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Medium 9781475816112

Life Cycle and Legacy of the Educational Reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean

International Journal of Educati Reform Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub


Academy for Educational Development, 1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20009-1202

Education is a dominant theme in social policy rhetoric and a new hope for the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The educational reforms of this decade have been born with great expectations. However, history suggests that many reforms either die before they are fully implemented or live a short life under the shadow of transitory political agendas or international support. More successful reforms open new development opportunities, create a social capital of institutions and networks, and originate new reforms. An educational reform can be better understood as a macro-social learning process, rather than as a technical re-engineering operation with clear boundaries in time and space. One of its main legacies is perhaps the strengthening of a country’s capacity for further learning and of the values associated with education.

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Medium 9781574412635

17. Back to the Southwest

Edited and Annotated by Charles M. Robinson III University of North Texas Press PDF

Chapter 17

Back to the Southwest


pril 8th. The U.S. Railway Mail Agent invited me to enter his car and examine its workings. I was much interested. The

Railway Mail system has been methodized, almost to perfection since 1870 and has done wonders in expediting the transmission of letters and postal packages across the country.

We reached Cheyenne on time to catch the Denver Pacific train.

We pulled out in a severe gust, but this did not last long and did us no damage. The Denver Pacific runs along much more level line of country than that followed by the parallel line,—the Colorado Central. It is of the Denver Pacific that the story is told in R-R. circles that Jay Gould, having first quietly gobbled up the Kansas Pacific, the Colorado Central and the Union Pacific, thus cutting it off from all, except local, traffic, telegraphed to the Dutch share-holders in

Amsterdam to know whether or not they would sell. An affirmative reply was cabled and Gould started for Europe. He reached Amsterdam on time and met the shareholders as agreed upon. The price for which they were willing to sell was $1.350.000; “All right”, said

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Medium 9781617833878

One Nation

Tieck, Sarah ABDO PDF
Medium 9781601323200

Cognitive Machine Translation Model: POVs and Musketeer Classes as Algorithms of Shared Reality

Medium 9780596529321

4. Searching and Ranking

Toby Segaran O'Reilly Media ePub

This chapter covers full-text search engines, which allow people to search a large set of documents for a list of words, and which rank results according to how relevant the documents are to those words. Algorithms for full-text searches are among the most important collective intelligence algorithms, and many fortunes have been made by new ideas in this field. It is widely believed that Googles rapid rise from an academic project to the worlds most popular search engine was based largely on the PageRank algorithm, a variation that youll learn about in this chapter.

Information retrieval is a huge field with a long history. This chapter will only be able to cover a few key concepts, but well go through the construction of a search engine that will index a set of documents and leave you with ideas on how to improve things further. Although the focus will be on algorithms for searching and ranking rather than on the infrastructure requirements for indexing large portions of the Web, the search engine you build should have no problem with collections of up to 100,000 pages. Throughout this chapter, youll learn all the necessary steps to crawl, index, and search a set of pages, and even rank their results in many different ways.

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