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Medium 9781576754160


Slice ePub May 15, 2014
<p> THE “SOFT STUFF” IN BUSINESS—the people side of things—is almost invariably both the most difficult and the most important part of the equation. This is true regardless of whether the firm is driven by money or by mission. </p><p> The people side of things is a two-edged sword in a mission-driven business. On the one hand, values-based businesses are, by definition, engaged in work that has a larger purpose, and thus they are able to tap into a level of employee energy and commitment that their profit-driven counterparts cannot fully access. This commitment frequently translates into financial benefits for the organization, including lower labor costs, reduced turnover, easier recruiting, higher attendance, and better morale and performance. </p><p> On the other hand, mission-driven businesses tend to be held to a higher standard than their financially driven counterparts. This can create employee expectations that are difficult to fulfill in light of business realities, and many employees—especially those who are younger and less experienced—feel betrayed when the mission-driven firm doesn’t live up to its espoused values. In a closeknit, values-based firm, it can be especially hard to fire people who share the firm’s values but fail to meet its performance requirements. There is an ongoing challenge of walking the talk on issues around work-life balance, “sustainable” hours and compensation, participatory management, organizational transparency, and a host of other internal commitments that tend to parallel the mission-driven firm’s commitments to the outside world. 134 </p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/128937-getting-to-scale-growing-your-business-without-selling-out">See more</a>

Medium 9781550225778

149. How does baking soda absorb odors in the fridge?

Slice ePub July 15, 2014
<p>The substance is nickel, and legislators enacted the law because nickel is an allergen. The word nickel comes from the German for devil, because the metal interfered with the smelting of copper; German miners in the 1700s called it Kupfernickel, or copper devil.</p><p>Nickel really may be the devil to some people because of its allergenicity. Researchers in Finland have recently reported that body piercing is likely responsible for a dramatic increase in nickel allergies. Nickel-allergy sufferers can remain sensitive to the metal for life, and they also have a greater risk of developing other allergies. Many sensitized people have trouble finding wristwatches, belt buckles, or eyeglass frames that they can wear. The researchers discovered that even jewelry that tested negative for nickel by a standard color test involving ammonia and dimethylglyoxime released nickel when exposed to artificial sweat. Jewelry intended for pierced tongues, cheeks, and genitals fared the worst: eleven out of the twelve pieces sampled exceeded safety standards.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/87359-dr-joe-what-you-didn-t-know-99-fascinating-questions-about-the-chemistry-of-everyday-life">See more</a>

Medium 9781847770950


Slice PDF February 23, 2015

Medium 9781449394097

Datetime Functions: PostgreSQL

Slice ePub May 27, 2014
<p>The following subsections demonstrate some of PostgreSQLs more useful datetime functions.</p><p>PostgreSQL implements the following functions to return the current date and time:</p><p>The function NOW() is equivalent to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. The CURRENT functions return values with a time zone. The LOCAL functions return values without a time zone.</p><p>For example:</p><p>Some functions accept an optional <em><code>precision</code></em> argument. You can omit the argument to receive the fullest possible precision. Alternatively, you can use the argument to round to <em><code>precision</code></em> digits to the right of the decimal. For example:</p><p>None of the previously listed functions advance their return values during a transaction. You will always get the date and time at which the current transaction began. The function TIMEOFDAY() is an exception to this rule:</p><p>TIMEOFDAY() returns wall-clock time, advances during a transaction, and returns a character-string result.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/363948-sql-pocket-guide">See more</a>

Medium 9781616511234

Finding an Apartment-Rules for Roommates

Slice PDF September 11, 2001
<p>Lifeskills-1_ch01_005-048:Lifeskills-1_ch01_005-048 6/14/10 1:09 PM Page 22</p><p>UNIT 2: FINDING AN APARTMENT</p><p>MOVING OUT ON YOUR OWN</p><p>LESSON</p><p>4</p><p>Rules for Roommates</p><p>Having your own place has some definite advantages. If you live alone, you can decorate your place as you like, and you won’t have to put up with the petty annoyances that roommates sometimes cause.</p><p>But it’s quite expensive to have your own place. If you’re just starting a new job, you’ll save money by sharing expenses. And a roommate is instant company who can introduce you to his or her friends. That automatically increases the number of people in your social circle.</p><p>Of course, there are also some negatives to having a roommate. For one thing, you’ll lose a certain amount of your privacy. To prevent big</p><p>problems with the roommate experience, the two of you might consider drawing up a list of rules.</p><p>Here are some rules one pair of roommates put together. Put a check mark by the rules that seem most important to you.</p><p>Pay your share of the rent five days before the first of the month.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/292126-moving-out-on-your-own-worktext">See more</a>

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