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8. Functions

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

A function is a block of JavaScript code that is defined once but may be executed, or invoked, any number of times. You may already be familiar with the concept of a function under a name such as subroutine or procedure. JavaScript functions are parameterized: a function definition may include a list of identifiers, known as parameters, that work as local variables for the body of the function. Function invocations provide values, or arguments, for the functions parameters. Functions often use their argument values to compute a return value that becomes the value of the function-invocation expression. In addition to the arguments, each invocation has another valuethe invocation contextthat is the value of the this keyword.

If a function is assigned to the property of an object, it is known as a method of that object. When a function is invoked on or through an object, that object is the invocation context or this value for the function. Functions designed to initialize a newly created object are called constructors. Constructors were described in Creating Objects and will be covered again in Chapter9.

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Medium 9781565925816

3. Objects

Source: Learning DCOM
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In this chapter:



Class Factories

Having gone through a general overview of COM in the last chapter, you now will get intimate with it. First, lets get one thing straight. COM is nothing new because it builds purely on top of proven successful software technologies, including object-oriented and distributed computing technologies. These technologies thoroughly separate interface from implementation. Everyone who has any exposure to encapsulation and software layering can more or less relate to COM.

The interface definitions and C++ code that you see in this chapter can be automated by Visual C++ and the ATL wizards with a few mouse clicks. Even so, its important for you to see whats going on in the code and not just rely on clicking a few buttons. You cant understand what choices to make from the wizards until you know how to create a COM object from scratch. Moreover, performance is heavily affected by the choices that you make. Consider the information in this chapter (and in Chapter4 and Chapter5), the internals of the wizard-generated code that is presented in Chapter6, and onwards. In short, youll be empowered with the knowledge gained from Chapter3 through Chapter6.

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Medium 9781591200499


Slice ePub May 23, 2014

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Medium 9780596520991

5. String and Text Processing

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Someone will call Something will fall And smash on the floor Without reading the text Know what comes next Seen it before And its painful Things must change We must rearrange them Or well have to estrange them All that Im saying The games not worth playing Over and over again

Depeche Mode, "The Sun and the Rainfall"

Users who come to Mathematica for its superior mathematical capabilities are pleasantly surprised to find strong abilities in programming areas outside of mathematics proper. This is certainly true in the area of textual and string processing. Mathematicas rich library of functions for string and structured text manipulation rivals Java, Perl, or any other modern language you can tie a string around.

The sections in this introduction provide information on some of the basic tools of strings and string manipulation.

Mathematica uses Unicode internally, but externally (e.g., when saving a notebook) it uses ASCII codes, encoding non-ASCII characters in a special form.

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4. Retrieving Information

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

To build a successful web application, you often need to know a lot about the environment in which it is running. You may need to find out about the server that is executing your servlets or the specifics of the client that is sending requests. And no matter what kind of environment the application is running in, you most certainly need information about the requests that the application is handling.

A number of methods provide servlets access to this information. For the most part, each method returns one specific result. Compared this to the way environment variables are used to pass a CGI program its information, the servlet approach has several advantages:

Stronger type checking. Servlets get more help from the compiler in catching errors. A CGI program uses one function to retrieve its environment variables. Many errors cannot be found until they cause runtime problems. Lets look at how a CGI program and a servlet find the port on which its server is running.

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