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Medium 9781591201472

10. Lifestyle Suggestions for Increased Energy

Vukovic MSW, Laurel Basic Health Publications ePub



Many times, it’s the simple things you do that can be life changing. In this chapter, you’ll learn about small changes you can make in your daily life that will help you sleep better, ease pain and stiffness, and feel more energetic.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do to enhance your health and well-being. Spending time every night in the deep, restorative stages of sleep is essential for feeling refreshed and energetic, and studies have shown that the deepest stages of sleep are critical for relieving the pain of fibromyalgia. Because many lifestyle and environmental factors can interfere with a good night’s sleep, addressing these issues is sometimes all that’s needed to restore healthful sleeping patterns. If you need additional help, consider taking the supplement melatonin, which is discussed in detail in Chapter 7.

An erratic schedule is a common cause of sleep disorders. Working shift work or nights interferes with the body’s natural sleep cycle, as does staying up too late on weekend nights and sleeping in on weekend mornings. In general, the body thrives on a regular schedule. Establish a specific time for going to bed and for getting up in the morning, and adhere to it as much as possible, even on weekends and during vacations. It’s also helpful to use your bed only for sleep and sex. Avoid watching television, working, studying, eating in bed, or making phone calls, because these activities stimulate alertness instead of allowing the body and mind to relax and prepare for sleep.

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Medium 9780253007438

3 · Histories Made by Bodies

Allen F. Roberts Indiana University Press ePub

We must be prepared to experience the figure, severed and whole, in its severing and its dance: to inhabit it, rigid and fleeting, violent and happy, blood and spirit, horror and promise.


Because of the strength of Lusinga’s forces, Storms felt obliged to wait until his troops could be bolstered by those of Paul Reichard before attacking the chief’s mountain fastness in early December 1884. He then added men from local chiefs who were loyal to him so that he could deploy over a hundred warriors for the expedition. Kizumina offered a different description of Bwana Boma’s force, saying that only eight “soldiers” (askari in Swahili, presumably wangwana and rugaruga) bearing carbines were joined by twenty men mustered by Sultani Mpala, including Kizumina’s own older brother. Kizumina emphasized wiles rather than numbers, and, as we shall see, arcana and spiritual agency seem to have been very much on the old man’s mind when he stressed the men’s singing, and—especially—the dance that accompanied the foray, as important technologies of warfare.

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Medium 9781931332866

20. Conclusion

Jim Burtles Rothstein Publishing ePub

Although the reader should by now have a thorough grasp of the subject they may not have the confidence, or the proven ability, to plunge in at the deep end as full-fledged business continuity professionals. Perhaps now is the time to reflect on what comes next.

Business continuity is, for most of us, a fascinating profession. For a few it is either a chore or an overwhelming experience. The difference is mostly a matter of personality and attitude. The ideal recruit for this type of work is someone who can communicate confidently and enthusiastically. Incidentally, communication in this context means the ability to listen and understand as well as the more obvious ability to deliver a message or win an argument. They should also have an enquiring mind and plenty of tenacity.

Now you have a basic understanding of business continuity and the associated disciplines you can start to look at what comes next and develop a personal action plan. In the accompanying toolkit you will find a self-assessment questionnaire which you can use to flesh out your ideas about your own personal continuity plan. Like all of the other plans we have looked at, your personal continuity plan should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. It should be regarded as a valuable life tool.

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Medium 9781491904299

5. Introduction to the BioBuilder Labs

Natalie, PhD. Kuldell O'Reilly Media ePub

The engineer’s process of “design-build-test” is similar to the scientific method of “hypothesize-test-analyze.” And though these processes are most often presented as linear endeavors that start with “design” for engineers and “hypothesis” for scientists, in reality they are iterative efforts that can begin at any point in the cycle. Consequently, the hands-on BioBuilder activities have several points of entry into the design-build-test paradigm and are intended to generate more scientific hypotheses, tests, and analyses. With any of the BioBuilder activities, you can explore the connection between the scientific and engineering approaches as you evaluate rationally designed living systems. Maybe you’ll want to pursue scientific exploratory options that launch from the starting material we provide, or maybe you’ll want to design new systems that work more reliably than the ones we provide or that meet new needs. Either way, this short preview of the scientific and engineering approaches in the BioBuilder labs is intended to frame these efforts within the practices of each field.

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Medium 9781780425399

El radicalismo de Schiele

Patrick Bade Parkstone International PDF

No obstante, la actitud de la legendaria emperatriz Sissi es sintomática de una época en la que la imagen convencional de la mujer comienza a cambiar. Si bien trae al mundo a los deseados herederos, se rebela contra el papel de madre que se le supone. Su afán por mantener su figura casi la hace caer en la anorexia. Al mismo tiempo, escandaliza a la corte vienesa con sus poco ortodoxas excursiones a caballo y por vestir sin las obligadas medias. Durante esta época de fin de siglo, Schiele retrata a jóvenes de la clase trabajadora.

El número de prostitutas de Viena es uno de los mayores en proporción de entre las ciudades europeas. Es precisamente entre el proletariado donde los caballeros de la alta sociedad encuentran a los indefensos objetos de su deseo, condición que niegan a sus esposas. Los cuerpos jóvenes y flacos de los dibujos de desnudos de Schiele casi inspiran lástima, con manchas rojas en la piel y manos esqueléticas. Los cuerpos están en tensión, pero los rojos genitales se muestran plenos y voraces. Están agazapados aguardando la lujuriosa mirada del espectador, como pequeños animales. A pesar de su corta edad, las modelos de Schiele son conscientes de su propio erotismo y saben desplegarlo hábilmente.

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