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Medium 9781449370510

17. Tales from the Crick: Experiences and Services When Design Fiction Meets Synthetic Biology

Slice ePub November 24, 2014


The primary purpose of this chapter is to propose a role of design as a tool for investigation, used as a speculative means to materialize tales of possible futures. The scenarios that will be taken into consideration are founded on two premises: first, slowly but constantly we are moving from an overconsumption-driven society to a service access–driven one; second, the progress in the field of synthetic biology (a brand new genetic engineering) resembles the historical path of digital and electronic technologies from the 1970s, where only technical experts were allowed to intervene.[197]

Design is going to be used as a tool to break this barrier and bridge the gap between science, technology, and society at large. Using real scientific achievements as a starting point, we can think about synthetic biology not as an abstraction but in fictional scenarios relevant to our day-to-day experiences. Putting the issues in real context, we can materialize an aesthetic of these new possibilities, understand them, and discuss the ethical landscape. These technologies have the power to entirely change industries and industrial procedures.

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Medium 9780596527549

4.8 Sorting Algorithms in C# with NSort

Slice PDF May 29, 2014


NPlot in a Nutshell

The current version of NPlot is—it has not yet reached version 1.0. This reflects the following facts:

• Some functionality that many users expect from a charting library is still missing.

NPlot is not yet considered basic-feature complete (though it is getting close).

• The API is still subject to change without notice and without regard to backwardcompatibility. The focus remains on creating the best library design possible.

• There are no separate development/stable branches of the code. A given release of

NPlot may include both bug fixes and significant enhancements. The latter have the potential to break functionality that worked in previous releases.

That said, NPlot is known to be used reliably in several production systems.

NPlot is an easy-to-use, flexible charting library that has a wide range of applications. It is under active development, with particular focus on polishing the interface and achieving a very stable release for version 1.0.

—Matt Howell, creator of NPlot

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Medium 9781847770653

The King’s Evil

Source: Emporium
Slice PDF February 05, 2015

and the bookseller Thomas Spence imprisoned for selling the Rights of Man

America threw off the yoke of monarchy. France threw off the yoke of monarchy. But we are ruled over in perpetuity by one family and this is regarded as normal in a democracy bloodlines and blood fascism in a democracy destiny written in our veins

‘we high-born ones’, ‘we well-bred with pure blood and pure breeding’

– ‘our superior genetics’1 – born to rule to master

No rational basis but blood

(and some idiot always says:

‘They know how to rule – it’s in their blood’)

But Paine was clear on this: hereditary rule precludes the consent of succeeding generations and the preclusion of consent is


And the monarch will make retribution the Tower of London once a place of execution and on Tower Bridge strange to see the hair of the head disappear the gristle of the nose consumed away the eye sockets . . .

1 ‘I was brought up to do this sort of work. It is training, experience and genetics.’

Prince Andrew, HRH the Duke of York (Telegraph, 24.10.09).

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Medium 9780596006099

11. Integrating Ant with Eclipse

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Ant is the premiere build tool for Java developers, and Eclipse is the premiere integrated development environment (IDE) for Java programmers. Eclipse is great at visual development, and Ant is great for builds. For that reason, the latest Eclipse version (3.0) comes with Ant 1.6.1 (the version of Ant this book was written with), and there's an extensive Ant interface in Eclipse.

Doesn't Ant have its own IDE? Well, sort of. Antidote, started in 2000, was supposed to have been the Ant IDE; see Unfortunately, that project appears to be more or less moribund, largely because the big guys behind Eclipse have been integrating Ant into their IDE now.

If you're a Java developer, you know how finicky Java can feel at times. Missed import statements, forgotten variable declarations, omitted semi-colons, garbled syntax, and typos will cause the Java command-line compiler, javac, to cough and display pages of error messages.

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Medium 9780596515089

9. Advanced Web Performance Optimization

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Now that youve learned how to crunch your content, lets look at some more advanced server- and client-side techniques for increasing web performance.

On the server side, this chapter explores methods that you can use to boost performance by:

Optimizing parallel downloads

Caching frequently used objects

Using HTTP compression

Deploying delta encoding

Rewriting URIs with mod_rewrite

On the client side, well investigate procedures that you can use to improve the speed of content delivery. Although these techniques take some additional effort, they boost both perceived and actual web page speed.

This section explores some server-side techniques that you can use to boost your sites performance. Note that some of these techniques are hybrids, combining server-side settings with concomitant client-side modifications. For more on server-side performance optimization, you can also check out Web Performance Tuning: Speeding Up the Web, by Patrick Killelea (OReilly).

The HTTP 1.1 specification recommends that browsers limit downloads to two objects per hostname. This recommendation was created in 1999, in the days of dial-up and less robust proxy servers. Most browsers default to this limit. Although users can change these defaults, most dont bother to do so. For sites hosted on one domain, the result is slower load times with objects loaded two at a time.

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