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14. Other Ways to Connect to IRC

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Way back in Chapter 1, you were shown how to connect to IRC using a variety of clients. This chapter aims to show you a multitude of alternative ways to connect to IRC, or at least make the process a bit easier.

To make it easier for other people to connect to your IRC network and join your IRC channel, you can place convenient links on your web pages. If a user has an IRC client installed, he can just click on such a link to be transported into your channel. If he doesnt have an IRC client installed, thats not a problemJava Applets embedded in a web page, or even a pure HTTP client, can also be used to connect to IRC.

You dont have to be near a computer to use IRC. This chapter also contains hacks relevant to those who wish to access IRC from their mobile phones or Pocket PC devices.

For those of you who are concerned about missing out on the action while youre away, you can also explore the possibility of setting up an IRC proxy, which will let you access IRC from anywhere in the world without missing any messages that were sent while you were disconnected.

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Source: This Is Yarrow
Slice PDF November 12, 2014

Medium 9780596523206


Slice ePub May 27, 2014



Toulouse, France

43 39 14.32 N, 1 21 45.11 E

The A380

Passengers flying into the small airport in Toulouse are often surprised by the large number of jet aircraft parked near the main runway. These include many Airbus A380s painted in corrosion-resistant green paint, and the peculiar A300-600ST (better known as the Beluga and one of the most voluminous aircraft in the world).

None of these aircraft are ferrying passengers from Toulouse; they are awaiting a final paint job, final tests, or delivery to an airline. Toulouse is the headquarters of Airbus, and its runway is where newly built jets take to the sky for the first time. It was from the Toulouse runway that the Concorde first flew in 1969, and the double-decker Airbus A380 had its first test flight there in 2005.

Close to Toulouse airport are the Airbus factories in which the A380s undergo final assembly along with almost every other aircraft that Airbus manufactures. (The small Airbus A318, A319, and A321 aircraft are assembled in Germany.)

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Medium 9781601322456

Comparison of Uncorrelated and Correlated Evolutionary Strategies with Proposed Additional Geometric Translations

Slice PDF October 23, 2014

� are used for comparison. These techniques were applied to a standard multi peak function to evaluate their performance. It was found that none of these approaches always found the global maximum. The results were very much dependent on the selection of the initial random parents. Therefore a new approach of correlated mutation using additional geometric translation has been proposed. It is illustrated that this technique was successful in finding the global maximum.

Keywords: Evolutionary Strategy, Correlated Mutation, Adaptive

Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence



strategies are the earliest techniques of evolutionary algorithms first proposed by Rechenberg [6] and Schwefel [10] (1965), initially used for parameter optimization by Beyer (2001) [3], applications in fluid dynamics and function optimization. The idea behind evolutionary strategy is to randomly mutate all of the input parameters in an effort to find the best solution. The amount of mutation is varied in each iteration of the algorithm. Then by

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Medium 9780870819360


Slice ePub December 14, 2013


Colorado—A late evening cougar sighting near the very human environs of a university tennis court sparks dreams, a “door to another world,” as this author examines the idea of large carnivores in the context of Jung’s archetype of the Shadow.

I’d seen ghosts of them now and then: the recently cleaned spine of a deer lying on a mountainside, bloodied ribs reaching up from the ground like arms trying to hold on to empty air; on another day, a carcass so fresh I thought it was an injured deer lying with its head on a rock. I began walking toward it but stopped when I saw the shiny dark flask of the stomach removed and placed prominently on a nearby rock, ravens beginning to gather above it. I thought better of my approach then.

I spent one winter tracking them for Colorado State Parks. That’s when I learned that mountain lions crave fresh meat so much they will not eat the predigested stench wrapped in the stomach of their kill. Cats are finicky eaters. They carry the stomach away, like an offering to the needier scavengers. I also learned to walk very upright as I tracked. Bending down to, say, study some possible sign more closely was not a good idea. It would have turned my two legs into four, giving any nearby lion a familiar line of sight up my spine to my neck. A lion is generally stymied by the teetering, humpty-headed stature of two-leggeds—perhaps one reason why attacks on humans are so rare.

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