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1. Getting Online

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

The Internet, as you may have heard, is a parallel universe. It's a travel agency, bank teller, music store, video player, radio station, and newspaper wire service, not to mention a bulletin board, chat room, post office, and global chess tournament. Or at least the Internet can be all that stuff if you can connect to it. That can be the tricky part.

The basic components you need for Internet fun include:

Internet service. Lots of stuff on the Internet's free, but getting to the Internet usually isn't. In fact, you have to sign up for an account with somebodyyour cable TV company, phone company, or an outfit like America Onlineto get your computer connected.

Equipment. Your computer may already have what it takes to get you online: a modem (if you want to get online via phone lines), an Ethernet jack (to connect by network wire), or a wireless card (to connect wire lessly). Details in a moment.

Internet software. If you're going to send email and browse the World Wide Web, you need special programs to do so. Luckily, your computer came with these programs already on the hard drive.

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Source: Fort Lancaster
Slice ePub May 01, 2014


ON AUGUST 20, 1855, one hundred and six men of Companies H and K of the First Infantry Regiment arrived at a preselected site on Live Oak Creek in West Texas. Their task was to establish Camp Lancaster, the newest link in a chain of forts providing protection for the southern overland route to California. Fort Lancaster would be occupied as a Federal post for less than six years. In large part it was a dreary and dull establishment staffed by infantry ill equipped to pursue hostile Indians. The main diversion was escort and patrol duty along a portion of the road from San Antonio to El Paso. The history of the fort was not one of great men and great events. It was more the story of the commonplace life of ordinary soldiers on the isolated frontier of the desert Southwest, during a time when communications relied upon horse and wagon and the road was the vital link to California and the gold fields.

The men who served at Fort Lancaster saw little action and their lives were filled with an unremarkable sameness and monotonous routine. They suffered the isolation of the frontier with each day being much like the one before, with the same companions, the same poor quarters and inadequate rations. There was a greater danger from disease and accidents than from Indians, and army discipline was as harsh as the environment. That these men of the First Infantry lived, and even thrived, under these circumstances makes the history of Fort Lancaster worth telling.

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Early Modern Times: GED World History

Slice ePub July 28, 2014

Medium 9781449311650

7. Integrating Lean UX and Agile

Slice ePub September 05, 2014

Agile methods are now mainstream. At the same time, thanks to the huge success of products such as the Kindle and the iPhone, so is user experience design. But making Agile work with UX has long been a challenge. In this chapter, I review how Lean UX methods can fit within the most popular flavor of Agile—the Scrum process—and discuss how blending Lean UX and Agile can create a more productive team and a more collaborative process. I’ll cover:

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page about certain words like “sprint” and “story.”

The one-time savior of Agile/UX integration is now just a stepping stone to true team cohesion.

The meeting cadences of Scrum are clear guideposts for Lean UX integration.

A truly cross-functional process requires that everyone be a part of it.

Ensuring that the once-closed design process is now open to all team members is key to your success.

Clear obstacles to your team’s progress by being proactive with your communication.

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Medium 9781576751572

Chapter 4 The Role of Technology in the System

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

We must discard the idea that past routine, past ways of doing things, are probably the best ways. On the contrary, we must assume that there is probably a better way to do almost everything. We must stop assuming that a thing that has never been done before probably cannot be done at all.


Many corporations are defining/redefining their technology strategy. What role should T&D play in helping shape its thinking on this issue? In the broadest sense, T&D functions within the arena of knowledge transfer and communication, which are central to the use of technology. More specifically, it is responsible for sharing best practices and implementing on-line learning. Therefore, we will define the lead role it can play in the selection of technology, moving it to the forefront of corporate decision making by demystifying the process and anticipating issues or problems while ensuring that its needs are met. Later, we will look at specific variables to consider before implementing new technology and at thirteen multiple location corporations and how they use technology to manage their operations and educate their workforce.

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