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Medium 9781601322593

Inter-Cloud Trust Model Security: Issues and Challenges

Kevin Daimi, Hamid R. Arabnia, Michael R. Grimaila, Kathy Liszka, George Markowsky, and Ashu, M. G. Solo CSREA Press PDF

Int'l Conf. Security and Management | SAM'13 |


Inter-Cloud Trust Model Security: Issues and Challenges

Dana Al-Tehmazi

Department of Computer Science, Ahlia University, Manama, Bahrain

Abstract - Cloud Computing is a new networking technology, which provides a pool of highly scalable and easily accessible virtualized resources, such as development platforms or services, hardware, software, and is capable of hosting end user applications. A major concern in the Cloud is security; some agree that the Cloud is a secure and trusted system, while others seem to think differently. This paper will survey few major security issues and challenges for Cloud

Computing, and investigate the trust models in the Inter-Cloud environment area.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Trust Model,



Cloud Computing is the new evolution wave in the

Information Technology world in the recent decade which changes the concept of computing from physical model to virtual model. The Cloud is an Internet computing model, where data are hosted on virtual servers and located on the

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Medium 9780596158064

II. Types and Operations

Mark Lutz O'Reilly Media ePub

This chapter begins our tour of the Python language. In an informal sense, in Python, we do things with stuff. “Things” take the form of operations like addition and concatenation, and “stuff” refers to the objects on which we perform those operations. In this part of the book, our focus is on that stuff, and the things our programs can do with it.

Somewhat more formally, in Python, data takes the form of objects—either built-in objects that Python provides, or objects we create using Python or external language tools such as C extension libraries. Although we’ll firm up this definition later, objects are essentially just pieces of memory, with values and sets of associated operations.

Because objects are the most fundamental notion in Python programming, we’ll start this chapter with a survey of Python’s built-in object types.

By way of introduction, however, let’s first establish a clear picture of how this chapter fits into the overall Python picture. From a more concrete perspective, Python programs can be decomposed into modules, statements, expressions, and objects, as follows:

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Medium 9781599964805

148—A Selection Interview

TRC Interactive HRD Press, Inc. PDF





148 – A Selection Interview


Purpose/Objectives: Interestingly, the job applicant is usually not the only one somewhat nervous in an interview situation. Many interviewers are nervous as well. This exercise is designed to help supervisors and managers improve their interviewing techniques, learn active listening responses, and become more comfortable in an interview situation. Participants take part in a role play that focuses on skills that promote open-ended questioning and good follow-up questions. Participants are able to observe each other and receive valuable feedback about their own strengths and weaknesses. This, in turn, helps them improve their ability to use a selection interview to determine whether or not an applicant adequately fits a job.

Type: Role play

Time Required: 60 minutes

Group Size: 10 to 50

Use this Session Builder as: • A reinforcement exercise following a lecture or discussion on the skills of interviewing and/or active listening.

• A learning aid for individuals who might need help to

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Medium 9781574412048

Chapter 14: “A Thiefs Paradise”

David Johnson University of North Texas Press PDF

chapter 14

“A Thiefs Paradise”

By 1877 the Llano mob remained the only organized force of the original factions. While a number of Baird’s allies remained in the area, he had long since departed. Cooley was dead. Both Gladden and Ringo had remained behind to salvage what they could of their property. Gladden had a wife and daughter in Mason but was unable to get them away from the area before he was captured and imprisoned. Ringo had three younger sisters to support in California, and abandoning the Hill Country meant starting over. Their determination had cost them their freedom. Only Joe Olney remained at large, and the frustration of the mob was echoed by the Burnet Bulletin: “Several unsuccessful attempts have been made lately to catch Joe Olney, who has been hanging around his father’s in this county. The supposition now is that he has left the country.”1

The Rangers remained in Llano County, and on January 8, Henry

Hoy, charged with theft of cattle, was arrested by Private Maltimore and five other Rangers.2 To this point the Hoy family had been only peripherally involved in the feud. John Kelly was killed in 1875 while attempting to reach safety at the Hoy household. Hoy’s arrest was followed by the burning of the Mason courthouse by arsonists on

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Medium 9781847770684

Shall All the Loves

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Growing Ahead

The full and flush of you has gone. I see

Nerves quivering beneath your eyes, a dread

Of something in your mind and not elsewhere.

Then you are troubled by your memory,

‘What day is this?’ ‘What time is it?’ you say.

Tell me of cross-purposes that led

You into fraught uncertainty. I thought

That growing old would still the nerves and make

Untroubled vagueness maybe but, instead,

Along wild paths you go where I’m not led.

Selfishly I’m hurt that you can take

Paths leading from me. Will you let me break

Into this different world to which you’ve gone

Reluctantly? You do not ask me and

This ‘I’ insists that I wish I could run

Ahead and show you rise and set of sun,

And then walk back and guide your faltering hand.

Love is a storm so often but there must

Be some still centre. Had you reached it then

Before I understood? Could you not trust

My own brash habits? Are you really lost

To me? And must I let you go again,

Neither companion, shadow or a ghost?

Shall All the Loves

Shall all the loves I knew then come to this

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