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Medium 9781782202172

Seven Deadly Sins

Slice ePub December 23, 2014

I wake myself up screaming “No!” and lie there trembling for some minutes trying to remember what I've been dreaming about. But dreams need to be exited slowly and gently if their convoluted meanderings are to be transmitted from unconscious imagination to a conscious mind seeking sense. My sudden awakening erases all trace of what has been going on in my fantasy world, leaving only a sense of having been through something challenging. Whatever it was that had led to my frightened and imploring scream is not forthcoming despite my attempts to insert possibilities—hooded attackers, stampeding monsters, devastating news—into the void.

It's not a good start to a busy day, and the feelings of dread and frustration remain with me as I dress quickly, breakfast on the hoof, and read through my emails, most of which I condemn to the trash without the usual satisfaction I get from hearing the scrunching sound as they disappear. Even walking through the woods with my dog in the bright morning sunlight does not manage to alleviate my disturbed state as it normally might. I just have to hope I can bracket off this sense of unease well enough to work with my clients.

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Medium 9780596527549

10.10 Creating Strongly Typed Mocks with Rhino.Mocks

Slice PDF May 29, 2014


10.10 Creating Strongly Typed Mocks with Rhino.Mocks

You need to create mock objects to let you decouple your work from external resources, but you’re running into some problems. What do you do if you need to create mock objects for classes with no default constructors, or classes with parameterized constructors? What about generic objects? What do you do if you need to explicitly check the order of methods called on mocked objects? And wouldn’t it be nice if you could use strongly typed mocked objects, so you could access methods and properties directly when writing tests, instead of passing in strings of names

(which, by the way, aren’t checked at compile-time, so you won’t know you’ve made a mistake until you run your tests)?

Rhino.Mocks, by Oren Eini, offers an attractive alternative to the NMock and

NMock 2.0 libraries. Rhino.Mocks’s model creates strongly typed mock objects, so you’ll get full IntelliSense support as you’re coding. Also, the IDE and compiler will point out errors as you work, so you won’t have to wait until runtime to find you’ve mistyped a string representing a method name.

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Medium 9781857548686

Water Blinks

Slice PDF February 23, 2015

Medium 9781601322401

Information Quality Assessment for E-Government Systems

Slice PDF October 23, 2014

Int'l Conf. e-Learning, e-Bus., EIS, and e-Gov. | EEE'13 |


Information Quality Assessment for E-Government Systems

Mona A. Alkhattabi

Assistant Professor

College of Computer Sciences and Information

Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University

P.O.Box 92309 Riyadh11653 Saudi Arabia

Abstract. E-government systems offer a promising solution as an information exchanging channel. Enhanced technology could signify faster and easier access to information but does not of necessity guarantee the quality of this information. Hence it is crucial to develop valid and consistent methods of quality measurement and accomplish careful information quality assessments. Information quality frameworks are developed to appraise the quality of information systems, in general from the designers’ perspective. The latest proliferation of e-services and egovernment mainly, rises the require for a new quality framework in the context of e-government systems. The major contribution of this research is to propose a new information quality framework, we will report the results based on original survey data and factor analysis.

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Medium 9781742204178


Slice ePub May 29, 2014

     Includes »


     Peja (Peć)


     Understand Kosovo

     Survival Guide

Everyone loves a newborn, and since 2008, when Kosovo declared independence, large letters spelling ‘NEWBORN’ in English have graced a section of pavement in central Pristina. The location, between the secure offices of the UN and a shopping mall featuring ubiquitous European clothing stores and a sky-clawing, crumbling concrete monument, tells it all. Kosovo is finding its feet.

Barbs of its past are impossible to miss however: roads are dotted with memorials featuring etchings of those killed in 1999, when Serbia stripped Kosovo of its autonomy and initiated ethnic cleansing. Kosovo’s modern architectural standouts may stand out for all the wrong reasons, but what the rebuilt country lacks in style, it makes up for with its mountain-backed towns, hiking opportunities and 13th-century Serbian monasteries, all no more than a couple of hours’ drive from its capital.

Dec–Apr The skiing’s good in these months.

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