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Medium 9781449316259

19. Testing and Debugging Your Animation

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The odds are against you. When youre designing an animation and writing Action-Script code, there may be several ways to do it and have it come out right. Unfortunately, there are many more ways you can do it wrong. Maybe you chose a motion tween when you meant to choose a shape tween, or you added content to a frame instead of a keyframe. In ActionScript, a tiny error like using a capital letter in the wrong place or a misplaced semicolon can ruin everything. The more complex your project is, the more errors youre likely to encounter.

The only way to findand fixyour mistakes before your audience sees them is to test and debug your projects. Yes, troubleshooting can be tedious, time-consuming, and not nearly as much fun as designing and creating a brilliant animation. But if you approach troubleshooting as solving a puzzle or a mystery, it can be fun. Furthermore, Flash Professional CS6 comes with some pretty powerful testing and debugging tools to help you find and squash those bugs.

Throughout this book, youve seen examples of testing an animation using the ControlTest Movie option (for an example, look ahead to Figure19-3). This chapter expands on that simple test option, plus it shows you how to test animation playback at a variety of connection speeds. And if youve added ActionScript to your animation, this chapter shows you how to unsnarl uncooperative ActionScript code using Flashs debugging tools.

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Medium 9780596003111

12. Downloading Web Pages Through a Proxy Server

Slice ePub May 27, 2014

The previous article presented five simple but elegant programs that download information from various web services: stock quotes, weather predictions, currency information, U.S. postal address correction, and CNN headline news. If youre like me, your company uses a firewall to repel wily hackers, which means that we have to use a proxy server to access most URLs. A proxy server (sometimes called a gateway) is simply an intermediary computer that sends your request to a server and returns its response to you. The bad news: if you try to use the LWP::Simple get function without first letting it know about your proxy server, it returns nothing at all.

The good news: theres a simple way around this. The LWP::Simple module checks an environment variable called http_proxy. If $ENV{http_proxy} contains the name of a computer, your calls to get use it as a proxy server. You can set environment variables in two ways: either by assigning a value to $ENV{http_proxy}, or by using whatever mechanism your shell or operating system provides. For instance, you can define your proxy server under the Unix bash shell as follows:

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Medium 9781847770752

In a Pagan Wood

Slice PDF February 05, 2015

In a Pagan Wood

At times in the post-prandial solitude

Of one of Oxford’s ancient College-halls

I sit, a renegade, at the high-table

On afternoons with summer’s gold imbrued;

My only company the portraits on the walls

Of silenced clerics and quenched legal-lights,

Who yawn through unconvivial gaudy nights,

A band of listless melancholy ghosts

Too dull for speeches and too sad for toasts.

Yet, harmless though they seem, I feel afraid,

As did the Greeks at high noon in a forest glade.

Perhaps the grave is not a quiet bed,

And even ghosts of dons are nymphs and fauns,

Animulae, versed in all Jungian tricks,

Their learning nothing else but swaddling clothes,

Their strict decorum just a cap and gown

To be discarded when the body goes.

So cloven hooves imprint the College-lawns

And voices can be heard singing to drown

Old colleagues in the waters of the Styx.

Yes, College-halls, I think, are fairy woods,

Perhaps the forest which we call the Past,

Which traps secure in camera obscura

The light and shade of Oxford’s shifting moods,

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Medium 9781574414998

Chapter 19. Joe Robert Shaw, 1918

Slice PDF May 17, 2014


Joe Robert Shaw, 1918

Chapter 19

Joe Robert Shaw


Th e day after Independence Day 1918 twenty-eight-year-old Joe

Robert Shaw laid aside his leggings and catch-rope, intent on shifting career gears from cowboy to cop: A Texas Ranger. What his wife thought about the switch would be but guesswork, but there’s little doubt she, as the mother of two, vacillated between pride and apprehension. Joe Robert was on the right side. Flipping the coin, she also knew Joe Robert’s posting in the Lower Rio Grande Valley near the southern tip of Texas would not be a cakewalk.1

Joe Robert Shaw’s reporting to Company G headquarters in

Hidalgo County would be a genuine eye-opener for the young Rangerto-be. Butting up against the Rio Grande the locale was far diff erent from the rolling hills interspersed with live oaks where he had grown up. Th ere were no palm trees, seagulls, sharks, and salty Gulf breezes in that interior Texas country drained by the Guadalupe, Navidad, and Lavaca Rivers. Where Joe Robert actually had fi rst seen the light of day has not been historically nailed down. However, geography he tramped over and rode horses across as a youngster and into manhood is not worthy of nitpicking dispute. Joe Robert Shaw, when asked where he was from declared he hailed from Yoakum, Lavaca

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Medium 9781601322593

Session - Security Management, Security Education, and Hardware Security I

Slice PDF December 10, 2014

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