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Medium 9780946439348

20. Pleasure, Object and Libido (1956)

Michael Balint Karnac Books ePub

Some reflections on Fairbairn’s modifications of psycho-analytic theory

ONE of the cardinal changes in psycho-analytical theory that Fairbairn has put forward in recent years is that libido is not pleasure seeking: it is object seeking.2 As this thesis is likely to cause difficulties in assessing the real importance of his ideas and, moreover, as the ways through which Fairbairn arrived at this conclusion are almost identical with the ways through which a number of highly important and at the same time highly controversial analytical theorems were arrived at, a critical examination of the methodological steps is certainly justified. One may even hope—provided the criticism of the methodology used is just and correct—that some aspects of the controversy might be settled for good.

I propose to start by examining the meaning of the word ‘libido’, In order to do so, we must ask what the concept was that Freud denoted by introducing this new term in the Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality (1905) and what has happened to this term during the fifty years of development since its introduction. Following, among others, the poet-philosopher Schiller, Freud recognised as the two great motive powers of all animal and human life ‘hunger and love’. To discuss his clinical experiences in the field of sexuality he needed a term denoting the intensity factor of all sexual strivings, and as he could not find a proper word for this in the German language he borrowed ‘libido’ from the Latin. This, then, was taken over by his English translators and has now been generally accepted, even by academic lexicographers such as the compilers of the Concise Oxford Dictionary.

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Medium 9781591201892

5. Fluctuating Adrenal and Sex Hormones

Barnes, Kathleen Basic Health Publications ePub




Thyroid hormone dysfunction rarely is a standalone problem. Since the entire endocrine gland system is a complex web of interrelationships, when one goes out of balance, all the others are affected. In fact, in their book Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled?, Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames have devised a system of determining which hormones are out of whack and how to deal with them. The Shameses say the thyroid, adrenals and sex glands (ovaries and testes) are a “solid foundation upon which the rest of our hormonal and metabolic health is built.”

The Three-Legged Stool

They compare the function of these three glands to a three-legged stool, sturdy when all three legs are of equal length, but rickety when a leg is too short or too long.

Adrenal dysfunction is a sad manifestation of the stresses of modern life. The Shameses call adrenal dysfunction “the frazzled or emotional challenge,” compared to the physical challenges of thyroid dysfunction and the mental challenges of sex hormone imbalances. “Low thyroid and low adrenal often go hand in hand,” adds endocrinologist Ron Hunninghake, M.D.

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Medium 9781601322388

Reverse Factorization and Comparison of Factorization Algorithms in attack to RSA

Hamid R. Arabnia, George A. Gravvanis, George Jandieri, Ashu M. G. Solo, Fernando G. Tinetti CSREA Press PDF

Int'l Conf. Scientific Computing | CSC'13 |


Reverse Factorization and Comparison of

Factorization Algorithms in attack to RSA

Sadi Evren SEKER

Dept. of Business Administration.

Istanbul Medeniyet University


Factorization algorithms have a major role in the computer security and cryptography. Most of the widely used cryptographic algorithms, like RSA, are built on the mathematical difficulty of factorization for big prime numbers. This research, proposes a new approach to the factorization by using two new enhancements. The new approach is also compared with six different factorization algorithms and evaluated the performance on a big data environment. The algorithms covered are elliptic curve method, quadratic sieve, Fermat’s method, trial division and Pollard rho methods. Success rates are compared over a million of integer numbers with different difficulties. We have implemented our own algorithm for random number generation, which is also explained in the paper.

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Medium 9781847779731


Rossetti, Christina Carcanet Press Ltd. ePub

Where are the songs I used to know,

    Where are the notes I used to sing?

    I have forgotten everything

I used to know so long ago;

Summer has followed after Spring;

    Now Autumn is so shrunk and sere

I scarcely think a sadder thing

    Can be the Winter of my year.

Yet Robin sings through Winter’s rest,

    When bushes put their berries on;

    While they their ruddy jewels don,

He sings out of a ruddy breast;

The hips and haws and ruddy breast

    Make one spot warm where snowflakes lie;

They break and cheer the unlovely rest

    Of Winter’s pause–and why not I?

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Medium 9780819870674

4. Money Problems

Eileen Dunn Bertanzetti Pauline Books and Media ePub


Money Problems

During the harsh winter, Francesco was again overcome by fever. At that time there were no antibiotics to fight diseases, and so there was nothing to do but let the illness run its course.

The Forgiones continued to struggle to feed their family. Mrs. Forgione recycled material to make curtains for their home’s tiny windows. She sewed rags together to serve as rugs. When the family was fortunate enough to have a piece of meat to eat, Mrs. Forgione made it last as long as possible. First I’ll use the meat to make soup, she reasoned. The next day I’ll let it simmer for a while in my vegetable stew—for flavor. On the third day, if it still has any taste left, I’ll cut it into tiny pieces for my spaghetti sauce.

Mr. Forgione worked as hard as he could to grow vegetables for his family. Yet harsh weather, hungry insects, and sickness worked even harder to crush his efforts. Dear Lord, he silently prayed, I wish I could afford to send Francesco to school. But how can I?

Fever became Francesco’s companion that winter. But by spring, he finally recovered. Wild flowers grinned at the warm Italian sun, and flocks of birds filled the skies over Pietrelcina. The sheep Francesco tended grazed in the greening fields that surrounded the village. Gone were the cold nights in which the Forgiones’only source of heat was their fireplace. Now spring’s new life and warmth could work its healing in Francesco.

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