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Ryan Boyd O'Reilly Media ePub

In order to understand OAuth, its important to first understand the relevant terminology. Well introduce some key terms up front, and then discuss additional terms throughout the book.

Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a userknowing that the user is who they claim to be.

In the real world, when a police officer asks for your identification, shes verifying your identity by ensuring that the picture on your identification matches your likeness.

On desktop computers and on the Web, authentication is about knowing that the user at the keyboard is the owner of the account. Authentication is typically performed by asking a user for a username and password. The username represents the users claimed identity, and the software application assumes that if the user provides the correct password that they are indeed that user.

Although many applications have their own system of accounts (including usernames and passwords), some applications rely on other services to verify the identity of users. This is called federated authentication.

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Medium 9781937538057

White Balance

Darrell Young Rocky Nook-IPS ePub

Rescue Me! – Courtesy of Eric Bowles (ericbowles)

Back in the good old days, photographers bought special rolls of film or filters to meet the challenges of color casts that come from indoor lighting, overcast days, or special situations.

The D800’s method for balancing the camera to the available light comes with the White balance (WB) controls. Fortunately, the D800’s two Auto White balance settings do a great job for general shooting. However, discerning photographers learn how to use the White balance controls so they can achieve color consistency in special situations.

(User’s Manual – Page 145)

Normally White balance is used to adjust the camera so that whites are truly white and other colors are accurate under whatever light source you are shooting. You can also use the White balance controls to deliberately introduce color casts into your image for interesting special effects.

Camera WB color temperatures are exactly the opposite of the Kelvin scale we learned in school for star temperatures. Remember that a red giant star is cool, while a blue/white star is hot. The WB color temperatures are the opposite because the WB system adds color to make up for a deficit of color in the original light of the subject.

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Medium 9781576337363

Evaluating Formulas: CLEP Algebra I

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781742205786

Showtime on Rome’s Piazzas

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

From the baroque splendour of Piazza Navona to the clamour of Campo de’ Fiori and the majesty of St Peter’s Square, Rome’s showcase piazzas encapsulate much of the city’s beauty, history and drama.

In the heart of the historic centre, Piazza Navona ( Click here ) is the picture-perfect Roman square. Graceful baroque palazzi (mansions), flamboyant fountains, packed pavement cafes and costumed street artists set the scene for the daily invasion of camera-toting tourists.

The awe-inspiring approach to St Peter’s Basilica, this monumental piazza ( Click here ) is a masterpiece of 17th-century urban design. The work of Bernini, it’s centred on a towering Egyptian obelisk and flanked by two grasping colonnaded arms.

Neoclassical Piazza del Popolo ( Click here ) is a vast, sweeping spectacle. In centuries past, executions were held here; nowadays crowds gather for political rallies, outdoor concerts or just to hang out.

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Medium 9781591201519


Lipski Ph.D., Elizabeth Basic Health Publications ePub

Foreword by Ann Louise Gittleman

Introduction: Our Childrens Health


An Overview of Childrens Health Issues and Digestion

1. Our Kids: Overfed and Undernourished

2. Chemicals and Convenience: Consumer Be Aware!

3. A Journey Through the Digestive System

4. Enzymes: The Bodys Workhorses

5. Probiotics and Prebiotics: Keys to Healthful Resilience

6. Dysbiosis: An Unbalanced Body Ecology

7. Acid-Alkaline Balance: Optimizing Cellular Function


Healing Your Child with Food

8. We Are What We Eat!

9. Making the Change

10. How to Feed Your Kids So Theyll Be Happy and Youll Be Happy


Digestive Health Issues in Children

Introduction to Part Three

11. Food and Environmental Sensitivities

12. Leaky Gut Syndrome

13. Care and Feeding of Infants and Toddlers

14. Issues of the Mouth, Esophagus, and Stomach

15. Issues of the Small Intestine

16. Issues of the Large Intestine

17. Inflamed or Irritable Bowels


Additional Conditions That Benefit from a Healthy Gut

18. Arthritis

19. Asthma

20. Attention Deficit Disorder

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