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When Not to Use Google

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

When Not to Use



When Misspelling Is Your Friend

Running a misspelled search can sometimes be to your advantage. Because anyone’s free to misspell anything on the Web, a lot of pages can wind up left out of a search if you check only the correct spelling. Proper names are particularly worth checking a few ways. For example, thousands of Web sites mention Arnold Schwarznegger, though the governator spells his name “Schwarzenegger.”

And names that orginate in another alphabet (Hebrew, Arabic, Cyrillic) almost always have many valid transliterations.

“Mohammed,” for example, can be spelled dozens of ways in


Unfortunately, Google doesn’t offer alternate misspellings or alternate valid spellings. If you search for Mohamed Atta, you get 947,000 results and no alternate spellings. Similarly, if you search for Mohammed Atta, you get 959,000 results, but Google doesn’t suggest “Mohamed Atta” or any other variation on the name.

The bottom line? If Google doesn’t give you an additional choice, you have to get creative with spelling.

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Slice PDF May 27, 2014

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15. Components for Interactivity

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

Creating common Flash elements like playback controls (Play and Pause buttons), text fields, checkboxes, and buttons can add up to a lot of grunt work. Since they pretty much look the same in every animation, some kind Flash developers did the grunt work for you and put ready-made versions of these Flash bits and piecescalled componentsright into the program.

A component is a compiled, prebuilt movie clip that you can drag onto the stage and customize. Flash CS4 comes with dozens of components (Figure15-1). If you do a lot of work in Flash, you'll appreciate the time that components can save you. But another great thing about components is the consistency they give. For example, the User Interface Components discussed in this chapter all look like they belong together. If you don't like their style, Flash gives you some convenient ways to change their appearance. So, if you're working in a design shop, you can add time-test components to your projects and still give each client a look that matches its image and brand.

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Medium 9781588431776


Slice ePub May 25, 2014

When Columbus sighted Jamaica on his second voyage in 1494, he recorded in his log: The fairest land ever eyes beheld... the mountains touch the sky."

The Spanish never fully settled Jamaica, but they stayed long enough to kill off the peaceful resident Arawak Indians through forced labor, mass executions and European diseases.

Spanish colonists raised cattle on Jamaica and shipped lard, manteca, from a north-coast port today called Montego Bay. Jamaica became a provisions stop for ships headed to Central America in search of gold. In the century and a half of their rule, the Spaniards made two introductions that became pivotal to Jamaica's future. They brought in sugar cane and slaves from Africa to cultivate it.

In 1509 the Spaniards established New Seville as the capital, near the modern town of Ocho Rios. Today, the foundations of New Seville are being excavated and a search continues for the remains of two ships Columbus left beached nearby.

By 1655, the British conquered the island, driving the Spaniards from their new capital of  St. Jago de la Vega (now Spanish Town) to Cuba.

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The Source

Slice PDF April 24, 2015


For S.S.

‘You hate him’, ‘No, you love him’, so they say,

Simply because I meet him every week

And talk. We are a doctor, patient and

Know well the various terms on which we speak.

I thought I hated him, but I was wrong;

I found that out one day when he, in pain,

Bore two hours’ suffering while I talked on.

I shall not make the same mistake again.

What then is generated by these speeches?

Compassion, pity, envy? None of these.

It is because we know no rock-bare beaches

That we can anchor, fitfully at ease.

The Source

It was as if I went back to the source

Of life. I smelt the things, the strings of birth –

Milk, grass, a stable and a water-course,

And always the rank stench of fertile earth.

Primeval slime found stirring on a rock –

That is how life and history were viewed

By our great-grandfathers. I say a shock,

A flash of nerves, a glimpse of something nude –

All these are nearer to the truth, but still

Something is unexplained. Why should we fear

To love as deeply as we dread to kill?

I do not know. Too many dreams crowd near.

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