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Medium 9781904658351


Claudine Aegerter Aeon Books ePub

In this card we see the vegetative world of the moon, reflecting the light of the Sun and being held in its bright light. The light penetrates the deep dark world of the subconscious, shown by the pond, which is full of decaying matter. In the pond the large red crayfish eats up the decaying unconscious matter of the past, which it digests and assimilates by the process of accept ing and loving the biological system of survival. It is a long slow process and involves bringing all the digested matter up into the sunlight of the Soul. The two dogs looking up at the moon are guarding the way along the orange path. On either side are two solid towers, which tell us of our adherence to the structures and principles of the past. In this card the mind is learning to become at one with the ongoing rebirthing process of life in matter.

Many people start on the path, but few complete the journey; this is particularly apparent at this stage in the process. There are several stages where opportunities to break through arise and they can be either taken or refused. The Magician knows he is back in matter with the knowledge of the elements that make up his per sonality. He can check if he still wants to use them for himself. The elements represent form in all its aspects, so in this process he dis covers if there is any attachment to form he might still be protecting. He also has the chance of just playing with the elements; if he takes that option he is feeding the illusion of ‘the laboratory’ of life on Earth by being the ‘sorcerer’s apprentice’. There are always tools that can help him get out of this trap, but most of the time a tool itself becomes another element of attachment and can be used for self-satisfaction.

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Medium 9780596528492

H. .NET String Formatting

Lee Holmes O'Reilly Media ePub
Medium 9781609948290

7 “I Object!”

Rob Jolles Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Those who manipulate see an objection as a stumbling block to change.

Those who influence see an objection as an opportunity to continue to problem solve.

Most people do not naturally study the true potential of their problems. If they did, not only would they quickly fix them, but cost would have much less significance. I’ve noticed that, regardless of their financial status, people never look for the least expensive surgeon when an operation is prescribed; in some cases the issue of cost has clearly apparent life-altering potential.

Now that you’ve learned how to influence behavior, all will be right in your world, right? Let’s see.

Struggling with the ethics involved in influencing another’s behavior? Done.

Need to create trust with another person? Done.

Trying to create a sense of urgency in another person’s mind? Done.

That’s right; there’s nothing like learning about the art and science behind the human drama of influence. Now nothing can go wrong. Or can it? Until now, we have been operating in a perfect world, in which everyone we seek to influence cooperates fully. It’s now time to upset the apple cart, and see what happens when our processes break down and when those we seek to influence cast aspersions on our perfect world.

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Medium 9781742207537


Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub


62 / Pop 251 million

Indonesia defines adventure: the only limitation is how many of its 17,000 islands you can reach before your visa expires. Following the equator, Indonesia stretches between Malaysia and Australia in one long intoxicating sweep. The nation’s natural diversity is staggering, alluring and inspiring, from the snow-capped peaks in Papua, sandalwood forests in Sumba, dense jungle in Borneo and impossibly green rice paddies in Bali and Java. Indonesian reefs are a diver’s fantasy while the surf breaks above are the best anywhere.

But even as the diversity on land and sea run like a traveller’s fantasy playlist, it’s the mash-up of people and cultures that’s the most appealing. Bali justifiably leads off, but there are also Papua’s stone-age folk, the many cultures of Flores, the artisans of Java, mall-rats of Jakarta and much more. Whether it’s a dreamy remote beach, an orang-utan encounter or a Bali all-nighter, Indonesia scores.

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Medium 9780596802158

5. The Intelligence Component to Cyber Warfare

Carr, Jeffrey O'Reilly Media ePub

There are various models of intelligence collection and analysis that are in use by the professionals employed within the 16 agencies that comprise the U.S. intelligence community (IC). These legacy approaches served the government well while threats were emanating from the physical domain.

The advent of a netcentric world has changed the threat environment dramatically and, as a result, governments and private corporations need to reassess how they collect and analyze intelligence on the emerging threats that will impact them.

The recent and as yet unsourced attacks against U.S. and South Korean government websites that began over the Independence Day weekend in July 2009 is an interesting case in point.

Another is the August 2009 DDoS attacks that were launched against one Georgian blogger and that knocked Twitter offline and substantially degraded access to Facebook and LiveJournal.

Project Grey Goose (PGG) investigators looked at both incidents, along with established Internet security companies, US-CERT, and the usual collection of government agencies charged with such tasks. This chapter focuses on how PGG research was done and the conclusions that were reached. It also presents the findings of other agencies and proposes some ideas about how and why radically different findings can emerge from the same set of facts.

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