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Medium 9781608682508

60. Get Up and Start Moving

Jim Donovan New World Library ePub

It’s not going to be a surprise to anyone when I say that people, especially in the United States, are terribly out of shape. The obesity problem in the States has reached a critical level and is costing billions of dollars in added health-care costs. We are among the unhealthiest people in the world, raking thirty-third on the list of the world’s healthiest countries (United Nations, World Bank, World Health Organization, 2012). We consume more food and have higher health-care costs than any other country. The problem has even moved into the adolescent population, creating a situation that could, if not addressed and rectified, bankrupt our health-care system.

One suggestion, made to me by the owner of my local health club, is to simply get up and start moving. We have become such a sedentary society, with all our modern conveniences. With so many people using computers while sitting at their desks, it’s no wonder we’re out of shape. A few generations ago there were no health clubs or fitness centers. People worked at jobs that required physical activity beyond clicking a mouse. Today, unless you live in a big city, where people walk places, you most likely drive to a job that requires little or no physical activity.

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Medium 9781855758841

20: Letters 1979

Heinz Kohut Karnac Books ePub

January 6, 1979

Dear R.:

D. L. brought me his copy of your Darwin paper. I read it right away, thought that it was a valuable contribution, and enjoyed it very much. I understand that you will present the paper at the psychoanalytic society and I wished that I could be there and lend you my support and discuss it. Instead, I will restrict myself to giving you now some of my ideas about it in writing.

Since you openly, and courageously, base your contribution on my work, let me begin by telling you that I believe that the passages in my own work that are most applicable to the puzzles in Darwin's personality that you are in the process of solving relate (a) to the concept of the idealizing transference, (b) the concept of a transference of creativity, and (c) to certain formulations about the sequences that lead to creative action. In view of the fact that you have yourself focused strongly and explicitly on the concept of an idealizing transference, I need not refer you to the places where I am dealing with it in my work. I believe, however, that you might find it helpful to look over what I have said about the “transference of creativity” and about the various stages of the creative process. You will find the first of these two topics treated in The Analysis of the Self (pp. 316-317) and, especially, in the paper “Creativeness, Charisma, Group Psychology: Reflections on the Self-Analysis of Freud” (1976, in particular pp. 804-823); you will find the second of these topics—a formulation concerning the stages of creative-ness—taken up in the same paper, intermingled with further thoughts about the transference of creativity in the pages that follow those I just mentioned (i.e., pp. 823-832).

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Medium 9781565925090

5. Web Servers

David Gourley O'Reilly Media ePub

Web servers dish out billions of web pages a day. They tell you the weather, load up your online shopping carts, and let you find long-lost high-school buddies. Web servers are the workhorses of the World Wide Web. In this chapter, we:

Survey the many different types of software and hardware web servers.

Describe how to write a simple diagnostic web server in Perl.

Explain how web servers process HTTP transactions, step by step.

Where it helps to make things concrete, our examples use the Apache web server and its configuration options.

A web server processes HTTP requests and serves responses. The term "web server" can refer either to web server software or to the particular device or computer dedicated to serving the web pages.

Web servers comes in all flavors, shapes, and sizes. There are trivial 10-line Perl script web servers, 50-MB secure commerce engines, and tiny servers-on-a-card. But whatever the functional differences, all web servers receive HTTP requests for resources and serve content back to the clients (look back to Figure 1-5).

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Medium 9781576752944

Chapter Eight Interfaces and Standards: The Nuts and Bolts of Modern Civilization

Moshe Yudkowsky Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Somewhere in my basement I have my Ph.D. thesis in electronic format on a couple of disks—eight-inch floppy disks, to be exact. Floppy disks that size haven’t been made for years, and they’re about as useful with my present computer as a pair of stone tablets. Well, actually, stone tablets would be more useful; I could read stone tablets. I’ll never be able to read those old floppy disks.

My basement is full of old computer equipment that still works but isn’t useful anymore—the equipment is just not compatible with modern computers. I’ve got both dot-matrix and daisy-wheel printers, a brand-new six-pen plotter along with dried-out pens, a stack of Apple’s old Mac Plus computers, and a defective TRS-80 Model 100 laptop computer (16 kilobytes of RAM! Three-line LCD screen!). I’ve got old memory cards, a scanner without software, the guts of obsolete Palm Pilots, and a tangled nest of cables that won’t connect to anything. I often tell myself, or my wife, that I hold on to these old parts because they occasionally come in useful repairing old pieces of equipment. That does happen from time to time, but mostly it’s just the pack rat instinct common to members of the technical community.82

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Medium 9781855753402

12 Oedipal issues in under-fives families: creating a space for thinking

Karnac Books ePub

This chapter addresses the feelings of exclusion and separateness commonly experienced by the young child as he moves away from the exclusive relationship with his primary carer, usually mother, and towards a triangular relationship, most notably with father, but also with siblings, and often a new baby. I shall describe therapeutic work with a family struggling with conflicts, anxieties, and defences associated with the triangular constellation of mother, father, and child—the oedipal situation. Attempts by the child and/or parents to avoid the natural feelings of anxiety and pain associated with this process can have a paralysing effect on the whole family. I hope to elaborate on the nature of these defences and show that one way of alleviating such paralysis is through the creation of a “triangular space” for observation and reflection by the therapist who can provide a “third position” (Britton, 1989) on the various points of view within the family. This is a space bounded by the three people within the oedipal situation and their potential relationships. It includes, therefore, “the possibility of being a participant in a relationship and observed by a third person as well as being an observer of a relationship between two people” (Britton, 1989, p. 86). This “space for thinking” allows the possibility of new ideas to be created within the therapeutic setting.

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