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Medium 9781449318765

1. Why Sakai?

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Sakai Open Academic Environment is an open source collaboration software system supporting teaching and learning at higher education institutions around the world. It is free for anyone to download, install, configure, and use. Sakai OAE brings together teachers, researchers, and students online to talk, write, and share, with the aim of enhancing the educational endeavor everywhere for everyone.

The usefulness of an online analog to in-classroom instruction is now well established. The 1990 idea Tim Berners-Lee proposed for solving a problem of knowledge transfer among scientist cycling in and out of the European Organization for Nuclear Research has become so ubiquitous, its easy to forget it started somewhere. Almost as soon as Berners-Lee had a prototype of the World Wide Web working, the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Department was linking and sharing seminars on it. Individual instructors all over the world created their own web pages to support their research and teaching; pages of great effectiveness that were no more complicated than an HREF and a center tag could make them.

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Medium 9781780490403

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: “Poor Konrad”: the body and the soul seekers

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Ferenc Eros

In a letter dated 27 April 1910, Sandor Ferenczi reacted with embarrassment to Freud’s suggestion to invite Abraham Brill to their planned common vacation in Sicily. Ferenczi was far from happy about this plan, which, as he wrote, “immediately aroused my slumbering brother complex” (Ferenczi, 1910, p. 167). He continues:

I can’t raise any objection to the invitation other than the unjustified infantile desire to be the first and only one with the ‘father’. I like Brill very much and [am] in complete agreement that you should invite him. But between the two suggested modalities I would still like to choose the one that states the three of us make only a part of the journey. That is not only a small concession to my complexes (which I usually handle as badly as Spitteler does his ‘poor Konrad’), but also has its logical foundation. There are questions (of both personal and scientific nature) which we can settle much more economically alone than in Brill’s presence; these should also get their due. (Ferenczi, 1910, p. 167)

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Medium 9781617833670

One Nation

Source: New Hampshire
Slice PDF May 14, 2014

Medium 9781601323200

Bipedal Robot Walking and Balancing using a Neuronal Network Model

Slice PDF December 15, 2014


Int'l Conf. Artificial Intelligence | ICAI'14 |

Bipedal Robot Walking and Balancing using a Neuronal

Network Model

Robert Hercus1, Litt-Pang Hiew1, Nur‘Ain Saaidon1, Kit-Yee Wong1, and Kim-Fong Ho1


Neuramatix Sdn. Bhd., Mid-Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Abstract - This paper presents an alternative approach for controlling the walking and balancing of a bipedal robot. The proposed method uses a neuronal network to learn the sensor events obtained via the force sensors and accelerometer and to control the motor events of Bioloid’s Dynamixel motors, to walk and balance the bipedal robot. A neuron layer called the controller network links the sensor neuron events to the motor neurons. The proposed neuronal network model (NNM) has demonstrated its ability to successfully control the walking and balancing of a bipedal robot, in the absence of a dynamic model and theoretical control methods.

Keywords: Neuronal network, bipedal robot, balancing, control



Research in the field of humanoid robotics has received great attention during recent years. Apart from their potential use in the development of prosthetics and rehabilitation devices, humanoid robotics is also being studied with the intention of creating humanoid robots which are able to interact with humans and assist them in everyday tasks. One of the advantages of humanoid robots lie in their human-like structures which allow them to move in areas that are normally inaccessible to wheeled robots, such as stairs, making them suitable for assisting the sick and elderly, as well as aiding humans in dangerous tasks and exploration missions.

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Medium 9781574412048

Chapter 13: “The Gladden Trial”

Slice PDF May 18, 2014

chapter 13

“The Gladden Trial”

As the mob’s attention turned to the Olneys and their family, they were aided, inadvertently or not, by the editor of the Burnet Bulletin.

Dean Swift Ogle made little attempt at remaining impartial. Having the opportunity to sway public opinion, Ogle used it. From the beginning Ogle was a staunch supporter of families who had ties to the mob, such as the Rountrees. When John J. Strickland, sheriff of Burnet

County, appointed another brother-in-law James Martin as deputy to replace his brother, the Bulletin reported: “Mr. James Martin, brother of the deceased S. B. Martin, will take the place of his brother as

Deputy Sheriff. He is a quiet man, sober and discreet, but is cool and brave, which is a characteristic of the family.”1

Martin may have been an excellent choice, but the appointment can hardly have been viewed with any degree of warmth by Olney supporters. Also on Strickland’s payroll was Joseph T. Bozarth, John

J. Bozarth’s brother. The Bozarth brothers had served under L. H.

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