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Medium 9781574412819

3. Arnold Forms the Twentieth Air Force

Source: Cataclysm
Slice PDF May 18, 2014
<p>3</p><p>Arnold Forms the Twentieth Air Force</p><p>D</p><p>uring the war, no other project exemplified Arnold’s determination and drive like the B-29 and his concerted attempt to make the revolutionary big bomber operational in the Pacific. He was determined to employ the Superfortress against the Japanese homeland, thus writing</p><p>“a new chapter in the history of the Army Air Forces.” The B-29 program has been called the greatest gamble of the war, greater than the Manhattan project that developed the atomic bomb, an investment of $3 billion compared to $2 billion for the bomb. Here Arnold enjoyed the firm support of President Roosevelt who during 1943 promised Premier Chiang</p><p>Kai-shek of China that the long-range B-29s would be deployed to China to undertake the bombing of Japan.</p><p>The development of the B-29 strategic bomber began prior to World</p><p>War II and continued during the war under the so-called Very Long Range</p><p>(VLR) project. The grave difficulties experienced by the Army Air Forces in the development and production of this revolutionary aircraft, together with Arnold’s own iron determination to deploy this weapon against</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/615152-cataclysm">See more</a>

Medium 9781933820972

CHAPTER 6 Helpful Wayfinding: Guides Users

Slice ePub May 28, 2014
<p>How Helpful Wayfinding Supports Accessibility</p><p>How to Design Helpful Wayfinding</p><p>Create consistent cues for orientation and navigation</p><p>Present things that are the same in the same way</p><p>Differentiate things that are different</p><p>Provide orientation cues</p><p>Provide clear landmarks within the page</p><p>Provide alternative ways to navigate</p><p>Who Is Responsible for Wayfinding?</p><p>WCAG 2.0 and Helpful Wayfinding</p><p>Summary</p><p>Profile: Coding Accessibility with Steve Faulkner</p><p> <strong>A REAL WORLD EXAMPLE</strong> </p><p> <strong>Getting Around an Airport</strong> </p><p>Paul Mijkensanaar designed the wayfinding system for 10 international airports. This photo is from the bilingual wayfinding system at the Geneva International Airport. (</p><p>In the physical world, we rely on maps, street signs, and how spaces are designed to help us get around. A corridor looks different than a meeting room, and we know one is for passage and the other is for gathering and discussion. Signs identify the routes and destinations, helping us get from here to there.</p><p>When signage uses consistent colors, typography, and icons and is placed in a visible location, it can be easy for people to find their way, even around a crowded airport.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/615818-a-web-for-everyone">See more</a>

Medium 9781780424729

Gala, or The Healing Gradiva. The Surrealist Years in Paris

Source: Dali
Slice PDF May 26, 2014
<p>Éluard had affairs with other women and also wished that his own wife would live out her passions with other men. Between 1921 and 1924, the painter Max Ernst lived with the couple, and was at this time also Gala’s lover. Many Surrealists paid court to the beautiful Mrs Éluard. André Breton called her “the eternal woman”. As Gala fell in love with Dalí in 1929, Éluard considered it just a brief love affair. He was deceived: Gala separated from him. She remained at Dalí’s side until her death in 1982, marrying him at a church wedding in 1956, four years after Éluard’s death. Dalí continually stressed that he would never have become the Dalí that he was without this woman at his side. For him she was muse, model, and manager all in one. She organized Dalí’s business affairs because, as he confessed, he let everybody cheat him while Gala always saw through their plans.21 He honoured her importance for his artistic work by signing many of his paintings with “Gala Salvador Dalí”. Furthermore, Gala freed him of his impotence complex, something that had paralysed him since his early youth. On the one hand, Dalí traced his fear of sexuality back to his father, who had often elaborated on the dangers of venereal disease to him as a child, and, on the other, to his reading of books that portrayed sadomasochistic games, which he wrongly understood to be depictions of the real act of love: “At that time my libido degenerated into such a state of downright erotic idiocy as a result of this impotence-complex [...] I dressed myself as a king and masturbated and had I not found Gala, who helped me discover, so to speak, normal love, then it would have taken no more than two years for all my hallucinations to over-step the measure of paranoia to such an extent that they would have become psychopathological.”22 A painting that Dalí began in the autumn of 1929 carries the title</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/615562-dali">See more</a>

Medium 9780596800956

4. Advanced C#

Slice ePub May 27, 2014
<p>In this chapter, we cover advanced C# topics that build on concepts explored in previous chapters. You should read the first four sections sequentially; you can read the remaining sections in any order.</p><p>A delegate dynamically wires up a method caller to its target method. There are two aspects to a delegate: <em>type</em> and <em>instance</em>. A <em></em><em>delegate type</em> defines a <em>protocol</em> to which the caller and target will conform, comprising a list of parameter types and a return type. A <em>delegate instance</em> is an object that refers to one (or more) target methods conforming to that protocol.</p><p>A delegate instance literally acts as a delegate for the caller: the caller invokes the delegate, and then the delegate calls the target method. This indirection decouples the caller from the target method.</p><p>A delegate type declaration is preceded by the keyword <code>delegate</code>, but otherwise it resembles an (abstract) method declaration. For example:</p><p>To create a delegate instance, you can assign a method to a delegate variable:</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/362587-c-4-0-in-a-nutshell-the-definitive-reference">See more</a>

Medium 9788324611829

14. Przywracanie od podstaw komputera z systemem Mac OS X

Slice ePub May 27, 2014
<p>W poniszych punktach zaprezentowano procedur, za pomoc ktrej mona przeprowadzi proces penego przywracania komputera z systemem Mac OS X bez potrzeby uprzedniego instalowania systemu operacyjnego. Kolejno wykonywanych czynnoci generalnie jest taka sama jak w przypadku innych platform.</p><p>Znakomit por na przetestowanie procedury bdzie moment odebrania nowego komputera Macintosh, na ktrym nie ma jeszcze adnych danych.</p><p>Najpierw, wykonujc ponisze kroki, trzeba przygotowa si do procesu przywracania.</p><p>Podczenie do komputera urzdzenia archiwizujcego.</p><p>Zarchiwizowanie wanych metadanych.</p><p>Zarchiwizowanie systemu operacyjnego za pomoc jego wbudowanego narzdzia.</p><p>Gdy pniej stanie si co niedobrego, naley przeprowadzi przywracanie. Oto wymagane kroki:</p><p>Zaadowanie systemu z alternatywnego nonika.</p><p>Partycjonowanie i formatowanie nowego gwnego dysku.</p><p>Odtwarzanie systemu operacyjnego.</p><p>Skonfigurowanie komputera, tak aby system adowa z nowego gwnego dysku.</p><p>Najpierw dokonamy oglnego przegldu, a nastpnie zajmiemy si przykadem konkretnej procedury. W przypadku dowolnej metody archiwizacji system bezpieczestwa jest jedynie tak dobry jak ostatnia kopia zapasowa. W zwizku z tym due znaczenie ma zaplanowanie wykonywania kopii zapasowych i testowanie procedur przywracania.</p><a class="default-logo-link" href="/ebooks/364418-archiwizacja-i-odzyskiwanie-danych">See more</a>

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