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Medium 9781780428888

Portrait, Historical, and Genre Painting

Slice PDF May 26, 2014

The Old Masters (1730-1850)

They were commissioned to decorate castles, palaces, and churches; they received, not only from the court, but also from the nobility, liberal commissions, which rendered their stay on

British soil a continual triumph.

Pupils also studied under them, to whom they imparted as much of their art as they could teach; but it was not in their power to communicate their special gifts – their invention and imagination.

Sir James Thornhill, sergeant-painter to King George I, a gentleman by birth and a member of

Parliament, is perhaps the only one who, in his mural paintings at St Paul’s and at Greenwich, has shown some artistic fire; but even he was not original. He carried on the style of the French painters of the 17th century, and the allegories of Charles Le Brun and Jean-Baptiste Jouvenet, with only a small touch of that life which emanates so abundantly from the brush of Rubens. The commencement of the English school is marked, really, by Hogarth; he is, so to speak, its

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Medium 9780596559380

The lookupd Daemon

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

I always like to check the system log, just to make sure that my actions had their intended consequence:

4am$ tail /var/log/system.log

Jun 4 17:23:16 localhost DirectoryService[71]: Debug Logging turned ON after receiving USR1 signal.

Jun 4 17:23:21 localhost sudo:

4am : TTY=ttyp3 ; PWD=/Volumes/home/4am ;

USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/killall -USR2 DirectoryService

Jun 4 17:23:21 localhost DirectoryService[71]: Logging of API Calls turned ON after receiving USR2 signal.

The lookupd Daemon lookupd, which lives at /usr/sbin/lookupd, is, like DirectoryService, started by the mach_init daemon according to its configuration file in /etc/mach_init.d. lookupd operates with the concept of agents. Like DirectoryService’s plug-ins, lookupd agents are responsible for communication with specific data stores. These agents are enumerated in Table A-4.

Table A-4. lookupd’s agent.




DirectoryService client. Used to send queries to the DirectoryService daemon.


NetInfo client; queries NetInfo.

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Medium 9781615420902

2. Learn about PDF Files

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

It seems like PDF files have been around for a long timein fact, if youre young enough, they may have been around for your entire life. Nonetheless, PDFs are younger than the Mac platform you are using to edit them, and, in their short time on this planet, they have (just like you) gone through more than a few changes.

You dont need to know most of the information in this chapter in order to use PDFpen productively. If you are eager to get going, feel free to jump ahead to the next chapter, Understand the Tools.

But if you like to understand why as well as how, this short chapter gives you some background on how the PDF file format evolved, what it can contain, and what you can reasonably expect to be able do with it.

Interestingly enough, PDF and HTML both originated from similar dreams that their individual creators had at roughly the same time: the late 1980s. In the case of HTML and Tim Berners-Lee, the dream was to make the scientific papers being developed at the CERN particle physics lab in Switzerland available to all of the CERN scientists using the labs computer network, regardless of the type of computer attached to the network. In the case of PDF and John Warnock, one of founders of Adobe Systems, Inc., it was the dream of being able to send full text and graphics documents (newspapers, magazine articles, technical manuals etc.) over electronic mail distribution networks, regardless of the type of computer receiving them.

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Medium 9781903039922


Source: Over
Slice PDF February 24, 2015

Medium 9781855757790

CHAPTER ONE: A study in institutional change: the experience of trauma and the role of rumour in a case of paranoiagenesis

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Howard D. Kibel


The clinical material for this study comes from change that occurred in a major psychiatric teaching hospital in the early 1990s. The process began in a subtle manner. For a long time, the principal clinicians at this hospital were in denial about what was happening. Specifically, they knew that change was occurring, but minimized or even ignored its significance. Once the change had occurred, they reacted in a manner that was uncharacteristic of them. They demonstrated paranoid reactions that were transmitted through rumour.

Paranoiagenesis has been described by Kernberg (1993). He applied psychoanalytic concepts to the study of organizations. He noted that in organizations that are not structurally sound, specifically if its stated tasks cannot be accomplished, paranoid-like states occur. He noted that members evidence “markedly paranoid features in their institutional dealings that contrast with their normal personality characteristics outside organizational life” (p. 48). In the case studied here, interactions had paranoid features, but frankly paranoid rumours occurred. The organization studied here was in a state of social flux in so far as its fundamental identity was changing. Specifically, it was being transformed from an academic institution that promoted scholarship into one where fiscal considerations dominated decision making.

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