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Medium 9781742207261

Evia & the Sporades

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Evia the Sporades

Evia (Εύβοια) and the four Sporades islands (Οι Σποράδες) remain largely off the beaten island path, though two bridges at Halkida join Evia to the mainland. But away from its commercial hub of Halkida, the pace slows as the landscape stretches out, dotted by hilltop monasteries, small farms, vineyards and not a few curious goats.

The Sporades (‘scattered ones’) seem like extensions of the forested Pelion Peninsula, and, in fact, they were joined in prehistoric times. Skiathos, easily the most developed of the group, claims the sandiest beaches in the Aegean. Low-key Skopelos kicks back with a postcard-worthy harbour and forest meadows. Remote Alonnisos anchors the National Marine Park of the Northern Sporades. Skyros, the southernmost of the chain, is known for its culinary and artistic traditions that date from Byzantine times when these islands were home to rogues and pirates.

Feb Mar Carnival season keeps things warm with plenty of merrymaking.

Apr May Spring is in the air and Easter festivities linger long into the night.

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Medium 9780596527549

21.1 Mapping Objects to the Database with NHibernate (or How to Stop Writing All That Data-Access...

Slice PDF May 29, 2014


is needed. For instance, you might have a Person object that has a collection of

Addresses. But since you don’t always need that person’s addresses, you only want to load them when you do. This is accomplished in different ways by different O/RM tools, but the goal is always the same.

O/RM query language

Each O/RM tool usually includes its own propriety query language that allows you to write SQL-like queries using the object names, properties, and relationships. For instance, NHibernate includes the Hibernate Query Language (HQL).

The Tools

For mapping your entities to your database


Uses XML mapping files to allow you to easily map your entities to your relational databases.


Similar to NHibernate but handles lazy loading differently, which affects offline usage of your entities. Depending on your architecture, this may or may not matter.

For generating your entities and mapping files


Reduces the time penalty of an entity-based approach even more by generating entities and mapping files based on your database.

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Medium 9781742207261

Athens & Around

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Athens Around

Ancient and modern, with equal measures of grunge and grace, bustling Athens (Αθήνα) is a heady mix of history and edginess. Iconic monuments mingle with first-rate museums, lively cafes and al fresco dining, and it’s downright fun.

The historic centre is an open-air museum, yet the city’s cultural and social life takes place amid these ancient landmarks, merging past and present. The magnificent Acropolis rises above the sprawling metropolis and has stood witness to the city’s many transformations.

Post-Olympics Athens, even in the face of current financial issues, is conspicuously more sophisticated and cosmopolitan than ever before. Stylish restaurants, shops and hip hotels, and artsy-industrial neighbourhoods and entertainment quarters such as Gazi, show Athens’ modern face.

The surrounding region of Attiki holds some spectacular antiquities as well, like the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, and lovely beaches like those near historic Marathon.

Jun Soak up the city’s ancient history before jumping out to the islands to soak up the sun.

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Medium 9780870819612

8. Epilogue: Anticipation

Slice ePub December 15, 2013

Preparing this manuscript during a period of world history that some pundits have described as the greatest economic collapse in the lifetime of most Americans has elicited a number of comments from family, friends, and colleagues. Some say, “Too bad the Maya got it wrong by four years” or “Maybe they made an error?” (Oddly enough, Bishop Ussher’s calculation of the start of creation necessitated a four-year correction.) Others ask, “What if the great economic downturn is just the beginning of the downslide of a roller-coaster ride that will lead to doom—or Rapture—in 2012?” I cannot speculate except to predict that the dismal outlook forecast by some economists will only exacerbate the feeling of catastrophism that has accompanied the passage of civilization across the millennial divide and toward Y12.

Also at this writing, three years have passed since my e-friend Dylan sent me that alarming missive. Then a frightened young man, he told me of the articles he had read online about great cosmic shifts and the end of the world in 2012. He was particularly concerned about the earth’s magnetic field flipping, Yellowstone’s geysers erupting catastrophically, and colossal solar flares damaging the earth. I remember Dylan admitting to me that out of fear he initially accepted the idea of consciousness shifting as a way to avert human disaster because, as he put it, “it’s better than the end of the world.” I agreed with Dylan’s opinion that the articles he came across on the Internet focused on New Agers, astrology, and cosmic telepathy “because people think it’s more interesting than true, mundane facts.” But then my eyes brightened when he told me that when it comes to the Maya, “the facts are already fascinating!” You were right, Dylan. The ancient Maya do not need us to dress up their culture in the garb of Western ideas.

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Medium 9781935543305

2 Creating a Family-Friendly School

Slice ePub September 11, 2014

When children reach school age, they enter a stage of life that will encompass the next twelve to thirteen years. On the day their families enroll them in kindergarten, they hand them over to other adults to influence their thinking, teach them information, and develop their academic skills. It is only logical that families should have an interest in and a need to develop some form of relationship with those adults. As we have seen (page 5), polls show that parents see themselves as having an essential role in their children’s education. Families want at a minimum to be informed, but they also want opportunities to talk with teachers—and many want more than that: they wish to be actively involved in the process of educating their children. The degree of their engagement relies on their comfort level, expectations, and knowledge of the process (Henderson et al., 2007).

What can schools do to make the process of engagement as friendly as possible? Following are eleven strategies you can use to make families feel welcomed as valuable members of your education team.

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