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Medium 9780253019271

Part III: Outsourced Lives

Faranak Miraftab Indiana University Press ePub

In 2012, a university reporter interviewed me for an article which quoted my argument that immigrants’ families in distant locations contribute to the development of the heartland in places like Beardstown. This article was then picked up and reprinted by My Journal Courier, a newspaper in the Beardstown area with a large local readership (Rhodes 2012). The article grabbed the attention of different people for different reasons. Cargill’s management, for one, objected to my description of how the company recruited immigrant laborers and offered bonuses to workers who helped the company by recruiting through their personal networks. Mike Martin, identifying himself as the plant’s director of communications,1 made a call to the journalist who wrote the piece protesting the report, and subsequently the statement was removed from the online version of the newspaper. This report also gained traction among some of local residents and workers at the Cargill plant, who posted their comments online in response to the article.

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Medium 9781615424443

Yosemite Quick Start

Scholle McFarland Take Control Books ePub

What’s the least you need to know to use OS X 10.10 Yosemite effectively? This book will fill you in. Most chapters focus on new features, but I’ve thrown in a few notable—and particularly useful—features added in 10.9 Mavericks that you’ve probably overlooked. We’ll also examine built-in Apple apps—like Safari, Calendar, and Mail—to see how their changes might benefit you and the way you work. The list below shows how the topics in the book hang together. Click any link to jump to a chapter.

Yosemite brings a radical new look, new features, and updated apps to the Mac. For a quick overview of all the changes see What’s New in Yosemite?

Find out more in Move Easily between Devices with Handoff, Turn Your Mac into a Speakerphone, and Share Files with AirDrop.

When trouble strikes, do you know what to do? We explore basic strategies both for getting out of trouble and avoiding it in the first place in Avoid Problems with User Accounts and Get Help from OS X Recovery.

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Medium 9780596521264

8. Publish/Subscribe

Peter Saint-Andre O'Reilly Media ePub

Are we there yet? asks a small boy in the back seat of a car. No, not yet, answers the adult. Some minutes later, the child asks, Are we there now? This short but frequently repeated exchange is a real-world example of a polling system: the child wont know when the vehicle is approaching its destination, so he frequently checks with the adult driving the car. That is, the child is polling for information.

Usually it doesnt take long for the adult to reply, Ill tell you when were there. This is an example of a publish/subscribe system: here, the boy has expressed an interest in (subscribed to) a piece of information, and the adult will tell the child once the information changes (i.e., once updated information is published). Publish/subscribe systems avoid the need to frequently poll for updates. In this example, this helps the adult traveling with a young boy to stay sane; on the Internet, it serves the dual purpose of saving bandwidth and server resources (there are no more has it changed?, no, it hasnt exchanges), and ensuring that the subscriber receives updates as quickly as the network can deliver them, rather than only the next time the subscriber polls the source.

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Medium 9781601322593

A User-Centric Privacy-Aware Protection System

Kevin Daimi, Hamid R. Arabnia, Michael R. Grimaila, Kathy Liszka, George Markowsky, and Ashu, M. G. Solo CSREA Press PDF

Int'l Conf. Security and Management | SAM'13 |


A User-Centric Privacy-Aware Protection System

Li Yang, Travis Tynes

Department of Computer Science, University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA 30118, USA

Abstract - Nowadays it is increasingly important to protect private information from unintended and unauthorized use.

Traditional access control models generally lack the support for privacy protection. Some studies have been done in the area of integrating privacy control with XML access control.

However, often the focus is placed on organization-specific privacy policies. And how to handle user consent and user preferences are often not addressed. In this paper, we describe our approach based on XACML to integrating XML data access control and privacy control with user consent, preferences and break-glass access procedure considered. We also present a prototype system being developed in the context of health care systems to demonstrate the feasibility of our approach.

Keywords: XML, Privacy Access Control, XACML, User

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Medium 9781782204510

Chapter Nine: Philemon

Walter Boechat Karnac Books ePub

In his book of memoirs Jung wrote: “Philemon and other figures of my fantasies brought home to me the crucial insight that there are things in the psyche which I do not produce, but produce themselves and have their own life” (1963, p. 176).

The appearance of Philemon represents the culmination of Jung's pilgrimage in search of the self. Philemon is referred to in Memories, Dreams, Reflections as equivalent to the guru figure in Indian religion. Jung relates how he had a real-life experience with a guru when he was visited by an Indian intellectual who was one of Gandhi's disciples. The visitor revealed that he had had a guru, and Jung asked him who this was. He answered that his guru was called Sankaracharya. Jung was surprised: “You don't mean the commentator on the Vedas who died centuries ago?” His visitor then explained “matter-of-factly” that this was not at all relevant and that the guru experience is an inner experience. At that moment, said Jung, “I thought of Philemon” (p. 177).

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