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Medium 9781742203034


Slice ePub July 12, 2014

     Includes »



     Southwestern Peninsula


     Bangsal to Bayan

     Senaru Batu Koq

     Sembalun Valley

     Gunung Rinjani




     East of Kuta

     West of Kuta

     Labuhan Lombok

Long overshadowed by its superstar neighbour across the water, there’s a steady hum about Lombok that’s beginning to turn into a distinct buzz. Blessed with exquisite white-sand beaches, epic surf, a lush forested interior, and hiking trails through tobacco and rice fields, Lombok is fully loaded with tropical allure. Oh, and you’ll probably notice mighty Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia’s second-highest volcano, its summit complete with hot springs and a dazzling crater lake.

And there’s much more. Lombok’s southern coastline is nature on a very grand scale: breathtaking turquoise bays, world-class surf breaks and massive headlands.

For years Lombok has been touted as Indonesia’s next hot destination. Finally, the reality seems to have caught up with the hype, and with a new international airport and renewed interest from around the globe, Lombok’s time is now.

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Medium 9781457183515


Slice ePub May 27, 2014


Big and capable, with high-quality prints.


Price as tested $1,549 assembled ($1,249 kit)

Print volume 8¼″×7¼″×9″

Heated bed? No

Print materials PLA

OS supported Mac, Windows

Print untethered? Yes, SD card and onboard controls

Open-source hardware? No

Open-source software? Yes

Printer control software Coordia

Slicing software Skeinforge integrated into Coordia

The wood-framed Ditto+ is the flag-ship printer for Tinkerine Studios of Vancouver, B.C. Their first model was launched through Indiegogo in the spring of 2012, and the Ditto+ marks their second-generation upgrade.

The Ditto+ can accommodate large prints up to 8¼″×7¼″×9” at resolution ranging from 100–300 microns. We did most of our test prints with their medium resolution profile.

The C-shaped frame provides an open design that allows a great view of your print in progress, though it’s somewhat obstructed at the start. The print bed has a three-point leveling system with springs, which works well, but we found the adjustment nuts rough on our fingers — they cry out for a printed thumbwheel upgrade.

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Medium 9781933952963

30 Black and White from Color

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Every serious photographer knows that in analog photography at least half of the pictorial effect is achieved in the darkroom by dedicated laboratory work. With regard to the possibilities of subsequent image manipulation, can digital photography compete against analog photography in the realm of black and white?

The answer is an emphatic Yes! because one thing is certain: Modern digital cameras have outstanding pictorial quality. And armed with Photoshop, you have subsequent manipulation techniques of high quality at hand; Ansel Adams would have been envious.

The only slight disadvantage to digital black and white is that the high-quality, traditional fiber-based paper is unavailable for the digital process. Although a few laboratories do print digital black and white on fiber-based paper, it may be expensive. Enlargers that can print digital images on fiber-based paper can cost about as much as a medium-priced car. Therefore, the average, not-so-wealthy user is largely restricted to the use of inkjet printers for do-it-yourself printing. Naturally, good professional labs can also process neutral black and white lambda prints on color photographic paper, but they aren’t very economical either, and they certainly do not use fiber-based papers. Paper manufacturers now produce fiber-based papers for use with inkjet printers. Although the surface of such papers still has a very different feel from that of traditional baryta or fiber-based material, papers such as Hahnemühle Baryta offer fine tonal differentiation that is directly comparable with that of analog baryta prints.

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Medium 9781855753136

CHAPTER NINE. Forced masks and free masks

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

“A work of art also masks its desires through the ‘disguise’ by which many elements of aesthetic form distract the audience”

(Freud, 1908e, pp. 141-153)

Psychoanalysis and theatre are united in the belief that desire is the basic force behind both activities. For Stanislavsky, a complete drama comprised successive, linked units each informed by an “underlying objective” of the characters, which actors must formulate in terms of “I want to …”. Thus the actor’s own desire to fulfil his/her role fuels the desire generated in his/her “character”. This interplay produces the fictionalization of desire, as implied by Freud’s point above that “a work of art also masks its desires through the ‘disguise’ by which many elements of aesthetic form distract the audience”. Freud is suggesting that desire is not only a driving force, but is also distanced as an object held up for observation when it aspires to the condition of art. This aesthetic objectifying of desire opposes any threat of its engulfing the participants. Paradoxically, then, the “disguise” of desire contributes to that necessary space between actor and audience, therapist and patient, serving as a primary protective and liberating mask.

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Medium 9780596519186


Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Besides the <fb:dialog/> FBML tag, you can also use FBJS to render dialogs. FBJS dialogs give you slightly added flexibility that you dont get from FBML. The way to initiate a dialog box is simply by instantiating a new Dialog object via the DOM. The following are the methods supported by the Dialog class:

The constructor for Dialog. Note that type can be one of either Dialog.DIALOG_POP or Dialog.DIALOG_CONTEXTUAL:

Renders a dialog box that looks like Figure4-1.

Renders a dialog box that looks like Figure4-2.



Event handler that gets triggered when the leftmost button is clicked in the dialog.

Event handler that gets triggered when the rightmost button is clicked in the dialog.

Sets the style of the parent dialog box.

Renders a dialog box with just one confirm button, similar to an alert box. The title and content can be either pure text or FBML content using a variable from something like <fb:js-string/>.

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