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Medium 9781782201489

Nine: A Palace

Wendy Hoffman Karnac Books ePub

I have absorbed emotional and cognitive impressions from the infants in me and am translating them into words. The adults in me are endowing what the infants and children communicate with some perspective. I will try to tell this inconceivable story more or less chronologically.

My handlers designated the thirteenth infant in me, who was really the fourteenth split, to be the queen of the Illuminati and transfer demonic power to world leaders. They used spinning and electroshock to split parts off from this original, pitiful infant. These splits live in rarefied air and are only for certain people to have contact with. Some of this mind control took place in one of the programming rooms in Pleasant Hills. Grandpa Max showed me the color ice blue, but its feeling was black. He put a tiny crown on me, and as I grew older, gave me a globe and a scepter to hold in each hand. The leaders’ goal was to maintain the seed of power, and rule a new world, all for the glory of Lucifer.

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Medium 9780596158064

II. Types and Operations

Mark Lutz O'Reilly Media ePub

This chapter begins our tour of the Python language. In an informal sense, in Python, we do things with stuff. “Things” take the form of operations like addition and concatenation, and “stuff” refers to the objects on which we perform those operations. In this part of the book, our focus is on that stuff, and the things our programs can do with it.

Somewhat more formally, in Python, data takes the form of objects—either built-in objects that Python provides, or objects we create using Python or external language tools such as C extension libraries. Although we’ll firm up this definition later, objects are essentially just pieces of memory, with values and sets of associated operations.

Because objects are the most fundamental notion in Python programming, we’ll start this chapter with a survey of Python’s built-in object types.

By way of introduction, however, let’s first establish a clear picture of how this chapter fits into the overall Python picture. From a more concrete perspective, Python programs can be decomposed into modules, statements, expressions, and objects, as follows:

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Medium 9781605095257

17. The Writing Marathon

Mark Levy Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

A ten-minute burst of freewriting may be just what you need to solve a problem. Many times, though, you’ll need longer. Instead of ten minutes, you may need six or seven hours.

Yep, I’m not kidding. Hours.

The bad part of writing nearly continuously for hours: By the end, you find yourself achy and bleary-eyed. The good part: You may have written yourself into answers that had eluded you for a lifetime.

Because this technique takes a toll on both body and mind, I use it when the stakes are high. Maybe I have to generate material for a book, competitive advantages for a client’s business, or illusions for a show. A deadline invariably looms.

Here’s how the writing marathon works: Fix your subject in your mind, open a blank document, set your timer for twenty minutes, and start typing.

You’re going to be writing throughout the next few hours, but that’s no reason to start slow. Slow writing, in fact, is counterproductive. Keep up the pace, so your internal editor loses its grip. Ray Bradbury says, “In quickness there is truth.”

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Medium 9781743605165

University Area

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Only a couple of miles northeast of Waikiki in the foothills of the Manoa Valley, the main campus of the statewide university system, known as UH, is breezy, tree-shaded, and crowded with students from the mainland and islands throughout the Pacific. The campus and surrounding area feel youthful, with a collection of cafes, eclectic restaurants and one-of-a-kind shops.

g From Waikiki or downtown Honolulu, take bus 4; from Ala Moana, catch bus 6 or 18.

Start your stroll at the UH Campus Center. The UH Bookstore is here, as are banks, ATMs, coffee shops and a food court. There are crowds of students during the day, but it's almost deserted by evening. Free one-hour walking tours of campus depart here at 2pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

A short walk downhill from the Campus Center, the John Young Museum of Art ( GOOGLE MAP ; %808-956-3634;; Krauss Hall, 2500 Dole St; h11am-2pm Mon-Fri, 1-4pm Sun) features 20th-century Hawaii painter Young’s collection of artifacts from the Pacific islands, Africa and Asia, mostly ceramics, pottery and sculpture. Although it’s not huge, it’s worth a quick visit.

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Medium 9781576336700

"W" Words: SAT Advanced Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub

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