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Medium 9781616134921

A Powerful Gas

Source: Fossil Fuels
Slice PDF May 13, 2014

Medium 9781591201366

12. Zinc and Copper

Slice ePub May 22, 2014



Zinc deficiency induces immunosuppression. Thymus-dependent acquired immunity—that is, immunity that is not provided automatically by the body, but develops by being exposed to a particular disease—is most severely affected. Zinc plays a large number of roles in the defense responses of the body. These are: 1) it contributes to plasma’s ability to resist attack, 2) it is important to the cell’s ability to bind to and utilize enzymes and nutrients, 3) in high concentration, it inhibits the function of phagocytes, small white blood cells that fight infections and protect the body from diseases it has been exposed to, 4) low body stores of zinc are associated with dysfunction of T cells, 5) the synthesis of nucleic acid and protein, two critical substances for the body, is dependent on zinc, and 6) zinc plays a key role in metalloenzyme function (enzymes that contain a metal ion). These roles may explain some of the anticarcinogenic effects of zinc.


Cells that engulf and destroy particles such as bacteria, protozoa, and other organisms, aged red blood cells, and cellular debris.

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Medium 9781855754386

CHAPTER 7: Emotions and the primal brain

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

There is no such thing as an infant…without maternal care there would be no infant. (Winnicott, 1960b, p. 39)

Neurobiological studies show that healthy brains depend on healthy bonding relationships with the primary caregivers and effcient connections of neurons in the brain. All these connections make the brain of a two-year-old four times heavier than the newborn's. Early events determine which circuits in the brain will be reinforced and maintained. It is the emotional environment in particular that reinforces this wiring system and determines the density and complexity of connections among the neurons. Neurobiologists show us that the wiring is related to the quality of the parent-infant relationship, the way the baby is cared for, and the quality of the baby's attachment to the parents and others.

Development is about incorporating experience into the developing brain, thus producing new connections and reinforcing them. The capacity of the brain to modify its own structure in response to the environment is called neuroplasticity. Perry, Pollard, Brakely, Baker, &Vigilante have stated (1995): “The single most signifcant distinguishing feature of all nervous tissue–of neurons–is that they are designed to change in response to external signals. Those molecular changes permit the storage of information by neurons and neural systems.”

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Medium 9781565928398

22. The C and F (Class Macro) Configuration Commands

Source: Sendmail
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In the LHS of rules it is sometimes advantageous to compare individual tokens to multiple strings when determining a match. The configuration class command provides this ability. The class command is similar to the macro definition command, except that instead of assigning a single value to a macro, it assigns many values to a class. Classes differ from macros in that they can be used only in the LHS of rules, whereas macros can be used in either the RHS or the LHS.

Two different configuration commands can be used to assign values to a class. The C configuration command is used to assign values from within the configuration file. The F configuration command is used in three ways: to assign values by reading them from a disk file, to assign values by looking up a key in a database, or to assign values by running a program and reading the output. These commands can be intermixed to create a single class, or used separately to create multiple classes.

The five forms for the class configuration command are the following:

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Medium 9781847776273

The Queen of Lydia

Source: Collected Poems
Slice ePub April 30, 2015

Candaules, King of Lydia,

Whose mouth was bigger than his prick

Boasted about the Queen his wife:

‘You ought to see her in her bath;

She is a smasher.’ Gyges said

He thought it inappropriate.

He was a soldier and he knew

The elements of discipline.

He also knew you did not trust

A master with an outsized mouth.

The King insisted, and arranged

Gyges should stand behind the door

While she came in and got undressed.

And this he did. Candaules lay

Discreetly in his double bed,

His nose above the counterpane.

He liked the Queen to take her time

And put her folded garments on

A bench some distance from the bed,

Then strut about the room a bit.

All this she did; and Gyges watched.

Was his mind on his duty then?

He shook as he stood by the door.

As the Queen turned her lovely back

He made a noise and then went out.

Alas, he was not quick enough.

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