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Medium 9781491905531

1. Care About the Code

Pete Goodliffe O'Reilly Media ePub

From caring comes courage.

— Lao Tzu

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out that good programmers write good code. Bad programmers… don’t. They produce elephantine monstrosities that the rest of us have to clean up. You want to write the good stuff, right? You want to be a good programmer.

Good code doesn’t pop out of thin air. It isn’t something that happens by luck when the planets align. To get good code you have to work at it. Hard. And you’ll only get good code if you actually care about good code.

To write good code, you have to care about it. To become a better programmer you must invest time and effort.

Good programming is not born from mere technical competence. I’ve seen highly intellectual programmers who can produce intense and impressive algorithms, who know their language standard by heart, but who write the most awful code. It’s painful to read, painful to use, and painful to modify. I’ve seen more humble programmers who stick to very simple code, but who write elegant and expressive programs that are a joy to work with.

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Medium 9781552452677

Last Words

Spencer Gordon Coach House Books ePub





The doctor points to an X-ray of my lungs, circles an area near my trachea. The office air goes queer – pressurized, headachy – as she opens her mouth to speak. Tumours, she says, delicately, as if invoking the name means invitation. Here and here and here, tapping the photograph, signalling the first signs of a cancer that may spread from my lungs to my throat and to my brain. Or not, she adds, careful; we can’t predict the process of the disease. So, they might otherwise head south, passing through my capillaries to leech into my stomach, my liver, my pancreas. They may shrink, or they may just stay put, grow to the size of ripe plums in my chest.

Who knows? Once you’ve got a weed, I’m thinking, the whole lawn is lost. I’ve spent enough time gardening, knees and hands stained with soil, to know how the whole grisly show operates. One arrogant yellow bloom pokes its tufty head out of so much healthy green, and then there’s a legion. But these weeds aren’t happy yellow dandelions, won’t fade to spidery white filaments that blow to bits at the end of summer. And I can’t simply rise and retire, put away my tools and abandon the manicured fight. No, the next few months will be shadowy, elusive, spiked with the brooding talk of tumours: morbid entanglements of humour and tomb.

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Medium 9781491946459

12. Context Is King: Using Location and Other Signals

Allen Firstenberg O'Reilly Media ePub

What are the three most important things about buying a house? Location, location, and location. There may be a lot more relative to building great Glassware, but location is certainly one of the most important cues that we have about what someone wearing Glass will want to know about at any given moment. It is a core principle to the third Noble Truth: Keep it Relevant. And the one unifying force that binds not only location data, but also signals relative to time, the user’s activity, identity, proximity, scheduled events, and presence of other devices is context.

Location isn’t the only tool we have at our disposal to help read the mind of someone using our Glassware, but it does serve as a good foundation upon which to base our other contextual inputs. We’ll be discussing how Glass directly supports location-aware services, some unexpected ways we can use this information, and how it serves as a model for other context-based data that we may wish to incorporate in our Glassware.

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Medium 9781591201977

42. Fiber, the Anti-Fat

Klatz M.D. D.O., Ronald Basic Health Publications ePub
Medium 9780596527549

7.3 Creating Professional Documentation with NDoc

James Avery O'Reilly Media PDF


CR_Documentor in a Nutshell

CR_Documentor is a terrific tool if you already have DXCore or can work with the licensing restrictions for the downloadable version. CR_Documentor lets you quickly make sure your XML comments are properly formatted, so you can get the most out of generated documentation.


Creating Professional Documentation with NDoc

API documentation for your software is critical. Your system needs to be well documented so that you can understand how it all fits together and how to correctly make calls to various pieces in order to get the expected results.

While this information is critical, you certainly don’t want to be manually creating this documentation in some Word file. Copying and pasting information from your classes’ XML documentation (you are writing that, aren’t you?) is a recipe for disaster as you refactor your code—you’re certain to have disconnects between that Word document and what’s in your final code.

How can you make use of those XML comments to generate professional, clear API documentation without worrying about versioning issues? Enter NDoc, a program that ties together your in-class XML comments with Microsoft’s HTML Help Workshop to produce great-looking documentation straight from your source code.

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