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Medium 9781591200956

3. Herbal Alternatives

Slice ePub May 22, 2014



Many women have chosen not to take hormones in natural or synthetic form and have taken the herbal route. Herbal medicine has been used for centuries and has been helpful to women from cultures around the world. The Indian, Asian, and Native American cultures all have a tradition of using herbs to help women as they grow into the wise woman stage of their lives. Women in these cultures were honored for their knowledge and experience. Now with women living to an average age of seventy-nine, some are living more than half their lives after menopause. We need ways to stay healthy, and herbal medicines may be a solution.

Plant-based medicine has been studied for years, and the composition of many herbs is now well known. Research in herbal medicine also continues all over the world: We now know more about herbs than ever before. Plants that are used as medicines are rich in vitamins, minerals, and substances called alkaloids that are specific to each plant. Many herbs contain substances that thin the blood or would be contraindicated if you are taking prescription medicines. Before taking any herbal medication, make sure you review any potential side effects with your doctor.

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Medium 9781847779694

The Song of Lien Tsung

Slice ePub May 04, 2015

Although you may not understand it

I’ve always yearned to be a bandit;

It may seem vaguely funny and it

           May of course seem more so

But now that from my love I’m taken

I’m like an egg without its bacon –

And so strange conflicts grip my shaken

           Yellow torso.

(January 1930)

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Medium 9781855751286

Chapter 5. The consultancy process

Slice ePub May 22, 2014


Most OD work involves the use of some kind of change agent, internal or external, to the organization and “legitimized7’ or otherwise. The role of change agent at each stage of the consultancy process is explored more fully in the next sections.

Scouting has been defined as “Arriving at a decision of whether or not to pursue a relationship” (Nielsen, 1984). Less formally, it could be described as “sussing out the lie of the land”. It involves some kind of contact with the client organization and an initial, inevitably superficial, assessment of the client’s needs and resources and of whether these are compatible with an OD intervention.

Ultimately, the consultant must decide whether the vision and values of the organization, and the nature of the project and assignment in question, appear worthwhile personally and rewarding professionally.

In deciding whether or not to proceed, the consultants must be clear about:

•  their own position and attitude towards the request

•  the issues surrounding the organization requesting the project

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Medium 9781601323200

An Intelligent Lighting System using a Smartphone as an Illuminance Sensor

Slice PDF December 15, 2014


Int'l Conf. Artificial Intelligence | ICAI'14 |

An Intelligent Lighting System using a Smartphone as an

Illuminance Sensor

Sho Kuwajima1 , Shohei Matsushita1 , Mitsunori Miki2 , Hisanori Ikegami1 , Yohei Azuma1 , and Hiroto Aida2

1 Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan

2 Department of Science and Engineering, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan

Abstract— The authors have engaged in research and development of an Intelligent Lighting System which realize individual illuminance required by workers with minimum power consumption. As an Intelligent Lighting System use illuminance sensors for illuminance control, smartphones with a built-in illuminance sensor may be used for this purpose. This can reduce the initial cost for introducing an Intelligent Lighting System as well as realize easier maintenance. For that purpose, in this study, we examined the possibilities of an Intelligent Lighting System using built-in illuminance sensors in smartphones. Performance verification experiments concerning smartphone’s built-in illuminance sensors showed that their resolutions are so low that their measurements differ from the actual illuminance values. Based on this result, we propose methods to realize individual illuminance control using the smartphone as an illuminance sensor. A verification experiment to confirm the effectiveness of the system incorporating the proposed method demonstrated that it can realize the individual illuminance control.

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Medium 9781601322548

A Fully Automatic Ship Localization Algorithm for Complex Backgrounds

Slice PDF November 10, 2014


Int'l Conf. IP, Comp. Vision, and Pattern Recognition | IPCV'13 |

A Fully Automatic Ship Localization Algorithm for Complex Backgrounds

Irene Camino García, Udo Zölzer

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg, Germany

Abstract— Object localization is often necessary in order to accomplish further tasks, such as identification or classification. Maritime security or coastal surveillance are applications of high interest to maritime authorities. The images employed to perform these activities depend on their specific requirements. When the characteristics of the naval environment are visible, as in short range images, the background complexity increases greatly. Due to water reflections, the gray distribution might be very disperse throughout the image. Waves produce a large amount of edges, unusual in other contexts. Specially in wakes in the direction of the ship, waves might have even stronger edges than the ship. Furthermore, patterns of color or brightness are difficult to be found. In this case, user interaction has been proposed. This paper presents a fully automatic ship localization algorithm, valid also for complex backgrounds.

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