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Medium 9781782200970

Chapter Six: Diversity, Culture and Gender

Slice ePub May 22, 2014

Sunny Stout-Rostron, Marti Janse van Rensburg and Daniel Marques Sampaio


– Diversity

– Transforming limiting assumptions

– What happens when it goes wrong?

– Social and workplace transformation

– Coaching across cultures

– Argentina

– Asia

– Coaching Latinos

– Stepping into Africa

– Worldview

– Assumptions

– Engaging with difference

– Binary oppositions

– The challenge of putting equality into practice

– A new map of the world

– Background and similarities

– Race

– Gender

– Communication styles

– Language and linguistic patterns

– Religion

– Individualism versus collectivism

– Context

This is a general introduction to a vital subject with which all business coaches need to get to grips. It is neither an academic assessment nor designed for those who are already experts in the field. This is for the general practitioners who need to reflect on their own levels of awareness and their personal approach to diversity, culture and gender differences.

Today we all coach within diversity, and our clients operate in diverse environments. People assume “diversity” is only about gender or race, but diversity is both about the differences and the similarities between individuals and groups. Any form of power exacerbates difference and influences how we perceive and react to behaviour. This is true in any area of life, and nowhere more so than in the business context, specifically due to the hierarchical nature of organizational systems.

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Medium 9781617833878

Across the Land

Source: Washington DC
Slice PDF May 14, 2014

Medium 9780946439706

II: On the Genesis of Psychical Conflict in êrliest Infancy

Slice ePub May 22, 2014


Mv object in this paper is to attempt a short general formulation of the earliest psychical developmental processes in the child, that is, of the problems of oral-sadistic impulses and their attendant anxieties, and the fundamental defence-mechanisms against them employed by the ego at this stage of development, with special reference to the defensive functions of projection and introjection.

It would appear that fuller understanding and knowledge of the operation of these factors in the first year or two of life throw considerable light on the whole of early development, and thus clarify some of the obscurity hitherto existing in regard to ego-development and the genetic origin of the superego, together with the relation of these to infantile sexuality and libido-development. Any claim that psycho-analysis may make to understand the ego-structure of adults and older children necessarily implies the possibility of tracing its development genetically back to its earliest roots. An understanding of the anxieties and defences which arise in the ego as a result of the child’s earliest object-relations must therefore be of special importance for the whole of psycho-analytic work. This orientation of recent work in no way signifies any underestimation of the importance of libido-development or of libidinal processes as such; on the contrary, the significance of the interaction and connections between ego and libido-development only brings out in an even stronger light the crucial importance of infantile libidinal urges in the whole of psychical development.

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Medium 9781906188078

The Left, the Left

Slice PDF April 24, 2015

Medium 9780596002411

20. The LWP Library

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The library for web access in Perl (LWP), is a bundle of modules that provide a consistent, object-oriented approach to creating web applications. The library, downloaded as the single file named libwww-perl, contains the following classes :

Parses directory listings.

Handles Adobe Font Metrics.

Parses HTML files and converts them to printable or other forms.

Provides client requests, server responses, and protocol implementation.

The core of all web client programs. It creates network connections and manages the communication and transactions between client and server.

Creates, parses, and translates URLs.

Implements standards used for robots (automatic client programs).

Each module in LWP provides different building blocks that allow you to do basically anything you can do in a Web browserfrom connection, to request, to response and returned data. These parts are then encapsulated by an object to give a standard interface to every web program you write.

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