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Medium 9789988647377


Slice PDF July 12, 2014

Section Five, is dedicated to artistic expression in Africa. Th is
constitutes a vibrant and dynamic aspect of the lives of Africans which continues to be integrated
into the daily and ceremonial life of peoples of the continent. Rituals and festivals for example, offer a rich platform for the performance of a communal aesthetic and ethos. Chapters in the
section are on the literary arts (Chapter 17), visual arts (Chapter 18), as well as on dance (Chapter
19), musical traditions (Chapter 20), and popular entertainment (Chapter 21). Th e authors seek
to both lay out the features of a range of art forms and to demonstrate the contexts of their use
and performance, while also emphasising their importance in expressing the universe of ideas
and beliefs developed by Africans. Th e arts are shown as assisting in understanding African
societies better while some art forms also play the role of social commentary and intervention.

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Medium 9781847779854

Gods of the Old Mythology

Slice ePub May 04, 2015

Gods of the old mythology, arise in gloom and storm;

Adramalec, bow down thy head; Nergal, dark fiend, thy form; –

The giant sons of Anakim bowed lowest at thy shrine,

And thy temple rose in Argob, with its hallowed groves of vine;

And there was eastern incense burnt, and there were garments spread,

With the fine gold decked and broidered, and tinged with radiant red, –

With the radiant red of furnace-flames that through the shadow shone,

As the full moon, when on Sinai’s top, her rising light is thrown.

Baal of Chaldaea, dread god of the sun,

Come from the towers of thy proud Babylon,

From the groves where the green palms of Media grow,

Where flowers of Assyria all fragrantly blow;

Where the waves of Euphrates glide deep as the sea

Washing the gnarled roots of Lebanon’s tree.

Ashtaroth, curse of the Ammonites, rise

Decked with the beauty and light of the skies,

Let stars be thy crown and let mists round thee curl

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Medium 9781847770684


Slice PDF April 24, 2015

A Dream Undreamt

I never dreamt this, but I wish I had:

I mean a land where queens and kings can ride

And there are forests with no fear at all

Of darkness. And great feasts where everyone

Eats and drinks happily and never shouts.

I wish I’d had a dream resembling this.

I wish I’d dreamt of sky so full of stars

That some just had to fall into your hand

And you could hold them while they kept their light

And then release them back into the sky,

Steadfast, serene and back where they belong.

I wish, just once, I’d had a dream like that.

Sea Love

Strange how the stars make one think of love,

The sea also and the moon enters in,

All of them joining our bodies together,

All of them making us part of a world

Which casts upon us a magic, a marvel.

The world is huge and we are little

So we clutch each other as if to make

A tiny universe which we can fill.

We can smell the gracious flowers of the south

And hear the gentle waves of the sea.

We feel some share in their beauty and movement

So join our hands and exchange a salt kiss.

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Medium 9781936763313

Introduction The Rationale for 21st Century Mathematics

Slice ePub January 12, 2015

In today’s world, economic access and full citizenship depend crucially on mathematics and science literacy.

—Robert Moses, Civil Rights Leader

While schools have embraced the response to intervention (RTI) model for reading and behavior, implementation of RTI for mathematics continues to lag (Buffum, Mattos, & Weber, 2009, 2010, 2012). Several factors may contribute to this lag in implementation for numeracy.

First, we have valued written and spoken language abilities over mathematics. It is also not uncommon or unacceptable for adults, including elementary educators, to say, “I never liked mathematics as a student” or “I’m not really good at mathematics.” It is less likely, however, that an educator would comfortably state, “I never liked reading” or “I’ve never been a good reader.”

In addition, schools’ hesitation with the implementation of tiered instruction for mathematics may be impacted by educators’ levels of confidence with mathematics, mathematics instruction, and intervention. Often, the teachers with whom we partner freely express feeling less confident teaching mathematics than they do teaching language arts, and they often tell us they feel less professionally satisfied with the mathematics instruction in their classrooms. This may result not only from teachers’ lack of confidence in their own conceptual understanding but also from lower levels of confidence in instructional and intervention practices for mathematics. When we ask educators to reflect on their own mathematical learning, their memories include extensive experiences with worksheets, textbook pages, timed assessments, and round-robin competitive games designed to practice automaticity. Story or word problems are often omitted. The reality is that many of us experienced mathematics instruction that was abstract, procedural, and computational. While elements of those instructional practices may continue to have some value, the overdependence on them has likely contributed to educators’ lack of confidence teaching mathematics. Adults may compute and apply formulas proficiently; however, many find the fluid application and interconnected strategies of mathematics challenging simply because those elements have not traditionally been emphasized in classroom instruction—we are products of the very system we want to reform (Ball, 2005).

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Medium 9781906188139

Strange Water

Slice PDF May 04, 2015

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