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Medium 9781475819250

Shaping a Borderland Professional Identity: Funds of Knowledge of a Bilingual Education Teacher

Teacher Education and Practice R&L Education ePub



ABSTRACT: This study is an attempt to tell the story of a Mexican American bilingual education teacher whose professional and personal life spans the beginning of modern bilingual education to the present atmosphere of “accountability.” Her voice connects the macro and micro aspects of being a minority educator in the contested context of bilingual education in the public school system. Through examination of identity and agency formed through and in these multiple discourses, I attempt to analyze a bilingual educator’s “ways of knowing,” to understand resistance and transformation in the liminal space of “borderlands.” Through the investigation of the epistemology of a bilingual educator, I believe that there is the possibility of gaining insight into the shaping of a professional identity and the process of teacher transformation.

I was going to my first interview with Luz. That Saturday, as I walked down the darkened halls of Oak Elementary, my attention was caught by a large, lighted display case. Stopping to peer through the glass, I saw pictures of the old Oak Elementary from 100 years ago. The façade of the building in the photograph brought memories rushing back to me. As I intently looked at the old class pictures, I noticed that there was not anyone of color among the children or teachers.

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Medium 9781449308445

6. Drawing Heat Maps

Alasdair Allan O'Reilly Media ePub

One of the more obvious missing features of the Map Kit framework is the ability to render heat maps on top of map views. However, while youve only met polygon overlays so far (see Chapter3), it is also possible to use the overlay images on top of maps. You can use that to draw heat maps on top of your maps that will be fixed in the map view and move around as the user scrolls the map back and forth.

The demonstration application were going to build in this chapter makes heavy use of heat map code written by George Polak at Skyhook Wireless. Thanks to him and the all the team at Skyhook Wireless, both for the code and assistance. The SHGeoUtils class is copyright Skyhook Wireless and used with permission; it is distributed under an MIT license.

Youre going to build a demonstration application with a heat map from data representing the Richter scale magnitude of a recent earthquake in New England.

Open Xcode and choose Create a new Xcode project in the startup window. Choose the Single View Application template from the iOS section of the New Project popup window. When prompted, name your new project HeatMap. In the Company Identifier box, enter the root part of your Bundle Identifier (see the iOS Provisioning Portal) used in your Provisioning Profile; for me, this is You should leave the Class Prefix box blank. Ensure that the Device Family is set to iPhone, the checkbox for ARC is ticked, and the boxes for storyboard and unit tests are not ticked.

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Medium 9786068360041

H. Cum să ajuţi această carte: o rugăminte

Berkun, Scott SC Publica ePub

i mulumesc c ai cumprat aceast carte. Dac i-a depit ateptrile, ntr-un fel sau altul, sau dac te-a fcut s te gndeti c ar trebui s-o citeasc mai mult lume, aceast rugminte i este adresat.

Dup cum ai aflat deja, sunt un scriitor tnr i independent. Nu am n spate un mecanism uria de marketing, nici prieteni miliardari i nici mcar un petior de aur care s-mi ndeplineasc trei dorine. Dar nu-i nimic. Dac eti dispus s-i rupi cteva minute din timpul tu, poi ajuta aceast carte s-i gseasc drumul prin lumea rece i dur, unde multe cri bune nu ajung la oamenii care au nevoie de ele.

Te rog ia n considerare mcar una dintre urmtoarele aciuni:

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Posteaz despre aceast carte pe blogul tu, pe Facebook sau pe Twitter.

Recomand-le aceast carte colegilor, prietenilor i prietenilor prietenilor sau prietenilor care au bloguri, sau prietenilor colegilor care scriu pe bloguri, sau chiar prietenilor prietenilor care scriu despre blogurile prietenilor lor. Posibilitile sunt nelimitate.

Dac tii persoane care scriu pentru ziare sau reviste, trimite-le dou rnduri. Sau poate Oprah sau Jon Stewart i sunt datori. Acum este momentul s-i ntoarc favoarea.

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Medium 9780253006882

1 Sonic Booms: 1929 and the Sensational Transition to Sound

Rashna Wadia Richards Indiana University Press ePub

1929 and the Sensational Transition to Sound

Although the second gunshot is not heard, its startling boom causes far-reaching upheaval. Convinced that Irene Guarry (Greta Garbo) has shot her husband, but having no concrete evidence to prosecute her, the Lyonnais police scheme to fire another shot and use her unsuspecting visceral response to it to challenge her tale of the night of the murder. After timing their sonic reconstruction for “exactly three-fifteen,” two officers go up to Irene’s bedroom, where she claims to have slept through the bang of the original gunshot that killed her husband, while a third officer waits in the study downstairs, ready to aurally recreate the sound of the crime. Irene lies on her chaise lounge reading, ignoring with characteristic Garboesque poise the figures who saunter about her room and pretend to gather additional data. She may be curious about their presence, but she remains ostensibly unconcerned. At the prearranged moment, the two detectives fix their gaze on her, while a quick crosscut shows the officer downstairs raising his gun in the air and firing a shot. Unlike the explosion that kills Guarry (Anders Randolf) – that initial shot functions as one of the film’s only two sound effects – this second shot remains diegetically unheard. Still, its reverberations register in multiple ways. The silent shot is first marked by the rising note in background music. Then a cut reveals an immensely startled Irene (Figure 1.1). Narratively, her loss of composure at the sound of the simulated gunshot exposes her involvement in Guarry’s murder, for which she is charged and nearly convicted. Her defense, that she did not hear the shot that killed her husband the night before, is viscerally disproved. All of France seems to be in uproar over the socialite’s trial, which threatens to divulge her innocent liaison with Pierre Lassalle (Lew Ayres), the young son of her husband’s business associate, as well as her clandestine affair with André Dubail (Conrad Nagel), her current lawyer. But Irene is acquitted by the testimony of her husband’s business partner Lassalle (Holmes Herbert), who discloses that Guarry was “on the verge of bankruptcy” and therefore “utterly depressed.” The boom of the initial gunshot is thus attributed to the crash of the stock market. After some visible clamor in the courtroom, Irene is exonerated. And yet, the moment when Irene is physically shaken by sound lingers for me. While the film itself returns comfortably to silence, it remains striking because it is so unnervingly excessive.

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Medium 9781591201311

1. Understanding Macrobolic Nutrition

Dente, Gerard Basic Health Publications ePub


Understanding Macrobolic Nutrition

EVER WONDER WHY ALL OF THE BIGGEST and most ripped guys in the gym are on the weight room floor moving heavy steel, while all of the overweight or skinny guys are on the cardio machines?

How would you like to be able to pack on muscle and lose body fat without ever having to do cardio again? Yes, you read it right. Pack on muscle and lose body fat without ever doing cardio! You are about to learn how the top bodybuilders in the world pack on muscle and stay hard year-round, without cardio and without starving themselves. It all comes down to food, and what professional bodybuilders call Macrobolic Nutrition’s lean-mass equation. Macrobolic Nutrition heralds a new era in bodybuilding and performance enhancement. This nutrition program is designed to create the ideal metabolic and hormonal environment for incredible gains in muscle size, strength, and endurance, while burning fat quickly and efficiently. In fact, your body will become so metabolically efficient, you won’t have to do cardio to burn body fat. You won’t have to starve yourself either. You’ll be eating more food than you could imagine every two and a half to three hours. But before I get into the specifics and science of Macrobolic Nutrition’s lean-mass equation, let’s clear the air right now about the biggest mistake amateur bodybuilders make in their quest for rock-hard mass—low-carb diets. The huge amount of media attention on low-carb diets may have led you to believe that was how to get a lean, muscular physique. Unfortunately, you probably found out the hard way that a low-carb diet isn’t giving you the results you want. Rather than becoming big and hard with dense, full muscles, you feel small, flat, and weak! If you don’t believe me, keep reading, because science doesn’t lie. Not only does science prove it, the impressive mass achieved by the world’s top bodybuilders proves it as well.

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