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Medium 9780596803704

3. Sync the Pre

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Your Pre is almost always with you, but the information you care about is scattered all over the place--on your Facebook page, in web-based email programs like Gmail, on your PC at work, and on your laptop at home. In an ideal world, you'd be able to tap into this scattered information anywhere, anytime. That's the goal behind a program on your Pre called Palm Synergy, which is part of webOS (see The Pre from the Outside). Synergy keeps the information on your Pre and in your online accounts in sync with each other.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to use Synergy to collect and catalogue information from your online accounts to your Pre, how to sync information on your Pre back to those accounts, and how to jerry-rig a system to keep even your desktop and laptop PCs synced with the Pre.

During a sync, Synergy imports and exports information to and from your Pre. On the import side of the sync, Synergy gathers, organizes, and (within limits) saves to your Pre the data in your online accounts. That way, you always have a single, consolidated set of email messages, friends' addresses, calendar events, and so on, in your pocket.

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Medium 9781576751732

Are You a Peacock (or Other Type of Exotic Bird)?

Slice PDF May 14, 2014

Are You a Peacock

(or Other Type of Exotic Bird)?


■ 1. Do you frequently feel like you don’t fit in — that you are different in some fundamental way?

■ 2. Do you get criticized for not being a “team player” (“Team player” = a euphemism for conforming to group norms.)

■ 3. Do you feel pressured by your boss or others to change in some significant way to fit in?

■ 4. Do you feel ostracized, lonely, left out of the loop of information and decision-making?

■ 5. Are you unable to identify with anyone as a role model at the top of your organization?

■ 6. Are your ideas and suggestions routinely rejected as “not the way we do things here”?

■ 7. Do you often feel under- or unappreciated for your talent and skill, while others who are less talented get promoted and rewarded?

■ 8. Do you often try to figure out “what’s wrong with me”?

■ 9. Do you feel stifled, stuck, frustrated by some unseen “system”?

■10. Are you frequently ignored, interrupted, or discounted when you make comments or suggestions at meetings?

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Medium 9781449322854

3. Audio Accessibility

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

As browsers have grown more capable, and the average Internet users bandwidth has gone up, audio has become more vital to using websites. More and more websites include videos, podcasts, and use audio cues to direct users around the site. If a user is unable to hear, they might be left out of vital sections of your website.

Audio accessibility is more than making websites accessible for the profoundly deaf. This also covers those who are partially deaf and wear hearing aids.

Why cant someone who has only partial hearing loss simply wear headphones? Often, hearing aids and headphones dont mix, even when the headphones go over the ears. Also, some hearing disabled people are deaf only to certain tones, making speech difficult to parse, no matter how loud the volume is.

Additionally, a website owner cant always assume that their users have access to a computer where they can turn the volume up. They might be in a public space where they cant use speakers and dont have headphones, or access to an audio jack.

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Medium 9780596005139

19. Keyboards

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

A keyboard is a matrix of individual switches, one per key. Pressing a key closes its switch, generating a signal that the dedicated keyboard controller built into the keyboard recognizes as the make code for that key. Releasing the key opens the switch, which the keyboard controller recognizes as the break code for that key. Using a firmware lookup table, the keyboard controller translates received make code signals to standard scan codes, which it sends via the keyboard buffer to a second keyboard controller located in the PC, which recognizes those scan codes as specific characters and control codes.

Because releasing a key generates a break code, the local keyboard controller can recognize when two keys are pressed together (e.g., Shift-A or Ctrl-C) and generate a unique scan code for each such defined key combination. For undefined key combinations (e.g., pressing "a" and then pressing "s" before releasing "a"), the keyboard controller recognizes that, even though a break code for "a" has not been received, the user's intent is to type "as", and so generates the scan code for "a" followed immediately by the scan code for "s".

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Medium 9781931332859

PHASE 2 - Embed EEP Into An Aware and Prepared Corporate Culture

Slice ePub September 02, 2014
Phase 2 Embed EEP Into An Aware and Prepared Corporate Culture
This second phase of the emergency planning lifecycle is all about raising awareness and embedding the subject into the establishment’s culture, which is perhaps the most nebulous aspect of what you are trying to do because there are no obvious tangible products from this part of the program. The principal change you are trying to make here, as you embed emergency evacuation planning (EEP) into the culture, is to alter attitudes and behavior which happens only within people’s minds. This section will help you to: Relate the BCI Good Practice Guidelines to your EEP effort.Create an effective training and awareness program.Publicize EEP within your organization.Coordinate the EEP program with BCM planning and activities. 2.1 BCI Good Practice Guidelines The EEP lifecycle model in this book has its roots in the Good Practices Guidelines of the BCI, which can be adapted to EEP. Of course, you recognize that business continuity (BC) is a rather more complex subject with innumerable side issues; therefore, BC planners may need to communicate a slightly more involved set of messages. On the other hand, your EEP messages are equally valuable and are important to every single soul who ever enters your premises.See more

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