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Mexican Littoral of the Gulf of Mexico

Slice ePub August 07, 2014

Arturo Carranza-Edwards

The Mexican littoral zone of the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean together total 2756 km of generally sandy emergent shorelines associated with lowland terrains. The coast along the Gulf of Mexico forms a concave coastline (Fig. 17.1) with intermittent areas of high relief, and the continental shelf is wide, especially adjacent to the karstic Yucatan Peninsula (Tamayo 2002). This summary emphasizes relevant aspects of the Mexican coastline related to geological aspects of the littoral sediments and their role within the environmental context.

Figure 17.1. The Mexican littoral of the Gulf of Mexico.

Tectonic Setting

According to Carranza-Edwards et al. (1975), the Mexican coast of the Gulf of Mexico may be subdivided into 4 morphotectonic units. From the tectonic point of view, the units correspond to a coastline on a marginal sea that is protected from the Atlantic Ocean by the Caribbean Arc (Inman and Nordstrom 1971). Primary coasts are of terrestrial or continental origin, but secondary coasts dominate marine processes. The units summarized below are defined as continental units of regional character of the southwestern Gulf of Mexico. Even though these units have the same general tectonic style (mainly passive), there are major geomorphic divisions of the region.

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Medium 9781571204042

Fabric and Tools

Slice PDF October 05, 2013


Fabric and Tools

Working with fat quarters doesn’t mean you have to make only small-scale quilts. The size of the fat quarter dictates the size of the blocks or units, not the overall size of the quilt. Full size, queen size, even king size—the sky’s the limit!

The patterns in the book call for six or more fat quarters to use for the primary design or motif

(Framed in Starlight on page 42 uses nineteen!), background fabric (fat quarters of multiple fabrics or a single piece of fabric), and yardage for borders, bindings, and backing. We’ll start with the fat quarters—naturally!

What Is a Fat Quarter?

Unlike a standard 1⁄4 yard of fabric, which is cut across the full width of the fabric and measures

9˝ × 42˝, a fat quarter is 1⁄2 yard of fabric (18˝ × 42˝)

Deputy Sheriff, my version of

Pony Express Star (page 63), uses six fat quarters for the block centers, a single light background fabric, and various fabrics for star points, setting elements, borders, and binding.


M’Liss Rae Hawley’s Fat Quarter Quilts

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Medium 9781591203568

PERK #1: Cancer Made a Blogger Out of Me

Slice ePub January 09, 2014

Perk #1

Cancer Made a Blogger Out of Me

Life following a cancer diagnosis is an emotional roller coaster. Like most people when diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, I underwent the typical stages of grieving: denial, anger, bargaining with God, depression, and acceptance. I can almost pinpoint the exact moment that I transitioned from depression to acceptance. It was a beautiful day in October, six months after my initial diagnosis, and my body was under assault from a difficult round of chemotherapy. I was lying in bed, looking through the window as my mother collected the last of the tomatoes from my greenhouse. I was feeling too sick and exhausted to lift my bald head from the pillow. It saddened me that I was not out there with her, enjoying the sunshine and harvesting the fruits of my labor. It’s just not fair, I thought. I set those seeds, I grew those plants. I should be the one picking those tomatoes. Cancer sucks.

Flo the blogger.

While wallowing in self-pity, I came to an important realization. It suddenly dawned on me that feeling sorry for myself was not going to help me get well. As a psychologist, I knew that positive emotions, such as happiness, joy, and love, help to boost the immune system and enhance healing. Negative emotions, such as anger, bitterness, and depression, on the other hand, have been proven to suppress the immune system. Since I needed a healthy immune system to fight cancer, a positive attitude was vital to my recovery!

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Medium 9780596515812

11. FPS Transactions and Accounts

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The Flexible Payments Service (FPS) offers a number of application programming interface (API) operations for performing, reviewing, and reversing fund transfers between Amazon Payments accounts. To perform a transaction, the service must be provided with three tokens that represent the authorized payment instructions for the sender, recipient, and caller in the transaction. The service retrieves these instructions, and confirms that the proposed transaction complies with the rules they express; if so, it performs the transaction, causing money to change hands and an FPS transaction fee to be incurred.

The money transferred by a transaction operation is paid into the recipients Amazon Payments account. Money cannot be deposited directly into the recipients bank account or credit card, except for refund operations, in which funds can be replaced in the credit card account from which they were drawn. The recipient of an FPS payment can withdraw the funds from his Amazon Payments account to an external bank account through the Amazon Payments account management web site, or he can use funds from the Amazon account for purchases.

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Medium 9781591201977

83. S-exercise

Slice ePub January 13, 2014

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