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Chapter 2 Co-Teaching the RTI and PLC Way

Mike Mattos Solution Tree Press ePub

Co-Teaching the RTI and PLC Way

Aaron Hansen

When a teacher presents new content in class, not every student is going to grasp it by the end of the lesson. If the learning targets are essential to a student’s future academic success, then the problem the teacher faces is this: “What do I do with the students who don’t need reteaching while I provide help to the students who do? There’s only one of me!” White Pine Middle School’s example demonstrates how a school addressed this dilemma by providing an extra teacher in almost every core class without hiring any extra staff. Class sizes were increased by about five students per class to achieve this goal, but with the additional teacher available, the teacher-to-student ratio in each class was actually lowered—an outcome that most teachers would welcome. Even if a school cannot revise its current faculty assignments to create a co-teacher position, the concept of having a pair or team of teachers regroup students for reteaching and “stretch” projects within a given class period can be replicated by virtually any school that has more than one staff member.

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Medium 9780596155797

11. Improving Performance

Harold Davis O'Reilly Media ePub

Theres a great deal of information contained in the average AdWords account. This informationads and keywords and the related performance datais stashed away in ad groups. These ad groups are themselves contained in AdWords campaigns.

To make effective use of AdWords, you need to be able to get to this information. In other words, drilling down into one ad group after another will only provide piecemeal data and usually wont give you the kind of picture you need to improve performance.

For CPC ads, an ad group consists of the text of an ad and its targeted keywords, along with budget choices. For CPM ads, an ad group consists of the creative for the ad or its text, the targeted domains, and budget choices.

Its pretty unlikely for an ad, or an ad campaign, to be perfect the first time round. A great part of the craft of creating effective campaigns is to see how your ads and campaigns are doing, tweak them, see how the improved ads and campaigns are doing, tweak again, and iterate the process. In other words, if at first you dont succeed, try and try again.

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Medium 9780596002732

V. Data Access Objects

PhD Steven Roman O'Reilly Media ePub

We have seen that Access SQL provides a way to create and manipulate database objects, such as tables and queries, through its DDL and DML components. In addition, users can enter SQL statements directly into the Access SQL View window.

On the other hand, Microsoft Access allows us to program the Jet database engine directly, through its programming interface, which is known as Data Access Objects , or DAO. This gives the user far more control over a database.

DAO is a complicated structure, and I won’t discuss all of its aspects. Our focus in this book will be on gaining a general understanding of the following concepts and components:

The organization of DAO, which is at least partly object-oriented

The DDL component of DAO

The DML component of DAO

I will certainly not cover all aspects of the DDL and DML components. My main goal is to prepare you so that you can get whatever additional information you need from Microsoft Access’ extensive online help for the DAO model or from similar hardcopy reference manuals.

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Medium 9781771870801


Forrie, Allan Thistledown Press ePub
In “Cocks”, Prudence Grieve, her partner, and her daughter take possession of a farm house and restore the barn, adopting the chickens and single white rooster – who they quickly name Oscar – that inhabit the old structure. Their brood grows with the addition of game hens and a wily black rooster named Raffles, and as the seasons change the birds prove a fitting parallel for the developing family.
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Medium 9781780490816

Chapter Eighteen - From the Cushion to the Couch: Dialogue with Nicholas Carroll

Maria Pozzi Monzo Karnac Books ePub

Dialogue with Nicholas Carroll

Wisdom tells me I am nothing,

Love tells me I am everything.

—Nisargardatta Maharaj

Having reached the full depth of despair, there followed, quite unexpectedly, a blissful stream of an all accepting and forgiving love, an extraordinary sense of being completely and unconditionally accepted just as one is, a complete melting and dissolving, giving rise to tears and of feeling blessed. This experience put me at a crossroads. It was so tempting to put it down to an experience of God, as these experiences often are. The problem was that I didn't believe in God and I wanted to be able to square the experience and understand it fully in non-theistic terms. I struggled with this question for some time and eventually decided to leave the question unanswered. I simply didn't know.

It was a good move. It has taken me the rest of my life to make sense of what happened, and to understand the experience better, both cognitively and experientially, knowing that ultimately the heart of it is beyond words, an ineffable mystery which can only be “known” indirectly. This was an understanding and experience that I have been digesting ever since. Any cognitive or belief-based understanding is essentially a re-presentation, and as such it is one removed from the “nameless”. With this type of experience, what seems to happen to many is that they confuse the re-presentation, that is, their ideas or beliefs about their experience with the direct and immediate experience itself. After a few years, which were a form of recovery and reorientation, I became interested in the world of counselling and therapy, and embarked on a new journey into counselling, psychosexual therapy, and trauma therapy. I never felt able to share my meditation experiences, partly because I didn't know how to articulate or present them, and also because I didn't feel sufficiently detached from them; I hadn't integrated them sufficiently; and partly because it wasn't the done thing to do in my professional world, at least not in the largely psychodynamic and psychoanalytically informed world I found myself in, though it might have been better received in Jungian circles and, of course, transpersonal ones.

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