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Medium 9781626561403

Chapter 3 Stakeholder and Issues Management Approaches

Slice ePub July 10, 2014

3.1 Stakeholder Theory and the Stakeholder Management Approach Defined

3.2 Why Use a Stakeholder Management Approach for Business Ethics?

3.3 How to Execute a Stakeholder Analysis

3.4 Negotiation Methods: Resolving Stakeholder Disputes

3.5 Stakeholder Management Approach: Using Ethical Principles and Reasoning

3.6 Moral Responsibilities of Cross-Functional Area Professionals

3.7 Issues Management, Integrating a Stakeholder Framework

Ethical Insight 3.1

3.8 Managing Crises

Chapter Summary



Real-Time Ethical Dilemma


6. The BP Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Oil Spill: Crisis and Aftermath

7. Mattel Toy Recalls

8. Genetic Discrimination



The oil company BP (formerly British Petroleum) leased/licensed the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, operated by Transocean and contracted by Halliburton, that exploded in flames in the Gulf of Mexico on the night of April 20, 2010.1, 2 The result was 11 deaths, 17 injured, and hundreds of miles of beaches soiled. A “blowout preventer” (specialized valve) designed to prevent crude oil releases failed to activate.3

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Medium 9781565922372

Oracle Performance Pack

Slice PDF May 27, 2014

Appendix DComputer Crime: A Crimefighter’s Handbok



Performance Pack


The Oracle Performance Pack is a set of performance tools that you can optionally purchase with Oracle Enterprise Manager (released with Oracle7.3). The

Performance Pack is a sophisticated replacement for SQL*DBA. It has impressive capabilities, and we think it’s worth the additional cost. This appendix highlights many of the features of the products, as well a few gotchas that you should be aware of before you start using them.

All of the Performance Pack products can be controlled from a central console within Enterprise Manager. They provide you with a great deal of tuning diagnostic information, as well as recommendations on how to repair your performance problems.


The Performance Pack is not a replacement for your DBA. It is a toolset that your DBA can use to obtain tuning information and provide expert recommendations that would otherwise require specialist tuning knowledge. However, if the Performance Pack products are used incorrectly, they can often make recommendations that will actually make your performance worse.

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Medium 9781855758162

CHAPTER SIX: Institutional abuse: caught between professional vocation and system's efficiency

Slice ePub May 25, 2014

Eduardo Acuña and Matías Sanfuentes


This chapter analyses the working conditions at a public health geriatric hospital and the distress caused by such conditions to the professionals working there. Such dissatisfaction stems from the abuse of power perceived by health professionals at the hospital and in the Chilean public health system in general. The latter, guided by the principle of maximizing efficiency in health care, imposes a labour regime that dehumanizes and impoverishes working relations. Abuse has devastating effects on mental health, as it causes persistent suffering in workers, fear of the competition existent at the workplace, unhappiness originated by eventual unemployment, and the overall abusive treatment and injustices. Abuse has the peculiarity of subduing health care workers to a collective state of resignation with respect to a hospital's labour conditions and the suffering that emerges from them. Individuals feel they are subjected to overwhelming dynamics that override their capacity to resist and emancipate with a view to changing this situation. Professionals consider that abuse in hospitals is the institutional expression of how public health is practiced in Chile, with the underlying assumption that workers are disciplined in an official, systematic, anonymous, and authoritarian way in order to achieve organizational efficiency.

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Medium 9781622500291

Buying a Car 1

Slice PDF January 13, 2001



date ____________________________


Match words in the box with clues.

Write the words on the puzzle. make model sticker price warranty lease trade-in negotiate option rebate msrp


2. a feature that can be chosen or not chosen


5. an agreement by which a dealer lets a car be used for a specified length of time and for a certain amount of money





9. an itemized list of charges and a final price; these appear on a sheet glued to the car window

10. a part given back from the amount paid






1. the specific style or design of the car, such as a Mustang from Ford


3. a guarantee that a car company will repair problems or replace parts for a certain length of time

4. to talk over a deal in the hope of reaching an agreement

6. a used car given as partial payment on a new one

7. the name of the company that made the car, such as Buick

8. abbreviation for manufacturer’s suggested retail price

CHALLENGE!  On the back of this sheet, write sentences explaining the

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Medium 9781576751107

chapter 15 Competitive Hazards

Slice ePub May 14, 2014

Several years ago, Harvey was working in a small division of a much larger company that had morale problems and couldnt quite figure out what was going wrong. After poking around, he discovered that the general manager of the division gained sadistic pleasure from watching his teams compete and scramble with each other for limited resources and few rewards.

While interviewing team resource folks, Harvey also discovered that resources werent nearly as scarce as had been broadcast by the GM. This gentleman simply thought putting the squeeze on would heighten the level of team competition. He was right. The resulting friction between teams eventually raised the temperature within teams to the point of team meltdown. The resulting toll on division morale was evident to everyone—except you-know-who.

What we say about this may violate your deeply held principles, but hear us out:

There is no such thing as friendly competition.

Competition, the way people usually mean the word, is essentially a win/lose proposition. The competitor who wins gets the gravy today, and the competitor who loses is going to try to get even tomorrow.

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