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Medium 9780946439096

7. Similarities and Differences between Psycho-analytic Principles and Group-Analytic Principles

Slice ePub May 25, 2014


The term group analysis as a form of psychotherapy inevitably suggests a relationship to psycho-analysis. This is quite particularly true if used, as in my own case, by someone who is a professional Freudian psycho-analyst. This term was meant to express this inner affinity in orientation, and also to acknowledge what group analysis owes to the experiences of psycho-analysis. However it was clear to me from the very beginning that group analysis is a totally different approach to psychology and to psychotherapy than is psycho-analysis. The differences are perhaps more important to stress than the similarities, as they are not as well understood. Indeed, the term group analysis has since been adopted by some workers in the u s A who see in this method scarcely more than an application of psycho-analysis. These differences are essentially due to the differences between an individual situation—a situation between two—and a group situation—a situation between a number of people. I will choose only two such situations, the psycho-analytic situation and the group-analytic situation, for the purpose of comparison.

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Medium 9781591201977

78. Sin of the Skin #5: Rough Skin

Slice ePub January 13, 2014

Medium 9780596803544

6. saving, editing, and sorting data: Everyone’s an editor...

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

scroll view up close

How did we deal with the keyboard last time? Will that work this time?

What do you want the view to do when the keyboard appears?

Resigning first responder worked last time. In DrinkMixer it would be fine for the name field, but what about the directions and the ingredients fields? As soon as they keyboard comes up, they’re covered.The user has a smaller screen to work with once the keyboard shows up - we need to set up the view to scroll things in when the user needs them. We can do this with a UIScrollView.

UIScrollView Up Close

UIScrollView is just like the basic UIView we’ve been using except that it can handle having items (like buttons, text fields, etc.) that are off the screen and then scroll them into view. The scroll view draws and manages a scroll bar, panning and zooming, and what part of the content view is displayed. It does all of this by knowing how big the area it needs to show is (called the contentSize) and how much space it has to show it in (the frame). UIScrollView can figure out everything else from there.

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Medium 9781576750407

6 Separating Action from Meaning The Legacy of Efficiency

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

Then he was told:

Remember what you have seen,
because everything forgotten
returns to the circling winds
Lines from a Navajo chant (Cousineau, 1993)

Frederick Taylor’s legacy is with us in all areas of organizational and corporate life. Each time we determine an appropriate degree of centralization and standardization, we make choices about how individuals will be allowed to think on their own. Each new technological breakthrough has implications for how work will be performed and whether human labor will still be needed. Each new attempt at work redesign holds within it assumptions about how people derive meaning from work and how individuals will relate to a larger system. We cannot distance ourselves from the social forces behind efficiency—the history of the power struggle, the rationale for work redesign, the methods for control over employees—because we are still subject to their influence.

Each time we struggle with the question of why employees still do not “think” or seem too preoccupied with their job descriptions or cannot work well with others, we face Taylor’s legacy of efficiency in the workplace. Taylor was fond of telling workers, “You’re not supposed to think; there are other people paid for thinking around here.” He said this to be provocative and often followed his comment by engaging in a heated conversation with workers over this principle. His point was that work had become so complex and the knowledge of how it was best performed so precise that both laborer and manager benefited from allowing a third party, the efficiency engineer, to be the arbitrator of best practices. He could not foresee how seriously his injunction not to think would become woven into the unwritten rules of the workplace. Why should employees think when their tools were taken from them, when their physical behavior at work was determined by someone else, when their time was no longer their own?138

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Medium 9788324682850

9. Zarządzanie pamięcią

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

Pami naley do najbardziej podstawowych, a jednoczenie najwaniejszych zasobw dostpnych dla procesu. W rozdziale tym omwione zostan tematy zwizane z zarzdzaniem ni: przydzielanie, modyfikowanie i w kocu zwalnianie pamici.

Sowo przydzielanie powszechnie uywany termin, okrelajcy czynno udostpniania obszaru pamici wprowadza w bd, poniewa wywouje obraz wydzielania deficytowego zasobu, dla ktrego wielko da przewysza wielko zapasw. Na pewno wielu uytkownikw wolaoby mie wicej dostpnej pamici. Dla nowoczesnych systemw problem nie polega jednak na rozdzielaniu zbyt maych zapasw dla zbyt wielu uytkownikw, lecz waciwym uywaniu i monitorowaniu danego zasobu.

W tym rozdziale przeanalizowane zostan wszystkie metody przydzielania pamici dla rnych obszarw programu, jednoczenie z ukazaniem ich zalet i wad. Przedstawimy rwnie pewne sposoby, pozwalajce na ustawianie i modyfikacj zawartoci dowolnych obszarw pamici, a take wyjanimy, w jaki sposb naley zablokowa dane w pamici, aby w programach nie trzeba byo oczekiwa na operacje jdra, ktre zajmowaoby si przerzucaniem danych z obszaru wymiany.

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