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Medium 9780596009427

6. Sabermetric Thinking

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

I think that this chapter contains the most fun set of hacks in the book. I like scoring games, searching for data, and compiling databases. But the reason for doing all of these things is to learn more about baseball, which is what this chapter is all about.

The term sabermetrics comes from SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research (see for more information). In 1974, Bill James, Pete Palmer, and Dick Cramer started a statistics committee to encourage the exchange of ideas on baseball. These three pioneers, and many other committee members, popularized thinking about baseball statistics and strategy. As described in Chapter 5, they developed some of the most famous formulas in baseball. Over time, this type of numbers-based thinking has come to be known as sabermetrics.

In this chapter, I examine some classic questions about baseball and some questions of my own. Some fellow baseball fans have contributed to this chapter, and I hope you enjoy reading their hacks as much as I did. These hacks arent designed just to answer questions about baseball, but to teach you how to answer questions about baseball.

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Medium 9781601323279

VoIP Forgery Detection

Slice PDF December 17, 2014


Int'l Conf. Security and Management | SAM'14 |

VoIP Forgery Detection

Satish Tummala, Yanxin Liu and Qingzhong Liu

Department of Computer Science

Sam Houston State University

Huntsville, TX, USA


Abstract- With the rapid increase in low-cost and sophisticated digital technology the need for techniques to authenticate digital material will become more urgent. Inspired by the image forgery detection, we develop a method to detect the forgery in VoIP audio streams by checking the offset differential features with learning machine. Our experimental results on Speex VoIP streams show that our approach is promising to expose the forgery manipulation in VoIP audio streams.

Keywords- Multimedia forensics, forgery detection, SVM classifier, speex, VoIP



Recently, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of

VoIP applications. In some cases, they may be submitted as digital evidence. If these files are being submitted as digital evidence, then there is a need to authenticate such material. In order to authenticate such material, there is an urgent need to develop authentication methods for VoIP files. Digital watermarking and signature are the two typical technologies for digital multimedia authentication. These two techniques need some side information such a signature or digital watermark at the time of detection. Since, it is impossible to retrieve any available side information from the questionable data; these methods are useless in many real applications.

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Medium 9781780429298

Graffiti Art and the East Village Art Scene, 1980-1981

Slice PDF May 28, 2014

Graffiti Art and the East Village

Art Scene, 1980-1981


raffiti Art Success for America set in motion a series


of collaborations between artists who inhabited the

disadvantaged by comparison when their painterly efforts were

East Village in lower Manhattan and subway writers

likened most often to the subway masterpieces that were exotic,

located mostly in the Bronx and Brooklyn. These productions

unfamiliar, and even scary to the average gallery visitor. Critics

were the graffiti art movement’s foundation and were where

regarded Basquiat and Haring to have brought street credibility

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Kenny Scharf entered

with them into the gallery setting, while the writers were judged

the mix with subway writers. The next significant exhibition was

skeptically as having lost theirs.






Events: Fashion Moda at the New Museum in December 1980, followed two months later by New York/New Wave at P.S. 1,

Basquiat’s reputation as a graffiti artist was supported by his

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Medium 9781591201182

144. Varicose Veins

Slice ePub January 13, 2014

Varicose veins, which usually occur in the legs, are bluish, swollen, stretched veins that can often be seen bulging through the skin. This condition sometimes causes discomfort and aching in the legs, especially when it is first beginning to develop. Thought to be due in part to heredity, varicose veins cannot be reversed. Surgery to remove as many of the veins as possible is sometimes undertaken. However, natural steps can be taken to improve the appearance of the veins, reduce the associated discomfort, and possibly reduce the chances of more developing.


•  Bioflavonoids: 500 mg daily to strengthen capillaries.

•  Vitamin E: 400500 IU daily.


•  Buckthorn: as directed on label.

•  Butchers broom: as directed on label.

•  Cascara sagrada: as directed on label.

•  Ginkgo biloba extract: 60 mg, one to three times daily.

•  Gotu kola: as directed on label.


•  Detoxification (see TOXICITY on page 280).

•  Eat more fiber for bowel movements.

•  Eat more fruits and vegetables.

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Medium 9780870819384

VIII Our Lost Paradise

Slice ePub October 05, 2013

I RETURNED from Evans to Denver feeling more strongly than ever the attraction of the cattle business in this glorious country of unlimited free range, but I had not quite made up my mind as yet to go in for it. Also, before deciding, there was still one place I particularly wanted to see, the Wet Mountain Valley, of which I had heard men speak very highly. I was told that the whole floor of the valley was open grazing land like the Plains, but it was shut in by pine-clad mountains, which provided splendid natural shelter for stock. So I struck out for Cañon City on Methusalem, knowing that from there some sort of road or trail into the Valley could be found. Stopping overnight at a ranch on Fountain Creek on my road, a man told me that, if I cared to ride off my route for a mile or so up the cañon where the creek came out of the mountains, I should there behold the sight of my life.

“That’s a real big spring of pure soda-water,” he explained, “bubbling up into a great basin out of the solid rock, and from thar’ it runs over and tumbles into the Fountain Creek; you never saw the like of it in all your born days.”

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