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Medium 9781449392451

4. Setting Up Customers and Jobs

Bonnie Biafore O'Reilly Media ePub

You may be fond of strutting around your sales department proclaiming, Nothing happens until somebody sells something! As it turns out, you can quote that tired adage in your accounting department, too. Whether you sell products or services, the first sale to a new customer can initiate a flurry of activity, including creating a new customer in QuickBooks, assigning a job for the work, and the ultimate goal of all this effortinvoicing your customer (sending a billa.k.a. invoicefor your services and products that states how much the customer owes) to collect some income.

The people who buy what you sell have plenty of nicknames: customers, clients, consumers, patrons, patients, purchasers, donors, members, shoppers, and so on. QuickBooks throws out the thesaurus and applies one termcustomerto every person or organization that buys from you. In QuickBooks, a customer is a record of information about your real-life customer. The program takes the data you enter about customers and fills in invoices and other sales forms with your customers names, addresses, payment terms, and other info. If you play it safe and define a credit limit, QuickBooks even reminds you when orders put customers over their limits.

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Medium 9780596517663

What Makes Your Pictures Different?

Derrick Story O'Reilly Media PDF

We see pictures everywhere. They show up in our email, are embedded in web pages, span edge to edge on magazine covers, and flash by on TV screens. With so many people taking so many pictures, how do you distinguish your work from that of others?

The answer: start by learning how to work your camera. When it begins to feel like a natural extension of your vision, you’ll be better prepared to embrace the world you see through its lens.

Remember how awkward it felt the first time you drove a car? You weren’t thinking about your destination as much as you were trying to avoid careening off the side of the road. By learning the controls and practicing their use, you were soon maneuvering with skill and confidence.

If you operate your camera the way you’ve mastered your car, you will take better pictures. Instead of wondering which button to push and fiddling with the controls, you will focus on the world you see around you. And that’s when magical things begin to happen.

Before you know it, you’re embracing techniques to make your pictures look different.

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Medium 9781847774521

Thomas Merton: Summer 1966

Rowan Williams Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Thomas Merton: Summer 1966 '

Bright post-exam ination weather: in the redundant classroom , the only point seems here. the belly of Kentucky heal. the shaven sweating mariners singing Gregorian shanties in a slow light evening. What do r want? What sixteen-year-alds wanl. no do ubt: but a lso: to learn how to sai l t hHt .~ weaty ship, words fa lling mOistly from the timber. shining,

Latin, American, French. Aud tilt! horizon thClt you think

(so slow t he light. so slow the gestures a nd the voices) night never quite closes o n.

The same month

you made a landfall , emptied on to the shore. gasping and heaving against a new hard element. against the solid sand. And now I read yOll, years on . leap a nd flail. mouth wide. reaching-you once-fluent fellowror the words to fix it. findin g in the unfixable a bizarre homeliness. You spent my sixteent h birthday making a clean(ish) brCHst of things to t he stecl smile of Abbot James. You staged show after show fo r friends. then cancelled. Not to make sense is what most m atters.

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Medium 9781601322548

Session - Imaging Software + Systems + Camera Calibration

Hamid R. Arabnia, Leonidas Deligiannidis, Joan Lu, Fernando G. Tinetti, Jane You, George Jandieri, Gerald Schaefer, Ashu M. G. Solo, Vladimir Volkov CSREA Press PDF
Medium 9781449310622

4. Testing Formalism

Sandy Antunes Maker Media, Inc ePub

There is functional testing, as opposed to environmental testing, which is different from launch survivability testingoh my, so many tests. Functional testing is where you verify whether a component works or not, either isolated or when integrated into your overall satellite. All the steps laid out previously provide you with a functional test schedule.

Environmental testing is where you test that a working component continues to work even when subject to the rigors of space. This primarily means vacuum testing and thermal testing. A homemade thermal vacuum chamber will do nicely. This testing should be done for each of the isolated components. Vacuum testing is a pain, because you had to:

I recommend you do thermal vacuum chamber testing after youve finished your functional testing. You will have to break down your full assembly and retest each component in isolation, which is tedious. However, you will already have verified your original design and assembly and integration, so the bulk of this book is the test of survivability. Further, because you know integration works, you can reduce the number of test steps while maintaining accuracy.

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