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Medium 9781781608197

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669)

Source: Erotic Drawings
Slice ePub May 26, 2014

Medium 9781617833847

Regions Of The United States

Source: Vermont
Slice PDF May 14, 2014

Medium 9781781607121

Le vol s’Écrase au sol

Slice ePub June 09, 2014

Je ne traitais pas lespace comme une illusion mais comme un champ cubiste. Ce concept est lantithse des reprsentations thtrales ralistes. Avec une scne foncirement constructiviste, sans rideau ni accessoires figuratifs, le thtre nest pas la vraie vie par consquent ses reprsentations ne devraient pas imiter la vie mais bien prsenter le monde du thtre. Le divertissement tait intense danseurs et acrobates sempressaient de montrer leurs talents au public. Des artistes de cirque apparaissaient dans certaines scnes rendant les pices bien plus fantasques et extravagantes. Les personnages des parties parles taient tous vtus de gris et psalmodiaient lunisson incarnant le hros (et futur collectif) cens crer la future utopie. Dautres personnages portaient aussi des vtements industriels prozodezhda ports par les ouvriers dans les usines pour doter ses acteurs de la mme efficacit que les travailleurs.

Lun des problmes de Mystery Bouffe tait ses connotations bolchviques, et mme si la rvolution fleurissait depuis plus dun an, son issue politique finale demeurait incertaine.

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Medium 9781576755969

CHAPTER SIXTEEN Human Rights and Peace Education

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

AS WE HAVE LEARNED, CONFLICT AND POST-CONFLICT SOCIETIES are often trapped in a culture of war in which anger, suspicion, and blame fuel a mind-set of hostility toward the Other. Even peaceful societies can experience this attitude toward neighboring countries, regardless of whether there is violence between them. In the Mediterranean Basin, tensions are common between countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and southern Europe, and even among peaceful European countries. It is therefore crucial to address comprehensive peacemaking in the Mediterranean on a psychological level—to change the ecology of peace.

The Pax Mediterraneo can first approach peace ecology by using a peace barometer to study current attitudes toward peacemaking. Thereafter, the Pax Mediterraneo can integrate human rights, media campaigns, and intercultural exchange into an overall agenda that heightens the level of peace education in the Mediterranean region.

An independent group can be recruited to conduct a survey of attitudes toward peace in the Mediterranean region. As an example, I’ve included an excerpt from an actual peace barometer for Israel and Palestine, based on Gallup International surveys dated December 2005 to January 2006. The questions posed in this Israeli-Palestinian peace barometer provide a solid foundation for questions and issues that can be addressed in a regional peace barometer. 170

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Medium 9781601322609

Dynamic Registration Forms

Slice PDF October 23, 2014


Int'l Conf. Software Eng. Research and Practice | SERP'13 |

Dynamic Registration Forms

Troy Johnson, Joshua Edinborough, Matthew Binder, Andrew Bryant, Blayne Dennis, Roger Lee

Department of Computer Science, Central Michigan University, Mt Pleasant,USA

Software Engineering & Information Technology Institute, Central Michigan University, Mt Pleasant, MI

Abstract - User registration for events has been made easier via the use of web applications. Similarly, administrative systems often accompany them providing event coordinators with the ability to manage the registration data of users who register via web form. Many web applications that exist make the management of registered users' data easier to manage.

However, the creation of unique registration forms for each new event is often lacking in most systems; this often places undue stress on companies and organizations providing the online registrations, requiring significant development time to create unique registration forms. In this paper, we present a method for minimizing this development time by providing a system for dynamic, self-service form creation for event coordinators. This method uses a scheme for event data storage requiring minimal database tables in MS SQL, control and form generation in C#, and provides client access to registration data. The system is intended to minimize form creation time and provide ease-of-use for system administration, event coordinators, and end-users. Our test results demonstrate that the designed system is successful in these regards as well as being responsive, secure, and accessible in its performance.

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