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Medium 9781609948290

7 “I Object!”

Rob Jolles Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Those who manipulate see an objection as a stumbling block to change.

Those who influence see an objection as an opportunity to continue to problem solve.

Most people do not naturally study the true potential of their problems. If they did, not only would they quickly fix them, but cost would have much less significance. I’ve noticed that, regardless of their financial status, people never look for the least expensive surgeon when an operation is prescribed; in some cases the issue of cost has clearly apparent life-altering potential.

Now that you’ve learned how to influence behavior, all will be right in your world, right? Let’s see.

Struggling with the ethics involved in influencing another’s behavior? Done.

Need to create trust with another person? Done.

Trying to create a sense of urgency in another person’s mind? Done.

That’s right; there’s nothing like learning about the art and science behind the human drama of influence. Now nothing can go wrong. Or can it? Until now, we have been operating in a perfect world, in which everyone we seek to influence cooperates fully. It’s now time to upset the apple cart, and see what happens when our processes break down and when those we seek to influence cast aspersions on our perfect world.

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Medium 9781576337363

Monomials: CLEP Algebra I

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781626560819

9 First Aid for Meetings

Dick Axelrod Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth.


Despite all your hard work, things can and will go wrong when you meet. This chapter shows you how to prevent your canoe from sinking.

I’m so glad you included this chapter. In the previous chapters, you were making it seem as if nothing could go wrong. People do the craziest things. If we didn’t have people in meetings, there wouldn’t be any problems.

Until you figure out a way to meet without people, you will have to deal with their unpredictability. That is the bad news. The good news is that because you are dealing with people, they have the ability to make things right.

What drives me crazy are people who talk too much or go off on tangents. Are you saying you can fix that?

We have some good ideas about what you can do. We call it First Aid for Meetings.

I’m all ears. Let’s get on with it.

Sometimes, immediate action is required to save your canoe and its crew. When someone goes overboard in a physical canoe, you throw a paddle or toss a life preserver. You don’t stop to talk about who should throw the paddle or how. The same is true in meetings. Failure to act threatens your canoe and everyone in it. Your job, whether you are a leader or a crew member, is to stop the current pattern of behavior and offer a more productive way to handle the situation.

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Medium 9781780427836

Le Campo Santo

Joseph Archer Crowe Parkstone International PDF

Le Campo Santo

Le Campo Santo de Pise, comme l’église d’Assise, était une arène dans laquelle les meilleurs artistes du temps étaient appelés à essayer leurs forces ; mais l’influence des fresques du

Campo Santo, sur le progrès et le développement de l’art, fut encore plus directe et plus importante que celle des peintures de l’église d’Assise.

L’un des plus magnifiques et des plus intéressants monuments du Moyen-Âge, le

Campo Santo, ou Champ Sacré, était autrefois un cimetière, mais il ne sert plus aujourd’hui

à cet usage. C’est un espace ouvert d’environ cent vingt mètres de long sur trente cinq de large, qu’entourent des murs élevés et des arcades qui ressemblent aux cloîtres d’un monastère ou d’une cathédrale. À l’est, se trouve une vaste chapelle ; au nord, deux chapelles plus petites où l’on célèbre des messes et où l’on dit des prières pour le repos des morts. L’espace ouvert était rempli de terre rapportée de la Terre Sainte par les vaisseaux marchands de Pise, qui faisaient le négoce avec le Levant aux jours de la splendeur commerciale de cette ville. Cet espace, autrefois parsemé de tombes, est couvert maintenant de gazon vert. Aux quatre coins, il y a quatre grands cyprès don’t l’air sombre, monumental, et leur forme en spirale contrastent avec une petite croix basse qui se trouve au centre, et autour de laquelle le lierre ou quelque autre plante grimpante a formé un berceau luxuriant. La magnifique arcade gothique a été dessinée et bâtie, vers 1283, par

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Medium 9781449325046

4. Putting It in Practice—A Short-Form Project Brief

Dani Nordin O'Reilly Media ePub

If youve taken a look at the project brief in Section 8, youve already seen the kind of information that goes into a long-form project brief, which is good for working with brand-new clients and projects. But what if youre doing a quick, simple site for yourself, or a redesign of a site youve built one or more times before? In this case, you might want to create an abbreviated brief that focuses on just a few key items. For a short-form brief, you want to capture the following information:

What are the goals of this new site or redesign? If you have information from the last time the site was designed, have any of those goals changed?

Who is the site looking to reach? Is it the same audience as the first time it was designed, or are you looking to tap into new markets? If personas exist from the last time the site was designed, how well do they align with what you know now?

How will the site map need to change, if at all? What major sections of content will you need, and how much of that content do you have? How will the content be organized or tagged? This is where you can plan to spend the most time; in particular, pay attention to descriptive pages such as the about or services pages. How well does the current copy reflect the new audience and project goals? Dont forget major chunks of content such as blogs, project lists, and so onwhat kinds of content will you share? What topics will that content be organized around? Is there current content that should be scrapped, or new content that should be developed? Develop a plan around getting the content organized, written, and into the new site.

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