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Medium 9788324616169

7. Znaki specjalne

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

System operacyjny Mac OS X zosta wyposaony w program Podgld klawiatury, ktry jest wywietlany na ekranie w postaci niewielkiego okna zawierajcego wirtualn klawiatur. Jej zadaniem jest prezentowanie znakw, ktre zostan wprowadzone po naciniciu kombinacji skadajcych si z dowolnych klawiszy i klawiszy modyfikujcych, takich jak Shift i Option. Aby wczy program Podgld klawiatury, naley otworzy okno Preferencje systemowe, przej do panelu Narodowe, klikn kart Menu Klawiatura, a nastpnie zaznaczy pole opcji widoczne obok etykiety Podgld klawiatury. Spowoduje to take automatyczne zaznaczenie opcji Poka menu klawiatury w pasku menu i wywietlenie w prawej czci paska menu symbolu flagi reprezentujcego aktualnie uywany ukad klawiatury. Aby uruchomi Podgld klawiatury, wystarczy klikn ten znaczek, a nastpnie wybra z menu polecenie Poka obiekt Podgld klawiatury.

Program ten bywa bardzo przydatny, moe si jednak okaza niezbyt wygodny w uyciu, zwaszcza w sytuacji, gdy uruchamiasz go po to tylko, aby wprowadzi jeden znak, ktry nastpnie musisz skopiowa i wklei w oknie innego programu. Na szczcie w systemie Mac OS X mona korzysta z funkcji dodawania znakw specjalnych w dowolnym programie bez koniecznoci stosowania narzdzia Podgld klawiatury, o czym mao kto wie, a jeszcze mniej osb uywa tej wiedzy. Trzeba tylko zna odpowiedni sposb.

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Medium 9780596100469

13. Controlling Execution

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Pythons exec statement can execute code that you read, generate, or otherwise obtain during a programs run. exec dynamically executes a statement or a suite of statements. exec is a simple keyword statement with the following syntax:

code can be a string, an open file-like object, or a code object. globals and locals are dictionaries (in Python 2.4, locals can be any mapping, but globals must be specifically a dict; in Python 2.5, either or both can be any mapping). If both are present, they are the global and local namespaces in which code executes. If only globals is present, exec uses globals in the role of both namespaces. If neither globals nor locals is present, code executes in the current scope. Running exec in the current scope is a bad idea, since it can bind, rebind, or unbind any name. To keep things under control, use exec only with specific, explicit dictionaries.

Use exec only when its really indispensable. Most often, its best to avoid exec and choose more specific, well-controlled mechanisms instead: exec pries loose your control on your codes namespace, damages your programs performance, and exposes you to numerous, hard-to-find bugs.

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Medium 9780596527563

A. Epilogue

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Jesse happens to hate epilogues. He thinks, and sometimes I agree, that they are a waste of time. Mostly, no one ever reads them. However, our editors at O'Reilly disagree, and without them our children might go hungry. So, on the off chance that you'll take a look, I've written one for you.

In this book, we have given you a complete tour of .NET 3.5. You have seen how it increases your productivity on a wide range of systems, from your desktop to the data center. By now, you should have a deep appreciation that .NET 3.5 provides a solid foundation for building connected and appealing applications.

In our opinion, the features you will find most compelling in .NET 3.5 are as follows:

Deep integration of Language INtegrated Query (LINQ) and data awareness

Support for Web 2.0 AJAX-style applications and services in ASP.NET and WCF

Full tooling support for WF, WCF, and WPF, including the new workflowenabled services technology

Hopefully, you have come away with the sense that this book is a great introduction to each of the "silos" that make up the .NET 3.5 platform. If you're ready to dive deeper into the areas that interest you most, we suggest the following titles (also from O'Reilly):

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Medium 9781902375335

9    Insurance

Slice ePub September 06, 2013



All projects involving construction processes need to be underpinned by an effective insurance regime. Given the relative contractual, financial and risk complexity of PFI, insurance is a particularly important risk transfer and management mechanism in a PFI project.

As with the contracts themselves, the insurances to be effected will go through a process of flow-down from the authority, via the banks, to Project Co. and on to the construction company. This process is by negotiation throughout the tender process, one in which it is key for the construction company to participate.

Relationship between insurance and risk allocation

In general terms risks to be insured can be divided between those which need to be covered during the construction phase and those which are to be covered during the operational phase. Of course, the insurances to be provided will have a close relationship with the allocation of risks under the consortium risk matrix (see Chapter 5 and Appendix 2).

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Medium 9781626561236

4 | Aligning the Organization to be Idea Driven: Management Systems

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

AN ORGANIZATION’S MANAGEMENT systems consist of all the processes and procedures used to govern the way it works, from the budgeting process and how people are rewarded, to the procedures used to make products and deliver services. Typically, management systems evolve incrementally over time in response to shifting needs for coordination and control, with little thought for their impact on the flow of ideas. Consequently, the management systems in most organizations are seriously misaligned for bottom-up ideas.

While many aspects of goal misalignment discussed in the last chapter can be corrected in a single planning cycle, fixing the elements discussed in this chapter is more of an ongoing effort. Management systems generally consist of many moving parts, all interacting with one another. The resulting complexity makes it impossible to ever resolve all misalignments completely, and new ones are created all the time. Even the best idea-driven organizations still find subtle misalignments after years of constant vigilance and ongoing effort to root them out.

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