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Medium 9780596529413

Setup and Configuration

Bill Hamilton O'Reilly Media PDF

these examples using your own reporting projects. Some of the examples in this book use the AdventureWorks databases and sample reports. All reports that you develop in the examples in this book use the AdventureWorks database.

The samples and samples databases are not installed by default during SQL Server installation. You can install samples by selecting them in the Advanced area of the

Components to Install page in the setup wizard. You can also install them after installing SQL Server by following the instructions in the topic Running Setup to

Install AdventureWorks Sample Databases and Samples in SQL Server Books


Setup and Configuration

Follow the instructions that ship with SQL Server to install Reporting Services in your environment. The examples in this book assume that the SQL Server installation is on a local computer with the default configuration. The examples also assume that the login account has administrative permissions on the local computer.

Use SQL Server Configuration Manager—a tool used to manage services associated with SQL Server—to ensure that SQL Server and SQL Reporting

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Medium 9781449383138

19. Making the Most of Rails—And Beyond

Laurent, Simon St. O'Reilly Media ePub

At this point, Rails should seem much less mysterious. You should understand how to build fairly sophisticated Rails applications, the magic of assembling applications by naming convention, and the challenges involved in deploying an application. As much as youve learned, though, theres much farther that you could go.

Rails 2.1 was the latest and greatest when this book was originally written, but Rails continues to evolve, and is currently at 2.2 with 2.3 on the way. An easy way to keep an eye on Rails is to visit Riding Rails, the website for core Rails development announcements, at Their This Week in Rails series catalogs new Rails articles and software releases, while Living on the Edge explores whats coming (and sometimes going) in Edge Rails, the cutting-edge version of Rails that occasionally turns into the next release.

If youd like to talk rather than read, the #rubyonrails IRC channel on is usually busy. You can find more information and logs of past conversations at In email, the rubyonrails-talk list on churns through 100 or more messages a day, at all levels of difficulty.

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Medium 9781605092683

A Different Approach

Blanchard, Ken Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Over the next few weeks Debbie worked very hard to serve her team members, although she was not always sure how to do so. Even though many of her attempts seemed insignificant, she could sense a change in her approach to her leadership responsibility and possibly even a change in the team. She made a list of her experiences to share with Jeff at their next meeting.

One of her encounters was particularly noteworthy. Charles was still hanging on for dear life. His performance had improved only slightly since his first month. Debbie felt it would probably be only a few months before she would be forced to let him go. She decided to meet with Charles, ask some open-ended questions, and look for ways to serve him.

“Hello, Charles,” Debbie said as she walked into his office.

“To what do I owe this unexpected visit?” Charles asked, somewhat sarcastically.

“I wondered if we could talk for a few minutes.”

“Absolutely. What would you like to talk about?”

Debbie knew she had his full attention. “As we’ve discussed before, I’m concerned about your performance.”

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Medium 9780596557485

Static (Class File) Checking with FindBugs™

Darwin, Ian F. O'Reilly Media PDF

Static (Class File) Checking with FindBugs™

FindBugs was written at the University of Maryland5 as a tool to analyze compiled

Java programs. Because it looks at the byte code rather than the source code,6 it can find errors that source-based tools like PMD cannot, so the two programs complement each other (though they do overlap quite a bit). Like PMD, FindBugs can be used as a command-line tool, an Ant task, or an Eclipse plug-in. Unlike

PMD, FindBugs provides a standalone GUI client; it does not provide plug-ins for

Maven or for other IDEs. The FindBugs GUI provides its own project mechanism.

I have not found this useful because my projects are already organized by the IDE I use, but if you’re not using the supported IDE (Eclipse), you may find it useful.

Did you know...?

As just one example, FindBugs finds this problem:

“HE: Use of class without a hashCode() method in a hashed data structure


A class defines an equals(Object) method but not a hashCode() method, and thus doesn’t fulfill the requirement that equal Objects have equal hashCodes. An instance of this class is used in a hash data structure, making the need to fix this problem of highest importance.”

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Medium 9781855757172

CHAPTER THREE: Assessment and risk-management

Anne Kearns Karnac Books ePub


Assessment and risk-management

Anne Kearns

Since the establishment of national organisations such as the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) that govern psychotherapy and counselling in the UK there has been an on-going discourse about the pros and cons of the professionalisation and regulation of the talking cures (Totton, 1997; Postle, 1998; 2000). Since the 1990s both organisations have taken an increasing interest in monitoring training standards and in defining ethical practice. Whatever your personal beliefs if you are a practitioner working in the UK in the 21st century you are working in a climate that is more and more defined by market forces and social trends. Stigler, an economist, won a Nobel Prize for demonstrating that regulation tends to produce the opposite effect from that which its proponents intended (Stigler, 1971). A friend tells me that complaints against solicitors doubled in the year after procedures became more user-friendly. In his opinion people are complaining more because they can and not because there has been a change in the behaviour of solicitors. If the HPC do become the regulator for psychotherapy and counseling it will be possible for even more members of the public to make complaints as third-party complaints will be accepted.

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