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Medium 9781449341800

5. Surf the Web

J. D. Biersdorfer O'Reilly Media ePub

You’ll learn to:

Browse and bookmark pages

Read clutter-free web pages

Save pages to read offline

Sync bookmarks and browser tabs across devices

Tweet, iMessage, and post favorite pages to Facebook

Use alternate web browsers

SURE, YOU CAN SURF the Web on a smartphone, but odds are you’ll strain your neck and squint your eyes trying to read its tiny screen, even when you zoom in for a closer look. For most people, microbrowsing is fine when you’re on a train or waiting in line at the cineplex, but who wants to do that in a coffee shop, campus library, or on the couch?

Browsing the Web on an iPad eliminates the old strain ‘n’ squint. Even on the smaller iPad Mini’s 8-inch screen, you see pretty much a whole web page at once. And forget mouse-clicking—the iPad uses a touch-sensitive version of Apple’s Safari browser, so your fingers do the walking around the Web. You jump from link to link with a tap, and zoom in on pages with a two-finger spread.

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Medium 9780596002107

A. The Essential Guide to Perl

Andy Duncan O'Reilly Media ePub

In Chapter 1, we briefly explored the history and culture of Perl without examining the language itself in any detail. In this appendix well describe just enough of the language to allow you to understand how Perl DBI works and how you can take advantage of the Oracle applications described in this book. Well focus on the following:

Getting information about Perl

Running Perl scripts

Variable types

Program context

Program and subroutine parameters


Object orientation

Well also briefly describe how to get information about Perl and how to invoke it. This will be a roller coaster ride, so hang onto your bitmaps!

Of course, there is much more to learn about Perl. Consult the online and offline references listed in Chapter 1 for additional and much more complete resources.

Perl is one the most heavily documented languages in the known Universe! This appendix only scratches the surface. Fortunately, there exists a wealth of online information that comes automatically with Perl. To get going, type the following command:

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Medium 9781741798890

South Africa

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

     Includes »

     Cape Town

     Western Cape

     Eastern Cape



     Free State





     Drakensberg Escarpment


     North-West Province

     Northern Cape

When Archbishop Desmond Tutu called South Africa the ‘Rainbow Nation’, his words described the very essence of what makes this country extraordinary. Certainly, the blend of peoples and cultures that his oft-used moniker referred to is instantly evident, but the country’s diversity stretches far beyond its people.

Without straying beyond South Africa’s borders you can sleep under the stars in a desert or hike to snow-capped peaks. The hills of Zululand and the Wild Coast provide a bucolic antidote to the bustle of large cities like Johannesburg and Durban. Wildlife watching ranges from remote safari walks to up-close encounters with waddling penguins.

Variety continues in the cuisine, with the delicate (West Coast seafood), the hearty (Karoo meat feasts), the fragrant (Cape Malay stews) and the spicy (Durban curries) all represented. And southwest of it all sits Cape Town, where gourmands, art lovers, thrill seekers and beach babes come together to sip, surf and sunbathe in beautiful surrounds.

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Medium 9781576753712

7 Collaborating with government

Laury Hammel Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Local, state, and federal governments all have much to gain from the success of your business. When your vision includes collaboration with government agencies, partnerships are possible that benefit both your business and your community.

Governmental bureaucracies, regulations, and other hurdles may have scared you away from developing successful business-government partnerships. You may think you don’t have the necessary time or patience. But times are changing, and business-government collaboration has become an important concept for the twenty-first century. If building your business and growing local value is your goal, then looking for ways to work with government agencies should be on your agenda.

Your business can choose from a wide variety of methods for constructing bridges with government agencies to build a stronger community. The list below offers basic categories of government-business partnerships.

(Abuses of public-private partnerships obviously occur when politics and lobbying play a role in determining which company wins a contract.)

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Medium 9780596522698

58. Prepare to Pick Two

Richard Monson-Haefel O'Reilly Media ePub

Bill de hra is chief architect with NewBay Software, where he works on large scale web and mobile systems. He is co-editor of the Atom Publishing Protocol and previously served on the W3C RDF Working Group. He is a recognized expert on REST style and message-passing architectures and protocol design.

SOMETIMES ACCEPTING A CONSTRAINT or giving up on a property can lead to a better architecture, one that is easier and less expensive to build and run. Like buses, desirable properties tend to come in threes, and trying to define and build a system that supports all three can result in a system that does nothing especially well.

A famous example is Brewer's conjecture, also known as Consistency, Availability, and Partitioning (CAP), which states that there are three properties that are commonly desired in a distributed systemconsistency, availability, and partition toleranceand that it is impossible to achieve all three. Trying to have all three will drastically increase the engineering costs and typically increase complexity without actually achieving the desired effect or business goal. If your data must be available and distributed, achieving consistency becomes increasingly expensive and eventually impossible. Likewise, if the system must be distributed and consistent, ensuring consistency will lead at first to latency and performance problems and eventually to unavailability since the system cannot be exposed as it tries to reaches agreement.

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