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Medium 9781783103485

Jacques Villon (Gaston Émile Duchamp) (Damville, 1875 - Puteaux, 1963)

Guillaume Apollinaire Parkstone International ePub




Weil seine Brüder Raymond Duchamp-Villon und Marcel Duchamp hießen, nahm Gaston Émile Duchamp das Pseudonym Jacques Villon an. Zum einen als Huldigung an den mittelalterlichen Dichter François Villon und zum anderen, um sich von seinen jüngeren Brüdern zu unterscheiden. Er wechselte 1894 von Rouen, wo er sich eine Zeit lang auf den Beruf als Notar vorbereitete, nach Paris, um an der École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts zu studieren. Gleichzeitig wurde er Schüler in der Werkstatt des Malers Fernand Cormon (1845 bis 1924), so wie es Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (1864 bis 1901) zehn Jahre vorher auch gewesen war.

Jacques Villon verkehrte in dem begeisternden Milieu der Künstler der Butte Montmartre und gab seine Juralaufbahn schnell auf, um sich völlig der Kunst zu widmen. Seine ersten grafischen Werke nahmen den Stil der Werbegrafiker der Belle Époque an und erinnern an Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen (1859 bis 1923) oder auch an Toulouse-Lautrec (1864 bis 1901). Villons satirische Karikaturen wurden in humoristischen Zeitschriften wie LAssiette au beurre oder Le Rêve veröffentlicht. Schon zu dieser Zeit bewiesen seine Skizzen Sicherheit und Genauigkeit im Ausdruck.

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Medium 9781449337049

21. Packages and Packaging

Ian F. Darwin O'Reilly Media ePub

One of the better aspects of the Java language is that it has defined a very clear packaging mechanism for categorizing and managing its large API. Contrast this with most other languages, where symbols may be found in the C library itself or in any of dozens of other libraries, with no clearly defined naming conventions.[59] APIs consist of one or more packages; packages consist of classes; classes consist of methods and fields. Anybody can create a package, with one important restriction: you or I cannot create a package whose name begins with the four letters java. Packages named java. or javax. are reserved for use by Oracle’s Java developers, under the management of the Java Community Process (JCP). When Java was new, there were about a dozen packages in a structure that is very much still with us, though it has quadrupled in size; some of these are shown in Table 21-1.


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Medium 9781574414233


Tom Killebrew University of North Texas Press ePub



Twenty-four men died while training at No.1 BFTS between 1941 and 1945. Nineteen British RAF cadets, three civilian instructors, and one Army Air Forces cadet died in flying accidents. One British cadet died of natural causes. The bodies of the three instructors and one army cadet were returned to their homes in various parts of the United States for burial. The twenty British cadets are buried in the Oakland Memorial Cemetery in Terrell.

November 10, 1941

Richard D. Mollett


The crash occurred at night just after takeoff four miles south of the airport. Mollett was only two days from graduation. He apparently became disoriented after takeoff.

January 18, 1942

William L. Ibbs


The crash occurred five miles from Cumby, Texas, during a night cross-country flight. Ibbs became lost and contacted the Terrell tower and received directions to the field, but he ran out of fuel and crashed before reaching Terrell. Ibbs died only two days from graduation.

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Medium 9781576336809

"N" Words: Praxis I Intermediate Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781574410624

13 • Hope Comes to Syra

Lynn Marie Cuny University of North Texas Press PDF


Comes to Syra

Many years ago, Wildlife Rescue was asked to rescue a young black bear from a zoo in Syracuse, New York. Syra, as she was called by her caretakers, had been orphaned when her mother was killed. She was also forced to suffer the cruelties of a roadside zoo before finding temporary sanctuary at the Burnet Park Zoo in Syracuse. Because the Syracuse Zoo didn't have room to keep her and because she had been declawed by her previous "owner," she could not be returned to the wild. Syra was one tired, lonely little bear cub when she arrived. She had been accustomed to living in close quarters at the zoo and to receiving a great deal of personal attention.

Here, in her new home, she was a bit overwhelmed by all the wide open space of the bear enclosure, and somewhat disappointed to find she was no longer the center of attention. It was quite clear that we had to find her a friend.

Barely two weeks after she arrived, we received a call from the Parks & Recreation Department of Kingston, New York.

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