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Medium 9781847778512


Gillian Clarke Carcanet Press Ltd. ePub

No sutures in the steep brow

of this cranium, as in mine

or yours. Delicate ellipse

as smooth as her own egg

or the cleft flesh of a fruit.

From the plundered bones on the hill,

like a fire in its morning ashes,

you guess it’s a buzzard’s skull.

You carry it gently home,

hoping no Last Day of the birds

will demand assembly

of her numerous white parts.

In the spaces we can’t see

on the other side of walls

as fine as paper, brain and eye

dry out under the gossamers.

Between the sky and the mouse

that moves at the barley field’s

spinning perimeter, only

a mile of air and the ganging

crows, their cries stones at her head.

In death, the last stoop, all’s risked.

She scorns the scavengers

who feed on death, and never

feel the lightning flash of heart

dropping on heart, warm fur, blood.

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Medium 9780819890252

XXI Poverty in Spirit and in Fact

Donna Giaimo Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub

A few months ago I got a house and suitably furnished it. Nevertheless, perhaps now more than ever before, the Lord makes me feel the beauty and sweetness of the spirit of poverty. I am willing to give up everything on the spot, and without regrets. I shall endeavor, as long as I live, to keep this feeling of detachment from all that is mine, even from what I hold dearest.

I especially oblige myself to seek perfect poverty of spirit in absolute detachment from myself, never worrying about positions, career, distinctions, or anything else. Am I not already more than honored in the integrity of my priesthood and in a ministry not sought but entrusted to me by Providence and by the voice of my superiors? . . .

Oh, how true it is that for one who completely trusts the Lord, everything is provided! “Having nothing yet possessing all things” (see 2 Cor 6:10) is daily renewed before my eyes. I do not want debts, and I have none. I am always at a loss to provide for the future, but I always receive what I need, and sometimes more.

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Medium 9780946439010

To Practice One's Art

Karnac Books ePub

Bernard W. Bail, M.D.

Le soleil ni la mort ne se peuvent regarder fixement.

La Rochefoucauld

While direct access to the truth is available, it would seem, to poets and mystics only, those less fortunate have finally been able, in this century, to take advantage of the most remarkable heuristic device of modern times: psychoanalysis. Yet Freud’s discoveries rapidly became frozen into a rigid body of laws not to be transgressed at any cost. Thus, knowingly or not, Freud implicitly allowed those who followed him to reinstate the bliss of ignorance, and a series of “thou shalt not’s” grew up around the original insights that should have opened up more pathways into the human psyche than has been the case. The extraordinary persistence to this day of such interdictions can be gauged with respect above all to the “narcissistic neuroses,” deemed unamenable to analysis. We are still warned against analyzing schizophrenics, manic depressives and adolescents—despite the fact that these admittedly onerous tasks have been undertaken and a great deal learned in the process. What irony instead resides in the fact that, having given us the tools to understand this awful, forbidding conscience which terrorizes, constrains us to prayer, and virtually addicts us to superstition, Freud should somehow have given consent to successive generations of analysts to maintain this terrible force and keep it from perishing!

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Medium 9781855758889

Chapter One: Thinking about systems of care

Tim Dartington Karnac Books ePub

Can I see another’s woe,

And not be in sorrow too?

William Blake

Systems of care around vulnerable people are subject to pervasive dynamics of integration and fragmentation, as they address contradictory pressures for positive intervention in a context of dependency. They fit uneasily with conventional measures of efficiency and effectiveness, with a contemporary urgency to demonstrate productivity, and their association with societal issues in the face of morbidity and death leaves them exposed to ambivalent attitudes of respect and despair in their development and management.

I have worked as a researcher and consultant with different systems of care over a period of forty years and have observed the effects of these dynamics on the delivery of services to older people, to people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities, and to children. In this time I have come to the view that a sensitive and clear-headed understanding of the underlying contradictions in what they are being asked to do is necessary to allow for the development and maintenance of good practice and the avoidance of abuse.

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Medium 9780596526887

1.10. Indexes, Creating

Jonathan Gennick O'Reilly Media ePub

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