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Duane A. Smith University Press of Colorado ePub

The Western Slope lies on the Pacific side of the Continental Divide in Colorado. Its high mountains, river valleys, mesas (high, flat tablelands), and lonely stretches of semi-deserts are some of the state’s most rugged and beautiful land. This part of Colorado gives birth to the great Colorado River, which carries two-thirds of the state’s water. Water has always been important to growth and development and will continue to be in the future. Water is the lifeblood of the Western Slope.

These lands had been home to Indians for many, many years—first the Basketmakers, then the cliff dwellers, and finally the Utes. At first, the high mountains kept the gold seekers of 1859 from invading this part of Colorado. They could not be kept out for long, however, and they soon found passes through those mountains. By midsummer the Fifty-Niners had arrived on the Western Slope in their search for gold. Few of them stayed long, however. The loneliness, the threat of Indian attacks, transportation problems, and hard winters drove out all but the most determined. Breckenridge and Summit County had the only gold placers that proved rich enough to keep miners there for two or three years. The problem of moving goods through the Rocky Mountains squelched interest in other mining areas, such as the San Juan Mountains and the Gunnison country.

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Medium 9780596520663

E. Sample Project Plan

Ian Molyneaux O'Reilly Media ePub

The following example is based on a typical performance project template in MS Project. The “profiling” section involves an additional transaction optimization step aimed at detecting and addressing—prior to performance test execution—application-related problems that may hurt scalability and response time.

The MS Project file is available from the book’s companion web site.

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Medium 9780253019028

The Smell of Fear

IU Press Journals Indiana University Press ePub

Bangundo. Afronauts series. Digital C-print. 12 × 12 in. ©2012 Cristina de Middel.

from the forthcoming novel My Place is Good

THE WAR CREPT up on us. First the army flooded Acholiland. Foot soldiers passed through Kati-kati, our village, in training. They ran and chanted songs in Swahili and Luganda. Sometimes, they even chanted in Luo. We ran after them, imitating—an exciting new game! Some days, they marched on the main highway. From the distance, they seemed to be moving in one straight line, countless pairs of legs lifting and moving as one. Countless pairs of eyes looking straight ahead, brows tightly knitted. The dark faces of the soldiers glistened with oily sweat, illuminating brilliantly like the midday sun.

The soldiers perched on top looked mean, competent, and important. Even adults stood by speechless, such grandeur!

I loved the sight of the trucks and trucks of soldiers, tanks, artillery—huge machine guns like we had never seen piled high, moving at a leisurely speed, heading towards Amuru. The soldiers perched on top looked mean, competent, and important. Even adults stood by speechless, such grandeur! Baba said that the soldiers were looking for rebels, whom I had never seen but was told wore tattered clothes, walked on foot, and carried small rusty guns. I was sure that the rebels wouldn’t survive a day.

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Medium 9781934009376

Chapter 1 Walk the ‘Lign: Aligning School Practices With Essential PLC Characteristics

Austin Buffum Solution Tree Press ePub


Never have the demands on our educational system been greater or the consequences of failure so severe. Beyond the high-stakes school accountability requirements mandated by state and federal laws, the difference between success and failure in school is quite literally life and death for our students. Today, students who graduate from school with a mastery of essential skills and knowledge are prepared to compete in the global marketplace, with numerous paths of opportunity. For students who fail in our educational system, however, there are few paths to success. Traditional manufacturing and agricultural jobs that require minimal skills yet provide sufficient wages and benefits are either nonexistent or fail to pay above poverty-level compensation. Subsequently, the likely pathway for these students leads to an adult life of hardship, incarceration, or dependence on welfare systems. With such high stakes, school administrators today are like tightrope walkers without a safety net, responsible for meeting the needs of every child with little room for error.

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Medium 9781933671857

A. Web Hosting

Steve Sande TidBITS Publishing, Inc. ePub

The topic of hosting an iWeb site on a server that isn't run by MobileMe could rightfully fill another book. However, it wouldn't be fair to you to talk about setting up your own Web site without at least touching on the subject, so this appendix gives an overview of how to host your site someplace other than MobileMe.

To host your Web site elsewhere than MobileMe, follow these steps:

Decide at what Web location your site will be reachable. Web-hosting companies typically offer you one or more of the following choices for the start of a URL:

A special path at the hosting company from a domain they control: This is common because it requires the least effort by the hosting company. The pattern is usually or

A subdomain at the hosting company: A subdomain prepends a name to the front of a domain name; for instance, I host Web sites on my hosting service with URLs like

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