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Medium 9781576757567

4. Street Retreat: The Debt of Love

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

We’re all in the gutter,
only some of us are looking at the stars.

—Oscar Wilde

LAST SUMMER I SAW AN IMMENSELY FAT WOMAN—350 POUNDS at least—struggling to step onto a Manhattan bus. Wheezing with effort, perspiring through her floral print dress, she couldn’t hoist her foot onto the platform. Her knee, encased in layers of flesh, wouldn’t bend. The driver, with an exasperated sigh, bolted from his seat to try to shoehorn her through the door.

The passengers gaped and craned, their expressions ranging from embarrassment to scorn to a sort of horrified fascination. As schedules unraveled and tempers frayed, the irritation grew more audible. The thought flashed through my mind as it did through nearly everyone’s: How could anyone allow herself to get so obese? Then I saw the expression on the woman’s face: mortification. And my heart broke—for all her hard days and for all my hard thoughts.

Why was my first response not compassion but a series of assessments that went off like a string of mental firecrackers before I even knew I’d lit the match? My judgment was so fused with my perception as to be inseparable: She became what I beheld. I was painfully aware of my mind—the mind itself—as a difference engine, cranking out the petty distinctions that keep people apart. And I wished I could dismantle the whole stupid contraption once and for all.

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Medium 9781449312268

4. OAuth-Enabled APIs

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

JavaScript plugins, like the comment plugin from Chapter3, allow you to move beyond the official social plugins, but the depth of integration that they provide is limited. As you move on to deeper integration, some processing must be done server-side. To accommodate this, further examples are written in PHP. You will need to an environment capable of running PHP and a SQLite database.

The Google+ platform is not limited to PHP. You can find client libraries and starter projects for many popular languages including Java, Python, .NET, and Ruby. If Google does not supply an official client library for your language of choice, you may still use the REST APIs directly.

Baking Disasters is fun to publish as a static HTML blog, but as time passes visitors have started to express a desire to contribute their baking experiences. Being a social baker with a streak of PHP ability, this seems like the perfect opportunity to transform Baking Disasters into a social web application where everyone can contribute.

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Medium 9781593577919


Slice ePub May 29, 2014

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.”

—J.R.R. Tolkien

With Twitter users averaging 27.3 million tweets per day and 10 billion tweets per year (according to, it’s an understatement to say that there is a lot of information on Twitter; try tons of terabytes’ worth!

Sorting through it all can feel a bit like someone dumped all the pages from all the books in the Library of Congress into one gigantic, chaotic pile. Buried in those mountains of data are companies, job leads, and people to help you uncover the hidden (and not-so-hidden) job market. To echo the line from the old Western movies, “there’s gold in them thar hills.” Yes, for the adventurous and perseverant, there’s treasure to be mined.

In this chapter, we simplify the search process for you. By sticking to the basics, you’ll learn how to

It’s very unlikely that you’ll use Twitter as your sole research tool. But, used in combination with other resources, these strategies will rev up your search.

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Medium 9781607322023


Slice ePub December 14, 2013


Over the past two decades, archaeologists have focused increasingly on how individuals and groups use material, social, and ideological resources to acquire and maintain power (e.g., Baines and Yoffee 1998; Blanton et al. 1996; Clark and Blake 1994; Demarest and Conrad 1992; Demarrais et al. 1996; Earle 1997). Arthur Joyce has been a particularly thoughtful proponent of archaeological approaches that, drawing on Giddens (e.g., 1984), view “people as dynamic actors in a social process” and “population-level phenomena . . . as the outcome of behavioral strategies which are both enabled and constrained by the biophysical and social environment” (Joyce and Winter 1996, 35). In this volume Joyce and his collaborators demonstrate the value of an actor-based framework for multidisciplinary research that combines environmental, sociopolitical, and ideological investigation.

The Formative period focus of their research in the lower Río Verde Valley of coastal Oaxaca offers rich opportunities for comparison with the development of sociopolitical complexity in other regions of Mesoamerica. While Mesoamerica in general exhibits a shared pattern of increasing population and complexity through the Formative period, social change was not uniform through time or across space. Instead, the timing of critical events and the implementation of particular political strategies varied between and within regions as environmental change, distant wars, shifting alliances, internal social processes, and the competing interests of local actors conspired to promote the growth and dissolution of communities and polities across Mesoamerica. The multidisciplinary research conducted in the lower Río Verde Valley illuminates the interplay of these processes.

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Medium 9781577311270

Chapter Eight: Eating Your Way to Health

Slice ePub July 09, 2014

Jerry Stine, N. C.

One of the most important influences on our health, minute to minute, is the stability of our blood sugar. When we refer to blood sugar, we are referring to the levels of glucose in the blood. Glucose is one of the primary sources of fuel and energy for the body. Most of us are all too familiar with the feeling we get when we skip a meal and our blood sugar level falls too low. At times like this, our energy level may drop drastically. Some people are also prone to anger or irritability and others tend toward depression. Some experience a loss of concentration, a state that isn’t alleviated until they eat something.

Most of us don’t think of our blood sugar as a powerful regulator of immune function. But blood sugar can affect immunity in a number of important ways:

Lower levels of white blood cells have been associated with a diet high in sugar.1

The overgrowth of yeast or bacteria can also result from eating too many starches and sweets, since carbohydrates are the preferred food of many microbes.2

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