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Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub


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     Mati Si

     Jiayuguan Around




Synonymous with the Silk Road, the slender province of Gansu flows east to west along the Hexi Corridor, the gap through which all manner of goods once streamed from China to Central Asia. The constant flow of commerce left Buddhist statues, beacon towers, forts, chunks of the Great Wall and ancient trading towns in its wake.

Gansu () offers an entrancingly rich cultural and geographic diversity. Historians immerse themselves in Silk Road lore, art aficionados swoon before the wealth of Buddhist paintings and sculptures, while adventurers hike to glaciers, ride camels through the desert and tread along paths well worn by Tibetan nomads. The ethnic diversity is equally astonishing: in Linxia, the local Hui Muslims act as though the silk route lives on; in Xiahe and Langmusi a pronounced Tibetan disposition holds sway, while other minority groups such as the Bao’an and Dongxiang join in the colourful minority patchwork.

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Medium 9781449399894

7. The Other World: A.K.A. Outside

Bruce W. Perry O'Reilly Media ePub

We geeks just dont get outside enough. After a while, outside begins to be defined as the carpeted hallway outside the main office where the rest-rooms are, or the food court emporium downstairs.

I once worked in a software house in a beautiful, historic seacoast community. People worked hard there and seemed to like the company and their jobs. The trouble was, no one went outside. People were so fond of their cushy positions, it was as if they were afraid to leave the environs after 9 AM rolled around. Even at lunch break, most of them would stay in their cubicles or repair to the cafeteria for the meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

What do you expect from a company that still held casual Friday, during which management wore jeans (they probably called them dungarees)?

Of course, it wasnt exactly the companys fault that no one was going outside (even though they were a little chintzy about vacation time). Everyone had simply forgotten their roots, or had been dissuaded by antisun dogma.

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Medium 9780819839909

Chapter 11: Mary Magdalene, the Disciples, and Thomas

Elena Bosetti Pauline Books and Media ePub

Chapter 11

Mary Magdalene, the Disciples, and Thomas

John chapter 20 recounts the most fascinating news in history: the resurrection of Jesus. This is the direct experience of the first witnesses, the encounter with the living, risen Jesus. An initial panoramic view will help us to distinguish the general characteristics and the pronounced liturgical dimension of this unique account that is divided into four scenes: the empty tomb and the signs of faith (vv. 1–10), the meeting between Jesus and Mary Magdalene (vv. 11–18), the first appearance of Jesus to the disciples (vv. 19–23), and the second appearance eight days later, with Thomas present (vv. 24–29).

We will dwell especially on the characters of the second and fourth scene, Mary Magdalene and Thomas, who through contrast are reminiscent of each other: Mary Magdalene is the first to see Jesus, but must refrain from touching him. Thomas, instead, demands to see and touch, and is caught in his own words by the Risen One.

The first day and the octave

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Medium 9781783101542

Bonn, the 2nd day of Christmas, 1910

August Macke Parkstone International ePub
Medium 9781847770684


Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Shivering, he clings fast to

A virgin’s breast, finds comfort there.

All stars are his, all wisdom too

But for our sake he comes down here

And we wait for his little hand

That all the world may understand.


Early we start making

Worlds and empires, even a language, often

At least a civil war.

Is war then in the blood

Early on? I still believe in a Fall,

That crucial one that made us feel ashamed,

Afraid of our bodies, putting out our hands

In the many crevices. We were frightened too

But of what? Afraid of being afraid and so

Building intimate castle walls, deep moats,

Guards night and day on duty?

One of the worlds I made with a friend of mine

Needed a totem pole with figures on it

(My friend was clever with paint brushes)

We made alarms and many mild tortures too.

Our world had a singular God

Who lived round every cloud but sometimes showed

Part of his face to us.

He had a cunning smile.

So we made ourselves new fears, new treasures too.

Explanations were not

Needed, ‘Here’ and ‘Is’ and ‘When’ and Now’

Were spectacular words indeed for things we only

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