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Medium 9780987247827

4. Game Loop and Classes

Slice ePub February 25, 2015

It’s now day 4 of 7 and you’re starting to sweat. The story writer announced he has too much “real” work on and will have to bow out of the race, but says he still wants a cut of any profits arising from his contributions to the project. You explain to him how percentages of zero work, and he leaves in a huff.

You know that if you lack a solid base to build on by the end of the day, pushing a complete product out the door will be tough. Let’s knuckle down and apply some structure to our game. In this chapter, we’ll take the prototype we’ve been working on and refactor it into a bunch of classes that will organize and drive the game.

But first, we need to clean up our mess from last night. In our haste to put some animation on the screen, we used the simple setInterval timer to continually loop over the updating and drawing methods. This morning, we’ll need to rework this into what will become the very heart of our game: the game loop.

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Medium 9781617147036

Music Legend

Slice PDF May 13, 2014

Medium 9781855751828

1. Experience and thinking in analytic practice

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

After I had decided on the title of this lecture, I wondered why I had chosen it. I think that it was because I would have to speak to this particular audience, and for me, of course, The Squiggle Foundation is associated with Winnicott. Winnicott’s work, and what I know about him through the people who knew him personally, is probably best summarized with the two terms from my title: how to match experience in analytic work—without which there cannot be any kind of work in the setting—and thinking, a matter on which Winnicott has been much more discreet.

Winnicott was a great thinker—we are all aware of that—but perhaps he was something of a spontaneous thinker. I mean that thinking for him was deeply bound up with experience. So, even if his work gives us a lot to think about, he does not provide a true theory of thinking, such as we find, for instance, in Bion’s work— which, for me, is very close to Winnicott’s. What is certain is that as analysts we are engaged in an experience with the patient, and, while the meaning of what happens in this experience may be obscure to us, we are still able to feel the experience, to talk about it, even though the meaning of what is going on eludes us.

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Medium 9780596003210

3. Visual Studio .NET

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

If your goal is to produce significant, robust, and elegant applications with few bugs in a minimum amount of time, then a modern integrated development environment (IDE) such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET is an invaluable tool. Visual Studio .NET offers many advantages to the .NET developer:

A modern interface using a tabbed document metaphor for code and layout screens, and dockable toolbars and informational windows.

Convenient access to multiple design and code windows.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) visual design of Windows and Web Forms.

Code completion that allows you to enter code with fewer errors and less typing.

IntelliSense pop-up help on every method and function call as you type, providing and types of all parameters and the return type.

Dynamic, context sensitive help that lets you view topics and samples relevant to the code you are writing at the moment. You can also search the complete SDK library from within the IDE.

Syntax errors are flagged immediately, allowing you to fix problems as they are entered.

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Medium 9781742200392

Turkey Map

Slice ePub July 12, 2014

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