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Medium 9780819872869

Saint Augustine

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Seeker of Truth

Alipius studied his friend’s abstracted face while they ate. Augustine was his former teacher, a cherished friend, and a brother on the journey of seeking the truth. Augustine’s great mind and heart had led Alipius to follow in his footsteps. And now, it was clear that Augustine’s attention wandered far from the fascinating table conversation.

Their guest for lunch, a Christian named Pontitianus, had been describing the life of a holy man, Anthony of Egypt, who was inspiring other Christians—including two of his friends—to dedicate their whole lives to God. Augustine had listened eagerly, until now.

As Pontitianus rose to leave, Alipius said goodbye, then followed Augustine to the next room. As he entered, Augustine whipped around to face to him and almost shouted in agitation, “What are we doing, Alipius? The unlearned are seizing heaven by force and what are we doing? We, with all our knowledge, are heartless cowards, wallowing and sinking in the mire!”

Alipius was astonished, not so much by Augustine’s words but by the anguish in his eyes and tone. Augustine turned and went into the garden, and Alipius followed. He could not desert his friend, whom he had never seen so distressed.

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Medium 9781857549973

Wanting Agni

Source: Collected Poems
Slice PDF January 21, 2015

Wanting Agni


She lies beneath marigolds, tulsi, roses and roses beneath the shade of a neem tree whose leaves have fallen over the roses over her – Then, it’s time she’s carried out on a bed of bamboo: a kathi that’s more like a crooked ladder.

The roses and roses and neem leaves still scattered over her –

By now she’s just like dry wood, her long straight legs the same neem-wood colour and her heart which is beginning to smell, is turning dark, is turning into the neem-bitter-sour smell.

There are six young men with thick hair always falling in their eyes, six young men with enough muscle to please who carry the kathi high on their shoulders.

So high that I don’t even see her white sari bundled up shape underneath which she is becoming neem, neem green and brown.

Not allowed to watch I watched thinking, that’s how I want to leave one day.

The six young men keep walking beyond the neem trees, beyond the trails into some open and useless field.

They keep walking with their heads held still and high despite all the hair falling into their eyes.

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Medium 9781855753877


Slice ePub May 24, 2014

André Green

In writing Donald Winnicott’s commemoration I find that I I strongly identify with him. Throughout his life Winnicott struggled against compliance, conformism, and submission. It is scarcely surprising there has not been any Winnicottian school and that no one is called his disciple, even those closest to him. As I feel a certain continuity exists between Winnicott and myself, I shall not provide a submissive account of his ideas, even though I do think he was the most creative mind in psychoanalysis, after Freud.

When Winnicott gave his first lecture to the British Psychoanalytical Society, on 28 November 1945, on the subject of “Primitive emotional development”, he said it was like the introduction to a book. He expounded his original method: ideas were not formed from other theories. He confessed that in building his own theory, he gathered elements from various sources and “related them to his clinical experience”, but was prepared to examine in due course the few things he “stole” here and there from others. However, my concern here is not what Winnicott is said to have “stolen” from others, but rather what his own theory chose to leave out and would not embrace.

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Medium 9781847778512


Slice PDF February 23, 2015

Medium 9780596006419

13. Eclipse 3.0

Source: Eclipse
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Eclipse 3.0 is on the way, and we'll get a look at what's coming in this chapter. As of this writing, 3.0 is still in beta version.

This chapter is going to use the most recent beta of Eclipse 3.0, milestone build 6. Eclipse 3.0 is being designed to be as compatible as possible with Versions 2.0 and 2.1, and the update team says, "We will provide a comprehensive Eclipse 3.0 Porting Guide that covers all areas of breaking API changes, and describes how to port existing 2.1 plug-ins to 3.0." You'll also be able to import 2.0 and 2.1 projects into 3.0, but you'll get a dialog saying that the project needs to be modified and probably won't work with earlier versions after that, so make sure you copy your projects first.

At this point, Eclipse 3.0 looks a lot like Eclipse 2.1, as you can see in Figure 13-1.

Figure13-1.The current build of Eclipse 3.0

As we're going to see, some new buttons, menu choices, and views have appeared, but fundamentally, Eclipse 2.0 users will have no difficulty slipping right into this new version of Eclipse.

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