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Medium 9781742201405

Hong Kong Island: Lan Kwai Fong & Soho

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Lan Kwai Fong and Soho form the party epicentre of Hong Kong. Lan Kwai Fong is an alleyway dog-legging south and west from D’Aguilar St; as an area it also covers D’Aguilar St, Wo On Lane, Wing Wah Lane and Wyndham St. The crowd here is relatively young, middle class and cosmopolitan. Soho (‘south of Hollywood Rd’) has art galleries and antique shops, besides dining and drinking hotspots.

LKF & Soho Bar Crawl (Click here)

Luk Yu Teahouse (Click here)

Sushi Kuu (Click here)

Gold by Harlan Goldstein (Click here)

Life Cafe (Click here)

Club 71 (Click here)

Bar 42 (Click here)

Flying Winemaker (Click here)

The Globe (Click here)

Angel’s Share (Click here)

Bus Bus 26 runs along Hollywood Rd.

MTR Central station (Island and Tsuen Wan lines).

Take the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak (Click here) and spend a couple of hours exploring its leafy walks, stopping for photos and ice cream, and checking out the shops. On your way down, have an early dim-sum lunch at Michelin-crowned Luk Yu Teahouse (Click here).

Browse the art galleries and antique shops on Hollywood Rd (Click here), pausing at the Central Police Station Compound (Click here) to peek over its walls. For the next hour or two, partake of a movable feast of street life and history on the Central-Midlevels Escalator (Click here). Hop off to explore Graham Street Market (Click here) and stock up on good-quality Chinese condiments and exotic snacks at Kowloon Soy Company (Click here). Then join slacking office workers for afternoon tea at 1950s cha chaan tang (teahouse) Lan Fong Yuen (Click here), or enjoy organic coffee and vegan pastries at Life Cafe (Click here).

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Medium 9781855755963

CHAPTER TWO: Unsolved: investigating allegations of ritual abuse

Karnac Books ePub

An interview with Chris Healey

C an you tell us about your first experience as a police officer investigating an allegation of ritual abuse?

It was about 17 years ago. The carer of a young woman wrote to the police with a complaint saying that a crime the young woman had reported had not been investigated. My senior officer, who was the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), asked me to follow it up.

I went to meet the young woman, who was 24 years old, and interviewed her and her carer. I had two meetings with the young woman and took a lengthy statement from her. She told me that when she was 16 she came to the area and was homeless. She was picked up by two men who gained her confidence, gave her a room, and later sexually assaulted her, then introduced her to ritual abuse. She was able to name some of the people involved in the abuse. I checked the names she gave me, and these people did exist. One of them was a doctor and another was a senior policeman. I was rather doubtful that the latter would be involved in such practices, but this was what she told me.

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Medium 9781906188108


Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
Medium 9788324609420

9. Podstawowe obiekty BOM

Shelley Powers Helion ePub

BOM (Browser Object Model) jest zbiorem obiektw dziedziczonym po kontekcie przegldarki, w ktrym funkcjonuje wikszo aplikacji JavaScriptu. Czasami nazywa si go Document Object Model Level 0 lub nawet po prostu DOM, jednak jest to ograniczony zbir wsplnych obiektw webowych, ktre s dostpne dla JavaScriptu od wczeniejszych wersji przegldarek Netscape Navigator oraz Internet Explorer.

BOM tworzy hierarchi obiektw: kady obiekt na kadym poziomie dostpny jest za porednictwem obiektu rodzica znajdujcego si nad nim. Wszystkie elementy BOM dostpne s poprzez window, czyli element najwyszego poziomu. Poziom niej znajduje si obiekt document, ktry by ju czsto wykorzystywany w przykadach w ksice. Na tym poziomie znajduj si rwnie obiekty navigator, frames, location, history oraz screen. W obiekcie document dostpnych jest kilka zbiorw obiektw: forms, anchors, links oraz images. Jak zademonstrowano w rozdziale 3., sam formularz take zawiera elementy, jednak w niniejszym rozdziale skupiono si jedynie na trzech najwyszych poziomach hierarchii BOM.

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Medium 9781857545838

Chapter V. Rest in London

Ford Madox Ford Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF


Rest in London

N the black and dismal cloisters of our Valhalla – for still for

London’s heroes it is ‘Victory or Westminster Abbey’, though

Nelson, who uttered the words, is buried under all the stones of St

Paul’s – there is a small, pale mural tablet. ‘In memory of Elizabeth,

Dear Child’, it reads, and sets us thinking of all sorts of dead children, dear in their day, and now how utterly unremembered, as wavelets are forgotten! And recumbent before it is a blackened paving stone, smoothed with the attrition of thousands of the feet of Londoners, of American tourists, of Members of Parliament, of prostitutes, of school boys. It states that here lie the remains of so and so many monks who died of the plague so and so many centuries ago.

When I was last in that dim place a man with a quick, agitated step hurried up and down the cloisters like a dog nosing out a rabbit in a hedge. He had a penetrating eye, a sharp nose, and high, thin cheekbones. He caught my glance and suddenly stretched out a hand. His voice was sonorous and rather pompous, with the ore rotundo in which Victorian poets used to read their own poems to one another. He uttered:

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