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Medium 9780596007669

7. Controlling Excel

Jeff Webb O'Reilly Media ePub

I talked a little about the Application object back in Chapter 4. Application is where everything starts in Excel: it's the grandma of all the other objects. You use the Application object to:

Perform top-level actions, such as quitting Excel, showing dialog boxes, or recalculating all workbooks

Control the Excel options, such as the settings on the Tools Options dialog box

Get references to the other objects in Excel

In this chapter, you will learn about those tasks in detail. This chapter includes task-oriented reference information for the following objects: Application, AutoCorrect, AutoRecover, ErrorChecking, Windows, and Panes.

Code used in this chapter and additional samples are available in ch07.xls.

Use Application object to perform top-level tasks in Excel. The following sections describe how to:

Quit the Excel application from code

Turn user interaction and screen updates off and on

Open, close, and arrange Excel windows

Display Excel dialog boxes

These are the most common tasks for the Application object.

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Medium 9780819808301


Marilee Haynes Pauline Books and Media ePub


Swish. Swish. Swish. And again, swish.

Ty makes basket after basket—jump shots, three-point shots, even something really close to a dunk—while I think about the total weirdness of this situation. It’s like I’m in a parallel universe or alternate reality or some other name for something that would never happen in the real world. Because Ty Easterbrook, star leading scorer of the St. Jude basketball team, should not be at my house looking for help with basketball. From me.

After he makes the millionth shot in a row, Ty dribbles over to where I sit leaning against the garage door. “So were you serious about this granny style free throw thing?”

“There’s a lot of research to back it up.”

“Show me. Before I try it, I want to see the research.”

I was expecting this. Ty’s not just a basketball star. Even if he doesn’t want anybody to know, he’s also a really smart guy who can take in and spit out facts as easily as he can make a lay-up.

“It’s all in here.” I hold out my notebook. Ty takes it and sits down next to me. For the next few minutes, the only noise is the sound of pages being turned. When he gets to the end, he hands the notebook back to me and stands up.

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Medium 9780596008789

17. Interoperability Frameworks for Identity

Phillip J. Windley O'Reilly Media ePub

Interoperability frameworks (IF) are nothing more than listings of accepted standards, both external and internal, that an organization uses. An IF is an essential prerequisite to enabling decentralized identity infrastructures that nonetheless work together to achieve the organization's goals and objectives. A good IF complements policies and provides a foundation on which they can be more effectively created and enforced.

An IF is created in accordance with the same governance procedures that were discussed in Chapter14. This chapter will discuss the properties and content of a good interoperability framework.

An interoperability framework is a working document that systems architects, software developers, and others can use to guide their work. There are several significant principles that a good IF should follow.

A good IF is never created in a vacuum. Your organization is using particular standards and technology right now, and that's what you should start with when developing your IF. Even though the first draft may begin as a ragtag collection of disconnected and conflicting standards, over time, the list can be refined and pruned. We'll see later in this chapter how to use status designations in the IF to accomplish this goal.

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Medium 9780819812049

Chapter Three: Good News

Maria Grace Dateno Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub

Chapter Three

Good News

We stood there and stared at the man. I was wondering if he was teasing us, but his face didn’t look like it.

“So … how far is it to Bethlehem?” asked Hannah after several seconds.

The man laughed a little. “It’s quite a long way. You head south and go past a lot of little towns in Galilee, through the open country, into Samaria. After that, you will see Jerusalem before you come to Bethlehem. Why do you want to go there?”

Just then a boy came running up. He had straight dark brown hair, like the man, and a nice tunic with white and reddish-brown stripes on it. He was smiling.

“Abba! Abba! I have news!”

We knew from our last adventure that “Abba” was what children around here called their dads.

“This is my son, Levi,” said the man. “What are your names?”

“I’m Hannah, and these are my brothers Caleb and Noah.”

“Levi? You mean like the kind of jeans?” asked Noah.

“What?” Levi and his dad said at the same time.

“Nothing, never mind,” I said.

“Anyway,” said Levi, “I have to tell you my news. The people I talked to said they will be going out to the countryside near Jotapata because they heard Jesus was going to be there!”

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Medium 9781847771582


Richard Price Carcanet Press Ltd. ePub

after Apollinaire

When I was little

My mother always dressed me in blue and white

O Holy Virgin

Do you still love me

I know myself

I will love you

Until I die

But it’s over all the same even so

I don’t believe in heaven or hell

I don’t believe anymore I don’t believe anymore

The sailor rescued

For always remembering

His daily Hail Mary

Looked like me looked like me

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