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15. Grouping and Outlining Data

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

As you saw in the previous chapter, Excel's tables are great tools for managing big collections of data made up of long, uniform columns (like lists of customers or products). But tables don't work so well if you need to show more complex information, especially if it's split into separate groups, each with its own subtotals.

Imagine a company sales report that lists a year's worth of quarterly results for each of its regions around the world. If you try to cram all this data into one long listincluding subtotals for each regionyou're likely to end up with a spreadsheet that looks like a numerical version of Twister. You'd be better off breaking out each region into a separate group of cells, and then tying everything together with another batch of cells that sums it all up.

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Medium 9781742207261


Slice ePub May 29, 2014


Crete (Κρήτη) is in many respects the culmination of the Greek experience. Nature here has been prolific, creating a dramatic quilt of big-shouldered mountains, stunning beaches and undulating hillsides blanketed in olive groves, vineyards and wildflowers. There are deep chiselled gorges, including one of Europe’s longest, and crystal-clear lagoons and palm-tree-lined beaches that conjure up the Caribbean.

Crete’s natural beauty is equalled only by the richness of a history that spans millennia. The Palace of Knossos is but one of many vestiges of the mysterious Minoan civilisation. Venetian fortresses, Turkish mosques and Byzantine churches bring history alive all over the island, but nowhere more so than in charismatic Hania and Rethymno.

Ultimately, though, it’s humans – not stones – that create the most vivid memories. Crete’s hospitable and spirited people uphold their unique culture and customs, and traditions remain a dynamic part of the island’s soul.

Apr A painter’s palette of wildflowers blankets the island as locals prepare for Easter.

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Advanced Equations: SSAT-ISEE Algebra

Slice ePub June 25, 2014

Medium 9781449345372

5. Python Pin Control

Slice ePub August 16, 2014

One of the strengths of embedded Linux platforms like the BeagleBone is being able to choose the programming language that suits you best. In many other cases, choosing a hardware platform means you’re also committing to a particular language and development environment. That’s far from the truth with the BeagleBone. The downside to the flexibility that the BeagleBone affords is that there are many different ways to do the same thing. This chapter will walk you through one way to use code to interact with the pins on the board.

When you write code for a microcontroller like the Arduino, most of the time, you write the code on your computer, compile it, and then upload the compiled binary to the microcontroller. However, on an embedded Linux system like the BeagleBone, the compiler or interpreter exists on the board itself. This chapter will show you how to use the Python interpreter on the BeagleBone to program the pins to behave the way you want.

Python (Figure 5-1) is a powerful programming language that’s still very accessible for beginners. The code is relatively easy to understand and there are many libraries that help with complex tasks. For example, you’ll use Adafruit’s BeagleBone IO Python Library to help with reading and writing the GPIO pins.

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Medium 9781780429793

Mantegna as Court Painter in Mantua

Slice PDF May 22, 2014

Mantegna as Court Painter in Mantua he city-state of Mantua constituted the seventh largest nation in Italy, its lands


gained from years of conquest and consolidation. Although many of the Italian city-states had relatively democratic governments when they were first

established in the medieval period, only a few places, most notably Florence and Venice, retained anything close to a broadly participatory form of government by the fifteenth century.

Mantua, like the neighbouring duchies of Milan and Ferrara, was ruled by one family, the government held by physical might, moral suasion, and the hope for stability and rulership passed down by hereditary title.







Mantua until 1328, when the Gonzaga took over.

The overthrow of the

Bonacolsi regime by the Gonzaga family was


later in a dramatic battle painting from




consolidated power







32. The Oculus, ceiling,

fifteenth centuries, so that by




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