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Medium 9780596528263


Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Windows got its name from the rectangles on the screenthe windowswhere every computer activity takes place. You look at a Web page in a window, type into a window, read email in a window, and look at lists of files in a window. But as you create more files, stash them in more folders, and open more programs, its easy to wind up paralyzed before a screen awash with cluttered, overlapping rectangles.

Fortunately, Windows Vista is crawling with icons, buttons, and other inventions to help you keep these windows under controlalong with the files and folders inside them.

There are two categories of windows in Windows:

Explorer windows. Windows Explorer is Microsofts name for the desktop world of folders and icons. Its the home-base program that greets you when you first turn on the PC. When you double-click a folder or disk icon on your desktop, what opens is an Explorer window. This is where you organize your files and programs.

Application windows. These are the windows where you do your workin Word or Internet Explorer, for example.

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Medium 9788324656028


Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Aby mie moliwo wydawania Linuksowi polece, bdziemy potrzebowali miejsca, w ktrym mona by je wpisywa. To miejsce nazywane jest powok, ktra w Linuksie spenia rol interfejsu uytkownika wiersza polece. Polecenia s w niej wpisywane, a po naciniciu klawisza Enter powoka uruchamia program (lub programy) podany w powoce (informacje o tym, jak uruchomi powok, zamieszczono w sekcji Uruchamianie powoki).

Na przykad w celu sprawdzenia, kto jest zalogowany do systemu, mona w powoce uruchomi nastpujce polecenie:

Znak dolara jest znakiem zachty powoki i oznacza, e jest ona gotowa do pracy i czeka na wprowadzenie polecenia. Pojedyncze polecenie moe te uruchomi jednoczenie wiele programw, a nawet poczy je w taki sposb, aby ze sob wsppracoway. Oto polecenie przekierowujce wyjcie programu who i podczajce je do wejcia programu wc, ktry zajmuje si zliczaniem wierszy w pliku tekstowym. W efekcie otrzymamy liczb wierszy w tekcie wygenerowanym przez program who:

informujc, ile osb jest zalogowanych w systemie[5]. Poczenie midzy programami who i wc wykonuje pionowa kreseczka, ktra nazywana jest potokiem.

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Medium 9780596527358

7. Testing and Continuous Integration: Things fall apart

Slice ePub February 06, 2015

Sometimes even the best developer breaks the build. Everyone’s done it at least once. You’re sure your code compiles; you’ve tested it over and over again on your machine and committed it into the repository. But somewhere between your machine and that black box they call a server, someone must have changed your code. The unlucky soul who does the next checkout is about to have a bad morning sorting out what used to be working code. In this chapter we’ll talk about how to put together a safety net to keep the build in working order and you productive.

Everyone who’s ever done development knows what it’s like. It’s late, you’re on you’re eleventh can of Rock Star energy drink, and you still leave out that one ++ operator somewhere. Suddenly, your elegant code goes to pieces...bad news is, you don’t realize you’ve got a problem.

At least, not until you’re demoing the software for your boss. Remember the issues we had with Bob’s code in Chapter 6?

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Medium 9781904658313

Four of Cups

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

The Four of Cups has each Cup placed so that a square is formed. The square is analogous with Chesed and the first step in the worldof formation in Briah, being perfection and balance, seen also in the lotus plant which forms a cross of the four elements.

Alchemically the waters are now covered by a mist of cloud implying a distilling and purifying process in operation. These waters are blended below in a conjunction only to be again distilled over from the lotus where they are separated again into the separate cups ready for the next stage. Such repeated circulation over the last three stages of conjunction further purified and exalted the elixir. “Lord of Blended Pleasure” seems very appropriate when looking at the card from the above alchemic perspective. The blending also speaks of Yin and Yang energies blending together for a brief time, germinating a further stage of development.

Chesed of Briah is conveyed by the Archangel Tzadkiel or Zakiel ‘Righteous of God’ or ‘God's Justice’ . This Archangel is associated with mercy, memory and benevolence and was also a standard-bearer for Michael when he did battle with the forces of darkness. He is the angel of the Law or pattern that we must follow through our karmic destiny and one of his functions is to keep our karmic debts in line by maintaining that the wheel of cause and effect is kept turning evenly. He is the angel of purification and, as such, is a hard task master, for the tasks that he sets us are designed to purify both the body and mind and lead the soul away from its attachment to the material.

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Medium 9781847771162

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Slice PDF February 24, 2015

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