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Medium 9781847771148


Slice PDF February 05, 2015

Medium 9781857548426

Thursday September the Tenth

Slice PDF February 16, 2015

Thursday September the Tenth

So that magnetism pierces each blight

And shallow ring: sends a scaffold of light

Through suspended hills, drinks truculent sight

And water-silk of day, floating splashing

Eyelashes on about air, swilling

Swallows clean against Sunday, clearing

Breasts whiter than butterflies low over sill;

Who glazed this day? Fetched labourers to spill

About soil, spading like hairpins to till

Of earth. Who gently lifts a strawberry set,

Opens row to shine streamlets of violet sweat,

Sun concentrating on circlet of dust a banquet

Of warmth: tends garden twine unravelled on path,

Liquid gleam round each raceme of grass, an aftermath

That quavers like parakeet fresh out of its bath.

Who polished this day? String of mackerel and glue

Sized and scoured sky to its finest grain of blue:

Flashed motor spirit through each splint of wing: drew

And transfixed man at his most monstrous art of war:

Picked out world mildew and muddled indifference; saw

Heart, pressure of steel, culled into a shadowed claw

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Medium 9781780422183

The Unprecedented Sculptor

Source: Michelangelo
Slice PDF June 09, 2014

Medium 9781601322395

A Novel Ensemble Selection Technique For Weak Classifiers

Source: Data Mining
Slice PDF October 22, 2014

Int'l Conf. Data Mining | DMIN'13 |


A Novel Ensemble Selection Technique For Weak


Kung-Hua Chang1, and D. Stott Parker1


University of California Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Abstract - Over the past decade ensemble selection has been proposed as an "overproduce and select" method for constructing ensemble classifiers from simpler individual classifiers. Many prior research papers suggest using the top performing 10%-20% of classifiers in an ensemble. In this paper, we simulate a duel between the top performing (strong)

X% of classifiers and the bottom performing (100íX)% (e.g. the top 20% versus the bottom 80%). We propose an ensemble selection algorithm that can effectively use them to construct much stronger classifiers, and apply the algorithm to find the best ensemble (of top performing classifiers as well as of bottom performing classifiers). We also show that using the bottom performing classifiers can yield comparable and sometimes better performance. Furthermore the bottom classifiers can outperform top classifiers for many different values of X, and in some cases all values of X. Our algorithm is based on heuristic search algorithms for developing ensembles of diverse classifiers that optimize complementarity.

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Medium 9781588437204

Eastern Panhandle

Slice ePub May 24, 2014

 The town that Coke built?


 Well, yes, but it was inadvertent.


 Shortly after the turn of the century, Quincy residents who needed a loan had one place to turn, Quincy State Bank. Its president, Mark W. "Pat" Munroe, made no bones about it: Applications would get his special blessing if some of the money was used to buy stock in the new Coca-Cola company.


 Munroe's motives are unclear. The results are not.


 Reluctantly or otherwise, townspeople at one point owned more than 65% of Coke's stock. Munroe's "strong-arm" financial planning turned 24 of them into millionaires long before World War II and made Quincy for a while the richest town per capita in the nation. That was a blessing when the area's main industry, shade tobacco (the leaves used to make the outer wrapper of a cigar), bailed out in the 1960s in favor of cheaper labor and quarters. Coke's influence remains in Quincy's architecture and independence. Tobacco's departure didn't have nearly the impact it had on nearby Havana, which had to scrape to survive. In the past decade, however, this hamlet named for the Cuban capital has been reborn as one of the largest antique centers in the Southeast and the home of a blossoming artists' colony. Many of its shops have settled in restored, red-brick tobacco warehouses and auto dealerships left over from its heyday. These, with its narrow tree-lined streets, have led to a colorful and continuing renaissance.

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