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Medium 9780596522698

16. There Can Be More Than One

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

After many years as an amateur, Keith Braithwaite was first paid to write software in 1996. After that first job, maintaining a compiler built with lex and yacc, he progressed first to modelling microwave propagation for GSM network planning, then seasonal variations in demand for air freight, in C++. A move to consultancy (and Java) introduced him to CORBA and then EJB, and then what was called at the time "e-commerce." He is currently a principal consultant with Zuhlke and manages its Centre of Agile Practice.

IT SEEMS TO BE A NEVERENDING SOURCE of surprise and distress to system builders that one data model, one message format, one message transportin fact, exactly one of any major architectural component, policy, or stancewon't serve all parts of the business equally well. Of course: an enterprise ("enterprise" is red flag #1) big enough to worry about how many different "Account" tables will impact system building next decade is most likely too big and diverse for one "Account" table to do the job anyway.

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Medium 9781780490052

4 - A Neglected Field

Slice ePub May 19, 2014

Luis Rodríguez de la Sierra

Luis Rodríguez de la Sierra is a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who has worked in one of the few NHS clinics to offer psychotherapy to addicts. His chapter focuses on adolescents and young adults. Rodríguez de la Sierra points out that very few addicts ask for psychoanalytic treatment and fewer psychoanalysts are willing to take them on, yet treatment, even when of limited success, offers important insights into the nature of addiction.

This chapter looks at the dynamics that tie the addict to the drug. The drug is seen as strengthening as well as overpowering and weakening. This complex relationship distinguishes the addict from the recreational user. The use of drugs in adolescence is closely connected with failed attempts to deal with intense sexual and aggressive feelings. Rodríguez de la Sierra finds that there is a sadomasochistic relationship between the addict and his internalized objects. This has similarities with the sadomasochistic relationship between the binge drinker and his objects described in Marion Bower's chapter (chapter three).

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Medium 9780596004460


Slice PDF May 28, 2014


I first would like to thank my editor Andy Oram, as always, for helping me along. I would also like to thank the book’s strong technical reviewers, Paul Dubois, Justen Stepka, and

Tim Allwine. Finally, I would like to thank my co-authors for

Managing and Using MySQL, Tim King and Randy Jay

Yarger, who helped set the foundation that made this pocket reference possible and necessary.


The following conventions are used in this book:

Constant width

Used to indicate anything that might appear in a program, including keywords, function names, SQL commands, and variable names. This font is also used for code examples, output displayed by commands, and system configuration files.

Constant width bold

Used to indicate user input.

Constant width italic

Used to indicate an element (e.g., a filename or variable) that you supply.


Used to indicate directory names, filenames, program names, Unix commands, and URLs. This font is also used to introduce new terms and for emphasis.


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Medium 9780596005221

3. Transaction Management

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Substances owe their special importance in the enterprise of identification to the fact that they survive through time. But the idea of survival is inseparable from the idea of surviving certain sorts of changeof position, size, shape, colour, and so forth. As we might expect, events often play an essential role in identifying a substance... Neither the category of substance nor the category of change is conceivable apart from the other.

This quote from Donald Davidson comes from a paper he wrote in the field of event theory. Event theory is an entire subdiscipline of philosophy focused on the question of what it means to be an event. As a software architect for a database application, your job is to be an event theorist. Specifically, you identify what changes will occur in your database and how they combine into indivisible sequences that will not leave the database in an inconsistent state.

This is the practice of event management. You then package those indivisible events into a database operation called a transaction. A transaction is a group of database events that must execute without interference from other transactions; and they must execute together or not at all. The transaction helps you guarantee the integrity of the data in your database.

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Medium 9781855750517

1924 Letters 428–469

Slice ePub May 23, 2014




Vienna IX, Berggasse 191
4 January 1924

Dear Friend,

I have left so many of your friendly letters unanswered that today I am virtually delighted to have to write you about a factual matter. Though there is nothing pleasing about the fact itself.

For the psychoanalytic fund cannot be counted on at the moment. Apart from the devalued Marks, it contains a little over 20 pounds, which I beg to keep strictly secret. I would gladly have stepped into the breach myself, but for half a year I have had only expenditure and no income.

Because of the numerous Christmas visitors from Berlin, I have heard and talked a great deal about you recently. I was delighted to hear only good things about you, so your optimism is at least not unfounded. I declined all Christmas visits that were meant for me personally with the motivation that you yourself give; only my son Oliver was with us here with his young wife. I did not wish to postpone further making the acquaintance of my new dear daughter.

I am by no means without any symptoms or released from treatment, but I resumed my analytic work on the 2nd of this month and hope to be able to manage.

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