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Medium 9780596009656

6. Command-Line Options and Typed Variables

Slice ePub May 27, 2014
<p>You should have a healthy grasp of shell programming techniques now that you have gone through the previous chapters. What you have learned up to this point enables you to write many non-trivial, useful shell scripts and functions.</p><p>Still, you may have noticed some remaining gaps in the knowledge you need to write shell code that behaves like the UNIX commands you are used to. In particular, if you are an experienced UNIX user, it might have occurred to you that none of the example scripts shown so far have the ability to handle <em>options</em> preceded by a dash (<strong>-</strong>) on the command line. And if you program in a conventional language like C or Pascal, you will have noticed that the only type of data that we have seen in shell variables is character strings; we haven't seen how to do arithmetic, for example.</p><p>These capabilities are certainly crucial to the shell's ability to function as a useful UNIX programming language. In this chapter, we will show how <em>bash</em> supports these and related features.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/362949-learning-the-bash-shell-unix-shell-programming">See more</a>

Medium 9781449311605

Why Developers Should Care About OAuth

Slice ePub May 29, 2014
<p>With wide adoption of collaboration platforms and social networks, application developers have the opportunity to connect users with their data wherever they are on the Web. Connecting users with their data results in improved day-to-day efficiency by eliminating data silos and also allows developers to differentiate their applications from the competition.</p><p>OAuth provides the ability for these applications to access a users data securely, without requiring the user to take the scary step of handing over an account password.</p><p>Types of functionality provided by OAuth-enabled APIs include the following:</p><p>Getting access to a users <em>social graph</em>their Facebook friends, people theyre following on Twitter, or their Google Contacts</p><p><em>Sharing</em> information about a users activities on your site by posting to their Facebook wall or Twitter stream</p><p>Accessing a users Google Docs or Dropbox account to <em>store data</em> in their online filesystem of choice</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/362980-getting-started-with-oauth-2-0">See more</a>

Medium 9781449305390

Safari® Books Online

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Medium 9781936763504

Appendix D

Slice PDF November 25, 2014
<p>APPENDIX D</p><p>Sources for Higher-Level-Cognitive-Demand Tasks</p><p>Common Core Conversation</p><p>Common Core Conversation is a collection of more than fifty free website resources for the Common</p><p>Core State Standards in mathematics and ELA.</p><p>EngageNY Mathematics</p><p>The site features curriculum modules from the state of New York that include sample assessment tasks, deep resources, and exemplars for grades preK–12.</p><p>Howard County Public School System Secondary Mathematics Common Core</p><p>This site is a sample wiki for a district K–12 mathematics curriculum.</p><p>Illustrative Mathematics</p><p>The main goal of this project is to provide guidance to states, assessment consortia, testing companies, and curriculum developers by illustrating the range and types of mathematical work that students will experience upon implementation of the Common Core State Standards for mathematics.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/790078-beyond-the-common-core">See more</a>

Medium 9781617835568

Baby Orangutans

Source: Orangutans
Slice PDF May 13, 2014

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