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Medium 9781855753532


Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Pride, envy, gluttony, avarice, lust, anger, sloth – we used to call them the Seven Deadly Sins – now we call them personality disorder or, more kindly, fragile self-process.

Human beings have been telling stories in order to explain the darker side of living and loving since the beginning of recorded time. Take the creation story in Genesis, for example. God tells Adam and Eve who, let’s face it, have pretty much everything they could want, not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The serpent, who envies Adam and Eve, takes Eve aside and tempts her to have a go. Eve’s pride (she thought she knew better than God) and her greed (what she had wasn’t enough) led to shame and exile. Some of my clients with ‘overdoing’ problems go through this cycle, sometimes several times a day. I’ve had plenty to eat. I shouldn’t have a cream cake. I could have just one. I hate myself for being weak. I must hide my weakness from others or they will reject me. Interestingly, the ‘original sin’ that the creation myth described was induced by a power outside of Eve. Sin is usually explained as a response to an external stimulus or is ascribed to something else. The milk spilt, the ball broke the window, the devil made me do it. In other words, the stimulus is in the environment, not in the self.

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Medium 9781576756010

Chapter 1: Recognition that Works

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

“Please, not another T-shirt!”

“I resent the money that’s spent to purchase doodads. It could be spent much more wisely.”

“Certificates of appreciation? I hate the damn things.”

I assume this isn’t the reaction you expect from recognition. Yet, if you depend on your organization to fulfill your employees’ need for recognition, there is a good chance that your employees would express similar opinions.

According to a former employee of one technology company:

“Our company offered the Terrific Employee Award. Everyone thought it was a cheesy name. People didn’t know why they were being awarded. It became a joke. The CEO never got involved. No one but HR took it seriously. They solicited employees for nominations and got so few responses they eventually gave up and selected someone themselves. The awards were gift certificates. They were nice, but without meaning.”

When you think of recognition, what comes to mind? Do you think of raises, bonuses, stock awards, gift certificates, parties, prizes, and plaques? Many managers view these things as recognition, but they are wrong. Employees see it differently.

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Medium 9781855756199

IV. Dreams as Unconscious Thinking

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

In framing a theory of dreams that rests firmly on Freud’s clinical use of dreams in psycho-analysis but. which grows organically out of the Structural-Phenomenological rather than Topographical-Neurophysiological model-of-the-mind, it is necessary to establish our vocabulary for describing dreams. This vocabulary must be truly meta-psychological (in its extended sense, including the geographical dimension of Klein and the epis-temological dimension of Bion, in addition to Freud’s original four-part definition). The most lucid sequence would seem to require the definition of the dream-process as one of thinking about emotional experiences, after which the way would be clear to examine what Freud calls the “considerations of representability” (by which we will mean symbol formation and the interplay of visual and linguistic symbolic forms) and the “dream work” (by which we will mean the phantasy operations and the thought processes by which the emotional conflicts and problems seek resolution).

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Medium 9781615420872

Use, Download, and Manage Apps

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The iPhones core apps come pre-installed from Apple. They include Phone, Mail , Safari , and iPod (which appear by default on the Home screens Dock), and Calendar , Camera , Clock , Contacts , Game Center , Maps , Notes , Photos , and more (which are on the Home screen). You can rearrange Apples core apps on the Home screen, but you cant delete them.

We talked about Phone in Make and Receive Calls . In this chapter, Ill start by giving you a taste of what you can do with the other core apps. I also discuss iBooks .

Then well look at how to access the treasure trove of Apple and third-party apps available through Apples App Store when youre Shopping in iTunes on a computer or Shopping on the iPhone using the App Store app. Were talking everything from free games featuring rubber duckies and koi fish to full-featured GPS navigation tools priced in the $70$100 range.

When youve finished this chapter, youll know how to Manage Apps , including how to update, share, and delete apps.

Though Ive been using iPhones since 2007, writing this ebook gave me new appreciation for many of the core apps that come pre-installed on every iPhone. The Phone app is so important that Ive already covered it, in Make and Receive Calls , earlier. In this section, well take a quick tour of several of them so you can be comfortable with the basics.

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Medium 9781857547900

Taking Down Cavafy

Slice PDF February 24, 2015

Taking Down Cavafy

Taking down Cavafy today, I recognised how books from that era have a certain look – from that era of my life, I mean: from perhaps 1966 to ’77.

There’s something fermented about them, a kind of patina: browned like autumn bracken by natural process of acidity, damp and foxing like rainspots on the paper, they are also often thick with a furry dust along the tops, dust which survived the subsequent moves, a mulch compounded of ash from the incense I ceaselessly burned, from the housedust of tawdry, wornout bedsits and student flats, and perhaps from the cigarettes

I haven’t touched now for nearly thirty years as well as the bedroom (often there was no bedroom) motes from the blankets, the moulting pillows, the dying mattresses where I made love with a series of girls as remote and unbelievable now as Pompeian frescoes. And there’s something else on the pages. What is there when I open the book is not the poems I recall but other readings, poems another person laid on the surface of the words, expectations and ideas incomprehensible now. They were spread there often at 3 a.m. or on dull afternoons, to a soundtrack of Mahler or the Grateful Dead, when nothing (and more importantly, nobody) was happening. They are made of unfulfilled desires – which Cavafy says look like the beautiful dead, shut in their mausoleum

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