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Medium 9781574414707

Chapter 27

Mark T. Smokov University of North Texas Press PDF


Back in the West


westbound Great Northern train was stopped by three men near

Malta, Montana, on August 28, 1903. The bandits were frustrated in their holdup attempt when guards on the train prevented them from boarding the engine. Giving it up as a bad job, they rode away toward the Bear Paw Mountains. The railroad said it was the work of the Curry gang, and the outlaw leader had been reported seen in Malta earlier in the week.1 Another robbery attempt on the Great Northern took place on

September 2 in Great Falls, in which the bandits rode the train into the city limits.2 It is difficult to believe that Curry would have attempted a train robbery so soon after his escape. Wild Bunch members were known to take several weeks and even months to plan their robberies. The need for money would not have overridden his innate caution. Also, the modus operandi of the holdups did not fit Curry’s style. In fact, northern

Montana may not have been his first destination after eluding the

Pinkertons and federal officers in the mountains of North Carolina.

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Medium 9781591201977

26. Say “No” to Nitrites

Klatz M.D. D.O., Ronald Basic Health Publications ePub
Medium 9781902375212

Structured system development cycle

Tony Baxendale Chartridge Books Oxford ePub


Management of


The general principles of recording data flow within a construction organisation are considered in order to specify an integrated management information system Recommendations for the initiation of a management information system are also made together with a range of possible objectives. Structured systems development is suggested to build a logical model that shows the interrelationship of data processing. The need for an interactive system is developed together with the requirement of a structured approach based on a selection of objectives. Finally a system for main contractor control and for directly employed resource control is proposed.

Data Flow

Data flow analysis is a well established methodology and has been used for management information flow in construction organisations. Other exponents of the data flow concept have modelled the regional office and site based information systems of a large contractor and an operational integrated data management system for a house building organisation.

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Medium 9781780426662

“Mais dans cette mort rien de triste...” Auvers-sur-Oise : 1890

Jp. A. Calosse Parkstone International PDF

En même temps, il continuait à étudier les effets de couleurs : « Les cyprès me préoccupent toujours, je voudrais en faire une chose comme les toiles des tournesols, parce que cela m'étonne qu'on ne les ait pas encore faits comme je les vois. C'est beau, comme lignes et comme proportions, comme un obélisque égyptien. Et le vert est d'une qualité si distinguée. C'est la tache noire dans un paysage ensoleillé, mais c'est une des notes noires les plus intéressantes, les plus difficiles à taper juste, que je puisse imaginer. Or il faut les voir ici contre le bleu, dans le bleu pour mieux dire 46 . Pour faire la nature ici, comme partout il faut bien y être longtemps ».

Van Gogh se remit à peindre, mais sa vision de la vie à l'hôpital avait changé.

Les autres patients qui, jusque-là, lui avaient semblé former une communauté idéale, lui faisaient maintenant peur. Pire encore, les religieuses qui travaillaient à Saint-Rémy le terrifiaient.

Après la crise, Van Gogh ne voulut plus quitter l'hôpital pour peindre sur le motif.

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Medium 9781783101641

27th II 16

Franz Marc Parkstone International ePub

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