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Medium 9781449394622

11. Creating a First-Person Camera

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

One of the most important things in a 3D game is the camera. Choosing the best type of camera and implementing it correctly can make or break a game. It matters as much as the storyline, audio, or graphics quality. Although the camera implementation is of paramount importance, in many ways it is a matter of personal preferencea camera that works well for some gamers may not be preferred by others. Many games, therefore, allow players to switch in and out of different camera angles, allowing them to choose the camera that best fits their style of play.

In this chapter, well implement a first-person camera and discuss issues related to moving that camera in 3D space (as in a flight simulator) versus moving a land-based camera.

In this chapter, youll be starting with the code you finished in Chapter10. Open that project for use throughout the rest of this chapter.

In Chapters 9 and 10, we discussed setting up a 3D camera and the basic components that make up a camera in XNA 3D. You created a camera GameComponent, which you added to your solutions in previous chapters to enable you to see the triangles and spaceship models you drew.

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Medium 9781615424283

Meet 1Password

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Whether youre entirely new to 1Password or upgrading to version 4 for OS X, youll have an easier time working with the software if you set it up correctly from the start and understand how its designed to function. In this chapter, I cover some preliminary configuration steps that are often ignored or misunderstood, make sure you know which components are supposed to do what and when, and then walk you through creating and using your first few Web logins, which for most people are 1Passwords most crucial feature.

The chapter closes with important advice about identifying your best approach to using 1Password logins and some notes about a few tasks that 1Password does not handle.

This chapter is mainly about the Mac and Windows versions of 1Password. I do talk about syncing 1Password with other devices (including mobile devices), but I leave further discussion of 1Password on iOS and Android to Use 1Password on the Go, later.

By now youve undoubtedly downloaded and installed 1Passwordand if not, this is a great time to do so. Visit this page on the AgileBits Web site to find links to purchase it on your platform(s) of choice. I do want to point out, however, that Mac users can purchase 1Password either directly from the AgileBits site or from the Mac App Store, and although the two versions are almost identical, there are two key factors that may influence your decision:

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Medium 9780946439980

19 September 1959

Source: Cogitations
Slice ePub August 19, 2014

Scientific method

Heisenberg shows (Physics and Philosophy, p. 89) that a set of concepts has a limitation that is not obvious from the set of concepts itself. The ‘set’ of relativity and the ‘set’ of Newtonian mechanics approached each other within the limit where velocities in the system are very small compared with the speed of light.

Similarly it may be true that a scientific deductive system is valid in a certain limited system that is not deductive from the scientific deductive system itself; moreover, that two separate scientific deductive systems approximate to each other in a certain limited system whose limits are not deducible from the concepts of either of the two scientific deductive systems.

In Freud's work the social field in which the individual works is taken as ‘given’, but now it is essential that the environment must become the object of further theoretical studies. Only in this way can narcissism and the narcissistic psychoses be understood.

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Medium 9788324662692

18. Bluetooth

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Ian Darwin

Technologia Bluetooth umoliwia uytkownikom podczanie rnych urzdze peryferyjnych do komputerw, tabletw i telefonw. Suchawki, goniki, klawiatury, drukarki, urzdzenia medyczne (np. glukometry i maszyny do pomiaru EKG) to tylko niektre sprzty, ktre mona podczy przez Bluetooth. Niektre z tych urzdze, np. suchawki, Android obsuguje automatycznie. Mniej popularne sprzty wymagaj dodania specjalnego kodu. Niektre z tego rodzaju urzdze korzystaj z protokou SPP (ang. Serial Port Protocol) jest to nieustrukturyzowany protok, dla ktrego programista sam musi napisa kod formatujcy dane.

W tym rozdziale znajdziesz receptury, z ktrych dowiesz si, jak sprawdzi, czy Bluetooth jest wczony, jak umoliwi wykrywanie telefonu, jak wykrywa inne sprzty, a take jak wymienia dane przez poczenie Bluetooth[10].

W przyszych wydaniach tej ksiki znajdzie si omwienie standardu HDP (ang. Bluetooth Health Device Profile), rozwijanego przez organizacj Continua Health Alliance.

Rachee Singh

Aplikacja wymaga, aby modu Bluetooth by wczony, trzeba wic to sprawdzi. Jeli modu nie jest wczony, aplikacja powinna wywietli prob o jego wczenie. Aby umoliwi zdalnym sprztom znajdowanie gwnego urzdzenia, trzeba wczy opcj wykrywania.

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Medium 9781855753440

2. 4 July 1977

Slice ePub May 24, 2014

BION: I find it extremely dull having questions answered that I haven’t asked. So I think it would be preferable if I give you a rough idea of what I propose to say, and then if you will ask any questions you care to. I don’t say that I shall answer them, but I can usually find a few more questions to ask you—a natural development, because most questions cause a whole lot more to occur. We never seem to get to the point of an answer unless we look back on it and think we have apparently gathered some kind of experience in the meantime.

I feel disposed to consider this kind of work from the point of view of the analyst: I mean by that the person who is theoretically responsible for the conversation. I am thinking of Freud’s constant reference to Charcot’s insistence on observation—that seems to me to be the absolute essence of it: observation. But what are we observing? Even the language we use is not adequate for the sort of difficult job that we do. We have to use the word, “observation“, as a kind of metaphor, an approximation. In Paradise Lost, Milton talks of the situation in which he cannot fall back on his eyes because he is blind; he says he hopes he will be able to “see and tell of things invisible to mortal sight“. We cannot hope for that, but somehow we do observe things that are very often not observed in the ordinary course of social intercourse. It would be useful if we could formulate in our own minds what it is that we are observing; it is a question which crops up all the time if we are doing this kind of work. Therefore, it needs to be kept in constant repair. How would you formulate it if you were trying to convey it to somebody else? What form of words would you use? It is curious that we do, in fact, resort to words; it is probably partly because the ability to talk articulate language is our most recent acquisition. But, of course, we are having to borrow words that have been used and formulated for quite other purposes, when the kind of thing that we are wanting to use them for now wasn’t even over the horizon.

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