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Summer Activities

Kenneth J. Schoon Quarry Books ePub

Raising a May Pole starts the festivities (in spite of its being June).

There is much to do all across Duneland, from Miller Beach to Michigan City. Organized programs begin with the Midsummer programs near the summer solstice and continue to the end of summer in September. Every month has something special. Activities range from quiet canoe or kayak trips down scenic rivers to exciting air and boat shows.

Of course, the beaches and trails are available every day, and the campgrounds are available for those who want to spend the night in the middle of it all.

Midsummer is a Scandinavian holiday. The short summer is especially appreciated, and so its first day (the longest day of the year) is a happy one.

The Chellbergs and their neighbors celebrated their Swedish heritage every year. Friends and descendants of Swedes, the largest ethnic group in the Chesterton-Miller area in the early days, keep the old traditions going.

Lingonberry Jam entertains with lively traditional music. (above)

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Medium 9781442229341

Against Nostalgia? Brad Gregory on the Divisive Character of the Reformation

Pro Ecclesia Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

Against Nostalgia? Brad Gregory on the Divisive Character of the Reformation

Hans Boersma

According to Gregory, modernity’s problems—and in particular its hyperpluralism—should be traced to the Reformation. As he puts it in the introduction to his magisterial book, The Unintended Reformation, his principal argument is “that the Western world today is an extraordinarily complex, tangled product of rejections, retentions, and transformations of medieval Western Christianity, in which the Reformation era constitutes the critical watershed” (2). In Gregory’s genealogical account of modernity, it is the Reformation, and in particular its sola scriptura claim, that made it impossible to secure a unified, institutional life and that ultimately led to the individualism of modernity with its lack of resources to shore up even the most basic common moral, political, and legal claims. No doubt—and not entirely unsurprisingly considering his genealogy of failures—Gregory will be accused of nostalgically looking back to the institutionalized worldview of medieval sacramentalism.

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Medium 9781855750845

2. Note on a transient inhibition of chewing (1959)

Donald Meltzer Karnac Books ePub

This analysis of a borderline case in the threshold of the depressive position was written one year after the publication ofMelanie Klein’s “Envy and Gratitude” (1957) and is an application of the theory of envy and a study of splitting processes through projective identification With clinical material from one week of a young man’s analysis, the author shows how the reconstruction of good internal objects and a surge towards the integration of the ego is intimately linked to the danger of fragmentation of the ego and objects.

This brief clinical paper sets out to demonstrate a critical week in the third year of the analysis of a borderline schizoid case. The material represents the culmination of certain lines of work during the previous year aimed at demonstrating psychic reality to the patient but also stands as the beginning of a period of six months characterized by marked clinical improvement outside the analysis and the most dogged resistance to any further advance within the consulting-room.

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Medium 9781574411560

Dr. John Richard Bevil

Edited by Campbell and Lynn Loughmiller University of North Texas Press PDF

Introducing Dr. John Richard Bevil

Dr. Bevil practiced medicine in the Batson-Sour

Lake area for three quarters of a century. He is about five feet eleven, medium build, with a ready smile and kindly disposition, a living example of the old-time family doctor. One just couldn't imagine Dr. Bevil inquiring about a family's ability to pay, or withholding, for any reason whatever, a service he could render. He is beloved by all who know him as a good doctor and a good man, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that, at one time, half the babies bom in the western half of

Hardin County were named after him. There are more "John R.'s" than any other name in the county.

On our last visit he received a phone call, and when he finished, he said, "That call was from a

'baby'l delivered seventy-two years ago. It's his birthday, and he was calling to wish me a good day, too."

One does not talk to Dr. Bevil long without recognizing his high regard for women. It is easily inferred that, in his opinion, women are responsible for man's finer achievements. "Women's

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Medium 9780980184822

One Truth

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF

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