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Medium 9781847774521

After Silent Centuries

Slice PDF February 24, 2015

Medium 9780596006648

13. Data Lists

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Excel's grid-like main window gives you lots of freedom to organize your information. As you've seen in the chapters so far, tables of data can assume a variety of shapes and sizesfrom complex worksheets that track expenses in an invoice, to simple lists of dishes your guests are bringing to a potluck dinner.

Some tables are quite sophisticated, with multiple levels, subtotals, and summary information. (You'll learn about how to manage these multi-tiered creations in the next chapter.) But in many cases, your table will consist of nothing more than a long list of data, with a single row at the top that provides descriptive column headings. These types of tables are so common that Excel provides a set of features designed exclusively for managing such lists. These tools let you control your lists in stylesorting, searching, and filtering your information with just a couple of mouse clicks. Excel even includes a group of functions expressly for analyzing the information in lists. But before you can use any of these tools, you have to convert your garden-variety list into an Excel data list.

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Medium 9780819848550

The Inevitable End-of-the-Day Chaos

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The Inevitable End-of-the-Day Chaos

Oh, no! Is it dinnertime already? I’ve tried hard to fight this truth, but this far into my homemaking career, I think that I finally must admit: When it comes to cooking for a family, planning ahead really does make your life easier.

In organizational books and magazine articles, I’ve always read that it’s helpful to plan at least a week’s worth of meals at a time. But since this practice takes work and discipline, I tried getting by with just winging it at the grocery store and muddling my way through a week’s worth of dinnertimes. Alas! My genius plan didn’t always work out as well as I intended. I spent too much money on non-nutritious convenience foods. There were too many emergency trips to the grocery store for recipes I decided to make at the last minute. And there were way too many late-afternoon panic attacks as I fretted, “What on earth am I going to make for dinner?”

Ultimately, planning meals ahead of time, however painful you find its lack of spontaneity, saves you time, money, energy, and anxiety. I actually enjoy cooking and, like many moms, have always collected recipes. With my old way of approaching dinnertime, however, I never seemed to get around to trying any of those recipes on a regular basis.

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Medium 9781475811957

Stress in School Administration: Coping Tips for Principals

Source: JSL Vol 22-N3
Slice ePub October 16, 2014


ABSTRACT: With the need for rapid school reform amid changes in socioeconomic and political situations, evidence abounds that today’s school principals operate in a stress-strained environment. Participants of this study identified at least a form of stress on the job. More than 96% claimed to have experienced work-related stress at a level they believed was affecting their mental and physical health, work habits, and productivity. With continuous frustrations and challenges, many principals are thinking of quitting or seeking early retirement. The seven major stress factors identified were unpleasant relationships and people conflicts, time constraints and related issues, crises in the school, challenging policy demands and overwhelming mandates, budgetary constraints and related issues, fear of failure, and negative publicity and dealing with media. Coping tips were explicated from the perspectives of behavioral modification cues, physical exercises, relaxation techniques, professional help, and medical care. Through interviews with 52 principals in Connecticut for about 2.5 years, this article brings to the fore various causes of stress in school administration as well as some coping techniques for principals. Implications for school districts, enhanced leadership preparation practices, and further research are also discussed.

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Medium 9780596801441

10. iPhoto Goes to the Movies

Slice ePub June 15, 2015

As Chapter 6 makes clear, once you select your images and choose the music to go with them, iPhoto orchestrates the production and presents it live on your Mac’s screen as a slideshow.

Which is great, as long as everyone in your social circle lives within six feet of your screen.

The day will come when you want friends and family who live a little farther away to be able to see your slideshows. That’s the beauty of QuickTime, a portable multimedia container built into every Mac. Even if the recipient uses a Windows PC—hey, every family has its black sheep—your photos will meet their public; QuickTime movies play just as well on HPs and Dells as they do on iMacs and MacBooks.

iPhoto ’09 makes it even easier than before to convert those photos into mini-movies. A new Slideshow Export option lets you save your slideshows to QuickTime movie files that play flawlessly on the iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, and other video-watching gadgets. If you want something smaller and simpler, you can also export your photos to a standalone QuickTime movie. In either case, you’ll then have a file on your hard drive that you can email to other people (including Windows people), post on your Web page for downloading, burn onto a CD, and so on.

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