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Medium 9780819833907

Chapter 11: Naming and Defeating Five Varieties of Worry

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

“I have learned to live each day as it comes

and not to borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow.

It is the dark menace of the future that makes cowards of us.”

— Dorothy Day

Chapter 11

Naming and Defeating Five Varieties of Worry

If you’ve ever faced a snarling stray dog, you’ve known fear. Simply say that dog’s name, however, and the growling may stop, the ears drop, and the tail begin to wag. Knowing the dog’s name gives you power over it.

God gave Adam the right to name all the animals. Naming implies dominion; the right to name confers power.

When Jesus went into the desert to fast and pray, the devil came to him and offered three temptations to deter him from his mission. Jesus faced his enemy, recognized him, and called him by name.

You need to face and name your enemies, the worries that plague you. To name them is to begin to exercise power over them.

Here are five common types of worry.

1) Info-ignorance

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” poet and philosopher Alexander Pope once noted. Sometimes, the more we know—or think we know—the more confused we become.

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Medium 9781780427812

La Peinture

Source: Le Rococo
Slice PDF May 27, 2014

dernier se distingua surtout dans la construction de châteaux

(son œuvre majeure étant le Blenheim Palace).

Même si le gothique, encore profondément ancré dans la mentalité anglaise, s’insurgeait contre la prééminence du néoclassicisme, ce dernier continua de s’affirmer avec vigueur sur l’ensemble du XVIIIe siècle. Trois architectes en particulier sont responsables de cet épanouissement. Formé à l’école romaine, William Kent (1685-1748), le père des « jardins à l’anglaise », exerça une grande influence sur le goût de ses contemporains avec sa manière d’ériger châteaux et jardins. Le bâtisseur de Somerset House, William Chambers (1726-1796) mit en pratique, dans l’architecture et l’art paysager anglais, les vastes connaissances qu’il avait acquises au cours de ses voyages en Orient et en Chine. Le troisième de ces architectes George

Dance le jeune (1741-1825) s’occupa non seulement de construire la Council House (chambre du conseil) de Guildhall

(1777), mais aussi de faire les plans et de diriger le chantier de

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Medium 9781742201382


Slice ePub July 12, 2014


     Includes »


     Around Lhasa

     The Friendship Highway

     Western Tibet

For centuries Tibet has held the imagination of spiritual seekers, mountain adventurers and intrepid travellers. For today’s travellers the ‘roof of the world’ continues to promise breathtaking high-altitude scenery, awe-inspiring monasteries, epic road trips and a unique Himalayan culture that remains vibrant after a half-century of assault and repression. As you travel around Tibet, meeting crimson-robed monks and wild-haired pilgrims, you’ll quickly find that the colour, humour and religious devotion of the immensely likeable Tibetan people is as much of a highlight as the big sights.

Tibet is changing fast, with ambitious new construction and transport projects unveiled seemingly every month. Moreover, the political tensions of recent years have resulted in strict travel restrictions on foreigners throughout the autonomous region. Despite all this, the magic of old Tibet is still there – you just to have to work a bit harder to find it these days.

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Medium 9781780491264

CHAPTER THREE. The elusive dimension of external reality in psychoanalytic theory

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

As Loewald pointed out, cogently, the basic view of external reality in psychoanalytic theory is negative. Accordingly, Freud’s perspective consists of a reality that exceeds the baby’s integrative capacities (Loewald, 1980, p. 23). It depicts as the norm an excessive influx of external reality that corresponds to the economics of trauma and is inflicted by an environment that does not adjust to the infant’s phase of development. Infancy and trauma go hand in hand, which leads Loewald to conclude that psychoanalysis “has not recognized, in its dominant current, that psychoanalytic theory has unwittingly taken over much of the obsessive neurotic’s experience and conception of reality and has taken it for granted as ‘the objective reality’” (Loewald, 1980a, p. 30) He contrasts the historic view, “the idea of an alien, hostile reality (a finished product imposed on the unsuspecting infant, from there on and forever after)”, with “the integrated, dynamic, reality (forever unfinished) on the elaboration and organization of which we spend our lives” (Loewald, 1980a, p. 32). This reality was historically and erroneously linked to the father, to whom submission is necessary:

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Medium 9781588438690

Smith Mountain Lake

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

If the Fish Aren't Biting, Take a Hike

It all started with a dam. In 1966, the Appalachian Power Company completed construction of a 235-foot-high, $85-million dam across the Roanoke River. As a fringe benefit of power production, one of the premier lakes in the eastern United States was created. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and contained by over 500 miles of shoreline, the 22,000 acres of clear, clean water have become a recreational paradise. Although people own condos or vacation homes there, it remains free from the negative effects of mass tourism. It is not that remote, either - just a half-hour or so from Roanoke and Lynchburg. So, before too many people catch on and commercialization takes hold, visit Smith Mountain Lake for a weekend.

The first thing you'll need to do is decide where to stay. Although there are not too many options, the ones that exist are good. The topography of the lake shore makes it a trifle inconvenient for those coming in from the south, but most facilities are on the northern side of the lake shore. Therefore, this is the area of choice when it comes to accommodation.

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