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Medium 9781576752494

CHAPTER 1: Social Security: The Tip of the Retirement Iceberg

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

THE BASIC IDEA OF SOCIAL SECURITY is simple. Started during the Great Depression, it was devised to help all Americans prepare for their later years, particularly older people who had little chance of helping themselves.

The program takes in money from workers and their employers through payroll taxes and then pays most of it out to beneficiaries. It is called a pay-as-you-go or pass-through program because most of the money that comes in goes right back out again. It is also called an intergenerational transfer program because, in the main, the younger, working generation transfers money to the older, retired generation.

Social Security really includes two programs, Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) and Disability Insurance (DI). OASI pays monthly benefits to retired workers, their families, and survivors of deceased workers. DI pays monthly benefits to disabled workers and their families. About 85 percent of all Social Security benefits are paid by the OASI program. In this book, we will treat the two programs as one (OASDI).

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Medium 9781931332897

Chapter VI: Disaster Recovery for Information Technology

Slice ePub February 11, 2015


Disaster Recovery for Information Technology


»Define the scope of Disaster Recovery Planning

»Identify alternate site type

»Provide a method of selecting alternate site providers

»Determine the alternate site location

»Identify controls at the data center

»Identify the steps needed to recover the data center

»Review information management procedures

»Review information security measures.

Overview of Disaster Recovery Planning

Information Technology (IT) – IT consists of the hardware, software, telecommunications and other technologies used in computer based information systems. The IT department of an organization is responsible for storing, protecting, processing and retrieving information. IT is a critical resource for most organizations.

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Medium 9781601323255

Model Design for Scheduling Multiple Factory Cranes in Manufacturing Floor

Slice PDF December 17, 2014

Int'l Conf. Modeling, Sim. and Vis. Methods | MSV'14 |


Model Design for Scheduling Multiple Factory Cranes in Manufacturing Floor

Hee-jin Lee1, Kwang-yeol Ryu1, Sang-il Lee1, Ho-yeun Ryu2, and Hui-chul Lee2

Department of Industrial Engineering, Pusan National University, Busan, South Korea


Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Jinju, South Korea


Abstract - Unpredictable and ever changing customer demands make manufacturers to make quality products with cheaper price and shorter delivery. To survive in the global market by meeting customer requirements dynamically changed, the manufacturing industry needs to respond quickly to the customer needs and various demands, an efficient schedule takes more important role in manufacturing system than ever. The problems for scheduling multiple factory cranes are very complex due to several factors, such as crane movement types, time factor, and available weight. In this paper, we propose model design and scheduling methods by using heuristic algorithm for multiple factory cranes in manufacturing floor. In other words, this paper proposes a model to minimize the time of factory crane movements required in manufacturing orders, divides crane operations into empty crane and connect movement in order to approach realistic factory crane scheduling.

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Medium 9788324630554

5. Powietrze — kluczowa zmienna wypieków

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

JELI CZAS I TEMPERATURA S KLUCZOWYMI ZMIENNYMI GOTOWANIA, TO ICH ODPOWIEDNIKIEM W PIECZENIU JEST POWIETRZE. Chocia niewielu z nas uznaoby je za skadnik potrawy, powietrze jest niezbdnym komponentem wielu produktw spoywczych. Wikszo wypiekw zawdzicza mu swoj lekk konsystencj, zapach i wygld. Proszek do pieczenia i soda oczyszczona odpowiadaj za powstawanie dwutlenku wgla, ktry sprawia, e ciasto czy chleb dosownie rosn w oczach. Powietrze uwizione w ubitym biaku jajka unosi suflety, odpowiada za lekko bez i wyrastanie ciasta biszkoptowego. Z kolei drode decyduj o teksturze i zoonym smaku chleba czy piwa.

W odrnieniu od gotowania, podczas ktrego reakcje chemiczne niemal zawsze od pocztku przebiegaj w rwnowadze (kucharz rzadko musi zastanawia si nad proporcjami skadnikw, eby doprowadzi do cicia si protein), podczas pieczenia ju na samym pocztku proporcje musz by idealnie dopasowane, aby mogo doj do odpowiednich reakcji chemicznych wywoujcych pojawianie si pcherzykw powietrza i zatrzymywanie ich w wypieku. Uzyskanie takiej rwnowagi czsto wymaga rozpoczcia pracy od dokadnych pomiarw objtoci skadnikw i inaczej ni w przypadku przyrzdzania wikszoci da, w ktrych gwne role graj misiwa czy ziemniaki, nie ma waciwie adnej szansy na wprowadzenie zmian w produktach znajdujcych si ju w piekarniku. Jeszcze wikszym wyzwaniem jest to, e w wypiekach tolerancje bdw s na og mniejsze ni w przypadku zwykego gotowania.

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Medium 9781847770943

Ghazal: The Servant

Slice PDF February 16, 2015

Below me, as the sun goes down, marsh pools will glimmer red. Sineh Sefid will be gashed with gold, will change from rose to blue, from blue to grey. My bowl will hold the bowl of sky and as twilight falls I will stand and fling its spool and watch it land as lake: a ring where rood and river meet in peacock blue and peacock green and a hundred rills cascade.

And evening’s narrow pass will bring me down to bowl, to sit at lakeside’s old reflections: those granite spurs no longer hard and cold but furred in the slipstream of a lone oarsman.

And from its lap a scent will rise like Mer of mother love and waters; scent whose name

I owe to Talat, gold for grandmother:

Maryam, tuberose, for bowl, for daughter.

Ghazal: The Servant

Ma’mad, hurry, water the rose.

Blessed is the English one that grows out in the rain.

Water is scarce, blood not so.

Blood is the open drain that flows out in the rain.

Bring in the lamp, the olive’s flame.

Pity the crippled flame that blows out in the rain.

Where are the children? What is the time?

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