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Medium 9781626563339

9 The Big Picture

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Dr. Jeffrey sat back in his chair, a thoughtful look on his face. “When I think about when you first came to see me nine months ago, I’m amazed by all the changes you’ve made. Talk about approaching life with enthusiasm and adding zest! You’re living examples of what it means to refire. You not only think about these things—you’ve actually changed your behavior. Documenting your experiences has added tremendously to my research. In the emotional, intellectual, and physical areas, you’re doing great.”

“So we’ve arrived!” said Larry.

“Not quite yet,” Dr. Jeffrey said. “In many ways, the most interesting and perhaps most challenging part of the journey is ahead.”

“You mean the spiritual stuff,” said Janice.

“Yes,” said Dr. Jeffrey. “Refiring spiritually adds another level of excitement and joy to your journey. But spirituality is often the toughest conversation to have. Even tougher than talking about sex.”

“I guess if we can talk about sex, we can talk about spirituality,” said Janice. “But why do you think it’s so difficult?”

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Medium 9780596157586

19. Organizing Tables in Numbers

Josh Clark O'Reilly Media ePub

Now that you can spin your way across tables faster than a can-can dancer, you've got all the know-how you need to fill up your grids with lots of juicy data. But all that info is only useful if you can pluck it back out again, and that's where a little organization goes a long way. Once you've got your data loaded into a table, it's time to go to work to massage it into shapestructuring it, sorting it, searching it, filtering it. This chapter shows you all the ways that Numbers can help you tidy your tables and find the right info at the right time.

This organizational effort is about more than shuffling data, though: A pristine table also looks clean, and this chapter also shows you how to make your data more accessible (and your tables prettier) with the judicious application of borders and background fills. Once you've transformed your gray numbers into shapely figures, Numbers makes it easy to perform the same makeover miracle again and again by storing styles and saving your own predefined tables for later reuse. Before you dig into this interior decoration, though, you'll learn about organizing the structure of your table, starting with rows and columns.

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Medium 9781847770684

Sources of Light

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

My heart found an exchange, another who

Wordlessly smiled, silently took my hand.

This is a magic we have no power to

Call up. We’re happy not to understand.

As the Rooks Are

Alone as the rooks are

In their high, shaking homes in the sky at the mercy of winds

Alone as the lurking trout or the owl which hoots

Comfortingly. I have a well-crammed mind

And I have deep-down healthy tough roots

But in this house where I live

In one big room, there is much solitude,

Solitude which can turn to loneliness if

I let it infect me with its darkening mood.

Away from here I have an abundant life,

Friends, love, acclaim and these are good.

And I have imagination

Which can travel me over mountains and rough seas;

I also have the gift of discrimination.

High in a house which looks over many trees

I collect sunsets and stars which are now a passion.

And I wave my hand to thousands of lives like this,

But will open my window in Winter for conversation.

Sources of Light

Sources of Light (I)

A sonnet

Sources of light and arbiters of men,

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Medium 9781616134952

Solid, Liquid, and Gas

Zappa, Marcia ABDO PDF
Medium 9781565925212

The Legacy DOM



Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Version 4 extended the legacy DOM with powerful new features for accessing and modifying all content of a document. These features were never standardized, but some of them are supported in non-Microsoft browsers.

The following sections explain each of these DOMs in more detail and describe how you can use them to access and modify document content.

The Legacy DOM

The original client-side JavaScript DOM defines provides access to document content through properties of the Document object. Several read-only properties, such as title, URL, and lastModified provide information about the document as a whole. See the reference section for further details on these and all Document properties and methods. Other properties are arrays that refer to specific types of document content: forms[]

An array of Form objects representing the forms in a document. images[]

An array of Image objects representing the images that appear in a document. applets[]

An array of objects that represent the Java applets embedded in a document. JavaScript can actually be used to script Java and control these applets, but doing so is beyond the scope of this pocket reference. links[]

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