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L'Angleterre : le berceau de l'Art nouveau

Jean Lahor Parkstone International PDF
Medium 9781449325589

10. Multimedia Hacks

Chris Seibold O'Reilly Media ePub

Theres a story, perhaps apocryphal, that upon being offered the design for the Apple I, an executive at Hewlett-Packard mused that he couldnt see a use for a home computer except to store recipes. That comment is both insightful and shortsighted all at once. Recipe storage is a great use of a computer, but what the executive missed (because of his lack of imagination) was the progression of things. Macs can still hold recipes but they can also hold music, TV shows, and movies. With drives always increasing in size, your Mac can process and play multimedia files. The future wasnt just recipesthe future meant that computers could store and play anything that could be digitized. This chapter explains some ways to make your multimedia experience even better.

Just about every program that shows up on your TV screen is hiding somewhere on the Internet, but finding them can be tricky. Let your Mac do the hard work of finding the shows you want to see.

One of the ads currently being shown on cable TV tells of the woes of a family where more than one person wants to record a show to a DVR. Apparently the yearnings of various family members to record their own shows for later viewing is a major source of domestic frustration.

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Medium 9781576754047

6: Culture Change: The Bedrock of Brand Development

Janelle Barlow Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

In the business best seller Good to Great, Jim Collins identifies three interrelated attributes common to companies that have been able to make sustainable leaps in performance. They include identifying

The first and second of these “bests” are directly connected to brand and organizational culture. Sustained performance excellence happens when brands are connected to what staff do best. Branding can also spark passion by channeling ambition, creating a clear vision, and building a sense of identity and purpose for everyone who is a part of it. Economic strategy—Collins’s third interrelated attribute—creates the financial context in which branding occurs. All three attributes are aspects of organizational culture.126

For many years, astute managers have recognized that they must actively manage and foster their organizational cultures. When Fortune magazine released the results of its 1995 Corporate Reputations Survey, it underscored the point: “There is a growing realization that companies cannot live by numbers alone … the one thing that set the top ranking companies in the survey apart is their robust cultures.”2

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Medium 9780596510435

25. Advanced Dynamic Site Features


Dreamweaver's basic database capabilities are impressive. But there may come a time when you need to dig deeper into the program to build successful Web applications. Dreamweaver's advanced features let you, the mere mortal, do things that the pros do every day, like password-protect pages; display (or hide) content based on database results; and access information from forms, cookies, and URLs.

Although Dreamweaver lets you create Web pages that can add, edit, and delete records from a database, your e-business wouldn't last very long if just anyone could remove orders from your online ordering system or view credit card information stored in your customers' records. And certainly your company's executives wouldn't be happy if someone accessed the staff directory database and changed the boss's title from, for example, CEO to Chief Bozo. For these and other reasons, Dreamweaver provides a simple set of tools for locking your pages away from prying eyes.

The User Authentication server behaviors can password-protect any page on your site. With this feature, you can limit areas of your site to registered users only, allow customers to access and update their contact information, create maintenance pages accessible only to administrators, or personalize Web pages with customized messages ("Welcome back, Dave").

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Medium 9781576336557

"W" Words: GRE Advanced Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub

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