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Medium 9781591201625

7. Allergies and Asthma

Passwater PhD, Richard Basic Health Publications ePub

Pycnogenols ability to help reduce the risk of killer diseases involving free radicals, such as cancer and heart disease, is a relatively new discovery. Decades before Pycnogenols antioxidant roles were known, it was successfully used in Europe to control hay fever. It has also been known for decades that Pycnogenol fights inflammation, although the reason wasnt clear until recently.

Allergies are hypersensitive reactions that occur when the body comes in contact with harmless substances that it perceives as harmful. Substances that cause these reactions are termed allergens. When a hypersensitive person comes into contact with an allergen, the body releases histamine in an attempt to fight off the allergen. This release of histamine triggers the symptoms so common to allergiesinflammation, sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.

Bioflavonoids block histamine release in in vitro studies. Professor Sharma from the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Dublin in Ireland has shown that Pycnogenol inhibits histamine release from specific body cells (mast cells). This action is made possible by Pycnogenols free-radical scavenging property. These findings were presented during the British Pharmacology Society meetings held in Dublin in July 2001 and were published in 2003 in Phytotherapy Research.

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Medium 9781609940119

2: Take Stage

Dianna Booher Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

The art of communication
is the language of leadership.


Consider a dramatic scene in your favorite action-thriller movie. Let’s say a missile has just hit Times Square on Tuesday at noon. Or two cars have crashed head on, burst into flames, rolled over an embankment, and landed on a cruise ship of vacationers docked in port below. Or maybe two honeymooners have decided all’s fair in love and war and pulled knives on each other in the middle of the bank lobby while waiting for the cashier to open their safe deposit box.

Pick a scenario and stay with me here: Bystanders shriek. Some people scatter and duck for self-protection. Others gather and gawk at what’s happening. Soon a crowd forms. Onlookers begin to shout in all directions. Chaos reigns.

Then our hero or heroine makes a way through the masses to the center of the action and takes charge: “Get an ambulance. Call the cops. Secure the site. Establish communication with headquarters.” People fall in line. Chaos turns to order.

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Medium 9781605092560

Chapter 8 Activating and Responding in a Social Container

Christina Baldwin Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

In Western culture, we are trained to focus on communication through words. We study the nuances of language and analyze other people’s communication, from e-mails to major speeches. Yet everyday experiences remind us how much is being communicated beyond words: we sense other people’s moods, we feel welcomed or not walking into a room, we know when to leave a threatening situation. Nonverbal cues of communication are intensified in a circle where we pause and face each other. Understanding and harnessing the circle’s energetic patterns is an essential leadership skill.

Amid the snap of table legs folding and the chaos of moving chairs, the radio on the young man’s belt suddenly crackled into noise and a somewhat garbled bosslike voice boomed into the empty, large, lower-level conference room. “Casey, what the hell is going in 1108B? You there?”

The young man grabbed for the volume control and turned his back as though we couldn’t hear him if he weren’t looking directly at us. “There’s two ladies down here moving all the tables,” he said. “They ordered a chairs-only setup.”

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Medium 9780992279431

5. Diving Deep: Customizing Bootstrap

Syed Fazle Rahman SitePoint ePub

Imagine a Web where all the websites built with Bootstrap look and feel the same. Boring, right? Fortunately, we have the power to change the default styles of any framework we work with.

Many of Bootstrap's components and plugins have their own default styles. In order to give them a personal touch, you need to replace their CSS rules and define your own.

In the first chapter, I shared with you some of the popular websites built on Bootstrap. They have all customized Bootstrap's CSS to make their templates look unique and beautiful.

In this chapter, we'll discuss the various methods we can use to completely customize Bootstrap's default styles, and analyze which method is more preferable and why. Finally, we will try to understand how Bootstrap's CSS was written to make it a highly responsive framework.

You can customize Bootstrap in various ways. In this section, we'll see customization through static CSS files and through Less files.

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Medium 9781855753860

6. Two Kinds of No-thing

Michael Eigen Karnac Books ePub

Ocan use symbols to represent or get rid of emotional reality. Symbols usable in a process of discovery express gaps susceptible to investigation. Fertile symbols mix the known and unknown in productive ways. They hold the unknown (no-thing) open so that growth is possible. The same image, sound, movement, or letter grouping can be part of an attempt to evacuate and null emotional reality. Perhaps one cannot take the build-up of tension involved in the growth of a thought or feeling. Perhaps life has taught one to hate emotional reality: one may have learned from bitter experience that emotional reality is worthless or impossible.

An individual, for example, may experience a sense of rebirth for which he is willing and able to struggle. However, the sense of rebirth may also be used to evaporate emotional reality. An individual may not go through what is necessary in order to make his vision more real. One must evaluate a rebirth symbol with regard to its function in a particular context. At times it is not a symbol at all, but rather a sign that the individual is in trouble beyond his capacity and control. The same rebirth symbol may help open or close emotional reality, depending on such factors as attitude and capacity.

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