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Medium 9781847772206

Canto XIV

Source: Dante's Inferno
Slice PDF May 12, 2015

Over the sand, falling slowly,

Rained flakes of burning fire, like those

Of snow that fall in the Alps on a windless day,

Or those that Saddam Hussain saw raining

On his troops as they retreated across Iraq’s

Torrid lands, exploding

When they hit the ground, so that his men

And their vehicles burned up as they fled;

Here sand and reeds were kindled,

Like tinder under flint and steel,

Redoubling pain. Ever restless was the dance

Of scorched fingers, now here, now there,

Shaking off the fresh burning.

‘Berrigan, my guide,’ I began, ‘you who

Can conquer all things (except those angry students

Who shut the gate on us at the tower)

Who is that great spirit, who seems to care not

For the fire, that lies disdainful and contorted,

As if the rain didn’t bother him?’

As I spoke, the man raised himself up unsteadily

On the sand, waving an empty bottle of Bushmills

In our faces, then spoke in a drawl:

‘What I was living, I am too dead,

A Fenian, an alcoholic and a junky,

Like James Clarence fucking Mangan,

And a better singer of the songs

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Medium 9780596523572

2. Non-destructive Image Editing

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Non-destructive image editing is a broad term for any image-editing technology that lets the user make image adjustments without permanently altering the original source image. Its an advantageous way to work because it lets you explore interpretations of an image without going down a path you cant turn back from. If you work in layers in Photoshop, youre probably working nondestructively, and if you work in Lightroom, Aperture, Bibble, or Capture One, youre definitely working non-destructively.

Non-destructive image editing is the most important area of development in image adjustment, particularly from a DAM perspective. It offers significant advantages in terms of the storage required for your image assets and the freedom it gives you to explore interpretations of your images.

Parametric Image Editing: An Introduction

Advantages of Parametric Image Editing

Limitations of Parametric Image Editing

DNG as a Parametric Image-Editing Solution

Parametric image editing (PIE) is a class of non-destructive image editing in which the editing software does not alter original files, but instead records changes to images as sets of instructions or parameters. Software that adjusts images in this waylike Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), Aperture, Bibble, and Capture Oneis particularly well-suited to the challenges of digital photography, as well see. And because you can save your work as a set of instructions, its the adjustment method that best suits a DAM environment.

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Medium 9780596100940

8. Continuation Servers

Source: Beyond Java
Slice ePub May 29, 2014

I rarely run rapids on blind faith. If there's any danger, I like to know exactly what the water and rocks could do to me, and I need a plan to deal with any potential trouble. On this day, though the consequences for failure were high, the move was easy. I still don't know exactly how it worked, but I watched boater after boater thrust, brace, and arrive in the turbulent boil below The Elbow, a slotted 20-foot drop that guidebooks describe as a deadly entrapment motel. Sure, I could tell you that the move was called a slot move, and I'd need to apply my brace with perfect timing and angle to avoid hitting the wall on the way down. I knew the timing, because I'd been told. It's just the "why" of it that was a mystery. The experts tried to tell me why it worked. Most really didn't know. No one could really tell me with any kind of certainty how the rocks were configured at the bottom. They just knew that at this river level, the move worked. And so it did.

At different points in my programming life, a few tricks held the same kind of mystery for me: recursion as a college student, my first glimpse at reflection shortly thereafter, and now, continuation servers . In this chapter, you'll see continuations, and how they're used in a new class of application servers.

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Medium 9781855754089

CHAPTER THREE: Leisure interests and activities

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

After the party

Parties, picnics, holidays, expeditions, dates—all these social events that bring together boys and girls are eagerly anticipated and prepared for in adolescence. The preparation, the looking forward, can interfere grievously with work and humdrum ordinary activities in the days between; and the days afterwards can be frittered away in despondency, mourning for moments of enjoyment just past, the anticipation of a phone call to follow these up, or simply a flat feeling of disappointment at expectations that went largely unrealized.

A sixteen-year-old girl, talking of her reactions at leaving a party after she had been enjoying herself very much, said that she suddenly found herself so depressed that she had an irresistible urge to pick a quarrel with her parents or her younger brother the moment she got up next morning. She realized it was totally irrational, and that the feeling was a familiar one from long ago. She then remembered how, when she was quite a small child being brought home from a party or from some family outing where she had enjoyed herself, she would throw a tantrum, kick, and scream. She could not bear the good time not to go on for ever.

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Medium 9781847771384


Source: Misprint
Slice PDF February 23, 2015

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