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Medium 9780253356611

6 The Last Word

Sylvia D. Hoffert Indiana University Press ePub

6 The Last Word

As she Approached the age of eighty, Alva continued to be concerned about her image and legacy. Neither of her previous efforts at dictating a memoir seems to have satisfied her. So sometime between 1928 and 1932, she repeated the process once more by sharing her life story with her then secretary and companion Mary Young.1 Fiercely determined to be remembered, Alva through Young was free to make herself yet one more time. This would be her final attempt to reflect in any systematic way on her life and its meaning.

We know almost nothing about Young or the nature of her relationship with her employer.2 She was apparently efficient, attentive, and compliant enough to bear the brunt of Alva’s volatility with some degree of equanimity for the five years of their association. The 173-page manuscript that Young produced describes Alva’s life up until the death of her second husband. There is no evidence that Young took the same kinds of liberties in writing the text that Sara Bard Field clearly did. Young seems to have accepted Alva on her own terms. For her, Alva was who she appeared to be and the meaning of her life was what she said it was.

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Medium 9781855756410

3. Chun / Difficulty at the Beginning

Peggy Jones Karnac Books ePub

above Kan / The Abysmal, Water

below Chên / The Arousing, Thunder

above Kên / Keeping Still, Mountain

below Kun / The Receptive, Earth

There is a Maori creation myth that pictures the first coupling of Heaven and Earth producing offspring who must force the cosmic parents apart in order to emerge, thereby creating the space in which life itself can exist. The story reflects the fact that birth always requires a struggle and a separation from what was before. While the process is chaotic, it is not reversible, and it carries within itself the energy to see it through, as well as the trials that make it hazardous. At first it might feel as if the new thing is almost life-threatening in its determination to undermine a previously established balance, and we may resist its efforts to pry us open and emerge, but without the drive towards visibility with which new ideas or parts of ourselves are imbued, our ‘offspring’ would never see the light of day.

Structurally the image suggested by the trigrams that constitute this hexagram is of a blade of grass pushing up out of the ground. Chên, the Arousing, is associated with wood, and here this extends to the first shoots of grass as they emerge from the earth, represented by the three broken lines of K'un. This hexagram represents the first intercourse of Heaven and Earth (Ch'ien and K'un), giving rise to the eldest son, Chên. The obstacle that gives the hexagram its theme is the firm line in the strong fifth position. As the natural movement of Chên is to rise and that of both K'an and K'un is to sink, this hexagram suggests not only considerable turmoil, but also that these testing times are balanced by the assistance of naturally occurring energies.

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Medium 9781742204123

Jammu & Kashmir (including Ladakh)

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Jammu Kashmir (including Ladakh)

Welcome to three incredibly different worlds in one state. For most foreigners, JK’s greatest attractions are the Himalayan lands of Ladakh and Zanskar, with their disarmingly friendly Tibetan Buddhist people, timeless monasteries, arid canyons and soaring snow-topped mountains. But neither area is easily accessible, especially outside midsummer.

Hordes of domestic visitors make pilgrimages to temples around Hindu Jammu and love Muslim Kashmir for its cool summer air and alpine scenery. Srinagar’s romantic houseboat accommodation is another drawcard. However, political volatility remains a concern. Disputes over Kashmir caused three 20th-century wars, and intercommunal strife still breaks out sporadically. Always check the security situation before travelling to Jammu or Srinagar but, even if things look dodgy there, you can expect Ladakh to be as meditatively calm as ever.

Jun Sep Ideal for Srinagar and Sonamarg; roads to Ladakh can be blocked.

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Medium 9780874259698

36 Guiding Past and FutureTeam Practices

Glenn Parker HRD Press, Inc. PDF


Guiding Past and Future

Team Practices


To draw out the experiences of team members to determine past and present practices that represent the guiding philosophy of the self-directed team.


Works best with a small, intact self-directed team.

Time Limit

1 hour.

Physical Setting

A small conference room with comfortable chairs and conference table.

Materials and Resources

1. Copy of Exercise 36.1 for each participant.

2. Pen and note pad for each participant.



Describe the objectives of the activity and distribute Exercise 36.1.

2. The written portion of the exercise focuses on anecdotal behaviors, both positive and negative, and will act as a springboard for a follow-up discussion.

The ensuing discussion should provide the team with feedback concerning the view team members have of the organization. The exercise also contains a component where team members can offer suggestions for the future.

3. Once the team members have completed their individual work, ask for each team member to share his/her responses.

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Medium 9781491912034

6. Categorization: Describing Resource Classes and Types

Robert J. Glushko O'Reilly Media ePub

For nearly two decades, a TV game show called Pyramid aired in North America. The show featured two competing teams, each team consisting of two contestants: an ordinary civilian contestant and a celebrity. In the show’s first round, both teams’ members viewed a pyramid-shaped sign that displayed six category titles, some straightforward like “Where You Live” and others less conventional like “Things You Need to Feed.” Each team then had an opportunity to compete for points in 30-second turns. The goal was for one team member to gain points by identifying a word or phrase related to the category from clues provided by the other team member. For example, a target phrase for the “Where You Live” category might be “zip code,” and the clue might be “Mine is 94705.” “Things you Need to Feed” might include both “screaming baby” and “parking meter.”

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