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Medium 9780596007324

David D'Amato, the Titanic Spammer

Source: Spam Kings
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In early 2001, anti-spammer Rob Mitchell continued to watch tickling fetishist and spammer Terri DiSisto's online activities out of the corner of his eye. When he did mention DiSisto, he referred to him as "Terrance." But Mitchell had almost given up hope that the law would ever catch up to the strange spammer.

Then, in March of 2001, Mitchell got a phone call from Reader's Digest reporter Hal Karp. The reporter told him that federal prosecutors in Massachusetts had quietly announced a plea agreement with David P. D'Amato, a guidance counselor and assistant principal at West Hempstead High School on Long Island.

The 39-year-old D'Amato had pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of email bombing computers at Suffolk University in Boston and James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The U.S. Attorney's press release didn't mention D'Amato's Terri DiSisto persona or the spams for videos. But Karp assured Mitchell the feds had found their man and said D'Amato was facing up to a year in prison and fines of over $100,000 on each count, with sentencing scheduled for July.

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Medium 9781457186509

7 Cornerstones of Making with Kids

Slice PDF June 16, 2015


7 Cornerstones of Making with Kids

MakerKids shares their recipe for a successful makerspace.




DESIGNED FOR KIDS, and many people have asked us to share our recipe. We think of it as a brunch — there are many ways to make it delicious. Take the pieces of our recipe that work for you and make it your own. We’re also available to help with this — we envision a future where there are

MakerKids chapters all over the world.

The MakerKids Recipe

1. Dedicated Space: Even if just a cart, having a space that’s set up to be inspiring and safe allows kids to feel like they have permission to take ownership and be creative beyond what’s normally accepted or expected of them.

2. Real Tools: We have the same real tools that any adult makerspace would have.

Kids as young as 3 use drills, saws, and soldering irons. To the frequent question

“Can you do this for me? You’re better at it than me,” our answer is “That’s why you should do it! Then you’ll get as good as me.” We’d rather help them learn to do it safely and become more comfortable, or find another way to achieve their goals.

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Medium 9781847770981

The Road to Rome

Slice PDF February 05, 2015

The Long Look

On a scooped-out wall, far underground, after centuries of darkness and no air, from flaky plaster, just as they were found, the painted figures flourish and stare at you, or at no one in particular.

You can’t return their looks, or recognise them always for the strangers that they are: in fancy dress, and with slow upturned eyes, all of them seem to be intent elsewhere, caught up in a distance that is far too far.

But stranger that you are, you see something, and carry something back up to the light where vines and flowers, and real birds on the wing jostle and clutter the edges of your sight looking sidelong, and different, and not right.

The Road to Rome

Dust in the umbrella pines that stand and stretch in their gapped lines on each side of the road sifts in to colour everything; the din of snarling Fiats on the stones below, and the engines’ gasps and groans stop-starting at their different speeds trouble the sparse grass and the weeds a little, but they trouble us more nearly now we leave the bus and lean as far as we can lean into the tiny verge between the headlong cars and a steep ditch, with noise and heat at such a pitch that even the road to Hell today pastorals (2004)

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Medium 9781626561946

Chapter 5: Financial Reform: Dead on Arrival

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

Reason to be afraid #5:

Financial reforms enacted after the crisis are inoperable and ineffective because of inadequate investigations and intensive corporate lobbying.

Let’s consider national security for a moment. This isn’t as simple as it sounds because we’re not sure what—exactly—anyone means by national security. Assuming we’re talking about the planning and actions needed to ensure a stable future for the United States, the phrase should include the need to address threats to both our economic and our political systems.

If you’re attending Senate briefings held by the Economic Warfare Institute, you will assume that the most serious threat to national security is the possibility of a hack attack on our banking system by unspecified enemies. In contrast, if you happened to miss the EWI events, and instead you’re looking at the value of your 401k while wondering why your savings accrue 0 percent interest year after year, you’ll know that the management and finance pros inside the banking system itself are the more likely danger. They are the people we ought to be scared of.

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Medium 9781576753149

23 Managing an Effective and Ethical Research Project

Slice PDF May 14, 2014

This last chapter in the book directs your attention to several important considerations that accompany research in organizations in general and human resource development in particular. Several important questions organize this chapter.

What makes you effective as a researcher? What makes your research effective?

And what ethical practices should shape your work?

As in many social science disciplines, organizational researchers typically have the need to disseminate their work to a field of practice; otherwise their efforts will have little influence or impact. The voices of organizational researchers must be attentive to practice because applied disciplines have a strong tradition of informing and influencing practice.1 Second, because most organizational researchers arrive at conclusions about human beings, there is a strong obligation for these researchers to be ethical in both method and conclusions.

How one gathers information from human subjects must be in accordance with accepted ethical principles of research. What one reports may well have a significant impact on other human beings, and thus one is obligated to be responsible to those other people.

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