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Medium 9781449367879

73. Manage Your Tech Career

Thomas Eisenmann O'Reilly Media ePub

It may sound strange for the CEO of an investment management firm to say this, but managing your career well is much more important than managing your investments well.

Good investment management—using low-cost ETFs and low-fee advice—can mean higher returns in your investment portfolio. Over time, that might add up to a lot of money—maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars on larger portfolios. But the economic rewards that follow from good career decisions in the technology industry are potentially much larger.

Today, Wealthfront is launching a Startup Compensation Tool to help our clients with that part of their financial lives: their careers. The Tool offers data on the tech startup job market, including cash compensation and equity packages for a range of jobs, so that you can maximize the return on your career.

We’ve licensed data typically used by Human Resources departments and made it available for free—one more example of how Wealthfront is democratizing access to sophisticated financial advice and information.

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Medium 9781576750476

6. Aligning Corporate Systems and Structures

Ann Svendsen Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Organization(s) must cultivate equity, autonomy and individual opportunity.… The governing structure must not be a chain of command, but rather a framework for dialogue, deliberation and coordination among equals.

—Dee Hock, 1996

This chapter will focus on the process of aligning internal systems and structures to support collaboration. First it will explain why it is important to align internal systems before reaching outside the organization to build relationships. Then it will describe the systems and structures that are most critical to collaboration—from participative management systems to communication, rewards, and information systems—as well as look briefly at the changes in mind-sets and skill-sets that are required for collaboration to become widely practiced within an organization. A case study is presented to show how both individual and structural barriers within one organization prevented it from building positive relationships with external stakeholders.

Next, the chapter will describe the process of assessing an organization’s readiness for collaboration. The assessment process includes an employee survey to determine awareness of and attitudes toward collaboration and a review of existing policies, programs, and management systems to identify gaps, inconsistencies, and strengths. 86

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Medium 9781908691651

Chapter 27 Etiquette of The Business Card Exchange

Mark Perl M-Y Books Ltd ePub

In Brief…

Here we examine the fact that exchange of business cards between Host and guest needs to be handled with the same sensitivity and respect as when dealing with their name. A nine step process for The Business Card Exchange is presented. We examine why, when executed correctly, this exchange sets up the Host for a positive result in the subsequent Follow-Up Call (see Chapter 28); why following this process ensures all relevant information relating to both the call, and the ROI opportunity, is recorded whilst the information is still fresh in the memory; and why it builds the confidence of the Host in subsequent Host/guest interaction.

In Full…

Usually offered at the beginning or at the end of a business meeting, or during the introduction to a new contact, the practice of exchanging business cards is an internationally recognised method of sharing contact details between business people.

I have always found it curious that in the UK and North America, two globally influential centres of trade and commerce, despite the hilarious intensity of competition in the business card scene in Mary Harron’s disturbing 2000 film American Psycho, there is little obvious protocol surrounding the actual exchange of business cards. From what I have commonly seen, business cards seem to be passed to people in a perfunctory manner, with little significance. On many occasions, I have seen people receive business cards and place them straight into their pocket, without paying any attention to them at all. I have always found this to be odd. In many countries, this would be seen as disrespectful.

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Medium 9781576754566

Chapter 2: How to Die Happy

Richard J. Leider Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub


Believe that each new day that dawns will be the last for you: Then each unexpected hour shall come to you as a delightful gift.


Our group of 14 has risen at dawn in the Nou Forest, our tents scattered through a thickly wooded campsite 7500 feet high in the hills above the Rift Valley in northern Tanzania. We have taken a long and invigorating hike through the forest and have spied numerous exotic birds and animals and have even, for a while, tracked an elephant through the surrounding hills and valleys. We have been guided by a trio of men from the local Iraqw tribe, an agrarian people whose tidy farms, nestled on the steep hillsides all around us, we have admired yesterday on our journey here. These men, in their thirties and forties, while not yet official elders in their communities, have begun to assume greater authority among their people. Certainly, the competence and confidence with which they guide us speaks volumes about their readiness to take on full leadership roles.

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Medium 9781780427447

Vallotton et les Femmes

Nathalia Brodskaïa Parkstone International PDF

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