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Slice ePub December 14, 2013

Bats are the only mammals capable of true flight. “Flying” squirrels and the “flying lemurs” of Southeast Asia are highly efficient gliders, but they cannot actually fly (and furthermore, flying lemurs are not even lemurs!) As fliers, bats are members of an elite group: only four groups of animals have successfully evolved aerial niches. Many kinds of insects can fly, of course, and once there were flying reptiles (including the well-known pterosaurs). Birds evolved flight independently of other flying reptiles. And bats represent the fourth independent line of flying animals, having evolved from shrew-like mammals. Like pterosaurs—and unlike the birds—bats have wings formed by a membrane stretched between greatly elongated finger bones. The principal flight surface of a bird, by contrast, is formed by feathers attached to the arm.

The earliest fossils of bats have been collected from shales of Eocene age (some 50 million years old) in southwestern Wyoming. The earliest known bats were already perfectly good fliers and in many respects resemble groups now living. Intermediate stages between ground-dwelling insectivores and flying bats are unknown. There are about 1,100 living species of bats arrayed in 18 families, making this the second most diverse order of mammals.

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Medium 9780596008666

3. System Maintenance

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

In This Chapter

Airlines, trucking companies, and other large organizations devote much more time, money, and effort to cleaning and preventative maintenance than they do to repairs. That's because cleaning and regular system maintenance repay their costs many times over by reducing the frequency and cost of repairs. It's almost always cheaper to prevent something from breaking than it is to fix it after it's broken. The same is true for PCs.

Dirt is the main enemy of PCs. Dirt blocks air flow, causing the system to run hotter and less reliably. Dirt acts as thermal insulation, causing components to overheat and thereby shortening their service lives. Dirt causes fans to run faster (and louder) as they attempt to keep the system cool. Dirt worms its way into connectors, increasing electrical resistance and reducing reliability. Dirt corrodes contact surfaces. Dirt is nasty stuff.

Computers become dirty as a natural part of running. Fans suck dust, pet hair, and other contaminants into the case, where they rest on every surface. Even in clean rooms, operating theaters, and other very clean environments, a PC will eventually become dirty. If there's any dust in the air at all, the system fans will suck it in and deposit it inside the case, where it will become a problem sooner or later.

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Medium 9781574410679

Famley Problum

Source: My Remembers
Slice PDF May 18, 2014

Farnley Problurn

All that have been said and did, what I have talk about was the good and some bad about my family living on the farm.

Thing did not go to well with Mom and Dad. He was a man that like women. And I think it was from the Stimpson genes.

It has been said that the Stimpsons were highly sexually attractive. Only those who are knows. All of the thing Dad did, he was still a very good provider, he work six and a half and seven day a week. He was not book educated, but he sure did no the farming and all way made good crops.

Also, out of all the arguing Dad and Mom had, he never raise his hand to hit her-even the time she and I walk five miles leaving Bessie Lee and Ruth home. We went to the house where Dad was visiting a woman. We peep in the window. The woman was sitting in Dad lap. Mom kick the door down. The woman ran out the back door and Dad got up and stroll on out to the car, Mother and I behind him. Whin we got back home

Mom jump out of the car, run into the house, got the shot gun and as Dad come in the door she raise the gun to shoot him, and Ruth and Bessie Lee standing beside her jump and swung down on the barrel. Without Ruth and Bessie Lee, Dad would have been shot gun dead, but all the shots went into the floor.

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Medium 9781593578091

Chapter 4: The Health-Care Professional

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

In electing a career as a health-care professional, your goal should be to become the best caregiver possible. To achieve this aim, it is essential to master the necessary knowledge, develop your interpersonal skills, and learn how to accommodate your personal and professional activities so that they can coexist harmoniously. This chapter will deal with each of these important issues.

Although health-care workers are employed in many different career areas and in a variety of facilities, certain personal and professional characteristics and attitudes apply to all health-care personnel. Recognizing the need for these qualities will not only help you to decide if a health-care career is right for you, it can help you to succeed once you begin.

For starters, consider the following:

• Can you communicate concisely and accurately in a well-modulated voice?

• Would you dress appropriately and neatly as is suitable for a professional?

• Do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

• Do you have a genuine interest in people’s welfare?

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Medium 9780596557676

Operating Systems

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Install, configure, optimize, and upgrade laptops and portable devices

• Configure power management.

• Identify the features of BIOS-ACPI.

• Identify the difference between suspend, hibernate, and standby.

• Demonstrate safe removal of laptop-specific hardware such as peripherals, hotswappable devices, and non-hot-swappable devices.

Identify tools, basic diagnostic procedures, and troubleshooting techniques for laptops and portable devices

• Use procedures and techniques to diagnose power conditions and video, keyboard, pointer, and wireless card issues. For example:

• Verify AC power (e.g. LEDs, swap AC adapter).

• Verify DC power.

• Remove unneeded peripherals.

• Plug in external monitor.

• Toggle Fn keys.

• Check LCD cutoff switch.

• Verify backlight functionality and pixilation.

• Stylus issues (e.g., digitizer problems).

• Unique laptop keypad issues.

• Antenna wires.

Perform preventive maintenance on laptops and portable devices

• Identify and apply common preventive maintenance techniques for laptops and portable devices—for example, cooling devices, hardware and video cleaning materials, operating environments including temperature and air quality, storage, transportation, and shipping.

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