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Astronomy: GED Earth Science

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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Formatting HTML Reports

Jonathan Gennick O'Reilly Media PDF

The COMPUTE command

The COMPUTE command tells SQL*Plus to compute summary values for groups of records. COMPUTE is always used in tandem with BREAK. For example, to compute the number of tables owned by each user, you can do the following:

BREAK ON owner

COMPUTE COUNT OF table_name ON owner

SELECT owner, table_name

FROM dba_tables

ORDER BY owner, table_name;

SQL*Plus counts the number of table names for each distinct owner value and displays the results whenever a break occurs in the owner field.

You can compute summaries on multiple columns at once using multiple COMPUTE commands. The following example counts the number of objects of each type and sums the extent sizes for each object:

COMPUTE SUM OF bytes ON segment_name

COMPUTE COUNT OF segment_name ON segment_type

BREAK ON segment_type ON segment_name

SELECT segment_name, segment_type, bytes

FROM user_extents

ORDER BY segment_type, segment_name;

Notice that the display order—the order used in the SELECT list—does not need to match the sort order or the break order. Also note that multiple summaries are defined using multiple COMPUTE commands, but multiple breaks are defined using just one BREAK command.

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Chapter 7: The Unelected Representatives

John F. Eller Solution Tree Press ePub

Some staff members take it upon themselves to speak for others on your staff. You may see these “Unelected Representatives” appear in a variety of situations. If left unchecked, they can move from being unofficial spokespersons to becoming official spokespersons. Their influence can be powerful and destructive. You need to attack their behaviors immediately.

As you read this chapter, you will learn the following:

When Unelected Representatives speak for others, they begin to gain power and influence and can actually have the effect of silencing others. Here are some of the specific behaviors we have seen Unelected Representatives engage in:

Let’s look at a situation in which a principal finds that she is dealing with an Unelected Representative.

When she assumes the principalship at Adams Elementary School, Annette is excited to get started. As she looks through her mail, she sees a letter from one of her teachers, Bernie. In the letter, Bernie tells her how dissatisfied he is with her appointment and says that the other staff members agree with him. This obviously troubles her, and as she begins to assess the situation, she decides she needs to gather some data informally. She starts to observe Bernie’s interactions with and influence over his colleagues. She notices that when Bernie makes comments, few staff members challenge him, even though she knows his comments do not match what her teachers are telling her privately. She decides that she needs to address the situation.

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Karnac Books ePub

The Centre for Attachment-based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (CAPP) is an organization committed to the development of this particular approach to psychotherapy. It provides a four-year training for psychotherapists and a consultation and referral service.

Attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy has developed on the basis of the growing understanding of the importance of attachment relationship to human growth and development throughout life. This approach to psychotherapy, developing from the relational tradition of psychoanalysis, draws upon psychoanalytic insights and the rapidly growing field of attachment theory.

Understanding psychotherapy within the context of attachment relationships leads to an approach to psychotherapy as a co-operative venture between therapist and client. The aim is to develop a sufficiently secure base to enable the exploration of loss and trauma in the course of development. The therapy is designed to create a safe space in which the client can reflect upon their lived experience, their experience of relationships in the present, and their experience of their relationship with the therapist.Mourning is vital to the acknowledgement and understanding of the effects of abandonment, loss, abuse, whether emotional, sexual, or physical. The support of an authentic process of mourning forms a central part of the therapeutic work. This is crucial to the development of a sense of self, and the capacity to form and sustain intimate relationships. Both a strong sense of self and good attachment relationships are essential to managing stressful experiences.

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12 - Emigrant Travel: A Nation of Nations

John H., Jr. White Indiana University Press ePub

A Nation of Nations

EMIGRATION IS AS NATURAL TO MANKIND AS THE PATH OF THE earth revolving around the sun. Our ancestors have been wandering around the planet since their eviction from the Garden of Eden. They traveled incredible distances on foot or by log rafts. Curiosity drove some to move on just to see what lay beyond the next hill. Hunger was another obvious motivation that drove ancient peoples to explore foreign territory. The emigration to the New World was motivated for similar reasons but also by the desire for personal and religious freedom and a better standard of living. By the Victorian era Europe was becoming overpopulated, and America had a comparatively small population for its land mass. In 1860 the U.S. population was 31 million, or one-tenth of the present population. By 1880 Europe was home to over 300 million people, while the U.S. population was at only 50 million. Table 12.1 shows that many came. Such a table does not demonstrate that only a few were chosen to succeed to any great measure. A number returned to their native land defeated and poorer than when they began their American adventure.

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