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Medium 9781847770882

Wedding Guest

Source: Watering Can
Slice PDF February 23, 2015

Medium 9781591203568

PERK #39: Cancer Gave Me a Great Excuse to Shop

Slice ePub January 09, 2014

Perk #39

Cancer Gave Me a Great Excuse to Shop

Three weeks after my sixth and final chemo, I finally felt well enough to get back into shopping mode. I think I may have gone a little hog wild though, spending my “hundreds” like there was no tomorrow. It all started with a new Nikon camera, which I decided to gift to myself for Christmas that year. My boyfriend Shawn gave me “the look” and said, “Darlin’, are you really going to pay that much money for a camera?”

And my somber response was, “Now Shawn, I could be dead this time next year, so I am not depriving myself of a good camera!” (Not that I really thought I wasn’t going to be around the following year, but it kept him quiet for a while.)

Next it was off to The Bath Shop. As I loaded the packages onto Shawn’s arms he said, “What are you going to do with all of this stuff?”

And my response was, “Shawn, after everything I’ve been through the past six months, I think I deserve a treat.” He could not argue that logic.

Did I really need another pair of black boots? Well, I figured I deserved an “end of chemo” gift!

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Medium 9780596101800

15. Page Architecture

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

THE "PAGE ARCHITECTURE" PATTERNS ARE A VARIETY OF INTERACTION STYLES AND STRATEGIES FOR structuring content. In many cases, it is the possibility of web remoting that makes these patterns worth using.

Drag-And-Drop has been a fixture on the desktop for a couple of decades but is only now gaining currency in the browser. One situation in which it's used is with the Sprite pattern. A Sprite is a little icon that lives "in front of" the main document and can move around freely like a character in a video game. The next pattern, Popup, uses the same overlay technique, but for larger, dialog-style content.

Malleable Content is content that appears to be read-only but becomes editable upon a gesture such as a mouse rollover, a fairly new idiom because it relies on web remoting. Similarly, a Microlink is a link that uses remoting to conjure up content for insertion in the page.

A Portlet is a small component of the page that acts like a mini-application, capable of conducting a conversation with the server independent of the main page flow. A Status Area provides information about current and past activity and is relevant to Page Architecture because it helps reduce the space occupied by each individual element. Update Control allows the user to control information flow on the page. The final pattern, Virtual Workspace, lets the user explore a large server-side structure, yet it makes the remoting transparent, creating the illusion that everything's happening in the browser.

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Medium 9780946439355

10 The effect of the psychoneurotic patient on his environment

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

The only environment of which the analyst of a psychoneurotic has any certain knowledge is the setting within which psychoanalytical treatment takes place, this setting comprising the room in which the analyst and patient meet and the analyst himself in it, and the analyst, instead of allowing the patient to have any effect on his room or himself, adopts a particular technical procedure, viz. interpretation, in order to prevent any effects that the patient intends from actually occurring. As a result, it could be argued, the analyst is doubly disqualified from discussing the effect of the psychoneurotic on his environment. First, he never sees the environment in which the patient lives out his illness and therefore never knows what effect his patient actually has, even though he may know a lot about what the patient is trying to do to his spouse, parents, friends, etc., and may also know a lot about what the patient imagines he is doing; but the analyst has no direct knowledge of what the effects actually are, or of what resistance or compliance the psychoneurotic^ efforts actually encounter. Secondly, he adopts a technique, that of interpretation, which precludes ‘effects on the environment’, at any rate in the ordinary, expected sense of the phrase, from occurring within the environment in which he does see the patient.

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Medium 9781742201382


Slice ePub July 12, 2014


     Includes »



     Song Shan Dengfeng


     Around Luoyang



     Zhuxian Zhen

Affluent Chinese roll their eyes at the mention of impoverished and land-locked Henan (, yet the province’s heritage takes us back to the earliest days of Chinese antiquity. Ancient capitals rose and fell in Henan’s north, where the capricious Yellow River (Huang He) nourished the flowering of a great civilisation. Henan is home to China’s oldest surviving Buddhist temple and one of the country’s most astonishing collections of Buddhist carvings, the Longmen Caves. There is also the Shaolin Temple, that legendary institution where the martial way and Buddhism found an unlikely but effective alliance. Henan’s inability to catch up with the rest of the land perhaps helps explain why the unusual village of Nanjiecun still sees a future in Maoist collectivism. Henan is also home to the excellent walled town of Kaifeng and the 1000-year-old craft of woodblock printing in Zhuxian.

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