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Medium 9781449339388

10. Deployment in Devices

Adrian Kosmaczewski O'Reilly Media ePub

Sencha Touch apps are by no means limited to live their lives exclusively in a browser; developers can deploy their creations also as native iOS and/or Android applications to their respective marketplaces.

To make the experience richer for the end user, Sencha Touch applications can access a large selection of native device APIs, including connectivity, location, and orientation information. Even better, Sencha Touch applications can detect whether they run in a tablet, a smartphone, or a desktop environment, and change their appearance in a very convenient way, using a feature named profiles.

This last chapter will provide an overview of the tasks required to get your applications running as native applications!

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have different screen sizes, and they are used in different contexts; however, mobile applications have to share code and resources to make them look alike and to have similar and consistent behavior across devices. As such, it is nice to know that Sencha Touch provides profiles, which allow developers to offer different user experiences in different device categories.

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Medium 9786077733423

12. Avisa por anticipado los límites

Mota, Vîctor Ramîrez Pauline Books and Media ePub

Para que un límite psicológico sea bien visto y bien oído, debes de presentárselo a los hijos por anticipado, para que de esta manera el límite psicológico esté bien aceptado. Siendo las reglas claras y conocidas, los niños (en general), saben a qué atenerse.

Es exactamente como los juegos deportivos, que hay que aprenderse las reglas del juego, de lo contrario cada niño quiere poner sus propias reglas y generalmente a su favor, esto mismo sucede cuando las madres no mencionan lo que esperan, y cómo esperan que se comporten sus hijos, sino que sobre la marcha van diciendo lo que quieren, lo que esperan y lo que es permitido y lo que es prohibitivo.

Tú, como madre, puedes recordar que cuando fuiste a la escuela o algún colegio particular a tus padres les dijeron cuales eran los requisitos para entrar ahí; lo mismo debes hacer para conservar el orden, la disciplina, el amor y la autoestima alta de cada uno de tus hijos, dentro de tu hogar.

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Medium 9781565928398

6. Tune Performance

Bryan Costales O'Reilly Media ePub

When sendmail is installed with near-default settings, it provides excellent email services for most machines. But when installed to service high loads, high volumes, or high rates, special tuning becomes a requirement.

To understand what we mean by high in this context, consider some typical email sites on the Internet that have good delivery rates despite extremely high loads.[1] Some can deliver email envelopes at rates exceeding 1 million envelopes per hour. Some can accept email to mailboxes for hundreds of thousands of users. Clearly, such volumes are well beyond the requirements of the average desktop workstation.

In this chapter we reveal only some of the techniques used by large sites. A full treatise on high-volume mail-handling would require a book of its own.

To understand the potential problems with deep queues, first consider how sendmail processes a single queue when its QueueSortOrder option (QueueSortOrder) is set to the default of priority.[2] When sendmail is instructed to process a queue it opens the queue directory for reading and reads that directory to gather a list of qf files to process. Each qf file sendmail finds is opened for reading and scanned for important pieces of information. The N line in each qf file, for example, holds the number of times the message has been tried. The P line holds each message's current priority.

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Medium 9781783101771

Sa Formation

Nathalia Brodskaia Parkstone International ePub




Cest sur les rives du Lman, que naquit Flix Vallotton, le 28 dcembre 1865. Les anctres de Vallotton taient originaires de Vallorbe, bourg important du canton de Vaud. Son pre, Adrien Vallotton, possdait Lausanne une droguerie et, par la suite, une petite chocolaterie. La famille habitait sur ltroite place de la Palud. Le nom de cette place, de mme que le bassin qui y subsiste encore, rappelle lactivit dleveurs exerce depuis des temps immmoriaux par les habitants du cru, qui difiaient des rservoirs pour abreuver le btail. Au centre de la fontaine se dresse une sculpture ancienne polychrome en pierre, qui reprsente la Justice. Un escalier raide monte de la place vers la cathdrale Notre-Dame. Cest ici, en plein cur de Lausanne, que le futur artiste naquit, et la vue sur lazur du Lman qui souvre depuis la terrasse situe au pied de la cathdrale ne quitta jamais son souvenir, traversant toute son uvre.


Le neveu de lartiste, Maxime Vallotton, raconte que Flix tait un enfant doux et sensible. La guerre franco-prussienne et lpidmie de variole qui npargna pas plus son pre que nombre de ses compatriotes produisit sur lui une norme impression. En 1875, le garon entra au collge classique. Les professeurs ne purent que remarquer les dons de lenfant pour la littrature et le dessin. La mmoire familiale perptue lanecdote suivante : un jour, pendant une leon o il sennuyait ferme, Flix dessina le portrait du professeur. Celui-ci, saisi par la ressemblance, non seulement ne le punit pas, mais conserva le dessin par-devers lui.

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Medium 9781449388393

20. Wizard vs. Wizards

Steven Levy O'Reilly Media ePub

In December of 1982, Tom Tatum, lanky, dark-haired, mustached, and as cool as his lazy Southern drawl implied, stood at the ballroom podium of the Las Vegas Sands. Behind him, sitting uncomfortably on a row of chairs, were ten hackers. Tom Tatum, former lawyer, lobbyist, and Carter campaign aide, now a leading purveyor of video docusports programming, thought he had serendipitously latched on to a jackpot bigger than that of any slot machine in the casino only yards away from where he stood.

This is the event where Hollywood meets the Computer Age, said Tom Tatum to the crowd of reporters and computer tradespeople in town for the Comdex show. The ultra-contest of the eighties.

Tom Tatums creation was called Wizard vs. Wizards. It was to be a television contest where game designers play each others games for a set of prizes. Tatum had gathered programmers from companies like On-Line and Sirius because he sensed the arrival of a new kind of hero, one who fought with brains instead of muscle, one who represented Americas bold willingness to stay ahead of the rest of the world in the technological battle of supremacy: the hacker.

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