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Google Print

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Google Print

Google Print

As if you didn’t have enough to read on the Web, Google Print can let you peek and search between the covers of thousands of actual books that have been scanned in and cataloged on its ever-expanding virtual shelves.

The works available on Google Print aren’t just home-published ventures or rejects from the remainder shelf at the discount book barn; they’re contributions from major publishers working with Google to get a broader audience for their wares.

Some of the texts in the collection come from the libraries of Harvard, Stanford, the

University of Michigan, and Oxford University. The types of books available include fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, textbooks, medical and reference volumes, and other educational tomes. You can even find some old classics and out-of-print books.

Searching for Books

To use Google Print, just point your browser to and type in your search terms. Google Print quickly gives you a list of books that contain your terms in the title or text, as shown in Figure 3-23.

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Tip 1: You are more Attractive When You Focus on the Horizon

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

The place where the sun

     isn’t shining now will be

   illuminated in a few hours.

          Sophia Bedford-Pierce
                           The Key to Life

WE ARE much more attractive when we lift our heads and set our eyes squarely on the horizon. That is where our vision lies, although it may take some time for our eyes to adjust and bring that vision clearly into focus. Most of the time, we are focused on what is two feet in front of us— the next phone call to make, the next crisis to handle, the next proposal to complete, the next meeting to attend.

How often during the day do we focus on the horizon? How often do we stop and share the beauty and glory of our private vista with someone else—an employee, a coworker, a client, a friend? Usually, we think that if we can just get “caught up”with the work on our desk, we will have time to think about the future. And there is always more work.

Today, view your Strategic Attraction Plan as a picture of the horizon, as the sun rising on your vision. This is why it so important to look at your plan every morning. It is your personal sunrise.

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Medium 9781855750210


Slice ePub May 23, 2014

In this section we present some of our ideas on how to deal with tricky situations. Some of these situations arise at a time when it is possible to prepare one’s response. For example, the situation where a group member consistently non-attends. Others happen in situ on the day and you have to deal with them on the spot. For example the video breaks down and a course member uses this as an opportunity to criticise the course. Reading this section may provide you with some ideas for coping with such situations. The principle behind our responses has been, wherever possible, to be able to appreciate these sticky situations as feedback about the learning of the group. When one cannot not respond with curiosity, the teacher’s response needs to acknowledge the feedback in such a way as to continue to facilitate learning. Sometimes, however, we know we can only act so as to limit the potential damage to the teaching process.

1.  A New Member Joins an Already Formed Group

In this situation, we have found it important not to have the expectation that the new member will be able to participate in the group on equal terms with the other members. This denies the boundary between the new and old members. It also denies the new member’s possible feelings of being excluded, de-skilled and not knowledgeable. We have prescribed that the new member should not join in with the group until they are ready to do so and suggested they take an observer role until that time. This allows the group and the new members to find their own level.

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Medium 9781780422916

Spanish Life

Source: Francisco Goya
Slice PDF May 25, 2014


Spanish Life


hile Goya’s success as a painter of portraits and religious subjects alone would place him alongside the great masters, much of his career was devoted to recording various aspects of contemporary Spanish life. A large number of works were painted of his own volition or recorded in one of his many private notebooks, but his employment at the Tapestry Factory of Santa Bárbara, designing cartoons for the royal palaces, offered him further opportunity to execute a wide range of scenes observed from everyday life.


Throughout his life, Goya was fascinated by bullfights. Early in his career, around 1779, he painted La Novillada (a bullfight with young bulls) (p.68), in which young men amuse themselves as a bull is let into the enclosure. Goya portrays himself in pink as a torero, or fighter on foot, turning to catch the spectator’s eye as he shows off his skill with his cape.

In later life, between 1812 and 1819, Goya was to record a bullfight (pp.62-3). The viewer watches from high up above the crowd as a mounted picador goads a bull with a pike.

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Medium 9781591200659

3. Take Action Now: The Recipe for Relief

Slice ePub January 08, 2014

Chapter 3

Take Action Now: The Recipe for Relief

There are a number of therapeutic approaches that have proven highly effective for alleviating pain, including stretching, strengthening exercises, and massage therapy. These can be done with professional guidance or used as self-help techniques for do-it-yourself relief from discomfort. We also describe tips for immediate relief that you can apply to help ease the pain and swelling related to your injury or illness—rest, ice, compression, heat, elevation, and support (aka RICHES). These elements are common therapeutic practices used by most healthcare professionals. In this chapter, we outline the general principles behind these approaches. Chapters 4–9 will then cover specific stretches, exercises, and massage techniques for each area of the body. As you read, remember the importance of becoming proactive: a good understanding of these action steps will help you feel better.


Muscles attach to bones, and all the bones in the body make up our skeletal system. Within this complex musculoskeletal system are joints, which are made to flex and extend (bend and straighten), and allow for rotation. Our anatomy is what enables us to move in certain directions. The stretching of our muscles allows for our joints to become more flexible. Over a period of time, due to gravity, age (inactivity, tightness, injury, disease), and poor posture, muscles and tendons begin to tighten and shorten, thus limiting our range of motion and decreasing our flexibility. This is comparable to a rubber band that has been weathered for several months—after a while, the rubber band will break when you try to stretch it. Just like the rubber band, your tightened muscles may cause you to walk stiffly with shortened strides, to hunch over when you are seated or standing, or to experience pain as you bend over to tie your shoes.

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