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Medium 9781904658313

Ace of Disks

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Kether of Heh Final is the last stage of growth manifesting in a new cycle or era. The central Disk in this card has four concentric circles showing the four Elemental Divisions of Malkuth fuelled by a fifth, as the innermost white circle and representing spirit. This works through the balanced framework of the Four Rivers of Paradise, which are represented by a red Greek cross. The Four White roses around the circle are placed so that they form the outline of a square showing the balance of spirit and matter. The symmetry is a cross within a circle within a square. The roses symbolize both heaven and earth, life and death. Alchemically they are the Work and the Rebirth of the Spiritual. The twelve subdivisions of white relates to the twelve astrological divisions and their affect on matter, especially through the seasons. The eight leaves1 on the Tree show the regenerative concept of nature (the four corporeal and four incorporeal elements). The four roses and the eight leaves add up to twelve and stand for the twelve rayed Star. The White Winged Maltese Cross shows spiritual growth of matter through the Solar influence, as applied to man. As Man is master of his own destiny the hand thus grasps the branch on which the Disk sits.

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Medium 9780596529819

7. Special Characters

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

Included with Mac O X is the Keyboard Viewer application, which is a keyboard widget that allows you to see which character is created by applying the Shift, Option, or Shift-Option keys to any key on the keyboard. To enable Keyboard Viewer, go to System Preferences International Input Menu, and select the checkbox next to Keyboard Viewer. The Input menu appears in the menu bar; to launch the Keyboard Viewer, simply select this item from the Input menu.

While this application might seem useful, it can be a hassle to launch another app just to create one character and copy and paste it into another program. Fortunately, the Mac OS is able (through one of its least-known and most infrequently used features) to give you the same functionality within any application, making Keyboard Viewer unnecessary if you know what you're doing.

Table7-1 lists the special characters. Keep in mind that this doesn't work for all font types, and some fonts, such as Symbol, Wingdings, and Zapf Dingbats, create an entirely different set of characters or symbols. For example, to create the symbol for the Command key (), you need to switch the font to Wingdings and type a lowercase z.

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Medium 9788324610488

8. Bezpieczeństwo

Source: Ajax on Rails
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Zabezpieczanie aplikacji WWW nie jest zajciem, ktre mona wpisa na list zada, a pniej odhaczy. Nie ma jednej ostatecznej listy dziaa do zrobienia, ktre pozwol perfekcyjnie zabezpieczy aplikacj. Projektowanie bezpiecznych aplikacji internetowych jest zajciem, ktre wymaga ostronoci i uwagi nie tylko wobec drobnych szczegw kodu, ale take waniejszych zasad bezpiecznego programowania.

Celem tego rozdziau jest praca na rnych frontach: najpierw opisanie zasad bezpieczestwa internetowego, pniej okrelenie specyficznych szczelin w pancerzu czsto spotykanych w Internecie, a wreszcie dostarczenie konkretnych metod ochrony aplikacji i danych.

Pewne zagadnienia dotyczce bezpieczestwa s specyficzne w programowaniu w Ajaksie, cho wikszo z nich nie jest. Oglnie, Ajax nie zmienia fundamentalnie niczego zwizanego z bezpieczestwem internetowym zasady pozostaj te same co zawsze. Ale Ajax dodaje dodatkow paszczyzn do aplikacji, a to niesie ze sob nieprzewidziane konsekwencje. Kade zwikszenie zoonoci systemu jest zwizane z poniesieniem kosztw w dziedzinie bezpieczestwa, poniewa podatno kodu na bdy nie jest tak widoczna i atwa w czytaniu.

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Medium 9781742200613

Near West Side & Pilsen

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Near West Side & Pilsen


For more detail of this area see Neigbourhood Map»

Forking into a decadent meal by a celebrity chef at one of the mega-hot restaurants in the West Loop.

Wanding around forklifts and warehouses to find art hubs such as Mars Gallery.

Yelling ‘opa’ as the waiter sets your cheese aflame at a taverna in Greektown.

Admiring psychedelic paintings and colorful folk art at the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Slouching into a booth alongside Pilsen’s bohemian crowd at Skylark.

Just west of the Loop is, well, the West Loop. It’s akin to New York City’s Meatpacking District, with chic restaurants, clubs and galleries poking out between meat-processing plants. The area is booming, and it seems like a new hot chef opens a restaurant (or two) here weekly. By day it’s still a serious food-supply zone filled with forklifts and delivery trucks. At night it turns up the glamor. Stroll along the main veins of W Randolph St and W Fulton Market and you’ll get the drift.

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Medium 9781608682652

10. Eckhart as Sufi: Meister Eckhart Meets Rumi, Hafiz, Ibn El-Arabi, and Avicenna

Slice ePub July 10, 2014

Meister Eckhart Meets Rumi, Hafiz, Ibn El-Arabi, and Avicenna

Ah, one spark flew and burned the house of my heart.


In the spark of the soul there is hidden something like the original outbreak of all goodness, something like a brilliant light which incessantly gleams, and something like a burning fire which burns incessantly. This fire is nothing other than the Holy Spirit.


Love is the creed I hold: Wherever turn His camels, Love is still my creed and faith.


I have made the journey into Nothing. I have become that flame that needs No fuel.


When Passion for Creation, my book of sermons by Meister Eckhart, appeared in 1980, the very first response I received was not from a Christian theologian or preacher but from a Sufi. His correspondence was long, and it surprised me, pleasantly so. At that time, like most in our culture, I was less aware of Sufism. Today, the West is much more familiar with it, thanks to the dissemination of Rumi’s stunning poetry, to Hafiz’s amazing work, and to the Dances of Universal Peace inspired by Samuel L. Lewis, which has moved (literally and spiritually) so many people around the world.

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