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Medium 9781449314903

Receiving Sensor Input

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Smart phones come with a wide array of sensors: accelerometers, cameras, gyroscopes, microphones, touch screens, etc. All of them are potentially useful for musical expression; this is one of the reasons why mobile devices are such an exciting platform for musical apps. Both the RjDj app and the Android ScenePlayer read input from a number of commonly available sensors and make it available to Pd.

The player apps send touch and accelerometer data to the patch through a pair of receive symbols, #touch and #accelerate. Accelerometer messages are lists of three numbers, representing the coordinates of the current acceleration vector measured in multiples of Standard Gravity, g0 = 9.81m/s2. Figure3-7 shows how the coordinate axes relate to the orientation of the device. The axes form a right-handed coordinate system, with the x-axis pointing to the right, the y-axis pointing up, and the z-axis pointing toward the user.

Figure3-7.Accelerometer axes

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Medium 9781780428574

Les OEuvres faussement attribuées à Memling

Source: Hans Memling
Slice PDF June 09, 2014

Maître Memling, entre influences et authentifications

2. Superbe manuscrit grand in-folio, avec de nombreuses miniatures, que possédait le comte François

Potocki. En 1856, il fut acheté par l’amateur Auguste von Hirsch, qui le céda au bibliopole Joseph

Baer, de Francfort. Toutes les marges en sont couvertes de splendides ornements. Beaucoup de personnes croient Memling auteur de ces travaux. Un monogramme agencé comme celui de Jan

Floreins, les lettres I. M. réunies par un lacet avec des glands, sous lesquelles on lit une inscription qui fournit la date de 1490, semble leur donner gain de cause ; mais, d’après le style des peintures, Nagler les attribue à un artiste français dont on ne connaît pas le nom. Die Monogrammisten, t. III, page 1081.

3. Deux petits tableaux que possède la galerie de Munich, cintrés dans le haut et portant au revers les initiales I. M., en lettres dorées et ornées. L’un de ces panneaux figure le Christ prenant congé de sa mère ; l’autre, Marie tenant dans ses bras l’Enfant-Dieu. Les têtes sont aussi belles de formes que merveilleuses d’expression ; les mains de la Vierge et les pieds nus du jeune Sauveur trahissent par leur délicatesse l’habitude de la miniature. Les images sont sur un fond d’or estampé, ombré de lignes brunes à droite. Le savant Nagler ne croit pas de Memling ces tableaux extrêmement petits : les lettres I. M. lui paraissent les initiales des mots Iesus, Maria, vu la place considérable qu’elles occupent relativement à la dimension des panneaux. Il estime que les deux images furent exécutées au commencement du XVIe siècle et les attribue au célèbre miniaturiste Gérard Hoorenbault, plus connu sous le nom d’Hore-bout. Die Monogrammisten, t. III, p. 1083.

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Medium 9781847772015

Mariana Now

Slice PDF February 17, 2015

Mariana Now for David & Dawn Latané

She only said, ‘My life is dreary.

He cometh not,’ she said;

She said, ‘I am aweary, aweary,

I would that I were dead!’

Tennyson, ‘Mariana’

Much of the night she sat by the open window,

Six floors up, watching garbage blow like leaves

Down orange streets. After midnight traffic had thinned,

Yet cars still screamed away from the lights

On Poplar Street, where no green leaf, she imagined,

But gutter-grass had grown for a hundred years.

Salmon-pink geraniums were dead-dry in their pots;

Rusty petals fell to the window-sill whenever

They caught her eye. Nothing when she flicked the channels

But garden make-overs and cookery gross-outs.

She knew she’d get no chance on Dating Game. Didn’t want it.

While she stared into space, the walls moved in.

No tunes. No text. Even with her shiny mobile phone

She hadn’t left the flat – she knew it was superstition,

Like not stepping on pavement lines for fear of shocks.

She trapped the bathroom bluebottle in a jar

And for an hour or so watched it go mad in fits

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Medium 9780596004798

16. SQL Server Agent

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

SQL Server Agent automates administrative tasks by running jobs, monitoring SQL Server, and processing alerts.

You can define jobs and their schedules, alerts, and operators by using Object Explorer in SQL Server Management Studio, by using T-SQL scripts, or by using SQL Server Management Objects (SMO). Using SMO is the focus of this chapter.

SQL Server Agent is disabled by default. Start SQL Server Agent by connecting to a server instance in Object Explorer. Right-click the SQL Server Agent node and click Start on the context menu to start SQL Server Agent.

Set SQL Server Agent to start automatically by launching SQL Server Configuration Manager from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Configuration Tools. Select SQL Server 2005 Services in the left panel, right-click SQL Server Agent from the list of services in the right panel, and select Properties from the context menu to launch the SQL Server Agent Properties dialog box. Select the Service tab and change the Start Mode to Automatic.

Figure 16-1 shows the key SMO SQL Server Agent classes and defines the relationships between them.

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Medium 9781491950357

9. Security

Slice ePub February 06, 2015

We’ve become familiar with stories about security breaches of large-scale systems resulting in our data being exposed to all sorts of dodgy characters. But more recently, events like the Edward Snowden revelations have made us even more aware of the value of data that companies hold about us, and the value of data that we hold for our customers in the systems we build. This chapter will give a brief overview of some aspects of security you should consider when designing your systems. While not meant to be exhaustive, it will lay out some of the main options available to you and give you a starting point for your own further research.

We need to think about what protection our data needs while in transit from one point to another, and what protection it needs at rest. We need to think about the security of our underlying operating systems, and our networks too. There is so much to think about, and so much we could do! So how much security do we need? How can we work out what is enough security?

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