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Medium 9780980455236

6. Deliverables

Elliot Jay Stocks SitePoint ePub

In Chapter 5, we saw designs for our site taking shape, and in this final chapter our designs will be complete and ready to deliver.

Throughout this chapter I’ll be using Adobe Photoshop in these examples. If you use an alternative application, that’s still okay—the techniques and processes can be applied to a variety of applications. Many designers like using Adobe Fireworks, which has some tools specifically geared towards web design, such as the ability to save various pages within one document.

As I mentioned back in Chapter 1, it’s useful if the persons who design the site are also responsible for building the site, since that ensures an insider view of the design process, allowing the designer to design a site with the development stage in mind. However, this may be impractical, and in many companies (particularly larger ones), the designers and developers will always be separated. Luckily, regardless of whether you’re handing over the design to a developer, or handling it all yourself, the deliverable stage remains virtually the same. It’s all about moving out of your design tool of choice and preparing to put it into the browser.

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Medium 9781449320935

4. Index Out of Bounds

Vladimir Kushnir O'Reilly Media ePub

There are several ways in C++ to create an array of objects of some type T. Three common methods are:

Of course, you can still use the calloc() and malloc() functions and your program will compile and run, but its not a good idea to mix C and C++ unless you have to because youre relying on legacy C libraries. However you allocate the array, you can access an element in it using an unsigned integer index:

Lets deal with dynamic arrays and vectors first, and return to the static array later in this chapter.

What would happen if we provide an index value that is larger than or equal to the array size? In all three of the preceding examples, the code will silently return garbage. (The exception to this rule for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is discussed later.) The situation is even worse if you decide to use the operator [] in the left-hand side of an assignment:

Depending on your luck (or lack of thereof) you might overwrite some other unrelated variable, an element of another array, or even a program instruction, and in the latter case your program will most likely crash. Each of these errors also provides opportunities for malicious intruders to take over your program and turn it to bad ends. However, the std::vector provides an at(index) function, which does bounds checking by throwing an out_of_range exception. The problem with this is that if you want to do this sanity check, you have to rigorously use the at() function everywhere for accessing an array element. And naturally, this slows your code down, so once you are done testing, youll want to replace it everywhere with the [] operator, which is faster. But doing that replacement requires massive editing of your code, which is a lot of work, followed by a need to retest it, because during that tedious process you could accidentally mistype something.

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Medium 9781588436276

The Northern Ionian Coast

Joanne Lane Hunter Publishing ePub

For those crossing into Sicily from the mainland, Messina may be your first view of Sicily. And it's not a bad one, with a fine hooked harbor (from which the city got its Greek name, Zancle or Sickle) stretching along the seafront and views back across the straits to the forested hills of Calabria. Messina has much natural beauty and, in fact, Shakespeare actually used it for the setting of his play, Much Ado About Nothing.

There are some vestiges of the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Normans who ruled here. But few of Messina's historical buildings are left now, due largely to the devastation wreaked by invaders, plagues, bombings (the most bombed Italian city of WWII) and earthquakes. The 1738 and 1908 earthquakes destroyed much of the town, with the latter killing 80,000 people. Messina is best used as an orientation point on arrival and for itineraries nearby.

By Boat

Car ferries make the crossing to Messina frequently from Villa San Giovanni on the mainland in about half an hour. In summer months there can be longer delays. The Ferrovie dello Stato or FS Italian Railways (tel. 892-021, operates 30 car and passenger train ferries daily (one to two per hour, 40 minutes). The private firm Caronte Ferries (tel. 090-641-6352, is free for passengers on foot, 19 for small cars. Departures are every 10 minutes. For a quicker passage, there are hydrofoils taking passengers only (no cars) from Reggio di Calabria. SNAV, Meridiano Lines and FS operate on this route. In summer SNAV connects Messina to the Aeolian Islands. Aliscafi Ustica Lines (Via Cortina del Porto, tel. 090-364-044) also operates to the Aeolians.

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Medium 9781855750265

23. Look! He has come through! D. H. Lawrence's conflicts as pathfinders towards individuation

Rosemary Gordon Karnac Books ePub

In 1913, Freud concluded a little-known, exquisite paper. The Theme of the Three Caskets’ (Freud, 1913f), with the following remark:

We might argue that what is represented here [he refers to the stories, myths, legends and plays of Cordelia, Aphrodite, Cinderella, Psyche, and the Three Fates] are the three inevitable relations that a man has with a woman—the woman who bears him, the woman who is his mate and the woman who destroys him; or that they are the three forms taken by the figure of the mother in the course of a man’s life—the mother herself, the beloved one who is chosen after her pattern, and lastly the Mother Earth who receives him once more. [p. 301]

D. H. Lawrence considered himself to have been trapped and smothered by his mother, particularly after the death of his older brother, Ernest. There is little doubt that she despised her miner husband and did all she could to embroil her sons in these same hostile feelings towards their father. Indeed, she did all she could to direct their education, career, attitudes, and manners into a direction different and superior to his.

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Medium 9780874257168

44. Ethical Teamwork - Information Age-ing

Marlene Caroselli HRD Press PDF

44. Ethical Teamwork

Information Age-ing

Approximately 10 minutes


Team leaders work hard to establish an environment that is casual, open, and relaxed. However, if that environment allows or—worse yet, encourages— age-related comments, an organization may be liable for violations of the Age

Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). This exercise asks participants to compile a list of phrases that team members might innocently use in reference to older employees—phrases that could serve as the basis for subsequent lawsuits.


To sharpen awareness of casual phrases that could lead to charges of age discrimination.


Any size group. Participants will meet in small groups.


No special arrangement required other than seating that permits easy group formation.


Flipchart and marking pens

Masking tape


1. Introduce the exercise by reviewing the Points of Interest.


Divide the class into small groups and distribute a sheet of flipchart paper and a marking pen to each.

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