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Medium 9781565924529

15. Naming Services

William Grosso O'Reilly Media ePub

In Chapter 14, we discussed the RMI registry. In this chapter, well build on that discussion to explore naming services in general. The goal of the chapter is to help you understand just what a naming service is, and how theyre used in distributed computing. Well also implement a new and more flexible naming service. As part of doing so, well discuss threading and bootstrapping issues again, this time from an applied perspective. And finally, Ill introduce an important design technique known as federation. By the end of this chapter, youll have a much better understanding of naming services and of how to build multithreaded servers.

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Medium 9781615424429

Managing the Downloads Folder

Tonya Engst TidBITS Publishing, Inc. PDF

Managing the Downloads Folder

Directions that tell you to download something are a commonplace, but they seldom explain where your Downloads folder is—or what to do about it. Let’s take a look. First, when I refer to “your Downloads folder,” I mean the one in your home folder—read the previous chapter, The Point of the Home Folder, if you aren’t sure where your home folder is.

There are lots of ways to open the Downloads folder in the Finder, so if you don’t already have a favorite way, choose Go > Downloads. A Finder window opens, showing the contents of the Downloads folder ①.

① The Downloads folder in list view. Your folder may look considerably different, especially if the list view button isn’t selected (red oval). The rest of this chapter assumes that the Downloads folder is in list view. The Date Added column (red arrow) is particularly useful for determining when an item was downloaded.

Finding a Recent Download

Telling Your Browser

1. Open the Downloads folder in a Finder window in list view (as shown above).

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Medium 9780819871237

——Prayer for Spiritual Growth

Kathryn J. Hermes Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub

Prayers to Saint Joseph

Pray to Saint Joseph confidently and faithfully. He can help us, and he wants to do so. His heart is full of love and goodness, and he responds to everyone with fatherly generosity.

— Don G. Pasquali, SSP

For Families and Homes

Prayer for One’s Family

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of my family and for the many joys and blessings that have come to me through each of them. Help me to appreciate the uniqueness of each while celebrating the diversity of all. Through the intercession of Saint Joseph, foster father of your Son, I ask you to protect my family from the evils of this world. Grant us all the power to forgive when we have been hurt and the humility to ask for forgiveness when we have caused pain. Unite us in the love of your Son, Jesus, so that we may be a sign of the unity you desire for all humanity.

Saint Joseph, intercede for us. Amen.

Prayer to Obtain a Special Favor

O glorious Saint Joseph, steadfast follower of Jesus Christ, I am confident that your prayers for me will be graciously heard at the throne of God. To you I lift my heart and hands, asking your powerful intercession to obtain from the compassionate heart of Jesus all the graces necessary for my spiritual and temporal well-being, particularly the grace of a happy death, and the special grace for which I now pray (mention your request).

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Medium 9781855757769

CHAPTER FIVE: “Retainment” of staff: Towards a collective work ethic in managing presence and absence

Richard Morgan-Jones Karnac Books ePub


Socio-somatics: Social and work place
ailments and their cures

The argument of this book brought us at the end of Part 1 to exploring some of the psychodynamics that describe the way rigid or fragile emotional containment in working organisations can distort the experiences of their staff. The idea of a group or organisational skin was introduced in order to explore how teams within the organisation are resourced to deal with the stresses involved in the tasks of the organisation as a system. These phenomena at the boundary of the organisation open up the possibility of examining risks to staff. These may be both physical and psychological health and safety issues that may also reflect on strategic issues for the organisation as a whole. To that extent they pick up on Bions exploration of the protomental.

The six chapters in Part 2 of this book provide applications of the foundation stones outlined in Part 1. They each provide descriptions of psycho/socio-analytic work in understanding and intervening in organisations. Central to their content is the idea of primary risk, an idea developed by Larry Hirschorn to try to link these ideas together. This notion provides, if you like, an interlude that links the two parts of this book.

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Medium 9781449320171

Dynamic Binding

Joseph Albahari O'Reilly Media ePub

Dynamic binding defers bindingthe process of resolving types, members, and operationsfrom compile time to runtime. Dynamic binding was introduced in C# 4.0, and is useful when at compile time you know that a certain function, member, or operation exists, but the compiler does not. This commonly occurs when you are interoperating with dynamic languages (such as IronPython) and COM and in scenarios when you might otherwise use reflection.

A dynamic type is declared with the contextual keyword dynamic:

A dynamic type tells the compiler to relax. We expect the runtime type of d to have a Quack method. We just cant prove it statically. Since d is dynamic, the compiler defers binding Quack to d until runtime. To understand what this means requires distinguishing between static binding and dynamic binding.

The canonical binding example is mapping a name to a specific function when compiling an expression. To compile the following expression, the compiler needs to find the implementation of the method named Quack:

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