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Medium 9781609949686

11. Add Enablers to the Equation

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

As a professional speaker, I occasionally get a question from an audience member that no one has ever asked me before, so I must think quickly on my feet. You may experience similar situations in your own career. Suppose you’re the team expert on Boxlets, your company’s proprietary spreadsheet program. If your manager needs a fact quickly or a doubtful customer grills you on why he should buy Boxlets and not Microsoft Excel, you need to think fast and produce accurate answers.

To get your brain to move as quickly as you need it to, here’s what has helped me THINK faster:

1. Take care of yourself. This should always come first, but when time grows short, what usually takes the hit? Rest, diet, and exercise. How can you do your job well if you’re dragging around on five hours of sleep or feeling sluggish from those twenty extra pounds? Stop holding yourself back. Get the right amount of sleep, eat decently, and exercise regularly, so your brain will function at its best. That way, you can have last week’s sales figures at the tip of your tongue.

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Medium 9780596806132

18. Communication

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

This book has explored a lot of subjects, but the functionality that revolutionized web client development is (arguably) Ajax. With Ajax, were no longer dependent on the slow, cumbersome round-trips and associated page load times that plagued early websites. Now we can make an Ajax call, get some data, update the pagesometimes without the user even being aware that the activity is happening.

Ajax is also a relatively uncomplicated functionality, at least compared to other JavaScript functionality Ive covered in the book. The main steps to an Ajax application are:

Prepare the server-side API call.

Make the call.

Process the result.

Of course, there are interesting challenges that can occur at any time during these three steps, but for a basic application, it really is just that simple.

Ajax is now joined by a new communication kid: the postMessage. This new functionality originated with HTML5, though it has since split off to its own specification. Its an uncomplicated functionality that allows for easy communication between a parent and child window, even if the child window is located in another domain.

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Medium 9780856833939

6 The Depletion of Society

Slice ePub September 06, 2013

WHAT happens when a society consumes more than it produces? If it does not balance its books by reducing consumption, it has four choices. All of them are grounded in the culture of cheating.

1.   Producers can be made to work harder to increase output: the Treadmill Effect.

2.   Stealing from others to cover the deficit. Responding to the Depression of the 1870s, Europe’s imperial powers began to ransack Africa: the Colonising Effect.

3.   Borrowing, to consume more today by shifting the costs onto future generations: the Debt Effect.

4.   Consuming the capital of past labours: the Depletion Effect.

By the mid-19th century all four strategies became standard policies of statecraft for most European nations. That meant they were moving slowly but surely towards the collapse of their form of social organisation. That collapse would first surface as a financial crisis from which there could be no escape. The financial façade, however, concealed the political, moral and intellectual infirmities induced by the state of trauma to which they had been reduced. The West is victim of the virus that has eroded people’s capacity to add value to the wealth of their nations. This diagnosis will be tested against the evidence for the United Kingdom. Two propositions will be examined.

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Medium 9781449334987

11. Further Explorations

Source: HTML5 Canvas
Slice ePub May 29, 2014

There are many emerging technologies and frameworks that can help take HTML5 Canvas into rarely explored areas. In this chapter, we will cover a couple of those areas: using Canvas for 3D with WebGL, and using Canvas for multiplayer applications. Both of these areas are still experimental, requiring you either to download beta/developer versions of browsers or to launch browsers using command-line switches so that you can turn various technologies off and on.

We will also cover a couple more topics that, while still involving the Canvas, veer into software design and emerging platforms. We will create a sample structure for our Canvas code and then apply it to a drag-and-drop application. After that, we will take that application and deploy it on the Microsoft Windows 8 desktop.

This chapter is structured a bit differently. The discussions are focused on giving you some tools and information about these new and emerging areas for Canvas. While we will offer code, examples, and some explanation, its geared more toward getting you started on the path to learning than on teaching you how every detail works.

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Medium 9781588437822

Cathar Country

Slice ePub May 25, 2014

One of the bloodiest points in the history of this area revolves around the rise and eventual massacre of the Christian Cathar religious sect in the 12th century. Tourists can visit the ruins of Cathar strongholds, and villages where crusaders conducted massacres the massacres.

The Cathars, declared heretics by the Catholic Church, believed that everything on earth was inherently evil, and only the spirit world was good.

The Cathars primarily settled in the Languedoc region. They condemned the greed and extravagance of the Catholic Church. Members of the sect traveled the countryside, dressed in rags and openly criticizing the old guard, and began to win over many rural peasants. They spoke in the native language of the commoners, while the Catholic literature was in Latin and understood only by the clergy and the wealthy.

Pope Innocent eee declared war on the Cathars in 1209 with the launch of the Albigensian Crusade, which ultimately wiped out the group. In one of the first battles, crusaders massacred thousands in Bziers. They seized and captured Carcassonne, then Toulouse, then Avignon.

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