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Medium 9781449320171

Operator Overloading

Slice ePub May 28, 2014

Operators can be overloaded to provide more natural syntax for custom types. Operator overloading is most appropriately used for implementing custom structs that represent fairly primitive data types. For example, a custom numeric type is an excellent candidate for operator overloading.

The following symbolic operators can be overloaded:

Implicit and explicit conversions can also be overridden (with the implicit and explicit keywords), as can the literals true and false, and the unary + and - operators.

The compound assignment operators (e.g., +=, /=) are automatically overridden when you override the noncompound operators (e.g., +, /).

An operator is overloaded by declaring an operator function. An operator function must be static, and at least one of the operands must be the type in which the operator function is declared.

In the following example, we define a struct called Note representing a musical note, and then overload the + operator:

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Medium 9781780426952

Chaussures et littérature

Slice PDF June 09, 2014

Chaussures et littérature

Depuis l’Antiquité, les descriptions de chaussures abondent dans la littérature.

Auxiliaires précieuses des sources iconographiques, souvent seuls témoins évocateurs des chaussures disparues ou à l’état de fragments archéologiques de temps anciens, elles sont aussi une référence utile pour la datation des chaussures anciennes d’une

époque où les revues de mode n’existent pas encore.

Autre référence, celle de l’univers de la fabrication avec, pour ne citer que la plus célèbre, la fable de Jean de la Fontaine « Le Savetier et le Financier » ou encore celle du commerce de la chaussure avec les mimes d’Hérondas de la Grèce antique.

Mais l’image symbolique et poétique la plus sublime reste incontestablement évoquée par le chef-d’œuvre de Paul Claudel « Le soulier de satin ».

Doña Prouheze aime d’un amour coupable Don Rodrigue. Elle se déchausse et confie à la Vierge Marie son soulier de satin, en garantie d’un vœu solennel, et lui adresse une prière émouvante :

« Alors pendant qu’il est encore temps, tenant mon cœur dans une main et mon soulier dans l’autre, je me remets à vous ! Vierge mère, je vous donne mon soulier !

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Medium 9780819849007


Slice ePub May 29, 2014

Agent Stewart was positioned just outside the terminal and his men were inside, just a few feet from Antonio, Jorge, and Luisito.

Just then, Jorge grabbed the blue bag while Antonio held on to Gutierrez.

“Go now!” Agent Stewart communicated through his radio to the other agents’ earpieces.

But out of nowhere, Luisito, who had no idea he was surrounded by FBI agents, ran and grabbed the blue bag right out of the unsuspecting Jorge’s hands. Luisito imagined he had just stolen the basketball from his opponent and now he was running straight to the basket. He ran and ran, pushing through the crowd and jumping over luggage.

Antonio and Jorge, stunned, paused for a split second before starting to run after Luisito. This was the opportunity the agents were waiting for, and they wrestled the men to the ground. The agents read the men their rights and handcuffed them.

“Run after the kid with the bag! Quick!” Stewart yelled, not realizing it was Luisito.

Stewart and the agents took off after Luisito.

Luisito was running as fast as he could straight toward security. Stewart caught up to him first.

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Medium 9781781608845

Richmond Barthé (1901-1989)

Source: Sculpture
Slice ePub June 09, 2014

Medium 9781742207278


Slice ePub May 29, 2014


Ringed with cinnamon sand and ink blue sea, the Cyclades (kih-klah-dez; ) are natural magnets. Throw in stunning, sugar-cube villages, a good dose of sophistication and a stylish culture that seems to have bounced its way down from Athens, and you do have the best of both worlds.

These dramatic islands, with ochre hills and plunging coastlines, have drawn artists throughout the ages. Sculptors have chiselled away at the marble of Paros and Naxos since ancient times, while Santorini and Amorgos are home to modern galleries. Cuisine and wine making also reach artistic highs here and archaeological sights abound; the infamous spectacle of Delos and the more recently excavated Ancient Akrotiri are accompanied by smaller yet impressive ruins and museums scattered throughout the islands.

Each island has a personality of its own: from hedonistic Mykonos and Ios to flashy Santorini and the relaxed charm of Paros and Naxos. A little further afield at Amorgos or Sifinos youll feel a slow inhale of happy tranquillity.

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