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Foreign sections

Source: Art Deco
Slice ePub February 10, 2015



All the exhibiting nations, except China and Latvia, appeared in Class I. The role of the architects of the Finnish section were reduced to the perfect presentation of the national works of art in the great hall organised at the Grand Palais.




The restorer of Austrian architecture, at the end of last century, was Otto Wagner. The most brilliant of his pupils, Josef Hoffmann, was given the torch. The action of Josef Hoffmann did not only contribute to the art of building. Professor at the School of Decorative Arts of Vienna, founder, in 1905, of the workshop Wiener Werkstätte, organiser of interior decorations and creator of pieces of furniture, he would always concern himself with maintaining close links between all the techniques which are used together in the construction and home improvement. Finally, works of the first order, such as the Stoclet Hotel in Brussels (1907), the pavilion of Austria at the Exhibition of Cologne (1914), and the Skywa-Primavesi house in Vienna, have earned him a European reputation.

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Medium 9780596007010

13. Graphics and Sound

Source: Java Cookbook
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The Graphics class and the Component method paint( ) have survived virtually unchanged since the early days of Java. Together they provide a basic but quite functional graphics capability. The first printing API was put forward in 1.1, and it was promptly replaced in 1.2. Both printing APIs, fortunately, are based on use of Graphics objects, so drawing code did not have to change; only the details of getting the right kind of Graphics object changed in moving from 1.1 to 1.2. The 2D (two-dimensional graphics) package is also based on Graphics; Graphics2D is a subclass of Graphics. To put the 2D graphics in perspective, think about the tremendous boost that the Adobe PostScript language gave to desktop publishing and printing. PostScript is both a scripting language and a marking engine : it has the ability to make a terrific variety of marks on paper. Since Java is already a comprehensive programming language, the 2D API needed only to add the marking engine. This it did very well, using several ideas imported from PostScript via Adobe's participation in the early design.

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Medium 9781855752023

Chapter Fourteen: Infinite Sets and Levels of (Unconscious) Depth

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Having reached this point, we may now proceed to explore further clinical reality in the light of this new insight. To go over the whole gamut of facts where we can find — with the help of the notion-tools which we have studied — evidence of the mathematical infinite, would be a long task, and one that has yet to be undertaken. In the following pages I shall confine myself to some of the more obvious considerations, hoping that these may stimulate thought.

We may start by some remarks of a very general type which will be useful to put the problem in focus.

We have, in previous chapters, referred to the symmetrical mode of being and to the mode of being visible in the work of conscious thinking, which, for the sake of easy reference we called the asymmetrical mode of being. We have also seen mat no ‘symmetrical thinking’ can exist without some use of asymmetrical relations. We can now define the notion of ‘level’ as referring to the proportion between symmetrical and asymmetrical relations. So, according to our convention, the greater the proportion of symmetrical relations in a given piece of psychical reality within a given individual, the deeper will be the level of this reality. This notion of level makes an obvious reference to space and is taken from Freud’s early concept of psycho-analysis as ‘depth psychology’. There is a clear justification for this choice but we shall not discuss it here. What interests us at the moment is that the mind is structured in such a way that in every one of its direct manifestations we can, if we look for it, detect the activity of its various levels, from the asymmetry seen in conscious thinking to the great proportion of symmetry of the deepest levels. It must be added that in each case some levels are more obvious than others. The type of level which is more noticeable varies from one case to another.

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Medium 9781449303518

8. The Real-Time Web

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Why is the real-time Web so important? We live in a real-time world, so its only natural that the Web is moving in that direction. Users clamor for real-time communication, data, and search. Our expectations for how quickly the Internet should deliver us information have changeddelays of minutes in breaking news stories are now unacceptable. Major companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been quick to catch onto this, offering real-time functionality in their services. This is a growing trend thats only going to get bigger.

Traditionally, the Web was built around the request/response model of HTTP: a client requests a web page, the server delivers it, and nothing happens again until the client requests another page. Then, Ajax came along and made web pages feel a bit more dynamicrequests to the server could now be made in the background. However, if the server had additional data for clients, there was no way of notifying them after the page was loaded; live data couldnt be pushed to clients.

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Medium 9788324656516

12. Nauka SEO i własne badania

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Optymalizacja witryn internetowych pod ktem wyszukiwarek jest byskawicznie rozwijajc si dziedzin. Wyszukiwarki cigle dokonuj modyfikacji algorytmw, a z dnia na dzie w sieci pojawiaj si nowe rozwizania technologiczne. Aby by na czasie, naley wykaza si nie lada powiceniem w przeprowadzaniu wasnych bada.

Najbardziej oczywist metod na sprawdzenie, co dzieje si w wiecie SEO, jest zapoznanie si z witrynami i periodykami powiconymi temu zagadnieniu oraz sprawdzenie zaprezentowanych hipotez w praktyce.

Istnieje wiele witryn zajmujcych si marketingiem w wyszukiwarkach. Oto krtka lista najpopularniejszych z nich:

Search Engine Land ( prowadzona przez Third Door Media.

Search Engine Watch ( prowadzona przez Incisive Media.

SEOmoz ( prowadzona przez SEOmoz.

Kada z tych witryn codziennie publikuje nowe artykuy Search Engine Land i Search Engine Watch nawet kilkanacie jednego dnia. Ich autorami s znawcy brany, ktrzy zostali wybrani do pisania artykuw za umiejtno przekazania czytelnikom wartociowej wiedzy. SEOmoz zapewnia szeroki wybr narzdzi i zasobw dla wszystkich adeptw sztuki SEO.

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