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Medium 9781847772510

Pensée: Miss Brodie on the Stage

Slice PDF February 24, 2015



in a review. Those were the days! (I felt, actually, that this was going a bit far, but when I looked up the review later on I saw that it was indeed decidedly and deliberately insulting.)

Inevitably, I came out with my experience that very afternoon with my agent, showing her how he had flicked my typescript at me with his thumb and third finger. She took an intense interest in the story. ‘My dear,’ she said, ‘you must acquire a pair of lorgnettes, make an occasion to see that man again, focus the glasses on him and sit looking at him through them as if he was an insect. Just look and look.’ She showed me with her own eyeglasses, which were hanging on one of the chains around her neck, how it was done.

I didn’t have any lorgnettes, but the next time I had an appointment with Paul Scott I meant to slip into my bag a magnifying glass, fully intending to subject him to a scrutiny if necessary. I forgot to do so, and anyway it wasn’t necessary. He had now read something else of mine. ‘I didn’t think you had it in you,’ were his words. I still think they were strange words, neither one thing nor another. But I thought of Edith Sitwell’s advice, and I simply didn’t care.

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Medium 9780596158026

16. JNDI, the ENC, and Injection

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Every EJB container that is deployed in an application server has its own personal internal registry called the Enterprise Naming Context (ENC). This is implemented by JNDI and is an object store where the EJB container can hold specific references to its environment. Think of it as the EJB containers personal address book, where it writes down addresses to various Java EE services that it wants to look up and use within its business logic.

In previous chapters, we started to talk a little bit about the ENC, showing how you can use annotations such as @javax.annotation.EJB and @javax.annotation.Resource to inject references to Java EE services directly into the fields of your bean. This injection process is driven by the EJB containers ENC. In this chapter, we show you how you can populate the ENC and use it as your own JNDI registry, and we show you how you can use it to inject environment references into your bean fields.

While previous versions of the EJB Specification left it up to the vendor to decide exactly how clients were to look up session bean proxies, the 3.1 revision in Chapter 4.4 introduces a portable syntax required of all container providers. No matter which vendors implementation you choose, SLSBs and SFSBs views must be available in Global JNDI under this syntax:

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Medium 9781855753464

6. Freud's Dream Papers

Slice ePub May 23, 2014



Freud's Dream Papers

The Employment of Dream Interpretation in Psycho-Analysis1


The Zentralblatt für Psychoanalyse was not designed solely to keep its readers informed of the advances made in psychoanalytical knowledge, and itself to publish lesser contributions to the subject; but it aims also at presenting to the student a clear outline of what is already known, so that by means of suitable directions the beginner in analytical practice should be saved waste of time and effort. Henceforward, therefore, articles of a didactic nature and a technical content, not necessarily containing new matter, will appear in this Journal.

The question with which I now intend to deal is not that of the technique of dream-interpretation; neither the methods by which dreams may be interpreted nor the use of such interpretations when made will be considered, but merely the way in which the analyst should employ the art of dream-interpretation in the psychoanalytic treatment of patients. There are undoubtedly different ways of going to work in the matter, but then the answer to questions of technique in analysis is never a matter of course. Although there may perhaps be more than one good road to follow, still there are very many bad ones, and a comparison of the various methods can only be illuminating, even if it should not lead to a decision in favour of any particular one.

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Medium 9788324623341

16. Audio i wideo

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

W pocztkach istnienia internetu witryny WWW byy prawie tak barwne jak formularz urzdu podatkowego. Mona byo zobaczy strony WWW wypenione asortymentem w postaci zwykego tekstu, czy i kolejnej porcji tekstu. Z czasem technologia WWW dojrzaa i strony internetowe zaczy si zmienia, gdy projektanci postanowili pobawi si kolorami, obrazkami i prostymi klipartami. Jednak gdy podekscytowanie mino, przysza pora na now sztuczk, czyli multimedia.

Multimedia to chwytliwy termin stosowany dla rnego typu technologii i plikw, ktre maj diametralnie odmienne wymagania zwizane z komputerem i projektantom witryn WWW stawiaj rne wyzwania. Mianem multimediw okrela si wszystko, poczwszy od irytujcej melodii odtwarzanej w tle strony domowej najlepszego przyjaciela, a skoczywszy na szalenie popularnym klipie wideo przedstawiajcym kota grajcego na pianinie (dobijajcy fakt: w przypadku ponad 10 milionw odson mao prawdopodobne jest, e kiedykolwiek utworzy si stron WWW, ktra bdzie cho w poowie tak popularna).

W tym rozdziale zastanowimy si, jak zastosowa kilka rodzajw multimediw. Po pierwsze, Czytelnik nauczy si odtwarza w tle muzyk i efekty dwikowe. Po drugie, dowie si, jak za pomoc technologii Flash na stronie WWW umieci odtwarzacz muzyczny z prawdziwego zdarzenia. Po trzecie, w rozdziale pokazano, w jaki sposb przy uyciu witryny YouTube spopularyzowa wasne klipy wideo i znale si w centrum zainteresowania.

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Medium 9781449398507

18. Online Albums and Slideshows

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In the last chapter, you learned how to email photos. But what if youve got legions of friendsdo you have to email your pictures to everyone individually? Not with Elements, which makes it incredibly simple to post images online, thanks to, a one-stop shop where you can share your photos and back them up. You can create fancy online albums complete with professional-looking effects, courtesy of Flash, the ubiquitous Adobe program thats responsible for zillions of nifty online animations.

If you have Windows, Elements can also help you put together elaborate slideshows, complete with slick between-photo transitions like wipes and dissolves, clip art, and even audio. And for the perfect combination of high-tech wizardry and old-school charm, you can make digital flipbooks, simple slideshows that are easy to share with friends. Like the paper flipbooks of yore, these little shows can make a series of still photos appear to move, like a cartoon. In this chapter, youll learn the ins and outs of all these ways of sharing photos.

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