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Medium 9781935249788

4 Finding Adventure

Slice ePub September 08, 2014

Alisa was a creative and active fourth grader. For the most part, Alisa enjoyed school, but she was particularly captivated by the more innovative projects. This proved true during a Native American unit in her social studies class. Students were asked to explore a tribe of their choice and present it in some way. Alisa worked tirelessly to gather information and prepare a PowerPoint presentation to include just the right colors, pictures, and message. In awe, her parents observed her engagement with and ownership of the project. Each word was carefully composed. While Alisa cared about school, they had never seen this type of focus on her learning before. In the past, her focus was on completing the work, not on learning the content or carefully conveying the message.

Motivation and engagement are contagious, and when students get excited, learning gains momentum. Wendy Yount is a fourth-grade teacher at Rocky Branch Elementary School in Bogart, Georgia, and Alisa was a student in her class. The following is a blog entry Mrs. Yount posted describing the project and students’ enthusiasm for it:

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Medium 9781576337356

Moles: CLEP Chemistry

Slice ePub July 02, 2014

Medium 9781855755376

CHAPTER EIGHT: Challenging unhelpful patterns of thinking

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

After completing some impact crosses you will have seen how unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour can lead to negative emotions and unpleasant physiological responses. The earlier chapters dealt with suggesting new behaviours aimed at helping you manage your CFS/ME as well as reducing the severity of your symptoms. Now we are going to look at ways of changing problematic patterns of thinking.

The first step to changing negative automatic thoughts is to identify them. Hopefully, after the weeks that you have spent completing your thoughts and feelings diary, and creating impact crosses, this is a skill at which you have become proficient. We are now going to look at how to begin the process of modifying unhelpful thoughts.

At some point, our thinking becomes negatively-biased through making thinking errors. The more thinking errors we make, the more likely it is that our thinking will be unhelpful, which will have consequences on how we behave and how we feel, both emotionally and physically.

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Medium 9780596809775

9. You've Got Customers!

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

You've launched your product. Customers are downloading your app from iTunes. Life is good!

But to maintain that good life, you have to work at it. You need to advertise and promote your application to new customers. To understand how effective your marketing effort is, you keep track of sales and other trends. You also begin establishing a conversation with your customer base through social networks and other support channels.

The goal is to gather as much information about your customers as possible. With this data, you learn about their buying habits and what it takes to make them happy. And that makes for a successful business.

If you're like most iPhone developers, you want to know how well your product is selling. The more downloads you have, the more people like your work, and you feel validated. More importantly, these sales numbers are the primary feedback mechanism for your marketing efforts. Apple provides two types of reports: a daily summary and monthly financial report.

The daily summary tells you how many units you sold of each product in each country. It's a tab-delimited text file that totals every item sold. It shouldn't come as a surprise that you get these files from iTunes Connect. To download the report, follow these steps:

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Medium 9781857543353

Slate Mine

Slice PDF February 04, 2015

Yet my daughter’s beautiful, and my daughter’s daughter, even then printed in the womb of the waking embryo, now resolves into her elements.

Shadow on shining, here she comes dancing through the bright window of ultra-sound, fiercer than death and kicking to be born.

In times like these we should praise trees and babies and take the children walking in beech-woods.

Slate Mine

Into the dark out of June heat, under the forest’s root, past Private,

Danger, Forbidden, past wheels, pulleys, chains stilled in their pollens of rust.

We stoop through its porch, to the knees in ice. Torchlight flutters on wet stone and dies at the brink of the first gallery.

In the next, and the next, emptiness deep as cathedrals, then one where a stream hangs three hundred feet in glittering stillness and ferns lean to drink at sunlight.

Rungs crook rusted fingers over the drop, the miner’s footprint in air, his hand-print on rockface and roofscape slimed by a century of rain.

My cast slate panics through generations of silence, such a long wait for the sound of drowning.

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