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Medium 9780819849229

Chapter Two: Exploring the Market

FSP, Maria Grace Dateno Pauline Books and Media ePub

The air got thick and we moved slowly, as if we were trying to walk through water. And then, the air was back to normal, but we were changed.

“It’s happened again!” yelled Noah. “We’re back in the time of Jesus!”

He jumped up and down in his light brown tunic. I had one like it—it was a sort of robe with a tie around the waist. Hannah’s was similar, but had decorations around the neck, so you could tell it was for a girl. Whenever we went back to the time of Jesus, our clothes became like this—it was what everyone was wearing.

Hannah and I just stared at each other. I couldn’t believe we were here again. The first time it happened, when we ended up in Bethlehem, we had been riding our bikes. The last time we were just starting to weed the garden. This time we were just walking.

“Wow,” I said. “This is amazing. How in the world did it happen again?” I looked around and realized that we were right outside a village.

“This looks a little like Gennesaret,” said Hannah. That was the village we were in last time.

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Medium 9781847770974

62 an accidental headline

Gallas, John Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781887208031

11. Culture Shift

David C. Korten Berrett-Koehler Publishers PDF

Chapter 11

Culture Shift

Imagine yourself a historian looking back from some time in the next century. What do you judge the most important thing that happened for the world in the twentieth century? . . . My guess is it will be something . . . as quiet as a change of mind, a change of mind that is bubbling up out of the unconscious depths, spreading around the world, changing everything.


We are now at the beginning of . . . a fundamental change of worldview in science and society, a change of paradigms as radical as the

Copernican revolution.


participating in the 1992 earth summit in Rio de Janeiro was one of the most profound experiences of my life—an encounter on a magnificent scale with the awakening of a global civil society. It was a celebration of life opening to new possibilities and it gave me hope that together, we, the world’s people, might yet reverse the trends of social and environmental breakdown that threaten our collective future.

The significance of this event, formally known as the United Nations

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Medium 9780874254761

Appendix 1: Sample Policy Statements and Procedures

Terry L. Fitzwater HRD Press PDF

The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Employee Relations

Specific Disclaimers

Progressive discipline is not required or appropriate in every situation. Management retains discretion to discipline and discharge without progressive discipline and with or without cause.

Supervisory statements, facility practices, offers of employment, and written statements are not contractual or enforceable in nature. No Company representative other than the President has any authority to enter into any agreement for any period of time or to make any commitments or promises regarding any benefit or terms and conditions of employment. Any such commitment by the Company must be in writing.

Current compensation and benefit levels and terms are not a contract. Pay and benefit rates and systems are not guaranteed, and may be revised at any time. Vesting statements contained in the retirement plans do not imply a restriction on the right to terminate employment.


Look closely at the following offer letter for employment. It includes several critical concepts:

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Medium 9781857549683

Stations where the train doesn’t stop

Patrick McGuinness Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

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