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Medium 9781449314903

Patching for RjDj

Peter Brinkmann O'Reilly Media ePub

Patching for RjDj is much like regular patching with Pd, but there are some small but important points to keep in mind. You will need a copy of Pd Vanilla, installed and tested like in Chapter2, and you will need to configure it for RjDj. You only need to do the configuration once, and then you can leave it in place.

Here are the basic constraints of patching for RjDj.

Audio parameters are fixed at two input channels, two output channels, and a sample rate of 22050Hz. (Current Android devices only have one microphone, but the ScenePlayer app will duplicate the input channel, so that you can always prepare your patch for stereo input.)

You can use all objects that come with Pd Vanilla except for adc~, dac~, expr, and expr~.

Use soundinput instead of adc~, soundoutput instead of dac~.

adc~ and dac~ are, in fact, still available, but the app expects to interact with the patch through soundinput and soundoutput. If you inadvertently use adc~, your scene will appear to work until you try to change the mic volume. If you use dac~, your scene will appear to work until you try to record its output.

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Medium 9781622500307

The Terrifying Tomato

Joanne Suter Saddleback Educational Publishing PDF



date ____________________________

The Terrifying Tomato

Probably no other garden product has as many uses as the tomato. A fruit used as a vegetable, the juicy red tomato is one of the best sources of vitamins A and C. The tomato is now one of the most important greenhouse food crops and the number one garden product canned in the United States. Yet tomatoes weren’t always a basic part of our diet.

The tomato was introduced to

Europe when Spanish explorers brought it back from Central America in the

1500s. It became quite popular then— but only for a while. For some reason, people decided that the tomato was poisonous. The rumors were terrifying.

Some people came to believe that if they ate a tomato, they’d be dead before midnight! Why? No one knows for sure.

It may have been because the tomato is a member of the nightshade family— which includes many poisonous plants.

From that time on, Europeans grew tomatoes only for decoration.

Early colonists brought tomato seeds to Virginia and grew them in their flower gardens. Thomas Jefferson

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Medium 9780819840073

Un sacerdote para siempre

Marlyn Sr. Monge Pauline Books and Media ePub

Jorge tenía casi treinta y tres años. Después de muchos años de estudio, se acercaba rápidamente el día de su ordenación. ¡Pronto sería sacerdote! Le sucedían muchas cosas y Jorge necesitaba encontrar tranquilidad y paz. Por eso, entró en la capilla Jesuita para orar. Allí se sentó a pensar en su vida y escribió en su diario las cosas que Dios le ayudaba a creer y aceptar.

Creo que a lo largo de mi vida Dios siempre me ha amado y, en particular, en ese día de primavera en septiembre Dios me invitó a través del Padre Duarte a seguirlo como sacerdote… Creo que las personas son buenas, y debo amarlas sin miedo… Creo en María, mi madre, que nunca me dejará… Jorge escribió y escribió.

Cuando terminó, había escrito trece cosas en las que creía. Firmó su nombre en la parte inferior, dobló el papel y lo puso en su libro de oraciones. Le recordaría todo lo que Dios le había enseñado y cómo Dios lo estaba invitando a vivir.

Unos días después, Jorge fue ordenado durante la Misa del 13 de diciembre de 1969. El Arzobispo Ramón José Castellano puso las manos sobre la cabeza de Jorge.

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Medium 9781782200161

Chapter Four: The Way Out

Richard I. Feinberg Karnac Books ePub

The Archimedean point

In unveiling possible routes to psychological freedom from the clutches of the unconscious assassin, it is necessary first to identify the goal that is the destination of this journey. Sufficient attention has been paid to the psychologically oppressive effects of the narcissistic drama on the development of the targeted child. The sense of psychological freedom in this context consists both of “freedom from” (that is, oppression) and “freedom to” (that is, the pursuit of happiness). As of the end of Sons and Lovers, Paul Morel is existentially lost in the wake of his mother's death. With this catastrophic loss, he confronts the possibility of being released both from her direct domination and his need to be dominated by her. It leaves him groundless and full of Angst in the Heideggerian sense (Heidegger, 1927, p. 393). The association to Heidegger's conception of Angst is apt as witnessed in Paul's experience of collapsing into himself and confronting his own most non-existence. He endures tormenting suffering that gives way to a capacity to summon the courage to carry on and live. The image is, at the end, one of Paul staggering in bewilderment at night towards the lights of the town. While this description provides a glimpse into a first affirmation of life on his own terms, one is left witnessing Paul in crisis without resolution. As the novel ends, there is no indication of where Paul might end up in life or what kind of person he might become. This ending signifies both an end to Paul's emotional suffering at the hands of his mother and an allusion to a new beginning. From a psychological point of view, what might this new beginning be? What is the direction in which those of us identifying with Paul are heading? In my view, the goal is ultimately to have and value a life of one's own. The centerpiece of that life is the autonomous pursuit of happiness. Adults can attain it through various possible routes at the appropriate stages in the life cycle. It serves as the potential for positive resolution of Erikson's epigenetic stages of intimacy vs. isolation, generativity vs. self-absorption and integrity vs. despair (Erikson, 1959, p. 129). Ideally, the goal is to achieve the highest possible quality of life in both work and love. Therefore, this odyssey that navigates around exploitation, domination, and hatred is aimed at gravitating towards work that is self-affirming and love that is reciprocal. This is the birthright of being a person.

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Medium 9781617140402

Chapter 3: One Good Decade, One Bad

Gitlin, Marty ABDO PDF












K \






























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