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CHAPTER 11: Key #3: Let Teams Replace the Hierarchy

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

As we are now in this final stage of the journey to empowerment, we want to make full use of the power of replacing the hierarchy with self-directed teams to achieve full empowerment. During the first two stages of the change process, the teams have gone through a period of Orientation where they were trying to determine what it would mean to be part of an empowered team. They have also gone through a period of Dissatisfaction where team members wondered if they would not be better off working as individuals in this new empowerment culture. Entering this final stage of changing to empowerment, the teams are coming to Integration, where they have resolved the issues that have held them back from becoming an empowered team. They are gelling as a team capable of extremely high levels of performance. Indeed, they are reaching the stage of Production, where they can take on many of the roles that management 236 performs in a traditional hierarchy. The questions that remain revolve around these final steps to self-directed status and concern refining and reinforcing what the teams are capable of doing. Let us explore some of the questions that are typical of this stage of the process and that relate to the teams.

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4. Kidney Disease and Other Disorders

Slice ePub January 09, 2014

More than 50 percent of kidney disease is due to diabetes. If you have both diabetes and kidney disease, you can feel a little overwhelmed. You may wonder what, if anything, there is to eat, but actually the diabetes and kidney diets can be easily combined. One of the best ways to delay the progression of kidney disease is to control your blood sugar. Blood-sugar monitoring is recommended for anyone with diabetes, whether on oral medications, insulin, or diet alone. Maintaining good blood-sugar control is the best way to avoid complications related to diabetes and kidney disease.

If you are on dialysis, or if you are in Stage 4 or 5, you may begin to notice changes in how much insulin you require. This is because your kidney is no longer able to process and eliminate insulin, and as a result it stays in your body longer. Keeping track of changes in your blood sugar and your insulin reactions will help you and your doctor make the best adjustments in your insulin dosage.

No matter what your schedule is, a regular routine is best. For times when you are tired or busy, keep easy-to-fix foods on hand. If you are sick or nauseous, you still need to eat because this will keep your blood sugar stable. Also, be sure the drinks or food you keep on hand are easy to digest.

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Medium 9781550223743


Slice PDF April 01, 2013

I 2Z


Street, 861-6030) is, for me, the best in the city, notable for its indoor rainforest, penguin house, and outdoor polar-bear environment.

One of the best restaurants for children is the Cowgirl Hall of

Fame (519 Hudson Street, 633-1133), serving up comfort food and white-trash cooking in a series of dining rooms rife with ranch memorabilia, including the periodically changing exhibit celebrating rodeo cowgirls that gives the facility a quasi-feminist edge.

Chinatown is also a favorite kids' eating locale (see Secret Chinatown), especially the dim-sum parlors like Golden Unicorn (18 East

Broadway, 941-0911), where dumplings and other small snacks are wheeled by on carts from 9A.M. till mid-afternoon. Finally, the name alone attracts youngsters to the Lexington Candy Shop Luncheonette (1226 Lexington Avenue, 288-0057), a joint with a '405 decor featuring swiveling stools and Naugahyde banquets, with real soda jets (see Secret Egg Creams) and a plain and kid-friendly menu of burgers, eggs, malts, and sandwiches.

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Medium 9781615421329

Learn More

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

For additional information, consult these Web sites, books, magazines, and videos.

Apples GarageBand Discussion Board: One of the best sources for GarageBand information, tips, and answers. The archives are extensive and extremely useful. I learned a lot from the forum when Istarted using GarageBand. No question is too tricky, too unusual, or too stupid, and users are for the most part helpful and courteous.

Audio Recording Terms Glossary: A handy one-stop resource for definitions of audio terms.

AudioTutsPlus: A great site with a wide array of audio-related tutorials. Most are geared towards professional applications like Logic and Cubase, but theres still plenty of use to GarageBand users.

The Garage Door: Hosted in part by Hangtime, a man familiar to anyone who frequents Apples GarageBand discussion board. The site is full of tutorials and resources for GarageBand users, including news about free loops and links to other GarageBand-related sites.

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Medium 9781576336069

"L" Words: ACT Advanced Vocabulary

Slice ePub June 25, 2014

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