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Medium 9780596558741

Variables (ISO Schematron Only)

Source: Schematron
Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Duplicated id in element "".

Reference not found in element


When we run this schema without mentioning anything special to your Schematron processor, it considers that all the patterns are active and executes each of them, but if you specify a phase (either full-integrity or keys-only) it will only use the patterns marked as active in this phase.


The identification of the patterns is done using their id attributes. The name attribute is considered to be a human-readable name rather than an identifier.

Note that the way you define a phase is implementation-specific. Command-line implementations typically use a command-line parameter to do so.

Variables (ISO Schematron Only)

ISO Schematron supports XSLT-like “variables.” As with XSLT variables, these variables can’t be updated, and the assignment is also their definition.

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Medium 9780987090850

4. Shaping Up Using CSS

Slice ePub February 25, 2015

For many years, web developers regarded CSS as a tool that could be used to style text on web pages, and add a splash of color here and there, but little more. And for a long time, that was all you could realistically use it for, because browser support for CSS was below par. Thankfully, progress has been made!

You’ve now reached a point at which many budding web designers stop experimenting with CSS. Not you! In this chapter, we’re going to delve a little further into the capabilities of CSS as we use it to:

alter the shape and size of specific areas of content

change backgrounds and border styles

position items anywhere on the web page

Let’s begin, then, by seeing how we can use CSS to change the shape and size of items on a web page. However, before we can understand this technique, we need to grasp the difference between block-level elements and inline elements.

Any given web page comprises two basic types of elements: block-level elements and inline elements. It is important to appreciate the differences between these element types, particularly where CSS is concerned.

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Medium 9781847770837

was in the air, like a rumour

Source: Raptors
Slice PDF April 24, 2015

Medium 9781576751701

8 Translate Green Practices into Revenues

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

If you consider the total cost of one TV set from production, through ownership, to the end of ownership, only 15 percent of the cost is associated with manufacturing; 85 percent comes from electricity and other running costs. So from a global perspective, when Sony designs and manufactures TV sets that consume less electricity during ownership, Sony is contributing more to overall energy savings.

—Nobuyuki Watanabe, vice president,
Corporate Environmental Affairs, Sony

CUSTOMERS like to save money; there is little doubt about that. Whereas some people are willing to pay more for green products—for example, a majority of Americans say they would spend more to buy energy-efficient kitchen appliances or a vehicle with higher fuel economy (according to Oxygen TV’s web site,, January 2001)—some are not willing to pay more. The good news is that green products often do save customers money because they use fewer materials in the product, generate less waste during manufacturing, and cost less to operate. Now that’s a point that sets on shaky ground the myth that businesses can be only Lean or Green.

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Medium 9781616514068

Buying on Layaway-Timing Is the Key

Slice PDF January 11, 2001

21CLM_B5_ i-iv,001-052_AppMath_B5_ i-iv,001-052 11/5/10 9:45 AM Page 49

Lesson 5

Timing Is the Key

Example: In April, Ward buys a heavy jacket for

$245 on layaway. He puts 10% down.

He agrees to make layaway payments of equal amounts over the six summer months. He wants the coat by the beginning of November. How much are his monthly payments?


Step 1: Calculate the amount left to pay after Ward puts

10% down.

90% of $245 = 0.9 × $245

= $220.50

Step 2: Now divide this amount by 6 to find the amount of each monthly payment.

$220.50 ÷ 6 = $36.75

Answer the Question

Step 3: Ward’s monthly payments are $36.75 each.

✏ Now try these problems.

1. In July, Delle picks out a high chair for her sister, who has a new baby. Her sister tells Delle that she does not need the high chair right away. The high chair costs $135. Delle puts 15% down. She agrees to make layaway payments of $20 per month. How soon can she get the high chair?

A July

B October

C January

D April

2. Devonne sees a globe that costs $96. She wonders whether to pay by credit card, or to buy the globe on layaway. She can charge the globe on her credit card and pay $20 per month. (The annual interest rate on her credit card is 12.5%.) Or she can put the globe on layaway, pay 10% down, and pay the rest over 4 months. a. What will each method of payment cost her per month? What is the difference?

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