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16. Application to the Mental Hospital in Peacetime

S.H. Foulkes Karnac Books ePub


Based on a lecture given at a R M P A
Maudsley Bequest lecture course; 12th February 1962

The experience at Northfield has been a very significant one for all those who participated in it. Those who did will, I am sure, agree that the changes which went on in both patients and staff alike were nothing short of revolutionary. From morning to night and from night to morning, everything which happened was seen as relevant and used in the service of a true and quite radical form of therapy.

The conviction that man’s neuroses and their treatment change their form decisively in accordance with the community in which they arise is fundamental for a group approach. This was experimentally confirmed at Northfield. In psychotherapeutic observation both in individual or group situations, I could observe how the patients’ mind, concerns, attitudes and even symptoms, changed according to the dynamics of the hospital as a whole.

It is, however, necessary for this observation to be made that one does not submit material to pre-formed interpretations with a fallacious and fateful distinction between superficial and deep in psychotherapy.

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Chapter Four - Jung's Concept of Psychoid Unconsciousness: A Clinician's View

Alessandra Cavalli Karnac Books ePub

George Bright


Jung's use of the term “psychoid” in his published work dates, with one outlying exception, to the late period, 1947 to 1958. In these eleven years, there are barely a dozen references, mostly in passing, half of which are in published letters to a variety of correspondents. Jung makes neologistic use of a word imported from Hans Driesch via Eugen Bleuler, and his concept of psychoid unconsciousness amounts, in my view, to an original and clinically important conceptual statement. Addison (2009) has recently set out the historical evolution of the term. Not unusually, Jung introduces a concept for which no contemporary word suffices. He borrows a word from a similar field, gives it a meaning of his own, but nowhere in his published work provides us with a full treatment to define, discuss, or clarify his conceptual neologism. Shamdasani (2012, p. 375) has suggested that Jung cannot be regarded primarily as a theoretician, but rather as a “psychological essayist”, and he proposes that Jung's theories are “simply an approximation by which he is trying to translate his insights into a language for a scientific and medical audience”. This leaves the contemporary analytical psychologist with a number of possible tasks in developing or commenting on Jung's thought. Some have tried to create a unified and consistent set of theories from Jung's published work. This seems to me neither realistically possible nor consistent with Jung's own approach.

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Medium 9781491902516

5. Responsive Web Design

Lara Callender Hogan O'Reilly Media ePub

Mobile is no longer “the future.” As mentioned in Chapter 1, handsets are the primary Internet access method ( for a vast number of global Internet users. People are primarily using handsets to access the Internet, and these devices present their own unique set of challenges. Between the tremendous amount of latency on mobile networks (see “Mobile Networks”) and hardware challenges like WiFi signal strength and battery power (see “Mobile Hardware”), it’s more important than ever that we design and develop sites that are as high performing and efficient as possible. We need to aim for no unnecessary overhead for our users and optimize for perceived performance on all screen sizes.

The challenge with responsive web design sites is that it can be very easy to accidentally deliver unnecessary content like too-large images or unused CSS and JavaScript. Because the process of creating a responsively designed site can often include adding markup and functionality to optimize your layout and content for smaller screens, it’s no surprise that many sites deliver the same page weight or additional page weight to mobile devices without the designers and developers even realizing it.

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Lynne Sullivan Hunter Publishing ePub
Medium 9781576337219

Ancient Rome: AP World History

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub

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