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Medium 9781601322432

Web-enhanced design of university curricula

Slice PDF October 29, 2014


Int'l Conf. Frontiers in Education: CS and CE | FECS'13 |

Web-enhanced design of university curricula

Elisabeth Bacon

Brian R Kirk

School of Computing and Mathematical

University of Greenwich

Greenwich, London, SE10 9LS, UK

Robinson Associates

Weavers House, Friday Street

Painswick, GL6 6QJ, UK

Georg Hagel

Faculty of Computer Science

Kempten University, Bahnhofstraße 61

87435 Kempten, Germany

Georgy Kravtsov

Thunder Arts Ltd46 Graveney Road

London, UK, SW17 0EH

Igor Schagaev

Michael Charnine

Institute of Informatics Problems

119333, Moscow, Vavilova St., 44/2, Russia

FLSC, London Metropolitan University

166-220 Holloway Road, N7 8DB, UK

Richard Foggie

ESP Central, 4-10 Barttelot Road,

Horsham, RH12 1DQ, UK

Abstract — � Aspects of curriculum formation, supportive framework development and a scheme of delivery are introduced, using a web-semantically driven approach accompanied by a model of human perception, information delivery and assessment supportive schemes. Shown how semantic web research can help with monitoring of knowledge base, defining structural knowledge dependencies, detecting the change of knowledge state and estimating functional or structural deviations. The impact of Information and

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Medium 9781847771162


Source: Rooster
Slice PDF February 24, 2015

Medium 9781934009666

Chapter 6: Creating and Adapting Lessons for High-Quality Instruction

Slice PDF September 05, 2014



Creating and Adapting Lessons for High-Quality Instruction

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.

—Franklin D. Roosevelt


raditional textbook lessons present several concerns. The lesson format generally lends itself to teacher-centered instruction instead of student-centered instruction. The content of standard textbook lessons rarely includes examples and problems with the cognitive rigor necessary to prepare students for success—whether success is measured by standardized tests or readiness for post–high school education. Such lessons seldom include strategies for building common background, developing vocabulary, providing comprehensibility, and solving authentic problems in an atmosphere ripe for interaction. Therefore, teachers often face the challenge of creating lessons or adapting textbook lessons to meet the needs of students with special needs. Adapting a textbook lesson to create high-quality instruction involves a few subtle but important changes.

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Medium 9781605098104

10 The Courage to Live Your Brand

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

The personal brand you create will become a dynamic presence in your life. But to remain strong, it must be renewed every day. It must become a part of everything you do.

On some days, those objectives will be easy to achieve. On other days, you’ll face situations that will challenge your ability to stand by the sense of purpose, vision, and values you’ve chosen to center your life on. You’ll also encounter times when your brand promise will be severely challenged.

At times, your brand building will seem to be on hold—when life tries to lull you into a state of complacency, even apathy. Whether the seas are rough or calm, your brand needs to be strong enough to ride out the waves and keep moving in the direction you’ve chosen.

We want to leave you with one last concept from the brand builder’s dictionary: brand moments. Those are the times when your unique combination of roles, standards, and style will be put to the test—when you’ll have a chance to be found distinctively and consistently relevant to someone else. In those moments, your brand will shine. Or fade.

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Medium 9780946439751

6. The Archaic Matrix of the Oedipus Complex in Utopia

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Throughout the ages, writers and philosophers have described ideal cities and isles of blessedness in stories which expressed an ancient dream of a happiness which is, supposedly, common to all humanity. In the penultimate chapter of his book History of Utopia (1967), the sociologist Jean Servier writes: “Utopia opens out a new field of sociological thought because it is a unique way of thinking whose modes of expression have scarcely altered over the centuries …. All the different Utopias seem, on reading them, to be like the fairy tales of a single country, to be variations on a single mythical theme: from one century to another the similarities between the work of different authors have been so great that it would seem that a common thread mysteriously unites them.”1 In other words, differences in the political, economic and social scenes in which they appeared—and their appearance is clearly linked to specific moments in history—does not undermine the persistence of certain themes. It seems to me that the psychoanalyst, as well as the sociologist, has something to say about this. He has to discover the primary fantasy which is expressed again and again unchanged in these manifestations of the human spirit. It seems to me to be possible to extract from these Utopias the archaic matrix of the Oedipus complex.

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