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Medium 9780596513979

1. Getting Started

Jesse Liberty O'Reilly Media ePub

Learning ASP.NET 2.0 with Ajax will teach you everything you need to know to build professional quality web applications using Microsoft's latest technology, including ASP.NET 2.0 and AJAX. ASP.NET is Microsoft's tool for creating dynamic, interactive web pages and applications. Using plain vanilla HTML, you can make a web page that has some great content, but it's static. The content doesn't change, no matter what the user does. You can even use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make it the most visually impressive thing on the Web, but if what you really need is for users to be able to leave comments, or browse your inventory, or buy things from you, then HTML alone won't get it done.

That's where ASP.NET 2.0 comes in. Within these chapters, you'll find out how to do all the great tricks that you see on the most popular commercial web sites. Order forms? We've got that. Interact with a database? You'll do that too. Dynamic navigation tools? It's in here. Personalized appearance that the user can customize? No problem.

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Medium 9781847771599

Sea-going King’s Queen

Margaret Tait Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF


And a refrain of the usual outcome went singing away off into nowhere.

The children’s eyes stared,

Sleepy though the children were,

For they felt themselves taken bodily into the story.

The older people, being more sceptical,

Rolled the tale over like epicures

Relishing a titbit

And added it to the slow accumulation

Of lore in their flesh.

The queen told all she could

Until the tale ended,

And her tale went into their store

While in her own store she sought about for the next legend for them.

(April 1958)

Sea-going King’s Queen

He was a king of the sea-going kind,

With the sky in his eyes.

During his long expeditions

She ruled the land

And told tales to the children

Of the far-going longships out on the ocean.

She told the long story

Of older fighting kings then dead

Whom they all knew by name.

She picked the shells off the seashore

And the children set them on sandy flat stones in the wind

And made up games.

Sometimes they learned the names

– Pet names for common shells, mostly –

And the names entered the games.

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Medium 9781603440943

1 An Introduction to Gulf of Mexico Biodiversity Assessment

Texas A&M University Press PDF


An Introduction to Gulf of Mexico

Biodiversity Assessment

Darryl L. Felder, David K. Camp, and John W. Tunnell Jr.

Assessment of natural resources is fundamental to managing their sustainable use and conservation, especially against a backdrop of ongoing global environmental change. Large-scale, species-level inventories are particularly important for understanding and managing biodiversity, but they are also extraordinarily difficult to prepare, considering the broad range of expertise required, the scope and heterogeneous quality of applicable literature, and the limited number of taxonomic specialists available to undertake compilations of this nature. The aforementioned challenges clearly apply to major baseline assessments for large geographic regions, as in the present work, but also to the ongoing monitoring of diversity on a regional scale that is essential for documentation of potential changes as they occur. In our collective research experience, focused on a diverse set of marine groups, the absence of authoritative, up-to-date, and reasonably comprehensive biodiversity treatments for marine waters of the world has proven to be a major impediment to comparative regional biotic assessments. In addition to their utility in evaluations of marine ecosystem health and biogeography, such species-level inventories are also a necessary resource in any research subdiscipline that may require a readily available portal to current knowledge regarding taxonomy, diversity, habitat restriction, and geographic distribution of marine biota. This, without question, applies to studies in marine ecology, evolutionary phylogenetics, environmental physiology, development, and dispersal, to name but a few.

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Medium 9781780490380

CHAPTER SIX: Analysis of a case of psychogenic amnesia: a glimpse of the traditional cases

Ahmed Fayek Karnac Books ePub

This patient would have been diagnosed according to the D.S.M.IV, as psychogenic amnesia. However, her analysis, which lasted for slightly more than four years, did not show anything that was significantly different from what was traditionally encountered in cases of hysteria (in the psychodynamic tradition of diagnosis). The main psychic issue in this patient was amnesia (repression with an additional tendency to barring off unacceptable feelings by dismissing them from her attention). The Oedipus complex was the heart of her main conflicts. This does not mean that in the course of her analysis I did not encounter pregenital material, which was of clinical interest too. However, this material was dealt with within the dynamics of the genital phase, as it did not constitute points of fixation that contributed to character formation and resistance, or were separate from the genital core of her neurosis.

The referral

Mrs. M. called me for an appointment on the suggestion of her physician. In her first appointment she intimated that she was referred to me three months ago after a suicidal attempt, but did not call right away. In taking the history, she told me that she lived abroad for several years, mainly in the States, before returning recently to her hometown in Canada. After a very brief stay with her parents, which ended in an ugly scene with her mother, she moved in with a married cousin who lived in the same town. She stayed there for a short period of time, until she found a job in a local business, and moved out to her own place. She met a professional in her place of work, and they started dating. Three weeks later, she felt that they were deeply in love. She went back to the States to get the rest of her things to move in with him. When she came back, to her surprise and disbelief, he completely denied that he meant or suggested that their affair was serious. He refused to see her again, although she conceded that she might have misunderstood his intentions, and that she was still interested in continuing their relationship. Faced with that disappointment and rejection, she became depressed, and admitted herself to a nearby hospital. She was discharged the following day with a prescription for an antidepressant. A few days later, while her cousin was checking on her, she found her unconscious from an overdose, and drove her back to the hospital.

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Medium 9780596100735

6. Monitoring Complex Systems

Gerald Knight O'Reilly Media ePub

Chapter 5 looked at Statistical Process Control. These techniques were developed before modern computers, so limiting the complexity of the calculations was an important consideration. This, however, imposes limits on power and flexibility. Business processes are often dependent on the day of the week and the traditional Statistical Process Control approach ignores this, reducing the accuracy and sensitivity of the process.

Business processes interrelate in complex ways, and these relationships need to be monitored along with the metrics themselves. If a day has an unusual amount of activity, it is important to know if the relationships in the data are normal. If you have a large amount of activity because a competitor has a problem, you don't want all your metrics to flag because they are high. But you do need to know if the product mix is normal or the percentage of items returned has changed.

Today we are not restricted to simple calculations that can be done by hand. Excel allows us to take on all the complexity and monitor the whole process. In this chapter we look at ways to monitor a complex business process using Excel. We also build a reusable application based on these techniques.

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