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3. Preparing to Mix and Match Methods

Slice PDF May 14, 2014

3 peggy holman

Preparing to Mix and

Match Methods

Great leaders are identified by their ability to perceive the nature of the game and the rules by which it is played as they are playing it. In other words, the act of sense making is discovering the new terrain as you are inventing it.

—Brian Arthur

A question that often arises when working with whole system change is: Can you use multiple methodologies together? While the simple answer is yes, the practical answer is much more involved. Mastering the art of blending and innovating new practices looks easy on the surface, yet it is a lifetime’s work.

The work begins with preparation. Preparation is vital because change work affects people’s lives and livelihoods. It is an awesome responsibility to support organizations and communities who wish to engage people in shaping their future. We, as practitioners, do so by creating “containers,” energetic and psychic spaces that support people in learning and working well together. Well-prepared containers are grounded in purpose, engage a relevant diversity of participants, and involve mindfully chosen processes and environments that serve the purpose and people well.1 Such containers “create circumstances in which democracy breaks out, environments in which it just happens.”2 They enable people to take control of their own situations, compelling facilitators and traditional leaders to move more and more out of the way. As projects involve more people and larger systems, the stakes get higher and the choices more complex.

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1. Introduction to Access/Excel Integration

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Most business users understand Excel; its power and practically universal acceptance make it a key application to learn. While Excel is a powerful tool on its own, you can do a lot more with it when you add the power of a relational database. Whether you store your data in a simple Access database or link an Access database to your corporate data warehouse, you'll be able to do a lot of things more easily. A simple query combined with an Excel workbook can supply many of the benefits of expensive reporting packages using the tools you already have on your desktop.

Consider the following scenario. Your company stores sales information in a database, and each sales record carries an identifier that tells who sold the item. You also have a table of salespeople that tells what region they are in and who supervises them. Senior management wants to find out how each salesperson, sales manager, and region performs on a daily basis. Since they want to see the reports so frequently, it will be necessary to automate these reports as much as possible. This book will show you how to gather the information and build the reports, charts, and supporting details that are necessary to meet these business objectives.

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Medium 9781616516192

Music, Art, and Literature Words-What Is a "Masterpiece"?

Slice PDF September 11, 2001


Lesson 5


What Is a “Masterpiece”?

Some exceptional paintings are said to be “great” rather than

“good.” These works of art are called masterpieces. A masterpiece is more than a picture of something.

It also tells a story and excites strong emotions in the viewers.

A masterpiece calls on all the senses. Viewers might smell the sea, taste a peach, or even feel motion. In the dreariness of winter, a masterpiece can transport viewers to a bright spring. The next time you view a painting, ask yourself what senses it awakens.

A masterpiece makes viewers feel what they see. Ancient cave paintings of stampeding bison reflect the terror in the animals’ eyes. They tell the viewer something about fear.

Loneliness, joy, hope, unhappiness, and courage—these are some of the emotions great artists call upon in

creating masterpieces.


A masterpiece gives clues about the artist’s world, culture, and character. By choice of subject, artists reflect their surroundings and their state of mind. During his

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Medium 9781601322432

Session - Degree Programs, Curriculum, and Course Development + Related Issues

Slice PDF December 10, 2014

Medium 9781906188108

tea bag

Slice PDF April 30, 2015

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