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12. General and Reference Material About Interrupts

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

This chapter contains several general types of information that apply to the material presented in the previous three chapters on interrupts and frame handling.

Statistics about frame reception are kept in the per-CPU array netdev_rx_stat, whose elements are of type netif_rx_stats (see include/linux/netdevice.h):

The elements of netif_rx_stats are:

Total number of ingress frames processed, including any that might be discarded. This value is updated both in netif_rx and in netif_receive_skb, which means that (by mistake) the same frame is accounted for twice when the driver does not use NAPI (i.e., it uses the netif_rx interface; see Figure 10-2 in Chapter 10).

Number of frames that were dropped because they were received when the CPU was in the throttle state.

Number of times net_rx_action had to return while frames were still in the CPU ingress queue, so as not to become a CPU hog. See the section "Processing the NET_RX_SOFTIRQ: net_rx_action" in Chapter 10.

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Medium 9781601323248

Automatic Mass Segmentation Method in Mammograms Based on Improved VFC Snake Model

Slice PDF December 15, 2014


Int'l Conf. IP, Comp. Vision, and Pattern Recognition | IPCV'14 |

Automatic Mass Segmentation Method in Mammograms

Based on Improved VFC Snake Model

Xiangyu Lu, Yide Ma, Weiying Xie, and Tongqing Li

School of Information Sci. Eng, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China

Abstract - Mammography analysis is an efficient way for the early detection of breast cancer. In this paper, we present an integrated method for mass auto-segmentation in breast. First of all, the local threshold method, Rough Set theory and morphological filter are used to remove the label and enhance the mammogram. Secondly we apply the Hough Transformation algorithm on the pre-processed image and locate the lesion as an approximate parametric circle which would be used as the initial contour of Snake model followed by. Finally, the mass boundary is accurately segmented by the improved

VFC Snake. This approach is tested on DDSM and MIAS database and the detection rates are 91.47% and 85% respectively. The average area overlap ratio between our results and the ground truth on MIAS database reaches

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Medium 9781780491240

Chapter Eight - Winnicott's Contribution to the Understanding of Mirroring as a Developmental Process: The Klein–Winnicott Dialectic within

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

In 1967, Winnicott wrote his paper, “Mirror-role of the mother and family in child development”. In doing so, he brought a primary aspect of developmental functioning to the awareness of psychoanalysts. Freudian and Kleinian analysts (who thought solely in terms of interpreting unconscious impulses or fantasies to make them conscious through interpretation) would greatly resist the developmental perspective that Winnicott was introducing into the British Psychoanalytic Society. Analysed by a Kleinian analyst, Joan Riviere, Winnicott would constantly find his ideas and their developmental focus on the environmental other, the mother and, later, the analyst, rejected and misunderstood. In America, Freudian analysts who congregated as medical elite in the conclave of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, were even more rejecting (Rodman, 2004).

Anna Freud was more sympathetic, as shown through Winnicott's correspondence with her, cited by Rodman (2004) in his biography of Winnicott. She validated Winnicott's contribution of the idea of the “transitional object” to the world of analysts at large.

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Medium 9781550223743


Slice PDF April 01, 2013



Beach. In doing so, it passes enough attractions to make a hike of the entire length worthwhile.

Any of the Coney Island subway lines (B, D, F, and N) will deposit you at Stillwell Avenue in a rococo station made to handle summer crowds via a series of tilting and staired shunts. The broken-down station shops are evocative of beach expeditions of 60 years ago, but don't let their seedy quality prevent you from enjoying the homemade fudge, saltwater taffy and caramel apples. Of course, you won't be able to resist the hot dogs at Nathan's as you make your way to the boardwalk (see Secret Hot Dogs). Other attractions on

Surf Avenue, the area's commercial hub, include flea markets, icecream parlors, a bumper-car ride, and the Coney Island Museum

(1208 Surf Avenue, 718-372-5159, Web site: coneyisland.brooklyn., the successor to a popular counterculture boardwalk freakshow called Sideshows by the Seashore that included a bearded lady, a sword swallower, and a tattooed man.

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Medium 9781770905993

7: Earl Grey Junior High School: The Jades, The Esquires

Source: Young Neil
Slice ePub December 11, 2014

ó 7 ó


When we got to Winnipeg

I checked in to school.

I wore white bucks on my feet

When I learned the golden rule.

The punches came fast and hard

Lying on my back in the schoolyard.

— Neil Young, “Don’t Be Denied”

IF THERE IS SUCH A thing as a gene for musical talent, Neil Young was blessed with it. He arrived in Winnipeg trailing a rich and diverse musical heritage. Both of his great-grandfathers on the Young side of the family boasted musical ability. Robert Paterson was a “better-than-average church tenor,” while John Young was “one of the great country fiddlers of his time and place.”1

The succeeding generation on both sides of Scott’s family produced an assortment of banjo players and country fiddlers, and Scott’s mother, Jean, played the piano and organ to much acclaim. After moving to Flin Flon in 1937 with her 11-year-old daughter Dorothy, Jean Young2 found work in the machine shop at Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting, a copper mine 901 kilometres north of Winnipeg, where she entertained the miners by playing piano and singing in the Legion Hall on Saturday nights.3 According to Neil, her duties at the mine included “handing out the metal ID tags to the miners before they descended and collecting them back, hanging them on nails in the wall of a little shack, when they finished their shift, thereby becoming the first to learn of a missing soul in the mine.”4 Neil recalls, “She was a valued member of the community, but more than that, she played a helluva honky-tonk piano.”5 She had committed to memory a wide-ranging repertoire of songs and would ask people to “just hum a few bars” of any request. After a long day at the mine, Granny Jean was known for “partying into the night, singing and playing a barroom piano or producing and playing in the local theatre productions she created.”6

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