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Medium 9780946439645

K. LAMBERT: Transference/counter-transference: talion law and gratitude

Michael Fordham Karnac Books ePub


After about two years of his analysis, I was listening to a patient who had in the past occasionally made me sleepy. He was talking in an extremely monotonous, ruminative way, fitting various aspects of his psyche together as if it were a jigsaw puzzle and bringing in my interpretations as new bits for the puzzle.

The effects on me as his analyst were on this occasion considerable. I began to fall into a dazed state in which I could neither listen nor make any effort of attention. The temptation to surrender to this feeling of inadequacy was strong, but my commitment to analyse my patient enabled me to make the effort to think about my condition. I decided to try out saying that I thought that, perhaps, what he was saying was not what he really felt, but that there was something else he had to communicate that was much more important.

He did not respond at once, but then began to remember that, when his father was trying to show him how to mend his bicycle and later a motor-car, he (the patient) could never understand or grasp what was quite a simple process. His father, exasperated, would say ‘Don’t stand there like a stunned gosling’. This patient had had a unique experience of being ‘stuffed’ as an infant and child by two maternal figures who never gave him the chance to experience need, cry for it and succeed in getting it met. They anticipated every wish long after the early weeks of his infancy in a most intruding way. It was likewise later with his father who, in his vain attempts to instruct his son in the practice of fixing things, could only tell him to look at him doing them and never considered letting the son experiment and try out simple operations with his own hands. Later my patient said that it felt to him as if he were being forced to look—and that it seemed like a plank entering his head through his eyes, or like a plank from a lorry entering the windscreen of a following car that the patient was driving and being wedged into the car without hurting him or the passengers.

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Medium 9781449316259

12. Introduction to ActionScript 3.0

Chris, Dr Grover O'Reilly Media ePub

When your Flash document is on your computer, youre in control. You can make it do whatever you want, whenever you want. But eventually, your creation has to strike out on its own. You wont be there to tell your animation what to do when someone clicks a button or to remind it to turn off the sound after the first three times through. You need to provide instructions to make your animation perform automaticallythat is, automate it.

To automate your animation or make it interactive, you use ActionScriptFlashs built-in programming languageto act on, or script, the different parts of your animation. For example, you can instruct your animation to load a web page when someone clicks a button youve added, to start playing an audio clip at the beginning of a certain scene, to play your animation in reverse, to loop certain sections of your animation, and so on.

Flash calls the chunks of ActionScript code you attach to your animation actions, which is a great reminder that ActionScript exists to help your audience interact with your animation.

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Medium 9781770906426


R.D. Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez ECW Press ePub

ê ê ê ê ê PART III


“The biggest mistake was that they had leadership where all the generals were guys who had never been in a battle. They never had anybody who knew what they were doing. There’s nobody who ever understood wrestling or the minds of wrestling fans. They never understood the nature of the business.”

—Bret Hart, WCW Wrestler 1997 to 2000


ê ê ê FIVE ê ê ê



On the surface, 1998 had been a hugely successful year. Although WCW made every stupid mistake that could possibly be made, attendance was up 47 percent over 1997, ratings were up 56 percent, buy rates were up 18 percent, a whopping 49 percent of house shows had sold out, and the average house show gross was up 90 percent. It’s not difficult to see why those on the inside thought there was nothing to worry about.

But the sins of 1998 began to take their toll in 1999. Even worse, 1999 was the year that WCW made some of their most horrendous decisions yet, decisions that, instead of turning things around as hoped, actually sped up the company’s decline. Consider this: just two years earlier, WCW was the number-one wrestling company in the entire world. In the 365 days of this year, they managed to lose no less than $15 million—more money than any promotion had ever lost in the history of the business.

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Medium 9781855755840

CHAPTER EIGHT: The push-to-the-woman

Genevieve Morel Karnac Books ePub

The question of sexuation has been of paramount importance since the very beginnings of psychoanalysis, when Freud encountered the hysteric and her bisexuality. Hysteria is characterized by an unconscious question about sex itself: “Am I a man or a woman?”1 Freud became interested in sexual causality in psychosis very early on. In 1911, in the Schreber case, he expounded his theory of homosexuality as a cause of paranoia— a causality based on the drive, which Lacan would critique in 1958, substituting a causality linked with the signifier, the foreclosure of the Name-of-the-Father.2 From the end of the 1920s, the analytic debate was dominated by the enigma of femininity, of hysteria and psychosis. It took the form of the “quarrel of the phallus” and crystallized around Jones's3 theses: does femininity date from before or after the phallic phase? Can it be situated before or after Penisneid in developmental terms? Is it or is it not articulated with castration?

These questions, and even the explicitly anti-Freudian positions they provoked, are to be found in contemporary clinicians such as Stoller, for whom femininity is acquired through direct contact with the mother (“proto-feminine drives”); the latter may also contaminate her sons. Masculinity is thought of as something secondary.4 Femininity is considered to be natural, but masculinity is not. We should bear in mind that this conception, which is in fact quite classical (identifying the woman with untamed nature) has two sources. On the one hand, it comes from a study of transsexual men for whom femininity is not articulated with the castration complex, precisely because they are psychotic. On the other hand, it results from an error inherent in considering the mother-child couple as a duality, whereas the castration complex and the problematic of the phallus are introduced from the very beginning through the mother's unconscious,5 long before the subject is aware of it.

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Medium 9781771870948

Turkey Baster

Altrows, Rona Thistledown Press ePub


CAITLIN IS LIKE CLOCKWORK. Six o’clock every morning, as reliable as lousy front page news. I need to destroy all the evidence right away, every day, because if Margie found out, she might get angry with Caitlin. My job is to protect that little girl and I’ll do what it takes; no slacking off.

Today she’s late. When I walk into the room at five after six she is just getting started. “You’re slipping,” I tell her. “Usually you’re done by now.”

It’s a procedure. She lies on her back, reaches a tiny hand into the diaper and brings up the first wad and smooshes it all over her forehead. Then it’s back for the next load. She’s a systematic eleven month old. Before long she’s got baby shit all over her face and hands, and a fair smattering on the sheet.

If I start cleanup right away, it’s possible to get through it without hating her. When I was ten, my grandmother taught me how to clean a bathtub. “Get out the sponge and cleanser right after the tub’s been used,” she said, “That way the dirt is still fresh.” I have learned that the same thing happens to baby shit. The one time I waited a few minutes before getting at it, my feelings toward Caitlin were not those of a loving aunt.

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