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Medium 9781449372262

D. The Master OS X Keystroke List

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Keys to Hold Down



Starts up from a CD or DVD


Starts up from a network server


Resets the laptop screen


Starts Recovery Mode


Puts the Mac into FireWire or Thunderbolt Target Disk mode


Shows icons of all startup disks and partitions, so you can choose one for starting up


Starts up from external drive (or CD)


Zaps the parameter RAM (PRAM) (hold down until you hear the second chime)


Shows Unix console messages during startup, logout, and shutdown


Starts up in single-user (Unix command-line) mode

Mouse down

Ejects a stuck CD or DVD

6 and 4 keys

Starts up in 64-bit mode


Just after powering up: Turns off kernel extensions


Just after logging in: Prevents Finder windows and startup items from opening (theyll return the next time you start up)


Highlights Spotlight box


Opens Spotlight window


Expands or collapses a selected folder in list view


Expands a folder in a list view and all folders inside it


Collapses a folder and all folders inside it

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Medium 9781933952376

5. Sculpture and Architecture

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

How to put some of yourself into images of objects that were originally designed as art or architecture

Why you might want to photograph art anyway

Some of the fine points of composing images

The other weekend I tired of cleaning and repairing around the house. I even tired of reading, yet had no photographic projects in the works, so I headed downtown for a bit of a ramble. Amongst several potential subjects, I came upon an intriguing sculpture/windbreak at the end of my walk (figure 5.1). It is several stories high and can be seen for blocks. I started shooting it from some distance away with my zoom at its longest setting. I gradually approached, taking more images until I was under one half of the sculpture, the remainder on the other side of an aerial crosswalk.

I made a number of images as I looked up at the sculpture. I tried playing the sculpture off against its reflection in a building, and I even tried concentrating just on the reflection. None of the images were especially satisfying, however, and I knew I was “just trying”. Eventually I decided to wander on and to my surprise discovered that more of the sculpture was to be found on the other side of the aerial walkway. Not only that, there were some sunlit buildings and some building faces lit by reflections from those sunlit buildings. Now I was really starting to get interested.

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Medium 9781855757097

Chapter Seven: Concluding remarks and policy implications

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

When I first considered writing about servicemen’s wives, several years ago, I was concerned solely with the emotional impact of the various losses that they sustain because of military mobility. My training in psychodynamic counselling meant that I was inclined to privilege such inner experience. However, that tendency started to change as a direct result of the incident that I mentioned in the introductory chapter, when I attracted criticism from another serviceman’s wife for declining to make floral decorations for a military dinner. That incident aroused my interest in environmental influences on the emotions, propelling me on a journey into psycho-social research and ultimately to the production of this book.

I described this rather personal piece of learning at the outset because it evoked such a significant shift in my thinking from my earlier, almost exclusive, focus upon the psyche to my subsequent realization of the equal importance of social factors. This book has attempted to show that by integrating and addressing both aspects it is possible to enhance understanding about emotional experiences; in this case, those of relocated British servicemen’s wives, whose feelings, it transpires, are strongly influenced by the military institution and community. Indeed, I would now argue that an in-depth understanding of individuals and society becomes possible only through considering both psychological and sociological influences. As Winnicott (1992) said, “at the same time it is neither the one nor the other of these two it is also both” (1992, p. 204). When he wrote that phrase, Winnicott was referring to a paradox that, for him, lay behind much of human experience; namely that certain aspects of life belong neither entirely to the external world nor entirely to the internal world but derive from somewhere in-between, involving both reality and phantasy. While not directly concerned with Winnicott’s closely related notion of “transitional phenomena” (1992, p. 204), I hope that this book nevertheless demonstrates the inextricability of the social and the psyche.

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Medium 9781855754447

14: The dark night of the soul

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Oh my God
Am I here all alone?

(From Ballad of a Thin Man, Bob Dylan)

M“y God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Christ’s

cry from the cross of his crucifixion epitomizes the suffering of the lost soul. At that moment Christ could have had no expectation of release, or of his imminent resurrection. This despairing cry, from a son to the father who has abandoned him, has echoed down the centuries.

The way it is phrased as a question rather than a statement suggests the difficulty with which we approach God’s negativity, his dark side. Man does not want to see his abandonment as a betrayal; he does not state “My God, God, You have forsaken me!” He wants to give God the benefit of the doubt. In one interpretation of that cry, it is even seen as a cry of rejoicing; any death, no matter how painful, is welcomed because it will lead to a union with God. (Edinger, 1985) Confronting God would be to confirm our separateness from him.

In Psalm 22, in the Old Testament, David is expressing his distress and he begins with the same words.

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Medium 9781781608869

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)

Source: Nature Morte
Slice ePub June 09, 2014

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