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12. The skin in early object relations revisited

Karnac Books ePub

Judith Jackson & Eleanor Nowers

It was my Q.J.] privilege to be in Esther Bick’s infant observation seminar for two years during the period when she was working on her ideas about the skin, and I remember how vivid and poetic were her descriptions of an infant’s terrors of falling to bits, liquefying, when in an unheld, unintegrated, quivering state of unendurable being. I doubt that anybody else has ever given such resonance to what Bion (1962b) called “nameless dread”. The seminar group was constantly enthralled by her detailed analysis of the many individual dramas unfolding, moved almost to tears by her unrivalled understanding of the poignancy of an infant’s pain and helplessness, and shrivelled in shame when sharply confronted by our too-ready criticisms of a mother’s shortcomings and difficulties. Her few papers are a pale reflection of her immensely gifted intuitions and creative thinking in pioneering the field of infant observation.

In this chapter, we would like to illustrate that drama and vividness through one such observation, beginning with some of the ideas contained in Bick’s original, albeit very condensed, and complex 1968 paper regarding the primary function of the skin. In this she describes the need of the unintegrated infant to be held together by the “skin” of the mother’s containing functions.

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Medium 9781741797978

Côte d’Ivoire

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Côte d’Ivoire

225 / pop 21.9 million

Blighted by recent conflict but bejewelled by beaches and rainforests, it would be a shame to sidestep Cote d’Ivoire because of its baggage.

Cote d’Ivoire is a stunner, shingled with starfish-studded sands, and forest roads so orange they resemble strips of bronzing powder.

In the south, the Parc National de Taï hides secrets, species and nut-cracking chimps under the boughs of its trees, while the peaks and valleys of Man offer a highland climate, fresh air and local art.

The beach resorts of low-key Assinie and arty Grand Bassam were made for weekend retreats from Abidjan, the capital in all but name, where lagoons wind their way between skyscrapers and cathedral spires pierce the blue heavens.

May–Jul Storms to rival those in Oct–Nov; be prepared for buckets of rain and lightning.

Jun–Oct Wet in the north but humid with bursts of rain in the south. Temperatures about 28°C.

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Vincent Arthur Smith Parkstone International PDF



Après la mort d’Ashoka, l’empire s’écroula, mais ses descendants continuèrent à gouverner leurs provinces pendant près d’un demisiècle. Puis ils furent remplacés par les rois Sunga qui gouvernèrent des parties de l’Inde du Nord jusqu’au début du Ier siècle avant J.-C.

Cependant, le style architectural, le décor et la sculpture qui, pour la première fois, furent un genre à part entière sous le mécénat d’Ashoka, continuèrent à être en usage jusqu’à la fin du Ier siècle après

J.-C. environ, formant ainsi une période bien distincte et définie dans l’histoire de l’art indien.

Bien que le bouddhisme à cette période, qui s’étend approximativement de 273 avant J.-C. à 100 après J.-C., n’ait été en aucune façon la seule religion en Inde, il occupa cependant une place dominante grâce à la propagande du grand empereur bouddhiste. Par conséquent, les monuments qui résistèrent au temps sont presque tous bouddhistes. Pourtant, peu d’entre eux remontent au règne d’Ashoka. Si l’énorme tas de briques solides en maçonnerie connu comme le Grand Stupa de Sanchi, qui plus tard fut recouvert de pierres, ainsi que plusieurs autres structures ont pu appartenir à son règne, force est de constater que la plupart des bâtiments qui survécurent sont d’une date plus tardive.

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15. Data Retrieval

Steven Feuerstein O'Reilly Media ePub

One of the hallmarks of the PL/SQL language is its tight integration with the Oracle database, both for changing data in database tables and for extracting information from those tables. This chapter explores the many features available in PL/SQL to query data from the database and make that data available within PL/SQL programs.

When you execute a SQL statement from PL/SQL, the Oracle RDBMS assigns a private work area for that statement and also manages the data specified by the SQL statement in the System Global Area (SGA). The private work area contains information about the SQL statement and the set of data returned or affected by that statement.

PL/SQL provides a number of different ways to name this work area and manipulate the information within it; all of these ways involve defining and working with cursors . They include:

A simple and direct SELECT ... INTO retrieves a single row of data into local program variables. It's the easiest (and often the most efficient) path to your data, but it can often lead to coding the same or similar SELECTs in multiple places in your code.

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Medium 9780596009823

C. A History of UML

Russ Miles O'Reilly Media ePub

UML has not always been the de facto modeling language that it is today. In fact, not so long ago, everyone involved in complex system modeling was using a plethora of different modeling languagessome formal, some informaland each had its own associated development approach.

Nowhere was the problem more apparent than in software modeling. Object orientation had just become a fully recognized technique for developing software, and it did not take long for new modeling methods to start incorporating this revolutionary technique into their practices.

Unfortunately, even though object-oriented software modeling was seen as a good thing, the mess of different and conflicting approaches to modeling cancelled out a lot of the advantages that modeling promised. If you were designing using one modeling language and another member of your group was using another modeling language, the advantages of communicating designs to each other were completely lost. Software and system groups were forced to pick a modeling language, knowing that their choice was potentially a dangerous decision that could exclude other groups from easily joining the design effort.

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