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Medium 9781936763634

Chapter 3

Kanold, Timothy D. Solution Tree Press PDF


After the Unit

You can’t learn without feedback. . . . It’s not teaching that causes learning. It’s the attempts by the learner to perform that cause learning, dependent upon the quality of the feedback and opportunities to use it. A single test of anything is, therefore, an incomplete assessment. We need to know whether the student can use the feedback from the results.

—Grant Wiggins

Teachers have just taught the unit and given the common end-of-unit assessment (developed through high-leverage team actions 3 and 4). What should happen next? Did the students reach the proficiency targets for the essential learning standards of the unit? As a school leader, how do you know? More important, what are the responsibilities for each of your collaborative teams after the unit ends?

The after-the-unit high-leverage team actions support steps four and five of the PLC teaching-assessinglearning cycle (see figure 3.1, page 102).

Think about when your teachers pass back an end-of-unit assessment to their students. Did assigning the students a score or grade motivate them to continue to learn and to use the results as part of a formative learning process? Did the process of learning the essential standards from the previous unit stop for the students as the next unit began? In a PLC culture, the process of student growth and demonstrations of learning never stop.

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Medium 9781847770684

Sea Music

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Bicycles in Summer

You could not go today. It is not safe.

I mean those Summer afternoons when we

Left home at two on bicycles to go

Through lanes, along the highways, then beneath

Deep dark of oak and chestnut. We rode with

Absolute confidence, alert to all

We saw. We took our swimming things and buns,

Bottles of lemonade, our port of call

A Norman church lit now and then by sun’s

Reach through the leaves. Then on and on we went

Not saying much, in pleasant mood. We would

Undress beside the Cherwell or the Thames,

Both unpolluted, and jump in and swim,

Splash and go beneath the water’s surface

To glimpse the sun’s fall, then reach up and out,

Rubbing ourselves with towels, on bikes again,

It was a pastoral childhood that we knew

A child can’t have today. It is not safe

To let our children out alone for hours

Like two to seven. Darkness falls at noon,

The dark of roaming men intent on crime

But we were lucky in our Summer days,

Lucky in losing every sense of time,

Lucky in feeling warm from towels and sun,

Loving old churches, following the Thames,

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Medium 9781576337202

Reconstruction: AP US History

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781576753194

♦ CHAPTER THREE ♦ The Ultimate Reality Show The brutal history of the Virginia Company (1607-1624)

Ted Nace Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

HOW’S THIS FOR A PRIME-TIME CONCEPT? Take a few dozen British gentlemen, the type who like to search for gold and challenge each other to duels, but who have never done anything useful or practical in their lives. Make sure each brings along one or two footmen to powder his wig, shine his buckles, and prepare his afternoon tea. Add a few specialized workers, such as jewelers and glassmakers, and a few with more down-to-earth skills—but just a few. Then fill up the rest of a ship with half-starved street vagabonds, poor children, the widows of executed thieves, and various petty criminals. Transport the group across the Atlantic Ocean and drop them off on some land under the control of a preexisting nation of indigenous people. Check back in a few years and count how many people are still alive. That, in a nutshell, describes the dismal story of the Jamestown Colony, the one and only business venture of the London-based Virginia Company.

When I began looking into what happened in Virginia, I didn’t have to go far. From the coffee table in my living room I picked up a copy of National Geographic. The article, “Unsettling Discoveries at Jamestown: Suffering and Surviving in Seventeenth-Century Virginia,” described recent excavations on the banks of the James River, sixty miles from the mouth of Chesapeake Bay near the city of Newport News. Here, the first permanent settlement on the Atlantic coast was established in 1607.

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Medium 9781449304454

Support for Multiple Media File Types

Shelley Powers O'Reilly Media ePub

Figure1-1 showed Example1-1 in Firefox, using the default control UI that Firefox provides. Youre probably curious to see what the default styling is for the audio element control in another browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9.x. If you open the page in IE 9, though, all youll get is a black box with a small red x signaling broken content.

The reason you received an indication of broken content is because the audio element only features one type of audio contentan audio file encoded as Ogg Vorbis. Microsoft does not support Ogg Vorbis in Internet Explorer.

You can play Ogg Vorbis files in IE 9 if you install supporting software. Ill cover this in more detail in the next section.

Testing the page with all our target browsers, we find that the audio file works with Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, but not with Internet Explorer or Safari. In IE, the element appears broken, while in Safari the control appears but nothing happens when you hit the play button.

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