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Medium 9781741795837

Sur Chico

Slice ePub November 24, 2014

     Includes »

     La Araucanía




     Los Ríos


     The Lakes District

     Parque Nacional Puyehue

     Puerto Varas

     Parque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosales

     Puerto Montt

The Chilean south begins here. The regions of La Araucanía, Los Ríos and the Lakes District jar travelers with their menacing ice-topped volcanoes; its glacial lakes that look like melted Chinese jade; and roaring rivers running through old growth forests and villages inhabited by the indomitable Mapuche people. Though not as rugged or as challenging as Patagonia – call it Patagonia Lite – it is home to seven spectacular national parks, many harboring perfectly conical volcanoes (like Volcán Osorno, which stands sentinel over the entire area) and has become a magnetic draw for both outdoor adventure enthusiasts and devil-may-care thrillseekers. Peppered about sprawling workhorse travel hubs like Temuco, Valdivia, Osorno and Puerto Montt, you’ll find charming lake and mountain hamlets, rich in architecture, culture and, most obviously, stunning backdrops of national parks and nature reserves, each one like an Ansel Adams photograph brought to life in cinematic color.

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Medium 9781556501357


Slice ePub May 25, 2014

For the shop-till-you-drop crowd, Trinidad will probably be disappointing, but with a little luck you may find something interesting. Here a few recommendations to get you started. 


T obago is small, but geographically diverse. No doubt, you'll find an area that is especially appealing to you. Oval-shaped and just 26 miles long by nine miles wide, Tobago runs from Crown Point in the southwest to Charlotteville in the northeast on the Caribbean side. On the Atlantic side it runs from Scarborough in the southwest to Speyside in the northeast. Most of the island's development is on the western end. Down the middle of the island there's a mountain ridge with the hemisphere's oldest forest preserve and very little settlement. 

Although recently expanded, Crown Point Airport is still wonderfully small and easy to manage. On leaving the terminal you'll probably be besieged by taxi drivers. Apparently, there's no queue system and it can be chaotic. Pick one of them, actively ignore the others, and they'll drift off. They're not aggressive, but the crush can be annoying after a long flight. 

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Medium 9781622500222

Textbooks: Using the Index

Slice PDF January 13, 2001



date ____________________________

TEXTBOOKS: Using the Index

At the back of most textbooks is an index. This section lists the important names and ideas found within the book. After each listing, the index tells the page numbers where the reader can find information about that subject. Index listings appear in alphabetical order.

A. Write TOC before the words and phrases that describe

a table of contents. Write I before words and phrases that describe an index.

1. ____ usually in the front of the book

2. ____ usually at the end of the book

3. ____ an outline of general subjects covered in the book

4. ____ a long list of specific topics presented in the book

5. ____ arranged in alphabetical order

6. ____ arranged in order of appearance in the book

7. ____ may not list a specific person discussed in the book

8. ____ will not give chapter or unit titles

B. To use an index, readers need to know

alphabetical order and the name or subject they want to find. Read the names and terms listed below. They all appear in a textbook called A Nation

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Medium 9781783100064

Der Blaue Reiter (Le Cavalier bleu)

Source: Franz Marc
Slice PDF June 09, 2014

Medium 9780596514815

1.29. Ruby Documentation

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Ruby documentation refers to the documentation generated by RDoc (, a program that extracts documentation from Ruby source files, both from C and Ruby files.

The documentation is stored in comments in the source files and encoded so that RDoc can easily find it. RDoc can generate output as HTML, XML, ri (Ruby information), or Windows help (chm) files.

To see the RDoc-generated HTML documentation for Ruby, go to If you have Ruby documentation installed on your system, which you likely do if you followed the installation instructions earlier in the book, you can type something like the following at a shell prompt to get formatted documentation in return. Type:

and you will get this output:

Here are the RDOC formatting basics:

Paragraphs in comments become paragraphs in the documentation.

Words preceded by equals signs (such as === Example) will be headings in the result, varying in font size depending on the number of equals signsthe more you use, the smaller the font of the heading. One = for a level-one heading, two == for a level two, and so forth.

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