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Medium 9780596522964

5. Controlling Color with Channels

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

At the heart of any Photoshop file lie channelsstorage containers for all your images color information, saved selections (Saving a Selection), and instructions regarding special printing inks. Channels sound intimidating at first, and folks have been known to shudder at their mention and avoid them completely. But to really understand Photoshop, you need to understand channels. Luckily, you dont need a PhDjust a little patience.

This chapter gets a little technical at times, but if you soldier through, youll be rewarded with wisdom thatll help you perform some amazing pixel wizardry. Youll get that warm, fuzzy enlightened feeling as you learn to:

Use channels to make complex selections (Basic Channel Stunts).

Perform highly targeted color adjustments (see the figure on Making Colors Pop).

Create stunning grayscale conversions (The Lightness Channel).

Map one image to the contours of another (Mapping One Image onto Another).

Sharpen your images without introducing noise (Sharpening Individual Channels).

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Medium 9781601322548

Session - Edge Detection and Enhancement Methods

Slice PDF December 10, 2014

Medium 9780762786404

Blackbelly Catering

Slice PDF January 22, 2015

Blackbelly Catering

Chef/Owner: Hosea Rosenberg

Ask New Mexico transplant Hosea Rosenberg what sets his catering company apart, and he’ll tell you about his five-acre farm just south of Longmont: “We raise our own heritagebreed pigs and lamb; we have a chicken coop and a greenhouse. We’re trying very hard to run a self-sustaining, organic operation.” He’ll also allude to an air of exclusivity:

“We position ourselves as a high-end, boutique catering company. I retain mixologists and sommeliers on staff and aim for five-star cuisine.”

Although such conscien­ tious branding may well contribute to his success, let’s face it—more than a few clients are undoubtedly swayed by his celebrity. While serving as executive chef of

Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar

(page 83)—a job he held from

2004 to 2010—Rosenberg not only competed on Season 5 of Bravo’s popular Top Chef series but emerged as the winner.

Loads of charisma are a must for any TV personality, of course, and Rosenberg shines when he appears at area pop-up dinners and food festivals. But fans are still waiting for him to parlay all that name recognition into square footage and open an actual restaurant. “For the past two years I’ve been hunting for a spot,” he says, “but I’m really busy—and really picky about finding the right location.”

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Medium 9781847776273

In the Raj

Source: Collected Poems
Slice ePub April 30, 2015

He was a tight-lipped devil and a rigorous

Company sergeant-major, I recall

Under the sweaty sky of Barrackpore,

Where all was sweat, where clothes were never dry

And Bengal rot started between our toes.

The sun of Asia! So it seemed to us

And the dead rotting by the Ganges shore

Where melons grow huge but taste of nothing

And the poor lie all day upon the streets

While the exquisite Brahmin minces by.

The air-conditioned and American

Left us to treason and the Queen’s red-coats,

Quiet and moderate men, you might say,

Shipped out there, packaged, waiting for our turn

And doing nothing with expiring hope

But drive the kites off from our stinking food.

CSM Birt was adept at all this,

Long enough resident to have prepared

His own devices for a happy life

Or, if not happy, one he could control.

It came first like a rumour in the dark,

There in the sun, that something was amiss:

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Medium 9781741795837

Norte Grande

Slice ePub November 24, 2014

     Includes »


     Chile 11 Highway


     Parque Nacional Lauca





     San Pedro de Atacama

     Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos

     El Tatio Geysers


Devil dusters zoom wantonly through sun-scorched Norte Grande with its undulating curves of rock and stone, Andean lagoons, snow-capped volcanoes, salt flats and sensuously perforated coastline. Famous as much for its hilltop observatories as its massive copper mines, those vast, uninhabited spaces touch the soul and the imagination. Norte Grande’s star attraction is the tiny adobe village of San Pedro de Atacama, just a day trip away from the world’s highest geyser field and some astounding desert formations.

But there’s more to Norte Grande than San Pedro. Go for lung-bursting, jaw-dropping adventure near the mountain village of Putre in the high-altitude reserve of Parque Nacional Lauca or further afield to Salar de Surire. Spend a week perfecting your tan on the beaches outlying Iquique and Arica, or make your own adventure in the lost ghost towns and hard-sprung mining centers that make this region unique.

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