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Medium 9780596101190

4. Making the ROI Case

Dan Woods O'Reilly Media ePub

One of the first things that is asked of any new project in a modern IT department is that a cost benefit analysis be created to determine if the investment of time and resources makes sense. This takes many forms, but at many companies the idea of return on investment, or ROI, is king.

Management’s goal in asking for an ROI analysis is simple: explain why an open source project (or any other project) is going to help the organization succeed by increasing revenue or saving money. Technologists frequently are annoyed by the request to analyze ROI, for several reasons:

It is hard to create a defensible approach. The results of almost any ROI analysis can be changed massively, by adjusting assumptions.

Intangible benefits, such as flexibility or creating a simpler architecture, are frequently undervalued or are not included.

Besides reducing technical costs, technologists have difficulty making reasonable estimates about how the new technology will increase revenue.

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Medium 9781615424313

Get to Know iCloud

Joe Kissell Take Control Books ePub

Before you dive in and start setting up and using this mysterious thing called iCloud, you should take a few moments to get your bearings and understand what youre dealing with.

In addition to explaining what you can and cannot do with iCloud, this chapter discusses what you need to know About iCloud System Requirements, About Your Apple ID, and About iCloud Storage.

If you followed Apples Internet services over the years from iTools through .Mac to MobileMe, you may be tempted to think iCloud is just the latest name for essentially the same thing. But its not! Despite some features that have carried over from earlier services, iCloud is different from its predecessors in several crucial ways.

Likewise, iCloud has a few features in common with other online services such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office 365, but iCloud is designed to achieve different goals than these other services, so theyre more different than alike.

iCloud doesnt have muchthingness. Its not a physical object you can touch, and its not software you can install. Its not a Web siteat least, not entirely. You cant buy it, although you may pay for extra features. Referring to iCloud as a single entity is misleading. The name iCloud is, in fact, an arbitrary label for a collection of features, services, settings, and APIs (application programming interfaces), joined by a thread of relying on communication over the Internet between Apple devices (Macs, iOS devices, and Apple TVs) and Apples servers in the cloud.

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Medium 9781847770684


Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Song for the Swifts

The swifts have now returned.

They volley, parry, play with the new light,

Dance under pieces of cloud then, out of sight,

Tease us with the pleasure of their flight,

Become our luxury too. The wind’s weight

Is once again to be learned,

To be taught to us by each swift.

Melancholies are carried away in the stride

Of the tamed clouds and Spring has opened wide

Its windows, these birds assisting. They have defied

Drowning waves, peaks few men have tried

And they have come to lift

Our minds and natures too.

Envy cowers with so much to be shared,

Love revives as we count up the paired,

Unthinkingly mating birds. Cold winds are repaired

By South the swifts have brought and we are snared

By joy, know what to do.

However dark our lands,

Wisdom is in our bloodstream not in brain

Alone and we take instinct on again

Watching these birds and the soon-to-bear-fruit grain,

And what we never thought we could attain

Falls, the uneaten apple, in our hands.


As the sky

Unfolds every morning in Spring, slipping the sun

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Medium 9781591201182

43. Colds and Flu

Mindell R.P.H. Ph.D., Earl Basic Health Publications ePub

The common cold and the flu, or influenza, are both caused by a variety of viruses, and both are highly contagious. Symptoms of a cold include sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes, usually without a fever. The flu, on the other hand, has several additional symptoms, including chills, fever, and sometimes nausea and vomiting. Both conditions respond well to natural remedies. In fact, during cold and flu season, natural remedies can help boost your resistance to these viruses.


•  Selenium: 100200 mcg daily.

•  Vitamin A: 5,00010,000 IU daily.

•  Vitamin C: 5001,000 mg daily.

•  Vitamin E: 400500 IU daily.

•  Zinc lozenges: one lozenge dissolved in mouth, two to three times daily.


•  Echinacea: as directed on label.

•  Elderberry: as directed on label.

•  Feverfew: as directed on label.

•  Garlic: 500 mg daily.

•  Ginger extract (EV EXT 77): 170 mg, one to two times daily (as capsules).

•  Goldenseal: as directed on label.

•  Slippery elm: as directed on label.


•  Drink hot liquids (chicken soup and teas).

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Medium 9781855759855

CHAPTER SEVEN. The ghost in the mother: strange attractors and impossible mourning

Nick Totton Karnac Books ePub

Edward Emery

I: The scene of haunting

The secret we don’t know we’re trying to find, the thing unseen, the suction-point of which we now are trying to feed our lives …

—the secret—the place where the words, twist,

… we try the nipple …

—we look away—

… into the edifice of your whisper … [Jori Graham, The Errancy, 1997]

The ghosting of the mother deranges the psychic economy of the child who has been nominated to carry the spectral prefigurations of the ghost. The one so haunted is spooked by two impossibilities: impossible mourning and impossible longing. While these two impossibilities are inseparable, I wish to begin with the second first as impossible longing shapes and deforms the first impossibility.

There are many ways to ghost the mother. The one that I shall focus on is the inscription of a dead child in the maternal psychic economy and its elegiac transmission as an atmospheric surround of a subsequently born child, the so-called replacement child. Abraham and Torok (1986), who are the first since Freud to take psychic haunting seriously as foundational to the problematic structurations of psychic life, distinguish between two modes of inscription: introjection and incorporation.

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