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Medium 9780819808028

Really Here

Edited By Jamie Stuart Wolfe Pauline Books and Media ePub

In adoring the Eucharist, Christians witness to the Faith of the Church. They make visible our belief: that the Word of God and the Son of Mary who suffered on the cross, the Lord whose presence is hidden in the Eucharist and who rules in heaven, are one and the same.


In this Sacrament, Jesus Christ is truly present. Though he is in another form, he is truly with us. Indeed, as Jesus was about to ascend into heaven, he said, “Remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Mt 28:20). Jesus comforted the apostles and their followers with the generous promise to stay with them and be with them in bodily presence.

Transiturus De Hoc Mundo
August 11, 1264

The Church’s history shows us that every great reform has been linked to rediscovering that the Lord is present among his people in the Eucharist.

In the Eucharist, Jesus does not give us a “thing,” but his real self. He offers his own body and pours out his own blood. He gives us his whole life, and shows us where love comes from.

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Medium 9781576336816

"Q" Words: Praxis I Advanced Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781847770684

Leaves in the Wind

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Enough to turn your head. It never did.

I had my flowering too but it came late.

I was surprised into the magic of

Party or ball, the passionate and sweet

Moment of young men moving into love

And moving me, young too. This one would shine

With love of art and read his poetry,

That one was shy and when he first kissed me

It was a child’s touch. Vulnerability

Belonged to all of us. I hid in mine.

Only as it went slowly (an eclipse

Would have been kinder) did I realise

How much admired I was, what careful grace

And disguised awkwardness there were. Such eyes

Followed me far, and then the meeting lips.

Leaves in the Wind

Wind muddles energy

But yet brings us the shape and power of peace.

There are tides in each tree.

These could be waves turned by the wind, and this

Could well be an unpeopled world. Such free

Abandonments there are

But there is regularity also.

Rushing upon my ear

The leaves of ash and chestnut, oak now flow

And bring the Summer tokens of the year.

All is a gentle dance.

Dark green of fir and paler shades suggest

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Medium 9780874216257

4 Ethnic Women

Patricia Lyn Scott Utah State University Press ePub

Ethnic Women


Helen Z. Papanikolas

Forty years after the Mormons entered the Salt Lake Valley and many centuries after the Anasazi Indians left traces in Utah’s varied terrain, immigrant women from the Mediterranean, the Balkans, and Asia began long fearful journeys that led them to Utah. They would not see Native Americans on far-off reservations, but perhaps they would pass an occasional African American woman on the streets. These newcomers were impelled forward by ancient needs to go beyond their current arduous existence in search of a brighter destiny. They were among a legion of women throughout the ages who left their homelands, willingly or unwillingly.1

American immigration has been divided into the “old immigrants” and “new immigrants.” The old immigrants came to Utah in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Most immigrated from Britain, northern Europe, and Scandinavia, and came in family groups. They intended to stay and immediately accepted the United States as their adopted country.

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Medium 9780596101978

10. The Box Model: Getting Intimate with Elements

Robson, Elisabeth O'Reilly Media ePub

To do advanced Web construction you really need to know your building materials. In this chapter were going to take a close look at our building materials: the XHTML elements. Were going to put block and inline elements right under the microscope and see what theyre made of. Youll see how you can control just about every aspect of how an element is constructed with CSS. But we dont stop there youll also see how you can give elements unique identities. And, if that werent enough, youre going to learn when and why you might want to use multiple style sheets. So, turn the page and start getting intimate with elements.

Youve come a long way in nine chapters, and so has the Head First Lounge. In fact, over the next two chapters, were giving it a total upgrade with all new content for the main page and restyling it from scratch. And, just to entice you, were going to give you a little sneak peek before we even get started. Check this out on this page youll find the new unstyled lounge page with all the new content. On the next page youll find the stylized version that were going to create by the end of the next chapter.

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