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Medium 9780596154165

2. Selected Design Patterns

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscopea slight change, and all patterns alter.

Design patterns suggest an approach to common problems that arise during software development regardless of programming language. For example, when you need to ensure that your application allows only one instance of a particular class, you need to implement a singleton design pattern. If you need to pass the data between different objects, you create data transfer objects (a.k.a. value objects). There are a number of books written about design patterns and their implementation in different programming languages, including ActionScript 3.0; see ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns by William Sanders and Chandima Cumaranatunge (OReilly). This chapter is not yet another tutorial on patterns. The goal of this chapter is to highlight selected patterns, as you (the developer) may implement them to take advantage of the Flex framework.

While going through the examples shown in this chapter, please keep in mind that Flex is a domain-specific tool thats aimed at creating rich UI for the Web and providing efficient communication with the server-side systems.

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Medium 9781565928381

DHCP Clients

Slice PDF June 10, 2015

Chapter 6


DHCP Clients

The DHCP server in Windows 2000 supports any RFC 2131-compliant DHCP client. In this chapter, I will be covering the Microsoft DHCP clients. In all reality, most of the Microsoft DHCP clients support the same DHCP options. However there are small differences, such as where additional DHCP options have been added or where the utilities used to support the DHCP client have changed. In this chapter I will be covering each DHCP client in detail, so, although it may seem redundant in areas, you will get to see the complete picture for each client.

Windows 2000 Professional

Windows 2000 Professional is the next generation of Microsoft’s desktop operating system. This upgrade replaces Windows NT Workstation 4.0 in the product line.

Microsoft designed Windows 2000 Professional to provide a standard business desktop and notebook configuration for every size organization. It includes many new and enhanced features geared towards making the OS more reliable, easier to maintain, and suitable for mobile use. Windows 2000 Professional also includes support for Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Plug and Play.

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Medium 9781449316112

25. Customizing QuickBooks

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Laid out like the workflow you use when youre bookkeeping, the QuickBooks Home page provides instant access to all the accounting tasks you perform. You can take your pick of helpful shortcuts to your favorite features from the QuickBooks top icon bar, the new left icon bar, or from within the centers for vendors, customers, and employees.

But your business isnt like anyone elses. If you run a strictly cash-sales business, you couldnt care less about customer lists and invoices; making deposits, though, is a daily event. Fortunately, you dont have to accept QuickBooks initial take on convenience. The Home page and the icon bars come with a set of popular shortcuts, but you can add, remove, rearrange, and otherwise edit which features appear there. You can also add your favorite features, windows, and reports to the Favorites menu. This chapter covers all your options.

In addition to tweaking QuickBooks layout, you can also customize the programs forms. QuickBooks helps you get up and running with built-in business form templates. Theyll do if you have to blast out some invoices. But when you finally find a few spare minutes, you can create templates that show the information you want, formatted the way you want, and laid out to work with your letterhead. Create as many versions as you want. For example, you can make one invoice template to print on your letterhead and another that includes your logo and company name and address for creating electronic invoices to email. This chapter describes the most efficient ways to create forms: using QuickBooks form designs or built-in templates as a basis for your own. In Appendix E (online at, you can learn how to fine-tune forms with advanced customization techniques and even create templates from scratch.

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Medium 9780819849007


Slice ePub May 29, 2014

The night before they left, Luisito’s family loaded the car with all their suitcases. They were ready to leave for Miami. Miguel’s boss had given him some time off. Luisito and Rosie had their plan all worked out. Once they arrived, Rosie would find an excuse to take Luisito to La Ermita de la Caridad in Miami. There he would quickly deliver his message. It’s a good thing he had decided to tell Rosie—this was turning out to be easier than he’d expected.

Early the next morning, the whole family crammed into the car. José, Rosie, and Sonia took the spacious vinyl front seat. Miguel, Elena, Luisito, and Tommy sat in the back.

“I brought coffee and my favorite crackers!” Rosie said.

“Well, then we are all set,” José laughed.

Luisito rested his head back and slept as his parents and the Galletis spoke softly.

After several hours, they stopped at a rest area.

“Finally, we get to stretch our legs,” Tommy said.

“No importa,” Luisito said. “Try a raft for about four days.”

“Well, now that you put it that way . . .” Tommy said, smiling.

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Medium 9781780490854

CHAPTER FOUR: Interview with Calvin Anthony Colarusso (USA)

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

GJM: Here we are with Dr. Calvin Anthony Colarusso, a well known psychoanalyst from the San Diego Psychoanalytic Institute for Psychoanalysis. Dr. Colarusso is the author of six books about human development and he is here to answer our fi ve questions. The fi ve questions are meant to serve as a stimulus to facilitate the describing of your thoughts about the human experience in midlife. Shall we begin?

CAC: Yes.

GJM: Section one is: Defi nition. Do you think that we can defi ne midlife in a useful theoretical and clinical way?

CAC: Very defi nitely. I consider midlife to be a distinct developmental phase. Freud described the psychosexual stages for childhood and adolescence. Erik Erikson extended the concept throughout the lifecycle with his eight stages of man. Then, Anna Freud added the concepts of developmental tasks and developmental lines, more detailed descriptions of the content of each of the developmental phases. Building on their work, and other developmental pioneers, such as Carl Jung, who was particularly interested in midlife; and Arnold Van Gennep who described the similarities in rites of passage across different cultures; and more contemporary thinkers such as Daniel Levinson and George Vaillant; Dr. Robert Nemiroff and myself described detailed developmental conceptualisations of adulthood by dividing the adult years into the developmental phases of early, middle, and late adulthood and described developmental tasks for each.

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