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Medium 9781457173523

4. Wartości oraz jednostki

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

W trakcie lektury tego rozdziau przedstawione zostan elementy, ktre s podstaw prawie wszystkiego, co mona zrobi w CSS. Podstaw t stanowi jednostki, ktre wpywaj na zastosowane kolory, odlegoci lub wielkoci okrelone dla ogromnej wikszoci waciwoci. Bez jednostek nie mona by byo zadeklarowa, e akapit ma by purpurowy, lub nakaza, aby szeroko wolnego obszaru dookoa obrazka wynosia dziesi pikseli, a tekst nagwka mia okrelon wielko. Dziki zrozumieniu znaczenia zgromadzonych tutaj poj mona szybciej nauczy si i uywa CSS.

W CSS istniej dwa typy liczb: liczby cakowite (ang. integers) oraz liczby rzeczywiste (ang. reals). Te typy liczbowe su przede wszystkim jako podstawa dla innych typw wartoci, jednak w kilku przypadkach same liczby mog by wykorzystywane jako warto waciwoci.

W CSS2.1 liczba rzeczywista zdefiniowana jest jako liczba cakowita, ktra opcjonalnie moe zawiera przecinek (a w praktyce kropk) oraz cz uamkow. Dlatego te wszystkie z nastpujcych liczb s poprawne: 15.5, -270.00004 czy 5. Zarwno liczby cakowite, jak i liczby rzeczywiste mog mie warto dodatni bd ujemn, cho waciwoci mog (i czsto tak si dzieje) ogranicza przedzia dozwolonych dla nich liczb.

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Medium 9781609942960

1 The Failure of Money: The Competitive Society

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

What need you, being come to sense,
But fumble in a greasy till
And add the halfpence to the pence
And prayer to shivering prayer, until
You have dried the marrow from the bone?

Irish poet and Nobel laureate

It’s a cold Tuesday morning, and already the line is forming outside the David Ellis Pawn Shop in the upscale neighborhood of Cherry Creek, Denver, bordering the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. It will be another 10 minutes before the doors open. A woman in a fur coat sits in her parked car with its license tags about to expire. She runs the engine to keep warm while others shuffle around in silence, dodging any direct eye contact.

Denver, the Mile High city, is one of the country’s top 10 metropolitan areas where people are saddled with the highest levels of personal debt. This is a result of high housing prices, a steep cost of living, and a culture of spending—a hangover from better days.1 The David Ellis Pawn Shop has been in business in the same location for over 25 years and during this time has seesawed through multiple financial highs and lows. Trade, however, has never been so brisk or with such a dramatically broadened demographic as it is now.

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Medium 9781591200918

PART 2 • Nutrient-Dense Foods

Slice ePub January 13, 2014


he first two chapters of Part 2 discuss vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are organic, carbon-based, compounds required, in small amounts, for the biochemical reactions of life to occur. By definition, vitamins cannot be made in the body from other compounds, but must be obtained from outside sources, usually, food. For this reason, they were deemed vital amines by the chemist, Casmir Funk, in 1912. Since the discovery of B1, the first vitamin, some thirteen additional vitamins have been isolated, chemically analyzed, and studied.

Vitamins are broadly categorized into two main groups, depending on their solubility in water or lipids. There are the water-soluble vitamins, comprised of vitamin C and the B-vitamin group, and the fat-soluble vitaminsA, D, E, and K. Foods vary widely in their specific contributions of vitamins. Some foods are dense for one or more vitamins and weak in the others (no single food offers high levels of the entire vitamin spectrum). In this chapter, I will focus on the most nutrient-dense sources for each vitamin.

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Medium 9781780428482

Les Débuts d’un prodige : premières années deMantegna à Padoue

Slice PDF June 06, 2014

Les Débuts d’un prodige : premières années de

Mantegna à Padoue ndrea Mantegna vécut en Italie à une époque marquée par des changements sociaux et culturels. Le maintien des institutions – l’Etat, l’Eglise, la famille – avait masqué ces évolutions socio-culturelles qui eurent lieu en Italie pendant les siècles précédant l’époque de Mantegna. Dès le Quattrocento, au lieu d’une société statique et agraire, c’est une économie urbaine qui florissait, basée sur le commerce et les petites entreprises. L’Italie du XVe siècle était alors davantage dominée par les banquiers, les fabricants, les marchands et les avocats que par les propriétaires terriens. Cette mutation vers une société urbaine et mercantile a eu pour effet de dynamiser la structure sociale italienne, donnant lieu à une concurrence directe entre les individus et les familles. Il fallait s’adapter à un monde toujours changeant et qui promettait rarement un statut social systématique ou une prospérité durable. Cette mutation se faisait déjà sentir dans des grandes villes comme Florence et Venise, mais se manifestait également dans de plus petites bourgades et cités-Etats où le pouvoir politique était exercé par une seule famille qui devait opérer dans le respect d’un équilibre dynamique entre diverses puissances politiques et survivre dans un monde fragmenté.

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Medium 9780987332165

6. Responsive Boilerplate

Slice ePub February 25, 2015

Boilerplate is readily reusable code—a template, if you like—that you can use as a basis for your projects. Extracted from a website, the boilerplate code is what you use over and over again without changes to start off a project or a file.

Often, you’ll know you’re using boilerplate because it forms your first task when you start a project (usually copying and pasting from a “skeleton” into your project). A good boilerplate takes advantage of the wealth of research done by the Web community, providing optimized, best-practice baseline code. It enables you to hit the ground running, reducing your development time as you start to customize.

While boilerplates can reduce development time, they often depend on incorrect assumptions about your project’s needs. This can affect their suitability for your use. For example, they may support browsers and devices irrelevant to your target audience at the cost of your site’s performance. This emphasizes the need to understand the nuts and bolts of boilerplates and make informed decisions about when to use them.

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