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Medium 9781782200857


Slice ePub August 19, 2014

“Take a look at this,” Hélissenne said excitedly. The inspector had arrived at the hotel in Gincla and had found her deeply engrossed in reading the letters she and Geoffrey had uncovered, piles of pages strewn all over the large table in the dining room she had commandeered. Canal had initially walked over and stood by silently for some moments, watching her read, until she looked up and greeted him cordially, inviting him to take a seat next to her at the table.

She pointed to a passage in both the twelfth-century original and the sixteenth-century copy. “Abelard is clearly beside himself here—Heloise has just told him to stop writing to her because she cannot bear for him to reproach her anymore.” (The two native-born French speakers conversed in French, not Latin, but we shall follow their discussion in plain English.)

“Yes,” the inspector nodded, “it is a crucial part of the correspondence. It seems that Abelard is taking out on Heloise his frustration with himself for having become obsessed with her,” Canal continued, happy to have the opportunity to voice some of his own speculations about the correspondence. “He cannot accept the fact that he has given himself over completely to his sexual desire for her and has ended up seriously neglecting his philosophical work. It has led him to get angry at her for every little thing, as if he were looking for a reason to break up with her.”

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Medium 9780596005221

7. JDO Persistence

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Those who feel that liberation from tradition is a good thing rejoice at this change, while those who fear the results lament the loss of roots.

JDBC provides your application with direct access to a relational data store. Though JDBC tries to objectify the data store using objects that represent relational database concepts, it does not provide an object-oriented picture of your problem domain. Your job in JDBC programming is to use information from those database objects to build an OO picture of your problem domain. This task is the problem of object-relational mapping we talked about in Chapter 4.

Also in Chapter 4, I introduced the concept of the data access object pattern. Using this pattern, business objects delegate their persistence to something else called a data access object. Chapter 4 then showed you how to use JDBC to build data access objects. Chapter 6 showed you how to use the data access object pattern in an EJB system to provide JDBC-based persistence.

You do not need to write the persistence layer for this pattern to be valid. EJB CMP delegates its persistence operations to the container. EJB CMP, however, is not the only automated persistence option for Java architects and developers. This chapter covers the major standard option to EJB CMP, the Java Data Objects (JDO) specification. If you are not familiar with this specification, Chapter 12 provides a tutorial to introduce you to JDO programming.

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Medium 9780596514914

4. iTunes Basics

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

If you read Chapter1 for a speedy way to get your iPod set up and ready to play, you've already dipped a toe in the iTunes waters. But as you may have guessed, beneath its pretty surface, iTunes is a deep well of media-management wonders.

Even without buying music from the online iTunes Store, you can use the program to import music from your CD collection, and add personal ratings, lyrics, and artwork to your song files. Once you check everything into your iTunes library, the program makes it easy to browse and search through all your treasures.

Yes, iTunes is a powerful program. So powerful, in fact, that this chapter is mainly going to focus on introducing you to its most basic and useful likefunctions what the controls do and how to import music from CDs. If you want to learn more about fine-tuning your library, Chapter5 covers more advanced iTunes features. Chapter6 tells you how to create customized song playlists, Chapter7 is all about blowing your bucks in the iTunes Store, and Chapter8 spotlights the video side of iTunes.

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Medium 9781847779694

The Rhino and the Lark

Slice ePub May 04, 2015

Once upon a time there was a Rhino –

Which is short for Rhinoserous –

And he had a Voice –

And what a Voice!!

It seemed to be made out of Rust

And grit and black sand,

And he was un-loved. (No wonder.)

Except for one little creature who had faith in him

And this little creature was a Skylark

Who wanted to save him from himself.

‘Look here, my old wrinkled friend,’

Said the Skylark –

‘We must defeat your horrid temper, mustn’t we?’

‘I don’t know,’ said the Rhino.

From Figures of Speech. The Key to the drawing is on p. 234.

‘Come, come, we can talk more sweetly than that, can’t we?’

Said the Skylark.

‘I don’t feel sweet,’ said the Rhino.

‘You certainly don’t look sweet,’ said the Skylark.

‘But you must try.’

‘I have been trying. And it’s not fair,’ said the Rhino.

‘Why have you stuck that apple on the horn that’s on my nose,

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Medium 9781588437242


Slice ePub May 25, 2014

The Lao People's Democratic Republic (PDR) is one of those almost-undiscovered travel destinations that is too quickly becoming a stop on the main tourist trail. It's a land of incredible contrasts - beautiful scenery, raging rivers, poor infrastructure, great food, fabulous UNESCO world heritage sites, and incredibly poor people. The country is slowly awakening to the possibilities of adventure and eco-tourism, but there is still a long way to go. Travel times are long - plan on a top speed of 40-50 km per hour on most roads. Public transport is often primitive - rattletrap buses with people sitting on cement bags down the aisle. There are no trains. Lao Aviation flies to most places in the country, and fares are reasonable, but schedules are infrequent and inconvenient in many cases.


The ASEAN conference of 2004 resulted in some major road improvements around Vientiane, but the rest of the country is still not well off.

Still, Laos is a country not to be missed. You can see waterfalls that pass more water than Niagara Falls (in the rainy season), cycle around islands in the Mekong where life is almost unchanged from 50-100 years ago, visit hundreds of Buddhist temples and thousands of saffron-robed monks, trek into the hill tribe areas and ride elephants, kayak in the many rivers, visit former royal palaces that are now living history museums, and so much more. There are no true beaches - Laos is a landlocked country - but there are miles of rivers that are as big as lakes after the rains fall. There's not much wildlife anymore, but the diversity of plants almost makes up for that.

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