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Medium 9781565924338

12. Oratcl

Paul Raines O'Reilly Media ePub

The Oratcl extension is not part of the core Tcl/Tk package, but can be obtained for free at This chapter discusses Oratcl Version 2.5.

Oratcl provides access to Oracle, a commercial relational database from Oracle Corporation. Oratcl makes connecting to databases and manipulating relational data easy and convenient using the Tcl language.

Oratcl comes with sample applications and works with standard Tcl, Tk, and common extensions, including Extended Tcl.

You connect to a database using the oralogon command, which returns a logon handle. To perform queries and retrieve database rows you use the oraopen command, which returns a cursor. Multiple cursors can be open over a single login connection.

The orasql command sends an SQL query to the database server for execution. To retrieve data rows, the orafetch command is used.

When finished, use oraclose to close each cursor handle, and oralogoff to close a logon handle.

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Medium 9781855751170

CHAPTER 9. To see the world anew

David Campbell Karnac Books ePub

Inger Drasby

In this chapter I describe how I have moved into systemic thinking, and how this process has influenced me. The first part of the chapter deals with the theoretical approach, beginning with my encounter with the concept of neutrality; in the second part I give an example of how I have applied systemic thinking in a consulting situation. My learning process has been one of going from theory to practice. The theory has been immensely fascinating, but it was not until I took it out into real life that I discovered how powerful the theory and the technique are.


Discovering neutrality

During the Danish seminars, what first struck me in connection with the systemic approach to consultancy was the concept of neutrality—a method that helps the consultant avoid taking sides, exactly the pitfall into which I had often stumbled and which I equally often had recognized as sterile.

I remember once being with a group of salespeople and their management team. We were working with communications, and one of the sales representatives made quite a strong verbal attack on a colleague. I had them talk about this, one at a time—listening and rephrasing what they had heard, and it seemed to me that we were on the right track when suddenly one of the managers broke in, saying, “Now, lef s not get into any kind of sensitivity training here”. I got stuck immediately, turned my attention to the manager, trying to calm him down. I sided with his defensiveness—and lost contact with what was going on there and then and with the rest of the group.

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Medium 9781857547658

By Way of a Prologue

Iain Bamforth Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

By Way of a Prologue

As this revolution of the Strasburgers affairs is often spoken of, and little understood, I will, in ten words, says Slawkenbergius, give the world an explanation of it, and with it put an end to my tale.

Every body knows of the grand system of Universal

Monarchy, wrote by order of Mons. Colbert, and put in manuscript into the hands of Lewis the fourteenth, in the year .

’Tis as well known, that one branch out of many of that system, was the getting possession of Strasburg, to favour an entrance at all times into Suabia, in order to disturb the quiet of

Germany – and that in consequence of this plan, Strasburg unhappily fell at length into their hands.

It is the lot of a few to trace out the true springs of this and such like revolutions – The vulgar look too high for them –

Statesmen look too low – Truth (for once) lies in the middle.

What a fatal thing is the popular pride of a free city! cries one historian – The Strasburgers deemed it a diminution of their freedom to receive an imperial garrison – so fell a prey to a French one.

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Medium 9781616516192

Music, Art, and Literature Words-Introducing Pablo Picasso

Saddleback Educational Publishing PDF


Lesson 4


Introducing Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso may be the most famous artist of the 20th century.

In his 75-year career, he created thousands of works. He used all kinds of materials—not only as a painter, but also as a sculptor and ceramic artist.

Picasso experimented with a number of styles. Today he is considered the

“father” of modern art.

In 1881, Picasso was born in a small town in southern Spain.

His father, a drawing teacher and the curator of the town’s museum, encouraged his son’s talent. By the time Picasso was a teen, he was a better artist than his father. What was his father’s reaction to his son’s greater skills? According to Picasso, “My father gave me his paints and brushes—  and he never painted again.”

The French capital of Paris later became the center of Picasso’s career.

By day he haunted the Louvre museum.

At night he spent time with fellow artists, musicians, writers, and poets in Paris cafes.

That’s a Picasso!

Pablo Picasso invented fresh ways of picturing things.

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Medium 9781449325756

10. Hardware

Preston Gralla O'Reilly Media ePub

Whats the whole purpose of an operating system like Windows 8? To run hardware. Thats where this chapter comes in. Windows 8 offers plenty of hidden and surprising features to help you get more out of your hardware; for example, for managing hard disk space, using multiple monitors, or getting more juice out of your tablet or laptop. Youll find all that and more in this chapter.

Running out of disk space? Who isnt? Windows 8 lets you add multiple types of storage and treats it as one giant hard disk, even though the storage is on different disks.

No matter how much storage space you have, its never enough. Music collections, downloaded movies and TV shows, photographstodays PCs suck up hard disk space at an alarming rate.

Windows 8 solves the problem neatly. You can add many different types of storage and mix and match them, including external USB disks, installed hard disks, and more, and make them look like one giant storage pool. To get more disk space, just add another storage source to the pool. No need to rip out an old disk, figure out how to get data from the old disk to a larger one, and then install the new disk.

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