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Medium 9781576755846

16 A Gift in Wartime

Slice ePub May 15, 2014

“So, how was everyone’s evening?” Avi asked with a big smile once the group had seated themselves in the room.

Lou looked around at them and was surprised to discover that he felt at home in the room, as if among friends. Yes, that is what they have become, he thought. Pettis, the fellow vet and clear-minded student. Elizabeth, the high-minded Brit with subtle humor and surprising self-honesty. Ria and Miguel, the oddly matched couple with an ongoing battle over the dishes. Jenny’s quiet and timid parents, Carl and Teri. Even Gwyn, Lou’s blustery counterpart, who had accused Lou of being racist. Lou started chuckling at the realization that he was even glad to see Gwyn.

“Lou, what’s so funny?” Avi asked.

“Oh nothing,” he smiled. “It’s just good to see everyone this morning, that’s all.”

“Even me?” Gwyn asked with a wry smile.

Especially you, Gwyn,” Lou laughed.

In the comfort of the moment it was easy to forget how much had changed since the morning before.

“So how do we get out of the box?” Avi asked rhetorically. “How can our hearts turn from war to peace? That is the question for today.”

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Medium 9780596007539

16. RRAS and IAS

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Remote access technologies have been built into the Windows NT family of operating systems since their beginnings in the early 1990s. These technologies provide a critical component of today's computing environmentconnectivity from remote locations. Common scenarios for remote access technologies include users working from remote locations and connecting remote sites to a central network.

In Windows Server 2003, there are two main components for remote connectivityRouting and Remote Access Service (RRAS) and Internet Authentication Service (IAS). These two components work very well together to provide a seamless remote access experience for the user, and cohesive, efficient management for the network administrator.

RRAS is a service that provides multiprotocol network-to-network, dial-up, and virtual private network (VPN) remote access services. You can configure RRAS in a number of ways to allow users to connect from remote locations and to connect two or more networks. The flexibility of RRAS comes from its remote access policies, which are sets of rules that define how RRAS behaves. You can build policies that allow or restrict connections based on such conditions as group membership, time of day, network connection type and location, and much more.

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Medium 9781617836565

Chapter 1: Flying High

Source: Oregon Ducks
Slice PDF May 13, 2014

ducks the turf. It bounced along the grass three times before Oregon sophomore defensive back Harris jumped on it. Suddenly, Oregon had its special play.

“We needed a turnover,” Matthews said. “That’s one thing we talked about. It was just a matter of who was going to do it. . . . I was confident our offense would go down and score.”

And it did. The Ducks started from their own 40-yard line. Only 4:54 remained on the clock. Oregon quickly moved down the field, though.

The Ducks advanced in seven plays to the Auburn 2-yard line.

From there, Oregon sophomore quarterback Darron Thomas took the snap. He threw a shovel pass to Oregon star sophomore running back LaMichael James for a touchdown. Now the Ducks trailed 19–17 with just 2:33 left.

A two-point conversion would tie the game. So Oregon went for it.

Thomas took the snap from center. He ran to his right and threw the ball

The Coach

Chip Kelly had big shoes to fill when he became Oregon’s coach in 2009. That is because he replaced the school’s most successful coach to that point, Mike Bellotti. But

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Medium 9781855752948

CHAPTER FOUR. What is the emotional cost of distributed leadership?

Slice ePub May 23, 2014

Clare Huffington, Kim James, and David Armstrong

I am paid for being able to think more clearly than anyone else but I don’t know any training that can help me do this in relation to my industry”

CEO, Pharmaceutical Company

‘These leadership development programmes have nothing to do with what I have to do every day—which is basically to fight my corner with other directors”

Director, NHS Trust

“People here are used to leadership meaning being top of a hierarchy and your authority coming from your experience and expertise. It is quite a new thought to them that leadership means inspiring loyalty and influencing people externally. They thought they got that automatically with the role and did not realize you have to earn it”

CEO, Local Authority

What is distributed leadership?

While there may be various styles of leadership (facilitative, charismatic, authoritarian, etc.), there are also different leadership concepts held by organizations; for example, hierarchical, distributed, matrix. The leadership concept encompasses more than a set of competences or an idea of a style of leadership that is considered desirable. It touches upon the assumptions in the organization that are held about the role of leader, the way leaders should use their authority, the way followers should relate to leaders and the way the leaders relate to each other and the outside world. The leadership concept that is widely subscribed to in the organization, whether consciously or unconsciously, will impact on the emotional relations in the organization. Thus, the patterning of emotional relations may change when a new leadership concept is espoused or when leadership development activity enables people to reflect on the leadership concept informing their behaviour. New organizational dynamics will then emerge.

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Medium 9781491947326

9. Stabilization, Color Fixes, Cropping, and Rotating

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

Not every piece of video needs fancy effects. In fact, most video is probably better off without a Dream filter or a Picture-in-Picture overlay. The unadulterated stuff straight from your camera usually looks best.

If your footage needs any help at all, its probably in the camera operator department. Dont take this personally. Handheld shots, the most common kind of home video, are notoriously unstable, and thats an instant giveaway that youre an amateur. You can have the hands of a surgeon and still end up with shaky footage. This is true even with all the newfangled image-stabilization technology that comes in the latest cameras.

Dont give up (and dont resort to carrying a tripod everywhere). iMovie can stabilize your video after the factone of its most amazing features.

And stabilization isnt the only way iMovie can fix your footage, either. The Adjust tool lets you make slight or gigantic changes to the white balance, skin-tone balance, brightness, saturation, and other image qualities of any clip.

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