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Medium 9781591201601

7. Mind/Body Therapies

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

The idea of the mind and body as separate entities is a new one in the broad scale of history. After roughly two centuries of belief in the separation of the emotional, spiritual, and psychological from the physical and biochemical, the world has come back home to the same beliefs put forth by the ancientsthat mind and body are integrated.

Mind/body medicine is a wonderfully integrative area of research that is bringing together the mainstream and natural medicine fields. Research abounds on the subject of how thoughts and feelings affect health and our responses to disease treatment. New scientific disciplines have emerged that show how genes and the inner workings of the body reflect the mind. And these, in turn, show how thoughts can be used to improve health and longevity, and how counseling, life coaching, meditation, prayer, qigong, spirituality, the arts, yoga, and regular doses of humor can help everyone live, not just healthier and longer, but also happier lives.

Being spiritual means you search for meaning and purpose in your day-to-day life, connecting with others, and moving beyond self-absorption. In the end, the spiritual quest is about finding a sense of inner peace and well-being that helps you appreciate each day, each moment, as a gifteven when things go wrong. Spirituality grounds you in the current moment and helps you see what is really important.

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Medium 9781449319243

8. Generics

Source: Learning Java
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Its been over 15 years since the introduction of the Java programming language (and the first edition of this book). In that time, the Java language has matured and come into its own. But it wasnt until Java 5.0, the sixth major release of Java, that the core language itself changed in a significant way. Yes, there were subtle changes and drop-ins over the years. Inner classes, added very early on, were important. But no language improvements prior to that point affected all Java code or all Java developers in the way that generic types did in Java 5.0.

Generics are about abstraction. Generics let you create classes and methods that work in the same way on different types of objects. The term generic comes from the idea that wed like to be able to write general algorithms that can be broadly reused for many types of objects rather than having to adapt our code to fit each circumstance. This concept is not new; it is the impetus behind object-oriented programming itself. Java generics do not so much add new capabilities to the language as they make reusable Java code easier to write and easier to read.

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Medium 9781617831720

CHAPTER 4 Many Ups and Many Downs

Source: Phoenix Suns
Slice PDF May 13, 2014


An unrestricted free agent is a player whose contract with his team has expired. The player is free to sign with any team. The first-ever unrestricted free agent in the NBA was Tom Chambers. Nicknamed “TC” and “Tommy Gun,” Chambers signed




continued into the 1986–87 season. Coach John MacLeod was fired in February 1987.

MacLeod had been the Suns’ coach for more than 13 years, but the team’s poor performance called for a change.

with the Suns in 1988. He had played

Dick Van Arsdale, “The Origi-

the previous five seasons with the

nal Sun,” took over as coach

Seattle SuperSonics.

for the rest of the season. He

In Chambers five seasons in

had retired as a player for

Phoenix, the Suns went to the

the Suns a decade earlier.

Western Conference finals three

The Suns finished the season

times. They also went to the NBA

14–12 over its last 26 games

Finals once. His 60-point game

with Van Arsdale as coach.

against the Sonics is the best

The Suns went 28–54

single-game scoring effort in Suns

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Medium 9781601322470

Automatic Processing and Acoustic Normalization of Vowels

Slice PDF November 10, 2014


Int'l Conf. Artificial Intelligence | ICAI'13 |

Automatic Processing and Acoustic Normalization of Vowels

Lai, Yi-hsiu

Department of Western Languages & Literature, National University of Kaohsiung

Abstract - This paper addressed the issue of automatic processing of phonetic cues and acoustic normalization of

Hakka vowel production in Mainland China and in Taiwan.

An acoustic study of Hakka vowels, produced by native speakers of Hakka, was conducted. Fifty participants (twenty from Mainland China and thirty from Taiwan) were invited to read a wordlist of Hakka with six vowels embedded in different contexts (i.e. in different tones, in different phrase positions). An automatic approach was then adopted to analyze the collected acoustic data. Acoustic cues of F0, F1,

F2, F3 and F4 were automatically fetched, and these cues were further examined in the normalization procedures. Based on the discussion on the normalization of Hakka vowels, implications for relevant linguistic issues and applications of machine learning to speech and language processing were provided.

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Medium 9781931332897

Chapter I: Fundamentals of Business Continuity Management

Slice ePub February 11, 2015


Fundamentals of Business Continuity Management


»Define Business Continuity Management (BCM)

»Define the relationship between BCM and risk management

»Review BCM responsibilities

»Identify BCM benefits, costs and the commitment required

»Examine the BCM development process

»Review the use of a project management approach within BCM

»Review the data collection process for BCM

»Present an overview of professional standards and terminology

»Review the relationship between information technology and business continuity

»Define Green BCM.

Business Continuity and Risk Management

Planning for disasters may take a backseat to more immediate concerns, especially for a manager who considers such events as improbable and who has not thought through the potential impact of being unprepared. However, a prudent manager will develop contingency plans to provide for the continuation of essential operations. Senior managers should review the criticality of the organization’s products and services to determine priorities and when operations must resume in order to avoid significant losses.

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