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Medium 9780596005467


Slice PDF May 27, 2014

The findsmb command was introduced during the development of

Samba 2.2 and is installed by default in Samba Versions 2.2.5 and later.

make_smbcodepage make_smbcodepage c|d codepage_number input_file output_file

This program is part of the internationalization features of Samba

2.2 and is obsolete in Samba 3.0, which supports Unicode automatically. The make_smbcodepage program compiles a binary codepage file from a text-format codepage definition. It can also perform the reverse operation, decompiling a binary codepage file into a text version. Examples of text-format codepage files can be found in the Samba distribution in the source/codepages directory.

After Samba has been installed, examples of binary codepages can be found in the directory /usr/local/samba/lib/codepages.

For the first argument, use c to compile a codepage and d to decompile a codepage file. The codepage_number argument is the number of the codepage being processed (e.g., 850). The input_ file and output_file are the text- and binary-format codepages, with the types dependent on the operation (compiling or decompiling) that is being performed.

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Medium 9780596522001

1. Zero to Sixty: Introducing Rails

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

When we wrote the first version of this book, Rails was just starting to ramp up as a framework. Now, the exploding web development platform is working its way into the mainstream. Companies like Twitter have bet on Rails and won big, and others have tried Rails and crashed hard. You should be comfortable that youre entering this ecosystem not as a pioneer, but as part of a much greater wave thats sweeping through the whole computing profession. If you read the first edition, youll notice that were not selling the framework quite so hard. In all honesty, we dont have to. Lets lay the basic foundation so we can get to work.

Rails is a framework for building database-backed web applications. Based on the Ruby programming language, Rails is best for applications that need to be developed quickly without sacrificing a clean structure that can also be well-maintained. Ruby is interpreted, but its fast enough to attack websites with all but the most demanding performance characteristics. And its tremendously popular. That popularity means you can find what you need to build projects in Rails.

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Medium 9781847770912


Source: Torchlight
Slice PDF February 20, 2015

Medium 9781937538415

Chapter 12: The Live View Shooting Menus

Source: Canon EOS 70D
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Figure 12-1. Selecting the Live View Shoot1 tab

Live View is the name given to a camera’s ability to let you see, in real-time on the large, sharp LCD Monitor, just what the lens is passing to the image sensor. Normally, the reflex mirror that redirects the image from the lens up through the pentaprism to the viewfinder screen interrupts that image. For general photography, the conventional approach of composing a photograph and determining depth of field using the viewfinder works quite well. But when sharp focus is required, depth of field in a macro shot is critical, or you want to be able to control the camera from a connected computer, Live View is the way to go.

Figure 12-2. Selecting the Live View Shoot. option

Figure 12-3. Enabling the Live View Shoot. feature

In Live View, the mirror is raised, which takes an element of protection away from the shutter. Do not point the camera at the sun while in Live View, as the highly focused sunlight can easily warp the curtains in the shutter, blinding it or worse.

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Medium 9781576337219

19th-20th Century Japan: AP World History

Slice ePub June 25, 2014

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