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Medium 9781591200772

15. Arthritis

Sweere DC, Joseph J Basic Health Publications ePub

15. Arthritis

f you have arthritis in any of its forms, carefully following the advice provided in this chapter and throughout the book can help you overcome many of its effects. If your arthritis is advanced, severe, and notably disabling, you may wish to explore safe, natural substances that have been proven beneficial in alleviating the pain, stiffness, and other symptoms associated with the many forms of this condition. Initially, however, it may be useful to review the most common types of arthritis in order to choose the most effective natural-control measures available.



Approximately 40 million people in the United States are living with osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, a painful and often disabling condition. By degenerative, we mean that the disease worsens with age. While almost all joints in the body are affected by this condition, the greatest amount of degeneration occurs in the weight-bearing joints, such as the lower spine, hips, knees, and ankles. It can also cause disfiguring and painful destruction of the hand and shoulder joints. Osteoarthritis is a major source of chronic disability, leading to a diminished quality of life, lost wages and work productivity, and enormous medical expense.

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Medium 9781449390525

2. Drupal Jumpstart

Angela Byron O'Reilly Media ePub

This chapter, intended for readers who are new to Drupal, provides a tour of its capabilities, as well as definitions for its sometimes obscure terminology. Well demonstrate how Drupal can be used out of the box to build a simple website. Readers who are familiar with Drupal already may still want to skim this chapter, as later chapters will assume knowledge of all content covered here. By the end, youll understand how to perform administrative tasks in Drupal, such as configuring modules, working with content types, and setting up site navigation.

This chapter assumes that you already have Drupal up and running. For assistance, check out AppendixA, as well as the helpful online Getting Started guide at

This chapter introduces the following modules:

Allows you to post content and create your own content types

Allows users to create replies to node content

Allows users to log in, and provides Drupals robust roles and permissions systems

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Medium 9781936763429

Chapter 49: Using the Drinking Fountain

Lee Canter Solution Tree Press PDF

Chapter 49

Using the Drinking Fountain


To avoid disruption of teaching and learning, students need to use the drinking fountain at specific times. Students also must use the fountain safely and with regard to the safety of others.


Determine Your Policy for Using Drinking Fountains

Your policy will depend on the age of your students, whether there is a fountain in your classroom, the distance of fountains from your classroom, time of year (weather), and responsibility level of your students.

Determine how students will use the fountain. Because using a drinking fountain means leaning over and getting teeth and mouth close to hard metal, students need to be taught to use fountains safely. Pushing or shoving at the drinking fountain could easily lead to injury. When using a fountain, students need to follow these directions:

• Line up single file and wait your turn.

• Do not touch another student in line or at the fountain.

• Do not spray or splash water at other students.

Determine when students will use the fountain. Your own policy will depend on where the fountains are located at your school: inside your classroom or on the yard. If both locations are available, decide when you expect students to use them.

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Medium 9780596520977

Downloadable Examples

Matthew MacDonald O'Reilly Media ePub
Medium 9781617833496

A Great State

Tieck, Sarah ABDO PDF

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