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Medium 9788324616145

13. Eliminowanie marnotrawstwa

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Najatwiejszy sposb na ograniczenie marnotrawstwa to zmniejszenie iloci materiaw, ktre trzeba potem usun. Wymaga to podziau zada na jak najmniejsze fragmenty i sprawdzania ich poprawnoci.

Czasem w trakcie diagnozowania od razu dostrzegam wiele problemw i ich rozwizania. Debugowanie masowe to kuszca moliwo, jednak jeli wprowadz kilka rozwiza jednoczenie i naprawi bd, mog nie wiedzie, ktre rozwizanie naprawd zadziaao. Ponadto zwykle prowadzi to do powstania baaganu. Stopniowe wprowadzanie zmian to lepsze podejcie. Wprowadzam jedn, dobrze uzasadnion zmian, obserwuj i sprawdzam jej efekty, a nastpnie decyduj, czy zatwierdzi j, czy anulowa. W ten sposb lepiej poznaj kod i tworz lepsze oraz przejrzystsze rozwizania.

Moe si wydawa, e pracuj w maych kroczkach, i rzeczywicie tak jest. Cho mog pracowa nad funkcj 10 15 minut i nie popeni przy tym bdw, jako kodu znacznie si poprawia, kiedy koncentruj si na bardzo maych fragmentach i powicam czas na ich dopracowanie przed przejciem do dalszych zada. Te mae, krtkie kroki opieraj si na poprzednich. Rzadko musz anulowa jakiekolwiek zmiany.

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Medium 9781576336618

Elements: MCAT Chemistry

Slice ePub July 07, 2014

Medium 9781742204123

Andhra Pradesh

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh won’t hit you over the head with its attractions. It doesn’t have the flashiness of Rajasthan or the pride of Tamil Nadu; it doesn’t brag. So when you come here – to see the ornate palaces, tombs and mosques of Hyderabad’s bygone royal families, or to wander the deserted ruins of hilltop monasteries that once housed monks from across Asia – you might be the only traveller around. You might even be the only person around. And if the place is out of the way, as so many of Andhra’s sights are, you might just feel like you’ve discovered it yourself.

So come, but be prepared to dig for the jewels; get ready to wend your way through paddy fields and 500-year-old urban markets, to climb towering smooth-granite hills, and to feel the liberating uncertainty of being off the tourist trail and in a wonderland of forgotten history.

Dec–Jan Explore Hyderabad’s sights in perfect 20–25°C weather.

Jun–July Join locals digging into haleem, a Ramzan (Ramadan) favourite.

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Medium 9781616134907

In with the Tide

Source: Caves
Slice PDF May 13, 2014

Medium 9781601322470

New Ensemble Combination Scheme

Slice PDF November 10, 2014

Int'l Conf. Artificial Intelligence | ICAI'13 |


New Ensemble Combination Scheme

Namhyoung Kim, Youngdoo Son, and Jaewook Lee, Member, IEEE

Abstract— Recently many statistical learning techniques are successfully developed and used in several areas. However, these algorithms sometimes are not robust and does not show good performances. The ensemble method can solve these problems.

It is known that the ensemble learning sometimes improves the generalized performance of machine learning tasks as well as makes it robust. However, the combining weights of the ensemble model are usually pre-determined or determined with the concept that the ensemble model is a superposition of individual ones. Thus we proposed a new ensemble combination scheme which consider the ensemble model is a factor affects the individual predictors. Through experiments, the proposed method shows better performance than other existing methods in the regression problems and shows competitive performance in the classification problems.

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