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Medium 9781609948917

1 There Are Only Two Times in Life: Now and Too Late!

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

We all have a story. The basic premise of living provides us with a smorgasbord of possible opportunities to add to our story. We gather stories within our story, and the longer we live, the more “scenes” we add; thus by the end of our life we have built a story that is long, rich, and completely unique to us. No one else ever has or ever will have our story — this is one of the most amazing miracles of life.

As much as our stories may differ, they also unite us in one common element that no human being can ever avoid — our ability to feel. Our stories trigger a variety of feelings that can either propel us forward or keep us stifled and paralyzed in the past.

We often hear people say that it is the events and experiences of our lives that shape us into who we are, but is that really the case? Why is it that two people can experience the same event and yet each be affected in a completely different way? Is it the story of our life that determines our happiness, or is it the position from which we view our story — the story we tell ourselves about our story? Is it this interpretation that affects the decisions we make, how we feel about our life, and how we feel about those in it?

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Medium 9788324606320

3. Modelowanie przepływu czynności w systemie: diagramy czynności

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Przypadki uycia pokazuj, co powinien robi system. Diagramy czynnoci umoliwiaj okrelenie tego, w jaki sposb system bdzie osiga swoje zamierzone cele. Diagramy czynnoci przedstawiaj akcje zamodelowane na wysokim poziomie oraz poczone razem w acuch, reprezentujce procesy zachodzce w systemie. I tak na przykad diagram czynnoci moe zosta uyty do zamodelowania czynnoci koniecznych do utworzenia konta pamitnika internetowego.

Diagramy czynnoci s szczeglnie przydatne w modelowaniu procesw biznesowych. Proces tego rodzaju jest zestawem skoordynowanych zada, ktre trzeba wykona, aby osign cel biznesowy, na przykad dostarczenie zamwie do klientw. Niektre z narzdzi do zarzdzania procesami biznesowymi (ang. business process management, w skrcie BPM przyp. tum.) umoliwiaj zdefiniowanie procesw biznesowych przy uyciu diagramw czynnoci lub te podobnej notacji graficznej, a nastpnie ich wykonanie. Pozwala to na przykad zdefiniowa oraz wykona przy uyciu prostej notacji graficznej zawierajcej diagramy czynnoci proces zatwierdzania patnoci, ktrego jeden z etapw stanowi bdzie wywoanie usugi sieciowej zatwierdzajcej transakcje wykonane przy uyciu kart kredytowych.

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Medium 9781906981556


Source: Pollock
Slice PDF June 09, 2014

1950 fut une année de visibilité extrême pour Pollock. D’abord, trois de ses tableaux participèrent à la Biennale de Venise. Puis une grande exposition personnelle comprenant 23

Pollock se tint au Museo Correr de Venise, sa première exposition en Italie.

Deux toiles provenaient du Stedelijk Museum d’Amsterdam. Le reste faisait partie de la

Collection Guggenheim. Peggy Guggenheim collabora à l’organisation de la manifestation avec un groupe d’admirateurs italiens de l’art moderne.

Plus tard, Pollock exhiba également Number 3, 1950 lors de l’exposition annuelle du Whitney à

Manhattan. La même sélection d’œuvres fut montrée à Paris deux ans plus tard.

En 1950, Pollock se joignit à un groupe d’artistes dirigé par Barnett Newman. Ils organisèrent une manifestation contre la politique d’exposition du Metropolitan Museum of Art. (Certains commentaires affirment, à tort, que celle-ci était dirigée contre le MoMA.) Les artistes étaient déconcertés par le choix des jurés fait par le directeur du Met, Francis Henry Taylor. Ils envoyèrent et donnèrent à la presse une lettre ouverte de protestation à Roland L. Redmond, président du Met.

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Medium 9780596101015

23. Files

Source: PHP Cookbook
Slice ePub May 29, 2014

The input and output in a web application usually flow between browser, server, and database, but there are many circumstances in which files are involved too. Files are useful for retrieving remote web pages for local processing, storing data without a database, and saving information that other programs need access to. Plus, as PHP becomes a tool for more than just pumping out web pages, the file I/O functions are even more useful.

PHPs interface for file I/O is similar to that of C, although less complicated. The fundamental unit of identifying a file to read from or write to is a filehandle. This handle identifies your connection to a specific file, and you use it for operations on the file. This chapter focuses on opening and closing files and manipulating filehandles in PHP, as well as what you can do with the file contents once youve opened a file. Chapter24 deals with directories and file metadata such as permissions.

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Medium 9781616514082

Thrifty Thinking-Buying in Bulk

Slice PDF January 11, 2001

AppMath_B1_053-104:AppMath_B1_053-104 11/2/10 10:17 AM Page 84

Lesson 3


Buying in Bulk

Sarah and George buy all the food for the camping trip at the local discount supermarket. Usually they pay $2.69 for a

16-ounce box of cereal. Here they pay $15 for ten times that amount. What does 16 ounces of the discount cereal cost?

How much do they save on every 16 ounces of cereal by buying in bulk?


Step 1: Write a sentence in words that describes their

$15 purchase.

They buy 10 times 16 ounces of cereal for a cost of $15.

Step 2: Use c for the cost of 16 ounces of discount cereal.

Now write the sentence using c and the language of math.

10 × c = 15

Step 3: Solve for c. c = 1.50

Step 4: To find how much they save per 16 ounces of cereal, subtract the discount price from the normal price.

$2.69 – $1.50 = $1.19

Answer the Question

Step 5: Each 16 ounces of discount cereal costs $1.50.

They save $1.19 on every 16 ounces of cereal.

✏ Now try these problems.

1. Sarah and George buy bread for the camping trip at the local discount supermarket. Usually they pay $1.79 for a loaf. Here they pay $11 for twenty of the same loaves. What does one loaf of

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