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Medium 9781937538156

Chapter Three: Managing Dials, Buttons, Switches, and a Joystick

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

When you look at the body of the EOS 5D Mk III, it’s easy to be impressed with the number of “control devices” Canon has been able to crowd onto the top, front, and back of this camera. And then you learn that several of the controls are capable of being given new personalities, greatly expanding the number of adjustments you can make to customize the camera to your own style and needs. Just don’t hand your camera off to another photographer without a warning if you’ve made changes to the default actions. At a minimum, the photographer will be frustrated because all the setup sequences he knows won’t work and worse, if he modifies your setup to conform to how he normally works, you’ll lose the efficiency you so carefully created, and possibly a friend as well.

The EOS 5D Mk III features two multi-purpose dials and one single-purpose dial. There’s also the dioptric adjustment knob, which is really a dial, though it does nothing that would directly affect the result of an image capture. The Main Dial and the Quick Control Dial are used for a variety of purposes, depending on the context of the moment, but the Mode Dial serves the singular purpose of allowing you to choose which one of the several basic camera functions you want to start with.

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Medium 9780596001223

Installing Oracle on VMS

Slice PDF May 29, 2014


Select the installation type. You can choose any of the following from the Installation Type dialog box:

Typical Installation

Minimal Installation

Custom Installation

Using your mouse, select Typical Installation and click



Create your own database.

A dialog box will appear, asking if you want documentation installed. Unless you are extremely short on disk space, go ahead and install the documentation by clicking “OK.”


Change the default passwords. The default passwords assigned during startup are:

– For the INTERNAL user (the ID used to start up the databases): “oracle”

– For the SYS user: “change_on_install”

– For the SYSTEM user: “manager”

Change these passwords as soon as possible; if you don’t, you will be leaving a significant security hole in your database.

Installing Oracle on VMS

Follow these steps to install Oracle on a VMS system:


Review the installation documents distributed with your software.


Ensure that all the requirements specified in the documentation have been met.

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Medium 9780892726301

chapter three BIRD ISLANDS

Source: Wild Maine
Slice ePub December 02, 2014

Circling, calling terns protect their nesting area at Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge.

There are great colonies of seabirds on many of these islands that lie scattered variously from the Bay of Fundy, whose tides are the greatest in the world, to the calmer waters off the serene and sandy shores of southern Maine. And it is here in these wild colonies that bird enthusiasts are given opportunity to observe closely the home life of many of our most fascinating birds, providing living proof that, if intelligently protected by man, birds will once more fill our ears with natural music and our eyes with wild beauty.


Bird Islands Down East, 1941

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Medium 9780596529826

4. Command-Line Fun

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Mac OS X is gorgeous to look at but underneath all that eye candy is an old-school operating system: Unix. Unix was born in 1969 as a respelling of the already acronymized UNICS. Either way you spell it, the name is short for Uniplexed Information and Computing System. Not a very inspiring name but an inspiring computing platform that has branched into a dizzying array of operating systems including: Linux, Solaris, NeXTSTEP, and Mac OS X.

While the Unix roots of Mac OS X are hidden from the casual user, you can still get at the power behind the eye candy using the Terminal. Discover a new world of computing power when you discover the world of Unix.

This hack reveals some information about the power behind Mac OS X Unix and details a powerful way to kill unruly programs and processes.

Unix was originally intended to be used from a text-only terminal console, and many of its features are still accessed via typed commands. To access the command line, users of Mac OS X fire up the Terminal. Mac OS X users never have to use the Terminal to get everyday work done. (At least not anymore; in early versions of Mac OS X, firing up the Terminal was sometimes required to empty Trash.) So the question is, why would anyone want to be bothered with something as mundane as the command line?

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Medium 9780596004026

1.2. Installation and Configuration

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

PHP works with many different web servers in many different ways, but by far the most popular way to run PHP is as an Apache module with Apache 1.3.x. Full installation instructions for all the different ways to install PHP can be found in the PHP documentation. Here, I cover the Apache module installation.

If you are compiling from the PHP source tarball, follow the instructions in the INSTALL file found inside the PHP distribution file. A tarball is a compressed tar file. tar stands for tape archive, but these days it has little to do with tapes. It is simply a way to lump multiple files and directories into a single file for distribution. Normally tarballs have the .tar.gz extension to indicate a tar file compressed with gzip. To untar a tarball, use:

On Windows, many utilities (including WinZip) understand tarballs.

If you are installing from a precompiled binary package such as an rpm file, most of the work should be done for you. But doublecheck that the Apache configuration described below is correct.

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