For Kate Herzog the sudden demands of a daunting new role came early. Still untested, Herzog summoned every ounce of adaptive energy to meet and conquer her challenges with ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Herzog grew up in a small village in Ghana, West Africa. When she was a child, an anthropologist visited her village. Determined to learn how to speak and read English, Herzog saw her opportunity and persuaded the anthropologist to help. He gave her an anthology of the comic The Adventures of Tintin. Herzog would travel with Tintin and his dog Snowy to all the corners of the world. She told me: “Books opened many doors for me. They took me from my world in that tiny village to an entirely magical world. It made it okay for me to dream.”

Dreaming would pay off for Herzog. When she was 27, she found her way to the consulting division of Deloitte & Touche in Ghana, where she started as a business analyst, the lowest rung on the consulting ladder. Soon she noticed that she was not like the majority of her colleagues, who were educated at prestigious universities around the world. Herzog had never been outside Ghana.

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