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Medium 9781855753136


Slice ePub May 22, 2014

In this and ensuing chapters, I am loosely distinguishing between states of disturbance in Time by the labels of “This year”, “Next year”, “Sometime” (including “Last year”), and “Never”. Each position is marked by difficulty in the fundamental linking up of past, present, and future, in making connections that allow one to be firmly held in the time process and in surrendering to the flow of time. Any of these artificially labelled states is accompanied by a considerable shake-up and shuffling of tenses, as if there is no-when and nowhere to rest one’s head.

In contrast to the healthy location in a present securely linked to the concept of past and future, to time’s natural unfolding, “This year” refers to the shadow side of presentness, to states when the patient may seem to be so imprisoned in single, cut-off moments that the temporal chain is snapped. Nothing is real in the patient’s mind but his/her perception of the therapist’s moment-to-moment behaviour and the patient’s immediate feelings. Each moment becomes a separate framed-off act apart. Therapist and patient are trapped inside a space capsule, where, instead of links with the past and possible future, there is only a surrounding darkness.

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Medium 9781604537079

Growing Up

Slice PDF May 13, 2014

Medium 9781574415025

8. The Red River Campaign and the Camden Expedition

Slice PDF May 18, 2014

Chapter Eight

The Red River Campaign and the Camden Expedition


he Red River Campaign was a Union effort to take the war into Texas.

Its objectives were to stall Emperor Maximilian of Mexico in his threats to the borderlands and potential alliance with the Confederacy; take control of cotton production resources in the Southwest; and crush the Confederate determination west of the Mississippi. The stage for this campaign was set with the Union victories at Vicksburg and Port Hudson in July 1863. The Union had successfully cleaved the Confederacy. It was time to exploit the gains.1

The overall strategy was a multi-axis attack on Confederates in the

Trans-Mississippi southwest. Army and Navy would work together under

Major General Nathaniel Banks and Rear Admiral David Porter. Banks would move west from New Orleans overland and link up with Admiral Porter, and his flotilla of gunboats moving up the Red River. They would then push north up the Red River with Shreveport as their target. Simultaneously, Union Major

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Medium 9781491903957

5. Communicating Your Ideas

Source: Rebels at Work
Slice ePub November 24, 2014

Now that you understand what’s important to the organization, have developed good relationships, and have earned credibility, you’re ready to take an important next step: presenting your ideas.

Most of us talk about our ideas with passion and enthusiasm, which are essential for getting people’s attention. In addition to this positive energy, there are a handful of communications fundamentals to master so that people understand your idea, consider its merits, and lend their support.

Here are some important elements to keep in mind when you are communicating your ideas:[3]

If there’s nothing at stake—if there are no emotionally compelling risks or rewards for acting on your idea—people will probably ignore it.

Too often, we launch into details about how an idea will work before doing the much more important work of communicating why it matters so much. Ideas are approved when they’re important, when the stakes are high, and when they address the organization’s mission, aspirations, or fears.

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Medium 9783835632141

Corrosion protection

Slice PDF October 27, 2014

[Corrosion process]   Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection

Purpose and Background

Buried metal pipes are exposed to external corrosion. To avoid pitting and leakages caused thereby, the material has to be safeguarded by corrosion protection. Preventing emission of natural gas into the atmosphere makes corrosion protection also a contributor to environmental protection.

In principle, two methods of protection are possible: passive and active protection. Passive protection is mainly realised by a factory-made coating with plastic materials, while the active protection has to be installed in the field. Active protection is based on the knowledge of the chemical reactions that cause corrosion and those which avoid damaging of pipe material. Usually passive and active protections are used in parallel. For economical reasons the active protection is a highly profitable investment because the cost for cathodic corrosion protection counts for approximately

1 % of the entire construction investment and increases the lifetime to a nearly infinite duration.

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