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13. The Dakota Poncas Speak

Slice PDF May 17, 2014

The Dakota Poncas Speak


General Crook. Mr. Dorsey, explain to them that we come here by order of the President, to find out their situation. We have just been down to Indian Territory and seen that part of the Band and now we have come here to see them & learn from themselves their condition and to satisfy ourselves as far we can what is for their best interests; and we want them to answer all questions as put to them unreservedly and they can rest assured that we are their friends and that they can speak freely.

(Revd. Mr. Dorsey read & translated to them the President’s letter of instructions to the Commission, which can be seen on [167–68].

State to them that we have heard the story of their removal so often that we don’t care to hear it again but want them to give us the story from the time they left Indian Territory up to the present time. We want their story in as few words as possible, so as to save time.

Standing Bear (dressed in civilian garb.)

I do not think that we have made this day but I think that God has caused it, and my heart is glad to see you all here. Why should I tell you a different word? I have told to God my troubles and why should I deceive Him? I have told my troubles to Him.

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Important Cities

Source: Florida
Slice PDF May 13, 2014

Medium 9781742200378

Survival Guide

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

› Rainy Season (May–Oct) Chance your luck with the weather; plenty of sunshine mixed in with brief downpours, and the benefit of slashed prices and less crowds.

› Peak Season (Dec–Jan) Blue skies, and prices soar. All accommodation, fancy restaurants and transport need to be booked in advance.

› Shoulder Season (mid-Jan–Mar) Still has crowds, but not peak prices and weather is a good bet with calm waters.

Top Tip During high season it can be impossible to find a room, so book well in advance during the Christmas/New Year period.

› Phuket is generally pricier compared to the rest of Thailand.

› Prices here are determined by seasons; the ‘rainy’ season sees rates drop by 40% to 60%.

› There are dozens of places to sleep in Phuket, from no-frills boxy rooms to stylish self-catering apartments, zenned-out holiday homes and countless five-star resorts.

› When choosing where you stay, you’ll need to work out whether you want to be in the heart of the pumping nightlife of Patong; somewhere you can escape yet be close enough to make trips into town, like Kata or Karon; or somewhere far away from it all like the northern beaches.

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Medium 9781615424306

Play Games on Apple TV

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The Apple TV wasnt intended as a gaming device, but thanks to AirPlay Mirroring, the combination of an iOS device and an Apple TV can make for a surprisingly compelling gaming experience.

In this chapter, I describe some iOS games that are optimized for the Apple TV. But first, to ensure the best possible gaming experience, let me offer some tips on how to reduce AirPlay latency.

Note: Not sure how to turn on AirPlay? Flip back to AirPlay from iOS.

Whats amazing about AirPlay Mirroring is that you can see a game from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on the big screen, while using your mobile device as the controller. But, behind the magic lies a complicated process thats sensitive to latency. In laymans terms, latency is how long it takes a bit to move from one point to the other. High latency can lead to lags, stutters, and other problems that render games no fun at all. Consider these latency-inducing factors:

To avoid game-killing latency between what you input with the controller and what you see onscreen, try these tips:

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Medium 9781855754409


Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Arietta Slade

The Anna Freud Centre and the Child Study Center have long been linked by many friendships and rich collaborations, and—perhaps most important—by a set of profoundly shared beliefs about the development of children and their families. Many of these beliefs are beautifully reflected in this complex, integrative chapter by Miriam Steele and her colleagues.

Adoption has been practiced in one form or another since the beginning of time. Across many species, adults regularly adopt parent-less, abandoned, or unwanted offspring, so that they, too, can survive (and, in many cases, so that the parents themselves can raise children). For human parents and children, this particular form of parenting raises a number of complex issues. We can see this at the general, epi-demiological level: adopted individuals make up a higher proportion of referrals for psychiatric and other forms of mental health treatment than do any other group. We can also see this clinically at the individual and family level: many child clinicians, particularly those of us interested in attachment, are consulted regularly about adoptions that have gone badly—often, these are late adoptions such as those Steele describes. Adoption also makes its way into the psychothera-peutic situation in a number of more subtle ways. In over 25 years of clinical practice, I have found that adoption has been a crucial aspect of the self-experience of every adopted individual with whom I have worked. The same is true of adoptive parents, who routinely struggle with the complexities of their feelings in relation to adopting and with their anxieties about the child’s genetic (and cultural) heritage. And the adults I have worked with who long ago gave up their children for adoption continue to be haunted by complex feelings that usually include guilt or shame (and some combination of fear and hope that they will be found by these children).

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