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Medium 9780819870223

1. Changes

Jeanne Maria Grunwell Pauline Books and Media ePub



The year was 1774. New York was still one of the thirteen British colonies and the United States didn’t exist yet. But New York was already one of the busiest cities in the New World. It had banks and churches, colleges and stores, and a harbor that could hold three hundred white-sailed cutty ships all at once.

New York could also boast of its hospitals and doctors. One of the city’s finest young physicians was Dr. Richard Bayley. His wife, Catherine Charlton, was the daughter of an Episcopalian minister. The couple had a little daughter named Mary.

On August 28, 1774, a second daughter was born to the Bayleys. Dr. and Mrs. Bayley named their new infant Elizabeth Ann. She was soon baptized at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

One week after Elizabeth was born, the first Continental Congress met in Philadelphia. The thirteen American colonies wanted to declare their independence from Great Britain. Before long, the colonies were at war. Men had to choose sides. They argued.

“I say we should side with the motherland. Who knows how this foolish revolution will end?”

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Medium 9780596520861

Chapter 7: Advanced Exposure

Ben Long O'Reilly Media PDF

T h e L i g h t M e t e r R e v is i t e d

The Light Meter Revisited

In Chapter 1, we looked at the XSi’s light meter, which analyzes the light in your scene to determine an exposure that will yield an image that’s neither too light nor too dark.

The light meter is activated every time you half-press the shutter button, and while the automatic metering in the XSi is very good, it can be confused and won’t always calculate the best exposure for every scene. For example, consider this image:

This image suffers from bad backlighting, which is leaving the subject’s face in shadow.

We’ve looked at a bad backlighting problem before. Because of the bright background, the camera is biasing its metering toward the brighter portion of the image, and the resulting exposure leaves the person underexposed. But you’ll find that other problems can also crop up from mismetering, most notably, an inability to render black tones as real black. We’ll look at both of these problems and see how they can be easily addressed using a few simple tricks and controls. Let’s start with the backlighting problem.

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Medium 9780596526887

1.22. Subqueries

Jonathan Gennick O'Reilly Media ePub

Subject to various platform restrictions, subqueries may be used in most SQL statements as follows:

See the earlier subsection "The SELECT Clause."

See the earlier subsection "The FROM Clause."

See the earlier section "Predicates" and the earlier subsection "The WHERE Clause."

See the earlier subsection "The ORDER BY Clause."

See the earlier subsection "Subquery Inserts."

See the later subsection "New Values from a Subquery."

A subquery in the FROM clause of a SELECT statement functions like a view and replaces a table as a data source. You can use subqueriesjust as you can use viewsas targets of INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE statements. For example, for all platforms except MySQL, you can specify:

This statement deletes waterfalls that are not open to the public and for which an owner is known.

The SQL standard defines a WITH clause that you can use to factor out a subquery so that you don't need to repeat it in your SELECT statement. Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server (beginning in SQL Server 2005) support WITH. Currently, MySQL and PostgreSQL do not, but support for WITH is currently planned for the PostgreSQL 8.2 release.

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Medium 9781609947101

23 Managing Sweet Sorrow: Life after Mentoring

Chip R. Bell Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Life after Mentoring

Every path but your own is the path of fate. Keep on your own track, then.

Henry David Thoreau

Effective mentoring relationships are rich, engaging, and intimate. But all such arrangements must come to an end, and no matter how hard we may try to avoid it, every ending has a bittersweet dimension. As Shakespeare so eloquently reminds us, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” As you and your protégé reach the end of your partnership, how do you manage “farewell” with a focus on “well”?

You would be remiss in your duties as a mentor if you made the parting an occasion for lingering regret. Healthy mentoring relationships use separation as a tool for growth. Below are several ideas for ending a mentoring relationship gracefully and constructively.

Celebration need not be a party with band and banner; it can be as simple as a special meal together, a drink after work, a peaceful walk in a nearby park. The point of celebration, however, is to mark the end of the mentoring relationship. Celebration is a rite of passage, a powerful symbol of closure and of moving on to the next learning plateau.

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Medium 9781847770981

First Light

Peter McDonald Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

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