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Medium 9788324614943

11. Animacja na stronie WWW

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Jednym z istotniejszych elementw pakietu ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit jest niezwykle wydajna platforma animacji, ktra udostpnia wiele funkcji pozwalajcych na przygotowywanie wyrafinowanych efektw bez potrzeby pisania skryptw JavaScript. W tym rozdziale zostan omwione zasady posugiwania si wspomnian platform. Dodatkowo tematyka rozdziau obejmuje pewn funkcj pakietu Control Toolkit zwizan z zagadnieniem animacji obsug mechanizmu przecignij i upu.

Wszystkie prezentowane tutaj przykady zostay przygotowane z zaoeniem, e w rodowisku projektowym zosta zainstalowany pakiet ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit. Sama witryna musi by oczywicie skonfigurowana w taki sposb, aby korzystaa z tego pakietu. Wicej informacji na temat instalacji pakietu Control Toolkit znajduje si w Rozdzia10.

Przygotowywanie animacji w rodowisku ASP.NET AJAX wie si z wykorzystaniem jednego z dwch oferowanych mechanizmw. Pierwszy zosta zaimplementowany w pakiecie ASP.NET AJAX Futures i obejmuje kilka opcji, ktre zostay szczegowo opisane w Rozdzia19. Drugie rozwizanie sprowadza si do zastosowania pakietu ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, ktry jest czym znacznie bardziej skomplikowanym ni tylko zbiorem kontrolek Ajax przystosowanych do wywietlania efektw graficznych. Pakiet ten obejmuje ca platform do tworzenia animacji, szczegowo opisan w dalszej czci tego podrozdziau. Trudno powiedzie, ktre z rozwiza ostatecznie wygra i zostanie zachowane. Osobicie stawiabym na Control Toolkit, ze wzgldu na wikszy udzia spoecznoci ASP.NET w pracach nad kodem.

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Medium 9780596521875

1. Hello JavaScript!

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

One reason JavaScript is so popular is that its relatively easy to add JavaScript to a web page. All you need to do, at a minimum, is include an HTML script element in the page, specify "text/javascript" for the type attribute, and add whatever JavaScript you want:

Installation is not required, nor do you have to torturously work through any odd library path configurations. JavaScript works, straight out of the box and in most web browsers, including the big four: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. All you need to do is add a scripting block, and youre in business.

Traditionally, you add JavaScript blocks to the head element in the document (delimited by opening and closing head tags), but you also can include them in the body elementor even in both sections. However, adding script to the body is not usually considered a good technique, as it makes it more difficult to find the script when youre modifying it at a later time. The exception to this rule is when performance is an issue, which Ill cover in Chapter6. All of the examples in this book add scripting blocks only to the web page head section.

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Medium 9780596101527

Language Elements by Category

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Array Handling


Array Class

Array.BinarySearch Method

Array.Copy Method

Array.IndexOf Method

Array.LastIndexOf Method

Array.Reverse Method

Array.Sort Method

Erase Statement

IsArray Function

Join Function

LBound Function

ReDim Statement

UBound Function

VBFixedArray Attribute


Represents an array

Searches for a value in a sorted one-dimensional array

Copies all or part of an array

Searches for the first occurrence of a value in an unsorted one-dimensional array

Searches for the last occurrence of a value in an unsorted one-dimensional array

Reverses the order of elements in an array dimension

Sorts the elements of an array dimension

Resets an array to its uninitialized state

Indicates whether a variable is an array

Concatenates an array of values into a delimited string

Returns the lower boundary of an array

Adjusts the bounds of an array dimension

Returns the upper boundary of an array

Defines a fixed-length array



Clipboard Class

Clipboard.GetDataObject Method

Clipboard.SetDataObject Method

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Medium 9780951017432

Autistic Omnipotence and Symbiotic Omnipotence in Infantile Psychosis

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

G. De Astis, A. Giannotti

It is conventionally accepted that the concept of ‘omnipotence’ is generally related to narcissism.

It is not, however, sufficiently clear how the two are connected, despite the fact that all the authors writing about narcissistic pathology give a central position to the concept of omnipotence. Smith (1986) critically reviews the concept of omnipotence as it was used during the first 30 years of this century by S. Freud, K. Abraham and Ferenczi.

Let us follow this outline. Freud first mentions omnipotence in 1909, in “The Rat Man” where he says:

‘I refer to the omnipotence which he ascribed to his thoughts and feelings, and to his wishes, whether good or evil.’

In “Totem and Taboo” (1912) Freud links omnipotence of thoughts to narcissistic overvaluation of psychical acts, but in ‘On Narcissism: an introduction’ (1914) omnipotence is related to a ‘sense of self and hence to narcissistic libido.

Karl Abraham considers omnipotence a narcissistic phenomenon, but he more specifically links it to the body and particularly to the erotogenic zones.

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Medium 9780596516130

5. Image Processing

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

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