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Medium 9781449311483

1. Enterprise iOS Applications

James Turner O'Reilly Media ePub

Enterprise application development is never a particularly fun endeavor. You tend to end up in large teams. Theres lots of process to follow and layers of management all eager to make sure things are proceeding on course. There are lawyers who have to get involved with every piece of paperwork that you need signed. And, of course, youre frequently stuck having to slap a fresh coat of paint onto aging legacy software that can be fragile and difficult to interface with.

By contrast, the entire Apple development universe is about making thing fun and easy to use and producing eye-popping user interfaces that do incredible things. Unfortunately, when these two worlds collide, one or the other of the philosophies tends to end up on the losing end of the stick. Either you abandon all the practices that your management chain places such value in, and hope they can be understanding about it, or you have to sacrifice speed and functionality to appease the Gods of Process.

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Medium 9781855756694

CHAPTER FOUR: Locating conflict in team consultations

Karnac Books ePub

David Campbell


In the next two chapters, by David Campbell and by Marianne Gronbaek, respectively we return to consultation with teams and an approach to working with teams with difficulties in relating to one another that is based on a recent development in dialogical theory. David Campbell is interested in facilitating work groups to speak and listen to each other in a dialogical manner.

Positioning theory suggests that our sense of self and the other in an organization or elsewhere is the result of taking a position or being positioned by others on a continuum that consists of many possible positions and meanings for oneself and the other. These positions are provisional and not fixed, yet teams can behave as if they are, and this can lead to insoluble conflicts and the lack of safety to discuss and resolve them. Campbell's innovative work with people in teams focuses on trying to help them step back from themselves and get a bit of distance from the positions they have taken up or been placed in.

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Medium 9781576336588

Circles: GRE Geometry

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9780596510503

8. Improving Server-Side Performance and Scalability

Omar AL Zabir O'Reilly Media ePub

Running a large consumer web application for a mass audience is challenging, to say the least. You will face many scalability, maintainability, extensibility, and performance challenges as you grow from hundreds to thousands to, eventually, millions of users. As the number of concurrent users grows, you will face challenges in software that will require significant re-engineering and sometimes a rewrite of major components. Any type of re-engineering or rewrite of components becomes very expensive in the later stages of the project when you have a production site running and performing poorly. You have to go through rigorous impact analysis, careful coding while maintaining backward-compatibility, and many rounds of regression testing. So, acknowledging such challenges up front while the project is small, and provisioning for them will help mitigate complexity later in the project and save a lot of time and money.

Before you address scalability, maintainability, and performance issues, the first thing you need is very good instrumentation, which includes logging, performance metrics, and exception handling. You will first have to log key areas of your application before you can identify where the bottleneck is and what kind of problems your users are facing on the production site. Remember, there's no way to attach a Visual Studio debugger on a production site, set the breakpoint, and debug the application while thousands of users are hitting the site. The only way you can identify problems is by thoroughly logging what key components are doing. After that, you will have to record performance metrics that isolate areas that need improvement. These metrics will help you benchmark your application and see what areas become slow during peak load. The most important thing to remember is to record exception logs in such a way that you can easily analyze them; they contain sufficient context to help you identify the problem areas quickly.

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Medium 9780870818233

2 The Pied Piper of Pine Lake (Jake Nunnemacher)

Charles J. Sanders University Press of Colorado ePub

IT WAS A SWELTERING SUMMER NIGHT IN THE APTLY NAMED TOWN OF HARTLAND, Wisconsin, and the tiny theater wasn’t air-conditioned. Still, the movie playing was the new sensation of 1939, Gone with the Wind, and the raves had prompted young couples from all over the Lake Country west of Milwaukee to brave the heat for the chance to see it first. When intermission finally came, the movie house crowd spilled out onto the sidewalk and headed straight for the drugstore counter across the street. Everyone wanted ice cream sodas to fortify themselves for the burning of Atlanta, which would probably make the theater feel even hotter.1

Among the many couples populating this real-life, Thornton Wilder tableau, only one appeared unfazed by the weather. He was tall, blond, poised, and engagingly handsome, home for the summer after his freshman year at Dartmouth. She was petite and striking, still a junior in high school. “I had known Jacob most of my life,” remembered the former Jean Schmidt. “We had sailed together, and skied together, and basically grew up together, but this was our very first date. It was very exciting.” The two had been in love for some time, but hadn’t yet grasped it until that evening with Rhett and Scarlet. “Who cared about heat on a night like that?” asked Jean. “This was the boy I was going to marry.”2

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