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Hugh Sinclair Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub
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Stefanie Wortman University of Northern Texas PDF


Nine windows, arched and Romanesque, muster along one wall. They recall a lover who stretched canvases into antique shapes, arranged like altar pieces. These he covered with a muddle of flesh colors, marked with his apostle’s name. His Magnificat became the dream of a little kicker who swelled my stomach at night and seemed to enlarge the morning, as clear as the cold unstained glass of the reading room windows. The catalog

I flip through has been in someone’s studio.

A carmine thumbprint in the margin has not escaped the librarian, who noted the damage last June among the dates due.

Some works in this book I’ve seen in life: ploughed rows ridged with snow, paint matted with straw or hair, the imagined ascension over wood-grained stairs or through an opening in the line of winter trees. Between the library’s marble-papered columns stand faux-bois metal shelves, empty and filmed with dust.

Overhead the scrollwork moldings, rosettes sculpted in plaster, alternate with aerated acoustic tiles, humming grids of fluorescent light.

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Medium 9780596157036

7. The Mobile Me

Sarah Sorensen O'Reilly Media ePub

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

It's opener there in the wide open air.

Ubiquitous connectivity is the dream of the sustainable network. "Anywhere access" to the world's information resources enables you to touch everything, at any time, from anywhere. It opens up a world of possibilities we have only dreamed about and seen in sci-fi movies and books. Mobility allows the network to overcome the constraints of being tied to a specific location (as with a modem line), and actually lets you take your connections with you wherever you go.

It's also fueling the network's extension to parts of the globe previously locked out because of the lack of physical infrastructure (such as phone cabling) available to support access. In many parts of the world, the infrastructure is simply not there, but a cell tower can be erected and all of a sudden the population is connectedthey now have unprecedented access to the world's resources. It's because of this ability to infiltrate all corners of the globe that mobility amplifies the network's flattening effects. It makes no difference whatsoever whether you're in Mumbai, India, or Mobile, Alabama. The same resources are available to you no matter who you are or where you're located. This helps explain the direct correlation between strong GDP growth and the growth of mobile subscribers in developing countries.

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Medium 9780749469276

07 Be remarkable: please the customer’s brain – Stage 2 of the Neuromarketing method

Patrick M Georges Kogan Page ePub


Be remarkable

Please the customers brain Stage 2 of the Neuromarketing method

You have captured the customers attention by satisfying their senses. To do this, you have chosen from the following ingredients:

Now you must pass your second test: please customers; tell them that better is possible; get them to secrete dopamine and other positive hormones.

In the previous chapter, Be irresistible: Satisfy the customers senses, you learned how to capture the customers attention and how to be well perceived. You appeared. The customer stopped. He or she did not run away. He or she smelled you (not an enemy), heard you (not an enemy), saw you (not an enemy) and touched you (not an enemy). The customer stopped, and knows that what you are showing him or her is not bad. It is now up to you to get the customer to come to you, to change direction. Show the customer that what you have for him or her is not only not bad, but even better than what he or she currently has.

How do you let the customer know that your proposition is the best? By showing the customer that, with you, his or her fundamental needs of sex and food will be met or at least the promise of sex and food through social dominance. Dominant animals have the priority where sex and food are concerned. With your offer, customers will be respected and loved; therefore they will be dominant; therefore they will get sex and food; therefore they will survive; therefore their genes will be passed on, which is what they are programmed or wired for. If Maslow and Darwin say so, we should believe them.

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Medium 9781883217129

Chapter 40 Weddings and the Theory of Relativity

Music, SHER Sher Music ePub

Weddings and the Theory of Relativity

I know that it’s hip to look down your nose at weddings, but I love playing them. Consider the typical elements: happy people, good food, often a grand piano, elegant surroundings, musicians whom you’ve hand-selected (assuming you’re the leader), and considerably higher pay than the standard club gig. How could you not enjoy that? Supposedly you have to play a cornier brand of music at weddings than you would in a club, but I haven’t found that to be true. Instead, in my trio we just turn down the volume to a background-music level and then play with just as much abandon and creativity as we would in a concert—often more, in fact, because we’re more relaxed. Those guests who are not interested in the music are free to talk, and those who have an ear for good jazz invariably wander over to listen and appreciate.

Here’s something that always amuses me at weddings. During the course of a reception, someone will invariably approach the bandstand and say, “I just wanted to come up and tell you guys how good you are. I’m embarrassed that no one else here is hip enough to appreciate what you’re doing, but I’m digging it.” Five minutes later, we get the same comment from someone else. By the end of the night, half the people in the room have both thanked us for the music and apologized on behalf of everyone else for being such squares.

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