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Medium 9781847777416


Frederic Raphael Carcanet Press Ltd. ePub

The creak of the pigeons in the piazza San Marco.


April. Leslie Bricusse called from California, at seven in the morning, to tell me that I had won the Oscar for Darling. I had not lain awake wondering if I would and I was not all that delighted to be woken with the news. Tony Newley and Joan Collins added their congratulations. Not a few years ago, Newley shook my unknown hand and, as he left Vivian Cox’s garconnière, said, ‘Good luck in whatever you choose to do in life.’

A few days after winning, I was at a literary party. Jack Lambert said to me, ‘Well, from now on you can say goodbye to all hope of being reviewed on your merits.’


Karl Miller had just resigned from The New Statesman. I called Jane because Paul was ill and could not go to tea with their son, as planned. She said it was as well, since D. had been knocked unconscious in the school yard. K. was very upset. B. had cooked two ducks and a pâté for dinner; the Fermans were coming, why didn’t I ask the Millers? Jane said she would have to ask K.; he assented.

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Medium 9781847777973

I hear myself in the loudness of overbearing waves

Mimi Khalvati Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781449307738

Directly Calling the Compiler

Sidney de Koning O'Reilly Media ePub

When youre developing in FDT, there are a few ways to compile your ActionScript projects: calling the compiler directly from the Flex SDK, compiling directly from FDT, or combining both approaches.

You are free to use the method you preferwhichever gives you more freedom to do what you want. I will go through each of them.

You can directly call the compiler or make use of FDTs internal Ant tasks (more on the latter option in Using FDTs Ant Tasks).

When you want to call the compiler directly, you need to have a copy of the Flex SDK, which can be found at Adobes open source site:

Installing an SDK is easy: just download and extract the files. I place mine in the root of my hard drive in a folder called SDK and differentiate them by version number, as shown in Figure3-10.

Figure3-10.Organized folder structure with all SDKs

This way, I have all the SDKs I need, neatly organized in one folder (also a time-saver!). Once you have extracted the SDK, you need to go over to FDT and add the new SDK.

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Medium 9781449322151

4. Shop for Content on Your NOOK Tablet

Preston Gralla O'Reilly Media ePub

The NOOK is your entre into the world of books, magazines, newspapers, and apps-literally millions of them. And you get them all through the NOOK Store. Once youve downloaded any of these kinds of media, they live in your library (see Chapter5 for details on organizing and managing your Library). This chapter gets you into the NOOK Store to buy content and get it into your library.

The process of searching the store and buying items is similar enough between books, magazines, newspapers, and apps that well cover the general process using books as an example and pointing out specific differences when they occur between the different sections of the Store. Unless otherwise noted, getting magazines, newspapers, and apps is pretty much the same.

To get to the NOOK Store, tap Shop from the Quick Nav Bar, or tap a Shop icon if youve placed it on one of the panels in your Home Screen. Youll be sent straight to the NOOK Store (Figure4-1).

Figure4-1.The NOOK Store

Toward the top of the page are categories: books, magazines, newspapers, kids, apps, and so on. Just beneath that, theres a scrollable changing set of list of books and more, such as B&N Top 100, Cool NOOK Books, Picked Just For You (based on previous purchases), and more. Then, at the very bottom of the page, theres a search box for searching for books.

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Medium 9781449367626

3. Strategies for Behavior Change

Stephen Wendel O'Reilly Media ePub

How can a product help its users pass all the way through the Action Funnel and actually take action? There are three big strategies that a company can choose from, to change behavior and help users take action. Two of them come straight from the research literature and from the difference between deliberative and intuitive actions. The third is less obvious, but immensely powerfulits called cheating.

The conscious, deliberative route is the one that most of us are familiar with alreadyit entails encouraging people to take action, and them consciously deciding to do it. Users have to pass through all five stages of the Action Funnel, and often spend considerable time on the conscious evaluation stage.

The intuitive route is a bit more complex. Recall from Chapter1 that our lightning-fast, automatic, and intuitive reactions arise from a mix of various elements: associations weve learned between things, specific habits weve built up, our current mindset, and a myriad of built-in shortcuts (heuristics) that save our minds work but can lead us astray. Of these, habits are the most promising route to developing a sustainable path to behavior change because there are clear, systematic ways to form them.[49] And once they are formed, they allow the user to pass effortlessly through two of the stages of the Action Funnelthe conscious evaluation and the assessment of the right timing for action.

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