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Medium 9780874259773

Case Study 26. Wanted: Good Secretary

Alan Clardy HRD Press PDF

Case 26

Wanted: Good Secretary

Background Information

For over three years, Bernard Malinowski had been the manager of the Customer

Service Department at Buford Department Store. After nearly six years working in various customer service assignments, he still enjoyed the work of responding to the inquiries, requests, and complaints of Buford’s various retail customers. He felt it was a way to help the customers and Buford at the same time.

He supervised five service representatives who dealt directly with the customers.

At times, the service representatives would also support different marketing programs and initiatives. There was one secretary for the department who provided the administrative and clerical support needed to keep the department running efficiently. Bernard realized all too well how important it was to have a top performer in that position.

That was why he was so concerned—and surprised—by the recent performance of his new secretary, Betty Lyons. Bernard’s expectations had been high when he hired Betty two months ago. He thought she would be the one who might stick around and solve the “revolving door” problem he had experienced with every former occupant of that job. But now, he started to think about replacing Betty.

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Medium 9781605095219


Peggy Holman Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.

—Mark Twain

Something subtle often happens after an experience with emergence. Whether it was living through an earthquake or hurricane or coming together with a diverse group to address an intractable challenge, life returns to normal. But not quite. Old habits seem strange. Normal activities seem more like walking through a dream. There is a Zen proverb: “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” Though we may look the same, the experience changes us.

While emergence is how nature takes great, discontinuous leaps to create novel forms, it leaves many ripples in its wake. This chapter describes how those ripples are integrated into our assumptions about how our world works over time. It puts emergence into the bigger picture of change by discussing iteration—doing something again and again, each time influenced by the previous experience. It sheds light on an important and elusive challenge of change: sustaining the gains. By the end of this chapter, you should have a sense of how to work with the aftermath of emergence.

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Medium 9780596802295

15. Designing and Implementing a “Minute/Hour Counter”

Dustin Boswell O'Reilly Media ePub
Medium 9780946439867

INTERVIEW SEVEN. Creating a work

Didier Anzieu Karnac Books ePub

GT: You have written literary texts. You have told us that you have published Contes aRebours, which is now out of print.

DA: I am preparing a new edition of it, enlarged by two headings, Imaginary Women’ and Imaginary Societies’. I have not yet found a publisher. I must in fact change.

GT: At twenty years of age you published a collection of poems you had written… .

DA: Entitled Verger, dedicated to the woman who was to be my wife, and illustrated with drawings by my future brother-in-law. Outside the three of us, this book had not the least success.

GT: You have embarked upon fiction, as you mentioned at the beginning of our interviews. You dream of getting started on a career as a writer, one that you have never had the leisure to carry through. Can you talk to us about this vocation? And these stories?

DA: First of all, I must disappoint you: I am not going to devote myself to that vocation. If I talk about it, it is with irony towards myself. I regard my future as a writer as being behind me. My ambition is confined to completing what I have already done, to sorting out and polishing a few texts that are languishing in my drawers: at least, that is my avowed ambition. But until I reach death’s door I shall doubtless entertain the secret ambition of producing a new work. Like Paracelsus, in the story that Borges devoted to him.

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Medium 9780856831591

Prologue The Archaeology of Economic Collapse: A 4000 Year Perspective

Michael Hudson Shepheard-Walwyn ePub

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