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Medium 9781942496656

Chapter 7

Charlotte Jones Solution Tree Press ePub

When the sun dawned early the next morning, Sunburst was in chaos. The borders had been severely restricted, and every carriage in the palace was searched, but nothing was found. Shining Shira had vanished.

“I want the names of every single guest here,” Conrad said, “from the moment the ball began. We need the time they arrived, the time they left, with whom they left, everything.”

Men swarmed his office, handing him paper filled with information and reports and telling him about so-and-so who may or may not have noticed a man or two men carrying something that looked like a person on the roof or near the castle wall. He and Addae directed men everywhere, trying to organize a situation that was completely out of control.

“Captain, many of the nobles left the palace before Shining Shira was attacked. Do we still need to check them?”

“Every single one. Talk to all the servants, everyone on the roof who could have seen something.”

“Captain, the people need to know what is going on. What do we tell them?”

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Medium 9781574412437

Chapter 23. “Blood will surely come”

David Johnson University of North Texas Press PDF



“Blood will surely come”


documents. Obviously James Earp was frightened that Ringo would find his brothers. The Epitaph echoed this. “Later in the day two parties are said to have gone in pursuit of the deputy marshal and his posse, threatening vengeance for an act in which the above official was concerned some time since. What the result will be can only be surmised.” The paper attacked Behan’s office for releasing Ringo without an approved bond. “The facts are stubborn and plain, but no more than is the duty of every good citizen to do their utmost to see that the full intent of the proclamation is carried out and that the orders of the court are sustained.”1

The first party was John Ringo. This lone man inspired such concern that the Epitaph called upon residents to protect Earp and his posse.

The second party was John Henry Jackson’s posse which was pursuing

Ringo. His posse headed for Charleston expecting to find both Ringo and the Earps. Instead they ran into trouble. On January 24 Jackson arrived at Charleston “and after leaving their arms at a convenient place proceeded to the Occidental hotel to get their breakfast. Upon passing the threshold they were intercepted by Isaac Clanton and another man

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Medium 9781576757642


Margaret J. Wheatley Berrett-Koehler Publishers PDF
Medium 9781591201113

PART TWO • Fiber in History and Disease Prevention

Spiller, Gene Basic Health Publications ePub

Many books have been written on the history of foods. A few highlights of this history show how high-fiber foods have been used, and how the consumption of fiber has declined dramatically over the centuries, and at a speeded-up rate in the past two hundred years. Some concepts in this chapter are so crucial to understanding the value of fiber in health that we will look at them again from different points of view in other chapters.

Before Agriculture Began

There are ancient petroglyphs (line carvings on rocks) in the desert canyons of northern Nevada and other parts of the West that depict how Native Americans went into forests in the canyons near Reno to pick berries, leaves, and nuts. In the Southwest, Native Americans ate grains and beans and the nutritious stems of bulrushes.

Before the era of agriculture, people in the temperate regions gathered leaves, nuts and other seeds, roots, and stems, and made these a major part of their diet. Today these foods are called unrefined whole foods.

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Medium 9780819848222

Chapter 9: Phu Xuan Major Seminary

Andre Nguyen Pauline Books and Media ePub

Andre Nguyen Van Chau offers a superb account of the life and spirituality of one of the great Catholic leaders of our time. Cardinal Van Thuan was not only a friend to many of us in the College of Cardinals, but he remains a vibrant source of hope for all of us in the Church because of the way he lived in perfect conformity to the Crucified Christ.

—His Eminence
Cardinal Roger Mahony
Archbishop of Los Angeles

He is an icon of the Vietnamese Catholic Church: Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan. The lines of his story tell of a country and a people torn by the horror of violence and war brought on by their struggle for independence. His is an unapologetically political spirituality that is cultivated, nurtured, and sustained by the riches of the Catholic tradition. Written at the late Cardinal’s own request, this biography charts the footsteps of a man who walked the long road of hope, urging us on to hope amidst the darkness of our own time and place.

—Michael Downey
Author, Hope Begins Where Hope Begins

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