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14. Book Review of The Arrow and the Lyre: A Study of the Role of Love in the Works of Hirschbach

Heinz Kohut Karnac Books ePub

Thomas Mann is close to the analyst’s heart because of his rational attitude toward psychoanalysis and his respect for Freud. One must, however, agree with Hirschbach who maintains that the influence of psychoanalysis on Mann’s writings should not be overestimated. He sees Freud’s work as only one of the sources of Mann’s intellectual, philosophical, and artistic outlook; and he mentions the German romanticists, and Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Wagner, and Goethe as having been of equal or greater importance.

Mann understood and used artistically the tenet of psychoanalysis that explains “many of the occurrences in our daily lives as instances of an outgrowth of our own unconscious will” (p. 108). Hirschbach quotes, as an outstanding example of Mann’s grasp of this principle, the chapter from Joseph and His Brothers “in which Isaac blesses Jacob instead of Esau. No one can be mistaken about the fact that the father wants to bestow the blessing upon the ‘younger’ of the twins, wants to be deceived.” Hirschbach also gives illustrations from Mann’s later novels, especially from Joseph, and demonstrates the artistic use which Mann made of his knowledge of the Oedipus complex, of sexual dream symbolism, of flight into illness, and the like.

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1.2. Conventions Used in This Book

Arnold Robbins O'Reilly Media ePub
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Level 3: College_C-D: GED Words Commonly Confused

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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CHAPTER 13 U. S. Marshal, Western District

Paul N. Spellman University of North Texas Press PDF

C H A P T E R 13

U. S. Marshal,

Western District

After giving due credit to all loyal friends who stood by me so nobly and endorsed me so unqualifiedly, I nevertheless attribute my success to Almighty God, whose I am and whom I serve and to whom I solemnly pledged if He would favor me for said position, I would use the office for His glory, which pledge I now ratify, relying upon Him for His help and guidance. It is my desire that what additional influence I might have by reason of my office shall be used for Him.

This, the 3rd day of April, 1913, the day I assumed the responsibilities of the office.

J. H. Rogers, United States Marshal1

In 1913 the Western District of Texas encompassed a massive amount of land—over 115,000 square miles in a narrow rectangle— and was divided into six subdistricts: Waco as the headquarters, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Del Rio, and the new Pecos office added on

February 5. As one of his first duties in office Marshal John H. Rogers assigned Charley Burks as chief deputy, J. T. Thompson, J. D. Platt, and C. S. Rogers as his deputies, and added his former sergeant John

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The Story

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Mozart in the Middle of the Night

In the still night the cool notes fall,

Mozart elaborates the silence as

Note after note seem to be hanging, then

He lets them fall as if into a pool.

My lamp is shining. Gold is everywhere.

Ah, now the drops are gold. They disappear

One after the other, one again, and yet

Again another. They are caught now in a net.

Alfred Brendel can control them all

And yet ‘control’ is not the proper word.

In the night there is a singing sun.

I listen in a rapture of repose;

Drop after drop, there another goes.

Dream: A Ballad

It was no dream and yet it was not waking,

A story told itself within my mind

But it went further; there was bright day-breaking

And huntsmen hungry for the lucky find.

Was I the centre? No. So much occupied

Within my seeing and, much further on,

I heard the grateful and auspicious word,

Saw the broad opening of the morning sun.

World upon world. I was not well indeed

And yet what I have gathered from it all!

Dancers making music showed their need

And there was neither apple nor a fall.

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