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Medium 9781605096001

Three: Collaborative Organization Design Research at the Center for Effective Organizations

Mohrman, Susan Albers Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub


WE DESCRIBE A RANGE of collaborative research approaches used over several decades in research programs at the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. These programs have focused on generating knowledge that is theoretically and practically useful about an unfolding set of organizational effectiveness and design challenges that have confronted companies through time. These programs and their constituent studies have been recursive: The knowledge gained in each project has informed ensuing research. We describe our foundational assumptions about design and design research that have guided our choices of research topics and methodologies, and we discuss the nature and importance of programmatic research approaches to address complex problems. We develop our view that collaboration is critical to organizational design research and describe some key elements of one particularly fruitful collaboration. Finally, we suggest a network collaboration approach that we are using in a current research program to increase relevance and speed of knowledge generation to better address the dynamic issues and innovative designs that characterize today’s organizational landscape.

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Medium 9780971435223

A Brief Preview

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF

Lisa didn’t start out as my editorial assistant. I met her through her father Frank who told me a little about the crisis she was undergoing and suggested that it might have something to do with my books........

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Medium 9781574415735

Feeling Blue? Try Apricot Cake

Joyce Gibson Roach University of North Texas Press PDF

Feeling Blue? Try

Apricot Cake


I’m blue. Do you ever feel that way? We have a lot of expressions for, well, however it is you’re feeling. Down in the dumps is kind of like blue, but blue is sadder. You don’t feel up and at it, and not even tolerably well. Fair is up from blue, like tolerable.

Pitiful poor means more than emotions are down.

Sickly goes with pitiful poor. I’m just “not at myself ” is an expression that may have to do with physical as well as emotional well-being.

There is help for all these conditions. We eat— preferably something sweet. And we go some place and find someone to eat with us if we can. Misery loves company.

I went way over to Jack County today to see my friend.

She lives out around Dark Corners. We have known each other since we were children.

When I walked in, I told her, “Carol June, I’m blue.”

“Me too,” she said. “I’ll put the coffee pot on and there’s cake—Apricot Cake.”

While she got the cake and coffee ready—cream and sugar both in mine—I told her why I was blue. Then she told me why she was blue. We got things off our chests and

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Medium 9781601322517

Session - Data and Information Mining + Forecasting Methods

Hamid R. Arabnia; Leonidas Deligiannidis; Ray Hashemi; Joan Lu; George Jandieri; Ashu M. G. Solo; and Fernando G. Tinetti (Editors) Mercury Learning and Information PDF
Medium 9781780643373

21: The Development of Forest Conservation in Europe

Kirby, K.J. CABI PDF


The Development of Forest

Conservation in Europe

James Latham*

Bryn Ffynnon, Llanddona, Anglesey, UK

21.1  Introduction

Much of the forest cover of Europe is ‘protected’ for a variety of interests and purposes, and hence nature may also be conserved in some way, but protection and conservation do not always go hand in hand. Forests may be protected for practical reasons, such as to ensure timber supplies or for the physical protection of villages in mountainous regions, or for aesthetic, cultural or political reasons. Nature conservation interests may sometimes be damaged by management for these other interests.

Equally, the designation of areas as important for nature conservation may mean that some other services such as wood production or grazing are curtailed; and if the special conservation interest is a non-woodland habitat or species, then trees and woods may be cleared for conservation reasons.

Protection and conservation are often viewed largely as passive processes – the prevention of damaging activities. However, some kind of intervention may be needed to achieve the desired goals, not least because of the cultural nature of much of the European landscape. The management of woodland for conservation and the integration of this with other forestry management objectives has

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