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"N" Words: GED Essential Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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13 I Corps Forward

Lam Quang Thi University of North Texas Press PDF



tal number of five divisions and two distinct theaters, was no doubt the most important MR in the country, and an additional command structure to handle the two northern provinces appeared justified.

However, I had a feeling that this new alternate organization was specially created to fit my rank and to avoid having to appoint me as commander of another army corps. I took solace in the fact that history has shown that there is a political side to most important military decisions. And in Viet Nam, as in most other developing nations, the political aspect seemed to carry more weight. Although, for political reasons, I was denied the command of a corps, I was nonetheless very proud to have under my command the three finest divisions of the Vietnamese Army.

In the meantime, the negotiators in Paris appeared to be heading toward some kind of peace agreement. In January 1973, the Paris

Agreement was finally signed after the Americans exerted heavy pressure on President Thieu and after President Nixon wrote a personal letter to Thieu assuring him of continued American support and assistance in the post-settlement period. In his letter, President Nixon also promised that the United States would intervene militarily in case of severe violations of the Agreement by North Viet Nam.

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16. The Life Cycle of Sauropod Dinosaurs

Nicole Klein Indiana University Press ePub


Because sauropod dinosaurs are extinct, it might seem impossible to fully reconstruct their life cycles. Nevertheless, information on reproduction, reproductive behavior, growth in body size, and sexual maturity can be indirectly derived from the fossil record. In addition, we can also use living, phylogenetically related taxa as models for these extinct animals in order to support and expand our knowledge on sauropod life cycles. Predictions from life history theory on the relationship between reproductive traits and body size as well as the analyses of life cycle characteristics of extant reptiles, birds, and mammals are also appropriate. In the present chapter, we utilize this complex approach for the reconstruction of sauropod life cycles. We summarize the information on eggs, clutches, nests, hatching, adolescence, and growth in body size that has been derived from the fossil record. In addition, we try to fill the gaps in our knowledge concerning the reproductive behavior, the total reproductive output of animals, and the mortality during the life cycle using information from extant phylogenetic brackets or predictions of life history theory. Finally, we discuss hypotheses explaining gigantism of sauropods based on their life cycles.

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Medium 9781576759691

Chapter 5: The Soul’s Body and Our Cosmic Identity

Duane Elgin Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Once the journey to God is finished,
the infinite journey in God begins


A striking new image of humans is emerging: We are far more than biological beings—we are giants living in a universe that is almost entirely invisible to our physical senses, that is emerging as a fresh totality in every moment, and that is sustained by the flow-through of stupendous amounts of energy. Because the totality of our universe is being continuously created anew, we ourselves are being regenerated along with everything else. Cosmologist Brian Swimme explains that the intimate sense of self-awareness we experience bubbling up at each moment “is rooted in the originating activity of the universe. We are all of us arising together at the center of the cosmos.”1 We thought that we were no bigger than our physical bodies; now we find we are beings of cosmic connection and dimension who are part of the continuous re-creation of the entire cosmos.

To explore the nature of our soulful identity, let’s consider insights from psychic research. As I described in Chapter 2, in the early 1970s I was involved in futures research at the think tank SRI International, reporting on changing trends and how they might impact government agencies and corporations. At the same time, in another part of this sprawling think tank, the engineering laboratory was conducting psychic research for NASA. Although I do not consider myself as possessing any special abilities, experiments at SRI gave me unique opportunities to learn about the intuitive capacities we all possess by being a part of this extraordinary universe.

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Medium 9781475816013


International Journal of Educati Reform Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

John M. Jenkins

Department of Educational Leadership

Norman Hal, Room 2403

College of Education

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL 32611

Some people never learn anything because they understand everything too quickly.

–Alexander Pope

During the 1960s, a comedian named Flip Wilson was a household name. Part of his comedic repertoire was to assume the identity of a female character named Geraldine. In that role, Wilson would often say “What you see is what you get.” Little did Wilson suspect that imbedded within this witty pronouncement was a summary of the work of a growing number of physicists. The new physicists began to suspect that Newtonian physics had been in the driver’s seat too long. Their approach to physics looked at the world in terms of a field of activity or fields of activity rather than as a billiard table of cause and effect. In fact, they concluded that in a world that was interconnected, cause and effect was hard to discern.

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