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Medium 9781449334512

2. Equipping Your Forensics Laboratory

Robert Bruce Thompson Maker Media, Inc ePub

To do a serious study of forensic science lab work, youll need some specialized equipment and chemicals. Fortunately, it neednt be expensive to acquire the items you need. You may already have some of those items, such as a microscope purchased for a biology course or a balance and other lab equipment purchased for a chemistry course.

To make matters as easy and inexpensive as possible, as we wrote this book we designed a custom lab kit to go with it ( With the exception of readily available materials, major items (such as a microscope and balance), and some optional items, this kit includes the specialized equipment and chemicals you need to complete the lab sessions in this book. Of course, you dont have to buy the kit to use this book. We provide full details of whats needed for each lab session, and all of those materials can be obtained locally or purchased individually from numerous online lab supply vendors and law-enforcement forensic supply vendors.

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Medium 9780253014092

3 Reinventing Local Forms: African Fashion, Indigenous Style

Victoria L. Rovine Indiana University Press ePub

I was drawn to everything that was African.

—Chris Seydou, Malian fashion designer, Bamako, 6 March 1993

The traditional and the contemporary with a touch of originality. These are the three elements of creativity.

—Salah Barka, Tunisian fashion designer, Paris, 19 June 2010

Sun Goddess harvests stories and images of South African traditions. These stories look back to our heritage and its relevance to the past, present and future.

—Vanya and Thando Mangaliso, South African fashion designers, Sun Goddess website, 1 February 2011

We need to preserve indigenous, traditional techniques by making them modern.

—Aboubakar Fofana, Malian artist and designer, Bamako, 25 June 2009

I want to take from the past and take it with me into the future.

—Laduma Ngxokolo, South African fashion designer, Port Elizabeth, 2 June 2012

In his autobiographical novel L’Enfant Noir (The Dark Child), Guinean writer Camara Laye used clothing to make a powerful statement about the shifting incarnations of tradition. Recalling the rituals by which life was ordered during his childhood, Laye described how people in his community continued to embrace practices that had been detached from the meanings that once inspired them. Now, these practices simply evoke the idea of tradition: “Sometimes only the spirit of a tradition survives; sometimes only its form. Its outer garments, as it were, remain.”1 Clothing here stands in for the residue of tradition, a remnant of practices no longer integral to people’s lives. It may also refer to vaguely remembered histories. Importantly, Laye does not express this shifting meaning as loss, but rather as a source of comfort in the certainty that these rituals (or the garments that are their residue) still have meaning. Writing of a harvest ritual whose origins are lost to memory, Laye notes: “Yet, like all our customs, this one had its significance.”2

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Medium 9780596001506

4.2. Ethernet and Fast Ethernet

Kevin Dooley O'Reilly Media ePub

Ethernet is a bus topology LAN technology with a collision-based mechanism for dealing with contention. Physically, there are several different options for implementing an Ethernet network. I am generally including Fast Ethernet in these comments because the similarities between Ethernet and Fast Ethernet are strong. I will explicitly note where the comments do not apply to both.

Physical implementations of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet are generally determined by their IEEE designations. For 10Mbps standard Ethernet, the most common option today is 10BaseT. This option uses standard twisted pair cabling, such as Category 5 (although 10BaseT also works well over Category 3 cable plants). Other options include 10Base2 and 10Base5, which implement the LAN bus with an extended cable.

In 10Base2 (also called "thin-net"), the cable is an inexpensive 50 impedance coaxial cable that is terminated at both ends with an impedance-matching resistor. Devices connect to the wire by means of T-junction connectors along the length of the cable. Some end devices are equipped with 10Base2 connectors, but a transceiver is frequently required. I will discuss transceivers later in this section.

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Medium 9781449394011

Operator Overloading

Joseph Albahari O'Reilly Media ePub

Operators can be overloaded to provide more natural syntax for custom types. Operator overloading is most appropriately used for implementing custom structs that represent fairly primitive data types. For example, a custom numeric type is an excellent candidate for operator overloading.

The following symbolic operators can be overloaded:

Implicit and explicit conversions can also be overridden (with the implicit and explicit keywords), as can the literals true and false, and the unary + and operators.

The compound assignment operators (e.g., +=, /=) are automatically overridden when you override the noncompound operators (e.g., +, /).

An operator is overloaded by declaring an operator function. An operator function must be static, and at least one of the operands must be the type in which the operator function is declared.

In the following example, we define a struct called Note, representing a musical note, and then overload the + operator:

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Medium 9781847770974

57 because he’s mine

Gallas, John Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

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