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2. Individuation and ego development

Michael Fordham Karnac Books ePub

The concept of individuation has played a significant part in the history of dynamic psychology: it provided a basis for a psychology of maturity at a time when psychonanalysts were investigating its infantile components. As a sophisticated development the concept opened the way for the analysis of older people and defined a psychology of ongoing processes. In past decades analytical psychologists have been virtually alone pioneering in this field.

A root of Jung’s concept is to be found in a letter to Dr Loy written in 1913. There he says: “The discovery of the value of human personality is reserved for a riper age” (1914a, p. 287). In Psychological Types (1921) he discusses and defines the meaning and symbolism of individuation alongside the problem of types, but it was first compactly defined when he wrote “The relations between the ego and the unconscious” (Jung, 1928b), which is still the best introduction to the subject. Later discussions of it will be found in Psychology and Alchemy (1944a), Mysterium Coniunctionis (1955-6), the “Psychology of the transference” (1946) and Aion (1951a). Several essays published between the major works give specific indications of the development in his thoughts on that subject.

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The Melvina Fire

Julith Jedamus Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781449342418

16. The Wide World of Filters

Lesa Snider O'Reilly Media ePub

Photoshops filters let you create a multitude of special effects that you can apply to images or use to conjure interesting backgrounds. You can run filters on Image layers, masks, channels, Smart Objects, Shape layers, and even Type layers (provided you convert them into Smart Objects or rasterize em first). The list of special effects you can create by applying filters once, twice, or even 10 times is a mile long. There are a bunch of the little critters too, each with its own special brand of pixel wrangling. These days, Photoshops Filter menu appears to have fewer items than in older versions of the programthe result of a menu reorganization that happened in CS6but it actually has tons. The program also includes two new filters that are sure to delight photographers, and possibly a few designers too (especially those who are called upon routinely to fix blurry photos!).

Youve already seen a few filters in action, like the ones for sharpening, blurring, adding texture to text, mapping one image to the contours of another, and so on. But thats just a tiny sliver of whats available. In this chapter, youll be immersed in the realm of filters and discover how you can use em to do all kinds of fun and useful stuff. But before you start plowing through the Filter menu, you need to know how to use filters in ways that wont harm your original images. That means learning to use Smart Filters. Onward, ho!

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Medium 9780819871268

A Cry for Help

Virgina Helen Richards Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub


A Cry for Help

It was good to see the familiar faces of his fellow priests again and to talk with his superior, Father Modeste. The dedication of the new church was a beautiful event for both the priests and the people. In the little reception hall, all the missionaries gathered, reliving old times, exchanging news from Europe, and, best of all, sharing the work and successes of their own territories.

“Yes,” said Bishop Maigret, “we can thank God that much has been accomplished. New churches have been constructed. Hundreds of good people have been baptized. Only God knows all the good done by each of you. But one place still needs our help …”

The hall went still. All eyes were focused on the Bishop. They knew the place he was referring to: Molokai (pronounced moh-loh-KAH-ee)—the island of the much-feared disease of leprosy. This affliction was also called the “death before death” because of its terrible symptoms.

Leprosy had first struck the islands some thirty years before Damien’s arrival. Panic and fear prompted difficult and drastic decisions. Because leprosy was thought to be highly contagious, King Kamehameha V (pronounced kah-MEH-hah-MEH-hah) made a law of segregation in 1865. All those diagnosed were separated from the rest of society and sent to Molokai, far away from their families and friends.

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Medium 9781576336571

Quadratic Equations and Radicals: GRE Algebra

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub

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