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Medium 9781615424436

Apps to Try in iOS

Slice ePub November 24, 2014

You could get by with only the apps included in iOS 8 and those Apple provides for free in the App Store (see A Look at Apple’s Apps), but much of the fun of iOS is discovering innovative apps from developers big and small. In this chapter, I offer up a few you may like, some of which you can see below .

① The App Store offers a universe of great apps. Here are a few of the best.

iCloud Keychain can create and store secure passwords, but it pales in comparison to the power of 1Password (free, with in-app purchases), which can store more types of information and syncs with the popular Mac version, as well as with versions for both Windows and Android.

Thanks to Extensibility in iOS 8, 1Password can now be called directly from the Safari share sheet; previously, you were forced to use an awkward internal browser, or to copy and paste login credentials. Even better, you can now unlock your 1Password vault with Touch ID on supported devices .

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Medium 9781931332699

Chapter 7: Establishing the New Normal

Slice ePub September 03, 2014

7 Establishing the New Normal

After a major traumatic incident, everything can seem different. The world suddenly seems unsafe and unpredictable – and can continue to feel that way for some time to come. Your trust in people, relationships, God, government, institutions, environment, and the world can become a concern.Your people are likely to feel this way in the aftermath of a disaster or situation that rocks their established senses of normalcy. The common sentiment is, “We can never go back to normal around here. Things will never be the same.” This is natural enough. After all, they have been emotionally traumatized, they may be mourning, and they may be frightened. As a result, it’s a good idea to avoid framing the task ahead as “getting back to normal.” Instead, introduce the concept of establishing a “new normal,” which builds in the recognition and acknowledgment of what has occurred while phasing back into productive work. See more
Medium 9780596517328


Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Say your application knows someone's display name (Jed90210) and you'd like to show that name in various places: on a button to sign out, on the person's profile page, and on the welcome screen to say "hello." You could just store a variable with the display name and reference that variable throughout the application. But what if that person decides to change their display name to Jed75961? In such a case, you'd need to write code to listen for changes to the display name, updating all references to it explicitly. If you've referenced the name in quite a few places, that would be a lot of code.

With Flex, you have another option. You can store the display name in one place and reference it all you want. If the display name were updated, all references to it would change automatically, without any need to write tedious code to listen for changes. You can accomplish all this through the magic of data binding.

Data binding is one of those features that makes Flex so great: it gives you the ability to easily pass information around. It is simply a way to reference a piece of data and watch for changes to that data in an intuitive way. This data can be anything from a piece of text, such as a display name, to a structured list of information, such as a bunch of stock quotes, and anything in-betweendata is simply information, in any form. Essentially, data binding makes it natural for developers to share information across their applications. You can use data binding: between one component's properties and another, between a component's properties and a data model, and between different data models.

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Medium 9780819871473

VII How to Meditate

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Saint Jane continues her advice to her Daughters on prayer:

Prayer is one of the most efficacious means of glorifying God, but Saint Gregory teaches us that there are temperaments so restless that they are incapable of the repose necessary for mental prayer. These must first be taught to practice the virtues, vocal prayer, and other devotions, until little by little they learn to subdue their nature and later, by these means, somewhat fit themselves for prayer. God gives devotion to those who sincerely plead with him for the grace of contrition, and to those who conquer their temptations and passions he will give the hidden manna of prayer.

In prayer we should interrogate our hearts as to whether or not we possess the virtue or the vice upon which we meditate. If the passion of Jesus Christ be the subject of our meditation, let us say to our Lord: What fear or what interest induced you to endure such cruel torments? And straightway he will answer: Not fear, because I am omnipotent; not interest, because I am God. It was my love for you alone that impelled me.

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Medium 9781449307110

1. Statistical Thinking for Programmers

Source: Think Stats
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

This book is about turning data into knowledge. Data is cheap (at least relatively); knowledge is harder to come by.

I will present three related pieces:

The study of random events. Most people have an intuitive understanding of degrees of probability, which is why you can use words like probably and unlikely without special training, but we will talk about how to make quantitative claims about those degrees.

The discipline of using data samples to support claims about populations. Most statistical analysis is based on probability, which is why these pieces are usually presented together.

A tool that is well-suited to quantitative analysis. Computers are commonly used to process statistics. Also, computational experiments are useful for exploring concepts in probability and statistics.

The thesis of this book is that if you know how to program, you can use that skill to help you understand probability and statistics. These topics are often presented from a mathematical perspective, and that approach works well for some people. But some important ideas in this area are hard to work with mathematically and relatively easy to approach computationally.

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