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Medium 9781449393236

12. Screensavers, AppleScript, and Automator

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Youve assembled libraries of digital images, sent heart-touching moments to friends and family via email, published your recent vacation pics on the Web, authored a QuickTime movie or two, and even boosted the stock price of Canon and Epson single-handedly through your consumption of inkjet printer cartridges. What more could there be?

Plenty. This chapter covers iPhotos final repertoire of photo stunts, like turning your photos into one of the best screensavers thats ever floated across a computer monitor, plastering one particularly delicious shot across your desktop, calling upon AppleScript to automate photo-related chores for you, and harnessing iPhotos partnership with Automator. (This chapters alternate title: Miscellaneous iPhoto Stunts that Didnt Really Fit in the Outline.)

Mac OS Xs screensaver feature is so good, its pushed more than one Windows person over the edge into making the switch to Mac OS X. When this screensaver kicks in (after several minutes of inactivity on your part), your Macs screen becomes a personal movie theater. The effect is something like a slideshow, except that the pictures dont simply appear one after another and sit there on the screen. Instead, theyre much more animated. They slide gently across the screen, zooming in or out, smoothly dissolving from one to the next.

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Medium 9781576755648

7 The Courageous Training Code: Seven Ways to Strengthen Your Leadership Backbone

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

Courageous Training leaders see themselves as leaders, not administrators, of a training function, though training itself is part of what they do. They also do not see themselves as training vendors, though they do supply training and may bring in training companies to help provide high-quality programs. They do not see themselves as coordinators or brokers of training services, though they do help link people and organizational units with the learning and performance services they need.

Above all, they see themselves as leaders, with responsibilities to the business and the people in it to ensure effective performance and worthwhile results—not just training results but 118business results. Like other leaders in the organization, they are stewards of precious resources, and it is their duty to see that these resources are leveraged into the greatest value possible. Like other leaders in the organization, they have a responsibility to establish and inculcate a vision, to articulate a strategy, to set priorities and goals that reflect the strategy, to ensure effective execution of strategy, and to develop others’ skills and talents so that they are maximally successful.

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Medium 9781449330064

1. Introduction

Slice ePub May 29, 2014

What is data journalism? What potential does it have? What are its limits? Where does it come from? In this section we look at what data journalism is and what it might mean for news organizations. Paul Bradshaw (Birmingham City University) and Mirko Lorenz (Deutsche Welle) say a bit about what is distinctive about data journalism. Leading data journalists tell us why they think it is important and what their favorite examples are. Finally Liliana Bounegru (European Journalism Centre) puts data journalism into its broader historical context.

What is data journalism? I could answer, simply, that it is journalism done with data. But that doesnt help much.

Both data and journalism are troublesome terms. Some people think of data as any collection of numbers, most likely gathered on a spreadsheet. 20 years ago, that was pretty much the only sort of data that journalists dealt with. But we live in a digital world now, a world in which almost anything can be (and almost everything is) described with numbers.

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Medium 9781588437785

The Government

Slice ePub May 25, 2014

Australia is a constitutional monarchy still but barely under British rule; in 1999 the nation voted down the prospect of changing to the free Australian Republic. The official chief of state is Englands Queen Elizabeth II, represented by Governor General Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Jeffery since August of 2003. The on-site authority is the Prime Minister, currently Kevin Rudd, who guides the countrys national interests and concerns voted on day-to-day by Australias federal government. State governments are responsible for the regional matters in New South Wales (capital Sydney), Victoria (capital Melbourne), Queensland (capital Brisbane), South Australia (capital Adelaide), Western Australia (capital Perth), and Tasmania (capital Hobart). The Northern Territory, which has its own capital of Darwin, doesnt have separate regional authorities and is therefore still under federal jurisdiction. The Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T.), which surrounds the national capital of Canberra, also comes under the guidance of the federal government.

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Medium 9781780420387

Yva Richard contra Diana-Slip

Slice PDF June 09, 2014

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