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Medium 9781847779731


Slice ePub May 04, 2015

They made the chamber sweet with flowers and leaves,

     And the bed sweet with flowers on which I lay;

     While my soul, love-bound, loitered on its way.

I did not hear the birds about the eaves,

Nor hear the reapers talk among the sheaves:

     Only my soul kept watch from day to day,

     My thirsty soul kept watch for one away: –

Perhaps he loves, I thought, remembers, grieves.

At length there came the step upon the stair,

     Upon the lock the old familiar hand:

Then first my spirit seemed to scent the air

     Of Paradise; then first the tardy sand

Of time ran golden; and I felt my hair

     Put on a glory, and my soul expand.

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Medium 9781576757635

Chapter 7 On the Threshold

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

Crossing the Threshold The Signature of Our Time

At the beginning of our journey, we posed the question: Where does our action come from? To answer that question, we took a walk through the social field. We found that there is an invisible shift going on in the world. Its as if we were standing on a threshold, about to cross through a new doorway into rooms we could never before access. But something is keeping us from moving into these rooms and seeing the world from them. That hidden barrier is our blind spot, as well as our teacher. You will remember that we tracked the emergence of that blind spot across systems at all levels:

At the individual level, we met the blind spot metaphorically described as flames, capable of destroying my old identity and clearing a space in which to encounter previously unknown aspects of my self.

At the group level, we faced the blind spot as a team; our old approaches to learning—learning from the past—arent getting us anywhere, and thus we raise the questions: What would it take to connect to the subtle fields of future possibility? How can we learn from the future as it emerges?

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Medium 9781622500222

Problem-Solving Practice

Slice PDF January 13, 2001



date ____________________________


Review the three steps to problem solving:

1. Identify the problem.

2. Think up possible strategies for solving the problem, and choose the one that seems best.

3. Use the strategy to reach a solution.

Remember, many problems do not have one “right” way to solve them. Many questions do not have

“right” answers. You may have to make some mistakes in order to succeed. In fact, the “trial and error” method is often the best one!

A. Choose the problem that most interests you from the list below.

Circle the number of the problem you select.


You own a variety store. One day you find a huge box of hula hoops in the basement. You haven’t sold a hula hoop in a long time. What can you do with this supply of hoops so they won’t be a total loss?


It is Friday. Your teacher announces a math test on Tuesday. The boss at your part-time job asks you to work late on Monday night. You need the time to study, but you know that your boss really counts on you to work.

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Medium 9781847770646


Slice PDF February 23, 2015


The pain stops just being here, tipped back like a space shot. One look and

‘You don’t like dentists,’ he says. Fluent in gargle, he understands my ‘Never met one’ is a joke that’s true. Young, Asian, expert, he arrived from the other end of a mobile number on a Sunday in a black new Porsche to calm me and put a bit of the wrong right.

A night and a morning kneeling by a sink running cold across it brought me to this partitioned room, the leather hydraulic chair, besting thirty years of shame as much as fear and complacency, a weakness in character that keeps my smile closed and lifts my hand to a surprised laugh. And it’s class and laziness too, that gap between what’s learned and what you’re born with. I submit to his white coat and instruments, look up into a sci-fi sun, while all the while my wife holds my childish hand just this side of fainting. It’s over in minutes and I can rinse and get to my feet white-faced in a drug-company mirror. ‘There’s more to be done’

(a man of understatement), and she takes his card in case I change my mind and who I am and want to be, from a family with a grinning glass by the bed, only wearing them for best, their faces wrong, and slipping them into a hanky to eat.

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Medium 9781449343507

7. Interfaces and Abstract Classes: Making classes keep their promises

Source: Head First C#
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Actions speak louder than words.

Sometimes you need to group your objects together based on the things they can do rather than the classes they inherit from. Thats where interfaces come inthey let you work with any class that can do the job. But with great power comes great responsibility, and any class that implements an interface must promise to fulfill all of its obligations...or the compiler will break their kneecaps, see?

The General Bee-namics corporation wants to make the Beehive Management System you created in the last chapter into a full-blown Hive Simulator. Heres an overview of the specification for the new version of the program:

The bees in the new Hive Simulator will still consume honey in the same way they did before. The queen still needs to be able to assign work to the workers and see the shift reports that tell whos doing what. The workers work shifts just like they did before, too; its just that the jobs they are doing have been elaborated a little bit.

Heres a class hierarchy with Worker and Queen classes that inherit from Bee, and Worker has subclasses NectarCollector and StingPatrol.

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