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Medium 9781742205809

Ko Chang & Eastern Seaboard

Slice ePub January 02, 2015

Ko Chang & Eastern Seaboard

Bangkok Thais have long escaped the urban grind with weekend escapes to the eastern seaboard. Some of the country’s first beach resorts sprang up here, starting a trend that has been replicated wherever sand meets sea. As the country has industrialised, only a few beaches within reach of the capital, such as Ko Samet’s, remain spectacular specimens. Further afield, Ko Chang and its sister islands offer a more ‘tropical’ ambience, but are far from undiscovered.

Just beyond the foothills and the curving coastline is Cambodia, and the east coast provides a cultural link between the two countries. Many of the mainland Thai towns were at some point occupied by the French during the shifting border days of the colonial era. Travellers who take the time to explore these lesser-known spots will find remnants of Old Siam, tasty market meals and an easy-going prosperity that defines ordinary Thai life in this region.

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Medium 9781934009352

Chapter 3 Building Comprehension

Slice ePub September 11, 2014

To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.

—Edmund Burke

Ms. Hammond and Ms. Kersey are collaborative teachers in a seventh-grade inclusion classroom at Rogersville Middle School in Tennessee. They religiously model and coach their students on using the comprehension strategies, and they plan their lessons to identify and include thinking strategies before, during, and after reading. These teachers know they must ask students to use graphic organizers in order to maintain focus on and comprehension of challenging text. They often begin a unit of study by reading aloud a picture book that connects to their topic because these materials are motivating and efficient in use of time. To initiate the unit on the Civil Rights Movement, Ms. Kersey uses the Frayer Model to assess students’ knowledge and experience on segregation. She uses an enlarged graphic organizer on the whiteboard to record student responses of words they associate with segregation and examples of what segregation is and is not.

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Medium 9780762786503

15-Guanella Pass Scenic & Historic Byway

Slice PDF January 22, 2015


Guanella Pass

Scenic & Historic Byway

Georgetown to Grant

General description: This 22-mile paved road, a National Forest Scenic Byway, climbs from Georgetown over 11,669-foot

Guanella Pass to Grant in the Front Range.

Special attractions: Pike National For-

est, Arapaho National Forest, Georgetown

National Historic District, Mount Evans Wilderness Area, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, scenic views, cross-country skiing, historic sites, aspen colors.

Location: Central Colorado. The drive

begins in Georgetown off I-70 west of Denver and ends at Grant on US 285 just east of Kenosha Pass.

Route numbers: Clear Creek CR 381, FR


Travel season: Year-round. The drive is regularly plowed in winter, although heavy snow may temporarily close it. Carry chains, a shovel, and warm clothes in winter. The

drive is not recommended for oversize RVs or trailers.

Camping: Five national forest campgrounds lie along the drive. Clear Lake and Guanella

Pass Campgrounds sit north of the pass summit, while Geneva Park, Burning Bear, and Whiteside Campgrounds lie south of the pass along Geneva Creek.

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Medium 9780596805487

5. Operations

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The classic object- or component-oriented programming models offered only a single way for clients to call a method: the client would issue a call, block while the call was in progress, and continue executing once the method returned. Any other calling model had to be handcrafted, often incurring productivity and quality penalties. While WCF supports this classic invocation model, it also provides built-in support for additional operation types: one-way calls for fire-and-forget operations, duplex callbacks for allowing the service to call back to the client, and streaming to allow the client or the service to handle large payloads. In general, the type of operation used is part of the service contract and is an intrinsic part of the service design. The operation type may even place some constraints on the allowed bindings. Consequently, clients and services should be designed from the ground up with the operation type in mind, and you cannot switch easily between the various operation types. This chapter is dedicated to the various ways of invoking WCF operations and the related design guidelines.[2] Two other ways of invoking operationsasynchronously and queuedare addressed in subsequent chapters.

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Medium 9781609949150

8 The Searchbot: New Ways to Zing with Google and Bing

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

The caf crowd buzzed with anticipation as they built their Towers of Learning Power. I glanced down at Harold and saw that he had begun to look even more human. Other hamsters in the room also seemed more relaxed and less jumpy.

Harold glanced at his watch and shot me a panicked look. Ive got less than an hour, Z!

I nodded and decided to launch a rapid-fire barrage of ZIP! Tips to help Harold and the crowd.

Listen up! Search is a robot too! There are almost 1.5 billion people who use Google or Bing to search for info, I cried. Here are ten ways you can activate your Searchbots!

JOB: Zips to helpful information in search engines.

Zip away! a CEO near the door cried, holding his tablet up, ready to snap a picture.

From almost any search engine on any device I began, and with rapid fire, I shot each of these ZIP! Tips from my new superhero finger onto a new spot on the wall. The crowd spun in place, trying each ZIP! Tip as it appeared, and some were even snapping a picture of the instructions and sending them to friends and colleagues.

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