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Medium 9780980285826

26. APIs: Overview

Tiffany B Brown SitePoint ePub

In this chapter, we’ll make a quick trip to the world of HTML5 APIs. I’ll outline the APIs that are going to be discussed in this book, and what you’ll have learned by the end. There’ll be no diving into any code in this chapter; rather, it will provide a quick overview of each API so that you can get a clear idea about what you’re going to learn.

Some HTML5 APIs are still fairly new, and not every version of every browser supports them, which you’ll need to bear in mind while creating HTML5 apps. Whenever you’re going to use any HTML5 API, it’s always a good idea to check the support for that API in the browser. We’ll see how to do that in the last section of the chapter.

Since this is a short book, it’s impossible to cover each and every API. Some APIs are already covered in other books in SitePoint’s Jump Start HTML5 range. In this book we’ll focus on five important JavaScript APIs that you can use to create really cool web apps. (Yes, web apps built with plain HTML5 and JavaScript! How cool is that?) So, let’s see what we’ll be discussing:

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Medium 9781609945282

8 Can Big Companies Train Entrepreneurs?

Peter S. Cohan Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

MANY UNIVERSITY STUDENTS are drawn to entrepreneurship but they’re not ready to start companies while still in their senior years. These budding entrepreneurs are hungry for information to help them decide whether to start their companies.

Some students conclude that, thanks to their ability to subsist on Ramen noodles and an absence of financial obligations to others, graduation is the perfect time to start a company. Others decide in college that they will always need the structure of a big company and hope to find one that encourages some degree of innovation. Still others know that they want to start a company but believe that they need big company experience before they jump into entrepreneurship’s bracingly chilly waters.

While everyone is different, most aspiring entrepreneurs can get useful advantages from big company experience, including

Acquiring knowledge of an industry

Learning how to make effective business decisions

Developing contacts that can help provide access to customers, capital, and talent

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Medium 9780596158101

11. Complete GUI Programs

Mark Lutz O'Reilly Media ePub

This chapter concludes our look at building GUIs with Python and its standard tkinter library, by presenting a collection of realistic GUI programs. In the preceding four chapters, we met all the basics of tkinter programming. We toured the core set of widgetsPython classes that generate devices on a computer screen and respond to user eventsand we studied a handful of advanced GUI programming techniques, including automation tools, redirection with sockets and pipes, and threading. Here, our focus is on putting those widgets and techniques together to create more useful GUIs. Well study:

A text editor program

A thumbnail photo viewer

An image slideshow

A painting program

A graphical clock

A simple tic-tac-toe game, just for fun[38]

As in PartIIs Chapter6, Ive pulled the examples in this chapter from my own library of Python programs that I really use. For instance, the text editor and clock GUIs that well meet here are day-to-day workhorses on my machines. Because they are written in Python and tkinter, they work unchanged on my Windows and Linux machines, and they should work on Macs too.

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Medium 9780596805616

21. Charting

Joshua Noble Adobe Developer Library ePub

The Flex Charting Framework is a powerful series of data-rich controls that lets you create deep and interactive displays of many types of data. Flex defines a few of the most commonly used chartsbar charts, pie charts, and column chartsand gives you a great deal of control over their appearance. A Chart contains a ChartSeries that creates the item renderers based on the dataProvider passed to the Chart. The ChartSeries object can use an itemRenderer, have distinct dataFields from the dataProvider used to display data in that ChartSeries, use display effects, and have distinct properties set to handle user interaction. The Flex Charting Framework is an immense topic, and as such the recipes in this chapter can cover only a small set of the possibilities. It should also be noted that the Flex Charting components are part of the Flex data visualization package, which is included in the Flex Builder Professional Edition and not in the Standard Edition or with the free Flex 4 SDK.

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Medium 9781904658313

Key 6—The Lovers

Chris Zalewski Aeon Books ePub

The number 6, in some teachings, has been considered a perfect number. Key 6 is one of the three equilibrators in the Tarot Major Arcana. Six, is a number of beauty and love, harmony and equilibration; a mediating number of co-operation and marriage; a number of realization of experiences which reveal purpose in life. Here mankindbegins to take responsibility for its actions and the higher-self is sought.

The hidden numerical symbolism in the name ‘Lovers’ concerns the numbers 101 (Wheel of Fortune) and 9 (Hermit). The Hermit is the card of enlightenment, it's path is off Tiphareth which is the sacrificial point of the tree—a place of rebirth. Looking at the symbology of the Lovers andromeda is sacrificed to the sea monster but is saved through the spirit which is Perseus. The number 9 cannot go any further as a single digit and as soon as it becomes 10 the Wheel of life turns back to 1. The Lovers in the card represent a marriage of opposite forces, positive and negative, higher and lower; whereas the Hermit is alone. But, isn't the “marriage” what the archetype of the Hermit has already achieved? He may appear to walk alone, but he is complete in himself where he has unified his higher and lower selves.

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