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7. Improving Your Images

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Web designers use images to improve a pages design, decorate navigation bars, highlight elements on a pageand to show the world what fun they had on their last vacation. Adding an image to a Web page immediately adds interest and visual appeal. When you add JavaScript to the mix, however, you can really add excitement by dynamically changing images on a page, presenting an animated photo gallery, or showing off a series of photos in a self-running slideshow. In this chapter, youll learn a slew of tricks for manipulating and presenting images on your Web site.

Probably the single most common use of JavaScript is the simple image rollover: when move your mouse over an image, it changes to another image. This basic technique has been used since the dawn of JavaScript to create interactive navigation bars whose buttons change appearance when the mouse hovers over them.

But in the past couple of years, more and more designers have turned to CSS to achieve this same effect (for example, see However, even if youre using CSS to create interactive navigation bars, you still need to understand how to use JavaScript to swap one image for if you want to create slide shows, image galleries, and adding other types of interactive graphic effects to a Web page.

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Medium 9781617831515

CHAPTER 4 A Team in Transition

Slice PDF May 14, 2014


fter improving during both their second and third seasons, the Bobcats were optimistic about the 2007–08 campaign. Players expected to make the playoffs.

Before the season, Bobcats

struggled and became a team


in transition. They regressed in

hired Sam Vincent to replace

2007–08 under Vincent. Then



Bernie Bickerstaff as coach.

Rod Higgins was named gen-

Sam Vincent

eral manager, also replacing

SSam am Vincent coached the Bobcats in 2007–08,

20077–08, leading the team to a

32–50 record. Vincent had been a assistant coach an ch with h th the Dallas ll s

Mavericks in 2006–07. And he had previously played for the Boston

Celtics, the Seattle SuperSonics, the

Chicago Bulls, and the Orlando Magic as a guard uard from 1985 to 1992.

Bickerstaff. But those moves, and others the Bobcats made in the offseason, set back the franchise.

For much of the next two




Jason Richardson sets for a free throw in a 2008 game against the Denver

Nuggets. Charlotte acquired Richardson before the 2007–08 season.

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Medium 9781449387860

21. T1

Source: Network Warrior
Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In the 1950s, the only method for connecting phone lines was with a pair of copper wires. For each phone line entering a building, there had to be a pair of copper wires. Wire congestion was a huge problem in central offices (COs) and under streets in metropolitan areas at the time. Imagine the CO of a large city, where tens of thousands of phone lines terminated, each requiring a pair of wires. These COs also needed to communicate with each other, which required even more wiring.

In 1961, Bell Labs in New Jersey invented the T1 as a means for digitally trunking multiple voice channels together between locations. The T1 delivered a 12:1 factor of relief from the congestion, as it could replace 24 two-wire phone lines with 4 wires. Back then, this was a major shift in thinking. Remember that at the time, digital technology was practically nonexistent. The first T1 went into service in 1962, linking Illinois Bells Dearborn office in Chicago with Skokie, Illinois. Today, you would be hard-pressed to find a company that doesnt deploy multiple T1s.

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Medium 9781906188023

A Ballad without Rhyme

Source: Red House
Slice PDF February 24, 2015

A Ballad without Rhyme

This is a ballad without rhyme.

This is a ballad without sound of any sort.

In time they found the subject of this tune

And she was much more than the sum of her parts.

And how did it happen? That with her thick brown paws

And face lined all over like an exercise book

She would be carried the night athwart

On a star, trailing a winding sheet.

But I saw her in the kitchen. She was twiddling the tablecloth

Not praying, but talking to her late child

Admonishing his invisible boyhood

For the mess of leaden soldiers in the yard

The three days unmade bed. Banging the lid

Of the salt-caddy. Fine loneliness

For the house, half-broken, stood

In a mouth of trees and upon a waste

And where the bench in the yard

Had worn the imprint of an arse

Half a century in the making

There now was a bare place

And what she had was thyme

Stolen from the hillside,

Scenting every cupboard, room

Wild thyme for embalming.

So all the armies are passed –

She kept keys in a casserole

With cuttings, letters and a crust

A needle and an awl.

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Medium 9781783103676

VII. Révolution de cathédrales

Source: Claude Monet
Slice ePub March 06, 2015


La revanche, en effet, me paraît notable, mais j’avoue qu’elle ne me suffirait pas plus qu’à Monet lui-même, si cette hausse de valeur monétaire ne correspondait pas à une appréciation sincèrement enthousiaste de l’œuvre accomplie. Je n’oublie pas que le public peut se tromper, même le public dit « éclairé », qui nous impose, dans la grande salle du Louvre, l’Apothéose d’Homère, la Jeanne d’Arc et la Sultane, à côté du Portrait de Monet par lui-même, de l’Olympia, de l’Enterrement à Ornans, et de tant d’autres chefs-d’œuvre. Mais on peut attendre de ce même public qu’il accomplisse l’évolution inévitable, quand le naturel développement de sa vision l’entraînera vers des états de sensibilité qui lui permettront de s’assimiler d’une façon de plus en plus approchée les spectacles du monde changeant. Le monde est gouverné par des lois, non, comme on l’a cru trop longtemps, par des fantaisies, et la loi suprême étant d’une évolution continue vers des harmonies successives, tout ce qui concorde avec cet état de choses peut être provisoirement tenu pour acquis.

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