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Medium 9781847770684

Thunder and a Boy

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

For the Mind Explorers

What have you done to some of us privately, to perhaps all publicly since you have

Taken away our fables, a child’s toys, taken and hidden, sometimes destroyed them,

Or so it seems, ‘for our good’. What is this ‘good’ that comes with no nurses

That a language, a tongue or one imagination require? You have lived, acted, written, some of you even

Have prophesied, have thus taken over our old role while we stand, gagged, hands tied, in a small cell.

But not for long. We see to that, we confound you by admitting you, by letting you

Trespass upon preserves poets once thought theirs alone. We do more,

We grant you a dispensation to take away our symbols, but in our wakeful nights, since you have now

Taken away at least some of our dreams, we are gentle with you, own you and like the

Raiders, but not spoilers, we have always been, we have plundered, your found, held coins and

With extreme delicacy, been Midas with what you have done, said or thought. So our magnanimity must

Admit its debt to you – no war, no rage, no guilt, only now gratitude and a gentleness.

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Medium 9781591201359

9. Garlic Supplements

Fulder, Dr Stephen Basic Health Publications ePub



As we’ve seen, garlic is as effective a remedy as some modern drugs. However, garlic is a plant—a natural medicinal food. Because it is not a pill containing a precise amount of pure, regulated chemicals, garlic requires more attention from you.

In this chapter we will review the garlic supplements currently available. By the end of the chapter you’ll know how much to take, and how to choose the most effective products for your particular needs.

Why We Need Supplements

If you want to take advantage of garlic’s wide range of healing properties but are put off by the taste and smell of real garlic, supplements are the answer. They provide an opportunity to share in the unquestionable health benefits without experiencing any of the admittedly mild side effects.

As we’ve seen, garlic products have become extremely popular in the last few years, primarily in Northern Europe and in the United States, where garlic is not yet a national flavor. There are many garlic products on the market, from the comparatively odorous to the completely deodorized. These come in the form of oils, powders, extracts, pills, and capsules. How effective are they? Which ones are best? There has been a good deal of controversy in the marketplace in recent years about the advantages of different products. Many pseudoscientific statements have been made in the popular press by garlic supplement producers.

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Medium 9780874215564

2 Visual Patterns of Performance Arts

Barre Toelken Utah State University Press ePub

Visual Patterns of Performance


When I began making baskets, I could feel the fingers of those long ago women touching my fingers.

—Deni Hockema, Coquelle basketmaker

ON AUGUST 12, 1868, just-retired Secretary of State William H. Seward (who had earlier urged Congress to buy Alaska from the Russians, a deal later labeled “Seward’s folly”), visited Sitka, then the capital. In his brief speech, he praised the beauties and resources of Alaska, predicted the territory would one day become a state, and then resumed his voyage. Standard biographies of Seward do not mention what the makeup of his Sitka audience was, but oral history, buttressed by a local Native art form, provides us a much fuller picture of this apparently trivial event. Tlingit chiefs, clan leaders, family heads, and shamans came out to receive Seward in colorful ceremonies during which they gave him important artistic and ritual objects like drums, carved wood, and blankets. According to later Tlingit accounts, Seward received all these wonderful presents without comment and offered no gifts in return.

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Medium 9781847778512

Cardiff Elms

Gillian Clarke Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9788324615490

9. Obsługa błędów

Rich Bowen Helion ePub

W czasie pracy serwera WWW zdarza si, e nie wszystko dzieje si tak jak powinno. A gdy tak si dzieje, wane jest, by tego rodzaju przypadki byy poprawnie obsuone, tak aby uytkownicy nie odczuli zbytniego pogorszenia jakoci obsugi. W tym rozdziale powiemy, jak obsugiwa bdy, wysya uytkownikowi zrozumiae dla niego komunikaty oraz gromadzi informacje mogce pomc w rozwizaniu problemw tak, aby nigdy wicej si nie przydarzyy.

Zostao skonfigurowanych kilka serwerw wirtualnych i przynajmniej jeden z nich jest typu opartego na nazwie. Aby serwery wirtualne oparte na nazwach dziaay prawidowo, klient musi wysa w nagwku dania poprawn warto w polu Host. W tej recepturze powiemy, jak postpowa w przypadku, gdy tego pola nie ma.

W pliku httpd.conf naley umieci nastpujce wiersze:

Plik NoHost.cgi moe zawiera nastpujce wiersze:

Gdy dyrektywy przedstawione w rozwizaniu znajd si w odpowiednich miejscach, wszystkie dania skierowane do serwera, w nagwkach ktrych nie ma pola Host, bd przekierowywane do przedstawionego skryptu CGI, ktry podejmie odpowiedni akcj.

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