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Medium 9781449381875

15. Testing Framework

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Testing your code is like flossing: you know that it is important for the hygiene of your codebase, but you neglect to do it anyway. Why is this? Many developers complain that testing is painful: Tests are too hard to write, Writing tests is boring, or Testing makes my gums bleed. Much of this has to do with your coding style and the tools that you use for testing (though if your gums actually start bleeding when you write tests, you should have that checked out). Fortunately, the way that code is written in the Closure Library makes it easy to inspect values from your tests and to mock out functionality to reduce the amount of setup required to create a test. Writing tests will let you respond to your teammates with confidence when they ask about how much flossing you have done to ensure that your code will work in production.

The Closure Testing Framework that is downloaded with the Closure Library can be used to test any JavaScript code: the code under test need not be written in the style of the Closure Library. The API provided by the Testing Framework is heavily influenced by two other popular testing tools: JsUnit (which itself is modeled after JUnit), and EasyMock.

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Medium 9781457173226

18. Logika aplikacji i konfiguracja

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

ASP.NET, za pomoc pliku global.asax, zapewnia atwy dostp do logiki caej aplikacji. Ten plik tekstowy pozwala na tworzenie obsugi zdarze wielu zdarze udostpnionych przez aplikacj w caoci lub poprzez indywidualne sesje. Moemy rwnie doczy zmienne i metody, ktre bd miay zastosowanie globalne do caej aplikacji.

Konfiguracja aplikacji sieciowych jest obsugiwana za pomoc plikw konfiguracyjnych XML machine.config i web.config, ktre zapewniaj elastyczny i hierarchiczny schemat konfiguracji. Ustawienia konfiguracyjne mog mie zastosowanie do kadej aplikacji na serwerze WWW, w stosunku do okrelonej aplikacji lub do okrelonego podkatalogu wewntrz aplikacji. Nowoci w systemach Windows Vista i Windows Server 2008 jest moliwo konfiguracji serwera Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 za pomoc pliku web.config i uycie serwera do zmiany pliku web.config oprcz narzdzia Web Site Administration Tool (WAT) znajdujcego si w Visual Studio 2008 (VS2008). Jeeli uywany system to Windows XP, to IIS 5.1 i jego okno dialogowe ASP.NET Configuration Settings stanowi alternatyw dla rcznej edycji tworzonych plikw konfiguracyjnych danej aplikacji.

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Medium 9781576754078

16 How Hedge Funds Operate and Are Sold

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

A few years ago, I was the chairman of the investment subcommittee of the board of an important and creative nonprofit organization near Aspen, Colorado. The investment subcommittee was part of the finance committee, so it often met as part of a finance committee meeting.

As chairman of the investment subcommittee and the person most knowledgeable about investments, I recommended a fairly high allocation to stocks for the nonprofit’s small endowment of about $8 million (since it would be invested for the long run). I recommended passive funds—that is, indexes—for the actual investments. After some discussion, we agreed on a stock allocation, and the others agreed to the index recommendation. We chose for part of our index investment a broadly diversified, low-cost, indexlike “socially responsible” mutual fund.

I sent the committee a write-up with the usual caveats about the stock market. The caveats said that the stock market will almost surely produce a good return in the long run, but it will experience unpredictable declines along the way, some quite steep.

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Medium 9781931332828

Section 7: Completing the Investigation

Slice ePub September 03, 2014

Section 7

Completing the Investigation

7.1 Introduction

This section presents four major issues that need to be addressed following the completion of an investigation:

•Writing investigation reports

•Communicating investigation results

•Resolving recommendations and communicating resolutions

•Evaluating the investigation process

Figure 7.1 shows this step within the context of the overall incident investigation process.

FIGURE 7.1: Completing the Investigation Within the Context of the Overall Incident Investigation Process

7.2 Writing Investigation Reports

The investigation report is one of the primary tools used by the team to communicate the results of the investigation. It is the permanent record of what was done during the investigation, including the team’s conclusions and recommendations. It also provides input into the trending process. Finally, it fulfills regulatory and company requirements.

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Medium 9781593577919


Slice ePub May 29, 2014

“Insight, I believe, refers to the depth of understanding that comes by setting experiences, yours and mine, familiar and exotic, new and old, side by side, learning by letting them speak to one another.”

—Mary Catherine Bateson

Now that you’ve mastered Twitter’s essentials, it’s time to turn your attention to job search, Twitter style. Recall the PB&J metaphor from chapter 7 and how personal branding, job search, and social media go together. If you’ve got your personal branding and social media/Twitter strategies in place but don’t pair them with solid job search strategies, you’ll be missing a key ingredient!

Our job search clients have taught us what works, and what doesn’t, especially during tough times. They, and the successful job seekers you met in chapter 5, played by rules dictated in the current economy.

Tip: We realize that the depth and breadth of information in this book may be intimidating or overwhelming. We don’t want you stalled in inaction because it all seems like “just too much.” For this reason, we’ve given you an array of simple “jump-start” strategies in this chapter to keep you focused during your search.

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