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Medium 9781936764761

Chapter 6 Standard for Mathematical Practice 6: Attend to Precision

Kit Norris Solution Tree Press ePub

Language is as important to learning mathematics as
it is to learning to read


“How many minutes old are you?” a fifth-grade teacher asks her students. The question seems easy enough until students begin discussing what they need to know in order to answer this question. Working in small groups, students begin identifying some facts that they need, such as the number of days in the year, the number of hours in a day, the number of minutes in each hour, and their exact date and time of birth.

In the fourth-grade classroom down the hall, students are given a different question: “Thirteen candy bars are to be shared with seven friends. What is the size of each friend’s share of the candy bars?” Two students in the class have the following dialogue.

Alfredo: Let’s use a calculator. We just divide . . . 7 ÷ 13.

Alicia: Don’t you mean 13 ÷ 7? We need 7 shares.

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Medium 9781449316259

8. Advanced Tweens with the Motion Editor

Chris, Dr Grover O'Reilly Media ePub

Tweens have always been a big tool in Flashs animation toolbox, and, as explained in Chapter3, these days you have more control over tweens than ever. Flashs motion tween (Making It Move with Motion Tweens) can do more than just show a car moving down a streetit can make the car stretch out and turn blazing red when its going really fast and scrunch up when it stops. It can even make the cars shadow change position as the car and sun move across the screen.

You accomplish these sophisticated tweens by making multiple property changes at multiple points in time. Want precision control over every aspect of a tween? Turn to the Motion Editor. This chapter shows you in detail how to apply and fine-tune your motion tweens, focusing in particular on Motion Editor control. Youll start with a refresher on motion presets, which are simply predesigned tweens that you can apply to objects with a couple of mouse clicks. Then youll learn some of the different ways you can edit your tweens on the stage, in the timeline, and using the Motion Editor. Along the way, youll learn how to apply filters for special effects and how to create more realistic motion (easing).

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Medium 9781475816563

Education for All and National Legislation

International Journal of Educational Ref Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

Kishore Singh

ABSTRACT: Right to education, which is an integral part of UNESCO’s constitutional mission of ensuring “full and equal opportunities for education for all,” is at the core of the Education for All process. While reforming education polices as part of this process, many countries have modernized and developed national legislation, often with technical assistance provided by UNESCO. As a strategic objective of Education for All, doing so strengthens foundations of the right to education in national legal systems. It brings to light the fundamental principle of the equality of educational opportunities, enshrined in UNESCO’s Convention Against Discrimination in Education, a key pillar of Education for All.

The right to education is well established in a number of instruments adopted by UNESCO and the United Nations. As an internationally recognized right, education is a “human right in itself and an indispensable means of realizing other human rights.”1 Education plays an important role in empowering individuals and transforming societies because it is essential to the socioeconomic development process and a powerful instrument in poverty reduction strategies. At the World Education Forum in 2000, governments, international organizations, and agencies made a collective commitment to the Education for All (EFA)2 and to the realization of the right to basic education as a fundamental human right. Owing to increasing recognition of the centrality of education in people’s lives, the realization of the right to education for all has assumed added significance.

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Medium 9780819848550

Three: What Kind of Role Does a Catholic Mom Play in This Great Big World?

Danielle Bean Pauline Books and Media ePub
Medium 9781491904909

17. Stories Are Actually Like Asteroids

Jeff Patton O'Reilly Media ePub

If you’re of a certain age, you may fondly recall playing an early video game called Asteroids. Stick with me here for a moment. I promise this is relevant.

In the game Asteroids, you’re represented by a little ship floating deep in outer space. But you’re stranded in a field of huge asteroids, and you need to shoot your way out to survive! If you shoot a big asteroid, it explodes into a few smaller asteroids. And, to make things more complicated, these smaller asteroids move faster, and in different directions—which makes it harder for you to keep from getting hit. If you shoot one of those smaller asteroids, it’ll break into even smaller asteroids that move even faster in different directions. Pretty soon, the screen is full of asteroids of all different sizes flying in every possible direction. Happily, when you shoot the tiniest asteroids, they blow up completely and help clear away this mess.

A really bad asteroid strategy is to shoot all the big rocks and break them down into small rocks. The screen fills with lots of small rocks flying every which way, and you’ll die a quick and painful death.

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