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Washington DC

Tieck, Sarah ABDO PDF
Medium 9780596159764


Rich Shupe Adobe Developer Library ePub

Components are wondrous little widgets that add functionality to your projects with little to no programming required. Used by ActionScript neophytes and veterans alike, their feature sets range from simple to complex. Usually, they contain a graphical front end and integrated code to assist in or complete their purpose. However, code-only components are also sometimes used as ActionScript libraries to expand the capabilities of the language.

Components make it possible to accomplish goals without having to reinvent the wheel. That is, when you need a video player, a component can save you the need to create one on your own. This is especially true of oft-used items such as buttons, scroll bars, menus, and other user interface controls. In this chapter, you will look at all of these kinds of components and more, and you will add some to your portfolio project. Components will enhance the portfolio by giving users the ability to load external content and display details of images too large to fit on the screen. In Chapter13, you will complete your portfolio project by adding video to the Gallery screen using a video component.

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Medium 9780596005481

TCP/IP Firewall

Tony Bautts O'Reilly Media PDF

Chapter 7


TCP/IP Firewall

Security is increasingly important for companies and individuals alike. The Internet provides them with a powerful tool to distribute information about themselves and obtain information from others, but it also exposes them to dangers from which they were previously exempt. Computer crime, information theft, and malicious damage are all potential dangers.

This chapter covers the Linux features for setting up a firewall, known both by its command interface (iptables) and its kernel subsystem name (netfilter). This firewall implementation was new in the 2.4 kernel and works substantially the same way in


A malicious person who gains access to a computer system may guess system passwords or exploit the bugs and idiosyncratic behavior of certain programs to obtain a working account on that host. Once they are able to log in to the host, they may have access to sensitive information. In a commercial setting, stealing, deleting, or modifying information such as marketing plans, new project details, or customer information databases can cause significant damage to the company.

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Medium 9781588436566

Grenada’s Grenadines: Carriacou & Petite Martinique

Alan Moore Hunter Publishing ePub

You may wonder why some Grenadines belong to St. Vincent and others belong to Grenada. The answer lies in the 1700s and Britains attempt to keep hold of her empire.

When the British gained control in 1763, all of the Grenadines south of St. Vincent were put under the charge of Grenada. Ten years later, raiding parties by American privateers presented a real threat. In some instances, the Americans would land by night and supply arms to the local Caribs. William Leybourne, Governor-in-Chief of what were then called the Southern Caribbee Islands, protested to London that St. Vincent should have a separate governor.

Appointed to the post was gentleman planter, Valentine Morris. He arrived in 1774, as the Boston Tea Party was occurring in Massachusetts and Leybourne lay on his deathbed. Within three years, Governor Morris wrote to the Admiralty in London making a request that the small islands of Bequia, Balliceaux, Mustique and Canouan be annexed to St. Vincent. This was granted just in time, as the French recaptured Grenada in 1779.

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Medium 9788324610488

7. Testowanie i usuwanie błędów

Scott Raymond Helion ePub

Jeli przegldasz t ksik, kuszce moe by pominicie tego rozdziau. Po co czyta o testowaniu, gdy nie ma si aplikacji do przetestowania? I czemu martwi si technikami usuwania bdw, jeli wszystko dziaa prawidowo? Odpowied na te pytania jest prosta: testowanie i usuwanie bdw powinny pojawi si na kadym etapie programowania by moe nawet przed programowaniem. Czemu? Jest kilka przyczyn. Na pewno nie jest zaskakujce stwierdzenie, e pisanie testw moe waciwie przyspieszy programowanie. Wydaje si to by nieracjonalne, ale jest prawd, poniewa testowanie przypomina uprz wspinaczkow: ze zmniejszon kar za robienie bdw jest si wolnym i mona robi miae, szybkie ruchy.

Automatyczne testowanie jest uwzgldnione w kadym jzyku czy platformie. Ale nie kada spoeczno danej technologii przykada waciw wag do znaczenia testowania najwaniejszym przykadem moe by JavaScript, ktry bardzo czsto jest pisany bez adnych testw. Znaczny odsetek projektw Ruby zawiera powizany zestaw testw, a i Rails ma bardzo gruntowny mechanizm testowy. Rails take zachca programistw do testowania wasnych aplikacji. Mona byo zauway, e script/generate dodaje may fragment testu do kadego generowanego modelu i kontrolera. To jest sposb Rails na przypominanie, e naley zacz testowa swj kod wczenie i robi to czsto.

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