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Medium 9781449398255

5. Advanced Drawing and Coloring

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Theres a difference between using a pencil to create stick drawings and using a pencil to create a carefully shaded portrait. Chapter2 covered drawing basics, explaining exactly how the Pencil, Pen, Brush, Line, and Shape tools work. This chapter explains how to use the tools in a more creative and nuanced manner. In real lifewhether youre pounding out Flash animations for your boss or for your own personal websiteyoure rarely going to be satisfied with a simple drawing. For each keyframe of your animation, youre going to want to start with a basic sketch and then play with it, changing its color, moving a line here and there, adding a graphic element or two, and repositioning it until it looks exactly the way you want it to look.

In this chapter, youll get more acquainted with Flashs selection toolsthe tools you use to tell Flash which specific part of a drawing you want to change. Then youll apply Flashs editing tools from basic (copying, pasting, and moving) to advanced (scaling, rotating, stacking, grouping, and more). Youll also do more with color in Flash drawings than you saw in Chapter2. After a quick background in color theory, this chapter covers applying color effects like brightness and transparency, and even creating custom colors. The chapter wraps up with some special tools that let you create complex patterns with a click of your mouse.

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Medium 9781609942885

6. Feedback

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

Driving back from the visit to Kepper, Quinn turned onto Thomas Boulevard and parked in front of the Beckley home, a classic American foursquare craftsman house. One could imagine it new in the late 1800s, projecting confidence in the future.

Alex asked, What are you hearing from my team in your interviews?

Do you want to go through this now, Alex? Its been a big day for you already.

I want to hear it—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Well, then, why dont we go inside? My friend Ken Blanchard calls feedback the breakfast of champions. I have my notes with me. If you will make the tea, I will provide the feedback. The two men went inside, chatted of this and that while making their tea, and then sat down together.

Im ready, Alex said, but his body said, Im nervous.

Quinn began. It is clear to everyone that you bring energy and drive to Beckley. But the practices you brought to the company carried unintended consequences.

Ouch, that sounds bad. Alex winced.

Your intentions were good—everyone recognizes that. Quinn reached in his briefcase and pulled out a folder. I interviewed all the members of your senior team to get their very best thinking on several key purpose and performance questions, and I learned that they have common perceptions about whats working and what isnt. Naturally, I also got some outlier responses, and those can be very helpful. But first lets look at the strengths that were described, then well look at whats not working.

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Medium 9788324649945

16. Core Motion

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Urzdzenia iOS, takie jak iPhone i iPad, maj wbudowany komponent o nazwie przypieszeniomierz. Niektre urzdzenia, np. iPhone 4 i iPad 2, s wyposaone take w yroskop. Przed podjciem prby uycia przypieszeniomierza lub yroskopu w aplikacji iOS naley sprawdzi dostpno tych czujnikw w urzdzeniu iOS, w ktrym zostaa uruchomiona wykorzystujca je aplikacja. W 16.1. Wykrywanie dostpnoci przypieszeniomierza i 16.2. Wykrywanie dostpnoci yroskopu znajdziesz techniki pozwalajce na wykrycie dostpnoci przypieszeniomierza i yroskopu. W przypadku yroskopu urzdzenia, takie jak iPhone 4 i iPad 2, potrafi wykry ruch w szeciu kierunkach.

Przeanalizujmy sytuacj, w ktrej dostrzeesz warto yroskopu. Przypieszeniomierz nie moe wykry obrotu urzdzenia wok jego osi pionowej, jeli trzymasz urzdzenie nieruchomo w doni, siedzisz na krzele obrotowym i obracasz krzeso w kierunku zgodnym bd niezgodnym z ruchem wskazwek zegara. Wzgldem podogi lub ziemi urzdzenie jest obracane wzdu osi pionowej, ale nie wzdu jego wasnej osi y. Dlatego te przypieszeniomierz nie wykryje adnego ruchu.

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Medium 9781855758483

CHAPTER TWELVE: Valuing the splits and preventing violence

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Valuing the splits and preventing

Oliver Dale, David Reiss, and Gabriel Kirtchuk


Managing the risk of violence, be it directed toward others or the self, is a central function of an adult psychiatric service. Vital to this process is the risk assessment, which can be a difficult and lengthy process, requiring a methodical approach and space for reflection. It can be resource intensive and needs to be pitched sensitively to the individual situation.

It is clear that only through completing an appropriate risk assessment can a fitting management plan be developed. What we would like to focus on in this chapter is how the patient’s relationship with clinicians can be used to provide important information which helps produce a more therapeutic, informed service, appropriate to the patient’s needs.

The struggle to find meaning in violence

Those who commit the most serious violent acts often demonstrate a recurring pattern of incidents; as such, it is often a truism that a very good predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. Actuarial and structured assessments place great importance on historical data and have provided much needed objectivity in identifying risky individuals. They are, however, very poor at helping us understand incidents, and often lead to a dry and rather wooden account of events. Limited time is spent on the now “taboo” activity of making sense of, and giving meaning to, violent acts, but not only is this a vital part of risk management, but also a key therapeutic goal, central to recovery.

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Medium 9781591200321

1. Diet and Health: Making Wise Food Choices

Slice ePub May 23, 2014



“In America, today, poor diets are typically too high in calories and fats, and too low in fruits and vegetables—problems associated with certain chronic diseases and obesity.”

These words, in the introductory remarks of a report issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Economic Research Service (ERS), depict (long-term) changes in American eating habits, and the consequences resulting from the changes. The report is one in a series of several critical reports issued by ERS on the status of the current American diet, and the implications. Other reports focus on the growing trend of eating away from home, and its impact on the decline of quality in the American diet; the current diet of American children; and an assessment of actual food consumption by Americans, compared with official recommendations.

These reports, examined in toto, confirm and give added weight to concerns already expressed by many nutritionists, dietitians, health practitioners, and public health officials. All groups have reported findings, based on clinical studies, that current American eating habits are poor, and apt to get poorer, due to changes in eating patterns.

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