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Medium 9781742208725

Sestiere di Dorsoduro

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Sestiere di Dorsoduro

For more detail of this area see Neigbourhood Map»

Finding out what all the fuss is about Venetian painting at Gallerie dell’Accademia , a former convent that is now positively blushing with masterpieces of glowing colours, censored subjects and a newly restored dramatic finale.

Hanging out with modern sculpture worth millions on the Grand Canal dock of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection .

Waltzing through baroque palace boudoirs filled with social graces and sharp wits at Ca’ Rezzonico .

Comparing, contrasting and debating fearless contemporary art and boldly repurposed architecture at Punta della Dogana .

Testing the curative powers of Longhena’s mystical marbles, and finding hidden Titian wonders inside Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute .

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Medium 9780596008529

5: Forms

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Edit Many Controls at Once


Activating the Wizards

THE ANNOYANCE: Call me stupid, but I’ve been using Access for weeks and I haven’t seen a Combo Box Wizard yet.


An option group is a set of radio buttons or checkboxes that are grouped together. The user can select only one of the options in the group.

THE FIX: The wizards for combo boxes and other controls, such as list boxes

and option groups, are easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. At the top right in the Toolbox in Design View (see Figure 5-1), there’s a Control

Wizards button that activates the wizards. It looks like a magic wand with stars. (If you don’t see the Toolbox, select Tools→Customize, click the

Toolbars tab, and check the Toolbox box.) Click the button, and when you add a control to a form the appropriate wizard fires up. To deactivate the wizards, just press the button again.

Figure 5-1. The Toolbox and the Control Wizards button. In the box on the left, the button is not selected; on the right, it is.

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Medium 9781847777973

… Human beings must be taught to love

Slice ePub May 04, 2015


… Human beings must be

   taught to love

silence and darkness.

But in silence comes

   the seepage of

a gas fire’s breath

in darkness the pink

   of a child’s

mosquito net – it seems

their very presence

   is that love

for how else can we invoke

afterworlds without

   voice, light

but through things that

breathe and move, obey

   an absence

that is deified because

absence is unbearable

   unless, in a residue

of breath and light

we bear the agony

   of presence, and do

call this bearing, loving?


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Medium 9781449311568

4. Understanding the Breadth and Depth of Google, Inc.

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Google is all about search, but there is more to search than just websites. Googles various online properties encompass resources and tools for searching for and through just about anything electronic, both on- and offline.

These resources can be extremely valuable to marketers and should be considered some of the sharper tools in your research arsenal. This chapter contains a list and basic explanation of Googles tools, along with some useful third-party sites that are Google-powered but not run by Google.

One more thing to note before we get into Google services: Many of them require you to create a Google user account. If you are already signed up for a service like Gmail, then youve already got a Google account. However, once you are logged in, all of Googles services will recognize thateven the ones that dont require a login, like the plain old web search engine. Your search history and click history within search results are also recorded in your Google account. Also, whether or not you are logged into your Google account, the search engine will remember who you are and tune your search results over time so that they match your patterns and preferences.

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Medium 9780596514105

9. My Code Runs Faster Than Your Code

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Certainly one of the most frustrating experiences an application user can have is slow performance. Software is supposed to help people get things done faster and more easily. Ah, the gap between "supposed to" and reality!

This chapter offers many recommendations for helping you improve the performance of your PL/SQL programs. Of course, tuning PL/SQL is just a small part (and often not the most crucial part) of application tuning. Development teams (and their DBAs) must also optimize SQL statements (the most common source of performance issues) and overall database instance activity. Before diving into the details, I offer the following high-level advice regarding code optimization:

For example, I'll talk in this chapter about such specifics as the FORALL statement and how you could see an enormous increase in performance when you use this statement. The operative word here is "could." You need to verify the impact of this advice in your application, your installation of the Oracle database, your database server, and with your data. Don't assume that you will see the same results that I have experienced (hey, yours might be even better!).

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