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Medium 9781742201399

Staré Město

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Staré Město

Old Town Square & Around | Josefov | Along the Royal Way | Southwestern Staré Město

For more detail of this area see Offline map

Tour the half-dozen monuments that comprise the Prague Jewish Museum (Click here ), a moving memorial to the Czech capital’s once-thriving Jewish community.

Check out Prague’s Municipal House (Click here ) – a tour de force of art-nouveau extravagance.

Join the crowds in the Old Town Square to witness the Astronomical Clock (Click here ) do its thing.

Admire the skill of master craftspeople at the Museum of Decorative Arts (Click here ).

Shop (Click here ) for art, antiques and designer fashion in the atmospheric Staré Město backstreets.

If the labyrinth of narrow streets around the Old Town Square can be said to have a ‘main drag’, it’s the so-called Royal Way, the ancient coronation route to Prague Castle, running from the Powder Gate along Celetná to the Old Town Square and Little Square (Malé náměstí), then along Karlova and across Charles Bridge.

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Medium 9781574412666

XXIII. Keep Your Eyes in the Sky

Source: One Man's Music
Slice PDF May 18, 2014


Keep Your Eyes in the Sky


he night at the Fair was as sobering as the air-conditioning bill in summer. It kindled intensely private fires in me that over the next years I kept well under wraps. Though a feeling of urgency incinerated me, I would contain my desire to again live the life I once sacrificed everything for. I could hold onto the dream. In my heart of hearts, I knew it wouldn’t let me down. This was an acceptable, perhaps necessary, counterpoint to the hurricane that was blowing in my head night and day. This storm of grave disappointments and the harshest of realities was beyond me. Until it blew itself down to gale proportions, I would remain at its mercy.

It probably helped the staggeringly slow pace of my life along to have these titans waging constantly in me. When one threatened to blow me away, the other would give hope if I could hold on. As a result, the rest of my college career was punctuated by new songs, performance dates, and recordings in juxtaposition to this strange new career that I was dutifully preparing for. I still hoped each musical performance would be a little more encouraging than the last and give me a sign that music could again be my real career.

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Medium 9781780422589

Saint-Rémy : 1889-1890

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Saint-Rémy : 1889-1890

“¿Qué tiene de bueno recuperarse?”


69. Cipreses con dos figuras femeninas

Saint-Rémy, junio de 1889

Óleo sobre lienzo, 92 x 73 cm

Otterlo: Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller

l 8 de mayo de 1889, el pastor Salles llevó a Van Gogh al hospital psiquiátrico de Saint-Rémy, ubicado a treinta kilómetros de Arles. Una semana después, Van Gogh le escribió a Theo: “Quería decirte que creo que hice bien al venir aquí; en primer lugar, porque al ver la realidad de la vida de algunos locos y lunáticos en este zoológico, estoy perdiendo el vago temor, el miedo al asunto. Y poco a poco, puedo llegar a comprender que la locura es una enfermedad como cualquier otra. Entonces, creo que el cambio de ambiente me hace bien. Por lo que pude interpretar, el médico de aquí se inclina a pensar que he tenido una especie de ataque epiléptico”105.

El vago temor, o “miedo indescriptible”, una expresión utilizada por Van

Gogh, desapareció en el momento en que la enfermedad tuvo un nombre:

“Realmente creo que una vez que sabes lo que es, una vez que tienes conciencia de tu condición y de que estás supeditado a los ataques, entonces puedes hacer algo para evitar que el sufrimiento o el terror te tomen desprevenido”106.

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Medium 9781576336106

Factoring Polynomials: ACT Algebra

Slice ePub June 25, 2014

Medium 9780596519247


Slice ePub May 28, 2014



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