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Medium 9781933820248

Chapter 9

Source: Web Form Design
Slice ePub May 27, 2014




Best Practices

D espite our best efforts to format questions clearly and provide meaningful affordances for our inputs, some of our questions will always have more than one possible answer. In these cases, direct feedback can help reassure people that their answers are valid. This type of real-time communication is often implemented as inline validation.

Inline validation can provide several types of feedback: confirmation that an appropriate answer was given, suggestions for valid answers, and real-time updates designed to help people stay within necessary limits. These bits of feedback usually happen when people begin, continue, or stop entering answers within input fields.

Confirming appropriate answers is most useful when there is a high likelihood that people won't get the answer "right." A common example is the selection of a unique username. Chances are good that the first username to pop into people's heads is one that someone else already claimed. Providing that specific answer would yield an error because the Web site understands that it is not "valid." Someone else already has that username. Of course, it's impossible for people to know what usernames are available to them when they are filling in a registration form so they continue to guess and guess again until they stumble upon something obscure enough not to be taken.

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Medium 9781576337769

Coordinate Geometry: SAT Math I Algebra

Slice ePub July 07, 2014

Medium 9781449342418

22. Photoshop and 3D

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

One of the big new features in Photoshop CC is the inclusion of all the 3D tools that used to live only in the now-deceased Photoshop Extended. But if you dont know anything about 3D, do all these features mean anything to you? They could. If youve ever dreamt of dabbling in 3D modeling, Photoshop is a great place to start. Just as you can buy stock images, video clips, and audio clips, you can also buy 3D objects. Do a quick Google search and youll find oceans of 3D models for sale. If those objects are already painted and lit (some arent), you can bring all that info into Photoshop. Youve also got a fair amount of control over the objects textures and lighting in Photoshop. If the object comes with a separate texture file, you can edit that file in Photoshop and then see your updated model when you save it. You can also add and adjust lighting to make the model blend into your scene better.

If youre feeling particularly brave, you can paint directly on the surface of a 3D model in real time (meaning you see your brushstrokes as you make them). Its really nice to be able to do this kind of painting in Photoshop, especially if you dont have a dedicated 3D painting program. You can even render (apply lighting and reflections using a technology called ray tracing) a portion of an object and even pause the process, which is a great timesaver when you want to focus on an important area of detail.

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Medium 9781847770981


Slice PDF February 05, 2015

Medium 9781855758612

Chapter One: Thoughts on the Paris School of Psychosomatics

Slice ePub May 24, 2014

André Green

The return of the theoretical repressed of psychosomatics

The explanations given a posteriori with regard to the Conference in Geneva have not, in my opinion, entirely clarified the situation. I would like to make some preliminary remarks in an attempt to justify the diverse and successive formulations concerning the French title announcing it, for this evolution is significant. During the sole meeting I had with Marty, in preparation for this conference, the theme I proposed was the following: “How is the primitive material of the mind whose transformation gives birth to representation to be conceived, and how can this hypothetical material be used in psychoanalytic practice?” To my mind, this somewhat enigmatic title had the interest of bringing us back to the notion of the psychical representative of the drive.

I would simply point out that when I speak of primitive material, I do not understand this in terms of what would be found at the origin of the developmental process of a baby. I have certain reservations about the mode of explanation that consists in constructing a genesis that exists first and foremost in the head of the theoretician who postulates it and that one then tries to pass off as reality because it is based on something observable. I am speaking of primitive material as it can be inferred from clinical experience with a patient whoever he/she is: adult or child.

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