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Medium 9780596004088

23. Editor Panes and Editor Kits

Marc Loy O'Reilly Media ePub

Over the last four chapters we've covered just about all the classes and interfaces that make up the Swing text framework. In this chapter, we'll look at a class that ties everything together: EditorKit. An EditorKit pulls together the document model, document view, document editing actions, and document I/O strategy, serving as a central reference point for a given document type.

In addition to looking at EditorKit and its subclasses, this chapter introduces the TextAction class (an abstract extension of AbstractAction) and the many useful concrete action classes available as inner classes of the EditorKit subclasses. These actions include basic functions such as copying and pasting text as well as style-oriented tasks such as changing font characteristics.

Throughout the chapter, we build simple but powerful editors for working with increasingly complex content types, moving from plain text to styled text to HTML. Finally, we discuss the process for creating your own editor kit.

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Medium 9781591202066

23. Impotence

Murray, Frank Basic Health Publications ePub


rectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is defined as an inability to have and maintain an erection rigid enough for sexual intercourse. It is estimated that more than 10 million American men are bothered by impotence, and it is three times more common in men with diabetes in all age groups.1 An estimated 100 million men are affected worldwide and the prevalence of ED is expected to double by 2025. The risk of ED is related to age, smoking, diabetes, heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, and other illnesses.2

Recent data is perhaps the first evidence of a strong association between ED and a subsequent development of cardiovascular disease, and this should prompt investigation and intervention for cardiovascular risk factors, since the risks for the two disorders are similar. Researchers at the University of South Carolina, in Columbia, studied 3,250 men, ranging in age from twenty-six to eighty-three, who did not have ED at their first office visit. The men were studied for six to forty-eight months, at which time impotence was recorded in 2.2 percent of them during follow-up. The researchers found that high levels of total cholesterol and low levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL or good) cholesterol are significant risk factors for developing erectile dysfunction.3

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Medium 9780819826817

St. Margaret of Scotland

Anne Eileen Heffernan Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub

St. Margaret of Scotland

(d. 1093)

November 16

“Good-bye, England,” sighed Princess Margaret, as she watched the rugged coastline disappear beyond the restless gray waves. “Perhaps I will never see you again.”

Margaret, a pretty young woman of twenty, had grown to love England deeply during the ten years she had lived there. Her grandfather, Edmund, had been king of the little island, but Danish invaders had prevented Margaret’s own father from wearing the crown. Edgar, Margaret’s younger brother, had also tried to claim the crown, but now Norman conquerors were in power. Margaret was sailing to continental Europe with her mother, sister, and brother. The king of Hungary was a relative of theirs and would take them in.

“Margaret, please come below!” her mother called anxiously. “A storm is coming!”

“Yes, Mother,” Margaret replied, climbing down to their cramped quarters. As the sailors on deck shouted excitedly to one another, the little ship began to toss wildly. Margaret wedged herself into a corner of the cabin and held on. She smiled at Edgar, who responded with a broad grin. He had never been on a ship before and was enjoying the adventure.

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Medium 9780596559250

Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation

Liberty, Jesse O'Reilly Media PDF








// end finally

// end for each

// end method

// end class

// end namespace

Example 3 shows the source code for our Quote Wrong Service using System; using System.ServiceModel; using System.Runtime.Serialization;

// A WinFX service consists of a contract (defined below as IQuoteWrong,


// a class which implements that interface (see QuoteWrong),

// and configuration entries that specify behaviors associated with

// that implementation (see in web.config)

[ServiceContract()] public interface IQuoteWrong


[OperationContract] string GetLastTradePriceInUSD(string myValue1);

} public class QuoteWrong : IQuoteWrong

{ public string GetLastTradePriceInUSD(string myValue1)


Random rand = new Random(); int intVal = rand.Next(1, 100); double doubleVal = rand.NextDouble(); double newVal = intVal + doubleVal; return newVal.ToString("N");



Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation

The Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) provides an engine to support both human-intensive workflow (imagine assembling very complex documents or products) and also computer-centric workflow (imagine creating very complex multimodule software), and of course, combinations of both.

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Medium 9780596527549

2.4 Learning More About Windows Controls with Control Spy

James Avery O'Reilly Media PDF


Figure 2-18. Expanding HeaderGroups with bottom panel closed

Getting Support

The Component Factory web site hosts a forum and bug tracker for Krypton Toolkit. The author’s blog ( also discusses

Krypton Toolkit issues.

Support requests should be made via the online forum, which has an active community of experienced users ready to help. Any problems should be reported using the web site’s bug-report form so they can be investigated and fixed as soon as possible.

Krypton Toolkit in a Nutshell

Krypton Toolkit takes over where standard Windows.Forms controls stop. With its combination of global palettes and deep customizability, you can use this toolkit to create the kind of professional user interfaces you always wanted but never had the time to develop. Future releases will provide additional global palettes, such as the upcoming

Office 2007 look and feel.

—Phil Wright, creator of Krypton Toolkit


Learning More About Windows Controls with Control Spy

The Windows.Forms namespace does an adequate job of abstracting (hiding) most of the details for controls in the Windows API, but there are plenty of times when you’ll

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