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Medium 9781847770998


John Gallas Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Distance bids fair no more, few are well-met on the way, too often I journey matched with the foolish, the proud and the brute.

And often I have been caught by the bitter, the cheap and the false, who poisoned my footsore soul, and crushed the bright colours of life.

Though some companions were good, they faded slowly behind… and I, abandoned and tired, traipse the hard track alone!


Silence is everywhere; and nature sleeps and in the sky the far stars gently burn!

The sun fades slowly in the distant west, the clouds go, slow and patient, on their way.

O that my sickened soul might find some joy in such a soft, companionable light as now the evening star lets brightly fall!

Ah, why am I so dark, and full of pain?

Who can sweeten now my bitter heart?

I hope for nothing, think of nothing past; what is in my soul?… the whole world sleeps; no answer comes… only the glittered line of some fire-falling star before my eyes.

The Sway of Sounds

That song they sang a day ago will still not leave my mind; it fills me still with gloomy thoughts,

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Medium 9780596519780

15. Find the Perfect Tools

Neal Ford O'Reilly Media ePub

Throughout the book thus far, Ive shown you how to solve various problems using a slew of different tools: batch files, bash scripts (both one-liners and full-blown scripts), Windows PowerShell, Ruby, Groovy, sed, awk, and a whole menagerie of big-eyed OReilly animals. Now the critical time has come. Youve identified a problem that is causing grief and you want to automate it away: which tool do you use? The first tool youll probably use is a lowly text editor. So, Ill start by talking about this perhaps most important tool in your arsenal.

Developers still spend a lot of time with plain text. No matter how many wizards and other sorcerers we develop, most coding is still in plain text. Most of the information you keep should also reside in plain text because you never know if the tool you are using will be around in five years. Its a good bet that youll be able to read plain ASCII (and probably Unicode) for the next century or so. (As The Pragmatic Programmer [Addison-Wesley] admonishes: Keep knowledge in plain text.)

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Medium 9781857548778

First Love

Gerry McGrath Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781593571504

Chapter 6. Manage the “Buoy Factor”—How Mindset Can Sink or Support You

Susan Britton Whitcomb JIST Publishing ePub

“It is your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude.”

—Zig Zigler

Buoys—those brightly colored objects that aid in nautical navigation—remain afloat, day in and day out, whether calm seas or rough waters. Beaconage buoys, seen by seagoing vessels, are equipped with radio-beacon technology to mark channels and guide mariners to safe passage. Closer to shore, buoys denote boundaries or caution you of submerged danger, such as a reef or shoal. Certain shapes of buoys, horseshoe and crown, also serve as life preservers.

Regardless of their shape or function, buoys have two things in common. They float, and they are anchored in some fashion.

What allows you to stay afloat?

What are you anchored to?

As a verb, buoy refers to raising one’s spirits. In the process of accessing and acing interviews, you will likely encounter days that feel like smooth sailing, whereas others might be reminiscent of stormy seas. To be successful, you must address both the mechanics and mindset of job search and interviewing. Previous and future chapters cover the mechanics in detail. This chapter is devoted to the mindset piece of the equation, specifically the mental, physical, and emotional factors that will keep your attitude afloat. We’ll call it the Buoy Factor.

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Medium 9780874216349

An Interview with Terry Tempest Williams: Jana Bouck Remy, Irreantum, 2002

Michael Austin Utah State University Press ePub

Terry Tempest Williams is perhaps best known for her book Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place (Pantheon, 1991), in which she chronicles the epic rise of the Great Salt Lake and the flooding of the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in 1983, alongside her mother’s diagnosis with ovarian cancer, believed to be caused by radioactive fallout from the nuclear tests in the Nevada desert in the 1950s and ‘60s. Refuge is now regarded as a classic in American nature writing, a testament to loss and the earth’s healing grace. The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “There has never been a book like Refuge . . . [It is] utterly original.”

Williams’s most recent book, Red: Patience and Passion in the Desert (Pantheon, 2001), traces her lifelong love of and commitment to the desert, inspiring a soulful return to “wild mercy” and the spiritual and political commitment of preserving the fragile redrock wilderness of Southern Utah.

Departing from the natural landscape, another recent work, Leap (Pantheon, 2000), is an unexpected pilgrimage into the habitat of Hieronymus Bosch’s medieval triptych masterpiece The Garden of Earthly Delights. With spiritual candor, psychological immediacy, and emotional intensity, Williams uncovers deep connections between contemporary life and the world of this startling, 500-year-old painting depicting Paradise, Hell, and the Garden.

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