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Simon Foster Hunter Publishing ePub

The Currency

The currency of China is the yuan ($), also known as the kwai or renminbi (RMB), which literally translates as "people's money. At the time of writing there were $8to the US dollar, $10 to the Euro and $16 to the British Pound Sterling. Paper money was introduced to the world by China in 806 AD and today bank notes come in various amounts, many of which show a portrait of the omnipresent Chairman Mao on the front and famous landscapes from around the country on the back. Denominations are $100 (red), $50 (green), $20 (brown), $10 (blue), $5 (purple or brown), $2 (green) and $1 (green or brown), along with the almost worthless 5, 2 and 1 mao notes (10 mao, also referred to as jiao = $1). The $2 and 2 mao notes are both green and look very similar remember the lower value one is the smaller of the two. Counterfeiting is rife in China and even the smallest local store may have a UV scanner. While $10 notes are often copied, the one to watch out for is the $100 (see Warning Scams). The quality of fakes is often high, but generally you can tell by the feel of the money, which is often a little too crunchy to the touch. In Hong Kong the currency is the Hong Kong dollar (HK$) and at the time of writing there were HK$8 to the US$, HK$10 to the Euro and HK$15 to the British Pound Sterling. In Macau the pataca, or Macau dollar (MOP$) is roughly equivalent to the HK$, which can be used throughout the territory.

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1. Overview

Sandy Antunes Maker Media, Inc ePub

“A workman is only as good as their tools.” [anon]

“Only a poor workman blames his tools.” [anon]

“A bad worker quarrels with his tools.” [anon]

“Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the world.” [Archimedes]

This is a book on how to talk to satellites. Most communications books of this type will welcome you to the exciting world of radio. And I agree. Nearly every ham radio person or AMSAT member or communications enthusiast loves what they do. They revel in the details, and they get great pleasure from pulling off magnificent acts of technical competence to span this world—and others—using simple electronics.

I only want to talk to machines. I just want it to work. I want my satellite communications as a commodity, not an art.

This book, therefore, pays utmost respect to those who are ever advancing the performance frontiers, but tackles it from the base utility view of a plebe. This book will simultaneously provide you with a lay view of how you can talk to satellites, and a peek into the rapidly changing world of satellite radio communications.

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Chapter 8 “Or borrow from some of the men”

Bob Alexander University of North Texas Press PDF

Chapter 8

“Or borrow from some of the men”

Lieutenant Moore’s command was not short of work. There was plenty. Herds of suspected stolen cattle were held for closer inspection, citizens’ reports of alleged Indian depredations poured in compelling highly mobile and exhausting horseback searches, and local lawmen continually made known their want for a detachment of rangers to help out with this or that tribulation.1 One such request even caught the governor’s attention:

Domingo Calderon, a Mexican of Bad Character who committed a murder in this County [Tom Greene] two years since is now in this neighborhood with fifteen men from Del Monte,

Mexico. Horse stealing and perhaps murder his object[.] Could you not send a detachment of State troops here to arrest him?2

Not unexpectedly, some stuff rolls downhill—like a constituent’s plea to the governor. Right fast, the next day, Major Jones telegraphed Lieutenant Moore to without delay send ten Company

D rangers to Fort Concho and “arrest Domingo Calderon, a Mexican, and assist the civil authorities.”3 Not long thereafter he penned another August 1877 missive to the beleaguered Lieutenant Moore, telling him that once Company D had been reorganized on September 1, he must lead a patrol and check into allegations that “Creed

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Welcome to the Continent Down Under!

Julie Murray Big Buddy Books PDF
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