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Medium 9781601322470

Applying Knowledge Model to Agent Based Systems

Slice PDF November 10, 2014


Int'l Conf. Artificial Intelligence | ICAI'13 |

Applying Knowledge Model To Agent Based



Mohamed BAHAJ

Hassan 1 University, FSTS

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Hassan 1 University, FSTS

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Abstract— Nowadays, multi-agent system is become promising means for the development of distributed systems, however its disadvantage is that it lacks the interconnection with semantic web such as Ontology Web Language (OWL). In this article, we aim to present a semantic knowledge model of an agent suitable for discrete environments as well as implementation and a use of such model using different softwares

(JENA, JADE, JESS and Protégé) in order to allows interconnection of Agent and Semantic Web technologies which can be used in an agent based application where such interconnection is needed.

Keywords— Multi Agent System ; Web Ontology Language

(OWL); Java Expert System Shell (JESS); SPARQL1.1.

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Medium 9781449397975

1. Dreamweaver CS5.5 Guided Tour

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Dreamweaver CS5.5 is a powerful program for designing and building websites. If youre brand-new to Dreamweaver, turn to What Dreamweaver Is All About to get a quick look at what this program can do; if youre a longtime Dreamweaver fan, this page shows you whats new in this, its latest incarnation.

This chapter provides a basic overview of Dreamweaverthe different windows, toolbars, and menus youll use every time you build a web page. Youll also learn to set up the program so you can begin building pages. And, because doing is often a better way to learn than just reading, youll get a step-by-step tour of web page designthe Dreamweaver wayin the tutorial at the end of this chapter.

Dreamweaver CS5.5s interface shares the look and feel of other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite, like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. Out-of-the-box, Dreamweaver organizes its various windows as a unified whole (see Figure1-1). That is, the edges of all the windows touch each other, and resizing one window affects the others around it. This type of interface is common on Windows computers, but Mac fans accustomed to independent floating panels might find this look strange. Give it a chance. As youll soon see, the design has some benefits. (But, if you just cant stand this locked-in-place style, you can detach the various panels and place them wherever you like on the screen; see Organizing Your Workspace for instructions.)

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Medium 9781855759176

CHAPTER TWELVE: Lacan meets queer theory

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Tim Dean

This chapter envisions a dialogue between Lacan and queer theory, a sort of round table in which various contemporary theorists of sexuality would directly engage Lacan—and he them. But, of course, Lacan died well before queer theory emerged as such; and, as Thomas Yingling observed, queer theorists prepared to grapple with Freud none the less have remained relatively shy of tackling the corpus of speculative work bequeathed by Lacan (Yingling, 1997, p. 191). On the other hand, I discovered to my disappointment at an International Conference on Sexuation (in New York City, April 1997, where I first presented a preliminary version of this paper) that for their part Lacanian analysts proved far less willing to engage queer theory than I, perhaps naively, had anticipated. Yet spurred on by my conviction that psychoanalysis is a queer theory, I’ve persisted with this imaginary encounter, a dialogue between—to invoke Yeats—self and antiself.

In Encore, his seminar devoted most directly to the topic of sexuality, Lacan speaks often of homosexuality, but with the crucial qualification that as far as love is concerned, gender is irrelevant: “quand on aime, il ne s’agit pas de sexe” (Lacan, 1975, p. 27). What should we make of this idea that the gender of object-choice remains ultimately inconsequential in love? Is Lacan merely voicing liberal tolerance, anticipating by a matter of months his transatlantic counterparts’ elimination of homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1973? (See: Bayer, 1987; Isay, 1996.) Or, more interestingly, could we view Lacan as foreshadowing by a couple of decades the radical move in queer theory to think sexuality outside the terms of gender?1 Although I consider liberal tolerance far less passé than do most queer theorists, I want to make the case for Lacan as more radical than liberal on the question of homosexuality. I will make this case by explaining how Lacan’s account of sexuality reveals desire as determined not by the gender of object-choice, but by the object a (l’objet petit a), which remains largely independent of gender. By detaching desire from gender, Lacan helps to free desire from normative heterosexuality—that is, from the pervasive assumption that all desire, even same-sex attraction, is effectively heterosexual by virtue of its flowing between masculine and feminine subject-positions, regardless of the participants’ actual anatomy in any given sexual encounter.

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Medium 9780749468170

14. Holidays

Slice ePub December 11, 2014

Chapter Fourteen


There aint no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.


Are you a keen traveller? Do you relish the thought of going on holiday as often as possible while you have time, health and money? The over-50s are worth a vast amount to the travel industry, which is probably why there is an ever increasing choice of holidays on offer to us pensioners. You can forget Sir Ranulph Fiennes: according to The Oldie Magazine (May 2013) the worlds most intrepid traveller is not an ex-British Army officer who auditioned for the role of James Bond, but an 88-year-old widow called Mrs Cole. In expeditions to over 150 countries, shes faced stampeding Tanzanian elephants (from whom her husband and son fled), stared out six-feet long crocodiles in Venezuela and calmly warded off two silver-back gorillas in the Congo Basin. Her advice to other travellers is: If youre confronted by a wild animal, try not to run away. Stand still and remain calm. The chances are you will diffuse the situation. Mrs Cole, a worldwide explorer and loyal customer of her tour company, has been praised by their management: Her knowledge of the world betters almost everyone; she is fearless. If she ever wanted to go back to work, she would make the best ever tour guide.

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Medium 9781615424085

Read Incoming Messages

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

No email-related task is more basic than reading messages that other people send you. In this chapter, I get you going with the basics and cover what I consider to be the most essential aspects ofreading your email. Later on, I look at advanced topics that relateto reading messages, particularly Manage Your Mailboxes , Find Your Messages , and Automate Mail with Rules .

Before you can read your email, you must download it (or a portion ofit) into Mail so you can see it. By default, Mail checks your active email accounts automatically when you launch the application and every 5 minutes thereafter. You can also retrieve email manually or change the automatic checking interval:

To check mail manually, click the Get Mail toolbar button.

To change the automatic checking interval, open Mails General preference pane and choose a new setting using the Check for New Messages pop-up menu.

I recommend the default, Every 5 Minutes, for most people with fast, always-on Internet connections. But if you get mail as often as I do, you might want to turn off the alert sound that plays when new mail arrives to avoid having frequent interruptions. To do this, go toMails General preference pane and choose None from the New Messages Sound pop-up menu. For information on managing other kinds of alerts, see Manage Notifications, later in this chapter.

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