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Medium 9781565922617

4. Searching and Modifying Buffers

Bob Glickstein O'Reilly Media ePub

In this chapter:

Inserting the Current Time



There will be lots of times when you want to search through a buffer for a string, perhaps replacing it with something else. In this chapter we'll show a lot of powerful ways to do this. We'll cover the functions that perform searches and also show you how to form regular expressions, which add great flexibility to the kinds of searches you can do.

It is sometimes useful to insert the current date or time into a file as you edit it. For instance, right now, as I'm writing this, it's 10:30pm on Friday, 18 August, 1996. A few days ago, I was editing a file of Emacs Lisp code and I changed a comment that read


I placed a timestamp in the comment because it could be useful when editing that code in the future to look back and see when this change was made.

A command that merely inserts the current time is simple, once you know that the function current-time-string yields today's date and time as a string.[18]

The section More Asterisk Magic later in this chapter explains the meaning of (interactive "*") and insert.

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Medium 9789383828562


Dr K.Sivarajan; Dr C.N.Balakrishnan Nambiar Laxmi Publications PDF



Unit - IV


The rapid industrialization and advancement of new technology has changed the face of the earth. Modernization and urbanization have already transformed the life style of mankind. It has induced greater mobility from traditional village to modern urban centres. Such vast change has occurred within the last 50 years. The reason for such a change is traceable in the advancement of science and technology. It has reached the people only through the technology of communication. Information explosion is due to the expansion of mass media, which is an essential component of communication.


Skill in communication is essential for both teachers and researchers. In fact teaching is basically a process of communication. Effective classroom interaction is possible only if the communication in classroom is interesting, motivating and realistic.

It is a two way process involving, so many factors like:

Communicator’s personality, knowledge base, skill in presentation, attitude, organized and life related illustrations, facial expressions, actions, movements, body language, eye contact, interest in the subject, commitment, insights, etc.

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Medium 9781855754614

CHAPTER FOUR: The therapeutic needs of those fleeing persecution and violence, now and in the future

Karnac Books ePub

Lennox K. Thomas


The maxim of “a stitch in time saves nine” needs to be borne in mind when thinking about and planning therapeutic T work with refugees. For all the experiences of persecution and torture in their country and the estrangement in their place of refuge, some sense has to be made of the experiences. Greater planning needs to take place in order to ensure better mental health services for refugees and asylum seekers. This is not just important at the point of arrival but for the future, particularly for children and young people. Many professionals could be helpful in that process, among them general medical practitioners as the first line of contact, then schools, and psychotherapists. Therapists are more likely to attend to people who are experiencing psychological and emotional problems, but there are others involved in hospitalization, religious counselling, or other assistance who might also need to be able to understand the cultural context of the psychological presentation. In that regard, the planning of services might require the input of social and medical anthropologists, whose understanding of culture and symptomatology will be helpful. Because being a refugee is not a normal part of life and is therefore something that most people will be unlikely to experience, some asylum seekers will need help with the process of resettlement. While for some the move from one country culture, and language might be relatively unproblematic and taken on as one of life's challenges, others might want help for a variety of reasons. For many, there may be needs as a result of the trauma they experienced, as well as a call for legal support with their asylum claim. Not everyone who is referred for therapy will need it at that time, or at any other time for that matter.

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Medium 9781593575724

Chapter 3: Capture Your Value with SMART Stories™

Susan Britton Whitcomb JIST Publishing ePub

The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value.

—Author Unknown

E= mc2 captures Einstein’s brilliant theory of relativity. I’ve translated that memorable formula into job search terminology so that you can be brilliant in your quest for new employment! In the realm of job search, E = mc2 reads like this:

Employment = Mechanics × Commitment Squared

Let’s explore what each of those terms means to you:

   Employment: Receiving, and accepting, a job offer that is in sync with your career goals

   Mechanics: Applying savvy strategies, systems, and tactics—the ins and outs—of job search and interviewing

   Commitment Squared: Holding a double portion of optimum mindset, emotional energy, and intelligent attitude throughout the job search process.

If you’ve purchased this book, I’ll assume that employment—a new job—is your goal. To get to that new job, you’ll need to put into practice the nuts and bolts of job search and interviewing, which I’ve referred to as “mechanics.” Add to that a double portion of commitment. Together, these ingredients translate not just to employment, but to career success—radical rewards and enthusiastic engagement in work that adds value to others.

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Medium 9781588439468

Maya Biosphere

Shelagh McNally Hunter Publishing ePub

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