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Medium 9781574411775


Slice PDF May 18, 2014
<p>Index</p><p>Note: Page numbers in bold indicate entire chapters devoted to a subject.</p><p>Note: Page numbers in italics indicate photographs.</p><p>A</p><p>Abbott, Teddy Blue, 178</p><p>Abraham, Eddy, 133</p><p>Abraham, Jason, 133</p><p>Ace Reid (horse), 61</p><p>Adams, Andy, 186</p><p>Adopt a Horse Program, 173 adoption of calves, 151 advertising and marketing: beef marketing, 160–62, 165; products marketed to cowboys, 47; in ranching periodicals, 49, 52</p><p>Aeromotor windmills, 127, 132 agribusiness, 51, 181–85 agritourism, 172 alcohol use, 42–43, 45 alfalfa, 92, 93, 124 allergic reactions, 116</p><p>American Cowboy, 12</p><p>The American Cowboy: The Myth and the Reality (Frantz and</p><p>Choate), 188–89</p><p>American Meat Institute, 51</p><p>American Quarter Horses, 58–59, 63</p><p>Angus cattle, 34, 91, 108, 144–45,</p><p>158–59 aphorisms, 44</p><p>Appaloosas, 58 apparel. See clothing of cowboys</p><p>appraising cattle, 142–43</p><p>Arabian horses, 58, 61, 63–65, 64</p><p>Arizona, 157</p><p>Armour (meat packer), 157 athletic ability, 33–34 attraction of cowboy life, 177 auctions, 69, 137–38</p><p>Austin, Texas, 178</p><p>B bachelor cowboys, 25–26. See also family life of cowboys</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/615239-the-modern-cowboy">See more</a>

Medium 9780596523046

4. Control Plane High Availability

Slice ePub May 27, 2014
<p>The explosion of technology and the worlds dependence on it means that the reliability of a network is incredibly important. As the bits and bytes carried across networks become more valuable, the high availability of these networks is more relevant than ever. The revenue stream of a major financial customer who purchases managed virtual private network (VPN) services from a global ISP depends on the networks availability. When the chairman of the Federal Reserve finally delivers good news after weeks of market turmoil, news that sparks a buying frenzy, older peering routers at the providers Point of Presence (POP) could get overloaded. This strain on the older devices could, in turn, ramp up the CPU, causing the routing protocols to fail, which in turn would delay market orders, causing the loss of millions of dollars.</p><p>At the same time, in another part of town, another customer of the ISP is experiencing issues. A hospitals ER department needs to access a patients medical records to prescribe appropriate medication. Because of the nature of the medication, access to the patients medical history is imperative. Time is ticking and, all of a sudden, the ER loses access to the central database. The local IT department reports that the core network router has crashed, and meanwhile the patient is suffering.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/364053-junos-high-availability-best-practices-for-high-network-uptime">See more</a>

Medium 9781857549225

Holy Well

Slice PDF February 16, 2015

Medium 9781449311544

Line Avoidance

Slice ePub May 27, 2014
<p>To make your bot stay in the arena, you must teach it to avoid a black line. Then you can build an arena with big white paper as the floor and black tape as the border.</p><p>Lets connect the reflection sensor to Arduino. Prepare the cable by cutting the end that doesnt fit to the sensor. In our case, the small white connector fit to the sensor and we left it in place. The big black connector didnt fit anywhere, so we cut it away. Strip the free wires for connecting to Arduino (Figure2-6).</p><p>Figure2-6.Stripped sensor wire</p><p>Connect free sensor wires to Arduino as shown in the circuit diagram for <em>helloreflection.pde</em> (Figure2-7). Connect the red plus wire to +5V, and the black ground wire to GND. Connect the green data wire to D4. (Figure2-8). Use the ScrewShield to keep the wires in place (Figure2-9).</p><p>Figure2-7.Circuit diagram for helloreflection.pde</p><p>Figure2-8.Reflection sensor connected</p><p>Figure2-9.Free wires connected to Arduino with ScrewShield</p><p>For line avoidance, we use a typical reflectivity sensor. We read it with Arduinos <code>digitalRead()</code> function.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/363786-make-a-mind-controlled-arduino-robot-use-your-brain-as-a-remote">See more</a>

Medium 9781607054863


Slice ePub October 05, 2013
<p>90″ × 90″</p><p><i>This queen-size quilt is the main feature to a bedroom. It might be big, but it</i> goes <i>together quickly with just one large portion of improv piecing playing the starring role.</i></p><p> <i>The cluster portion of this quilt top is made with improvisational piecing. How much you make it your own or stick to the details of the pattern is completely up to you.</i> </p><p><i>Based</i> on <i>42″ fabric width.</i></p><p><b>Fabric A (green):</b> 5½ yards</p><p><b>Fabric B (ivory):</b> ¾ yard</p><p><b>Backing:</b> 7¼ yards</p><p><b>Binding:</b> 1 yard</p><p> <i>Please be sure to read Notes on Makinq the Quilts in This Book (page 6). Label the pieces as you cut.</i> </p><p> Fabric A (green) </p><p>As you cut this fabric, save all of the scraps to use as the cluster-piecing background fabric.</p><p><b>1.</b> Cut 1 piece 90½″ × WOF (selvage to selvage); trim A1.</p><p><b>2.</b> Cut 3 strips 10½″ × WOF and sew end to end; trim A1.1.</p><p><b>3.</b> Cut 1 strip 35½″ × WOF; trim A2.</p><p><b>4.</b> Cut 1 strip 16½″ × WOF; trim A3.</p><p><b>5.</b> Cut 1 strip 15½″ × WOF; trim A4.</p><p><b>A1:</b> 40½″ × 90½″</p><p>A1.1: 10½″ × 90½″</p><p><b>A2:</b> 35½″ × 40½″</p><p><b>A3:</b> 16½″ × 40½″</p><p><b>A4:</b> 15½″ × 40½″</p><p><b>6.</b> Cut some strips for the cluster. Random-length pieces will get you started, and you can cut more as you go.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/481566-modern-minimal-20-bold-graphic-quilts">See more</a>

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