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Source: Montana
Slice PDF May 14, 2014

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Section 2: Initiating Investigations

Slice ePub September 03, 2014

Section 2

Initiating Investigations

2.1 Initiating the Investigation

An organization should have effective systems to prevent incidents from occurring. This should minimize the organization’s losses. However, regardless of how much effort is expended in incident prevention, some incidents will still occur. Once an incident has happened, initiating the investigation process promptly will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the analysis.

Initiating an investigation or analysis involves many tasks, which are listed below. Each of these issues will be reviewed briefly.


•Emergency response activities

•Immediate response activities

•Beginning the investigation

•Initial incident reports and corrective action requests

•Incident classification

•Investigation management tasks

•Assembling the team

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Cast It!

Slice PDF May 27, 2014



Fig. Q: Pouring the resin.

Fig. R: The main casting unpacked from the mold.

Fig. S: The arms removed from their mold. Fig. T: The finished casting, cleaned up, glued together, and painted with primer.


Cast It!

1. Remove the original part, sprue, vents, and pouring gate, and dust the inside of each mold half lightly with cornstarch or talcum powder. I put my powder into a small cloth sack, secured with a rubber band, to spread it evenly without clumping

(Figure P). Silicone rubber gets a slippery tack to it, as the silicone gradually sweats out. This means that silicone molds generally need no mold release, because the silicone itself prevents sticking. But a light dusting still helps the two halves align together perfectly, and also acts as a sponge to the resin, drawing it into the fine details of your mold and inhibiting small bubbles which can gather at the high points.

2. Put the mold halves back together, box them in their original box, and secure it all with rubber bands, pouring side up.

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4. Building a Linux Wireless Access Point

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Wireless networking is everywhere. Someday, we'll have built-in wireless receivers in our heads. Meanwhile, times are improving for Linux wireless administrators, if you shop carefully and buy wireless interface cards with good Linux support and WPA2 support. Using well-supported wireless interfaces means you'll be able to dive directly into configuring your network instead of hassling with funky driver problems. This chapter shows how to build a secure, flexible, robust combination wireless access point/router/Internet firewall using Pyramid Linux on a Soekris single-board computer. It supports wireless and wired Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X clients sharing a broadband Internet connection and LAN services. Just one big happy clump of wired and wireless clients together in harmony.

Why go to all this trouble? Because you'll have more control, all the powerful features you could ever want, and save money.

You don't have to have an all-in-one-device. The recipes in this chapter are easy to split apart to make separate devices, such as a dedicated firewall and a separate wireless access point.

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Medium 9781847770424

Night and Dreams

Slice PDF February 05, 2015

Night and Dreams


‘I come to you in a dream of ages past,’ sings Crab. He swirls his velvetseaweed cloak. ‘When first we met, and last, you will recall, I was imprisoned in your father’s house.’

Sea colours on his carapace, wave-hiss, tide-rustle in his voice.

‘Some fiend had tied my fearful claws –’

– Yes, I recall. I must have been a skinny child of eight or nine that night my father brought you home –

‘No, let me tell,’ says Crab, ‘this is my aria, my party piece.

Grandmother, mother, father, brother and you, went to the local theatre leaving me bound in parching darkness.

I prayed: Redeemer Crab, release me by your own sidelong righteousness from these straightforward evildoers.

Take me where my transparent children float in their manifold sea vision.

Silence. Mouse-whisper, cockroach-scuffle.

I felt, not far, the Brisbane River ebbing to salt creek, mangrove swamp, and burst my bonds, O yes I did! and raged through your dark house, and hid.

That night you dared not go to bed finding me gone when you returned.

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