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Slice PDF May 13, 2014

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6. Casework techniques in the child care services (1955)

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

While it is true to say that there are basic techniques by means of which we practise casework in any field in which it is applied, it is, nevertheless, important to realize that techniques are always being altered and improved upon. They are not fixed and final but must remain flexible and capable of adaptation, not only to the needs of individuals, but to the setting in which they are being performed. The most important thing about techniques is their flexibility, for if they lose it and are allowed to harden, they will soon cease to be effective instruments and become weapons for defence or attack in the hands of those who use them. This is always a potential danger in our work.

One of the difficulties about improving casework skills is that the knowledge derived from one experience cannot just be applied as it stands to the next case. This specific knowledge will never be required in just the same form again. It will only be of value in so far as it adds up to something in us, enriches our general understanding of human beings (including ourselves), and increases our confidence in our techniques. In this way a particular experience becomes part of ourselves and part of the professional equipment we take with us as we move on to the next case. The point is that we shall be better people in the new situation—we shall not have just learned a new trick.

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C. O autorach

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Ken Coar jest czonkiem fundacji Apache Software Foundation organizacji, ktra nadzoruje prace nad rozwojem serwera Apache. Jest autorem ksiki Apache Server for Dummies (Wydawnictwo Wiley) oraz wspautorem ksiki Apache Server Unleashed (Wydawnictwo Sams). Ken by odpowiedzialny za obsug wiadomoci poczty elektronicznej nadsyanych na adres projektu Apache, a jego dowiadczenia zebrane w trakcie tej pracy stay si podstaw tej ksiki.

Rich Bowen jest czonkiem Apache Software Foundation i zajmuje si przede wszystkim tworzeniem dokumentacji serwera Apache. Jest wspautorem ksiki Apache Administrator Handbook. Rich mieszka w Lexington w stanie Kentucky, gdzie powica swj wolny czas na uprawianie geocachingu. Uwielbia take lata na paralotni i zaczytywa si w powieciach Charlesa Dickensa i innych pisarzy z tego okresu.

Rich albo DrBacchus, bo takim pseudonimem przedstawia si na IRC spdza rwnie zdecydowanie za duo czasu na kanale #apache. Witryna Richa znajduje si pod adresem

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Chapter Three: “Totem and Taboo” Revisited

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

In Chapter Two, I mapped out evidence for the protective function of the superego gathered from both Freudian and independently oriented clinical and theoretical work over the decades since Freud's formulation of the concept. Freud's 1923 definition centres on “prohibition”, whereas his earlier thinking identified its primary function as protective. In a paper written almost thirty years before his formulation of the superego—“Project for a Scientific Psychology”—he stated that the first trigger for morality lies in the fact of dependence on others for our survival: “[the] initial helplessness of human beings…is the primal source of all moral motives” (Freud, 1895, p. 317). That is to say, our sense of morality originates in the (unconscious) knowledge that we are dependent upon external protection: this knowledge is the source of conscience.

In this chapter I turn to Freud's work “Totem and Taboo” and show that his undeveloped lines of thinking about the earliest manifestation of conscience (i.e., in totem morality) identify a protective, adaptive function, which clinical work by practitioners, working after his time, has proven to be the case.

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Medium 9780596102296

Exam 70-298 Highlighters Index

Slice PDF May 28, 2014

Exam 70-298 Highlighters Index

In this section, we’ve attempted to compile the facts within the exam’s subject areas that you are most likely to need another look at—in other words, the areas of study that you might have highlighted while reading the Study Guide. The title of each highlighted element corresponds to the heading title in the Exam 70-298

Study Guide. This way, if you have a question about a highlight, you can refer back to the corresponding section in the Study Guide. For the most part, the entries under the headings are organized as term lists with a Windows Server 2003 feature, or with a component as the term and the key details for this feature or configuration listed next.

Segmenting Networks

This subsection is a summary of highlights from the “Segmenting Networks” section in the Exam 70-298 Study Guide.


• Routers work at the OSI Network layer (layer 3). They use logical network addresses (e.g., IP addresses) to route information from source to destination hosts. Routers do not care about MAC addresses or frame types.

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