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Richard Carr University of North Texas Press PDF
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Well Dressed Women Always Wear Aprons

Joyce Gibson Roach University of North Texas Press PDF

Well Dressed

Women Always

Wear Aprons


“Oh, no they don’t!” said Mamie Ruth Caldwell, with feeling. “Well dressed women wear good foundation garments—girdles with fasteners on the legs, front and back, to hold up their hose, corsets laced up tight enough to show a waistline, a camisole underneath to keep anything from showing through summer dresses, and a full length slip to pull everything together. Aprons? I never heard of such as that constituting well dressed. Where’d you get such a notion, Ida Rae?”

Ida Rae, reading a scholarly article in the Ladies Home

Journal, loved to get Mamie Ruth riled up, and it didn’t take much. “When some women get to a certain age, they want things—like that song says: ‘Diamond rings and a brand new Caddy; little things to help a girl make it through.’

“What I want as I get older, Mamie Ruth, are pockets, lots of pockets. Pockets in blouses, jackets, skirts, pants.

The moderne females don’t even know what I’m talking about. About the closest they come are ‘pocket books,’ now known as purses. There are designers that don’t specialize in nothin’ but carrying vessels adorned with silver and

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Medium 9781449382407

Four. PowerPoint

Nancy Conner O'Reilly Media ePub

Since it first came on the scene in the late 1980s, PowerPoint has forever transformed the way we conduct meetings. Its slick slides can illustrate your points so much more clearly and efficiently than stacks of printed handouts or scrawls on a dusty chalkboard. PowerPoint presentations can contain images, charts, tables, videosall of which are ready to come to life thanks to a slew of built-in animations and transition effects. PowerPoint also gives you flexibility in your delivery options: Give your slideshow in person or remotely over the Internet, set it up to run continuously (in a trade-show kiosk, for example), or put it on a website for people to find and view at their own pace.

Meetings have come a long wayand so has PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2010 features the same enhanced, customizable ribbon you find throughout Office 2010, as well as an improved Animations ribbon, new slide transitions, the ability to divide your presentation into sections, and better photo and video editing options. And that's just for starters. The next several chapters show you what PowerPoint 2010 can do to make your presentations more exciting. This chapter gets you up to speed, covering the basics of creating, saving, viewing, and printing a presentation.

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Medium 9780596000103

2. Starting Up, Logging On, and Shutting Down

Sharon Crawford O'Reilly Media ePub

Starting and shutting down a computer running Windows 2000 Professional is not simply a matter of turning the machine on and off. If your computer is part of a network, you must log on and log off. Even if your computer isn't part of a network, there's more to shutting it down properly than just cutting the power.

When you log on to a Windows 2000 PC, you introduce yourself with a name and password.

What separates Windows 2000 (and Windows NT) from all the other versions of Windows (95, 98, Me) is the element of security. Because Windows 2000 is designed primarily for the business market, you can configure its security to be very tight.

A basic element of network security is the ability to keep out anyone who doesn't belong. Also important is the ability to control who gets to see what folders and files are on the network and who gets to access them. For example, in most companies, the payroll records, profit and loss statements, and customer list are not available for inspection by just anyone on the network.

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Medium 9781574415964

6. A Kick in the Gut

Anita Belles Porterfield and John Porterfield University of North Texas Press PDF

death on baSe: the fort hood MaSSacre

Pfc. Jeffrey Pearsall was sitting in his truck in the SRP Center parking lot waiting for his buddy, Marquest Smith, who had gone in for a quick allergy shot. Smith was filling out paperwork for his injection when he heard a yell followed by the unmistakable sound of gunfire.

He grabbed the clerk who was helping him and pushed her under a desk. When there was a lull in the barrage, Smith cautiously emerged

Detectives assigned to the Fort Hood Directorate of Emergency Sevices respond Nov. 5,

2009, to Nidal Hasan shooting rampage in the post’s deployment readiness center. Photo by Andrew Evans, courtesy of the U.S. Army.

from the cubicle. He saw a sea of bodies—he estimates twenty to thirty—and tables and chairs strewn around the room. He quickly surveyed the wounded and dead soldiers and began pulling the injured out of the building. Several medics whose graduation was interrupted at the Howze Theater next door rushed into the center and began treating the wounded. Smith suddenly realized that the shooter was still inside the building and had spotted him. “He turned towards me and started shooting. I had my back turned towards him and I ran to the door. I could hear bullets going past me,” Smith says. He later found a bullet lodged in the heel of his right combat boot.2

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