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11. Monitoring the Database with the PDBA Toolkit

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

So far we have looked at a variety of scripts in the Perl DBA Toolkit and have seen how they can help make our lives as Oracle DBAs more productive. In this chapter were going to focus on two particularly urgent areas of DBA activity:

The Oracle database alert log is an important source of information about error conditions, and DBAs need to keep a careful eye on this file. However, finding the time to do manual monitoring is difficult for most DBAs. In this chapter, well create an alert log monitor that detects Oracle errors and messages and emails them to specific addresses, all in real time. The primary scripts used to do this monitoring are,, and ckalert.conf.

DBAs also need to constantly monitor all of their Oracle databases to ensure that connections to these databases can be established. If a database goes down, the DBA needs to find out about the problem and fix it ideally before users are even aware that their connectivity has been affected. In this chapter well describe a toolkit connectivity monitor that does this real-time monitoring using the scripts,, and dbup.conf.

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Chapter 13: Build a Security System

Slice PDF May 28, 2014

Build a Security




$200 - $1000


What You Need

• X10 Powerlinc serial controller

twelve hours

• Eight AAA batteries

• 100 feet of 18–24 gauge wire

(preferably white)


4 out of 5

• Wire strippers/cutters

• Double-sided foam tape

The first thing I did when I moved into my new home was to change the locks and install deadbolts. I needed to change the locks anyway, but I was shocked that deadbolts weren’t already installed. After all, the house was built in the 1950s and had gone through several owners. You’d think at least one of those owners would have been willing to spend a few bucks to prevent any teenager from breaking in with a credit card.

• Two to ten X10 Powerflash


• An X10 Powerhorn alarm

• Door and window sensors, as required by your home

Installing deadbolts on the three doors of my house took me about three hours and cost about $60. However, that minor improvement dramatically increased the security of my home. Sure, a few deadbolts won’t turn my house into an impenetrable fortress. But it was cheap and easy to do, and definitely worth the effort.

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Medium 9781933671192

9. Make Gravy

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Next to pie crusts, nothing strikes fear into the hearts of inexperienced cooks more than gravy. Everyone has heard horror stories about gravy that was too lumpy, too thick, or too thin, or tasted burnt. And yet, my feeling about gravy is that its only a problem because most of the recipes are unnecessarily complicated, and because a few fundamental principles of gravy making are poorly understood.

In a nutshell, turkey gravy has only two (or maybe three) major components:

Broth: Generally, the broth is made by cooking the neck and giblets, adding liquid, and straining. Were going to save some time and effort by supplementing the giblet flavors with a healthy dose of store-bought chicken broth.

Roux: A roux is nothing more than a heated mixture of flour and fatthe fat can be butter, oil, meat drippings, or whatever. This is what thickens the gravy. The roux gets darker, and acquires a stronger flavor, the longer you cook it. But cook it too long or at too high a temperature, and it can burn. Well make a quick and easy butter roux.

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Medium 9781855750517

1925 Letters 470–500

Slice ePub May 23, 2014




Vienna, Berggasse 191
27 January 1925

Dear Friend,

Today I received a letter from Pfister2 about the Congress difficulty, in which he says he is bringing the same information to your attention at the same time. The decision is now yours, but I think that in such circumstances we cannot do anything else but accept Pfister's hint and do without Switzerland. Concessions on your part are excluded, as I was glad to hear from Eitingon. But perhaps, just when you show yourself inclined to renunciation, you may find the way to an agreement with the stubborn mules, in which none of the valuable features of our Congress will be sacrificed. If it does not happen, we will get over it.

Personal news will be brought to you by Eitingon, who left us yesterday.

With cordial greetings to all of you,



1.  Typewritten.

2.  Letter of 24 January 1925, missing from Freud/Pfister correspondence. In preparation for its publication, Anna Freud compiled a list (SFC) of Pfister's letters to Freud, in which she wrote “No” (i.e. not to be printed) after the date of this letter.

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Medium 9781615424108

Know What’s New

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

Lion and Mountain Lion present many interesting changes and innovations that youll want totake account of as you adjust your work habits to fit the new environment. Lion, in particular, presents many radical changes from earlier systems; Mountain Lion has some new features, but mostly it keeps or refines what it inherits from Lion. This chapter lists both innovations that were introduced in Mountain Lion and those that were introduced earlier, in Lion.

For some of these innovations, I refer you to later chapters for more detailed discussion; but for others, this chapter is the only place where I discuss them. So be sure to read this chapter to get anidea of what to expect. (If you dont understand all the terminology, dont worrythe important points are discussed later in the book.)

New in Mountain Lion, the Notification Center allows applications topost floating alerts telling you when things happen, such as a mail message arriving or a calendar event coming up.

As in iOS, you can swipe to summon a view of stored recent alerts. TheNotification Center icon takes its place at the right end of the menu bar, and causes the Notification Center to appear at the right of the screen; notifications are configured through the Notifications pane of System Preferences, which behaves much like Notifications in the iOS Settings app. Read Notice Notifications.

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