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Medium 9781617831515

CHAPTER 4 A Team in Transition

Ryan Basen SportsZone PDF


fter improving during both their second and third seasons, the Bobcats were optimistic about the 2007–08 campaign. Players expected to make the playoffs.

Before the season, Bobcats

struggled and became a team


in transition. They regressed in

hired Sam Vincent to replace

2007–08 under Vincent. Then



Bernie Bickerstaff as coach.

Rod Higgins was named gen-

Sam Vincent

eral manager, also replacing

SSam am Vincent coached the Bobcats in 2007–08,

20077–08, leading the team to a

32–50 record. Vincent had been a assistant coach an ch with h th the Dallas ll s

Mavericks in 2006–07. And he had previously played for the Boston

Celtics, the Seattle SuperSonics, the

Chicago Bulls, and the Orlando Magic as a guard uard from 1985 to 1992.

Bickerstaff. But those moves, and others the Bobcats made in the offseason, set back the franchise.

For much of the next two




Jason Richardson sets for a free throw in a 2008 game against the Denver

Nuggets. Charlotte acquired Richardson before the 2007–08 season.

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Medium 9781609948962

5 Disengaged Executives: It’s You or the Smartphones

Frederick Gilbert Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Type A personalities have short attention spans. They get bored. So you’ve got to keep moving. Pace is as critical as content.

—Dan Warmenhoven

Julie Patel, Senior Director, Elan Pharmaceuticals, was just three minutes into her presentation when she noticed out of the corner of her eye that several executives were fiddling with their smartphones. She ignored it. She certainly had plenty else to worry about in this critical presentation. She thought to herself, “Surely this will pass. They must see how important it is that we move ahead on this proposal.”

Things got worse. No one seemed to be paying attention as Julie continued, “Our leaders need this program in these tough economic times. We’re not able to compensate people appropriately.” The executives ignored her as they continued to text and talk on their phones.

Frustrated, Julie suddenly imagined pulling a hammer out of her briefcase and smashing all the executives’ smart-phones as she shouted, “Maybe now you’ll pay attention!”

Pure fantasy. It was all a dream.

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Medium 9781847771315

If you can’t see my mirrors I can’t see you

Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF


A couple is waiting for their meal. There’s a drawing on the wall nearby. A family of six rides a motorcycle. Three children on the curb watch them pass.

There’s graffiti behind the children: the Statue of Liberty, but instead of a face

– eye sockets, a hole not a nose, teeth. The man reads a magazine. The woman reads a book. The meal arrives: sandwich, soup. In my city, often, families ride motorcycles too, even on highways, where buses speed past. In provinces, to accommodate more, the motorcycle driver adds planks. The driver has difficulty balancing. Still, everyone moves forward, as wobbly as a country with too many children and not enough books, too many breaths and not enough meals. The man looks at his sandwich; he looks at her; he nods. The woman looks at her soup; she looks at him; she nods. On a seat next to the couple are magazine and book. Stasis is balance in disguise; it is wobble holding its breath: woman, teeth, sandwich, eyesocket, motorcycle, country, man, soup, book, chair, magazine, children, table, curb, face. One moves.

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Medium 9781615424306

Master AirPlay

Josh Centers TidBITS Publishing, Inc. ePub

With AirPlay, you can play audio and video content from your Mac or iOS device on your Apple TV. You can also mirror your entire screen to the Apple TV, so whatever you see and hear on your device, you also see and hear through the Apple TV. And, in 10.9 Mavericks you can turn the TV attached to your Apple TV into another display for your Mac, just like any other external display. In fact, AirPlay is such a great feature that Ive decided to use it as a verbits more elegant to write you can AirPlay a video to your Apple TV than you can stream a video to your Apple TV using AirPlay.

In this chapter, I show you how to AirPlay from iOS, AirPlay from Mac Apps, and Mirror from a Mac, plus how to Extend a Mavericks Desktop to an Apple TV. I even talk about making your Apple TV the source of an AirPlay stream, in AirPlay from an Apple TV.

In practice, AirPlay has two primary forms: content streaming and display mirroring. With content, AirPlay streams media directly from a single app, while AirPlay Mirroring streams all audio and video from an entire device, so what you see and hear on the Apple TV is exactly what you see and hear on the device. (In 10.9 Mavericks, AirPlay Mirroring is called AirPlay Display.)

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Medium 9781847770684

A Lesson, c.1963–66 (UD, 186/1/30)

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

A Lesson

There was music next door

A boy practising clumsily,

Rain was coming soon;

Violence was coming.

I have written too much or too little of love,

Now it comes most sweetly with death.

I am learning, learning

Clumsily (like the boy with the violin)

That I can love enough

To weep for your father’s death (someone I never knew),

But the sharp, clear, pain

Is soon spoilt by my thinking

‘I want to be with you.’

We cannot keep love pure for long

How well you would understand this.

A Memory

For a whole week now, I have been reflecting

On what I did last year. My breath comes fast

When I attempt explaining or dissecting;

So quickly now, mere thoughts bring back the past.

I think of all the famous ones who’ve done

What I did, and succeeded; I came back,

I feel a need to shout to everyone,

I have a scar the lucky living lack.

Not lucky, but courageous, or not sick.

Now, for a year, people have tried to tell

Me that I did not know the years of wreck

That never could lead anyone to Hell.

Limbo, perhaps, or Purgatory, some place

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