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Medium 9781742204192

Belgium & Luxembourg

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

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     Around Brussels





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     Around Luxembourg

Stereotypes of comic books, chips and sublime chocolates are just the start in eccentric little Belgium; its self-deprecating people have quietly spent centuries producing some of Europe’s finest art and architecture. Bilingual Brussels is the dynamic yet personable EU capital, but also sports what’s arguably the world’s most beautiful city square. Flat, Dutch-speaking Flanders has many other alluring medieval cities, all easily linked by regular train hops. In hilly, French-speaking Wallonia, the attractions are contrastingly rural – castle villages, outdoor activities and extensive cave systems. Independent Luxembourg, the EU’s richest country, is compact and hilly with its own wealth of castle villages. The grand duchy’s capital city is famed for banking but also sports a fairy-tale Unesco-listed old town. And from the brilliant beers of Belgium to the sparkling wines of Luxembourg’s Moselle Valley, there’s plenty to lubricate some of Europe’s best dining. Welcome to the good life.

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Medium 9781576754429


Charles Halpern Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

SHORTLY AFTER the district court decision in the pipeline case, I sat down to lunch with my friend Ralph Siu and turned the subject to the case. I was full of our success and outraged by the oil companies’ cavalier indifference to the environment. Ralph’s calm offset my enthusiasm.

“It’s important to plan your strategy with full regard for the long term,” he said. “Your action was especially significant because you averted an action that could have had disastrous impact for generations. On the other hand, our country has an insatiable appetite for oil. Over time, that demand is going to drive resource decisions, and real progress will have to address that problem. The corporations will do what is necessary to meet that demand. I doubt if the corporate decision makers are bad people.”

I realized that I had fallen into the habit of thinking they were bad people, the enemy. CLASP tended to run on polarized and adversarial thinking, and oil company executives had a high ranking on the list of villains.

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Medium 9781933952376

17. Manipulations

George Barr Rocky Nook-IPS ePub

Inversions, posterizations, tricky curves, and other manipulations

Thoughts on the role of manipulated images and just having fun

Diffused highlights techniques

Is it “Art”

Going well beyond real

Are artists allowed to have fun and what do you do with the results if they do?

I’m guessing that most of us have messed around with the settings in our favorite image editing software; inverting the image tones and colors, solarizing, or using any one of hundreds of Photoshop tools to make an image surreal. Most of the results are just fun and serve no purpose other than our own entertainment—nothing wrong with that.

Some manipulations can look very nice. Check out the recent color flower work of Huntington Witherill, himself a painter by background and a large format black and white landscape photographer by inclination. Some of his manipulations are wonderful.

At one point I decided to do a project on hands, more specifically, my hands. At 59 years old, they have character. I got to playing with my first efforts. Don’t think others will give you any credit for doing this kind of work, but who cares? This is for yourself, and I’m simply showing you mine to illustrate.

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Medium 9781576337974

Running Water: ACT Earth Science

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781931332934

60. Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

David S. Younger, MD Rothstein Publishing ePub


Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

Barry Rodstein, David S. Younger

The ancient Egyptians, followed by Hippocrates and the Romans recognized the combination of paralysis, sensory loss, incontinence, and priapism ascribed to spinal cord injury (SCI) invariably leading to death. The mortality for SCI, which was 80% during World War I (WWI), was impacted by the establishment of dedicated SCI centers, first at Boston City Hospital and later in a multidisciplinary unit in the British National Health Service at Stoke Mandevile Hospital to treat WWII veterans. The American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ABPMR), which grants specialty board certification in spinal cord medicine (SCM), defines this as the subspecialty that addresses the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of traumatic spinal cord injury and non-traumatic etiologies of spinal cord dysfunction by working in an inter-specialty manner.


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