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Medium 9781617835001

Chapter 1: Rockne and the Gipper

Slice PDF May 13, 2014

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Throughout college football history, few teams can match the success Notre Dame has had on the field. Going into the 2012 season, just two schools had won more games than

Notre Dame’s 853. They were Michigan (895) and Texas (857). The Irish had a winning percentage of .731. That was barely second to Michigan (.736). Notre Dame also had

11 national championships and 80 All-American players. That was more than any other school.

Rockne was involved in a little bit of everything during his time as a student at Notre Dame. The Norway native wrote for the student yearbook and the newspaper. He was a part of the school orchestra, too, playing the flute. He played a major role in student plays. And he even got to the finals at a Notre Dame marbles tournament. Rockne was also an exceptional student who graduated with honors while studying chemistry.

It was coaching that gained Rockne his most fame, though. After graduating, he served as an assistant coach for four years under coach

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Medium 9781933671376

11. Add Photos

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Digital photos are great! It's so easy to take pictures with your digital camera and transfer them to your Mac, then retouch and categorize them in iPhoto. With iWeb, it's straightforward to add a gallery to your Web site so visitors can read about a vacation trip and then view pictures from the trip in an animated slideshow.

Of course, you can insert a single photograph anywhere in your site, but iWeb also provides a few special options:

Photo pages: These pages are set up to display as many as 300 photos on a page. If you publish to MobileMe, they also offer a nice slideshow option.

My Album pages: New in iWeb 2, these Web pages organize multiple iPhoto albums on a single page. Once you Set Up a My Albums Page, viewers of the page can click an iPhoto album's thumbnail-style cover image to open a Photo page showing its contents.

Web galleries: New in iLife '08, you can Work with Web Galleries in iPhoto and publish them to your MobileMe account. Web galleries have a number of nice features for fun and easy viewing of photos, and you can put an animated, clickable, thumbnail-style image leading to a gallery on any page in iWeb.

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Medium 9781855756809

CHAPTER FIVE: The history of the psychotherapy of schizophrenia and delusional states

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

The conventional wisdom, after May (1968) and Grinspoon (1967), is that antipsychotics, alone or with supportive psychotherapy, are the ideal and most cost effective approach to treating schizophrenia. Without antipsychotic medication, many relapse, even with psychotherapy. Klein states that “the addition of psychotherapy to a drug regimen is of no incremental benefit to schizophrenics” (1980, p. 132). May's study has several flaws, however, since therapists were inexperienced and therapy lasted an average of only 49 sessions. This leaves open the strong possibility that experienced therapists over a much longer course might be more successful in the use of a psychodynamic psychotherapy of schizophrenia.

Grinspoon found that in the psychotherapy of schizophrenics with senior therapists twice weekly over a two-year period, those treated with psychotherapy and antipsychotics (thioridazine) did better than those on psychotherapy and placebo; in addition, he found that they didn't fare as well as the state hospital controls who were treated with high doses of phenothiazines. Over the two-year period, Grinspoon found that those receiving psychotherapy were nearly twice as likely to be living out of the hospital as those treatedwith a high dose of phenothiazines. In fact, results from the third year of therapy show that patients who remained in psychotherapy continued to improve, leaving the results of this study equivocal. This study too leaves open the question of whether a more prolonged and intensive psychotherapy might better provide help to these most disturbed patients.

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Medium 9781574413212

Chapter 9 • Fire Marshal

Slice PDF May 18, 2014

Chapter 9

Fire Marshal


Fire can leave significant damage in its wake, including property damage, environmental devastation, and even death. There are many causes of fires including accidents, weather-related causes like lightning, faulty wiring, etc.

When a fire is set deliberately or occurs due to negligence, police treat it as a crime of arson. Arson is the second leading cause of death in residential fires and is responsible for 500 deaths every year nationwide. Property damage from arson is estimated to cost $900 million each year.1

Arson has always been a crime, but in 1978 it was elevated to the status of Index Crime. In 1982 Congress passed the Anti-Arson Act, which made the crime of arson a permanent part of the Uniform Crime Reports Part I offenses.2 Basically, this piece of legislation reaffirmed that arson is worthy of being an Index Crime.

Other crimes may also fit within the definition of fire-related. These include insurance fraud and crimes where a fire is set to cover up another crime.

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Medium 9788324627523

B. Steve McConnell

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Steve McConnell jest gwnym programist w firmie Construx Software, gdzie odpowiada za stosowane metody inynierii oprogramowania. Kieruje take podzespoem Construction Knowledge Area w projekcie Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) i bra udzia w projektach realizowanych w firmach Microsoft, Boeing i innych, ktre maj swoje siedziby w rejonie Seattle w USA.

Steve jest autorem Rapid Development (1996), Software Project Survival Guide (1998) i Professional Software Development (2004). Jego ksiki dwukrotnie zdobyy nagrod Jolt Excellence czasopisma Software Development, przyznawan corocznie najlepszej ksice powiconej procesowi wytwarzania oprogramowania. Steve by te gwnym programist SPC Estimate Professional i zdobywc nagrody Software Development Productivity. W 1998 roku czytelnicy magazynu Software Development uznali go za jedn z trzech najbardziej wpywowych osb w brany oprogramowania obok Billa Gatesa i Linusa Torvaldsa.

Steve uzyska licencjat w Whitman College i stopie magistra inynierii oprogramowania w Seattle University. Mieszka w Bellevue w stanie Washington.

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