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Slice PDF May 14, 2014

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19. Birth and creativity

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

I began to think and reflect about the themes of this chapter during a Christmas holiday, which I usually spend in my house in France. Christmas is a feast that is totally devoted to and preoccupied with the nativity of Christ.

The Bible does not speak much, if at all, about the physical struggle, pain, and blood that are an inevitable part of the process of birth-giving; but it does describe the worry and discomfort of Mary and Joseph who have to search so hard to find a place—any place—where they can find some shelter for Mary and the infant-baby to draw apart and for the birth to happen.

It is interesting to note, as I mentioned in chapter ten, that the sadness in the eyes of Mary, the Mother, as depicted in mediaeval paintings of the Nativity, is so often an expression not only of joy and pride, but also of sadness. And as I also mentioned in chapter ten, I believe that the story of Christ is a metaphor that reminds us that when the Word, the Spirit, becomes flesh, it brings with it also pain and hurt, suffering—and death.

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Medium 9781449312947

Configuring Database-Generated Properties

Slice ePub May 27, 2014


Integer keys: Identity

Data Annotation





In the previous section, you learned that by default, Code First will flag int key properties so that Entity Framework is aware that the database will generate the values. What about the Guid key that we just created? Guids require special handling, which involves the DatabaseGenerated configuration.

To demonstrate, well add a new method, InsertTrip (Example3-4) to the console application and call it from the Main module.

Example3-4.The InsertTrip method

Running the application will cause the database to be dropped and recreated with the new Trips table shown in Figure3-2.

Figure3-2.Identifier primary key in the Trips table

Identifier is a primary key, unique identifier, not null column.

Recall that earlier in the chapter, you learned that value types are required by convention. You can see the effect of this. The StartDate, EndDate, and CostUSD properties of the Trip class are all value types and therefore, by default, not null in the Trips table in the database.

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Medium 9781591201519

APPENDIX B - Healing Nutrients, Herbs, and Supplements

Slice ePub May 25, 2014

This appendix is a quick reference guide to the natural remedies mentioned throughout the book. Each has its own unique characteristics and nearly all of the remedies can be used in a wide variety of ways. Note: This guide highlights only the remedies of most interest in the context of this book and your childs digestive well-being. Many excellent books and websites can provide more detailed information (as a starting point, see the References and Resources sections). Enjoy!

ACACIA (Acacia senegal; also called Gum Arabic)

Demulcent, kidney-protective herb that soothes intestinal lining.

Helpful in inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, and dysentery.

Available as capsules, tea, gum, and syrup; gum usually dissolved in water with honey or sugar.


Adrenal gland extracts that build adrenal resilience.

Support adrenals in asthma and all allergic conditions.

Note: Look for an organic source.

Caution: Best taken before lunch time. Taken later in the day, adrenal glandulars can make your child wired and unable to sleep.

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Medium 9781855758841

17: On Empathy (1981)

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

I will summarize in my own way. I would think that many of those who spoke during these meetings, belonging to the intimate circle of my friends and collaborators, have already begun to digest some of” my work during the last year or two that is still far from publication, and is not—I'm very persnickety about such things—in that final form that I try to insist on. But I do believe that among the things that I have been writing about, in a book called How Does Analysis Cure’? a 150-page essay on the concept of defenses and resistances seen in the light of self psychology, and a broad statement on issues of empathy on various levels of meaning of this term, are the most important ones. And I will address myself to the issue of empathy despite the fact that some couple of years ago I kept saying I'm sick of that topic. It seems to be nonproductive. I hear over and over again the same arguments, and they are so far off my meaning that I had the impression that I was wasting my time, my emotions, my energy that I could use on new ideas and new work. But idiot that I am, I still don't know, despite a fairly long life, and hopefully some attainment of wisdom, that when people keep asking you the same damn question, something must be wrong!

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