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Medium 9780596101619

Get the Bird’s-Eye View

Slice PDF May 27, 2014



Get the Bird’s-Eye View

In Mozilla Firefox, you may find that if you just typed something into the search box above the map, your browser’s focus is still be on the text box, which means that key presses will show up there, rather than going directly to the map. If this happens, just hit the Tab key (or left-click once anywhere on the map itself) to move the browser’s focus away from the search box. Then the keyboard shortcuts should work as advertised.

Taste the Secret Sauce

It is a curious fact that, as of this writing, although all the pan and zoom controls have associated keyboard shortcuts, there do not seem to be keyboard shortcuts for switching modes. One almost wonders if this isn’t an inadvertent oversight on Google’s part. Fortunately, as the patient and attentive reader will discover, since Google’s code is running on your web browser, you the hacker can fix any such oversights yourself by dipping into

Google’s secret sauce.

The secret sauce by which Google offers so much rich functionality with such a seemingly simple interface is referred to by some people as AJAX, which (sometimes) stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript And XML.” By using client-side JavaScript to detect user actions and act on them in the background, Google Maps offers a very pleasingly usable interface to a map of the world, all without the interminable wait for the entire page to reload any time something happens. As we’ll see later in the book, the deep integration with the browser interface at the JavaScript level is also the source for much of the extreme hackability of Google Maps!

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Medium 9781855755970

CHAPTER NINE: Enabling change

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Joan Woodward

T he case for understanding the vital need for “secure attachment” in babies and young children as a basis for their sound development and good mental health has now been so well made that it no longer needs to be elaborated here, as an introduction to this chapter.

But how is it for us as adults? Whatever kind of attachments we have had, “secure” or “insecure”, in our early life, we continue to seek secure attachments throughout our lives. The way we do this depends largely on our earlier “attachment history”. Dr John Bowlby insists that the need for attachment is an “instinctive behaviour” that exists in all of us as human beings “from the cradle to the grave” (Bowlby, 1998, p. 62). I believe this to be a fundamental truth, for I watch people constantly seeking secure attachment at every age. Sometimes, people who have had very insecure attachments in their early life will appear to run away from close connection with anyone, but this is because they deeply fear once again experiencing rejection at an unbearable level. It does not mean that they have stopped longing for it.

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Medium 9781617147067

Big Break

Slice PDF May 13, 2014

Medium 9781782202189

Chapter Eleven

Slice ePub December 23, 2014

In which the two worlds collide, the box of secrets overflows, and Molly is sent to boarding school. It is an attempt at escape, but soon proves to be of no help in keeping at bay the drama of life back home.

There are several ways to mend a broken warp. You can either use a weaver's knot, or you can replace the break with a newer, thinner, thread. If you have by your own carelessness cut into the canvas, you can turn it over, and clear the break from its surrounding stitches. Then you have to carry on, tease it out a little more.

So there were these two worlds, separated only by a few miles, but seeming miles apart in emotional territory. Gold, if pure, does not tarnish. As Molly lay in the huge feather bed at her grandparents’ house on summer evenings listening to the purling coo of the wood-pigeons, all felt right with the world. Their call could comfort her throughout her life, wherever she was. There there, pet, they said, there there. When she fell asleep on those warm nights at The Retreat, she could still hear outside the rooks bickering over sticks to build their nests in the high elms, shouting Shame, Shame, Shame, over and over into the dusk. Rooks may seem dysfunctional with their eternal family quarrels, squawking aerial soap operas, but they were the ones who could tell far before the experts which elms had been stricken with the Dutch disease, and they refused to nest there, even when the trees still looked sound.

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Medium 9780819837059

XXI: The Happiness of Resignation

Source: Inner Peace
Slice ePub May 27, 2014


The Happiness of Resignation

It does not astonish me, my dear Sister, that you find it difficult to understand the ways of Divine Providence. Neither do I understand them any better than you, but what I know and what you know as well as I, is that God arranges and disposes of all things as he pleases and makes use of who he will, to carry out his designs at the time and moment he has decided upon. Let us learn then to resign ourselves in all and everything with submission and confidence in he who can do all things and who disposes of all things according to his own plans. If we could only attain to this state of holy submission we should wait patiently for things to happen at the appointed time, instead of at the time that, in our impatience, we expect them. Abandonment to God’s holy Providence binds him, in a way, to find a remedy for everything and to provide for and console us in all our needs. Remind yourself of this great saying, “Everything passes away, God alone remains.” Abandon yourself and all who are dear to you, therefore, to his loving care. In public disasters as in all other things we should, by our confidence, glorify his infinite goodness and then we shall be able to say with David: “We have rejoiced for the days in which thou hast humbled us: for the years in which we have seen evils” (Ps 89:15 Douay Rheims). Suffering, patiently endured, is the lot and the seal of the elect; let us say also with the same prophet, “I was dumb, and I opened not my mouth, because thou hast done it” (Ps 38:10 Douay Rheims). There is no greater consolation in our trials than a lively faith in the goodness of him who sends them, an expectation of that eternal happiness these trials have merited for us, the remembrance of our sins that they help to expiate, and the contemplation of the sufferings that Jesus Christ underwent for love of us. Impatience would only serve to aggravate the evil, while patience has the great power of lightening them. God has different rods with which he threatens us and punishes our sins, but always with a fatherly love, since he only threatens and punishes us in this world in order to be able to save us with greater certainty. May he be blessed forever!

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