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Medium 9780596008024

7. Open Source and the Commodity Urge: Disruptive Models for a Disruptive Development Process

Chris DiBona O'Reilly Media ePub

Matthew N. Asay

Open source hastens software's natural trend toward standardization/commodification. While technologically innovative companies will always find ample customer interest, the most important innovations for the next decade of software will come from business model innovation, mostly spawned by open source license requirements. Open source builds a new intellectual property regime centered on the source of code, not source code. Protection, in other words, shifts to "owning" the code creator, rather than the product she creates. Those business models that acknowledge this and leverage it will yield better profits than those that attempt a halfway embrace (or rejection) of open source.

We are missing the point. Yes, open source imposes dramatic changes on the software industry, and yes, it is roiling the fortunes of many an established vendor. It will continue to do so, and at an increased pace. Yet despite the sometimes anguished, sometimes giddy reception that open source has provoked in the IT world, open source is not novel. It is not odd.

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Medium 9780976751649

San Isabel National Forest, Colorado

Fred Dow Moon Canyon Publishing PDF

San Isabel National Forest


San Isabel National Forest


The San Isabel National Forest is located in south-central Colorado and is comprised of 1,117,131 acres. There are 43 developed campgrounds of which 35 meet the selection criteria.

The San Isabel National Forest is a forest of many faces. Stretching from Leadville, Colorado southward to La Veta and Canon City in the east, the San Isabel National Forest contains alpine lakes, Englemann spruce topped mountains, Ponderosa-pine dotted meadows, breathtaking mountain passes, and portions of six different Wilderness Areas. With nearly 800 miles of trails, nineteen peaks over 14,000 feet, and numerous developed campgrounds, the San Isabel National Forest provides recreation opportunities for everyone.

Probably the most popular and most developed areas in the San Isabel National Forest are the two recreation areas, Turquoise Lake and Twin Lakes, near Leadville, Colorado. Turquoise Lake boasts seven campgrounds, many with flush toilets, and a centrally located dump station. Two boats ramps, one located near Silver Dollar campground and the other in Tabor campground, provide convenient access to the lake for boaters and anglers. The west side of Turquoise Lake has only one campground, May Queen. This campground is the first to receive the morning sunlight and enjoys magnificent views of Mount Massive and Holy Cross Wildernesses. The Turquoise Lake Recreation

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Medium 9781782200925

Chapter One

John C. Espy Karnac Books ePub

“The best-laid schemes go oft awry”

Zach had the Good Guy Breakfast coming up and Doc had promised to go with him. He was going to go as the boy's grandfather. His best friend. Zach wanted Doc to wear his red fuzzy hat. But that morning when Zach arrived at Doc's, Doc planned to tell him they had to leave for Canada right then. Doc would already have everything packed up and ready to go. Zach was just going to have to understand. In life you can't have everything you want. Some things just have to be sacrificed for love.

Zach had told Doc that Rachel was in a tizzy about Carl getting ready to move out. All they did was fight, Zach had said. Doc told Bar Jonah goodbye the night before he planned to leave. Bar Jonah could have whatever he wanted from Doc's place for his toy business. He had been such a good friend. Doc knew Bar Jonah would give his many toy friends a good home. It would be Doc's parting gift to Bar Jonah. Because of Zach, Doc was getting the opportunity a man of his age rarely gets, the chance to start his life anew. Zach said he wanted to let Rachel know where he was once they got to Canada. Doc assured him that would be okay. He would even help Zach write every letter to Rachel and then take them to the mailbox for him. Doc also told Zach he shouldn't be disappointed if Rachel didn't write him back for a long time, because she may get pretty mad that he had gone so far away. That was okay, Zach had said, because Rachel never knew where he was anyway.

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Medium 9781942496533

Chapter 5 Metacognition

James H. Stronge Solution Tree Press ePub

In today’s world, learning discrete sets of knowledge and skills, as well as mastering their use, is important. However, this isn’t enough. Given the dramatic changes that adults have experienced and the accelerating rate of change that students will encounter in their personal lives, teachers must equip students for changing contexts, knowledge and skill sets, and careers.

Indeed, the world is rapidly evolving and ever competitive. What becomes essential, then, is that teachers prepare students to understand and embrace change. Learning is essential but no longer sufficient; what they need is the capacity to learn how to learn. In other words, students need to develop a clear, deep mastery of metacognition.

The Greek prefix meta- means beyond, thus metacognition refers to beyond learning. As Gregory Thomas (2003) defines it, “Metacognition refers to an individual’s knowledge, awareness and control of his/her thinking and learning strategies” (p. 175). Put another way, metacognition is the awareness a person has of the type of cognitive procedures he or she uses in specific instances (Zohar & Peled, 2008). Metacognition— “cognition about cognition” or “knowing about knowing”—can take various forms: “It includes knowledge about when and how to use particular strategies for learning or for problem solving” (Metacognition, n.d.). As Hope Hartman (2001) argues:

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Medium 9788324657230

5. Składowanie danych po stronie klienta

Stark, Jonathan Helion ePub

Większość aplikacji musi przechowywać dane w jakiś trwały sposób. Do niedawna w przypadku klasycznych aplikacji internetowych do wyboru były dwa rozwiązania — skorzystanie z bazy danych na serwerze lub ciasteczek w przeglądarce. Wraz z HTML5 pojawiły się nowe możliwości: Web Storage oraz Web SQL Database[10].

Istnieją dwa mechanizmy Web Storage: localStorage oraz sessionStorage. Swoim działaniem przypominają trochę ciasteczka — z poziomu JavaScriptu można zapisywać pary klucz — wartość, które są przechowywane nawet po przeładowaniu strony.

W przeciwieństwie do ciasteczek dane Web Storage nie są przesyłane do serwera wraz z żądaniem zgłaszanym przez przeglądarkę — cały czas znajdują się po stronie klienta. Z tego względu możliwe jest zapisanie znacznie większej ilości danych.

Do tej pory nie został jasno sprecyzowany limit rozmiaru Web Storage. W większości przeglądarek jest to około 2,5 lub 5 MB.

Funkcjonalność localStorage i sessionStorage jest identyczna, ale te dwa mechanizmy różnią się trwałością danych oraz zakresem:

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