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Simplify Fractions: Praxis I Arithmetic

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CHAPTER SIX: Family first or business first: issues in family business

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Hande Yasargil and Lloyd Denton


In every family business, there are the people at the centre, people at the margins, and others in between. Working as coaches to the leaders of family businesses throughout Turkey and the Middle East over the past decade, we have enjoyed many remarkable relationships and learned some useful perspectives, tools, and processes. This chapter is about sharing what we have learnt so far, opening it to discussion and debate, and, therefore, learning more from the experience of other families and consultants. Of course, the details of any cases and examples provided here are altered to protect the privacy of our clients.

Seen from the edges: a family and a business

Coaches working with the complexities of a family business may have good reason to ask the question: what comes first in a family business, family or business ?

One of the most valuable lessons for us has been the importance of knowing our place at the periphery. Equipped with professional knowledge of business and coaching, and of family systems, we tend to spend our time looking in from the edges, choosing carefully when and how we might intervene to create a positive impact at the centre. In fact, it seems to us that some of the most serious mistakes to be made with family businesses arise from coaches mistakenly believing they are at the centre. In this highly complex environment, distance and humility go a long way towards success. Pity those who believe they have joined the inner circle, who are sure they understand everything that is going on, or who become inflexible and doctrinaire in the methods they use or the solutions they apply.

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"M" Words: GRE Advanced Vocabulary

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Edmund von Mach Parkstone International PDF



hat Phidias, as is popularly believed, had an intimate connection with the Parthenon cannot be proved. Ikteinos and Kallikrates were the architects of the building, and many sculptors were engaged to carve in stone its friezes and pedimental figures. When

Perikles decided upon the building of this the largest of all the Athenian temples, he did so, at least in part, in order to provide occupation for large classes of citizens whom he found it desirable to keep well occupied.

Under these conditions it was impossible to engage the best sculptors only, and this is shown by the differences in workmanship, which are at times pronounced. Phidias, who, we are told, had general charge of all the art activities during the ascendency of Perikles, may naturally have paid special attention to the decoration of the Parthenon; but this is merely an assumption, not even based on transmitted evidence. Phidias himself, while the temple was being built, was actively engaged in the making of his colossal gold and ivory statue of Athena, and doubtless had little time for anything else.

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