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Medium 9781855753051

3. Insight: Seeing or Telling?

Roy Schafer Karnac Books ePub

Our everyday language and our psychological and philosophical language are saturated with visual-spatial metaphors for thinking, rethinking, understanding, and sometimes even communicating, For example, we say, “I see what you mean, ” “In this perspective, ” “Introspect, ” “Think deeply about it, ” “Reflect on it, ” “Get your point across, ” and “A colorful account of the incident. ” These are not dead metaphors. I will try to show that this is so by giving an account of the influential role they continue to play in psychoanalytic theorizing and clinical interpretation. I will lay out some theoretical implications of our using the term insight to refer to psychoanalytic understanding of our “inner ” and “deeper ” selves and those of other human beings. Additionally, I will detail some of the technical consequences, both advantageous and problematic, of our formulating interpretations in ocular terms.

Here, we are concerned particularly with the metaphor insight. It is so deeply embedded in ordinary language that it may be said to have been naturalized, that is, to be no longer regarded as figurative speech but only as a way of talking plain talk. Now, when modes of discourse have received so much critical attention, it no longer seems self-evident that analysts must continue to depend on metaphors of looking and seeing when discussing psychoanalytic understanding. This being so, one must ask, “What accounts for the lasting appeal of these metaphors? ”

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Medium 9780596806392

20. Maintenance & Speed Tweaks

David Pogue O'Reilly Media ePub

Your computer requires periodic checkups and preventive maintenancepretty much like you, its human sidekick. Fortunately, Microsoft has put quite a bit of effort into equipping Windows 7 with special tools, all dedicated to keeping your system stable and fast. Heres a crash course in keeping your PCand its hard drivehumming.

If youre looking for the best place to go for at-a-glance information about the current state of your PCs maintenance and Internet security, open the new Action Center (it was called the Security Center in Windows Vista). To open it, click the tiny or on your system tray.

Here, all in one place, are all the security and maintenance messages that Windows wants you to see. Be grateful; they used to pop up as individual nag balloons on the system tray all day. Now they accumulate here.

Color coding lets you know what steps Windows thinks you should take. Messages marked with a red vertical bar are things you should fix right now, like not having a virus program installed. Items with a yellow bar are less urgent; theyre maintenance recommendations, for example.

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Medium 9781847771261

Sunday Morning in the Murdered Territories

Edward Dorn Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Sunday Morning in the Murdered Territories

This poor, old shoetrod piece of paper blowing in the Houston breeze.

Trash trying to individuate on Main Street, in full view of a population of bright-eyed & nude manikins, their privacy protected only slightly by dingy storefront glass.

Scrumptious meals, it says, prepared completely from scratch.

But who wants to eat scratch?

We’ve just come from Don Wesling’s room in the provocative Hotel Lamar.

A lively party with the La Jolla bunch.

Dobro played the banjo and laid out the stunning propaganda of a life of abandon to several candidates who had spent an elongated day interviewing for jobs the size of needles in haystacks, and in the end taking what solace they could in tales of the motile.

Maximum Ostentation

Hyattecture is all strut and stage and a cheap high to move through.

The inner space is hollowed-out egyptian and although the Egyptians were not squeamish about slave labor their engineers wouldn’t have created a structural episode like Kansas City.

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Medium 9781449320966

2. Regular Expression Reference

Lee Holmes O'Reilly Media ePub

Regular expressions play an important role in most text parsing and text matching tasks. They form an important underpinning of the -split and -match operators, the switch statement, the Select-String cmdlet, and more. Tables 2-1 through 2-9 list commonly used regular expressions.

Table2-1.Character classes: patterns that represent sets of characters

Character class



Any character except for a newline. If the regular expression uses the SingleLine option, it matches any character.


Any character in the brackets. For example: [aeiou].


Any character not in the brackets. For example: [^aeiou].


Any character between the characters start and end, inclusive. You may include multiple character ranges between the brackets. For example, [a-eh-j].


Any character not between any of the character ranges start through end, inclusive. You may include multiple character ranges between the brackets. For example, [^a-eh-j].

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Medium 9781847770837

let the fire run its course

Toon Tellegen Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

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