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Medium 9781742200361

Lyon & the Rhône Valley

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

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     North of Lyon

     Downstream along the Rhône

At the crossroads of central Europe and the Atlantic, the Rhineland and the Mediterranean, grand old Lyon is France’s third-largest metropolis and its gastronomic capital. Savouring lavish dishes and delicacies in timeless, checked-tableclothed bouchons (small bistros) or cutting-edge eating spaces creates unforgettable memories – as do Lyon’s majestic Roman amphitheatres, its cobbled Unesco-listed old town, the romantic parks and the rejuvenated riverfront, just for starters.

Beaujolais produces illustrious wines, while the picturesque hilltop village of Pérouges turns out traditional sugar-crusted tarts. Downstream, the Rhône forges past centuries-old Côtes du Rhône vineyards yielding some of France’s most respected reds, Valence’s pâtisseries filled with historic shortbread, and Montélimar’s artisan nougat factories, eventually reaching the rugged Gorges de l’Ardèche, where the Ardèche River tumbles to the gates of Languedoc and Provence.

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Medium 9781449316822

14. Business and Quality Improvement Statistics

Sarah Boslaugh O'Reilly Media ePub

Many of the statistics used in business and quality improvement applications are those within the common repertoire of basic statistics, including the chi-square test (covered in Chapter5), t-tests (Chapter6), and regression and ANOVA (Chapter8 to Chapter11). However, other techniques have been developed for the specific needs of business and quality improvement applications, and those techniques will be the subjects of this chapter.

Index numbers are commonly used in business to measure the change in quantity or price over time for some good or combination of goods and services. One well-known example is the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which represents the average price of a quantity of consumer goods and services believed to be typical household purchases in the United States. The U.S. CPI is calculated monthly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor; its used as a measure of inflation and to calculate cost of living adjustments for pensions and wages. Although many criticisms have been made of the CPI, it has proven highly useful as a summary measure of the average cost of living and allows comparison across historical periods and geographic areas. Other countries that calculate a CPI or similar index include Canada, China, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, and many countries in Europe.

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Medium 9780596527327

14. Mobile Devices

Chuck Musciano O'Reilly Media ePub

Just now, as most web developers have become very proficient at developing engaging content for the popular PC-based browsers, they are being confronted with the challenge of providing equally elegant pages for those ubiquitous, tiny mobile devices. But mobile web-enabled devices were not anticipated back in the early 1990s when HTML was first defined and refined, and the current standards don't help much, either. In this chapter, we look at the broad range of mobile web-enabled devices, the challenge they present to web designers, and a subset of XHTML that addresses those devices. We also offer some suggestionsand lots of sympathyfor creating effective content that works across many of these devices.

With the World Wide Web now firmly entrenched as a part of normal modern life, it is only natural that users want to access web content wherever they may be, at any time. Responding to this demand, vendors now offer an incredible array of devices and access methods to meet that need. Although the types of devices number in the hundreds, the overall market can be examined as a few key product categories.

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Medium 9780980184822

Big Thoughts

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF
Good story. If it was made up or amended I don’t want to know. I like it just the way it is.......

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Medium 9781855754744

Basic working principles for depression

Courtenay Young Karnac Books ePub

Avoid addictions

Sometimes, when in an anxiety or a depression, we can get into short-term habits or coping patterns that can become quite addictive. These can include work-a-holism, alcohol abuse, emotionally cutting off, over-eating, over-using stimulants, getting irrationally angry, etc. None of these will help you to cope better in the long run. It is not that any of these are intrinsically “wrong”, for they may feel as if they help you a little—in the moment. However, they are also often a product of your depres-sion—and they need to be taken seriously. They can actually make your situation worse in the long term. If you were able to feel better about yourself, then you would not be resorting to these addictive coping mechanisms. So, parts of the process of you working on your depression and out of your depressed state will therefore include you working off, or away from, these habits.

Sometimes these addictive habits include always being nice to people, doing it yourself because it is less hassle than getting others to do their share, not asking for help, etc. These can be just as destructive in the long run.

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