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Medium 9781601323200

Fault Detection in Industrial Plant Using κ-Nearest Neighbors with Random Subspace Method

Slice PDF December 15, 2014

Int'l Conf. Artificial Intelligence | ICAI'14 |


Fault Detection in Industrial Plant Using κ-Nearest

Neighbors with Random Subspace Method

Fellipe do Prado Arruda,

Valniria da Silva Bandeira,

Kleiton Vinícius Braga,

Clarimar José Coelho

Computer Science Departament

Pontifical University Catholic of Goiás

Goiânia, GO, Brazil

Resumo—In this paper we propose a ensemble approach using

κ-nearest neighbors (κ-NN) combined with random subspace method (RSM) to achieve an improved classification performance to fault detection problem. Fault detection and isolation is a subfield of control engineering which concerns itself with monitoring a system, identifying when a fault has occurred, and pinpointing the type of fault and its location. Fault detection is utilized to determine that a problem has occurred within in a certain channel or area of operation. In other words, the software application may recognize that the system is operating successfully, but performing at a level that is sub-optimal to predetermined target. In our study we showed that the proposed methodology is more efficiently than classical artificial neural network.

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Medium 9780596004118


Slice ePub May 27, 2014


The Event object serves to provide both details about an event and control over the propagation of an event. DOM Level 2 defines a standard Event object, but Internet Explorer 4, 5, and 6 use a proprietary object instead. Netscape 4 has its own proprietary object that is different from the other two. DOM Level 2 does not standardize keyboard events, so the Netscape 4 Event object may be still useful to programmers interested in key events in Netscape 6 and later. The properties of the DOM, IE, and Netscape 4 Event objects are listed in separate sections below.

In the DOM and Netscape event models, an Event object is passed as an argument to the event handler. In the IE event model, the Event object that describes the most recent event is instead stored in the event property of the Window object.

These constants are the legal values of the eventPhase property; they represent the current phase of event propagation for this event.

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Medium 9781855750975

6. Faithfulness-iinfaithfulness

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Nous deux nous ne vivons que pour etrefideles a la vie,
Both of us live only to be faithful to life.

Paul Eluard, “Poesie ininterrompue”

When structures of faithfulness are created, they are valuable because they can shape a sense of identity, of kinship with a family, a nation, a tradition. They give psychic relief by providing criteria that are rooted in traditions that transcend the generations.

These are multidisciplinary terms that are difficult to define in the language of psychoanalysis. To talk of “faithfulness to an object” may imply a fundamental unfaithfulness to oneself, or vice versa. We can look at it either objectively or subjectively. “Faithfulness” and “unfaithfulness” can become confused at the margins of relativity. On the other hand, the object to which they are directed can be quite clear. An obvious object of erotic love or passion accrues to itself inanimate objects of a higher or lower level of

abstraction, such as when we find faithfulness to a religion, an idea, an activity, and so on.

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Medium 9781591201410

1.  Nutrient Timing

Source: Nutrient Timing
Slice ePub July 14, 2014

Nutrient Timing

During a muscle’s twenty-four-hour growth cycle, there are periods when the muscle is actively involved in producing energy, periods when it is recovering, and periods when it is growing. For the metabolic machinery of the muscle to function at its best during each of these periods, the appropriate amounts and types of nutrients must be consumed at the appropriate times.

Depending on its metabolic needs at any given time, the muscle machinery can be directed to produce and replenish muscle glycogen (the stored form of glucose) or synthesize muscle protein. Each of these operations requires different types of nutrients, and if you’re able to deliver the right nutrient mixture to the muscles at the right time, you can greatly enhance recovery from exercise and improve muscle growth, strength, and power.

To understand why Nutrient Timing is such a revolutionary concept, we must first take a look at sports nutrition over the past twenty years. The focus of sports nutrition has been on the types of nutrients that are best for the strength athlete. It was quickly recognized that strength athletes need more protein than is recommended for the average person and that an increased consumption of protein could improve muscle development.

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Medium 9781780422251


Source: Rodin
Slice PDF May 28, 2014

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