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Medium 9781475816136

Book Review

International Journal of Educati Reform Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

Larry E. Frase

Professor of Educational Administration

Specializing in Organizational Psychology

San Diego State University

San Diego, CA 92182

Second Edition

John Carver

Jossey-Bass Publishers

San Francisco, CA, 1997

Reviewed by Shonny Bria, Ph.D.,

Superintendent, Pendergast School

District, 3802 N. 91st Avenue,

Phoenix, AZ 85037

The first edition of John Carver’s Boards That Make a Difference was published in 1990. The second edition was released in 1997. Mr. Carver has used the seven years between printings to fine-tune his critique of problems and inefficiencies plaguing boards that govern public and nonprofit organizations. Boards That Make a Difference takes a hard look at policy-based governance of nonprofit and public organizations, as well as inherent problems within typical board structure and design. First-time readers of this poignant work will instantly note Dr. Carver’s premise that boards unintentionally undermine their efforts by expending time and energy on the “ . . . demonstrably less important, even trivial, items” (p. xiv). Such efforts severely limit boards’ ability to provide strategic board leadership for the organizations they have chosen to serve.

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Medium 9780596522520

Getting to Know Flex

Todd Perkins Adobe Developer Library ePub

So far, youve optimized webpages that contain Flash. You can also create Flash applications by using Adobe Flex Builder. Using Flex, you can quickly create powerful and robust Rich Internet Applications, or RIAs. This chapter discusses how you can optimize your Flex applications to increase their visibility on the Web.

You may already be familiar with Flex. If not, you can read more about it at This section explains the Flex basics, including why you would want to use it, how Flex applications work, and a brief overview of the Flex interface.

You can download a free trial of Adobe Flex Builder at If youre a student or a teacher, you can get a full-featured free copy of the software at

Understanding the missions of Flash and Flex is essential in choosing the right application for the job. Flex was created primarily to build RIAs, whereas Flash was originally created to build animations.

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Medium 9781588436771


Blair Howard Hunter Publishing ePub

$$$ Lady Charlotte, "Jonathan's Landing,"61 Harbour Road, Paget, Bermuda, phone/fax 441-236-0127, Live the ultimate Bermuda experience aboard a yacht that has played host to the Rich and Famous, such as Princess Anne, Ross Perot and the Saudi royal family. This 92' Cheoy Lee Cockpit Motor Yacht was originally commissioned for a well-known American musician, then sold to a prominent American family; it is now Bermuda's finest floating hotel. Enjoy spectacular views of Bermuda's picturesque shoreline, sunbathe on the sun pad or swim off the stern. Scuba diving, jet skiing and parasailing can be arranged. Lady Tamara and Lady Erica are also available for weddings, lunch and dinner cruises and snorkeling charters.
$$$ M.Y. Bermuda IV, No. 3 Stowe Hill, Paget PG 05, Bermuda, phone 441-232-7000,  A truly decadent experience for the serious scuba diver and underwater photographer keen to explore the 300 fascinating shipwrecks the island is famous for. A 5-day charter on Bermuda's only live-aboard scuba diving yacht includes first class accommodations in one of three double ensuite staterooms, gourmet meals prepared by a chef, up to five dives per day managed by a diving instructor and all diving costs. On a special note, one of yacht's dive guests uncovered a 16th century Spanish oil amphora in the spring of '07 whilst on charter. How cool is that? The yacht is also available for weekend charters and can be hired by private and corporate groups for 3 to 7 day charters or 20 person cocktail cruises.

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Medium 9781565928411

22. Application Switcher Extension

Bruce W. Perry O'Reilly Media ePub

Rest your gaze upon the upper right hand corner of the Mac screen and you find the subtle but handy Application menu. It displays the icons and names of the programs that are currently running, including the Finder. By simply selecting this portion of your screen and dragging the mouse, you can tear off the menu and convert it to a floating palette. This small window is called the Application Switcher, shown in Figure 22-1. You can also cycle through the running apps by using the keyboard combination Command-Tab or a different combination that can be controlled with AppleScript.

With AppleScript, you set the size, orientation (vertical or horizontal), and position of the floating palette by altering the properties of Application Switcher’s window class. You can also recreate the keyboard combination you use to cycle through the open programs and the order in which the programs are displayed in the palette (e.g., ordered by when they were launched). The following description of commands and classes applies to Application Switcher Version 1.0, which is installed with Mac OS 9.

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Medium 9781449379612

Sample Use Case: Using Google Wave for an International Sales Team

Andres Ferrate O'Reilly Media ePub

In an effort to get your creative thinking going, I plan on providing use cases throughout this book to describe how Google Wave could potentially be used. The use case below describes how EZ Widgets, an imaginary multi-national corporation, could use Google Wave to improve communication and collaboration among a sales team dispersed throughout different parts of the world.

EZ Widgets is in the business of selling widgets to a growing customer base throughout the world. The VP of Sales is based in Seattle, Washington, and she oversees a network of regional sales teams with offices around the world. The VP has been struggling to find an easier way for the sales teams to work together to sell more widgets. So far, the VP and her team of regional sales managers have used email to consult with each other over customer issues and the day-to-day operational activities of each office. An enterprise CRM is also used to track customer activities and interactions.

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