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Medium 9780596100605

Dark Adapt Your Notebook Computer

Robert Bruce Thompson O'Reilly Media PDF



Dark Adapt Your Notebook Computer


Dark Adapt Your Notebook Computer


Use your notebook while observing without damaging your night vision.

Hack #44

A notebook computer is an invaluable observing aid, but notebook displays produce enough light to destroy your night vision, not to mention that of everyone else in the vicinity [Hack #5]. Fortunately, it’s easy to modify your notebook to be suitable for observing sessions without making any permanent changes that would make it unsuitable for daytime use. Here are the changes we recommend.

Dim the display

All notebook computers make some provision for adjusting the brightness of the display. The first step in dark adapting your notebook is to use these controls to set the notebook to the lowest possible screen brightness. Unfortunately, notebook computers are not designed with astronomers in mind, so the lowest available screen brightness is usually still much too bright.

Some notebooks, including the Compaq Armada E500 we use, allow you to change screen brightness by moving a physical slider or by using some combination of function keys. These models allow you to dim the screen whether you’re running Windows or Linux. Other notebooks require a Windows-only software utility to change screen brightness, so you may be out of luck if you’re running Linux. If your notebook is in the latter category and you’re running

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Medium 9781449329631

8. The NoSQL Movement

Edd Dumbill O'Reilly Media ePub

In a conversation last year, Justin Sheehy, CTO of Basho, described NoSQL as a movement, rather than a technology. This description immediately felt right; Ive never been comfortable talking about NoSQL, which when taken literally, extends from the minimalist Berkeley DB (commercialized as Sleepycat, now owned by Oracle) to the big iron HBase, with detours into software as fundamentally different as Neo4J (a graph database) and FluidDB (which defies description).

But what does it mean to say that NoSQL is a movement rather than a technology? We certainly dont see picketers outside Oracles headquarters. Justin said succinctly that NoSQL is a movement for choice in database architecture. There is no single overarching technical theme; a single technology would belie the principles of the movement.

Think of the last 15 years of software development. Weve gotten very good at building large, database-backed applications. Many of them are web applications, but even more of them arent. Software architect is a valid job description; its a position to which many aspire. But what do software architects do? They specify the high level design of applications: the front end, the APIs, the middleware, the business logic--the back end? Well, maybe not.

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Medium 9780596154141

9. Programming Graphics

Noble, Joshua O'Reilly Media ePub

Theres an excellent reason for the hundreds of books out there on computer graphics, programmatic animation, and the mathematics and techniques that make it possible; theyre vast topics. That said, as with so many other topics in this book, our goal is not to comprehensively cover this area, but to provide an introduction to some basic techniques, inform you of some more advanced techniques, and point you to places to go for more information so that youll have a grounding when you encounter more advanced topics or technical challenges in your projects.

Its quite difficult to overstate the importance of providing graphical feedback and guidance for users. That said, it makes sense to describe exactly what this chapter is going to cover. In both Processing and oF, youve learned some of the basics of drawing using the API that each framework provides. Chapter13 will cover using OpenGL, drawing in 3D, improving drawing performance, and using textures. So in this chapter, well focus on a few simple topics that will stitch the basics to the more advanced stuff: how to create animations, how to structure your code when youre creating an animation, and how to do some more sophisticated vector drawing. Well also talk about how to create graphics that are useful to users, provide information, encourage exploration, and help the user easily understand what is going on behind the screen and how their interactions are driving those systems and processes.

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Medium 9780892727285

APPENDIX 3: Local Issues—Maine Newspapers

Doudera, Victoria Down East Books ePub


Data provided by Down East magazine.



Kennebec Journal

274 Western Avenue,

Augusta, ME 04332



Bangor Daily News

P.O. Box 1329, Bangor, ME 04402



Journal Tribune

P.O. Box 627, Biddeford, ME 04005



The Times Record

P.O. Box 10, Brunswick, ME 04011



The Sun-Joumal

P.O. Box 4400, Lewiston, ME 04243



Central Maine Morning Sentinel

31 Front Street, Waterville, ME 04901


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Medium 9781855752146

CHAPTER SEVEN. Factors contributing to the psychotic breakdown of three adolescents

Karnac Books ePub

Hélène Dubinsky

This chapter looks at a constellation of emotional factors that I have observed in a number of psychotic and borderline adolescents. In the internal world of these adolescents, the mother was unable to contain her child’s emotional experience, whereas the father was rejecting and at times cruel. These young people had clearly introjected a parental couple unable to help or protect their child’s growth. Unsupported by good internal parents, the vulnerability of these adolescents was further compounded by feeling threatened and deprived by rivalrous internal siblings.

The experience of adolescence was found by these emotionally fragile young people to be overwhelming. They felt engulfed by confusion and anxiety as they were subjected to the surge of sexual feelings and the pressing need to define their identity as potential adults. Traumatic events in their external lives also contributed to their eventual breakdown.

I shall discuss the psychotherapy of three such adolescent patients. “Debbie” and “Tarda” shared a mental image of their fathers as harshly spurning them while favouring the mother and siblings. Debbie’s feelings of ill-treatment by her father left her prey to incessant thoughts of sadistic intercourse which she was increasingly unable to distinguish from reality. Tania carried her feelings of worthlessness, deprivation, and jealousy into her other relationships. Her delusional jealousy of her boyfriend brought about continual outbursts of violence. A third patient, ‘‘Thomas’’, whom I discuss in some detail, found growing into a man terrifying, indeed impossible. He was paralysed by his own oedipal phantasies in which he merged into a mother-figure, only to be attacked by a vengeful, rivalrous father and siblings.

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