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Medium 9781588438874

Vegetarian Food Items

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

achar - A Nepali condiment often made with a tomato base. 

baba ganouj (also baba ghanoush; baba ganujh) - A Middle Eastern puree of eggplant, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. It is often served alongside pita bread as a spread for an appetizer. 

bhat - Steamed rice. 

bhutuwas - Meats or vegetables stir-fried in a fine, Nepali mustard oil. 

bulghur wheat (also bulgur wheat) - A grain staple in the Middle East consisting of wheat kernels that have been steamed, dried and crushed. Bulghur wheat was an extremely popular grain during the 1970s at the height of the vegetarian movement. Today it is primarily found in the Middle Eastern dish tabbouli. 

chapati (also chapatti) - A thick, unleavened bread found in East Indian restaurants that may be used as a scoop for various curries. 

chhola - Stew made with mixed vegetables. 

chow-chow - Tibetan noodles, similar to spaghetti, or cavatelli. 

chutney - Indian word for condiment. Chutneys may be sweet or spicy, chunky or smooth. Traditionally they are served separately in small bowls and may be placed on curries and breads as the diner sees fit. 

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Medium 9781847770684

Christ Recalls ‘The Massacre of the Innocents’

Slice PDF April 24, 2015

Our Lady’s Lullaby

My needy, dwindled creature lie

And weep laments of later men.

Are you also divinity?

I ponder this again, again.

I am all wonder as when you

Sent messages to ask my care.

Child of my free-will, how are you

The God of prophets clinging here?

O power subdued to flesh of mine,

How tangible is our exchange.

From me the milk, then you in wine.

Simplicity, O you are strange.

Christ Recalls ‘The Massacre of the Innocents’

I name them now, I think of them always.

Features stand out whenever children lurk

Among the crowds. I catch a hostile gaze.

O children not yet frightened of the dark,

I fall upon my knees,

I sweat, am scourged, am crowned with thorns for you,

Yes, I escaped but Herod took each son.

I’m punished by the screaming mothers too.

Father, where had our endless mercy gone

If there was this to do?

Mystery of man and God, the interplay

Trapped in a prayer but not in argument.

Those children died and yes I went away

To an impassioned, to my own lament

That I too must betray.

consequently i rejoice (1977)

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Medium 9781847770981

Lines on the Demolition of the Adelphi, 1937

Slice PDF February 05, 2015

Medium 9780870819384

VI Our Red Brothers

Slice ePub October 05, 2013

FROM Cañon City we plunged into the mountains, and a wonderful journey we had over the old toll-road; a rocky road it was and no mistake, but Matthews could drive and the mules were staunch and we did get up and down some awful hills. But to ease the work Matthews left his panorama in its huge coffin-like box at a little mountain town, and thus lightened we reached at last the summit of the Poncho Pass between the valley of the Arkansaw and the San Luis Park.

Here we had an interesting meeting. Three men were coming out of the wild mountains off beyond the Park to the west where they had been looking for gold. The three were Dick Irwin, a well-known prospector whom Matthews had met before, and two others. Of course I knew none of them, but Dick and Matthews started off nineteen to the dozen, for the three told us we were the first white men they had seen after coming out of the wild. Naturally the first thing Matthews wanted to know was how much gold they had found, but to this the reply was guarded. Dick hadn’t discovered any gulch mines that amounted to anything. He had got a lot of specimens, however, in the packs, but how much these would prove to be worth he couldn’t say, not till they had been submitted to the tests of the assayer. He was guardedly hopeful.

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Medium 9781855758520

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The induction of transference regression during the symbolizing phase: sessions 232 to 243

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Norbert Freedman and Rhonda Ward

In 1950, Macalpine published a memorable paper on the nature of transference, in which she asserted that a regressive transference is not only inevitable, but is evoked and actually induced by forces inherent in the frame of the psychoanalytic process. For us, the regressive transference is a paradoxical situation in which the patient may feel received, even supported, yet at the same time confronted by an enigmatic force that pulls in a downward direction. This precise situation was encountered by Ms Y during the symbolizing phase of this transformation cycle.

Macalpine's statement, based on an extensive review of the cumulative psychoanalytic knowledge up to 1950, raises for us two fundamental issues deserving separate consideration. The first concerns what we might call the induction hypothesis, the other we will call the reverberation hypothesis. Regarding the induction hypothesis, Macalpine spells out a series of specific transference forces, mobilized by the explicit and implicit analytic frame, which activate a pull towards a lower level of mental organization. This implies a paradoxical situation: the patient experiences an enigmatic force, pulling in the direction of lesser differentiation, and occurring at the very point of feeling heard and received. In the reverberation hypothesis, what we call regression is not only experienced by the patient, but is also communicated to and experienced by the person of the analyst, lending depth to analytic work.

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