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2 Changing God's Law

Wagner, Mark S. PDF

Changing God’s Law

The ways in which Muslims and Jews in Yemen distinguished themselves from one another could be interpreted in two contradictory yet perfectly plausible ways. They represented either fairly arbitrary traditions accrued over a long period of time or norms derived from a general principle or principles. For example, the fact that Jewish men in urban areas wore sidelocks, dark-colored robes that exposed their calves, and black caps likely predated attempts to legislate their dress. Moreover, since Jews themselves had their own reasons to promote selfsegregation, they may have had their own reasons for these specificities as well.

The laws applying to non-Muslims as they are recounted in prescriptive legal works strongly suggest that Jews’ public behavior emphasizes their social inferiority to Muslims, not merely their difference from them. However, this principle informed other realms of social contact between the majority and the minority that were not legislated. According to Jews from one village in lower Yemen, Jewish humility extended to poverty, and Jews with wealth made great efforts to hide their financial state.¹ Similarly, a Syrian traveler contrasts the cleanliness of the interior of Jewish homes in Sanaa with the filthy streets of the Jewish Quarter.²

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Medium 9781847770684

Poem in Winter

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Only I have changed while he

With neither epilogue nor prologue

Has time in his net caught

As the mind holds a thought.

Children in the Square

I play now with the thought of being a child

As children in the square below me play

Soldiers or emperors, play at being me.

Almost we reach each other and convey

Ourselves almost into the other’s world.

Theirs is the large and the complete success

Since wholly built by them. But I because

I have been in the square indeed like them

Must build from facts, must take my present theme

Not from imagination but from time.

They make a future from suggestions, hints,

While I must reconstruct my innocence.

Children are still in the square and I am here:

It is not I but they who have the power

To offer back a childhood to share.

Passive I let them play at being me.

And slip into their country by that way.

Poem in Winter

Today the children begin to hope for snow

And look in the sky for auguries of it.

It is not for such omens that we wait,

Our world may not be settled by the slow

Falling of flakes to lie across our thought.

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Medium 9780596557867


The EffectiveUI Team Adobe Developer Library ePub

Weve covered a lot of techniques, tips, tricks, and explanations about a lot of different technologies. I hope you understand how you can use the tools weve discussed to develop RIAs without spending time rewriting things such as database access code or XML marshalling/unmarshalling code to communicate between different systems.

EJB 3.0 on JBoss is a pragmatic answer to its predecessors. It lets you define objects that should be persisted, provides you with a way to easily create, update, and delete those objects from the database, and gives you easy access to powerful technologies such as JMS without too much configuration.

Flex with LCDS is the most powerful way to develop RIAs that interact with an enterprise environment. Nothingnot Java, not HTML, and not JavaScriptcan beat the ease with which you can transfer typed objects between client and server, automatically pass change messages about those objects, and still quickly and easily create rich user experiences on the client with a minimum of code. Features such as binding and consumers, along with Cairngorm as a framework, make the whole process effective.

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Medium 9781742200477


Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub


1 / pop 1.7 million

Few cities in the world glide as effortlessly between the present and the past as Vienna. Its splendid historical face is easily recognised: grand imperial palaces and bombastic baroque interiors, museums flanking magnificent squares.

But Vienna is also one of Europe’s most dynamic urban spaces. A stone’s throw from Hofburg, the MuseumsQuartier houses some of the world’s most provocative contemporary art behind a striking basalt facade. Outside, a courtyard buzzes on summer evenings with throngs of Viennese drinking and chatting.

The city of Mozart is also the Vienna of Falco (Hans Hölzel), who immortalised its urban textures in song. In this Vienna, it’s OK to mention poetry slam and Stephansdom in one breath.

Throw in an abundance of green space within the city limits and the ‘blue’ Danube cutting a path east of the historical centre and this is a capital that is distinctly Austrian.

» Vienna has such a strong range of sights and activities that anytime – summer or winter – is a good time to go.

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Medium 9781449392611

19. Reverse Proxies and Content Delivery Networks

Jeff Sheltren O'Reilly Media ePub

Weve discussed a number of ways to speed up Drupal sites by improving code, optimizing infrastructure, and speeding up database queries. These changes can make a huge difference in website performance, but they can only go so far. Site performance can be improved even further by caching content before requests even reach Apache (and Drupal, PHP, or MySQL). Reverse proxies provide a way to do just thatcache static items such as images, JavaScript, and CSS, and potentially even full pagesand serve those items in a fraction of the time it would take if the request had go into Apache, PHP, and MySQL. This chapter focuses on reverse proxies with built-in caches, also referred to as web accelerators.

Content delivery networks (CDNs) take the idea of a reverse proxy a step further by moving cached content physically closer to website visitors. In addition to offloading network traffic from your infrastructure, this also makes your site seem much faster to visitors by reducing their network latency.

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