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Medium 9781741799361

Upper Galilee & Golan

Slice ePub November 24, 2014

     Includes »

     The Upper Galilee

     Tsfat (Safed)

     Mt Meron Area

     Rosh Pina

     Around Rosh Pina

     Hula Valley

     Kiryat Shmona & Tel Hai


     East of Kiryat Shmona

     The Golan Heights


     South of Katzrin

     North of Katzrin

     Northern Golan

The rolling, green hills of the Upper Galilee (the area north of Rte 85) and the wild plateaux and peaks of the Golan Heights offer an incredible variety of activities to challenge the body and the soul – and nourish the stomach and the mind. Domestic tourists flock to the area – some come looking for luxurious tzimmerim (B&Bs), boutique wineries and gourmet country restaurants, others in search of superb hiking, cycling and horse riding through dazzling carpets of spring wildflowers, white-water rafting and even skiing. Yet other visitors are attracted by some of the world’s best birdwatching and the spiritual charms of Tsfat, the most important centre of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) for over five centuries. The entire region, its summits refreshingly cool in summer, is just a short drive from the Christian sites and refreshing beaches of the Sea of Galilee.

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Medium 9781906188078


Slice PDF April 24, 2015

the seaweed in my oddly dry aquarium, who have no talent for this kind of thing but dabble quaintly at it in the small hours when the hare is saying goodnight to the fox, and the air is plumbfull of inaudible voices all prophesying fear.

Sunset Sky Near Coober Pedy

Streak, dash, fluff, apricot radiation, the whorled blurring of a burned edge: solid lavender continents and filiations, islands in air, foolishly soft fleeces dandled overhead, easterly pinks and peaches nervously barred with mauve.

Dollop, smear, streaking and massing, pos and neg, versions of Crete, New Britain and the Coorong, wool, flax, gelato, soapy froth teasingly spread around like transient solids over, behind, permeating or through.

They are done by drunken painters of genius who, visited by vast hallucinations, daubed them all over a monster’s mural hall.

Some are like dried-out corpses glorified or windblown spare parts of the heavenly host.

Their grammar escapes me.

The tune is hard to hear.

Powderblue, cream, blush, incandescent copper, the meaning of what they are is merely IS.

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Medium 9781855759862

CHAPTER FOUR: Denouement

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

a. Consulting: key issues in making it last

In the fourth phase of consulting, the phase of the denouement or resolution, the consultant’s aim is mainly to facilitate what is now working. In a successful assignment, the consultant can now lean back a little, do more self-monitoring without too much self-directing, and try to stay with whatever the client’s development is. The consultant becomes gradually more like a member of the audience in a theatre: observing, perhaps identifying with, and pondering on what takes place on the central stage. For the client and the client organization, there may still be a lot of uncertainty, threat, unexpected turns of events, and ambiguity towards the consultant’s interventions. If the interventions are working well, however, these anxieties may diminish and even dissolve with time. If the assignment has progressed well enough to develop into this phase in the first place, the consultant now has the opportunity to witness change from close quarters. Whether or not he has had a share in producing the change, somewhere a difference has been created in the client’s fortunes. This difference may initially be very small, fragile, or fluctuating, thus not fully and continuously present. Such is the case in many of the characters experiencing change in the tragedy King Lear. Or it may be full and total, such as we have seen in the change from Edgar to Poor Tom, or such as we will see presently in the new position of the Duke of Albany. However the onset of the change occurs, many consultants feel privileged to witness it and to nourish it with further consulting interventions. The essence of these nourishing interventions is to support the change, to remain mindful and aware of its nature and progression, and to facilitate its growth regardless of regular occurrences of insecurity, relapse, and weakening.

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Medium 9781847770684

Spring and a Blackbird

Slice PDF April 24, 2015

Today and consciously set self aside.

The barley’s burnt and ready for the gather

When we are needed. Threshing floors are wide.

We are citizens whose town is weather,

And always we press our imaginings

Upon the ripe and unripe fruit. I try

To offer liberation to all things,

Accept that I can’t change worlds with my eye.

Music with no voices is the one

Sound we make that does not sing of us.

I listen to a cello, it’s begun

Pure cadences that we cannot abuse.

Spring and a Blackbird

Today words have a tune.

Who found which? Who knows

Which came first? The singing goes

Up and up in swinging circles, in sound

Where intimate conversation never goes.

A poem takes off from the ground,

From snow safe and from heat-wave it’s immune,

Part-sunlight, part-half-moon.

And the sound of the poem belongs

To nobody. It’s a free for all,

A high clarity like the blackbird’s call

In this green-gold morning, this burning afternoon.

You need not search for music in your poems,

You, poet. They find each other out

Plangent, intransigent and never in doubt

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Medium 9781847770042

A Man in the Wings

Slice PDF February 05, 2015

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