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Medium 9781591203568

PERK #37: Cancer Allowed Me to Keep Better Tabs on My Teens

Strang BA BEd MEd, Florence Basic Health Publications ePub

Perk #37

Cancer Allowed Me to Keep Better Tabs on My Teens

Life before cancer was a whirlwind. I would work all day, come home to prepare three different meals to satisfy my finicky eaters (Okay, I am not going to win Mother of the Year after that comment!), then try to spend some fun, yet educational time with my youngest child, Ben. That didn’t leave much time for my teens, Kaitlyn and Donovan. However, cancer slowed the pace of my life and allowed me to become more involved in theirs.

I am not sure if that was exactly working to their advantage, however, as nothing could slip by me. Let’s take, for example, the mysterious case of the flu that hit Donovan on the same day that the Xbox game Modern Warfare 3 was released. I think it was a bit of an epidemic among the guys in his school. I will give the devil his due; he might have even gotten away with it had he not posted to Facebook, “My life is now complete,” with a picture of the game. Yes, I was creeping my son on Facebook. When you have cancer, you can get away with doing that.

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Medium 9781626563377

Resource 3: The Resilient Investor Online Resources

Hal Brill Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

THE COMPANION WEBSITE TO THIS BOOK, RESILIENTINVESTOR.COM, offers in-depth and up-to-date guidance that can help you build on the ideas we introduce in these pages and apply them successfully in your own life.

While the book serves as a concise introduction to the resilient investing framework, the website builds on this by exploring key themes in more detail and providing current information about potential investments and resources for the nine zones of the Resilient Investing Map.

The website offers several downloadable RIMs, including blank ones for you to use as you work your way through your own inventory and planning, as well as examples of completed maps from a variety of types of investors and from readers of the book.

A central feature of the website is comprehensive resource sections for each of the nine zones of the RIM. You’ll find links to articles and websites that will help with your self-education on new topics, as well as information about companies, projects, and organizations that may be of interest to you as you round out your own resilient investing plan. This material is regularly updated to reflect the best of current thinking and opportunities in each zone.

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Medium 9781931332514

Appendix D: Causal Factor Charting Details

ABS Consulting, Lee N. Vanden Heuvel, Donald K. Lorenzo Rothstein Publishing PDF
Appendix D Causal Factor Charting Details.
Cause and effect tree analysis (described in detail in Appendix B) is a good analysis technique for equipment-, machinery-, and software-oriented problems. Its structure works very well when dealing with the logical behavior of equipment and software. However, cause and effect trees have one major drawback: they do not show the relative timing of events. Timing is usually important when people are involved in incidents. It is also important in most safety and environmental incidents. Timelines (described in detail in Appendix C) are a simple tool for explicitly addressing the timing of events. Causal factor charting also addresses the timing of events. In addition, causal factor charting incorporates the logic of cause and effect trees. In other words, this methodology combines timing and logic into one technique. Causal factor charting establishes the relative timing of events and sets the time frame of interest for the incident.  See All Chapters
Medium 9780596518172

1. Introducing Facebook Platform

Jay Goldman O'Reilly Media ePub

Many profound questions have haunted scholars and thinkers since the dawn of humanity: Why are we here? Does God exist? What is art? Where does the other sock go? The question of whether or not to build an application on Facebook[1] Platform is not one of them.

That said, since youre holding this book in your hands, youve likely already spent some time pondering this question. Perhaps you have recently been bitten by a zombie or been given some fish for an aquarium you didnt know you owned. Maybe you were challenged to a round of movie trivia or told that you were someones Top Friend. If youre a Facebook user (and its increasingly likely that you are), youve probably installed an application or been invited to install one by a member of your ever-growing social network.

Although it may seem impossible to live without those applications, Platform hasnt always been part of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg unleashed Facebook Platform on May 24, 2007, at an event held at the San Francisco Design Center attended by 800 developers. For all the epic speechwriting and grandiose claims (Mark opened his presentation with, Today, together, were going to start a movement), that day really did mark an important moment in the history of the industry. The enthusiastic and decidedly nervous founder of Facebook might just as well have been standing on that blue stage and waving a vial of gold over his head, yelling, Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River! Just as surely as Samuel Brannans march through the streets of San Francisco heralded the start of the California Gold Rush, news of the Platform exploded onto the Web. Technorati shows nearly 500 blog posts with the term Facebook Platform from that day, up from practically none the day before (see Figure1-1).

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Medium 9781449304454

Media Elements and SVG

Shelley Powers O'Reilly Media ePub

In March 2010, Paul Irish wrote about spending some time with folks proficient with SVG, and provided a web page demonstrating how to use SVG and HTML5. At Webjam8, Andreas Bovens demonstrated the use of HTML5 media elements with SVG and SMIL. Mike Thomas showed how to use SVG masks with video to beautiful effect. Mr. Doob demonstrated how to combine SVG and HTML5 audio to create a 3D Waveform. Erik Dahlstrm created a terrific music video based, in part, on the use of SVG patterns.

Combining HTML5 media elements and SVG is combining the best of the old and new from the W3C. The HTML5 media elements are new, but already demonstrate robustness and extensibility. SVG has been around for over a decade and with the advent of HTML5, is now supported in HTML as well as XHTML.

There are two ways you can combine the HTML5 media elements with SVG: using the SVG capabilities with media elements within an HTML document, or embedding an HTML5 media element within an SVG document.

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