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Medium 9781576754306

13 Search for the Idea

Jack Foster Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

If there is no wind, row.

Latin proverb

The biggest sin is sitting on your ass.

Florynce Kennedy

Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.

Gene Fowler

Cliff Einstein, the head of an advertising agency, says: “The best way to get an idea is to get an idea.”

He means that once you have an idea, the pressure is off to have an idea.

He also means that ideas have a way of snowballing, that the best way to get the whole process going is to prime it with an idea, any idea. It doesn’t matter if the idea makes sense or solves the problem or is even germane, just as long as it’s something new and different.

I know this sounds crazy, but try it sometime. It really works. Say: “Why don’t we paint it green?” Or “What if . . .”

Hal Riney, another agency head, said: “Actually, I suppose the creative process is probably nothing more than trial and error, guided by facts, experience, and taste.”

Linus Pauling said: “The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas.”

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Medium 9781855759886

CHAPTER TWO. Enduring and helpful techniques in systemic thinking and practice

Rudi Dallos Karnac Books ePub

Family therapy has developed action techniques, such as enactment and sculpting, which help make patterns between people visible, and questioning techniques, such as circular questions, which help to evaluate systemic hypotheses.

Systemic hypothesizing

A systemic hypothesis is an attempt to develop the connections between information gained from family members during a family interview. It will often include information about life-cycle transitions and inter-generational patterns; relationship patterns (closeness and distance) and recent changes in those patterns; family beliefs and the relationship to the presenting difficulties; dilemmas around change; and issues of gender and culture. Systemic hypotheses are developed and discarded as new information emerges or is elaborated in subsequent family meetings. Cecchin (1987) has suggested that when practitioners consider themselves stuck in their work with families, it is either because they have fallen in love with one hypothesis or because they are thinking at one level of the system. Under such circumstances, his advice is to challenge ourselves by broadening the contextual frame for our thinking.

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Medium 9781615424092

Make Sure Your Disk Is Ready

Joe Kissell TidBITS Publishing, Inc. ePub

Two features in Mountain LionFileVault 2 and Recovery modehave special requirements when it comes to the state of your disk atthetime you upgrade. In certain situations, especially if youre upgrading from Snow Leopard or earlier, you may need to make changes to your disk before you can upgrade.

As I explain in a moment, you can postpone changes like disabling encryption until just before youre ready to run the Mountain Lion installer; Imention this in case youre reading ahead but planning to perform the upgrade later. But bear in mind that making these changes to your disk may be time-consuming, so take that into account when scheduling time to install Mountain Lion.

If you currently use neither FileVault nor a third-party full-disk encryption program, or if you use FileVault under Lion, you dont need the rest of this topicmove right along to Consider Re-partitioning Your Disk. But if you do use one of these types of encryption, continue reading for important information about steps you might want to take before upgrading to Mountain Lion.

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Medium 9780874252187

Activity 8 Focus on Coaching Skills

Donna Berry HRD Press PDF

Activity 8

50 Activities for Coaching/Mentoring


Step 1: Introduce the activity.


Review the objectives.

Explain that participants will be working in small groups.

Step 2: Divide the group.


Set up small groups of three to seven participants.

Step 3: Distribute one copy of Exercise 8.1 to each participant.


Review the exercise and answer any questions participants have.

Step 4: Conduct the activity.


Have participants fill in the top row of Exercise 8.1 with information about themselves.

Have participants share with other people in their group what they have filled in on their exercise. Participants should fill in their exercises with information from other participants.

As they fill in the information, they should discuss each person’s responses.

Allow groups 30 minutes to discuss the questions and complete the exercise.

Step 5: Review the activity.


Reassemble the group.

Discuss the exercise by reviewing the questions.

Give participants the opportunity to find others in the larger group who share similar strengths and weaknesses.

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Medium 9781615420117

6. Read RSS Feeds

Joe Kissell TidBITS Publishing, Inc. ePub

Starting with Leopard, Mail gained the capability to display RSS feeds, which many blogs, news sites, and other online publications use to distribute information on an article-by-article basis.

Mail is better than Safari at displaying RSS feeds, and many of the tasks you perform in Mail (marking messages as read, searching, using smart mailboxes, and so on) can be done the same way with feeds. But Mail doesn't approach the wealth of features or flexible interface of stand-alone RSS readers such as NetNewsWire (, free). If I were stuck on a desert island with only Mail to meet my RSS needs, I'd manage, but I'd prefer a more capable tool.

With that in mind, I want to provide a quick overview of using RSS in Mail. But if you read more than a handful of RSS feeds regularly, I suggest you look seriously at NetNewsWire, because Mail is likely to prove unsatisfying.

Mail has three feed-related preferences, all found in the RSS preference pane. Before adding any feeds, take a moment to set these preferences to your liking:

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