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Medium 9788324648962

A. Producenci i sprzedawcy dostępni w internecie

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Ten dodatek zawiera adresy stron internetowych firm produkujcych lub sprzedajcych czci oraz narzdzia. Pierwsza tabela zawiera adresy firm operujcych gwnie w Stanach Zjednoczonych, chocia s wrd nich rwnie firmy dziaajce na rynku europejskim, wczajc w to Polsk. Druga tabela dotyczy wycznie firm, ktrych produkty mona zakupi osobicie lub poprzez internet i odebra na terenie Polski. Obie tabele (TabelaA-1 i TabelaA-2) skadaj si z trzech kolumn: nazwy zwyczajowej (czasem powizanej z konkretnym produktem), penej nazwy firmy i adresu internetowego.

Tabela A-1. Producenci i dostawcy sprztu elektronicznego

Nazwa potoczna

Waciwa nazwa firmy lub korporacji

Adres internetowy


Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware Corporation


Myers Industries Inc.


oddzia Tyco Electronics Corporation

All Electronics

All Electronics Corporation

All Spectrum Electronics

All Spectrum Electronics

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Medium 9781457186509

Godzilla Detector

Slice PDF June 16, 2015




Written by John Iovine

Time Required:

1–4 Hours




JOHN IOVINE is a science and electronics tinkerer and author who owns and operates

Images SI Inc., a small science company.

He resides in Staten

Island, N.Y.




See how to build the digital Geiger counter circuit at then do your CDV-715 retrofit at

Share it: #makeprojects


GIANT MONSTERS ON YOUR MIND, or you’re pioneering thorium reactors in your backyard, the classic Civil Defense CDV-715 Geiger counter has a perfect retro-style case to house a modern, sensitive digital Geiger counter.

In the 1960s, at the height of the Cold War, more than half a million CDV-715 ion chamber radiological instruments were manufactured (Figure 1). In its day the CDV-715 could be found in government fallout shelters across the United States. When FEMA decommissioned the CDV-715, the instruments made their way onto the surplus market, where they’re available cheap. Unfortunately, this survey instrument only detects high levels of gamma radiation that would be encountered post-nuclear attack or incident, so it’s not sensitive enough for most radioactive detection work.

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Medium 9780982219171

8. Information Design 2: Topic Templates

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

All Help authoring applications RoboHelp, Framemaker, XMetal, and Madcap Flare, as well as most wiki and content management systems use templates. In TWiki, each web can define a template that is used whenever a new topic is created. This is done in the WebPreferences topic for each web, where you will see the heading Default template for new topics for this web. Under that you will see a link to the WebTopicEditTemplate. If this topic hasnt been created yet for the web youre working in, the link will be red.

Along with the text you entered, you will see that the %TOC% and %COMMENT% variables have added a table of contents with clickable links to the section headers of your recipe, as well as a box at the bottom of the recipe where users can enter comments without having to edit the topic directly. These are good standard elements to add to your templates, as they make it easier for users to go directly to the information they want in the topic (especially if it is a long, scrolling topic) and provide feedback.

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Medium 9780596101954


Source: X Power Tools
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Medium 9781576757659

University of San Diego

Slice PDF May 14, 2014

A Closer Look at:

University of San Diego

School of Business Administration / San Diego, CA


The Master of Business Administration program develops socially responsible leaders and provides them with the analytical tools to make thoughtful business decisions. Graduates emerge with a mastery of analytical techniques and an understanding of how to apply business theory to solve real-world problems for their companies and society.


NOTE: All information is self-reported data submitted to the Center for Business Education


Accounting (1)

CSR/Business Ethics (3)

Economics (1)

Finance (3)

International Management (5)

General Management (4)

Marketing (3)

Strategy (2)



Legal and Social Environment of Business

This course examines the complex array of political, legal, historical, and ethical concerns in the business world today by analyzing the principles of social responsibility, ethics, diversity, law, and stakeholder theory as they apply to organizations, domestically and abroad. Particular attention is given to cultivating moral reasoning skills. Fundamentally, students evaluate how businesses operate, and more significantly, how they should operate.

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