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Alexandre Dupouy Parkstone International PDF
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6. Working with Tables

David Sawyer McFarland O'Reilly Media ePub

The HTML <table> tag has had a somewhat infamous existence in the world of web design. It was originally intended to present scientific data in spreadsheet-like format. But as the Web grew, graphic designers got into the web design game. They wanted to recreate the types of layouts they saw in magazines, books, and newspapers (in other words, they wanted to make good-looking websites!). The most reliable tool at the time was the <table> tag, which designers used as a back-door way to create columns, sidebars, and, in general, to precisely position elements on a page.

Today, with nearly everyone on the planet using advanced browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera, web designers use a more facile page-styling technique—CSS-based layout. Table-based layout is an aging dinosaur that produces pages that are heavy with code (so they download slower); harder to update; and hostile to alternative browsers, like screen readers, mobile phones, and text-only browsers.

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Medium 9781588438416

San Carlos Park & Estero

Chelle Koster Walton Hunter Publishing ePub

Florida Gulf Coast University recently debuted in the vicinity of South Fort Myers/San Carlos Park a blossoming area. At its southern fringe lies Estero. Just recently an old, quiet community offering opportunities for outdoor activity, its close proximity to the university has spawned a sudden proliferation of business, most notable two shopping centers that will be part of a residential and a resort complex.

The communities of San Carlos Park and Estero straddle Highway 41 south of Fort Myers proper.




Koreshan State Historic Site, US 41 at Corkscrew Rd., tel. 239-992-0311,, put Estero on the map. Contained within a park, the site has restored a commune established in 1893 by a religious cult that settled on the banks of the Estero River. Under the tutorship of Dr. Cyrus Teed (who adopted the Hebrew name Koresh), members of Koreshan Unity believed the earth lined the inside of a hollow globe that looked down into the solar system. Teed and his followers envisioned an academic and natural "New Jerusalem." They planted exotic crops and vegetation and built a theater, one of several reconstructed buildings on the site. Besides exploring bygones, you can picnic, camp, walk the short nature trail, boat, fish, and canoe in the park. Day-use hours are 8-sunset. Admission is $4 per vehicle of eight passengers or less, $3 for single drivers, $1 for extra passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

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Medium 9788324691562

1. Dlaczego model Customer Development jest niezbędny?

Alvarez, Cindy Helion ePub

Obserwując, jak słabo eksperci (nie wykluczając nas) radzą sobie z szacowaniem wartości konkretnych cech produktu, można się nauczyć prawdziwej pokory. Pomimo naszych usilnych starań i ostrej selekcji pomysłów większość z nich okazuje się nie mieć praktycznej wartości, gdy zaczynamy sprawdzać je w drodze kontrolowanych eksperymentów. W literaturze branżowej aż roi się od stwierdzeń, że odsetek udanych pomysłów programistycznych wynosi poniżej 50%. W Microsofcie nie jest lepiej: zaledwie około jedna trzecia naszych pomysłów skutkuje poprawą wartości zamierzonego wskaźnika.

—Ronny Kohavi, Partner Architect w firmie Microsoft

Natura dała nam jeden język i dwoje uszu, abyśmy mogli usłyszeć od innych dwukrotnie więcej, niż sami wypowiadamy.


O sukcesie produktu decydują klienci.

Gdy nie ma klientów gotowych go kupić, produkt poniesie rynkową porażkę, nawet jeśli jest najlepszy, najbardziej innowacyjny, najładniejszy lub najlepiej wyceniony.

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Medium 9781576336748

Congruent Triangles: SAT Geometry

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub

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