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Medium 9781933820187

CHAPTER 3 Building Support for Your Work

Buley, Leah Rosenfeld Media ePub


Principles over Process

Dealing with People Issues

Dealing with Organizational Issues

Responses to Common Objections

If You Only Do One Thing...

Dedicated as you are, it can still be difficult to get others to stand behind the UX approach, particularly when it butts up against executive fiat or the very real constraints of time and budget. It’s not that people are hostile or unsupportive of the idea of a well-designed product that meets users’ needs. But UX sometimes doesn’t have a lot of muscle in the face of other challenges, like an unhappy VP, or a constrained project schedule. Organizations that are new to UX can show a kind of ebbing and flowing commitment that can leave teams of one with sometimes more support, sometimes less. The constant tug and pull of trying to help others understand and care about user experience can put you at times in conversations that feel like battles (and at worst, losing battles). But they don’t have to feel this way if you’re willing to be creative and a little bit strategic about how you overcome obstacles to UX. You can do this by building trust, setting expectations, and then showing progress against them. This chapter will tackle the squishier side of life as a team of one: how to deal with the inevitable people and organizational issues that can influence how successful your work ultimately is.

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Medium 9781742205762

Capricorn Coast & the Southern Reef Islands

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Capricorn Coast & the Southern Reef Islands

The stretch of coastline that straddles the tropic of Capricorn is one of the quietest and most lovely lengths of the East Coast. While local families flock to the main beaches during school holidays, the scene is uncrowded for most of the year, and even in high season you needn’t travel far to find a deserted beach.

The stunning powdery white sand and turquoise waters of the Capricorn Coast fit the holiday-brochure image perfectly. The pristine islands of the southern Great Barrier Reef offer some of the best snorkelling and diving in Queensland, and the opportunities for wildlife spotting – from turtle hatchlings to passing whales – are plentiful. Unspoilt beaches and windswept national parks can be found along the entire coastline.

Inland, you’ll find bustling Rockhampton – Capricornia’s economic hub and the capital of cattle country, with all the steakhouses, rodeos and gigantic hats to prove it.

Feb The Agnes Blues & Roots Festival rocks the Discovery Coast.

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Medium 9781903039922

Ashburnham House

Jane Draycott Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9781565928718

21. Authentication and Auditing Services

Elizabeth D. Zwicky O'Reilly Media ePub

Services can get information about how to identify users, and what users are allowed to do, from various sources. For instance, they can keep local files (this is what Unix web servers do when they use "basic" authentication), or they can use the operating system's normal methods (this is what Windows NT web servers do when they use "Windows NT Challenge/Response" authentication). However, there is now a third popular option, a centralized authentication service that is independent of the specific service and the specific computer the service is running on. That service makes up part of something often referred to as an AAA server.

An AAA server (sometimes spoken as "Triple A server") provides authentication, authorization, and auditing services:

The process of obtaining verified, proven identification. Authentication determines who somebody or something is.

The process of determining what somebody can do. Don't confuse authentication and authorization. Authentication is a prerequisite for authorization (unless everybody is authorized to do something, such as anonymous FTP).

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Medium 9781847770684

An Experience

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF


The love, the sun, the beauty and it all

Seems to mean nothing. I am in

A country – Spain – where one could say the Fall

Had never happened. I perceive this, then,

Watch how clear lust shines in a man’s hot eyes

Which gaze towards a woman with her thin

Dress and petticoat, her simple breasts

Showing what grown-up women cannot hide –

The place on which a man or baby rests.

The mind is there but thought is set aside.

An Experience

It seems strangely like a flower

Yet I cannot at once

Identify it at all.

I feel like an astronomer

Who knows there is a star in the sky

But cannot remember its name,

But it comes back. It has come back;

This is the delicate scent of honeysuckle –

The first flower I ever saw.

How potent it suddenly seems,

Bearing my early memories,

Bearing a child’s happiness.

Evening Prayer, by Rimbaud

Like an angel at the barber’s shop, I am sitting here;

My neck and stomach are curved and between my teeth

Is a pipe. And I have, of course, a great mug of beer.

Smoke is floating high up, low down and beneath.

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