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Level 2: High School_Q-Z: Praxis I Commonly Confused Words

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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8. 28 March 1979

Wilfred R. Bion Karnac Books ePub

Q: I am wondering if there is a psychoanalytic way to the truth.

BION: None whatever. Psychoanalysis is only a technical instrument, something we can make use of for any purpose we want—to make confusion worse confounded, or to mislead or deceive people, and so on. It all depends on who is making use of it. Is this building for the use of psychoanalysis, or have psychoanalysts been made use of in order to build this building? Are the available rooms conducive to the pursuit of psychoanalytic efforts? Or are they not?

The profound question in that is the problem of whether the person who purports to be searching for the truth is genuinely trying to arrive at the truth, or is a fake, an artificial representation of a seeker after truth. It is a very difficult question to answer. If you felt you could rely on your own judgment about that, then you might be able to tell whether somebody’s paintings or writings are the work of a real genius. But as for the technical accomplishments of psychoanalysis, that doesn’t tie you down at all—you can do what you like. Any idea that it inevitably causes you to speak the truth or discover the truth is pure rubbish.

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Wonder Boy

Matt Scheff SportsZone PDF
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6.6 Mastering Regular Expressions with the Regulator

James Avery O'Reilly Media PDF


Notepad2 in a Nutshell

There are many instances where all you want is a small, lightweight tool to handle one simple chore. Notepad2 fits the bill perfectly.


Mastering Regular Expressions with the Regulator

Regular expressions are among the most mysterious and black-art-like technologies for developers. Mastering them can yield amazing results and productivity gains, but they’re hard to learn, and regex syntax is often very cryptic.

Using regular expressions in your applications is often not as trivial a task as you would like, because you need to make sure the expressions actually work and do what you expect them to. This testing is usually done manually, and cycling between developing the expression in your language of choice, compiling a test harness, and running it to check the expression’s operation can take up a significant amount of time.

The Regulator, built by Roy Osherove, is designed to eliminate (or at least reduce) this time-stealing phase. The Regulator allows you to create your regular expressions in an environment similar to an IDE. Among other things, it allows:

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Medium 9780874259698

27 The Power of an Agenda

Glenn Parker HRD Press, Inc. PDF

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