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8. Varieties of Fish and Shellfish Found in United States Markets

Babel C.N., Ken Basic Health Publications ePub


Varieties of Fish and Shellfish Found in United States Markets

Today’s typical seafood market in the United States offers 50 to 100 different freshwater and saltwater finfish and shellfish at any given time. The wide variety of fresh and frozen seafood is due to sophisticated harvesting, processing, and distribution. Fast cross-country transportation in refrigerated trucks and planes has made it possible to buy fish in the Midwest as fresh as it is on the coasts. The supply is a combination of wild products (local, from other regions of the country, and imported) and farm-raised seafood. Some fish are seasonal while others are available year-round. Supplies of farmed fish are fairly consistent because they are raised year-round.

In this chapter, we will explore the various fish and shellfish that can be found in seafood markets in the United States. Under the description of each fish, we’ll look at where it is caught or farmed, how it is prepared, and whether the fish is available year-round or seasonally.

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Medium 9780596808631

Design the Mold

Savage, Adam Maker Media, Inc PDF


Why a Two-part, Underpoured Mold?

1. Set up your object on a piece of foamcore and

Two-part molds can handle more shapes than one-piece molds, which work only for simple, completely convex objects. And underpoured molds minimize problems with bubbles in the resin.

Underpouring means that you pour the resin into a main intake vent (or sprue) that curves around to fill the mold up from below, rather than simply pouring into the top (Figure A, opposite). Meanwhile, smaller vents on top allow the displaced air to escape. As you pour, resin splashing down forms bubbles which can stay in the main cavity and ruin the surface of the casting. These bubbles also tend to collect in fine-detail areas, where they are the most difficult to deal with.

The advantage of under-pouring is that it generates fewer bubbles, and lets them rise up into the vents where they won’t cause trouble. Top-pour molds are sometimes acceptable, but pouring from underneath is generally worth the extra silicone required.

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Medium 9781449316051

3. Sharing and Backing Up Files

Charles Edge O'Reilly Media ePub

Once a server has been installed, its time to start setting up the service or services that run on it. And sharing files is the most important aspect of most servers. File sharing is used to provide a centralized repository for any type of file, whether a presentation, homework, a spreadsheet used to track bills, or even a shopping list to help you remember the milk. You can then control who can open, edit, or delete files to keep each user from having inappropriate access to files and folders that are shared from the server.

There are two aspects of file sharing that are important to consider. The first is controlling access to who can do what by managing the permissions on the files. We will cover permissions first, as files do not need to be shared until the appropriate permissions have been set. The second aspect of sharing files is actually enabling the file shares and configuring settings specific to those shares.

Once we have covered setting up the server itself, well move on to connecting to the server from client systems. These systems include Mac OS X (Lion), iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch), and even Windows. Each of the supported platforms uses a different protocol (by default) to connect to the server. Windows uses SMB (Samba), Mac OS X uses AFP (Apple File Protocol), and iOS uses WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), which is based on the classic HTTP protocol so heavily used for web traffic. Finally, well look at Time Machine Server in this chapter. Time Machine Server is, at its core, a file share. But first, lets get the data ready to be shared to client computers by configuring the appropriate permissions.

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Medium 9780819815620

Make the World Better

Sean M. David Pauline Books and Media ePub
Medium 9781491907337

12. Time Series Analysis

Allen B. Downey O'Reilly Media ePub

A time series is a sequence of measurements from a system that varies in time. One famous example is the “hockey stick graph” that shows global average temperature over time.

The example I work with in this chapter comes from Zachary M. Jones, a researcher in political science who studies the black market for cannabis in the US. He collected data from a website called Price of Weed that crowdsources market information by asking participants to report the price, quantity, quality, and location of cannabis transactions. The goal of his project is to investigate the effect of policy decisions, like legalization, on markets. I find this project appealing because it is an example that uses data to address important political questions, like drug policy.

I hope you will find this chapter interesting, but I’ll take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of maintaining a professional attitude to data analysis. Whether and which drugs should be illegal are important and difficult public policy questions; our decisions should be informed by accurate data reported honestly.

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