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Medium 9781491945674

14. Challenges of Worldwide Parallelism

Jo Rhett O'Reilly Media ePub

MCollective provides an amazing toolset for orchestrating change in every environment, from small labs all the way up to global enterprises around the world. I’m familiar with a company that manages more than 200 global sites. I’ve assisted a different company managing more than 6,000 servers in a central site, with hundreds more at remote data centers. MCollective’s ability to function well in both environments is unparalleled. 

MCollective will likely work in any small environment right out of the box. To make MCollective work in either of the large-scale environments just mentioned required extensive tuning of the server and broker configurations. Much like a database server, file server, or any other major infrastructure service, you’ll need to tune it to operate at scale.

Let’s review some of the configuration options you’ll want to tune:

Choose an encryption level suitable to protect your middleware, as shown in “Anonymous TLS” and “CA-Verified TLS Servers”.

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Medium 9781855754959

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Perverse patients’ use of the body— their own and that of others

David Morgan Karnac Books ePub

David Morgan

In this chapter I will briefly describe a number of patients and my clinical experience of them to illustrate how the patient's use of the body or inanimate objects may be understood to be an unconscious attempt to manage or change emotional conflicts through enacting them on the body – their own or someone else's. This might be considered to be a reflection of the patients own early experience of being reacted to at a purely physical level rather than at an emotional or mental level. It is said that some patients – and those displaying violence, perversion and delinquincy would definitely come into this category – do not have a sufficient capacity to use their mind and resort to the use of the body as their only means of expression and communication.

A patient's memory of his early childhood was the rubber mattress that he used to turn to as a child when he felt abandoned by his mother. This can be seen as a defensive retreat to a stable or reliable object over which he could exert power and control. His destructive feelings towards his mother were so great that he had to destroy his knowledge of his need for her and give it to an inanimate substance. In later life this had developed into a full rubber fetish and he would climb into a wetsuit, which acted as an auto erotic substitute at times of intimacy with his wife. This forced her into a subservient position, putting her into the role of accomplice and voyeur to his exhibitionism. Thus he eliminates his own experiences of helplessness at the hands of his early relationships by reversing them and through a process of projective identification puts these feelings into the other, whilst he retains the relationship with the primary object by imbuing a lifeless substance with power, whilst asset stripping his wife. This is a common constellation in the presentation of patients with perversions and/or addictions. Human relationships are asset stripped and subordinated to objects and substances which become idealized, thus ensuring that human attachment with all its inherent dangers of loss, death and dependency can be avoided. Clearly this is often caused by very early failures of attachment but can also be due to excessive destructiveness and envy towards creativity and the capacity for love in others. Inanimate objects are sexualized and the knowledge of the need for love from others is destroyed. Thus aggression and anxiety caused by early fears of disintegration become eroticized and powerful rather than disintegrating into a terrifying descent into psychosis.

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Medium 9781492000662

8. TOPIC: Continual Service Improvement

Safari Content Team Safari Books Online ePub

Within the ITSM approach you should always strive to improve and perfect your procesess. This requires a number of different approaches, such as effective monitoring metrics, and review and planning processes to enable improvements to be identified and implemented.

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ITIL Lifecycle Essentials, Claire Agutter, IT Governance Ltd

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Medium 9781847770684

Christ Speaks to his Father of Homesickness, 1976 (GU, 2/3/2) 876

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

It is the one the preyed upon darts at

The hunter when death’s sure. Oh yes, defiance

Follows you like your shadow, like defeat.

Christ Speaks to his Father of Homesickness

Father, you sent me forth, your only Son.

Your only Son is missing you. As man

He feels such homesickness, he is undone,

By tears, feels as a child. O Father, scan

Your universe and run –

I speak in human terms – to rescue me.

But I am God, am you. Father I know

That you miss me. Say, can it also be

That you feel suffering? O no, O no,

It’s not in agony

That we unite nor in the joys which men

Illustrate, make me wonder. Father, why

Are you remote? I am a man whom sin

Has never tainted. Must God be so high?

O shudder Godhead through your Son again

And wipe his child’s eye.

End of Winter

A sonnet

The Winter dawdles and the air is hard.

Sheathed are the buds. Leaves won’t unwrap today.

There is an air of nothing-to-discard,

Of holding in; the season won’t give way

And loose the clouds and let the blue ride in

(Sea over our heads, the sun a shore

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Medium 9781847772268

Jackson Pollock Crashes his Car

Ward, David C. Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

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