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Medium 9781480721883

Chapter 2

Timothy J. Bradley Argosy Press PDF

give her what she wants, and you won’t have any trouble.

That’s reasonable, isn’t it?”

Sidney looked at her narrowly. “It sounds reasonable, but it doesn’t feel reasonable.” He sighed. She looked tired.

“I hope you didn’t get into trouble or anything at work.”

“Well, pal, it wasn’t great to get called out in the middle of a meeting,” she said as she raised her eyebrows.

“Sorry. Thanks for picking me up.”

“Just promise me you’ll keep a handle on your temper from now on, okay?”

“Okay,” Sid replied ruefully. He felt bad about ruining his mom’s meeting, but he wasn’t sorry for what he had said.

It was all true. As they made their way home, Sidney admired the nanobot bridge. The beams glistened in the sunshine.

Maybe life would be simpler if I just act like a mindless bot and do whatever everyone else does, he thought. The car lowered its wheels to the ground as it left the highway and started threading its way through the neighborhoods that led to the Jamisons’ house. Sid brooded, staring out the window, wishing he never had to see Ms. Dirge again.

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Medium 9781855755208

CHAPTER EIGHT: War and peace

Janet C. Love Karnac Books ePub

Diary extract

As my son, too, came out of his chaos period, the unseen hand of fate directed him to follow his inner guidance and took him off into an area of healing which I had never even considered. At the behest of his first therapist, he had become very interested in Bon Buddhism, which regards itself as a universal religion in the sense that its doctrines are true and valid for all humanity. He read avidly, and went to Buddhist groups. My son made his own appointment to see a medical practitioner who used acupuncture, herbs, and nutritional supplements. He still took an extremely small dose of the Abilify and regularly checked in with the doctor. I was happy that he had found his own path. It would be a long time before we discovered, to our horror, that his practitioner was, in fact, under investigation for malpractice. The hovering presence of our unwanted bullying guest could best be identified by my grim resolve to move on, i.e., my unspoken denial of the past few years. They were still difficult times but they were better.

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Medium 9781742201405

Hong Kong Island: Aberdeen & the South

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

This is Hong Kong Island’s backyard playground – from the good beaches of Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay and South Bay to shoppers’ paradise Stanley Market and Horizon Plaza, and the excellent Ocean Park amusement park near Aberdeen, which packs in enough entertainment for a whole day.

Beach-Hopping on Island South (Click here)

South Bay (Click here)

Middle Bay (Click here)

St Stephen’s Beach (Click here)

Ap Lei Chau Market Cooked Food Centre (Click here)

Spices (Click here)

Bus Stanley, Repulse Bay & Deep Water Bay: buses 6A, 6X, 260 from below Exchange Sq (Central); buses 73, 973 from Aberdeen.

Bus Aberdeen: buses 73 and 973 from Stanley.

Bus Ap Lei Chau: bus 90 from Admiralty bus terminus; by commuter boat from Aberdeen Promenade.

Do the half-hour sampan tour (Click here) of the famous Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, then head to Horizon Plaza (Click here) in Ap Lei Chau for designer bargains. Spend one to two hours there and have lunch at Tree Cafe inside the plaza. Alternatively, you can spend all morning and most of the afternoon at Ocean Park (Click here).

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Medium 9781780491936

Chapter Nine - Conversations on Work

Karnac Books ePub


Conversations on work

Kenneth Eisold

W ork is indisputably now our most important human activity. It is not only how we continuously build and rebuild our world, it has become our major means of knowing and valuing ourselves. Today, not only do we support ourselves financially through our careers and our jobs, but we also derive self-esteem from our competencies and construct identities from our skills. Our jobs are the primary way we have of locating ourselves in the world, the means we have of knowing ourselves, and being recognised by others.

When work is not going well, this can be a profound problem. Difficulties on the job can undermine our sense of ourselves. There are the obvious issues when one's abilities do not match the requirements of the job, but today businesses are being constantly restructured to become more competitive or to adapt to changing market conditions. As a result, a department might be outsourced or combined with other departments. On a larger scale, the company itself might be transformed as the result of a technological innovation or a dramatic shift of global supplies, or it could be taken over or merged with another company.

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Medium 9781742204161


Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub








Tatra Mountains






Great Masurian Lakes

Understand Poland

Survival Guide

If they were handing out prizes for most eventful history, Poland would be sure to get a medal. The nation has spent centuries at the pointy end, grappling with war and invasion. Nothing, however, has succeeded in suppressing the Poles strong sense of nationhood and cultural identity. As a result, centres such as bustling Warsaw and cultured Krakw exude a sophisticated energy thats a heady mix of old and new.

Away from the cities, Poland is a diverse land, from its northern beaches to its magnificent southern mountains. In between are towns and cities dotted with ruined castles, picturesque squares and historic churches.

Although prices have steadily risen in the postcommunist era, Poland is still good value for travellers. As the Polish people work on combining their distinctive national identity with their place in the heart of Europe, its a fascinating time to visit this beautiful country.

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