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Medium 9781855753440

5. 4 July 1978

Slice ePub May 24, 2014

BION: That mobilization is something outside the group, the mobilization of the people who concentrate on the body, trying to keep the mind in its proper place. The development of the mind has been a frightful nuisance and has caused an awful lot of trouble. I think we are still frightened of it. That is why we [inaudible] . . . to what I call “wild thoughts“, and anyone who will give a home to those thoughts flying around looking for a lodging, looking for a thinker to think them.

Q: [inaudible] . . . brought together two different concepts of yours—one, the beta-element, and the other the protomental apparatus. I don’t quite see how they wed with one another [inaudible] . . . only for evacuation, and now you seem to be talking about them as manifesting themselves in somatic phenomena, habits and things of that sort.

BION: I invented the term with the idea that it could be vacant, a space “to let“, as it were, that could be borrowed for purposes of clarifying something or another. But there are things that do seem to me to suggest this combination between the body and the mind. Why do the old anatomists call part of the brain the “rhinen-cephalon“? Why a nose brain? Why is a patient always complaining of a rhinitis? Psycho-somatic? Soma-psychotic? Take your choice. “Pure and eloquent blood spoke in her cheekes, and so distinctly wrought, that one might almost say, her body thought“ [Donne, “The Second Anniversary“].

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Medium 9780596513740

12. Add-Ons: Accessories and Web Apps

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

When Steve Jobs announced, shortly before the iPhone went on sale, that programmers wouldn't be able to write new programs for it, there was much muttering. "It's a computer, for the love of Mike," went the refrain. "It runs Mac OS X! Let us write new programs!"

Apple says it's only trying to preserve the stability of the phone and of the AT&T network. But the company decided to allow programmers one little bit of freedom: They could write special Web-based programs tailored for the iPhone.

These programs will never show up as icons on your Home screen, and you can get to them only when you're online, but still, the creativity and usefulness out there is amazing. Hundreds of Web-based programsmost of them freelet you pull down movie listings, the nearest place to get cheap gas, the latest headlines, and so on. You can even connect to rudimentary instant-messenger programs to enhance your iPhone experience.

Those are just the software add-ons. There's also a world of accessories for the outside of the iPhone: cases, headsets, chargers, and other goodies. This chapter gives you a sampling of both kinds of add-ons and suggests where you can go to find out what's new in iPhone Web apps and gear.

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Medium 9781847771421

Yesterday I was listening on the iPod

Source: Hands
Slice PDF January 21, 2015

Medium 9780596007126

Authors of Head First Design Patterns

Slice ePub February 06, 2015

Eric is described by Head First series co-creator Kathy Sierra as “one of those rare individuals fluent in the language, practice, and culture of multiple domains from hipster hacker, corporate VP, engineer, think tank.”

Professionally, Eric recently ended nearly a decade as a media company executive—having held the position of CTO of Disney Online & at The Walt Disney Company. Eric is now devoting his time to WickedlySmart, a startup he co-created with Elisabeth.

By training, Eric is a computer scientist, having studied with industry luminary David Gelernter during his Ph.D. work at Yale University. His dissertation is credited as the seminal work in alternatives to the desktop metaphor, and also as the first implementation of activity streams, a concept he and Dr. Gelernter developed.

In his spare time, Eric is deeply involved with music; you’ll find Eric’s latest project, a collaboration with ambient music pioneer Steve Roach, available on the iPhone app store under the name Immersion Station.

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Medium 9781855756243

10. Recovery of the Aesthetic Object

Slice ePub May 24, 2014

Surely it is a rare thing in the development of a child for the original passionate response to the beauty of the world and of the mother, her breast and her face as the objects of its passion (but also the symbols of the experience), to remain undiminished. The various stations in development at which the sensibility to beauty and the engagement in the aesthetic conflict are partially, or sometimes totally, sacrificed can be arranged in a characteristic list: prolonged separations, physical illnesses, weaning, birth of the next baby, the advent of social experiences (creche, school, etc.) To this list of experiences which have a certain traumatic impact we must add the great continual factor of the family culture. Every family is divided in its ethos to some extent between the task of helping children to develop their individuality and the intention of training them for obedience to the adaptational demands of the community at large. This pressure towards obedience, sanctified as it is in all sorts of irrefutable ways, offers the child a ready-made escape from feeling and thinking for himself. The most striking example is the loss of imagination and emotional vibrance in the latency period of adaptation to the requirements of school-type education.

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