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Medium 9781457186950

14. Meow Shoes

Backstop Media Maker Media, Inc ePub

By Suz Hinton

Have you ever wanted to turn your body into a device to communicate with computers, beyond just typing on a keyboard or clicking with a mouse? I bet you have. Expressing oneself through human movement is a deeply connective and fun experience for almost everyone. Dance and similar art forms can move beyond just the visual and auditory effects bound to the movements themselves.

What if you could augment this behavior into electronic communication? You can certainly do this with the help of JavaScript, and some rudimentary sensors placed in an otherwise unassuming pair of shoes! Are you ready to create magic with your feet?

You will need the items listed in Table 14-1.


For this project, the Arduino Micro (headerless version) is recommended for its tiny size, but use an Arduino Uno if you’re new to this stuff (and skip the soldering!)

AF 1315

$35 (approximately)

Four large FSR sensors

Square or round shapes are both good

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Medium 9781626561069

9 How to Uncover Your Right-of-Way

Bob Johansen Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

when he was at Xerox PARC

Right-of-way is grounded in the assets, relationships, and investments you have already made to run your current business in your current industry. Reciprocity advantage offers a new way to get value from your underutilized strengths to create a new business.

What underutilized assets do you have? If someone comes to you with an idea for making money with something you aren’t currently monetizing, it is worth a discussion. If the idea is one that complements your business and offers an opportunity to make money in new ways, it is a great lead. If it is an idea that uses your assets to make money that you could make on your own, however, it should just become part of your core business—not a reciprocity advantage.

The biggest missed rights-of-way in the 2000s involved social media. All successful brands and big companies have millions of loyal users, but most of them use only those databases to sell the same customers more of the same product in the same ways. However, such networks of users could be an invaluable right-of-way.

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Medium 9781449309879

1. Introduction

Massimo Banzi Maker Media, Inc ePub

Arduino is an open source physical computing platform based on a simple input/output (I/O) board and a development environment that implements the Processing language ( Arduino can be used to develop standalone interactive objects or can be connected to software on your computer (such as Flash, Processing, VVVV, or Max/MSP). The boards can be assembled by hand or purchased preassembled; the open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) can be downloaded for free from

Arduino is different from other platforms on the market because of these features:

It is a multiplatform environment; it can run on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

It is based on the Processing programming IDE, an easy-to-use development environment used by artists and designers.

You program it via a USB cable, not a serial port. This feature is useful, because many modern computers dont have serial ports.

It is open source hardware and softwareif you wish, you can download the circuit diagram, buy all the components, and make your own, without paying anything to the makers of Arduino.

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Medium 9781449367879

4. The Lean Stack MVP—A Different Approach

Thomas Eisenmann O'Reilly Media ePub

In a previous post, I outlined the thought process behind the Lean Stack and provided a 3,000-foot overview of the toolset. A number of you inquired if the new tools would be integrated into The answer is yes, eventually.

My earlier iterations (Lean Canvas layers and the feature Kanban board) were all done in software. On the surface, a web app seemed to be the best choice because we already had a large pool of users, and software should be fast and easy to change, right? Not quite. Looking back at those experiments, they took too long, cost too much, and created lots of needless waste—not counting hours dealing with UX issues, browser issues, and other defects.

You can almost always find unconventional ways to accelerate learning and reduce waste that don’t involve building the final solution you had in mind.

The very first Lean Canvas minimum viable product (MVP) was a blog post. The canvas was then refined over numerous workshops (through slides and paper exercises) before it was turned into software. While I considered applying the same approach here, running experiments is a more advanced and later-stage step that didn’t naturally fit into my one-day workshops.

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Medium 9780596001537

B. RAID Levels

W. Curtis Preston O'Reilly Media ePub

Table B-1 contains a brief description of each RAID level. A more detailed description of each level follows.

TableB-1. RAID definitions




A disk array in which part of the physical storage capacity stores redundant information about user data stored on the remainder of the storage capacity. The redundant information enables regeneration of user data in the event that one of the array's member disks or the access data path to it fails.

Level 0

Disk striping without data protection. (Since the "R" in RAID means redundant, this isn't technically RAID.)

Level 1

Mirroring. All data is replicated on a number of separate disks.

Level 2

Data is protected by Hamming code. Uses extra drives to detect 2-bit errors and correct 1-bit errors on the fly. Interleaves by bit or block.

Level 3

Each virtual disk block is distributed across all array members but one, with parity check information stored on a separate disk.

Level 4

Data blocks are distributed as with disk striping. Parity check is stored in one disk.

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