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Medium 9788324621316

Polecenia oraz konfiguracja Rails

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Po zainstalowaniu Rails mona uy polecenia rails do generowania nowych aplikacji Rails z domyln struktur katalogw oraz konfiguracj dla okrelonej cieki.

By utworzy aplikacj Rails o nazwie myapp, naley wpisa:

Po wykonaniu tego polecenia zobaczymy list katalogw oraz plikw wygenerowanych przez nie. To nasza aplikacja Rails; myapp bdzie folderem gwnym, inaczej RAILS ROOT.

Pomoc dla polecenia rails mona uzyska za pomoc:

cieka do wybranych plikw binarnych jzyka Ruby.

Konfiguracja dla okrelonej bazy danych (na przykad mysql, oracle, postgresql, sqlite2, sqlite3).

Zamroenie Rails w katalogu vendor/rails z gemw generujcych szkielet.

Pokazuje numer wersji Rails i koczy dziaanie.

Jest wykonywane, ale nie wprowadza adnych zmian.

Nadpisuje istniejce pliki.

Pomija istniejce pliki.

Blokuje wywietlanie normalnych danych wyjciowych.

Debugowanie; w przypadku bdw pokazuje lad wykonanych czynnoci.

Modyfikuje pliki z uyciem Subversion (svn musi by w ciece).

Po wygenerowaniu aplikacji Rails utworzone zostaj domylny katalog oraz struktura plikw (Tabela1-1).

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Medium 9781855759398

6 The Transference

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

What was new with the invention of the analytic hour was the opportunity to explore at length all the feelings that appeared in the course of treatment, a topic that produced extensive discussions in the Wednesday Psychological Society and in lengthy papers explaining analytic phenomena to wider medical audiences. In a theoretical article in 1912., Freud referred to the ‘almost inexhaustible topic of transference’, the now visible dynamics of the relationship between past and present as displayed in the patient-therapist relationship.

For the first time in the treatment of mental distress, the patient’s responses to the therapist became an explicit part of the treatment. In hypnosis, rapport with the therapist was essential. But in analytic treatment the shape, texture and nature of the rapport, instead of being merely exploited in the service of a cure, was itself observed for symptoms of underlying distress capable of treatment. As Freud put it in 1908 to the Wednesday Psychological Society: ‘The vicissitudes of the transference decide the success of the treatment’ (p. 102).

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Medium 9781491908945

14. Networking

Slice ePub January 27, 2015

Many chapters in books like this begin with something like, “The ability to talk to computers over the network is an increasingly popular feature.” We won’t bore you with that. Suffice to say—it’s the 21st century, networking is huge, and your app needs to send and receive data. Let’s learn how.

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to make connections over the network and access resources with URLs. You’ll also learn how to use Bonjour to discover nearby network services so that you can connect to them. Finally, you’ll learn how to create your own network service and receive connections from other devices.

All of the content in this chapter applies to both OS X and iOS.

At the lowest level, network connections in Cocoa are the same as in every other popular OS. The Berkeley sockets API, the fundamental networking and connectivity API used on Windows and Unix OSes (which includes OS X and iOS), is available, allowing you to make connections to any computer on the network and send and receive data.

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Medium 9781601322609

Finding The Relationship Between Software Testing Effort And Software Quality Metrics

Slice PDF October 23, 2014

Int'l Conf. Software Eng. Research and Practice | SERP'13 |


Finding The Relationship Between Software Testing

Effort And Software Quality Metrics

N. Yagci1, K. Ayan2


TUBITAK BILGEM, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey


Computer Engineering, Sakarya University, Serdivan,Sakarya,Turkey

Abstract - Software testing has very important role in

Software Development Life Cycle for providing software quality and its role comes into prominence day by day. One of the jobs, which software test engineers perform, is executing the tests according to the test cases. But before the execution of tests starts, test manager has to schedule and plan and for this purpose he or she has to estimate the test effort accurate as possible. The accuracy of the estimation is very important for project success, because source and time planning is going to be actualizing according to this estimation. But so far the methods which have been used to estimate the test effort are too subjective or required too many efforts. In this article, we propose a new method for test effort estimation. Proposed method is about finding the relationship between software quality metrics and test effort execution then making the estimation according to this relationship.

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Medium 9781550223743


Slice PDF April 01, 2013





Food fads break out like brushfires, sweeping in overnight and dominating entire regions of the city. Ten years ago, popcorn created a sensation, and popcorn stores opened all over Midtown selling the stuff in dozens of flavors — like coconut, bubble gum, and tutti frutti

— then shut down almost immediately. Other fads have included buffalo chicken wings; pretzels with gooey stuffings; burritos and their bastard offspring, wraps; and sushi, which has stayed with us longer than any other.

Spawned by the Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" episode, and in emulation of

Soup Kitchen International (2^^A West 55th Street, 757-7330), at least 20 soup-only storefronts have sprung up, of which Daily

Soup has the most locations. The formula is simple: each offers ten or so pottages per day in carryout containers in a variety of sizes.

The price always seems a little steep, but the soup comes with a hunk of bread, piece of fruit, and tiny square of decent chocolate, making it seem like a full meal.

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