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Medium 9781857548877

Banana Milk

Slice PDF February 20, 2015

Banana Milk

Can’t move unless I’m wrapped around your leg, screaming.

Can’t kiss unless I’m flung across the room, screaming.

Can’t sleep unless I’m screaming. It is possible to live entirely from the drama, the tear and back-hand wipe, the pack-your-bags-you’re-leaving life, terrified of doing something right, making some fluttered decision, only to find your hands clean, your face dry, your strong legs walking, happy and free and all alone. Happy people have no excuse.

But now that you’ve started to resemble a body you wouldn’t want in your bed, you’ve taken to late night jogging, pick up sticks, arranging china dolls in height order, watching toothless men eat yogurt with their mouths open, clashing umbrellas with strangers in the street.

These things, at least, feel honest.

As for Sellotape and condoms, automatic redial,

Nicorette, these things leave you exhausted, unreal, dreaming of running after lovers in the rain, hurling guitars, passports, stilettos. You can fucking walk home.

Latches on doors, eyebrow pencils, hands with too many rings.

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Medium 9781617450112


Slice ePub April 29, 2015

Fabrics featured in this quilt are from the Shadow Play collection by Maywood Studios. The white background fabric is from the Pearl Essence collection from Galaxy Fabrics.

FINISHED SIZE: 40˝ × 48½˝ (102cm × 122cm)

The Topkapı Palace, located in Istanbul, was the primary home of the sultans from 1465 until 1856. The palace complex consists of four main courtyards, the harem, and many small buildings. It was not only the main residence of the sultan and his court, but was also initially the seat of government in which the imperial court met and conducted business. The palace was designed to provide the sultan with privacy and discretion. Today, as a museum, it is an example of the lifestyle of the sultan and his court. Rooms are heavily decorated with gold accents, İznik tiles, upholsteries, and luxury items. Large panels of İznik tiles, still in impeccable condition, are located throughout the palace. Numerous pavilions, chambers, kiosks, dormitories, and gardens, along with the harem, look out over the Bosphorus and Istanbul. This quilt is inspired by several of the panels located within the palace.

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Medium 9780596528263


Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Plenty of people buy a PC to crunch numbers, scan photos, or cultivate their kids hand-eye coordination. But for millions of people, Reason One for using a PC is to get on the Internet. Few computer features have the potential to change your life as profoundly as the World Wide Web and email.

If you upgraded to Windows Vista from an earlier version of Windows, then you can already get online, as the Vista installer is thoughtful enough to preserve your old Internet settings. (So is Windows Easy Transfer, described in Appendix A.)

A growing fraction of the worlds Internet citizens get online over broadband connectionsthat is, high-speed connections like cable modems and DSL boxes. These contraptions offer gigantic advantages over dial-up modems. For example:

Speed. These modems operate at 5 to 50 times the speed of a traditional dial-up modem. For example, you might wait 5 minutes to download a 2 MB file with a standard modema job that would take about 10 seconds with a cable modem.

No dialing. Youre hooked up permanently, full time, so you dont waste time connecting or disconnectingever. Youre always online.

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Medium 9781591200529

8. Selecting Good Fats and Supplements

Slice ePub May 22, 2014


You want to take advantage of the benefits good fats have to offer. But where do you begin? The best place to start is by increasing your intake of the three most important good fatsthe essential fatty acid ALA, plus its derivatives, DHA and EPAand cutting back on omega-6s. We can get the good fats in three waysfrom food, supplements, or by adding certain plant-based oils to our diets. There are no established Recommended Dietary Allowances for EFAs, so we have to rely on guidelines based on the hundreds of studies done with good fats.

Certain types of fish are excellent sources of omega-3s. Among them: fresh deepwater fish like salmon, halibut, herring, sardines, tuna, anchovies and mackerel. But the amount of omega-3s in a serving of fish can vary, depending on whether the fish was raised in the wild, where it was free to eat foods rich in omega-3s, or on a commercial fish farm, where its diet was probably less healthful. In general, a four-ounce serving of wild fish should contain reasonably high levels of omega-3s, although theres no easy way to measure the exact content.

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Medium 9781449343507

6. Inheritance: Your object’s family tree

Source: Head First C#
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Sometimes you DO want to be just like your parents.

Ever run across an object that almost does exactly what you want your object to do? Found yourself wishing that if you could just change a few things, that object would be perfect? Well, thats just one reason that inheritance is one of the most powerful concepts and techniques in the C# language. Before youre through with this chapter, youll learn how to subclass an object to get its behavior, but keep the flexibility to make changes to that behavior. Youll avoid duplicate code, model the real world more closely, and end up with code thats easier to maintain.

Now that you got your program working, Kathleen is using it all the time. But she doesnt just handle dinner partiesshe does birthdays too, and theyre priced a little differently. Shell need you to add birthdays to her program.

Theres no healthy option for birthday parties. Can you think of how this could lead to bugs if you start out a project by copying and pasting code from the DinnerParty class from the last chapter?

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