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Medium 9781576754375

8 Help! It’s Not So Easy!

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

Later in the week, Harold pinged me via IM. I was finishing up a meeting with a client.

Harold: Coach, you there?

Info-Coach: Hi. On phone-Give me 2 mins.

Two minutes later…

Info-Coach: Okay, I’m back. Hey – You learned how to IM. Congrats!

Harold: Thanks. I’m waiting for the sales team meeting to start. I didn’t want this conversation to be overheard, so I’m using IM.

Info-Coach: I’m impressed, perfect application for IM. What’s up?

Harold: This is the HR-Sales meeting. Remember, the sales team sends those vague, confusing emails from their PDAs.

Info-Coach: Yes. I remember.

Harold: I’m a bit nervous. I asked for time on the agenda to discuss email and Dave Anderson was pretty skeptical. He cut the agenda time I reserved down to 5 minutes and said, “Email isn’t a problem here.”

Info-Coach: Okay.

Harold: Well, what if they think my presentation is a waste of time?

Info-Coach: A waste of time? 15 days for you and them? More sales + less admin = more life.

Harold: Yeah, Yeah. I get it. I still don’t know how to start. The meeting begins in 3 minutes. They’re filing in already. They look grumpy. Maybe they didn’t hit their sales quota. I think I’m gonna barf.

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Medium 9781576754375

2 A New Way to Work

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

Harold raised his paws in frustration. “So you’re the expert. How do I get off the wheel?”

“You fight back, Harold. There’s a better way to work.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he said looking tense, “I’ve taken a couple time-management classes, but they didn’t help.”

“Harold, this isn’t a time-management problem. It’s an information -management problem.”

“It is?”

“Yes! Too much email and information is gushing into your life. Don’t get me wrong; email is an amazing communication tool. But suddenly, it’s keeping a lot of people from getting things done. Most professionals feel like they’re stuck on a nonstop wheel-of-information overwhelm.”

“So what’s the answer?” asked Harold, sounding frustrated.

“Join The Hamster Revolution.”

“Huh?” asked Harold looking surprised. “Revolution against what?”

“Info-glut!” I said. “That’s your enemy: way too much low-value information mucking up your world. You can’t reach your fullest potential when you’re drowning in email! The Hamster Revolution is a strategic plan that helps you conquer info-glut once and for all. Interested in learning more?”

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Medium 9781449316273

3. The Newsstand

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

AS YOU SAW IN the previous chapter, ebooks look great on the Fire. Later on, youll learn how movies shrink gracefully from silver- to touchscreen. But magazines and newspapers are a mixed bag. On the one hand, thanks to Amazons growing clout as an e-power, the company has signed deals with all the biggies: Cond Nast (publisher of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, many others), the New York Times, National Geographicthe list is huge. The heart of the problem: trying to cram a full-sized print page onto a display better suited for books and Angry Birds. The worst offenders are the magazines, most of which dont even try to rejigger their layouts; what you get is a whole lot of panning and zooming.

Most newspapers, to their credit, dont even try this lets hold our breath and maybe readers wont mind maneuver. Instead, they ditch all their fancy formatting and deliver plain text plus a few pictures. On an early-generation Kindlethe kind with the black-and-white screenthis formula made sense. It even helped de-gunk ad clutter so readers could focus on articles. But the Fire has illuminated all thats out there on the technicolor Web. Its like being stuck with a radio when all your neighbors have color TVs.

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Medium 9781449320232

File Linking

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

In the last section, you created separate class libraries for each platform, which might seem counterproductive to sharing code. The problem is that you cannot simply take a DLL compiled for the full .NET framework, reference it in a project targeting a different platform, and expect it to run flawlessly. While its possible that this would actually work, it comes with an unnecessary level of risk. Each platform defines its own profile that it exposes, which specifies which areas of .NET it includes.

The reason for the differences between profiles is that many times there are parts of the framework that may not make sense everywhere. For example, the System.Configuration namespace is found in the full .NET Framework, and is used for handling configuration data for desktop and web applications. However, this namespace is intentionally absent from the Windows Phone and mobile Mono profiles, as it doesnt apply to those frameworks.

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Medium 9781615424016

Edit Text

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

Whether youre working solo to revise your own documents and want to keep track of different versions of your work, or youre collaborating in a group, this chapter explains how to get the most out of the editing process using BBEdit. Well look at three topics:

You might think that youre at a disadvantage when saddled witha text-only word processor, one that lacks character styling and comments and so forth with which to mark up text. How doyou insert edits and notes to yourself or a colleague? I share various approaches that Ive used in Mark Up Text with Text.

Ive been working with text editors since the 1970s, and on the Mac for nearly three decades. In some ways, using text to mark edits is easier (and safer) than using fancy formatting and comment features. The only exception is in noticing differences as you revise. Fortunately, BBEdit shines at comparing documents, described in Define the Difference with Diffs.

If you dont want to manage your own backup files and copies asyou work through multiple revisions of a document, you can turn to a systematic option: version control. With such a system in place, you can store deep and easily accessible backup copies and versions to compare against. This is explained in Track Changes across Versions.

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