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Driving through Light in West Limerick

Slice PDF February 16, 2015

Driving through Light in West Limerick

Poetry, surpassing music, must take the place of empty heaven and its hymns.

Wallace Stevens

What’s light that falls on nothing?


But this light turns wet trees into green lamps and roadside grass into a green blaze and lets the saffron hills run through our hearts as though the world had no borders and wet whin bushes were deeper than the sun.

What’s light, and who can hold it?

This morning, across the sea, in a gallery

I saw light held for five hundred years on an angel’s face – a moment’s surprise, and centuries fell away quiet as leaves.

But the angel’s features had been no more than any perfect features until they’d caught the light or else the light had fallen on them.

And trying to figure out which had happened

I got off the Underground at King’s Cross and an accordion tune filled the deep steel stairwell.

This was some descent of the strong sun, good music brought down to where it was needed, music surpassing poetry gone down again, the busker with a red Paolo Soprani

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Medium 9781574411690

Chapter 8 Epilogue

Slice PDF May 18, 2014


Chapter 8


One of the ironies of wartime RAF pilot training is that graduates of early courses from No.1 BFTS suffered heavy losses after posting to operational squadrons due to the intensity of the fighting, while many graduates of later courses saw little or no action.

Bert Allam used both official and unofficial sources after the war to trace the original thirty-three exBritish Army transfers who joined Course 4 in

Terrell. Only seven survived the war.1 Another

Terrell graduate, Douglas Sivyer, traced the operational records of the graduates of Course 3. Of the thirty-eight graduates, only fourteen survived the war. The list includes details of the last flights of those lost. Many of the descriptions contain nothing more than the poignant epitaph, “failed to return.”2

Eight graduates of Course 3 attended an Operational Training Unit (OTU) on Spitfires. One of the pilots, Eddie McCann, flew with 131 and 165

Squadrons at Tangmere and then 232 Squadron in the Mediterranean where he escorted American medium bombers. Of the others trained on Spitfires, Johnny Gallon and Frank Seeley were killed while operating in 11 Group (England); Vernon

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Medium 9781855206786

Chapter 10: Fuel System

Slice ePub September 06, 2013

The E30 range uses a variety of different fuel systems with three fuel injection systems, and a couple of carburettors too. Some of these are now getting rare and Bosch Motronic as used on all 1988 onwards cars is the most common.

All M10-engined 316 cars used a carburettor. The early cars in 1982 and early 1983 used the Pierburg 2B which was sort of okay but later cars used the dreaded Pierburg 2BE, the ultimate nightmare carburettor. BMW were forced by emissions regulations to use this carburettor when what they should have done is equip it with an injection system. A horribly complex device, it used various sensors, vacuum control units and was electronically controlled with a Bosch ECU. It really was a terrible thing and when it starts to malfunction, the only sensible course of action is to take it off, throw it away and fit a Weber replacement. Many of the repair parts are no longer available for the Pierburg and there is very little service information around. You would not be the first owner to spend £100 on parts, along with many hours of tearing your hair out, only to give up. If you can find one, you can go the second-hand route and try a different carburettor but there are not many good ones about. Even the 316s ending up in breaker's yards now seem to have had Weber carburettors fitted and, of course, these offer a good saving over new ones. As for buying new carburettor bits to try and make yours work, do not bother. The parts are very expensive and you have absolutely no guarantee that the damned thing will work. ECUs do not often fail but it is not unknown. Before assuming the carburettor is at fault, check all the ignition system, make sure the fuel pump is delivering enough fuel and check all the vacuum pipes and electrical connections you never know, you might be lucky. A carburettor and inlet manifold assembly from an old 2002 or E21 316 can be fitted but again, the age of these parts is against you. If ever there was a reasoned argument to buy a 318i, this is it!

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Medium 9780819871152

14: Prophecies, Miracles, and Visions

Slice ePub May 27, 2014


Prophecies, Miracles, and Visions

François Dorel was a carefree young man from another town. In 1852, he agreed to accompany a friend to Ars.

“This priest hears confessions day and night and works miracles too. I’d like to see him,” his friend said.

“Well, I’ll go along,” said François. “But I’d rather go hunting while we’re there. I’ll take my dog and my gun. You can go to confession if you like.”

As the travelers entered the town, the Curé happened to be passing by. He was blessing the people, but he paused to look at François and his dog.

“Monsieur,” the Curé said seriously, “if only your soul could be as beautiful as your dog!”

François’ face turned bright red. His dog was always so eager to please him, and he followed François everywhere. This dog has been far more faithful to me than I have been to God. He decided to go to confession to the Curé. The priest encouraged him to spend his life in service to God and others. François took his advice and later became a religious brother.

Father Raymond remained in Ars from 1845 to 1853 as Father Vianney’s assistant. The bishop then assigned Father Toccanier to be the Curé’s assistant. He remained in Ars for the rest of the saintly priest’s life and witnessed many of the miraculous happenings going on at that time.

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Medium 9781457167720


Slice ePub May 29, 2014

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