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Medium 9781605098753

Element 2: Picture of the Future

Slice ePub May 14, 2014
<p>The following day I met with Jim bright and early.</p><p>Having a purpose really does make a vision come alive, I said, reflecting on my experience with the accounting department clarifying our purpose. But it seems to me theres more to vision than purpose. A purpose explains who you are and why you exist, but it doesnt explain where youre going.</p><p>Yes, Jim replied. A clear vision has to talk about going somewhere.</p><p>What about the Apollo Moon Project? I wondered. Some people use it as an example of a vision.</p><p>You mean to put a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s? That was a real statement of a destination, said Jim.</p><p>Yes. Alex is studying this in school right now. He told me that when John F. Kennedy initiated that project, the technology to achieve it did not even exist! NASA overcame what seemed like insurmountable obstacles to achieve that spectacular result.</p><p>I bet there isnt a person who was alive at that time who doesnt remember what he or she was doing the day of the first moon landing, Jim remarked.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/212112-full-steam-ahead-unleash-the-power-of-vision-in-your-work-and-your-life">See more</a>

Medium 9780596008680

Asterisk Manager Socket API Syntax

Slice PDF May 27, 2014
<p>Appendix C</p><p>APPENDIX C</p><p>Asterisk Manager Socket API Syntax</p><p>AbsoluteTimeout Channel Timeout</p><p>Sets an absolute timeout in seconds for the specified channel. The call will be ended after the time has elapsed. The following example limits the call on the current channel to 10 minutes:</p><p>Action: AbsoluteTimeout</p><p>Channel: SIP/201</p><p>Timeout: 600</p><p>ChangeMonitor Channel File</p><p>Equivalent of ChangeMonitor( ).</p><p>Action: ChangeMonitor</p><p>Channel: Zap/1-1</p><p>File: Zap1-1-incsound</p><p>Command command</p><p>Execute the specified dial-plan command. The command must include all arguments necessary for it to work.</p><p>GetVar Channel Variable</p><p>Gets a variable from the specified channel.</p><p>Hangup Channel</p><p>Hangs up specified channel. Equivalent to SoftHangup( ).</p><p>IAXpeers</p><p>Lists IAX peers. Equivalent of IAX2 show peers CLI command.</p><p>ListCommands</p><p>Lists available Manager API commands.</p><p>Logoff</p><p>Closes the connection to the Manager.</p><p>MailboxCount Mailbox</p><p>Gets the message count for the specified mailbox.</p><p>MailboxStatus Mailbox</p><p>Gets the message-waiting indication for the specified mailbox.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/364233-switching-to-voip">See more</a>

Medium 9781906981549

A new process

Source: Pollock
Slice PDF May 26, 2014
<p>“The end of World War II, the explosion of the atomic bomb, and the realization that mankind had developed the ability to destroy itself were all factors in creating a mood of introspection and reflection.” This was the atmosphere in which “Abstract Expressionists rejected representational art as incapable of expressing the emotional atmosphere of the time. By turning to new forms of expressionism, Pollock, Rothko and their colleagues brought American painting to international prominence and for the first time an American city, New York, replaced Paris and the other European centres as the leader of the avantgarde art world”.</p><p>In his taped interview for the Sag Harbor radio station in the summer of 1950, which was never aired, Pollock showed his awareness of the times. “It seems to me that the modern painter cannot express this age, the aeroplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture. Each age finds its own technique”.</p><p>A new process</p><p>35. Summertime, Number</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/615585-pollock">See more</a>

Medium 9781780427911

Louis Vivin(Hadol, 1861 – Paris, 1936)

Source: Naive Art
Slice PDF June 09, 2014
<p>Louis Vivin</p><p>(Hadol, 1861 – Paris, 1936)</p><p>Fascinated by drawing from a very young age, Louis Vivin studied fine arts at the secondary school of Epinal. Then, without financial means, he worked as an itinerant for the postal service. He will travel the roads of France for thirty years and will not be able to draw until his retirement.</p><p>Like many others, he was discovered by Wilhelm Uhde who organised an exhibition of his work, gaining public interest. His obsession was for detail and multiplying, and his thoroughness was often emulated by other naive artists.</p><p>It is one of the rare constants that one can find in this movement. He painted numerous views of the capital, striving to paint every slate on the roofs, every leaf on the trees; hunting scenes, etc.</p><p>His interest in animals underline also the nostalgia of childhood, specific to naive artists, animal representation being often used as a subject. He was notably known for his use of geometric lines. Dina Vierny will say of him that he was “the cleanest and most poetic of naive artists [...] the</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/616298-naive-art">See more</a>

Medium 9780749471293

23 The theory: what have we learned?

Slice ePub December 11, 2014
<p>An important point made to me by Iris Bohnet, Academic Dean at Harvard’s Kennedy School, is that we cannot take learning for granted. People actually have to be taught how to learn. Many of us, disproportionately those who have most social reinforcement (usually white men) talk more than we listen, see the world from our point of view, rather than from others’, and like wearing our own shoes, rather than wearing someone else’s. If we learned how to listen more, if we were to build on someone else’s argument, if we were to live someone else’s life for a day, we could contribute to something bigger than our own agenda. This is not pure generosity of spirit, or philanthropy of thought. It is a very practical necessity in building an inclusive society that, in turn, benefits us all.</p><p>In learning to learn, I think the London 2012 experience has taught us six things.</p><p>First, we have learned the importance of understanding real inclusion. We are talking here about real, deep understanding rather than a nod and a smile to get the HR person to leave your office. We are talking about being positively conscious of difference, as opposed to Diversity 101 ‘top tips’ for dealing with black and female customers. We are talking about the type of understanding that only occurs through the killing of any remaining elephants in the room, so that as few questions as possible remain unanswered.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/647341-the-inclusion-imperative-how-real-inclusion-creates-better-business-and-builds-better-societies">See more</a>

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