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Medium 9781904658320

CHAPTER TWO: The message of the mystic

Slice ePub May 26, 2014

From time immemorial, certain men and women appear to have developed their consciousness far beyond the ‘normal’ level or state which the rest of humanity has taken for granted as ‘life’. These are the mystics. They are of all times and places, of the East as well as the West. They emerge from every religion or none. For theirs is a spiritual rather than a religious quest. Religion, derived from the Latin ‘religio’—to bind—does just that, confusing morality with spirituality, doctrine with development. It is not belief that matters to the mystic, but experience—personal, inner experience. Then belief is replaced by knowledge—direct spiritual knowledge.

The true mystics are not culture-bound. They have gone ‘beyond’. They may well have to take into consideration the prevailing culture for purposes of communication. But their message is for mankind. Or more accurately, for those human beings who are seeking, those who will listen. In the words of one mystical master, ‘those who have ears to hear’. It is the ultimate human message, from ultimate human beings. It is the deep calling to the deep in us. If our hearts can but hear!

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Medium 9781615424153

Configure Email Accounts

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The process of setting up an email account in iOS 6 can range from trivially simple to highly confusing and aggravating. Whats most frustrating is that Apple has hidden some settings and options that can make a big difference in how an account works, and hasnt gone out of its way to explain your options.

In the pages that follow, I walk you through the steps of adding email accounts in each of several ways. I also delve into all the settings you may want to adjust for each account. Once again, I call special attention to Gmail, which may require some fiddling in your Web browser (as well as on your device) to achieve optimal results.

Broadly speaking, you can put an email account on your iOS device ineither of two ways. First, if you sync your iOS device with iTunes, you can copy from your Mac or PC the settings for one or more email accounts. Second, you can manually enter the information for one ormore accounts on your device itself.

Although you can mix and match the two approachessetting up oneor more accounts manually and syncing others to set them upsynchronization of email accounts is always one-way, from iTunes to mobile device. Settings you enter manually on your device never copy back toyour computer.

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Medium 9781609942885

10. Join the Company; Join the Cause

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

On a bright Monday morning in a rented warehouse in East Liberty, Quinn, Alex, and the senior team prepared to greet their guests. More than two hundred people would be present, including all of Beckleys management members and many other key stakeholders, would be present. As the guests flowed in, they passed a table stocked with tea, coffee, juice, bagels, and fresh sliced fruit. Fuel in hand, they made their way to the auditorium-like section of the warehouse, where dozens of microphones and a circle of chairs had been arranged. On the other side of the warehouse, Quinn and a half dozen facilitators had set up a forest of tall, movable whiteboards, laptops, projectors, wireless keyboards, rolling chairs, and tables. Images from Beckley Medicals past successes were moving across the walls in time with high-tempo music.

When everyone was seated, Alex stood up from his wheelchair and grabbed a new pair of Beckley ultralight aluminum crutches. Quinn sat nearby holding a giant to-go cup with a tea-bag label hanging over the side. Kevin Jordan sat in the front row with an iPad that would control the multimedia.

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Medium 9781857547474

1 Politics, etc. and the Western

Slice PDF February 20, 2015

1 Politics, etc. and the Western ardly anyone alive can remember a time when there weren’t western movies. One of those who could was G.M.

‘Broncho Billy’ Anderson, star of Edwin S. Porter’s The

Great Train Robbery in 1903, and founder (with George Spoor) of

Porter’s Essanay Company, pre-World War I specialists in cowboy pictures, and he died early in 1971 at the age of 88. Despite the temporary competition of gangster films, science fiction and spy movies, the western continues to thrive, the subject of abuse, sometimes justified, sometimes not, but increasingly a matter for serious critical attention, some of it useful, some of it exceedingly heavyhanded.

There are two things that every schoolboy knows about the genre. First, that the western is a commercial formula with rules as fixed and immutable as the Kabuki Theatre. Second, that the events depicted have little to do with the real nineteenth-century American frontier life, that the rituals are enacted in a timeless world where it is always high noon in some dusty cow town west of St. Louis.

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Medium 9781605093437

4 Seeing Difference

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

Seeing difference is the act of identifying the differences that are strategically important for an organization. The kinds of differences that can be important to an organization vary widely. Strategic benefits might come from racial or gender diversity, but they could also come from differences in regional cultures, levels of expertise, or linguistic nuances. And a difference may be important in one context, such as operation efficiency, but not in another, like customer relations. To leverage difference well, a leader’s task is to guide the organization toward focusing on and exploiting the differences that matter most, when they matter most.

Easier said than done.

Because of the emphasis on traditional differences that a Managing Diversity approach can impose, organizations and leaders working with diversity may subtly limit the differences they see as strategically important. This isn’t always intentional, but it is common. With its powerful emphasis on traditional differences like race and gender, Managing Diversity can obscure more strategically important differences like country of origin, age, or interfirm business procedures. In this way, Managing Diversity can actually prevent organizations from leveraging difference.

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