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Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781847770684

The Child and the Seashell

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Yet she owns more than residue of lives

That she has marked and altered. See how she

Warns time from too much touching her possessions

By keeping flowers fed, by polishing

Her fine old silver. Gratefully

She sees her own glance printed on grandchildren.

Drawing the curtains back and opening windows

Every morning now, she feels her years

Grow less and less. Time puts no burden on

Her now she does not need to measure it.

It is acceptance she arranges

And her own life she places in the vase.

Old Man

His age drawn out behind him to be watched:

It is his shadow you may say. That dark

He paints upon the wall is his past self,

A mark he only leaves when he is still

And he is still now always,

At ease and watching all his life assemble.

And he intends nothing but watching. What

His life has made of him his shadow shows –

Fine graces gone but dignity remaining,

While all he shuffled after is composed

Into a curve of dark, of silences:

An old man tranquil in his silences.

And we move round him, are his own world turning,

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Medium 9781609944940

2. The Power of Surprise

Soren Kaplan Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

If you choose to go looking for something, you’d better
be ready for whatever it is you find.

Because it may not be what you were expecting.

—Jodi Picoult

Chapter Two Key Messages

1. Surprises are guideposts to new directions and opportunities.

2. Big surprises can come in small doses.

3. We need to surprise ourselves before we can surprise others.

On a small cobblestone street in Breda, Holland, about seventy miles south of Amsterdam, sits a nondescript drugstore. No formal name can be seen from the street, other than a sign that reads “Drogist,” Dutch for pharmacist. But the elderly owner, Joep, seemingly the only employee in the shop, is much more than that. Nearly eighty years old, Joep has transformed the customer experience in his quaint drugstore into something that would be the envy of CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid.

Each year I spend two weeks in Breda—a big town for Holland with a population of almost 200,000—teaching at a small university. A few years ago I arrived in Breda after a long trip involving planes, trains, and automobiles, and I realized that the shaving cream container in my toiletry bag was empty. Since I didn’t want to show up for my first day of class with a five-o-clock shadow, I meandered through the twisting streets of Breda until I stumbled upon Joep. The appearance of his drugstore was nothing special, just a typical pharmacy with the usual sundries.

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Medium 9780253006820

12. Vulnerability of the Electricity and Water Sectors to Climate Change in the Midwest

Sara C Pryor Indiana University Press ePub


The water and energy sectors exhibit high exposure to climate change and variability, and as discussed in chapters 2 and 17 of this volume, water and energy are also highly interlinked. Water systems use large volumes of energy, and equally, the energy sector is a major consumer of water (see chapter 2). According to some estimates, water supply and treatment consumes 4 percent of the national power supply in the United States, and electricity accounts for a substantial fraction of the cost of municipal water processing and transport (National Assessment Synthesis Team 2000). As described herein, water is essential to electricity production from fossil fuels, and a key tendency that may substantially increase water demand within the Midwest is expansion of ethanol production (see chapter 2 of this volume). Conversion of corn grain and stover to ethanol requires nearly five times as much water to generate fuel to travel one kilometer than is used in conversion of crude oil to gasoline (Scown et al. 2011). In this chapter we introduce some of the primary ways in which climate change may cause changes in the risks realized in the energy and water sectors, the interlinkages between water and energy, and possible methods to reduce vulnerabilities in both sectors.

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Medium 9781491906842

14. Understanding an App’s Architecture

David Wolber O'Reilly Media ePub

This chapter examines the structure of an app from a programmer’s perspective. It begins with the traditional analogy that an app is like a recipe and then proceeds to reconceptualize an app as a set of components that respond to events. The chapter also examines how apps can ask questions, repeat, remember, and talk to the Web, all of which will be described in more detail in later chapters.

Many people can tell you what an app is from a user’s perspective, but understanding what it is from a programmer’s perspective is more complicated. Apps have an internal structure that you must understand in order to create them effectively.

One way to describe an app’s internals is to break it into two parts, its components and its behaviors. Roughly, these correspond to the two main windows you use in App Inventor: you use the Component Designer to specify the objects (components) of the app, and you use the Blocks Editor to program how the app responds to the user and external events (the app’s behavior).

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